It’s hard to believe you are eleven today…where has the time gone? 

You have had an amazing year!  Thanks for making me smile everyday, you truly are a gift.

This has been a busy month for our family, thanks for always helping out with a smile on your face!

Love you and Happy Eleventh Birthday!!


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  1. Happy birthday!!!

  2. oh – Happy Birthday!!

    I love their birthdays, it makes me realize I have been reading for a long time!!

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Lisa 4

    Happy 11th birthday! Wish you were here playing on the street, but know you are having a great day where you are!

  5. Cheryl 5

    Awww, happy happy birthday, Eleven!

  6. Cassie 6

    Happy Birthday!!

  7. Kim in MD 7

    Your son is adorable! Happy Birthday to him! :-)

  8. Aw. Hope he had a happy birthday. He’s a lucky boy because I know he got a great birthday dinner!

  9. 11?! Surely you’ve done the math wrong! Either way, Happy Birthday to him!!

  10. Trisha 10

    Time certainly does fly! Happy Birthday!

  11. Moira 11

    Happy Birthday to your son! He is a handsome young man. :) I love reading your blog.

  12. LilSis 12

    Happy Birthday to your son! That’s a nice photo! Eleven is a great age! Honestly, it seems like yesterday that my son was that age and now he’s almost 18 and has a beard! :-)

    No matter what age they are, they’re still your little boys, even my 26 year old son is my little boy!

  13. Moira 13

    Happy Birthday to your son! I enjoy reading your blog and love your recipes. Thank you and good luck!

  14. Happy birthday to your son!!! It goes by fast doesn’t it? All of a sudden my younger son Mark who is 12, his voice has changed!!


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