So many of you have been asking when these glasses would be available. I have finally, finally placed them on our website and they can be sent out immediately.  Valentine’s Day is approaching and we want to be able to get them to you on time.

Many took it upon themselves to email us and have already received your beautiful glasses.  We hope you are enjoying them.

Part of Riedel’s Vinum collection, the glass is state of the art when it comes to Oregon Pinot Noir. A combination of the best of Riedel’s extreme Pinot Noir glass and the Grand Cru Burgundy design, the new Oregon Pinot Noir glass features a large bowl for maximum aromatic development, and a slightly narrowed opening to concentrate and enhance the impression of the nose, a critical component of any great Pinot Noir. Additionally, the design of the rim and its relationship to the bowl enhances the delivery of the wine.

The phenomenon of specialized glassware is relatively new in the world of wine. Although specific regional preferences have always existed, the creation of specially designed glasses for certain varietals was only recently popularized by the Austrian glass making family Riedel. Now, that same family, in concert with some top Oregon Pinot Noir producers, has developed the Oregon Pinot Noir glass especially for the enjoyment of Oregon’s flagship red wine.

A monster bowl for swirling, a tapered rim – creating the perfect chimney action for sniffing the wine, the thinnest crystal for a great mouthfeel, exceptional balance…and the best part…Oregon wine produced.

ANOTHER PERK…unlike wine, these glasses can be shipped anywhere without restriction.  Get yours before we sell out again!

As always, wine club members will receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

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  1. bj 1

    These are beautiful!

  2. sheila 2

    I got mine yesterday at the wine festival…it’s so beautiful!!

  3. Congratulations on the glasses. We have 4 Riedel Oregon Pinot glasses and love them. Wish mine had little crowned piggies on them. We took Noble Pig Pinot Gris to a dinner party last weekend, Cathy it was wonderful and smooth and tasted so good.

  4. Karen Dinsmore 4

    I want these, therefore I will have them. Expect my order soon:-}

  5. annbb 5

    The American Dream…FOR YOU!

    So very very wonderful!

  6. I’m going to get them, but alas I’ll have to drink other Pinot in them…

  7. Tammy 7

    Very cool!

  8. Liz C. 8

    OMG! I can hardly wait to get me some of these fabulous glasses. They are just gorgeous!!!!

    Unfortunately, I’m still in the dog house for what I spent in Italy, so I have to give Mr. Snoots time to get over that, LOL!

  9. I have mine and I love them!


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