Cuisinart Food Processor Winners

Wow, you all have some amazing meals during the holidays, it’s incredible and it was fun to read!  There are so many new things I want to try!!

The two winners are:

 Carrie“Our Christmas dinner varies depending on who hosts…the most memorable was probably when my aunt did the 7 Fishes (we are Italian).  My favorite holiday meal, though, is Easter – we have a longstanding tradition of homemade raviolis using my great grandmother’s recipe.  We have quite the crowd -usually around 50 people eating piles of ravioli and arguing over which sauce is king – white or red!”

 Brandi“I LOVE our Christmas eve tradition of making christmas tree pizzas with my sons!”

Please contact me at [email protected] from the email address you left in your comment so I can verify it’s you.

Congrats to the winners!!

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  1. Barbara 1

    Congratulations you two!

  2. Sarah Hess 2

    I hope to see new delicious recipes posted by the winners using their new toys. Congrats to both!

  3. Barbie with a T 3

    I missed a great opportunity by being out of town and offline….but want to congratulate the winners of the Cuisinart processors! That was a great giveaway! I see you got lots of responses too. Maybe one of these days you will be as big as Facebook? ~yeah!~

  4. Congrats to the winners Carrie and Brandi!!!!

  5. Lindsay 5

    I agree, it was so much fun seeing everyone’s holiday meals. We don’t have much of a tradition, so I might be trying some of these ideas!


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