KitchenAid Mixer Winner!!

Wow, so many entries!! We wish we could send one to all of you.

I will say, some of you are doing some pretty exciting things this holiday season.  Think of all of us while you are enjoying Paris, Rome, Egypt and a million other places you mentioned.  We’ll be right here in Oregon enjoying family and friends.

So the winner of the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer is…….

Please contact [email protected] from the email address you left a comment with by November 19th so we can verify it’s you.

Everyone else….stay tuned for more recipes, more fun and more giveaways!!

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  1. Aw crap, I missed entering! Well, if that Danielle doesn’t claim I’ll be happy to step up, lol! :) Off to catch up now!

  2. Congratulations Danielle!

  3. Laura 3

    congratulations to Danielle… I am jealous :)
    enjoy it and have fun cooking from scratch it is awesome timing everything to be done together is the biggest issue :)

  4. Susan 4

    Congrats to Danielle!! It sounds like she can really use it and that makes me happy. In good conscience, I could not enter as I bought a new Kitchen Aid 2 years ago and I did not want to block anyone who really needed it from winning.

  5. Lena in VT 5

    Congrats Danielle….so, so envious and I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Bonnie 6

    Congratulations Danielle!

    You’re going to love it! I’ve had mine for 24 years! They last forever and are a dream to work with.



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