Winner of Amazon Gift Certificate & Halloween Pics

We went to a great Halloween party last night out at a good friend’s winery.  As you can see, my two zombie’s were ready for some Halloween action.  It was truly a spooky night as the damp, wet weather and fog had settled over the valley quite densely.  It was perfect.

Of course we brought some Noble Pig wine! And it is this picture right here, that makes me take note of how NEVER to cut or color my hair.  I went as some type “of rocker”, as if I am so cool.  I decided to call myself “Baby Gagger” or “Baby Gah-Gah”…Lady Gaga’s opening act.  Gagger was the perfect word, since I look like some kind nut with a pointed top wig. Ugh.  My husband went as my stage manager, “P Daddy”.

Spooky vineyard shot…

Me and my zombie……..great party…we all had a blast!!

Oh…did you want me to announce the winner? He-he.  Sorry I made you look at all our pictures!!

So the winner of this fabulous contest is commenter #70, “Benjamin” he is grateful for, “Flowers.”

Contact [email protected] to accept your prize.  You must respond with the email address you left with your original comment so we can verify it’s you!!

Thanks for playing everyone, it was awesome to hear what you are all grateful for!  If you are not the winner don’t be discouraged…another giveaway is coming up soon!  Don’t miss it!!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Congrats to Benjamin! Now he can say he’s grateful for books (or whatever else he buys at Amazon), too. ;-)

    OMG, Cathy, I love the photos. You all looked sensational!


  2. Love the costumes! Shannon is going as a zombie as wel and just painted her clothes the same as your boys!

  3. Cassie 3

    OH MY GOSH! You are too flippin cute! ANd so are the kiddos!

  4. Barbie with a T 4

    You guys must have a great makeup artist! You all looked great.
    Congratulations Benjamin #70. Happy Halloween to all.

  5. Great photos, love those red glasses, LOL over Baby ga ga, congrats to the winner. :-)

  6. I would have told you to keep the certificate, send wine.

  7. Megan 7

    Love the costumes! Were going to Davis for an early Thanksgiving (on the 16th)with the family add I’m taking my Noble Pig wine. I cant wait to try it!!!
    I thought that was an appropriate place to give it a try it but now I’m wondering if I really want to share with a bunch of winos! :)

  8. I think you look fabulous!

  9. Mrs. L 9

    Love the boys as Zombies. That’s what I wanted to do this year before we ran out of time.


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