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Wow, who knew the wine business could have you in such a perpetual whirlwind of constant motion and busy-ness….okay we did. However, the wine business is not all about making wine, it’s also about customer interaction, which is actually the fun part.This type of interactionhas allowed us tocommunicate with all of you on a different, more personal level.For us,it has been a truly humbling and heartfelt experiencethat many of you have takenour winesinto your home and enjoyed them with family and friends.

We love hearing your stories and seeing the pictures, you are all such wonderful and generous people. Sharing stories about our vineyard and wine experiences along the way has also been a bonus we have really enjoyed. We especially love sending wine pairing recipes to our wine club members monthly…the excitement never seems to end.

Back to the news! We are very proud to announce that our wine is now being carried by a wonderful restaurant, Blackfish Cafe , in Lincoln City, Oregon. Lincoln City is an iconic beach town on the Oregon Coast, a perfect spot for the Blackfish Cafeto call home. The food is amazing, which is why we felt this restaurant was the ideal match for our wine.

The chef/owner himself, Chef Rob Pounding, has an impressive resume, and as you can see has an elegant preparation of the fresh and local food he works with everyday. Is this not beautiful?

Because our wine pairs so well with many of the dishes available at the Blackfish Cafe, we know you can’t go wrong with anything you choose.

Of course these pictures don’t do the food justice. I blew them up in size from the ones on their site, causing the graininess you are seeing. But there is no doubt this is incredible food.

If you are going to be on the Oregon Coast, make sure to make the Blackfish one of your “must stops”, it is worth every effort to get there. Reservations are recommended.

If you happen to be in a “chocolate mood” while dining at the Blackfish Cafe, may I recommend their homemade Ding Dong with Huckleberry Sauce…to die for!

Thanks again everyone for all of your continued support of our family dream! You have all helped in making this a reality.

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  1. Diane B 1

    Congratulations! :)

  2. CONGRATS ! I love that place – and will definitely order Noble Pig next time we are there! :D

  3. Dawn 3

    We have truly enjoyed your wines, which is why we keep ordering more! If we ever get to Oregon, we will go to the Blackfish and have some of that delectable wine and food!

  4. Lisa 4

    Okay even though we continue to love your wine…need to order more…we are going to the oregon Coast next summer and I want to have your wine at that place with that food…they better have some left!!!!!!!!

  5. Darryl in Austin 5

    We love your wine!! Congrats on continued success!

  6. It was a big hit at the restaurant this weekend. I sampled it out to a lot of people and everyone who tasted wanted to know more about Noble Pig! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! ;)

  7. Lorrie 7

    Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Oregon. Incredible food and stellar service make it one of our favorites, and I will definitely order a bottle of your wine (my first!)when we are there in November.

  8. Is it just me … or is the dessert the very best looking photo of all? ;-) If I ever make it to Lincoln, OR, I’ll definitely check out this restaurant. Great news, Cathy!


  9. Julie 9

    I’m truly so thrilled for you! Wish I lived close enough to swing by there and give it all a try!

  10. Marjie 10

    Well, this is wonderful news. When you’re an international sensation, I will proudly say, “I knew her when!”

  11. nina 11

    Well done you guys. I admire your positivity and perseverance!!

  12. Erin 12


  13. pam 13

    Congrats!!!! I do so wish I could get some of your wine here!

  14. leslie 14

    Such awesome news Cathy!!

  15. That is so cool! Congrats!

  16. Sara in NY 16

    So great! We are proud members of your wine club. It’s fab to be across the states and still able to get your wine. We love it!

  17. Hello,
    I just wanted to say that my husband and I stumbled across your website last summer and we’ve been following your blog ever since. I’ve tried a few of your recipes and we’ve enjoyed them a lot.

    Congratulations on making your dreams turn into reality. We’re in the process of doing the same thing – except we’re diving into the world of a cupcakery.

    We’re excited to try your wine some day. Best dishes!

  18. Tina in VA 18

    We received our second order of wine and slurped it up quickly as the last one. Here’s to dreams!!

  19. Laura 19

    Hooray! Congrats!

  20. oh wow, their food looks fabulous! Congrats on getting your wine there. Wish I was closer so that I could sample

  21. Cassie 21

    Congratulations!!!!!!! That is awesome!

  22. Jenn Bo 22

    My husband and I did a roadtrip along the Oregon coast just last month. I wish I had known about this place! Next time. =)

  23. bellini 23

    Congratulations are in order Cathy!!!!!

  24. Congratulations – that’s AWESOME news!!

  25. patric 25

    I ate at black fish a week ago.
    Wish i had know about this sooner.
    I was in lincon city on vacation and wanted a tasting but never got the time with hitting Portland and pacific city.

    We (my family and I) had a great meal at black fish. The duck is outstanding.

    My step mother owns a wine sore in Lincon, ill have to have them stop by.


  26. Congrats. That looks like some yummy food. I’d happily drink your wine with it.

  27. We’ve had dinner at the Blackfish a few times, including on our honeymoon to the Oregon coast. Great food! Can’t wait to see the menu again with your name on it!

  28. Renee 28

    We love your site and your recipes are to die for. Any chance of you getting the recipe for the ding dong cake or you trying it yourself? I would love to make this for a dinner party.


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