The Glory Days of Summer

My children are finally living the kind of epic childhood I wanted them to have. Blueberry picking and picking out corn and strawberriesfrom the many quaint farm stands dotting the Oregon countryside fill up many of their days.

Of coursethere is still television, video games and root beer floats, but life is definitely different, in a very good way.

I love that they are experiencing living in a beautiful, wholesome environment.

They get to hang out with winery dogs like Odin, a Great Pyrenees, over at Yamhill Valley Vineyards.

They help out in our vineyard.

Their experiences are unique, like the rocket festival at a friend’s vineyard, Coeur de Terre.

Planning the launch…

Of course one of our rockets included shooting pigs into space.

Mornings might be spent feeding fish at winery fish ponds.

It wouldn’t be summer without cotton candy at a major league baseball game.

Farm eggs enjoyed in all kinds of meals.

Early evenings exploring our property.

Summer’s bounty.

How are you keeping busy this summer?

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  1. Robin 1

    Love this post!! What a wonderful summer!! Do you want to adopt me? of course im a bit old (47) but…I’d make a great big sister :)

  2. jamie 2

    what a wonderful childhood! just imagine the men they will grow up to be.

  3. nancy 3

    adopt me!

  4. Great post, Cathy!

    We’ve been busy this summer, too. Moved half way across the country. Had two family reunions. Travelled. Started the 12 year old in drum band camp–DRUMS! What was I thinking?!
    It’s all been good. But I can hardly wait for routine with school coming in a few weeks! ;)

  5. tina c 5

    Just stumbled onto your blog as I was looking for a way to use up my raspberries and found your recipe for scones. You have a great site and wonderful blog. Looking forward to trying some more of your recipes and reading about life raising grapes and kids in Oregon!

  6. Dorothy 6

    Oh what cute boys. Wait til they grow up and the girls discover them!! WhooHoo

  7. erin 7

    And this…is why we moved to Oregon from southern CA. Not kids yet, but it’s these kind of experiences that we want our future children to know…

  8. I could have written this post, only about Massachusetts. It’s so different than growing up in Southern California, right?

  9. LulusUK 9

    Don’t I just hate you all… in a good way! Looks like a wonderful life.

  10. Barbie with a T 10

    Wonderful photos! Your young men are sure to prosper from this unique lifestyle. I know it makes you very proud to see them in action, actually helping out and enjoying the winery country. I wish you all the greatest and best of luck with the production.
    Me? At my age, just keeping up with my essential daily activities is keeping me busy, and we are enjoying a beautiful summer here on Galveston Island.

  11. Lea Ann 11

    LOL, love those pigs heading to the heavens. Great photos Cathy. I hope you know that you do need to get a winery dog. It’s the rules.

  12. GloryBee 12

    I just wanted to reach in there and grab those blueberries! I love summer and summer fruits and veggies – can’t get enough. Thanks for all the great recipes using summer’s bounty!

  13. GloryBee 13

    The boys are really getting big and becoming lookers! Watch out for the cougars! I just wanted to reach in there and grab those blueberries! I love summer and summer fruits and veggies – can’t get enough. Thanks for all the great recipes using summer’s bounty!

  14. Wow. What great photos! Shooting pigs off into space sounds hilariously fun! Also love the one of your boys in the early evening light/field. Beautiful shot.

  15. yes that is a very good childhood for them–nice and balanced.

  16. Karen 16

    How wonderful for your family. Yes, somehow nature teaches us all lessons no matter what our age!! Thanks for sharing your family and all your great recipes.

  17. That’s the same reason my husband and I bought our (much smaller) property in the country. We wanted our boys to experience a childhood of running around with friends and riding bikes around the neighborhood. Also, they get to see stars. From our back porch. I do love it.

  18. What’s keeping me busy? Planning to come visit!!!!

  19. Oh Cathy!I call that a perfect childhood.Just today I was talking to my husband that when we plan for a kid we should move back to India. Have a farm land.But alas! dreams…. :) Happy that someone else is living a dream!!

  20. Betty 20

    What wonderful photo’s of the boys,the countryside,the fruit,veggies, the vineyards & summer. Enjoy these moments while you have them for they will pass away all too quickly. Breathe deeply.

  21. edna murga 21

    Hi, nice post of a wonderful life here in Oregon…i live here too…Moved from crowded and ugly L.A. about 2 yrs ago,i never look back…My kids are happy too picking blackberries and we have our own garden…The air is sweet in Oregon…Is it because of all the trees?…Your post reminded me to be grateful for the beautiful life i have…Thanks…Brightest Blessings…e*

  22. Roberta David 22

    Ahh, what beautiful children! And they seem to be enjoying their wonderful life! Congratulations on getting out of the rat race of life in the city. Wish my boys had had the same opportunities, but maybe my grandchildren will. Some beautiful photography as well! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  23. Laura 23

    Lots to be thankful for…great pics.

  24. June 24

    Your post brought tears to my eyes. You’re building some fabulous memories Cathy. Good for you and all the best!

  25. Vickie 25

    Love the great pictures, Cathy! Your blog always impresses me and I love that you are able to do this for your kids – I cherish the memories and photos of doing things like this with my children.

  26. Trisha 26

    Such summer fun! I am jealous!

  27. Beautiful photos of your beautiful boys. That is just a perfect summer. If I had kids, I would want them to be spending their summer the same way.

  28. Theresa 28

    Wow, this sounds so good I think I will try to talk my hubby into selling everything and come work and live with you!!!! Love your site!!!!

  29. Jonny 29

    livin’ the dream! A baking hot summer in Brooklyn just isn’t quite the same as the glorious days of high summer in the countryside when everything is growing like crazy and (to paraphrase Bryan Adams) it seems like it’ll last forever. As a punishment for having such enviable lives, I feel like forcing you all to watch non-stop “back to school” commercials, even if you are munching on freshly-picked blueberries at the time…

  30. Marjie 30

    How long until you succumb to their perpetual begging for an Odin of their own? I’m so glad you’ve gotten out of California, for the sake of the kids, if not your own sanity. And I love putting a bunch of random foods into a basket, and shipping my little boys outside with Thor for a picnic lunch every day. Yes, there’s always a peanut butter sandwich, some crackers and ice cubes, also known as Doggy Ice Pops, packed for Thor. Welcome to the world of very relaxed living!

  31. cheryl 31

    I am a lifelong Oregonian and I would never think of living anywhere else, this is paradise! Your kids are lucky!

  32. elra 32

    The boys look very happy Cathy, such fun activities for them.

    I’m basically busy doing some errand in my yard. Also been frustrated by the gophers, rabbits, and birds that been eating m plants.

  33. Very cute boys. Enjoy your summer!

  34. Angela 34

    I’m spending it very similar to you. Taking boys to blueberry farms, goat farms, wineries, dairy farms, and picking chickens. It’s a great life.

  35. Mili 35

    Your sons are so adorable! So handsome. Glad you’re making it a point to get them into nature and the outdoors!

  36. How cute!

  37. Susan 37

    Beautiful bambinos!

  38. Megan 38

    Looks like the perfect place to grow up. Hell, I’m 50 years old and still like to play at winerys! ;)

  39. They are so lucky! That is an awesome life they are living.

    Gorgeous blueberries, too.

  40. Debbie 40

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like your boys are having a great summer!

  41. Maria in Oregon 41

    Looks a lot like my photo albums! Doncha just love Oregon? My son’s been here since he was 4, and I think his childhood was much better than if we’d stayed in England. He’s 25 now, and very robust.

  42. Penny 42

    Your kids are so sweet! You’re obviously a great parent – they look very happy and are being raised in a gorgeous environment. Love your blog, am going to try out a couple of recipes tomorrow…


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