For My Hunster…

Well….I don’t really call him hunster, I call him hunna.  And he calls me hunna.  And when the kids were toddlers, they called him hunna too.  Yes, that’s what the hubby and I call each other.  I’ve told the story before.  Last year….I think.

But today is my hunna’s birthday so I just had to bring up all this mushy, hunna business.  Why not.  Our life can be so serious, but even in the heat of disagreement (oh it’s so rare), we are still calling each other hunna.  It actually makes me laugh.

I think all of our friends are used to it, but maybe they think it’s weird.  It doesn’t really matter, we like it.  I wouldn’t think of calling him by his first name, that would be weird to me.

But anyway, I wanted to wish my fabulous, sweet, thoughtful, loving husband a very, happy, happy birthday.  Our life together has by far exceeded any expectations I could have ever dreamed.  We’ve been through so many changes and challenges and life seems to only get better.  This is our year to shine. 

I love you truly, whole-heartedly and devotedly.

Love always,

Your hunna

One Year Ago: To My Hunna

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  1. deeba 1

    Happy Brthday to your dearest hunna Cathy!! Yes, I remember the story from a year ago…Gosh; can’t believe a year has passed us by so quick! Hope his day is wonderful & fun!!

  2. Michelle 2

    Aw, happy birthday to your hunna! Hope he has a fabulous day.

  3. Happy , happy, deliciously , deliriously happy birthday to your husband!

  4. pam 4

    Happy Birthday to Hunna! (May I call hime hunna too).

  5. Your boys used to call him hunna…that’s so sweet! I hope your hunna has a great birthday!

  6. Rachel 6

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hunna! I love the nickname thing. We are Mooch & Roo…long story. If he called me by my “real” name I would definitely think something was wrong!

  7. A good wife is a treasure to a man. Obviously he appreciates his hunna and makes her happy.

    A good marriage is a gift to the children. May they be blessed always in this.

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    How sweet and wonderful. Happy Birthday wishes to your hunster! I’m sure you will have your special way to celebrate. I can tell you are very happy together.

  9. Jules 9

    Happy Day to your hunna! I love that you call one another that, I think it’s great!

  10. Happy Birthday to your hunna, Cathy! We have one pet name that’s the same for both of us. We call each other it without even thinking. (Pet names are funny things, but very sweet and they mean the most to those of us who use them with each other. I don’t really care what others think, like you said. LOL) May it be an absolutely wonderful year for you all. :-)


  11. Melynda 11

    …happy birthday Mr Hunna, happy birthday to you (and many more!)…..

  12. melissa 12

    Happy Birthday to the one who completes you. I remember the post from a year ago.
    May he have many more birthdays and may the two of you have many more good times. I excited for your year to shine!

  13. Janine 13

    Hi Cathy… Hope your hunna has a great day… My husband and I call each other sweetie. When he calls me by my real name I think something is wrong too.
    I think in 25 years of marriage I can count on one hand how many times he has called me “Janine”.

  14. All the best for a very happy birthday to Mr. Noble Pig! Wishes coming your way for a wonderful day and a brilliant year ahead!

  15. Trisha 15

    So glad that you found a good one! Happy birthday to your husband!

  16. Lisa 16

    Hope he has a great birthday! When I read your post it reminded me of my husband! I call him “Hunny Bunny”. I enjoy reading your blog.

  17. Happy Day Hunna!!!

  18. Lisa Sipple 18

    Happy Birthday to the Hunna!

  19. dawn 19

    awww how sweet. yes happy birthday indeed!

  20. Amanda 20

    Aww that’s so sweet! Happy birthday to your hubby :)

  21. Happy Birthday to Hunna!!

  22. I am a romantic, so good for hunna

  23. Liz C. 23

    Happy Birthday to The Wild Boar! (Whom I hope to meet someday after the winery opens…. we will be there I assure you.) I’ve always been a total romantic, so I approve!

  24. LilSis 24

    Happy Birthday to your Hunna! I love it! We don’t call each other by our first names either; we both answer to Honey in our house. :-)

  25. Bob 25

    Who cares what other people think about what you call him? If it makes you two happy then that’s the only important thing. Nice kicks. :)

  26. Barbara 26

    What a lovely letter to your husband! Your love for him pours out all over this post.
    Happy Birthday to him!

  27. Betty 27

    Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful!
    Our world needs more marriages like yours. {And mine}
    Love it!!

  28. Happy Birthday to your hunna!! :D Very sweet post!

  29. Betty 29

    I got so wrapped up in how much you love your “hunna” I forgot wish him a Happy Birthday. So here it is Happy Birthday to your hunna.

  30. Katrina 30

    Happy Birthday to the Wild Boar! (I don’t even know him, so I can’t call him Hunna! ;)

  31. Lisa 31

    What’s wrong with weird? :-)

    Have a great birthday celebration! Treasure the laughter.

  32. Lena in VT 32

    Happy Birthday, I hope it’s wonderful!

  33. Huuna is a perfectly good name, there could be worse! Happy birthday to Cathy’s Hunna. Or Mr. Cathy to us.

  34. annbb 34

    Happy happy Hunna’s Hunna!

    You two are an inspiration!

  35. How sweet!

  36. Mary 36

    Happy Birthday to your “hunna”. I hope he has a wonderful day.

  37. June 37

    Happy birthday to your sweet wonderful man. Here’s wishing you both tons of celebrations together!

  38. Mrs. L 38

    Happy Birthday to your Hunna! My husband and I have a weird name we use for each other, it’s full of love, craziness and means a lot to the two of us.

  39. Tammy 39

    Awwww, so sweet! Happy Birthday to your wonderful hunna!

  40. Marlene 40

    Happiest of birthdays to your Hunna…that’s so cute. Yes, it is time to let our starlight shine. Love you.

  41. Deb 41

    Happy Birthday to your Hunna! That is a sweet tale.
    ps- thanks for the addiction to Chai Concentrate!

  42. My students were really talking about your good looking fried chicken today!
    Hey! That is supposed to be a southern food. You did a great job!

  43. Cheryl 43

    While I don’t call mine “Hunna” the hunna-love is definitely there! Love the way you’ve shared your endearment with us. Happy Birthday Dear Hunna…hope it’s wonderful!

  44. Julie 44

    Hope your hunna has (or had) a wonderful day! And year to come!

  45. Donna 45

    Hunna’s birthday and he still has his scrubs on, c’mon;)

  46. Amber 46

    Happy birthday to the man behind the mask.

  47. elra 47

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your husband Cathy. May he has many many more years to come.
    All the best,

  48. Dawn 48

    Happy Birthday Mr. Cathy, Mr. Noble Pig and hunna if I may.

  49. HoneyB 49

    I hope he had a great birthday!

  50. What a sweet post!
    Happy belated birthday to your Hunna!

  51. Awwww, happy birthday to your hubs! So sweet!


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