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What a low key weekend, the first in a long line of crazy weekends. I loved it. Friday morning began with a rainbow over our home.

However, in typical Pacific Northwest style, the skies turned dark and heavy rain, hail, lightening and thunder soon followed....I absolutely love how the weather changes almost instantly here. The sun comes out and then more rain. It's pretty incredible and sums up how it looked all weekend. 

Time was spent at a Portland commercial auction looking for vineyard equipment. We really liked this for giving tours around the property.

And since we are looking into all methods of vineyard irrigation, this was an option. However, it won't fit down the rows.Bummer.

Welcoming Fall wreaths are up.

The leaves in my yard continue to fall...

and fall.

The leaves are filling the birdbath, or the deer's drinking fountain as I call it.

I did bake some
Honey Whole Wheat Bread, a very easy recipe to throw together.

And strangely enough, even though it was very dreary outside, we indulged in some very summery food.  First, with
Not My Mama's Pasta Salad.

And then with
Mom's Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie. I'm full.

I am tired of these guys making their webs around here...go away already.

I also do not want all these colors to go away...orange is my favorite color.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Betty 1

    Went to church, made some Mac & Cheese,some Stuffed Bell Peppers,left-over meat went into a meat loaf.(I always make too much for my stuffed peppers,)thought about doing laundry, but decided to work with my compter instead,as we just uploaded Windows 7 on it. Watched it rain for a while, took a nap.Did not take pictures as I promised myself I would Bummer!!That was my lazy days weekend.

  2. nina 2

    Weatherwise pretty much the same as yours, family-wise…wonderful times spent with the family, but you beat me hands down with all the beautiful fall colors!!!!

  3. pam 3

    Beautiful pictures! Love the one of the spider!

  4. Weatherwise we had a complete turn of events out here. Just last week it was snowing…huge fat, fluffy, flakes. And this weekend? 65F and gorgeous!

    Love your fall leaves…ours are already brown and crisp. And the lemon meringue pie? Goodness that looks good!

    I was completely lulled by all of your photographs until I came to the spider…um yeah, thanks for that! *lol*

  5. Julia 5

    Looks like a wonderful weekend! I didn’t do much more than clean up the yard (I have lots of leaves too) and relax ;)

  6. Lazy weekend here in Denver. Cooked, blogged and cleaned. Beautiful pictures Cathy.

  7. Your pictures are wonderful. Maybe not the spider one but even that’s a good picture.
    We spent the weekend putting up wood. It’s a family affair so at least we were all together.
    I have never made homemade bread. I keep saying I’m going to. I really like this recipe.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  8. Morning Cathy! Our weekend was pretty low key. Those are some beautiful pictures you got there! I don’t like those spiders either, they creep me out!
    And that Honey bread looks very tempting!

  9. OMG, you are so close to that spider. Are you using a zoom lens?

  10. That looks like the spider I saw outside the house a few weeks ago! Yikes!

  11. Beautiful photos. The rain on Saturday was amazing. It started 15 minutes after my grandson’s soccer game was over. Lucky us.

  12. Katrina 12

    Hey, how weird is that–I made that bread again this weekend,too. But I gave both loaves away and didn’t even get some. I need to make it again! It’s so good.
    Love all your pretty fall pictures. We took the boys to the Kansas City Zoo on Friday (no school) and it was so beautiful, loved all the leaves!

  13. My weekend was much the same as yours since I am only about 2.5 hours up the I-5 from you! We had the rainbow Friday afternoon though!

  14. dawn 14

    Loved the rainbow and the rain. I want to make that pasta salad, who cares if it’s November. Love all the fallen leaves and that green machine, I want that!!

  15. Trisha 15

    What lovely pictures! Too bad the fire truck didn’t fit down the rows – it would certainly make irrigation a lot of fun!

    I love the fall colors around your place! We get some but nothing like you have!

  16. Carolyn 16

    I so enjoy all your photos and recipes…what kind of camera do you have?? My husband is looking at the Nikon P60 (I think) that’s what it is…anyway love all your stuff!!

  17. Laurie 17

    Love your weekend pictures! We had a gorgeous weekend here and the hubby went shellfishing again. Last night was a clam fest.

    I made oatmeal honey bread this weekend and gave one loaf to my hairdresser with some of our chicken’s eggs and a jar of homemade jam. I’m always looking for new bread recipes, so I’m heading over to check yours out.

  18. Your pictures are amazing! I love the rainbow one and all the fall leaves!

  19. June 19

    Love the pics & can’t wait to take a tour of your vineyard. Funny but I forgot about the spiders – selective memory for sure. Thanks for making me homesick – AGAIN. It’s great living in Oregon through your eyes.

  20. Lena in VT 20

    Love that fire truck! Wouldn’t that be fun. That pasta salad is calling my name.

  21. Flea 21

    Your leaves are gorgeous!!! We have no trees in our yard, but our sweet neighbors have arranged with the Oklahoma wind to have their leaves all blown into our yard, seeing as we love them so much and all. :)

  22. Biz 22

    Gorgeous pictures, as always! I’ve never been to that part of the country before (let alone California!).

    We enjoyed summer like temps – I wanted to put Christmas lights out so I wouldn’t be stringing outdoor lights in 20 degree weather, but it felt too much like summer! :D

  23. Beautiful! I spent my weekend on the Chesapeake Bay. Too much fun for one person to handle;)

  24. Marjie 24

    Isn’t this sort of your first real fall? I don’t know how much color you ever get in California, even northern Cal. It is a wonderful season, but too soon the leaves will be gone.

    I’d totally want that fire truck BTW. Who wouldn’t?

  25. Julie 25

    Beautiful pictures….love that downpour. The spider…not so much :D

  26. Lynn 26

    My weekend was pretty relaxing as well. Said goodbye to a dear friend at a funeral, cleaned, ate, slept, caught up on and finished about 5 conversations started earlier in the week with the husband. Pretty good weekend…

    My best, Lynn
    *I hope you had zoom on your camera for that spider shot! :o)

  27. Barbie with a T 27

    What beautiful photos of your weekend. The fall colors are picture perfect. We had a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, and had flooding here, but not too bad. It has gone down now and the sun is out bright. Our weekend consisted of a lot of comfort food! That upside down apple pie was to die for. Thanks for that one.

  28. Your bread and wreath look amazing!

  29. Liz C. 29

    I love the last picture of the colorful leaves! Okay, I liked all the pictures but that last one really struck me.

    I spent the entire weekend making & canning Chow-Chow and hot sauce for Christmas presents. Little wonder I never eat either one. I’m sick to death of it by the time I’m done. Ha!

  30. Beautiful pics! Looks like a perfect weekend.

    Darn–I wish that old-fashioned fire truck would have worked out–so cool!

  31. Lisa Sipple 31

    Love that green thing…so cool. I want to make that pie too!

  32. Kate 32

    My weekend was pretty laid back. I finally got some cleaning done as I haven’t felt up to it until now. Your leaves are beautiful! And that birdbath is really cool. Glad you had a peaceful weekend.

  33. Mary 33

    It sounds like a delicious weekend.

  34. imom 34

    As I was driving my kids home from school I was thinking the same thing about not wanting the fall color to go away! That last picture is fabulous!

    I was happy to be scrapbooking all weekend during the crazy weather.

  35. Memoria 35

    Lovely photos. My weekend wasn’t nearly as interesting as yours.

  36. Jamie 36

    Gorgeous photos…my weekend was quite boring in comparison to yours!

  37. Melynda 37

    Great lineup of your weekend, thanks. Love the last one of the tree, trees and me are pretty friendly!

  38. Amber 38

    I was at work for your shopping pleasure all weekend. I used to live in Washington, and the rain makes everything so beautiful but I need sunshine more often. Santa Barbara or La Jolla is my goal. The fire truck could also accomplish the vineyard tour goal if a few seats were added.

  39. I love that old fire truck!

    We have so many of those spiders this year! Weird!

    The leaves are so pretty! :D

  40. Lisa 40

    What beautiful pictures! The rainbows are one of the most wonderful things about the Pacific Northwest. And the leaves are beautiful this year. Even your spider is quite handsome. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Love that tour contraption!
    I’m tired of the spiders, too. Great picture!
    I don’t want those pretty oranges to go away either. Wish they could atleast hang around until spring.
    Oh, and the rainbow…….Magnificent!

  42. deeba 42

    Fun and happening weekend Cathy! Yay…love all the colour you throw into your posts! You just ROCK!!

  43. Pam 43

    Great photos. I love your weekend living posts.

  44. emiglia 44

    Wow! Those are such gorgeous pictures! I love all the fall colors… And that rainbow one at the top!

  45. LilSis 45

    Stunning photos!I love it when you can capture the beautiful colors in a rainbow! And the fall leaves are beautiful too. I won’t be seeing any of those where we are in CA, but it brings back memories of when we lived in Upstate NY.

  46. Lovely pics! I wish I got out with my camera more often. That honey wheat bread looks great, gonna check it out! And I think you should pick up the firetruck anyway…you’ll find a use for it!

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