Weekend Menagerie

Looking out my window Friday morning, the day began like all others…cool, crisp and full of promise…

Soon after the rains came.  No frost on the pumpkins yet, but we have had our share of wet.  I have to say I love it.  Having lived in California all my life, I have been deprived of weather with the exception of abundant sunshine.  It’s hard to appreciate anything when it’s the same all the time.  I am loving the change of seasons here, not to mention the hourly weather changes.  There is no time to get sick of anything.

Even though Friday began without fanfare, that all changed when the postman arrived with an unexpected package.  My brother, for no other reason than he thinks I’m the bomb and wants me to have the best of everything (he really does) sent me the best coffee I have ever tasted.  You see, my brother is always in Hawaii.  Always.  He buys all his coffee from Hula Daddy and visits their tasting room when he’s in Kona.  So while placing his order last week, he ordered me some too!  This coffee is to die for.  Did you know coffee is rated on a 100 point scale like wine and these two one pound bags he sent me, ”Kona Sweet” Light Roast received 97 points and the other “Mele” Kona Coffee received a 92 point score.  If you have a coffee lover on your holiday list, this would be a very special gift.  The bags even come packaged in these beautiful cloth drawstring sacks.  What a surprise this was, thanks bro!!!!

The leaves are changing in my yard…my view when I look up…

We might have gone here and had some of these bad boys…they were very, very good.

These two hooligans cracked me up all weekend, I think they drank some crazy juice.

Apparently I can’t drive by a farm stand without purchasing more gourds.  Since there are farmstands everywhere you can see why this is a problem.

However, there is definitely something in the water here in Oregon because I have found these conjoined pumpkins…

…and conjoined swan acorn squash…what gives?

Our friends, the Wrigley’s visited us at our vineyard property.  We don’t have chairs, just machines to sit on.

Their daughter Jordan was fascinated by all the ladybugs out that day.  This kid is too cute.

I made this for dinner, Boneless Pork Chops in a Shallot-Fig Reduction, always yummy.

Happy Fall!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Betty 1

    Cathy, What a blessing! I live in N. Idaho, love the change of seasons also especially after having lived in Central Florida for 34 years, & forgotten the beauty of Fall, actually all the seasons really,I’ve been up here for the last 4 1/2 years. It’s so beautiful.Just to walk out the door & look at the changes is a major treat for me. The lush abundance of flowers in the spring & summer is so nice. I am so glad to hear that someone besides me is appreciative of the beauty that greets us each day. Continue to enjoy!

  2. Laura 2

    Great pictures and that little Jordon looks like one of the Hummel children from my mothers collection.

  3. Julia 3

    The gourd pictures cracked me up! Looks like such a grand weekend — glad to see you had so much beautiful foliage.

  4. Amanda 4

    I’m with you on the changing of the seasons. While I grew up in the midwest, I lived in Nevada for several years and really missed the changing weather. I love rain and even more a thunderstorm. Tornados – not so much though. ;) We had one rip through here a year and a half ago, even made the national news. Ick. Anyway, I digress, love your pics, my weekend was pretty good. I couldn’t stand the heat in the house (hubby was home cranking it up) so I went out to the garage and unpacked the Halloween stuff. Then I made some new ghoulish luminaries to go along with the ones I had packed. I love the way they came out! I blogged them here :) link to craftsbyamanda.com

  5. Awesome post….
    I love Fall. It is my fav. season. It is usually 80 or 90 here in FL, but this weekend it was in the mid 60’s and it felt like fall…I TRULY enjoyed it. I put a big pot of chili on and some apple dumplings…YUM

    Heads up, I am offering a great giveaway. Check it out if you have time. :)

  6. Thanks for reminding me of that recipe. I need to make it again soon. I made it when you originally posted the recipe and it was such a big hit with the family.

  7. Di 7

    Love the fact that there is only machinery to sit on…. what a cute photo of them with their jeans and boots on. Love it!

  8. Saturday we had Thanksgiving because Meg leaves for Basic well before the actual holiday. It was madness…at least it wasn’t dinner for 14 like we were expecting, rather dinner for 10. Was enough though. I didn’t do a huge whole bird turkey, but instead roasted two whole breasts and for once, they came out beautifully and were perfectly golden brown! So good!

    Sunday saw our anniversary and dinner at Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea. I started out with a Maine Blueberry Martini which was YUMMY! THe chef brought out an Amuse Bouche of Lobster Ceviche (I was a good girl and ate the lobster and all, it was amazing – despite having lobster!), then I had the Hearts of Romaine Salad (the menu is online in case you are curious), followed by one of the best steaks I have ever had…Grilled Gaucho “Steak & Fritesâ€￾ …Herbed Fries / Grilled Broccolini / Truffle Ketchup / Chimichurri. For desert I had the Apple Cake a la Mode…Cinnamon Apple Cake / Roasted Apple Gelato / Cider Reduction / Oatmeal Tuille. The apple cider reduction? OMG, OMG OMG! Brilliant. I do not like apple cider at all but this was wonderful. It was tangy and sweet and had this bite that was absolutely splendid over the vanilla bean gelato.

    I always love going to Sea Glass. It’s back “home” for me and the staff always makes it such a wonderful experience. The food? Well it always speaks for itself. If you’re even in Maine, you MUST spend a couple of nights at Inn by the Sea and then indulge in some of chef Mitchell Kaldrovich’s wonderful creations at Sea Glass. Seriously, its soooo worth it. I’m taking Meg for a “Mom and Meg’ lunch before she leaves for Basic and I can’t wait.

  9. I meant, despite HATING lobster! *LOL*

    Looks like you guys had a splendid weekend. Am tempted to order some off the Hawaiian coffee as I’m on a coffee kick lately and it sounds divine!

  10. Don’t you love the weather? You know I grew up in California as well, so I know exactly what you mean. I love having 4 distinct seasons here in MA.

    I’m going to have to think about a weekend recap post on my blog. I didn’t do nearly as much as you did!

  11. Lea Ann 11

    Beautiful pictures!!! I miss Oregon

  12. Marlene 12

    Love your weekend wrap ups!! I would be loving the change in the season from your view point as well! Beautiful!

  13. Terri 13

    Such beautiful pictures of Fall!!! Thanks for sharing! I live in Texas and we don’t have the season changes to the extreme that you do!

    :0) Terri

  14. dawn 14

    Oh I want some of that coffee, what a great this would be for so many over the holidays…thanks for th tip!! Also, love these weekend wraps!

  15. Barbie with a T 15

    You asked so I will tell you. Usually we have wonderful weekends just like the one you had, but this weekend was different. Hubby had a stroke on Friday while we were out shopping, and we spent the weekend in the hospital. Two days of pure torture, but the outcome was unbelievable! They had him back in normal condition in a matter of hours, and then 24 hours of observation and we were able to come back home to our paradise out here on the bay. We are very fortunate. I feel sorry for people who do not have the opportunity to have beautiful surroundings like you and I have! You are so lucky to have all those farmstands. I wish we had that. Of course, we can drive a few miles to a great one, and we do on occasion. But I wish we had them closer to home and we could go more often like you do. I cannot wait for the Texas grapefruit crop to mature. Texas has great produce in the valley, and we get a lot of their produce in our grocery stores, but it is not the same as a real fruitstand. I am going to try that pepperoni strata you had on your website yesterday, as soon as I gather up the ingredients. I thought that was the greatest idea ever! Thanks for all the lovely photos today. We have not experienced the changing of the colors of the leaves yet down here, but it will happen soon.

  16. Lori 16

    You are truly living in God’s country, you know?? Every time I pop in to your blog, you’re sharing your dreamy pictures of your new life. I’d love it too. Fall sure is beautiful there!

  17. Trisha 17

    This weekend was all about pirates in my neck of the woods! We had beautiful weather but, sadly, no wonderful color like you have!

  18. Katrina 18

    Oh my gosh, Siamese Pumpkins! Love it.
    Great photos, as usual. Cute hooligans, too.

  19. This is my first time on this blog and I already have a ton of things to say:

    1. How do I become friends with your brother? My fav coffee is 100% pure kona and I’m running dangerously low.

    2. Jordan is too cute.

    3. I’ve been researching where I want to move to. (I’m thinking I need a change from NYC and something warmer.) My cousin just suggested Oregon yesterday because his friend moved there and liked it. So, I’m looking forward to learn more about Oregon here.

  20. Love getting a glimpse at your neck of the woods. Your hooligans are so cute! Now off to get that recipe!

  21. Pam Hills 21

    We recently moved to Morgans Vineyard subdivision in Lafayette. I enjoy reading about the things you do and your wonderful pictures.

    I love seeing our new community through your eyes.

    Thanks, Pam

  22. June 22

    Your pictures are amazing. Three maybe four more years we’ll be leaving Aridzona and heading back to Oregon so until then you’ll have to be my eyes. Thanks for doing such a FINE job! Now about those pork loin chops – Woo ee!!!

  23. What a paradise! I went to visit my daughter at school in Virginia. It was heavenly!

  24. Lisa Sipple 24

    Oh yes margaritas and Siamese pumkins and squash! Fun, fun, fun!

  25. Barbara 25

    We used to send for Lion Coffee from Hawaii. Never have heard of Hula Daddy, but I adore the name!
    Sexy gourds.
    Yummy pork chops!

  26. Liz C. 26

    Our daughter actually drove in from L.A. to go to the OU-Texas game & came here to get a new used car we’d gotten for her. That means hubby now gets to drive her old Lexus, which is a good thing. He loves old cars. Oh, and we played a wonderful round of golf in 70 degrees wether & it was wonderful.

    We’re not seeing much change of seasons here yet, but last weekend was cooler, so it’s just around the corner.

  27. Okay, looked right pass the coffee and straight to the French press coffee maker. I want one. I have dropped hints to the hubs,let’s see how he does. I am sure that Hawaiian coffee is delicious.

  28. KathyB. 28

    Your fall weekend is a perfect fall weekend. Family, friends, good food, great coffee ( very important to start a good day), impressive machines and zest for the life you’ve been blessed with, what more could a gal want? Besides a FINISHED vineyard?

  29. Lena in VT 29

    So, I’m ready for some coffee now! I want it! Love that you make your coffee in A French press, it’s the only way to go.

  30. I love all of your photos. They’re great. Oregon looks wonderful. I’m going to have to visit. Love the Pork and fig dinner too. Mostly gluten free, just not sure about the beef stock. Reminds me of Ali’s Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen Chicken and figs. I’m really enjoying the fig/balsamic vinegar combo. I wonder how that would work with other proteins. Hmmm. I’m enjoying your blog. Thank Shirley, gfe. She sent me.

  31. Marjie 31

    I’m so glad you’ve moved to where you can experience the joy of seasons! As I was driving with my dearly beloved to an appointment today, we were commenting that October is the prettiest month of the year, bar none.

  32. dawn 32

    I am a true coffee lover. So I’m guessing I should try that coffee out. I love love love good coffee. Does your brother in Hawaii need a personal chef or anything? LOL

  33. So gorgeous!!! And figs-cum-pork is a brilliant combo.

  34. imom 34

    Looks like a great weekend. The fall colors are beautiful and those conjoined sqaushes are something else!

    I’ll be posting about my weekend tomorrow!

  35. Your pics are beautiful and I LOVE the conjoined pumpkins!! It looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend!!

  36. Velva 36

    Stunning! This was total eye candy! Loved it!
    I am going to check out the Hula coffee.

  37. Cathy is this post really here? A friendly all about my life post! It’s wonderful! Your brother is da bomb sending you that coffee! What a wonderful surprise. I love all the fall color and totally understand the appreciation of the seasons changing. It’s something i really like out here too, from one displace prunepicker to another..

  38. Pam 38

    Fall is my favorite time of year here in Oregon – it’s just so beautiful. It looks like you had a fun weekend.

  39. We had our first sunny day in a long time, so I cooked several dishes at once and got amazing blog pics. Pumpkin muffins, sweet potato ravioli, apple galette, rosemary crusted pizza, and more. Notice the fall theme. Almost as good as those pork chops of yours.

  40. elra 40

    Beautiful photos as always. Your friend’s kid look so cute and adorable. And of course your boys are so cute too. Happy Fall to you as well Cathy!

  41. Ooh. I must check out those pork chops. They look scrumptious.

    I appreciate weather and seasons too, but sometimes I wish I could be someplace warm and sunny more often! I don’t know how cold the winters are where you are, but if it’s anything like a NY winter, you’ll start missing those sunny warm days very soon…

  42. Misty 42

    Sheesh Cathy…your pictures are breathtaking! I can smell the air!

  43. The pumpkins and the gourds are all so neat especially the conjoined pumpkins!

  44. Melynda 44

    Great shots!!! I dare say the shot of the baby in his dad’s arms is great, He already looks like he has opinions.

  45. You know, you seem so much happier. It shows in your posts. Not that you weren’t happy before, you just seem happier. And there’s nothing wrong with that. By the way, I love the view when you look up!

  46. I miss fall leaves! Your photos are gorgeous. Love the conjoined pumpkins too.

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