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I received these in the mail yesterday and I must say, I’m rather enjoying them.  The folks at POM sent these over for a taste, along with their newest flavor, vanilla.

Since I am a coffee-a-holic, these are not going to last. 

Here’s what the back of the chocolate bottle says, “A love affair with chocolate and coffee begins.  POMx Iced Coffee Chocolate is a free-radical-fighting seduction that’s deliciously good for you.  The secret?  POMx an ultra-potent, 100% pure polyphenol antioxidant extract.  Every vitalizing sip is brewed from ethically sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified premium Italian-roasted Arabica beans, then blended rich and creamy with fat-free milk and chocolate for a velvety mocha taste.  How do we love thee?  Let us count the antioxidants, caffeine and chocolate.”

All I can say is they are good!  Available in your produce department.  190 calories for 10.5 fl. oz.

Read more about them here.

Thanks POM.

One Year Ago:  A Tini-Relief

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  1. dawn 1

    I have seen these at the store and didn’t know wether to try them or not. You’ve convinced me now, LOL!

  2. Looks interesting!!

  3. Oh looks great – cannot wait to try these and since we have a friend who works for POM it won’t be long til I hit her up for a sample or 10!!

  4. Bob 4

    They wanted to send me some too, but I had to decline. Me and caffeine don’t get along. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. ;)

  5. Interesting…

  6. Those look good…but 190 calories is a lot for a little nip! That would have to be dessert;)

  7. Didn’t know they made coffee stuff. Interesting. I’ll have to look for it.

  8. Laura 8

    Oh…that would be a treat.
    (And I don’t really say “treat.”)

  9. Lee 9

    Is this fruit favored, since it’s from POM? If it’s not, is this just another kid of vitamin/antioxidant enhanced drink like the numerous ones in the market? Hum..

  10. Barbie with a T 10

    Those are the cutest little bottles of coffee! They do sound delicious too. I wonder if they have a decaffeinated one? I will be checking at the store for these.

  11. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I’ve been enjoying POM products, so I’m sure I will enjoy these. :-)


  12. imom 12

    I have seen these, but never tried them… I’ll have to pick one up at the store next time!

  13. Liz C. 13

    Oh, Get Out! Why did you have to reveal this delicacy to us? I’m going to weigh a ton after this introduction…


  14. It is pretty good stuff alright! I think I may have liked the vanilla best.

  15. Paula 15

    I thought they were the pomegranate juice people! How cool to get such a great variety of flavors to sample! :-)

  16. Wow, so now they are venturing into coffee products too? I’ll have to tell my son about these as he loves coffee and is a huge fan of the regular POM Wonderful pomegranate cherry beverage. I just wonder how long it will take to hit Maine shelves?

  17. I loved those iced coffees especially the chocolate one!

  18. Perfect for me…at about 4 pm every weekday!

  19. LilSis 19

    I’m not even a coffee drinker, but the vanilla one would be hard for me to resist. I’ve never seen these in the stores.

  20. I am loving these Cathy:D

  21. Goldie 21

    I am also a coffee addict. Never seen these before; must try them now! Only recently found Caribou Coffee drinks at the grocery store…awesome…

  22. Mary 22

    They sound delicious! Could almost have one for breakfast…work off the calories. Yum!

  23. Cheryl 23

    Whaaaaaaaaa? How have I not seen these?
    Will be on the look out now for sure. (Love your photograph, by the way. ;) )

  24. pam 24

    We just had the chocolate today. Yummy!


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