Sans the Curls

I was ranting a bit on Facebook yesterday afternoon.  I guess that’s what makes Facebook so appealing; it’s a place to instantly post your gripes, your celebrations and anything else on your mind.

Anyway, I took my boys to get haircuts yesterday.  I gave instructions to both stylists as to how I wanted the cut to look.  Nothing complicated, just little boy haircuts.

As I was talking to the stylist who was cutting my older son’s hair my back was turned to my other son.  My younger boy has very curly hair.  I told the stylist to leave the curls on top, trimming them only slightly, and to clean up the sides and back.

In minutes (when I wasn’t looking) she had chopped off all his curls and essentially gave him a buzz cut but with scissors.  He jumped down and said, “Hi Mom”.

My heart sank as I smiled at him and told him he looked great.

I was pretty livid.  The stylist had totally disregarded what I said and just chip, chopped away.  I could have given him that cut at home. 

Yes, it’s only hair but I love those curls.  I didn’t say anything to the stylist because I didn’t want my son to know I was not happy with the result.

Here he is a few days after his last cut in July; curls on top, short on the sides.

Here he is yesterday, sans the curls but happy, healthy and now toothless too.  He’s still the sweetest boy around.

However, we will not be visiting little Miss Scissorhands again anytime soon.  She got a little crazy don’t you think?

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  1. Well, he looks happy and is cute with or without curls ( how blessed he is )so the good news is his hair will grow back in , curls and all, and the even better news is that you know where NOT to go again for boys’ haircuts.

  2. Awwww, he looks adorable, but I hate that. I had the same thing happen to my son and I was irate. Thank goodness hair grows!

  3. Marcy 3

    he’s a cutie with or without the curls – and the toothlessness adds to his little boy charm:))

  4. Laura 4

    Everytime you start to grow weepy about the missing curls, put your finger into that precious dimple on his right cheek.
    Now THAT is adorable!

  5. Hairdressers should study an entire chapter on listening. There is nothing in their cirriculum about that.
    I do think he looks very cute and summery in that haircut though.

  6. Erin 6

    He is adorable. But I would have been very upset too. Those curls! I don’t blame you for loving them! Alas, all my kids have straight hair. :)

  7. deeba 7

    Aw, he’s a precious little fella Cathy!Ms Scissorhands is certainly bad news though. We have a few of them here…scary!!

  8. Diane 8

    He’d still be cute even if he had no hair! That’s a cheeky grin there!
    My little sister was blonde with beautiful curls until she was about 4 and a hairdresser cut her hair short and it was never curly again or as blonde! Well not until she was old enough to decide to get a perm and a colour!

  9. Barbie with a T 9

    Chez, little guy. He is adorable either way. His hair will grow back, but I know the disappointment you are feeling right now. I hope you did not tip Ms. Scizzorhands, though, for not paying attention to your directions.

  10. I know exactly how you feel. My son’s last haircut disappointed me so bad. He looked like the character Carl from the movie Slingblade. The hairdresser was careless and cut his ears out way too high. I could have cried, but I told myself it’s only hair, it’s only hair.

  11. Katrina 11

    Yes, that bugs. I just had a friend of ours cut Sam’s hair (which is also stinkin’ cute and curly). She’s a friend even (works at JCPenney), but she cut it a little shorter than I’d like this time, too. Sigh! The only thing I get scared about it that my oldest had curly hair like that and the first time we got his hair cut (short), they curls never came back. Like you, I want Sam’s curls to stay. Glad you see the good side of things–hair grows back. (I have to keep saying that ever since I chopped my own hair off!) And your guy does look happy no matter what you do. And the new cut looks like less work for you. ;)

  12. Donna 12

    He looks precious either way. But I perfectly understand about the curls. I feel your pain on that issue. A tug on the heartstrings for sure.

  13. Edwina Scissorhands she is, but he is still as cutre as ever:D

  14. It’s a shame you didn’t have your husband with you. So you could send them out when time to pay. Then you could have really let them have it. That would have really hacked me off. But like you, I wouldn’t have said anything in front of my son.

  15. Cheryl 15

    With personality like that, the boy could be entirely bald and still light up a room. Know you are frustrated (and who isn’t when theire requests are ignored…and worse, an expense) but he’s such a doll…he DOES look great. You didn’t fib. :)

  16. Girlfriend… I feel your pain! My sweet adorable 10 year old son has gorgeous hair! And I love it when it is a ‘little’ long and his curls start to show.. My husband, on the other hand, loves a good buzz cut… Last summer, they came home practically bald… YUCK!!!!!!!! I hate it when my dh takes him to get buzzed!!!!

    I’m glad your little guy still has hair though! Trust me.. Hair is good!

  17. Caleb used to have curls, especially on his neck. I remember how sad I was the first time Danny took him for a “big boy haircut”. He was only 3 or 4 and never wanted to grow the curls out again. Then he moved on to real buzz cuts and wanting to look all military. He’s rarely had anything other than a buzz cut since he was 10, and sometimes it’s been completely shaved.

    It’s hard enough to slowly let them grow and feel you’re losing your little boy. Having a stranger force such a quick change would make me angry, too. He’s still your little boy, though, and he’s still adorable. I’m a sucker for a little brown-eyed boy. Don’t you think that dimple just makes him over-the-top cute?

    Maybe that hairstylist did you a favor. In a few years the girls are going to be after him, and I just don’t know if big brown eyes + dimple + CURLS is a good combination if you want to have any hope of keeping them away. Perhaps you should stick with the buzz cut.

  18. dawn 18

    She did get crazy but he is precious and beautiful. That dimple, oh my goodness. His curls will be back in no time!

  19. Holy clippers Batman! Having a little girl with hair that is almost identical to the ringlets Shirley Temple sported as a child, I would have been in tears after a haircut like that. Seriously. Gaby’s daddy has already decreed that no scissors shall ever touch his daughter’s head unless it’s for the barest of trims. And we are talking bare…as in micro-milimeters.

    Thank goodness hair grows!

  20. Trisha 20

    He looks adorable – curls or no curls- but you are right! How in the world could that hairstylist think THAT cut was leaving the curls on top?????

    Hopefully he will be curly again in no time!

  21. Pam 21

    I would be mad too but boy is he still a cutie pie!

  22. Leslie 22

    This is the main reason I am dreading getting Aidans hair cut. They always seem to go scissor happy

  23. JAMIE 23

    I have always heard that there is reality and perception of reality.
    Then there is proof is in the picture.
    He is such a beautiful child even without the curls, but thankfully they will grow back and no permanent damage was done. All that fresh air and sunshine will have that hair grown back in no time. You are such a great mom to have handled the situation exactly right.

  24. imom 24

    He’s adorable with or without the curls, but I do like the curls better! I would have been angry too and I would have handled it just like you, not wanting my child to know I didn’t like his haircut. So frustrating!

  25. Bob 25

    I hope she didn’t get much of a tip.

  26. He is so dang cute.

    I would have been livid as well. I hate it, I mean really, really, REALLY hate it when a stylist does not listen to you and does whatever they want. I’m with Bob…I hope you didn’t leave much of a tip!

  27. leftfoot 27

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive experience with a hairdresser. My hair is very, very curly and they always cut it wrong. (They either too short, too blunt so I have a mushroom head or at the wrong part of the curl.) I gave up over a decade ago and cut my own hair.

    I would have said something to her, the manager or the front desk girl. Unless you say something, nothing ever changes and she will always be a hairdresser that disrespects the client and the owner will lose business.

  28. Melynda 28

    He is a vividly positive young man, but yeah the curls are part of that. when school starts, He will be back to his curly self, and you will have a new spot to go for cuts, not clip jobs.

  29. Kari 29

    You are such a good mother to not react negatively in front of your son! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to control myself. He is still completely adorable, and as you mentioned, hair grows back.

  30. I cannot believe she didn’t follow your instructions. The only thing I can think is that she didn’t understand your request or that she cut one thing wrong and then had to cover it up. Otherwise it would just mean that she completely disregarded what you said because, I mean, you’re just his mother – what would you know about little boy haircuts?

  31. LisaD 31

    Why would she not follow instructions?! Obnoxious!

  32. He looks beautiful with or without the curls, but I understand how you feel. My daughter always had Shirley Temple ringlets and they were my pride and joy. I had a Miss Scissorhands pull the same stunt once and I was HOT! I did (privately) tell her off and let her know that I would tell everyone who would listen what a crappy stylist she was. And, I did just that.

    In grad school I had a male stylist once who lopped off about 6 inches of my gloriously wavy Farrah Fawcett hair after I specifically told him “just a trim”. He smirked and said “Oops! Don’t worry, you’ll love it!” Well, I didn’t love it and it took me over a year to grow that choppy mess out again. I’m getting worked up just thinking about it!

    Why do these hair stylists think they can get away with doing whatever they want on someone else’s hair? The arrogance astounds me!

    I wish you had said something, but I understand why you didn’t. It might have made you feel better.

  33. Michelle 33

    ..please tell us that you didn’t give her a tip and that she felt the fire in your eyes!!!! Maybe sending her a copy of the two photos would help her see reality.

  34. Liz C. 34

    The exact reason I started cutting my own hair about 10 years ago. Hair stylists have a thing about trying to make me look bad, I swear!

  35. Tanya 35

    Wow! She really did disregard your instructions. But he’s still such a cutie pie and looks so happy. His curls will grow back soon enough – just don’t ever take him back to that hairstylist!

  36. Rachael 36

    I used to have long ringlets and when I was around 9 decided to get a short ‘boy’ cut. My dad had no idea and I think he shed a few tears when he came back to see the pile of hair.

    They didn’t grow back, but mine started away from my head so I think this is a different situation.

  37. Steph 37

    Your son is so cute with or without the curls, but I have to admit that I love those curls!! Hairdressors always overcut. I always have to tell them to cut off 1/2 inch when I want 1 inch taken off.

  38. annbb 38

    He’d be adorable if he were completely bald. I’m just sayin’.

  39. Egghead 39

    He is adorable either way but I also love his curls. What a doll he is.

  40. dawn 40

    Well, you were good for biting your tongue. I love curls (I have curly hair) and can totally understand where you come from.
    I mean he does look adorable either way, but still that hairstylist needs a talking to. Don’t use her again. please lol

  41. Biz 41

    Oh no! He’s an adorable, beautiful boy – with or without the curls!

    At least it will grow back, right? :D

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  42. pam 42

    Well, it’s a good thing he is completely adorable and looks good no matter what is done to his hair!

  43. Amanda 43

    I’ve had that happen before and it’s so aggravating! Thank goodness hair grows back fairly quick. Those curls will be back before you know it. He’s so cute :)

  44. Amber 44

    Luckily he is really a ham and so adorable he could get away with anything or nothing on his head even.
    What is it with some hair stylists? Do they not listen? Forget? Think they know better? And why do we even pay them after they screw up. It isn’t like it can be fixed with glue. One time I actually drew a picture of what we wanted for my daughter, one length on top to the ears then layered to flip up ending at the bottom of her neck and she has a long neck. What we got was layered on top, then cut at chin length and shorter underneath so it would curl under. I mean really? I was fuming. But like you, I felt it better to set an example than kill the bitch who cut it. If I had it to do again I might rethink my kindness.

  45. Bunny 45

    Geez!! What part of leave the curls alone didn’t she understand!! I’d have been mad too!

  46. Mary 46

    He looks fine and his hair will grow, but I doon’t blame you for being upset. I’d be livid.

  47. Mary 47

    He looks fine and his hair will grow, but I don’t blame you for being angry. I’d have been livid.

  48. Teri 48

    I know I haven’t commented in like.. forever… but I still read your blog because I love it. Had to comment today. I hate when they don’t listen… next time you take him somewhere make sure you bring the photos of DO’S & DON’TS. He still is adorable!

    I was laughing at your names, little miss scissorhands and remembering how you came up with “miss rantypants” once. I still laugh at that one!!

  49. That is so frustrating! My son doesn’t have curls but he does have the most gorgeous head of blond hair and every time he gets it cut they go too short. ARGH! I feel your pain!

  50. nina 50

    With the cute dimple, I did not even see the absence of curls….jokes!!! As you’ve said…as long as they are happy!!!

  51. I like the curls too! well hair will grow, at least he tried a different hairstyle =)

  52. HoneyB 52

    My recent encounter with my hair was a topic of conversation also – it was cut way too short (but I’ll go back. She knows I wasn’t happy – I literally cried. lol)

    Curls or no curls – he is still a cutie pie. One day you may wish he got a haircut. Take it from a mom who has one son who shaves his head and another one who has hair longer than she does. he he. ;-)

  53. Kate 53

    I applaud your parenting skills for not admonishing the stylist in front of your son. What a happy child he is! Oh, just look at that sweet open face! You should let the stylist know why you won’t be patronizing her shop in the future. But you can do what you want!

  54. Lynn 54

    Wow that is way harsh. Next time maybe you can bring the top picture with you as a guide for the next hair dresser… yeah he still is adorable and that’s always nice. :o)

    My best, Lynn

  55. You’ve got one adorable boy there Cathy, even without the curls. I would have been furious too, but they will grow back. What a cutie pie.

  56. Jamie 56

    I am amazed at how different he looks in these 2 pics from just having a different haircut! But as I say, better one of my sons than me :-)

  57. He is still so adorable and who can resist that dimple?!

  58. Di 58

    Hairdressers can be just plain dumb sometimes. My advice…… find a new person to cut the boys’ hair and next time take a photo along as to what you want. That way there are no excuses for giving them a buzz cut… He’s curls are awesome and I would not have wanted them buzzed off either..

    (previously The Blue Ridge Gal)

  59. JOe 59

    Is this how he wanted it? Maybe let him decide how he wants his hair cut and give him some independence.

  60. Marjie 60

    You want what you want and it’s not up to her to do anything different. I disagree with Joe; I don’t think he’s old enough to decide he wants something that doesn’t please you yet. And since they grow up so fast, you shouldn’t have to give up the look you love just yet. Sadly, neither I nor any of my children have real curls, although some have strawberry blonde waves, compliments of their daddy, and I never let them get buzzed.

  61. It looks like 2 different boy, but the newest cut makes him look younger and I actually prefer his look on that one.

  62. Oh, no, Cathy. I ran into Miss Scissorhands’ evil twin in early July and my hair still hasn’t recovered. On the agenda this week is finding a new stylist. Really, all we’re all looking in a stylist is someone who’ll listen, like you were. (I had been going to this women for months, but when I told her I wanted my haircut for my motorcycle trip, she suddenly switched into overdrive mode, not only cutting, but thinning–ugh.) At least he’s still happy, but I love those curls, too. :-)


  63. Chinya 63

    I’m with you Cathy :( But he is still a doll either way!

  64. He is adorable and hopefully the curls will grow back. I now take my daughter to my fancy hairdresser, and pay almost the same price as for myself but the result is definitely worth it.

  65. LilSis 65

    Miss Scissorhands obviously didn’t listen to you, but he’s adorable, with or without curls! I remember just like it was yesterday when I took a picture of my older son the day he lost his first tooth! Now, he’s 25!

  66. Mrs. L 66

    Proof is in the photo. So not what you asked for.

  67. Even I can tell there’s no curls there.

  68. Janet 68

    Honestly, I like him better with the shorter hair. But he’s so cute, it really doesn’t matter, and like you said, it’ll grow back, all right. You are too nice, Cathy–you really should have told that stylist that she did the exact opposite of what you asked her to do. That way you get your message across without saying the words “I don’t like it” and potentially hurting your little guy’s feelings. You shouldn’t have had to pay for that haircut, imo.

  69. lo 69

    Well, it’s good he’s still got the smile… even sans curls. :)

    Miss Scissorhands, eh? Does she do bushes??

  70. He is still adorable, but I would miss the curls too :(

    I’ve brought pictures with and haven’t been afraid to say “this is what it looked like last time, I’d like it to look this way this time too”. With pictures of my kids-not someone out of a magazine :)

  71. He looks cute both ways. The short hair makes him look older which I am sure you don’t like since he is your baby. I hate it when hairdressers do that. But he is cute. That is a period.
    She just didn’t know who she was messin with.

  72. Ramona 72

    I get hacked every time I have to find a new barber. They just don’t understand I like my hair long. And I don’t care how old I am, that’s the way I want it.

  73. Aww how adorable!!

  74. Oh! I know I’d have been upset! At least you know they will grow back-and he’s happy! But I feel your pain!

  75. Lisa 75

    The curls will be back before you know it. I think this is just training. Once, as a teenager, my oldest son went on a mission trip to Mexico and came home with with a sunburned scalp and a crooked mohawk. What’s a mom to do? Smiling hides a multitude of thoughts. The beauty of hair is that it grows.

  76. DandElion 76

    I must say that happened to me, only it was my husband who took my 2 1/2 year twins to his barber shop and he stood by while the “barber” mutilated their hair. I think that was the most angry I have ever been with my husband, now he finally admits that he shouldn’t have taken them.

    I have saved your sons before pic because if theirs does grow back curly, it is the perfect hairstyle that shows the curls without them looking like girls.

    I would be really curious to know if the curls came back….thanks so much.


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