A Good Night

The front entrance appears simple and unassuming, however, it is an iconic part of history, nestled on Third Street, in the town of McMinnville, Oregon. 

Nick’s has been a vital part of the Yamhill County wine scene for the past 30+ years.  It is the norm to find local winemakers gathering to enjoy Nick’s amazing Italian food while sharing stories and winemaking advice.

The inside is warm and inviting and we had an amazing dinner there last night.

The meal was five courses and everything was absolutely fantastic.

Here’s what I ate:

Warm Poached Egg with Fava Beans and Pecorino
Spicy Ceci Bean Soup with Squid
Pappardelle with Bolognese
Butter Lettuce with Herb Vinaigrette
Halibut En Cartoccio with Artichokes, Asparagus and Pancetta Vinaigrette

This is what my husband enjoyed:

Grilled Squid and Corona Beans with Mint and Castelventrano Olives
Minestrone Soup
Garganelli with Pancetta Cream
Mixed Greens with a Garlic Rice Wine Vinaigrette
Lamb Three Ways

For dessert we shared
Chocolate Poundcake with a Honey-Marscapone Filling topped with Candied Orange Rind

The wine:

2007 Panther Creek Winemaker’s Cuvee Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

The entertainment:

A couple in the booth directly behind us who were swapping spit with such intensity our booth was shaking.  They eventually (after eating) took it outside and continued in front of the big glass restaurant windows.  It was…uh…interesting.

We can’t wait to go back, the food was truly excellent.

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  1. lo 1

    How wonderful it is to find a restaurant that’s new (to you) and so very delightful… well, maybe the face-sucking company aside.

    Which three ways was the lamb served? (maybe I should get online and actually check the menu, no?)

  2. Dawn 2

    That sounds like an amazing dinner. I am laughing about the make-out couple. I would hhave been cracking up. What are people thinking?

  3. Lynda 3

    This sounds like an amazing meal- hopefully next time the spit sharing couple won’t be there! :)

  4. The halibut and grilled squid dishes really stand out. Along with the dessert. Kissing couples…not so much.

  5. blair 5

    This is so going on my bucket list of places to eat!

  6. Yum! Your items sound like just what I would have ordered! Mmm!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicks. We have reservations for next Wednesday Night. It was my favorite restaurant on last year’s Oregon trip. Thanks for the post.

  8. Wow…was that a la carte or for the five courses?

    I am glad you are enjoying your new surroundings. It sounds wonderful!

  9. Serina 9

    Everytime we are in McMinnville we eat at Nicks. We love that place. LOL about the couple…people can be such fools.

  10. You guys are home!

  11. Dan 11

    i went to Nick’s years ago and loved it.

  12. It sounds like the perfect dinner… complete with stage show!

  13. EWWWW not in the restaurant and not till your booth is shaking gimme a break.

    How do you even know what to order on a menu like that? Of course you do know your foods, I would be so overwhelmed with that many choices that I might have said spaghetti.

  14. elra 14

    The food you ordered sound really delicious. Halibut and pancetta vinaigrette sounds very intriguing.

  15. Your meals sound amazing. Great to have a place like Nick’s nearby. Ugh on the entertainment.


  16. Take me with you next time ;)!

  17. Stacy 17

    YUMMMMMMM to the food and the fabulous restaurant and EWWWWWW to the couple who couldn’t wait to keep in it private!!! :)

  18. Ramona 18

    Sounds like a place I would like to eat at.

  19. LilSis 19

    I love local places like that! Both your meals sound great and the Halibut dish sounds amazing. Any chance of them sharing the recipe with you?

  20. Trisha 20

    Wow! Dinner AND a show! The food sounds great and the show . . . it sure does sound interesting!

  21. Kayola 21

    ….and the entertainment too! JK….It all sounds so de-lish! Except the squid…..go to my blog and look at my second post…..tooooooooooooooo funny!!!! But seriously when I die….I want to come back as YOU!!!!!

  22. Laura L. 22

    Both of your dinners sound so tasty! And that couple reminds me of this “family restaurant” we used to frequent when I was little. We hadn’t gone in a few years and when we went back we realized it had become home to couples just like that! Here we were, a family of seven, sitting in the middle of 6 booths with couples doing that same thing (and more, yuck!) in the restaurant. We never went back.

  23. kathleen 23

    I love this restaurant! Lunch is really very delicious as well (get the pizza get the pizza), and I’ve been scheming, trying to come up with a reason to head down to McMinnville again! Glad you enjoyed.

  24. Mary 24

    …and you thought life in Oregon would be boring. We have it all! Your meal sounds terrific.

  25. Nick’s is a terrific Italian restaurant. For a small town McMinnville has several very good ones. Sounds like you are settling in.

  26. Brian 26

    It sounds like you’re settling into life in McMinnville nicely.

  27. I saw halibut!

  28. Dena G 28

    We love Nicks. So glad you’ve made it to McMinnville…you’ll love it here.

  29. Interesting menu and entertainment.
    I’m just wondering if that is what Nick’s menu does to a person.
    We could all use a little passion in our life. But they could have atleast waited till they got to the car. Or home, would be better.

  30. Sounds fabulous! Reminds me to make a reservation….

    Have a great weekend!

  31. Pam 31

    I know where I am going to eat the next time my husband and I have a date…it sounds like it will be worth the drive.

  32. cheryl 32

    Sounds deliciously memorable in every way. (Were any of the menu items clear aphrodisiacs? One has to wonder…)

  33. KathyB. 33

    We love McMinnville and the surrounding area, and look forward to visiting again. We will have to try that restaurant out, hopefully without the entertainment!

  34. This looks perfect! I haven’t tried my hand at a sandwich bread yet. It’s on the list though.

  35. Those look just like Horseback potatoes, and they are awesome! Hope you don’t mind but I’d love to direct Foodista readers to your blog. Just add your choice of widget and you’re all set!


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