She Knows How Real People Cook and Eat…

…so why do you hate her?

It’s so interesting to me why so many people deeply revile Rachael Ray?  What is it? 

Are her recipes not elaborate enough for you?  Is it because she uses premade items to cut corners in her recipes? No specialty ingredients?  Her quirky laughter?  Her silly-named recipes, “You Won’t-Be-Single-For-Long Vodka Cream Pasta”?  She’s the anti-Martha?

As far as I’m concerned she deserves some respect.  She is by far one of the queen’s of successful multimedia.  Her efforts, magazine and TV shows put her in the league of the successful, she just has her own unique style.
The reason for her success?  I’m sure it has something to do with her relate-ability to people and because she cooks like most of America does; the easy way.  Most folks do not bake from scratch or have the time or money to cook fancy meals.  People want quick versions of old classics.  Rachael offers this.

So what is the problem?  You don’t like her infectious smile?  Approve of her simpleton ideas?  Does using something from a can bother you?  Is it food snobbery (on your part)?

I want to know.

But especially, why must you knock her?  If you saw a recipe you thought looked good but found out it originated from her, would you really not make it?

She really didn’t become as successful as she has because she is misunderstood or people hate her.  She is creative, presents adaptability, thinks on the fly…all skills important to any trained chef.  She’s even entertaining.

What is it?  I want to know.

Many, but not all, schooled in the finer points of creating ”haute cuisine” feel the need to put her down and it’s usually pretty ugly.  I don’t understand this.  Is it jealousy for her good fortune of becoming a force in the food world without any formal training?  I see this a lot with women in many fields and areas of life.  They feel the need to derail the efforts of someone who has made a successful attempt to do something they love.  Instead of raising that person up, supporting and applauding their obvious success, they put them down in an attempt to make themselves feel or look better.  It’s ugly.  Once I witness behavior like that, I far remove myself from the situation.  Those people will never change.  I’m not saying that is necessarily happening with her, but it might be.

Overall, it’s sad.  And unnecessary.  Is it jealousy?  Or is it the hatred of easily cooked food that annoys you while you slave away making homemade pasta every night? 

I’m sure she is inspiring for many novice cooks.  I bet many people have ended up in the kitchen because she made something they felt they could recreate for themselves, family or friends.  Once people feel confident in the kitchen they move on to more difficult recipes with success.  If she can inspire that behavior, well, I think it’s a beautiful thing.

Let’s remember, this woman is not doing something evil, she’s cooking dinner for gawd’s sake.  Why must she be bashed?

Splain it to me… 

Do you love her or hate her?  I’m fascinated by this.

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  1. Diane 1

    A lot of people knock Jamie Oliver in the UK. He’s a bit of a lad but he can’t half cook! He’s done some amazing things here like starting a healthier school dinners campaign and trying to get people to learn to cook and then pass on their skills to others. I was a bit sceptical until a great cook friend of mine told me I simply must get his “ministry of food” book – his basic learn to cook book. I’d not seen the TV series and decided as I trusted her judgement implicitly I’d buy it.
    The book changed how I thought of him – it’s got some amazing recipes in – all basic indredients, nothing very fancy at all, but he shows simply how to make basic good hearty food that’s delicious.
    I’ve now started to change my opinions on him and have watched a few tv programs of his. He cooks some great food – and his recipes work. He is the new delia! The new cooking messiah! I do think you have to cook someone’s recipes before you judge them!
    I’m checking out Rachael Ray’s website as I’m pretty certain she’s not on Tv in the UK – but I’ll try and catch some video perhaps online.
    I love to hear people’s thoughts about tv cooks – it’s so nice to hear someone passionate about food celebrating kitchen heroes!

  2. THANK-YOU! I do not understand the snide remarks about Rachael Ray I have heard from other ‘food celebrities’ either. There is a man who has a show on the Travel channel ” No Reservations’, we love his show and one night I was taken aback by his venomous remarks about her. Why ? She is no threat to him and here he is , yakking up the food of the common person around the globe but making cruel remarks about one of Americas’ own? C,mon!

    As long as there is food to be prepared and eaten, there are opportunities to enjoy differing styles, we like Rachael and you know, we haven’t heard her be snide or unkind about her critics….thank-you Cathy for bringing this up.

  3. Claire 3

    oh lets seeee Rachel Ray…why i don’t like her, she is a fake tv personality. I don’t hate her for what she cooks, most of it does look alright. The finer points of my dislike- Most of her meals cannot be made in 30 mins or less, she talks to her audience as if we are children, and has ridiculous nicknames for her kitchen items. Mostly i think it’s her haughty smile and fake teeth that throw me off…yeah.

  4. Harry 4

    I am sorry to say I have not heard of Rachel Ray as she is not known in the UK but it seems she gets the same bad press as many successful cooks in he public eye here. Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith spring to mind; both brilliant and entertaining. It must be a jealously thing!

  5. Philly 5

    I personally like her. I have a few of her cookbooks and have made many of her recipes.
    There is a running joke at my dinner table when there is something new …..Oh is this Rachel Ray’s, or where did you get this recipe….Pioneer Woman?
    They all moan but still eat it.

  6. Rachel Ray does not challenge me to learn and as such, I don’t watch her show. That being said, I respect what she does and her success and I think the RR haters are taking an easy pot shot (pun intended) at her. Her simple approach is great for beginning cooks and her cutesy delivery is just probably more about who she is than brand building, even though that was the result.

  7. elizabethk 7

    Oh, please – even when I watched Pepin’ (sp!) or Julia Child (in repeats as I am not that old ;-)) – I never cooked anything they did. I just loved watching and drooling. I think Rachel Ray is good entertainment. She is quirky, silly and loud. I have no clue as to why we tear people down the way we do. If someone turns us off – well, we just should not watch. MYOB (mind our own business) and keep nasty words to ourselves.

  8. donna 8

    I LOVE you for starting this thread. I consider myself a girl next door type of cook. MANY of my favorite recipes come from Rachael Ray. I own many of her cookbooks. Her food is very good in my opinion. Her stove topped stuffed peppers, also on my blog, are one of my favorites ever. I dont understand the bashing.. she doesnt claim to be a “real” chef, just herself with her own flair, which I admire. She is genuine. She is her. She helps many many women, working moms, new wives, people like me with lotsa kids who love to cook but aren’t into haute cuisine. I am a beliver in live, let live. Dont like something, don’t say anything. Move on. It does sicken me that people bash her. Maybe it is jealousy, they should remember though, she NEVER claimed to be a trained real chef. I for one, am a fan. I can not wait to come visit you again tonight to read the other responses. Sorry for the tirade, but I am SO in tune with you on this!! HUGS to you for bringing it up.

  9. Penny Wolf 9

    WOW! Where did all of that come from?
    Anyway I like what she cooks and I like her.I think she went through a spell that she laughed toooo much and maybe seemed like she was trying to hard.Whatever it was she got on my nerves during that time.Over all she is so darn cute I believe that is the icing on the cake for her career.
    She does cook like most of America, at least I believe so and she’s the girl next door.

  10. I use to like Rachel Ray. I don’t mind her recipes, I use a few of them. I think what I don’t like is that there was a time where she was EVERYWHERE. It was Rachel Ray overload. I had the same problem when Emril was (and still is) everywhere. It’s the same thing for me right around Christmas. I’ve seen all the Christmas stuff for so long, I just want it to go away.

  11. Amanda 11

    I don’t have an opinion either way as I rarely watch anything on TV, I’m constantly working on this danged computer. Too bad celebs have to bash one another though isn’t it?

  12. Laura 12

    I just went back to find an old post I wrote about Rachel Ray. No luck.
    She’s a great teacher; the way she breaks steps down is clear and simple.
    Classroom teachers can learn from her.
    As a non-cook, I am grateful to her because you are right, she is a cook for the regular person who want to serve good food with little fuss.
    People who spend all that time “hating” (like on the I hate Rachel Ray website) need to take up cross-stich.

  13. Jen 13

    It isn’t her recipes that turn me off. I can’t stand her ridiculous use of hand gestures anytime her hands aren’t busy, I get annoyed at how long her 30 minute meals would actually take to make, and I can’t stand her nicknames for common kitchen things like olive oil (EVOO…that’s extra virgin olive oil [she has to explain every time]!). I also think she needs to go see an otolaryngologist to get the nodes scraped off her vocal cords from her bad vocal habits. That’s all :).

  14. I don’t hate her, I don’t know her, obviously. However, I do not enjoy watching her cooking show. I think she giggles too much. The nicknames for everything are just too cutesy for me as well. I do think she has some good recipes, I just personally don’t like her style.

  15. Kristin 15

    I used to enjoy Rachael, especially $40 a Day (used some of her tips in San Diego & New Orleans), but she is frighteningly overexposed. I just got tired of hearing & seeing her everywhere.

  16. kelly 16

    she’s just kinda loud….grates a little. and the vegetable not-sagna took 2 hours and dirtied every dish in the kitchen. other than that, i got no beef with her.

  17. Leslie 17

    I personally like RR…yes she can be a bit “in your face” at times. But being the top paid celebrity chef at a like $16-18 million a year, I think she is doing something right! Would’nt you say?
    I think the fo-fo foodie snobs might get turned off by her simpleton way of cooking. But lets face it, that is the way 99% of the world cooks. I take my hat off to RR because she knows what she is doing with cooking, media etc!

  18. Marcy 18

    LOVE HER!! Now I’m not a big fan of cooking shows, but my hubby and kiddo are so naturally I watch them sometimes.
    R.R. is downhome and REAL! I have her 30 mins meal cookbook and although someof it is a bit strange, overall the recipes are great! and since I can’t STAND Martha Stewart, she is , as you put it, the Anti-Martha! That gives her a thumbs up in my book ! YUMMO!

  19. No matter who you are or how you get your celebrity status….not all the people are going to love you. It’s a matter of personal taste. I look at it this way…if Rachael Ray ‘ain’t yo thang’ then don’t watch her SHOWS or read her magazines or buy her books. Again, there are some people who have nothing nice to say! I am jealous of the many things she’s got going for herself for sure…BUT celebrity has a price and I wouldn’t want to be eating dinner @ 10 pm as she always talks about or flying around so much around the world that I ache to sleep in my own bed or miss my pet. But that’s just me!

  20. Jaya K 20

    My sense is that Rachael Ray isn’t really practicing any sort of envelope-pushing or interesting cooking much of the time. Her meals are largely similar to what I started out cooking in my first apartment but, at 23, I can do a lot more than she can in the same 30 minutes and still have time to wash the dishes. If she wants to be famous as, say, a TV personality, that’s all well and good. But I wouldn’t want to go to her food advice any more than I would go to Grey’s Anatomy or House for medical advice! She’s more of a character than a cook, as far as I can see. Furthermore, I think for people to listen to her and buy into her philosophy that cooking from scratch is soooo difficult is a disservice to her viewers. Essentially, her recipes are fine for a beginning cook who is exploring the kitchen but she should be a starting point, not the ultimate goal and instead the Food Network/RR herself/whatever media conspiracy anyone wants to blame have catapulted her to somehow being the limit of cooking. Somehow, it’s either Rachael Ray or warthog butt and fondant draped cakes all the time–when the reality is that most of us should be cooking in the middle ground between Ray and Bourdain/Keller/other trained chefs.

  21. Rachael Ray got me into cooking – her meals were simple to follow and delicious. The more I use her recipes, the closer I get to 30 minute meals. Yes, at first it took me MUCH longer to chop things than it took her, but as I get more proficient at them, the faster I do them. I do think she can be a little perky at times, but I choose not to watch her daytime talk show and get my RR fill from her magazine, her cookbooks, and occasionally her 30 minute meals show on Food Network.

  22. Haley 22

    Rachel Ray’s personality doesn’t bother me near as much as her food. Everything I’ve made out of her cookbooks has ended badly. I don’t understand her combination of flavors. She loves mixing two different things together, but they don’t always work out so well, at least on my taste buds. It also seems to take me an hour and a half to make her 30 minute meals, which is irritating. I prefer a more realistic prep time, because I don’t have a lot of time to cook most days.

  23. Elocin 23

    I don’t like Rachael Ray for the simple fact she lies. The meals she makes cannot be made in 30 minutes. On top of that, I’ve bought two of her cookbooks. I’ve tried her food. It’s not very good and rather bland. It seems that she is more about the show than about good food. As a talk show host, she’s okay I guess, though I dislike her fake laugh. $40 a Day show was a nice travel show but my husband and I both ate at cool, ethnic, local restaurants while on vacation in DC for less than 40$/pp pd so is it really necessary? Nah.

    For me, if I want to learn something, and make something edible, I watch Ina Garten, Michael Chiarello, Jamie Oliver (even though he is a bit spastic) or even Gordon Ramsay (BBC versions not Hell’s Kitchen)! And yes, even Martha Stewart should be included here. For them it’s more about technique and when you learn that, you reduce your time in the kitchen. But I don’t consider Rachael Ray, Robin Miller or God help us all Sandra Lee to be noteworthy.

  24. I wouldn’t knock her or say cruel things about her, and I’d never not use a recipe because it came from her. However, I do find her mildly annoying. She just has a different personality that takes me a while to get used to. I don’t bother with that for TV personalities, but if I knew her in real life, I would make the effort to get past it and I’m sure we could even be friends.

    What is it about her? Well, she’s a bit too perky, which is okay, it just kind of wears me out to watch her. She’s also kind of loud and boisterous in an east coast sorta way that can come across as rude to midwesterners.

    I’ve seen this again and again IRL. When people move here from either coast, but especially the east coast, they are often seen as loud, rude, unseemly. In the last homeschool group we belonged to, there was a wonderful lady from New Jersey. She talked and laughed loudly. She was opinionated and made no polite midwestern effort to hide it or present her opinions in a more palatable manner. People visibly bristled at her. Being a quieter person, that is sometimes a shock to my system, and it takes some getting used to for me. I made the effort to get to know her better, though, and found I really liked her. She was incredibly intelligent and had a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious laugh. She became one of my favorite people in that group.

    Now, I know not all people from New Jersey are like this, but they do tend to be more that way than people from Kansas. Understanding a person in the context of where they’re from can really help. I would bet that many of the people who do not like Rachel Ray don’t like her for these reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if her show is never very popular in the midwest. For what it’s worth, the people you describe as criticizing her wouldn’t be popular either.

  25. Whew – who has enough energy to be all ticked about RR making up silly names? I occasionally watch her show, she is amusing and often presents a twist on a standard recipe. Her servings are FAR too big (my own problem – fill up those plates!. Not everyone even wants to be a “foodie” – I have had some formal training but sure – at times we all use short cuts because it is – :::dramatic pause:::: REAL LIFE folks – being nasty about public figures has become a national embarrassment – from politicians to all kinds of celebrities (even people who are simply famous for being famous) – our mamas were right – If you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Thanks for this line of chat – aren’t we all interesting characters???

  26. People hate Rachael Ray JUST BECAUSE. You’re thinking about it too much. There is no one answer. You can’t explain hate any more than you can explain love.

  27. LOVE Rachel Ray! Loved her the first time I saw one of the travel on $40 a day programs! She rocks!

    I support anyone who makes good of themselves. I don’t care if they are “haute” or not ~

    Rachel ROCKS!

  28. Katrina 28

    Love her! Everything about her that people don’t like it all media crap.

  29. Randi Lynne 29

    Not liking Rachel’s recipes or overexposure is not a good reason for bashing her character and success. We all have different tastes and it is ignorant to not realize that there are some people who like her and have learned from her. It seems like it is much harder for most people to rejoice with someone’s success than to sympathize when they go through trials. People like to see others fall, but get jealous the moment they are doing better than them. You are right in saying that you sometimes have to remove yourself from those situations/people because they will never change.

  30. Since you asked…

    I cannot stand her. I mean I really really really cannot tolerate her at all. It has nothing to do with her success or her connections to Oprah. I can’t stand her because she is too hyper for me. She is like a Chihuahua on acid. Honestly. She is too much to handle in one sitting and she makes me tired.

    Having said that, I don’t hold so much against her that I would make one of her recipes or buy any of her products. I just cannot watch her. My head feels like it’s going to explode when I do.

    Is that the weirdest thing ever? Yeah. I thought so too.

  31. I like Rachel Ray, and her spatulas! I don’t watch her much anymore because she doesn’t challenge me too much… not that I’m great! I do like her better than Sandra Lee and her tablescapes. Overall, I think RR is a competent cook with a great imagination! Good for her!

  32. Deborah 32

    I think that food bloggers and public chefs are harsh – you won’t get this kind of hate from “normal” everyday home cooks, and that’s the kind of market she does well in. Not everyone finds it necessary to make gourmet meals – heck, some people don’t even like cooking, but they just want to get dinner on the table for their families.

    I’m a huge RR fan, and I’ve admitted it quite often on my blog. I’ve tried numerous recipes of hers that have been successes, and only a few that we have not cared for.

    There is someone for everyone. People need to get over themselves and stop all the criticizing. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her!

  33. Where is everyone hating on Rachel Ray? I don’t revile her and I have tried lots of recipes–but I will say, something about her bugs me–but just a little!

  34. Laura 34

    Before RR became the nationally well known icon, a young child in the Make A wish foundation made a wish, he wanted to cook with her- her answer? A resounding NO! That’s why I dislike her. All this sweetness,and generosity is bs, she couldn’t be bothered to spend a couple of hours fulfilling a dying child’s wish.

  35. Sara 35

    I am not a fan of R.R. I find her to be really annoying! I am not going out and making hate sites or anything of that nature but I do not watch her shows. The few times that I have I have fond her recipes to be uninspiring. She doesn’t even chop her own onions! How wasteful and lazy to buy a pre-chopped onion in a plastic bag that you throw out rather than take the 1 minute to chop one.

    Now, I do not have to cook, say pasta from scratch, every time I make dinner. But when I watch a cooking show it isn’t to see someone make a grilled cheese “sammie”. I can make that. If I found a recipe that looked interesting and found out she created it I would not ignore it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I concede that she may be inspiring to novice cooks. But I am not a novice cook, so she is not inspiring to me. That does not make me a snob. Nor does choosing to use actual fresh vegetables rather than prepackaged products make me a pretentious. There are many levels between Rachel Ray and spending 3 hours rolling out homemade pastry crust every night.

    Beyond that, I find her to be annoying. Her voice is not the nicest. I do not love her slogans (the words olive oil are not that hard to say) and it is made even worse by the fact that she is EVERYWHERE. I mean she has a talk show, multiple food network shows and a billion products with her name on it. She has her name on dog food. Dog food.

    link to

    And on top of all this, she shills for other companies products. Other commentators criticized Antony Bourdain for attacking her, but I think he was right. She is the spokeswoman for Dunkin’ Donuts. Here is what he said about that: “She’s got a magazine, a TV empire, all these best-selling books – I’m guessing she’s not hurting for money. She’s hugely influential, particularly with children. And she’s endorsing Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s like endorsing crack for kids.” Bourdain adds: “I’m not a very ethical guy. I don’t have a lot of principles. But somehow that seems to me over the line. Juvenile diabetes has exploded. Half of Americans don’t have necks. And she’s up there saying, ‘Eat some [bleeping] Dunkin’ Donuts. You look great in that swimsuit – eat another doughnut!’ That’s evil.”

    In conclusion, people don’t like her because she is annoying, overexposed and takes unnecessary shortcuts. And I am sorry but it isn’t snobbery to want to cook good homemade, healthy food.

  36. I simply do not like her presence in front of the camera. She is too loud and boisterous a TV personality for me, in a way that comes off as fake (in my opinion and translation). And she talks too much. It has nothing to do with the food she makes. I only watch shows with hosts that I “vibe” with somehow, and I do not vibe with her. ;) I have some minor issues with things she says, but mostly it’s the way she says them and the way she relates to the camera, her audience, her interview subjects, etc. She’s not the kind of performer I like to watch.

  37. Erin 37

    I make it a point not to hate anyone who doesn’t know me. LOL. Life’s way to short.

    As far as Rachel Ray is concerned, I’ve never watched her show, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to watch tv shows w/ people they don’t like and then complain they don’t like them. Like that Jon and Kate show.

    Maybe people don’t have enough drama in their lives.

  38. Rachel 38

    I for one…LOVE her! I am a novice cook and it’s just my speed with a little entertainment thrown in. I think she is relatable and seemingly unaffected by her stardom…I like that. To those nay sayers…I respect your point of view…as long as you “play nice”.

  39. I’ve never been a fan. She’s too hyper for me. I’ve heard chefs knock her because she has no formal training. Whatever the case, she isn’t a favorite.

  40. Kristina 40

    I own 3 of Rachael Ray’s books because I do think the recipes she makes are absolutely delicious and easy to make. As a poor college student who loves to cook, many of the other Food Network chefs don’t emphasize cooking on a budget and schedule like she does. I also greatly admire her for rising to fame from literally nothing. But I enjoy watching the shows of those other food network chefs over watching hers. Maybe it’s her quirky laughter or her silly made-up names for foods (Pizzagna? Why can’t we just call it Pizza Lasagna? If I’m having a dinner party for my friends, I don’t want to tell them I’m serving them pizzagna. That’s not even a thing…). Maybe it’s also her need to abbreviate “extra virgin olive oil”. Also, maybe it’s only me, but she always seems to come off like she’s trying too hard to relate to her audience. As the host of a cooking show, she shouldn’t have to ask the camera questions to “bond” with her audience; the fact that she’s cooking a delicious (and it ALWAYS looks delicious) meal is enough. Her effort puts me off.

    Thant said, I definitely make her recipes far more often than any of the other FN chefs.

  41. Personally, I love her! She’s so cute and fun.

  42. Jenn 42

    I will cook her recipes, I just can’t watch her – something about the laugh started to grate on my nerves. Recipes aren’t bad though.

  43. erin 43

    Annoying or not, I’m simply just annoyed with her “30 minute meals” concept. Why? Because for my wedding shower a few years back, I received 2 different copies of this book. I’ve tried a few different meals from each book and THEY’RE NOT 30 MINUTE MEALS! MORE LIKE 60-65 MINUTES!! FALSE ADVERTISING! I’m a pretty decent cook and from start to finish, no way you can do it all in 30 min. And her recipes in the book don’t really do it for me…personally I like Giada’s Italian style recipes.
    That is all…Oh, but RR does have one amazing and easy dish, which is her great grandmothers pasta recipe. Simple tomatoe and basil sauce-delicious (or yumm-o? Oh, that phrase bothers me).

  44. Mary 44

    Love her! She is the greatest, funny, I love the animal segments. Ha. Mary

  45. dawn 45

    I like her, she has, over the years gotten a bit harsher, less mellow, bad jokes or jokes, etc..
    And the fact that she does a bit too much endorsements makes me not like her because she loses her natural chef charm. I mean that Dunkin Donuts commercial she did she was sooo fake. I think it’s that part that set me off. I hate when people get fake.

  46. Sheila 46

    I like her but can understand how her bubbly personality would cause others to gag. She has some great recipes, but I think has been trained to talk too much about little stories that can seem off the point.

  47. Debra 47

    I enjoy watching Rachel Ray!! I had no idea anyone even disliked her. Your commentary was interesting and “right on” about women often bashing other women, especailly when they are successful!! –What a shame.

  48. leftfoot 48

    I’ve never seen RR voicing that cooking from scratch is “sooo hard”. I’ve always thought of her as the person to turn to when you just don’t have the time. I don’t think I would advise anyone to use all or even most of her recipes, but she has a few great gems for the inexperienced home cook.

    I think all celebrity chefs need to be taken for what they are – celebrities. They are resting on what got them here, what made the audience shut up and watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Martha do anything out of the ordinary for her, same goes for Bourdain and the whole lot of Iron Chef America. Hell, I even love Paula Deen’s personality, but I won’t cook like her more than once or twice a month.

  49. imom 49

    Aside from seeing her on the cover of magazines when I’m checking out at the grocery store I know nothing about her. Never seen her show, never seen her in action. So I have no opinion of her except that I think she’s cute!!

  50. leftfoot 50

    Oh one thing I’ve wanted to add is that a great majority of chefs abbreviate EVOO. Not just her.

  51. HoneyB 51

    I say to each their own. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her, but don’t BASH her! We all have idiosyncrasies (which many people forget!)

    I have friends who know her personally and they say that she is a very sweet person. Who are we to judge someone?

  52. I can’t understand the hatred. Erin (above) is right – life’s too short. I make pasta, pastry, pizza, and lots of other foods from scratch, but I think RR has a lot of good recipes that are useful for busy people.

  53. Christine Z 53

    RR is a natural and I never knew so many people disliked her. I also happened to just be thinking about this too and your description of her as the anti-Martha is perfect. I enjoy and admire RR and her food always looks soooo good, I am making her yukon gold mashed potatoes with Brie and apple cream tonight! I love your posts. I think 30 minute meals is really just the show name, but she does it! I like to make my meals in 10 to 20 minutes, so make ahead and re-heat is my style…

  54. Theresa 54

    I love RR. I’ll admit, the scratchy-ness in her voice sometimes makes me scream “Grab a drink of water!” at the TV, but her recipes are always easy and delicious. And look incredible when served up on a platter. I agree, she has definite talent, and I love trying her recipes out at home!

  55. Sarah 55

    In general, I love her cooking, and I think she has great ideas. I’m just graduating from college and by no means a purist, but I love fantastic food.

    But her personality REALLY grates on me. Just say olive oil! Extra Virgin is not always what you want, sweetie, Cooks Illustrated told me so. Why are you SO bubbly?? I can handle her in small doses.

    Giada is even worse (to continue the rant). She Italian-izes words that are NOT Italian! And really, it’s annoying when she says “spaghetti” like she isn’t in the States. Italian accents are only ok (on TV) if everything you say uses it, not just certain words. It’s clearly forced and she sounds like a tool.

  56. Sorry! No help here… I do not watch cooking shows, home improvement shows, or reality TV…

  57. Laurie 57

    I’m with Honey B. I have never understood the compulsion to be mean to another person – famous or not. I actually like Rachel Ray. I respect what she has done and think she is probably a very nice person.

  58. I like some of her stuff. But I feel a horrible vibe from her. Can’t place it, but I know I wouldn’t want to have to deal with her.

  59. Melissa 59

    Laura, I’m curious where you found this information.

  60. Katheryn 60

    I agree. I don’t understand the mean remarks people make about her. Personally, I’m not a fan. But I’m not a fan of her recipes – I have no problem with her.

  61. Lori 61

    I’m not a fan. When I first saw her on TV (years ago), she came across as fake and it felt like she was intentionally ‘dumbing things down’ for the audience, which was not and is not necessary.

    As another poster stated, her 30 minute meals are usually not do-able in 30 minutes, which just adds to her ‘fakeness’ for me. It makes for a nice TV show, though.

    When she comes on TV I change the channel or turn it off. I can’t hear ‘E-V-O-O’ one more time. Seriously.

  62. Hee hee, I love reading everyone’s comments! I used to love, I mean LOVE Rachel Ray! I own a couple of her cookbooks and have used her recipes with much success. I commend her on her ability and success. I think it’s just overload of her persona that creates haters. I don’t hate her, but I don’t watch her anymore. I don’t go out of my way to avoid her, I just don’t go to the trouble…with that said, I don’t watch much TV anymore anyway, so that probably accounts for much of it. And Giada? One commenter really went off on her…know what? I adore her! I used to think her pronunciations were silly and her blouses borderline porn…but she is really sweet and talented and an authentic Italian! Once I watched her bio my mind was forever changed. I liked her before that but that (show) really sealed the deal. I’m sure jealousy is much the cause of the hate…it’s a shame. Hate takes way too much energy-and jealousy is a sin that doesn’t even make you feel good-so why bother?!

  63. Lauren 63

    I will never understand why some women feel the need to put other women down for being successful or why so many women have such strong feelings for someone they have never met. Some of these comments are appalling. It reminds me of high school when girls would bash the popular kids. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

  64. Hoo boy. This is a topic you should NOT get me started on. I have a pretty good blog on this topic. link to

    The main points:

    The assumption that this is they way everyone does and should cook, this almost invented demographic. There are better ways to cook simple healthy meals.

    The “reinvention of the wheel”. There have been scores of 30 minute meal cookbooks out there long before Rachael Ray. There have been better ones too. She doesn’t do anything special and she doesn’t do it particularly well.

    The celebration of mediocrity. “If I can do a half-assed job at cooking a meal, so can you.” I’m not a trained chef, but I’ve learned that knowning some good techniques means I don’t have to rely on crap recipes. She doesn’t teach much in teh way of worthwhile cooking skills. Its’ sad because there were shows on FN that were geared to the beginner cook that did teach technique and they were yanked (“How to Boil Water” for example). For someone who says she grew up in professional kitchens, she has retained none of that knowledge and doesn’t ever share it.

    I hate the idea that if it takes more than 30 minutes, it’s not worth her time. Taking aside the fact that people often complain her meals don’t take 30 minutes anway (and require two hours of cleanup with all of the pots and pans she uses), she implies that a meal that isn’t ready in 30 minutes it’s just too hard to make. There are plenty of meals out there that might take 60 minutes, but don’t require constant attention. You can roast a chicken and walk away from it and do other chores (as an example). I hate the way Rachael Ray has convinced people that if you don’t do it her way it’s “too hard”.

    Her recipes are repetetive, unhealthful, expensive, and disgusting. She had a few decent recipes when her show first began, but she ran out of ideas. Everything is POUNDS of meat covered with bacon, cheese, and tons of oil. She has had as many as 17 ingredients in one recipe. She includes things like high-priced cheeses, extra-virgin olive oil, pancetta, veal, and lamb. I’m not sure how this “average person” affords all of that. I’d like to see fewer recipes for burgers and mac and cheese. Her foods are growing more and more disgusting as she has to keep pulling recipes out of her ass. Now she makes these “frankenrecipes” where she takes two recipes and smooshes them into one. Out of ideas for Mac and cheese and burgers? How about putting mac and cheese inside and burger?

    She has NO talent. Her smile and personality aren’t infectious. They’re grating and incredibly annoying. I don’t know how someone with such a poor onscreen presentation ever made it on TV without sleeping her way there. She shouldn’t have dropped out of school. She should have finished that communication degree because maybe it would have given her an iota of information of how to behave on camera.

  65. Lauren 65

    I’m sorry, but this makes you sound catty and jealous. And she chops onions all the time…

  66. emily 66

    I am in total agreeance with you! I happen to love Rachael Ray! She is a great cook, and is out there helping busy Americans get dinner on the table for their families! What is so wrong with that, people?? I think it is a shame when people have to criticize others just for doing or thinking a different way than them. Shame on them. As for Rachael, you go girl! I am behind you 100%

  67. Lauren 67

    You are obviously a bitter person. Why would you waste so much time berating someone you don’t know?

  68. June 68

    I’m with you 100 percent- I don’t get it either. Why are people so envious of others’ success. Drives me wild. She’s talented, appealing, honest and has some great ideas, and the courage to make it all happen. Better yet, she’s the first to admit any failures. I love that about her. She also knows exactly WHO her audience is. That might be something some “bloggersnobbers” may take heed of. Thank you for writing about it!

  69. Pam 69

    I like RR and have tried several of her recipes but I will admit that her voice does grate on me after awhile.

    It is strange to me that so many people are so hateful towards her – they need to get a life.

  70. Amanda 70

    Not sure if there are others reading every comment from this post like I am, but for those who are I did a review of a cookbook called The 15 Minute Gourmet. They use REAL ingredients and generally the recipes are very quick. Some of them call for prechopping veggies etc, but overall EVERYTHING i have tried (I’ve made 6 recipes from the book) have been fantastic. Here’s one example for Banana’s Foster link to and there are links to the review and the other recipes I blogged about. One of my biggest complaints about books that have “quick” recipes is that they use too many prepackaged ingredients (I am not a fan of recipes containing creamed soups as a gravy base).

    I am finding this thread to be very educational and entertaining :)

  71. Amy 71

    I’ve just gotten to overload, I think. For me I just watched her show a little bit back in the day when she was nervous (hence the laugh) and her “EVOO” or “S&P” weren’t in the dictionary. She made a good meal in 30 minutes seem easy. What happened for me is that she kept making the same stuff, just in a little different way. Perhaps my cooking evolved past needing Rachael Ray?

    I can’t stand anyone that says, “guys” all the time. SO for me that includes Tyler Florence too…and many aren’t happy with me for this, lol.

    That said, I don’t knock anyone that uses her messipes or buys her books, watches her show, uses her olive oil, dog food, pans, cooking utensils, etc. If it works for you, do it!

  72. Jacque 72

    Maybe folks want more cranky, ugly people on TV?

    I’ll tell you what is… plain old jealousy. She’s successful, happy, and rich. Most folks are lucky if they’re even one of those things.

    People put so much energy into hating people that aren’t causing trouble. If only that energy could be directed toward something useful.

  73. Jessica 73

    My main complaint is that her cookbooks have a LOT of repetition in them. But both my seven year old boy and four year old girl like to watch her cooking show and then come back and ask to make things from it.

    (Anything that gets my kids interested in cooking? Gets a gold star!)

  74. Mary 74

    Neither love nor hate. I appreciate and applaud her skills as a businesswomen.

  75. kathleen 75

    I like her magazines and really like her recipes, but she’s unnecessarily chummy. Nummers? Please. Stoup? A cross between a soup and a stew? I can tell when one of the recipes I ripped out and put into my binder comes from her magazine because there’s always something a little annoying about the text of her recipes. I understand dumbing things down, but not talking babytalk.

  76. I think the food she cooks is incredibly fatty. One of her burgers could feed a small African nation. And everything she cooks seems centered on meat. I’d like to see a little more health consciousness and a little more moderation.

  77. Bev 77

    I am neutral. I used to watch her all the time, but when The Food Network became all-Rachael, all the time it got to be too much. I enjoy her TV show when I watch it and have made her recipes, but I guess I just OD’d on Rachael.

  78. Bev 78

    For someone who hates this woman so much you certainly seem to know an awful lot about her!!! I got tired of her and stopped watching, and I don’t know nearly as much as you do!! (Is there an off switch on your TV?)

  79. Jessica 79

    Sigh…I love the website out there that says the reasons they hate her are that she smiles and looks like the Joker (old one) and as they put it “tiny tits, tight shirts” Haha.

    Actually, I hate her for:
    1. the made up words. Stoup, garbage bowls. Ugh. EVOO….gag me! She talks to her audience like theyre 2 year olds.

    2.She has no real knowledge of cooking beyond a home cook (which is fine, just bugs me personally)

    3. The minute she got “big” you go into any bed bath and beyond type store and are bombarded by her ugly knives, bowls, pans. Anything she could shove her mug on. EVEN DOG FOOD! Then the magazine with Photoshopped pictures of her, and the ridiculous talk show.

    Basically, shes annoying to stand out. And I think her people know it. That 40 dollars a day show, I don’t want to watch some annoying woman much on a “sammy” talking about how “Yum-o” it is. If she acted older than her shoe size and learned to cook and then we can talk.

  80. I’m curious about the source on this too.

  81. Jess 81

    Ha, those others are giving you a hard time but I think you hit the nail on the head. Well put.

  82. Amanda 82

    Rachel Ray just rubs me the wrong way. I think many people know someone who does that to them. Their personality just does not appeal to you. I do not go out of my way to spread my opinions on her (I have no blogging slamming her nor do I tell everyone I see that I do not like Rachel Ray). I might make one of her recipes; this would depend on the recipe though, not the originator. To those that absolutely LOVE her: I think they are a little strange, as I feel about all people who endlessly gush about some celebrity.

  83. dawn 83

    Cathy-while RR is the master at cooking quick fixes, you are the master at keeping us all talking. You are by far the entertainer. This is why I visit here, several times a day. I love reading everyone’s comments and then visiting their sites too.

  84. I don’t dislike Rachael Ray. I think a lot of her recipes are really good and have made many of them. She certainly has found the secret for success! The problem that I have with her is that she comes across too cutesy on her shows. I really hate those annoying little phrases she uses like “sammies” and “yumm-o”. It’s not just her. That would bug me no matter who said it.

    She also seems to shout at a high pitch ALL THE TIME! Why must she shout? She has microphones. I understand that she has developed serious vocal problems because of this, so why???

    Other than that, I think she fills a niche. She is a savvy businesswoman, a master of self promotion and seems like a nice person.

  85. Allie 85

    Interesting thread! I have several of her books and used to watch her 30 minutes show pretty often. I also DVR the current show on NBC…however, I find myself speeding thru most of it. It’s not that I dislike her…her voice, her worsening raspy voice, just really grates on my nerves. It’s just not so pleasant to listen to her anymore. And she tends to be rather repetetive with her sayings, salt over the shoulder, etc. Just kind of gets annoying. The way she cooks is exactly the way I like to and know to cook. However, that all changed when my husband had to deal with a serious heart condition. Watching her show now, the foods, ingredients, recipes…my husband calls it “food porn.” We just can’t eat like that anymore. Heart healthy all the way thru and thru. I totally commend Rachael for earning her way and being the success that she is.

  86. I like her. EXCEPT: She’s so danged perky! And my husband LOVES her. Ok. I don’t like her. But I like her recipes.

  87. The Rachael Ray hatred is so confusing to me, too. However, it does seem to be diminishing rather than growing. I think people have figured out that she isn’t quite as evil as they thought. I know that since I started making her recipes, my consumption of fresh vegetables has skyrocketed. Her cooking is approachable and, if you pick the right recipes, a healthy alterntiave to all the fast food I used to eat. Thanks for getting such an interesting dialogue going!

  88. First, yes, I do think she is overexposed, and her catchphrases and mannerisms can be grating, I concede that. I can only take her show in small doses.

    THAT SAID – I really like her. I’m very surprised that some people here say they’ve made recipes from her cookbooks that haven’t turned out well. My experience is just the opposite. And as long as you have certain ingredients on hand and ready (as in pre-washed, as she suggests), you absolutely CAN do many of them in 30 minutes, or very close to it.

    Which brings me to another point: I used to scoff at the emphasis of this and so many other cookbooks on speed in cooking. “Ahem, *I* actually love to cook – I don’t just want to get it over with as quickly as possible.” I was far superior to these people.

    And then I had a kid. And I GOT IT. I would love nothing more than to spend two hours fussing over an elaborate, sophisticated meal, but you know what? My daughter is just not going to let that happen. It becomes totally different with you have a baby/toddler who demands your attention. I might only have a 15-20 minute window of opportunity when she is content playing with a toy or otherwise happy/occupied, and I need to get as much done in the kitchen as possible in that window of time. So to have recipes that are geared towards that kind of efficiency is now a godsend, when I had previously been so up on my high horse about it.

    Finally, some have complained about her using prepackaged foods. I just don’t see it. She uses some shortcuts, like bagged lettuce (though she just as often hacks up romaine heads) or seasoning blends, but the vast majority of her raw material is FRESH, WHOLE, REAL FOODS. We are not talking about the gruesome Cheese Whiz and Cool Whip horrors of Sandra Lee, whose revolting “70% convenience food, 30% fresh ingredients” formula should really be attracting these peoples’ ire.

    RayRay’s cult of personality doesn’t much interest me, even annoys me a bit, but when she’s just cooking straightforward stuff (admittedly better in the early days), I both enjoy and respect it.

  89. Kristina 89

    I think it’s the phenomenon that she got SO big SO fast, has folks like Oprah behind her, etc. There are jsut as many people aroudn that love her as hate her, it’s just more apparent because she is so popular.

    I love the irony of the Rachel-haters spending SO much of their time hating her, the blogs out there, etc. Get a life people!!

    …For a self-proclaimed “non-chef”, she has some great ideas and recipes.

  90. I find her recipes to be easy while some are pretty inventive for the home cook. She has never claimed to be a pro chef or anything more, so I don’t get where people are offended by this. I think it just seems trendy to publicly bash someone and jump on that bandwagon, but I have better things to do than put such effort into hating a tv personality. It started out about the food with her. Whether she is a big product pusher or has 12 different shows (I’m exaggerating) than who cares. Rachael said before she doesn’t care much what the haters say and I applaud her for that. Smart girl!

  91. Jamie 91

    Her canned groans can get to be annoying, but I like her style and I love her cooking. And my boys fell in love with her cooking shows when we were in the states and THEY were inspired by her to cook. I have one cookbook and I find the recipes simple and fun. And good.

    And if I hate any tv cook, it is not her…

  92. Susan 92

    RR taught me to pair thinly sliced apple with a grilled cheese sandwhich, which I have to love her for. When I was a new cook she was informative and easy to watch–humble if you will. At the point that I stopped watching, she was everywhere and loud and moving all the time and speaking in her own language. I don’t hate her; she just gives me a nervous tick now.

  93. Kaitlyn 93

    i absolutely adore Rachel Ray. she’s one of my favorite tv personalities. i love her food, i tried her pita plate dinner thing a few months ago. YUM-O! and plus i like her catch phrases. i use EVOO and YUM-O in everyday conversation. you know who really grates my cheese? Ina Gartner. i can’t STAND that woman. she drives me CRAZY! her and Sandra Lee both drive me nuts. i love RR though. she’s just a lot of fun to watch! and she makes her food so simple, i don’t feel dumb watching her show. she fixes food that the everyday chef at home would/could make in a fast, easy, and affordable manner. i wish they would bring back 40$ a Day, i loved that show. i don’t really like Tasty Travels. that one bores me a little. but overall, i love RR and can’t wait to see whatelse we get from her in the future.

  94. Kait1in 94

    I have to agree. (and she does chop onions all the time)

  95. Uh… I have one of her cookbooks. I have never cooked anything from it. But that is not really meaningful as I don’t cook from any of my cookbooks. I just buy them in ridiculous spasms of desiring to make better food. And then I don’t. Does she have a recipe for Kraft Mac and Cheese? That’s my kind of simple.

  96. Tanya 96

    I used to really like Rachel Ray when she first appeared on Food Network. Then she was EVERYWHERE and I grew tired of her quickly. My little old grandma who is obsessed with the Food Network hates her with a passion though…we don’t dare mention Rachel Ray around her!

    I know a lot of chefs don’t like her because she started the “demise” of the Food Network. I remember TFN back when it started when it was professional chefs showing us how to make really nice dishes at home. No overly fancy sets or cute catch phrases – just cooking and showing us how.

  97. Kari 97

    I’ve never heard RR “convince people that if you don’t do it her way, it’s too hard.”?? or knock recipes that take longer than 30 minutes! Where do you get that? She just offers an option! I agree with one of the other replies, if you don’t like her, why do you know soooo much about her?? I think you enjoy the hating & drama, and that’s really sad. I’m not a big fan (used to be, but she started to bug me) so I just DON’T WATCH!

  98. Kari 98

    See, that’s why there’s a place for everyone… I love Giada and her accent, her food, everything. But then again, I’m fascinated with anything Italian. It’d be a boring world if we all liked the same people/things/food, wouldn’t it??

  99. So who hates her? Nobody I give a flip about. Probably the same people who don’t like Susan Boyle because she isn’t young and blond. I LIKE Rachel Ray and her retro kitchen is very cool. I would love appliances like that. She rawks because she does keep it real! And so do you, stay that way.

  100. ps…another good reason to have turned the TV off. I do not miss it. i have never cooked a recipe by Rachel Ray, when I watched her show I admired the kitchen like I said. I hardly ever use anybody’s recipes. I have however made some of yours and they have all been fantastic.
    Can I come over and eat?

  101. Kirstin 101

    Love her because she makes food that I would actually make. I love Martha too, but I don’t have all weekend or a staff to whip up some of those meals.

  102. Paula 102

    I like R.R. She’s a self-made success, and her show was the first one where the host wasn’t a trained chef. Her cooking style encouraged many first time cooks to get in the kitchen and give cooking a try. I like her garbage bowl idea a lot, and have adopted that strategy myself. If folks don’t like her, they can turn the channel.

  103. Elizabeth M. 103

    Here’s a shout out for Rachel…you’re great! She’s a successful young lady who does a great job. She’s accomplished a lot and I give her many props for that. Might I also note that it’s nice that she keeps her personal drama out of the spotlight. It’s nice to not have to hear about her partying and tramping it up around the big cities like so many others that people seem to be obsessed with. On another note, my Grandma tells me she isn’t a fan of R.R. because she doesn’t thoroughly wash her hands enough…ha ha, oh G-ma!

  104. I enjoy her recipes and have two of her cook books. However, having just said that, I find her delivery a tad annoying. But I don’t hate her.

    I think, as with lots of things, even out here in Bloggywood, there is a lot of hatred and general disdain for people who rise up quickly and achieve success. I think it’s the same with Rachel Ray. The successful and popular among us will almost always find themselves the targets of jealousy and envy and sometimes it masquerades itself under the guise of hatred.

  105. Sarah Lynn 105

    Rachael Ray is motivated. And her (self- titled) magazine is actually interesting, easy on the eyes, and fun to read. I watched one of those biography shows on her, and it seems like she really did work hard to pursue her passion.

    Bottom line? There is already enough “hate” in the world, people. Grow up and worry about YOURSELF. Not Rachael Ray or the person who commented above you.

    Peace on earth, and happy cooking ; )

  106. Liz C. 106

    I just recently subscribed to her magazine and love it! It’s not all about food. It’s about everything and RR is as real as it gets. She doesn’t put on airs & she’s never ugly to anyone. However, there are lots of people in this world that can’t stand to see others as happy as Rachel always seems to be. Perhaps that is their big *beef* with her.

    That said, she may not have complicated gourmet recipes but she offers us foods cooked the way we eat them on a daily basis. Food critics can go right ahead & criticize RR but she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    Honestly, how many of us have a divine, complicated dinner every night? Normally, we eat rather plainly and save the gourmet dinners for when we have friends over. Rachel Ray seems to fill the gap that lies between special dinners and everyday dinners and seems to be the only one that has truly attempted to do so.

    However, people can rant about her all they like. It doesn’t bother Rachel and it doesn’t bother me…

  107. Betty 107

    You know Cathy, I don’t fully understand “HATE”, I have had people hurt my feelings big time & I may hate the thing they have done but not to hate the person. Rachel Ray is Rachel Ray,if she appears on your TV, Radio,either turn the channel or turn off the TV or Radio. They both have on/off switches.I don’t watch her constantly but occasionally. She is bouncy,cutesy,& she’s Italian. Have you ever seen a true Italian that couldn’t talk constantly & use their hands to boot? Of course not, that’s her appeal or turnoff to most people. Like I said before use the on/off switch on the Radio or TV.Don’t buy her cookbooks or her magazines. Just walk away, Hate is a wasted emotion. “I” like her, I couldn’t take a steady diet of her, but I like her.Get rid of the hate & we solve the world’s problems.
    Blessings to you Cathy,

  108. I do like RR, and I do think that many of her recipes come out very well. I will say that her overly chipper attitude can sometimes get to me, and feels faked a lot of the time.

    That being said, I went to a taping of her talk show, and my opinion totally changed. She was exactly the same person off screen as she was on. In person she just comes off as a bit sarcastic and dry. I guess it translates different on the tv. She was also the utmost professional, and never needed a retake. I was totally impressed!

  109. Candice 109

    I think she’s brilliant, but as a vegetarian I’m unable to make most of her recipes. 30 minute dinners, hellooo thats exactly what we want right? I think it’s funny when she says “E-V-O-O”. My sister thinks she is annoying. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

    Oh and also she has really cute cookware.

  110. ntsc 110

    I enjoyed the show where she tried to eat for the day on $40.

    The cooking show is simply too simple to hold my interest, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t of interest to many. If she can get people to eat better, and she does try, more power to her.

    I reserve my venom for the NY Attorney General’s girlfriend. Now there is some worthy of Tony’s trash.

  111. pysmatic 111

    Don’t love her. Don’t really hate her.
    She’s just annoying. Why?
    It’s just her accent! It grates on me! I can’t help it. I still watch her show once in a blue moon (with a toddler, I don’t have much time for tv lately).
    Also, you don’t need that apostrophe up there.

  112. Mrs. L 112

    I’m not a fan, but it’s not any of the reasons you stated…I’m just not. I am a fan of Aunt Sandie (Sandra Lee). Go figure.

  113. Doris 113

    I think one of the reasons people dislike Rachel Ray is that she is *relentlessly* perky.

    I like her and have made some of her meals, but there are times when I would appreciate it if she would just cheer down, for pete’s sake.

  114. Brian 114

    Way to spark a debate Cathy. Your next post should ask; “who’s better Democrats or Republicans?” :)
    I personally have no ill will for Rachel. I would agree that she is overexposed. It’s like hearing a song on the radio that you like. You hear it once or twice and it sounds good. You might buy the CD or download the song. Then the radio station plays it over and over again every 20 minutes for weeks on end. After a while you are not only sick of the same song, but you many not want to hear anything from the same artist ever again. Unfortunately, I think Rachel Ray is a victim of her own success.

  115. alana 115

    I didn’t read through all the comments, but my problem with Rachel Ray is her ingredients. I think she tends to use far too many, especially ones I don’t keep in the house. I didn’t really notice this till I started planning out my dinners. When making my shopping list, I noticed one meal would call for at least ten ingredients. I just find that silly. Plus, most meals took far longer then 30 minutes. (I feel bad for admitting this, but her voice also bothers me.)

    That being said, I don’t let any of that stop me from trying her recipes completely. Her peasant pasta is one of our family favorites and I think some of her dessert shortcuts are nice when I don’t feel like baking. I guess you can say overall I’m indifferent towards her. If something looks good I’ll try it, but I’m not a die hard fan. I also noticed I don’t trust her recipes. With some cooking shows I just know that things will be delicious (for me that’s Ina Garten or Sam the cooking guy), but with Rachel Ray I tend to be more cautious.

    I also don’t like the magazine. I got a two year subscription a year ago (damn those door to door sales people) and I noticed I only want to make maybe one recipe per issue. I get more ideas from the free Kraft magazine that comes out a few times a year then hers. lol

  116. RobinSue 116

    Ray Ray is probably the hardest working American out there. Most hate her because they are jealous of her success. Some wish it were them on the other side of that camera. I use the same tricks she does to get dinner on the table for my family but she is way better at it and has helped many others get dinner on the table. She is hard to watch sometimes because of her over bubbliness. But that is just me and I ususally can’t be around over bubbly people in real life, it wears me out, but I don’t hate over bubbly people. She has branded herself well, works more hours than anyone I know and seems to love what she does. She has accomplished the American dream, something we are all striving to achieve! Great Post that really is not only about RR but how people view other’s success.

  117. Carolyn 117

    Love her. My husband and I have made several of her recipes and found them very good – plus quick and easy.

  118. Anna 118

    I actually like Rachel Ray alot. As a college student who isn’t looking to become any sort of culinary genius, her recipes are easy to follow and fast to make. I don’t really mind her crazy recipe names or her relentless perkiness as long as I get some good food in my stomach. :D Her recipes are pretty creative too, so it’s not too boring to cook.

  119. LilSis 119

    I love her! Sheeezzz! I don’t know why people hate on her either! I actually despise the ‘hate’ word.

    I own several of her cookbooks and have given some to my step daughters, as well. She’s worked hard to make a name for herself and hasn’t had everything handed to her on a silver platter.

    Occasionally, I’ll leave the t.v. on after GMA and catch some of her show. She’s bright, happy, funny, and has some good tips and good guests.

    So, what’s to hate?

  120. Sharon 120


  121. Sharon 121

    I agree with Jess, you hit the nail on the head! I cannot stand RR. She makes me want to pull out my eyes and my ears.

  122. Sarah 122

    I love Rachel Ray!! I love her simple food, and so what if she uses some pre-made things? So does Sandra Lee!! I’ve made a lot of her recipes and really loved them all. They are tasty and full of flavor and generally easy to prepare. I think she is great.

  123. Linda 123

    I completely agree. These are the reasons I don’t like her:
    annoying accent
    stupid names for everyday items

    I couldn’t care less if she chops her own onions or not. That annoying accent makes me change the channel EVERY time!!

  124. JES 124

    Have to say I am tired of her, she sounds tired herself.

  125. I like her. She reminds me of my mom. That is all.

  126. Debbie 126

    I like Rachel Ray. I think she is very pleasant and has great ideas. I’ve watched her on the food network many times and the only thing I can think of that may make people dislike her is that she is always happy. Hey, I wish I was always happy! There are a good many people out there that like to see other people miserable and I guess she annoys them. Who knows….can’t figure out people that’s for sure.

  127. I like Rachael Ray. I think she is a workaholic and loud, yes. But I think she is very real. You have to learn how to cook a meal in under 30 minutes. You don’t just walk into a kitchen and automatically know how- she is TEACHING that skill to the audience. I liked her even more after seeing her biography. She is so gutsy!

  128. Lynda 128

    I’ve only seen her on her afternoon show every so often. I don’t understand the hate towards her, as trying to teach people to cook is a good thing, isn’t it? Working families with children need some quick ideas for meal time.Life is too short to hate her because of her imperfections. None of us is perfect!

  129. Grace 129

    Don’t hate her … don’t watch her anymore. Too simple, too silly, (gag! @ EVOO). As a cook, I am far beyond her recipes.

  130. Flea 130

    People hate Rachael? I haven’t seen her in years (got rid of cable), but she’s adorable! I LOVE that she’s the anti-Martha!

  131. Chuck 131

    I really don’t know about others but I think that Rach is great. My wife and I watch many of her TV shows and enjoy each one. We have made any number of her recipies and each one has been excellent. She is one person that i would enjoy meeting.

  132. I’ve made a few of her recipes over the years and most were good. I’d say I don’t feel strongly about her one way or the other. I don’t watch her show because I do find it to be a little loud and annoying. Strong personalities always bring out reactions in people.

  133. Stephanie 133

    I, like some others, lost interest in RR due to her overexposure. I don’t bash her, or hate her, but I don’t watch her shows, either. I do peruse her magazine, and still find some good recipes and tips. For the most part though, I think my tastes have evolved too – I NEVER used to watch Barefoot Contessa but now, she’s my favorite on Food Network. I’m not sure why people feel it’s necessary to bash others for their success – maybe jealousy/envy?!

  134. Cyndi J 134

    I love Rachael! I haven’t made her recipes, but use some of her ideas as springboards. I don’t cook from a can or use frozen foods, but I love to cook. Most Americans just want to get dinner on the table, and hey, if it’s not from a fast food joint, all the better.

    The recent controversy over celebrity chefs and the Food Network is snobbery, in my opinion. If they get people to start cooking (small steps even), I think that’s the right step. Americans have gotten lazy in their food choices, and Rachael brings fun and nutrition back to the kitchen. Many may be jealous because she is successful at something that we all should have done!

  135. Cyndi J 135

    Rachael Ray is likeable. She is successful at something that many of us wish we would have done!

    I don’t cook from recipes, but I use her ideas as springboards. I also try to not cook from boxes, cans, or bags, but I love to cook. I know most Americans just want dinner on the table. Rachael makes it easier (AND HEALTHIER) than drive through, which should be our goal in this obese country.

    Good for her for making her dreams come true while inspiring others.

  136. Tara 136

    I like her personality. Its a little much sometimes… but whos isnt? Mainly though, she just reuses the same collection of “recipes” in a new form. I dont need 2000+ ways to make a burger. Or pasta. Or chicken. Really now. ANd must she put grill seasoning in everything????

  137. Kate 137

    Don’t love her, nor do I hate her. I prefer her magazine to hearing her voice but that’s just a personal preference. I think she’s fun and has her own style. A little overexposed perhaps and her recipes aren’t my favorites but I haven’t a think against her really.

  138. Laura 138

    Yeah I don’t get the hatred thing. I can see how she might be annoying, but that isn’t worthy of the way people villify her. I think she’s fantastic. I’m not always in the mood to watch her show(s), but she got me to become much more inspired in the kitchen, and now I like to think I’m a really good cook. I’ve evolved but I still turn to her recipes again and again. I think she is likeable, approachable, relatable, and like you said, she cooks like real people do. More power to her for her great success. She deserves it.

  139. Neither. But I like her. And I sure can appreciate more real versus less. The polished and elite turn me off. There’s someone for everyone and an audience for everyone, too, I daresay.

  140. Bunny 140

    My reason for not watching anymore (hopefully it’s changed) is that when she first came out on Food Network the meats that she used just weren’t anything that I could afford to feed a family. The meals looked great if you were single and had money to blow, not so for this family. I just stopped watching her.

  141. Lalala 141

    I don’t hate her, but if I were to ever watch her show I’d probably come close, just because I hate fakey made-for-tv perkiness. And I tend to avoid any celebrity who seems to be all over the place. I haven’t come across any of her recipes, but I wouldn’t be adverse to trying them if they looked good. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that she aims to make (apparently not so) quick meals. She’s found her niche, and many people do need to make something to eat fast at least some of the time. Even Bourdain now says that Rachel Ray has done good in that she’s gotten people into the kitchen.

  142. Lalala 142

    Accidently hit Submit too early…

    I think it’s really insulting to suggest that anyone who dislikes Rachel Ray, no matter how irrationally intense that dislike is, does so because we women are catty like that. No one can be liked by everyone. People might dislike her perkiness, her laugh, her corny use of nicknames, her recipes, her food “philosophy,” her overexposure, whatever…those are all perfectly fine reasons not to be a fan. Don’t just poo-poo away anyone who disagrees with you by implying that they’re just jealous and women-hating. It kind of makes your request for explanations seem insincere.

  143. Kela 143

    I have no problem with her as a person but I have yet to find a recipe of hers that yields good results. A friend of mine and I used to watch her show all the time so we each got several of her cook books. After making close to 50 different recipes from 5 different books we gave up with out finding a single good one. I continually try new recipes from tons of sources (your blog included but I am done with Rachel Ray. I’ll stick with Alton Brown and America’s test kitchen for most of my recipes.

  144. Noble Pig 144

    If you reread what I said you will see you are misquoting me.  What I said was, “I’m not saying that is necessarily happening with her, but might be.”

    Please don’t misquote me.

  145. dawn 145

    Why must you bash a successful woman like this…women need to stop bashing each other for their success. It’s crazy.

  146. I like Rachel Ray. I even used to watch her $40 a day once upon a time. She is certainly entertaining. I haven’t watched any of her shows in a while though.

  147. I don’t really care for her voice (and I think that’s why people don’t like her so much), but I think she’s brilliant. She’s obviously made some really great decisions and has a ton of talent. I’m sure if I met her in person, I’d love her. She actually seems like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with :)

  148. Stinkypaw 148

    I like her quick and easy recipes, even if I’ve never done one yet. She seems nice and simple, and often wondered as well why so many disliked her.

  149. Julie 149

    Wow, you’ve really touched a nerve…looks at all these comments! I think it’s great that an “untrained” cook is showing us meals that are easy to prepare, because after all, aren’t most of us untrained? She certainly doesn’t try to keep it a secret. She can get on ones nerves from time to time with what she names her dishes, and what-not, but big deal.

  150. Memoria 150

    Hate is a strong word. I do DISLIKE watching her shows and her annoying mannerisms greatly. Everyone has their preferences. Some people like one person while another person doesn’t. That’s just the way it goes. I don’t like her because her persona naturally has annoyed me since the first time I ever watched her show (before she became more successful). However, I can tolerate most of the other cooks on Food Network. I also don’t like Bobby Flay because he seems to act like a stuck-up snob. To each her/his own. I’m sure there are people you don’t like and that others probably do like. I don’t know these food network stars personally, of course, so I could totally be misjudging them. However, Rachel’s mannerisms and voice just really annoy me along with the kitchen in which she (used to) work(ed). I don’t know if she works in the same kitchen since I don’t watch her shows; it was the orangish-looking one. It matched her personality very well – loud and obnoxious.

  151. Memoria 151

    Also, if it were envy preventing people to like RR, then they wouldn’t like any person on television or any successful person. Envy could not be the (sole) reason.

  152. Kinton 152


    Who cares. If it gets people to cook and not visit McDonalds or Arby’s then I’m happy.

    Keep the big picture in mind, people!

  153. Jenny 153

    I’m from Sweden and we are a very food-loving people :) so we have all the foriegn cooks and chefs over here. I love Rach but there is one thing with her show that I HATE and that ppl here in Sweden hate too: she is so self-centered that she interrups all her guests. Or she asks a question and do not let the guest answer but tells a story from her own life. That is annying as h*ll. Her food is yummy though. Also the EVOO and “get all the kids in the pool” but all the chefs do that. Like Jamie Oliver always said “go on my son” when he but things in the skillet back in the days, so that’s ok! :)

  154. Fencepost 154

    Personally, I love Rachel Ray. And I don’t understand all the bashing either.

  155. Suzette 155

    I don’t hate RR. She just annoys the hell out of me. (So does Emeril…and Paula Deen is getting there.) Anybody who has a “schtick” and uses it to excess gets on my last nerve. (“Bam!” anybody?)I think she’s coarse and unpolished. And the EVOO and GB and similar cutesy-poo nicknames are just tired and overdone. Her recipes are sometimes intriguing, if not a bit on the simple side. I choose to watch more intellectual cooks – such as Ina Garten. Rachel doesn’t need me. She’s got tons of fans who think she’s terrific. And I think that’s great.

  156. Alisa 156

    I can’t hater her, she taught my daughter to love to cook and not be scared to try different things. I’m by far no professional, or gourmet though.
    People are people, life is too short to hate others.

  157. Amy 157

    I feel really embarrassed right now. l was initially drawn to RR for all of the things she has done to make herself successful! I liked watching her show, I enjoyed her quirks and I would occasionally try a recipe! At some point, a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to a hater-blog that you’ve all been talking about, and I devoured it. I read comments about people who had been behind the scenes of $40 a Day episodes where she was rude and dismissive, or how in-between takes she would light up a cigarette and smoke anywhere she wanted. Here’s the part where I’m embarrassed: I instantly wrote her off. All it took was one person say, “Oh that Rachel Ray…” and I followed along like a sheep! It was infectious and poisonous and I have spent years choosing only to look for the negative in her. I am seriously convicted today, and this has been a lesson for me. Rachel has done an amazing job of “branding” herself, which yes, can be total overload in a time where we are trying to be more simple and frugal…but if she has taught me anything, I will spend more time looking for reasons to celebrate, both her success and my own.

  158. Kaete 158

    I don’t hate Rachel Ray as a person, but I do not enjoy her show in the slightest. Makes matters worse that food network is our favorite channel to watch, and yet her show is always on when we want to relax and eat dinner.

    I wouldn’t dislike Ray herself so much if it wasn’t for her copycats.

    I’m not a huge fan of the direction that the network itself has taken since her show became popular. They’re slowly crowding out chefs who make amazing food that is beautiful to even look at for a host of bad Rachel Ray imitators – noisy over-friendly personalities with aggressively pedestrian food.

    Look, throwing pumpkin pie you bought in a glass and throwing whipped cream on top of it does not make it into a new dish. It just doesn’t. There’s no reason that should be on TV. (that was not Rachel, by the way – it was the “I’m a mom! Here’s my kid’s drawings on the fridge!” lady.)

    Mind you, I shudder when Rachel slathers BBQ sauce over grilled corn, and her plating is *literally* the worst I’ve ever seen, but at least she’s more original than the formulated copycats food network made in her image.

  159. elizabethk 159

    OOOkay, now what you really need to find out – is what people think of Ty Pennington (of Extreme Makeover) – LOL!
    Talk about excessive energy! — But I love that these fiery types have learned to channel their energies for good, and are paid well too! Wish I had such an innovative spirit!

  160. vada 160

    Tell me what FATSO in the kitchen trying to plate up something half as good…wouldn’t trade places with Rachel Ray in a New York second…be honest…

  161. GermanCityGirl 161

    I started to read the comments + then gave up about 1/3 of the way through. There seems to be a lot of vitriol for RR and apologies to those preceding me, I started to zone.

    I’ve only seen her a few times. Waiting for my car to be finished or to be shown to an exam room, her programme seems like the kind of innocuous show that people enjoy. If she cobbled together a recipe that sounded good, I’d try it out. I would not dismiss her cooking just because she says E.V.O.O. and the subsequent explanation every single time. Although in the couple of shows that I saw, it might be tempting…

    Lastly placing her name (or anyone else’s) on an item wouldn’t lend it more or less credence for me. People know Dunkin’ Donuts ain’t health food. If she wants to make her bucks that way, let her. It’s her decision and no one has to eat there.

  162. I saw a Chefography program about her. She is actually quite a driven person. I have one of her books and I actually like a lot of the recipes in there. I don’t watch her shows very often but I don’t mind them. She is spunky and seems to have a great attitude on her cooking show.

    I wonder if we would like to be scrutinized like this if we were famous?

  163. I don’t hate or love her. I even have one of her books.

  164. Jessica 164

    Ha you got it all right in this one! Lol, and the vocal stuff, yeah. Gosh, I only watched her once and she annoyed me with the EVOO…my boyfriend had to explain it to me, ’cause she didn’t. Made me feel stupid.

  165. Shan 165

    Hate her? No. That would be weird. I think maybe I am tired of her. She is like Emiril Lagasse and Paula Dean. To much media exposure. Loved all three, but when their faces were EVERYWHERE hawking hams, cookware, spices… and folksy catch phrases started to creep into the lingo well – they have ended up one step North of the ShamWow guy on the intolerable totem pole.

    Cooking her stuff? Yup, will and do. It would be like saying “I am not cooking Alice Waters’ goodies because she is a pretentious bore who insists on ramming a perfectly cooked organic egg down the proletariat’s collective gullet”.

    But you know what? I might refuse to feed the beast by buying their stuff. Why encourage them?

  166. Styacza 166

    I don’t care greatly for Rachael’s personality, as I find her mile-a-minute speech and ridiculous nick names for everything pretty annoying, but I love most of her recipes that I’ve tried. Only one Rachael Ray recipe I tried turned out as a total flop, and it was only because I didn’t realize how much I dislike smoked cheese. Even if her recipes can’t be made in exactly 30 minutes, I appreciate their simplicity and yumminess, perfect for weeknight meals with the fam. When I want to host a dinner party or when the in-laws are in town for a holiday, I turn to Martha, Nigella, someone a bit fancier. When it’s a tuesday night and I have to hurry up in order to watch Law and Order, then it’s Rachael all the way!

  167. Cesar 167

    I love her. She’s funny, spunky, real and she knows how to cook like most people eat – fast, mostly fresh, and with an eye for cost effectiveness and time savings.
    Another great thing about her is that her attitude is infectious most of the time. My now 8-year-old niece got interested in cooking 4 years ago (4!) because of Rachel Ray and now we get together regularly to prepare meals for the family. We’re even planning a meal to serve during the week of my brother’s wedding. It’s because of Rachel’s enthusiasm and likable qualities that we even started cooking together.
    For those who don’t like Rachel, change the channel and move along. But before you do, ask yourself why it is that you don’t like her?

  168. Tracy 168

    Men bash each other too. In fact, they are just as bad. I think it is human nature to bash the most successful, there’s got to be a reason for the saying “its lonely at the top”.

  169. Tracy 169

    I love Giada too. I find her much more watchable than RR.

  170. Tracy 170

    Many people have made comments that fit along with what my intuition is telling me, ‘familiarity breads contempt’. A formula has been developed that so many have followed: a TV show, books, a magazine, and a product line. It gets to be too much.

  171. Tami Lyn 171

    I’m a Rachael (yes there is an extra ‘a’ in her spelling)groupie. Not in a stalking kind of way. She is the first to admit she isn’t a chef. She laughs when she makes mistakes. She is a regular person who loves food and wants to show others not to be intimidated by it. Can her meals be made in 30 minutes? I think a lot of it depends on how much prep you have done (she always preaches the clean veggies and store rule), if you have an organized kitchen-she has all her stuff laid out for her, how fast you chop, and how high of an output your stove has. I have a little ‘ole four burner on propane in the country, so it takes longer for my water to boil than her 12000 BTU 6 burner unit does. She is humble about all the riches and good fortunes that have been bestowed upon her and I respect that she shares a lot of her wealth with charities she has started and supports. She has worked hard to become the dynamo she is and I can’t imagine having that many things on the fire at one time. I use her cookware, her cookbooks and her magazine. I would love to be her BFF. So all you haters, back off. She was a blue collar girl who got lucky and gets to do what she loves-maybe that is why you hate her, because you can’t be her.

  172. Tami Lyn 172

    Umm, I have never seen her use a pre-chopped onion in my life. You must be thinking of Sandra Lee. And she endorsed the Dunkin Donuts because she does drink their COFFEE and they donated to her charity-she isn’t getting paid for it.

  173. Steph 173

    I don’t dislike Rachael, but I find her a little annoying because she seems kind of fake. She exaggerates her personality and even voice that it makes it hard to believe her sometimes. I liked her better in her earlier shows when her yelling was toned down a bit. I know with TV, she’s probably pressured to sell herself, but it gets to the point where I can’t watch her shows anymore.

    I actually like watching her throw in cans of stuff together.. just like I love watching Paula smother butter on everything.

  174. Cheryl 174

    I gots no beef with her whatsoever. Think she really HAS the big personality that may grate on some..if it’s who she is, God bless her, and I think it just may be. There are FAR bigger issues to be made with some TV “personalities”…I’m just sayin’…if we’re picking battles, Rachael is LOW on my list.

    Was giggling today as I brought up Bear Grylls (purrrrr….) to a co-worker. He became a bit irked (kindly, tho) declared him a “poseur.” And to this guy, he probably is.

    Suppose to those whose personal palates (or personalities) are offended by RR’s ease, she’s annoying. TO come full circle, I gots no beef.

  175. I adore Rachel Ray. When I first started watching her I couldn’t tell you why I was fascinated by her. I couldn’t tell if I liked or disliked her. Now I just adore her, I think she’s human and sweet and kind. I love that she doesn’t ‘claim’ to be omnipotent about cooking, that she learns as she goes. So those people that pooh pooh her … need to go watch a trainwreck somewhere else and get over it!

  176. Sara 176

    I’m neutral when it comes to Rachael Ray. I don’t seek out her recipes or watch her shows, but I don’t instantly turn off the tv when she comes on either.

  177. Biz 177

    I love Rachael Ray – she uses simple ingredients in different ways – did you see her reuben mac n cheese show for goodness sakes?? She used rye bread crumbs – I never would have thought of that!

    I read her newsletter and love all the different burger recipes she comes up with.

    Do I make a lot of her dishes? Not really, but that doesn’t prevent me from reading her magazine cover to cover – turns out I am a magazine whore!

  178. CJ :) 178

    I can’t deal with the kidspeak…to me, she needs to use correct English.

    If I thought she had anything to say I wanted to hear I would probably put up with the speech patterns, but she doesn’t so I don’t. I also don’t like Oprah, but in her case I have a problem with the promotion of Suzanne Somers’ vaginal hormone injections.

  179. Melissa 179

    “If she can inspire that behavior, well, I think it’s a beautiful thing.”


    “If you saw a recipe you thought looked good but found out it originated from her, would you really not make it?”

    I thought about doing a Rachael Ray series of posts on my blog just to prove that point. Her food is not bad dammit!

    I admit I don’t watch her, I have only read and made recipes. I realize she can be grating though, I do. And by all accounts in person, she’s not particularly nice. But that’s no reason to insult her food or what she has done for so many cooks.

  180. Melynda 180

    I had no idea all this was out there. Unfortunate also, because it just shows that we (collectively as human beings) have to find something about someone. WHY?

    Apparently her recipes take more than the advertised 30 minutes, I would think that is about right for every recipe that states it is a 30 minute recipe; not just hers. She is animated on the show, I would think she is just animated period. She just happens to have her own show and therefore is in the spot light to be criticized. She gives everything a cute name and over gestures with her hands? Go back and read the sentence about being animated.

    I have several of her books and have made a few things. Really folks, she just cooks and is making a (really good) living. Hey wait, everyone cooks and is making a living! Would you want someone talking about you and treating everything you do with such scrutiny? Probably not.

    Please can’t we just be happy for someone’s success without then tearing them down. Come on America be nice. Please.

  181. Anna 181

    I don’t love or hate her. I will watch her cooking show from time to time, but I don’t watch many of those anyway because they make me want to eat! I cannot watch her talk show because she is annoying and awkward on it.

  182. I like Rachel Ray. I have a bunch of her cook books. I do agree with some that you really couldn’t make those meals in 30 minutes or less. BUT, I think she is funny, she’s never claimed so was professionally taught, I like her family stories, and I like $40.00 a day. When my daughter was little (like 3/4) if I was watching her show, my daughter would say to the TV screen, Hi Rachel! I’ve watched her ever since.

    Although, I don’t watch the daytime show, that’s too much!

  183. Natalie 183

    You know what? We live in a country that embraces the free market, and the ability of one to use whatever fame or notoriety they have to endorse products or companies for a paycheck. This, in and of itself must be what you have a problem with, not Rachael Ray. She is not personally forcing children nationwide to eat doughnuts. This IS NOT her problem. Do you even understand the concept of personal responsibility? Or parental responsibility? What makes you think that the fact that “half of Americans don’t have necks” is Rachael Ray’s fault?

    There is really no such thing as ethics when you’re a celebrity, dear. She likes their coffee, she’s said it a million times, even BEFORE she started schilling for them. And can you really say that if you were in her position you would turn down any lucrative advertising opportunity? This is the United States of America- redistribution of wealth happens on a much smaller scale, and the rich can and will continue to get richer because they EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO. So what if she “doesn’t need any more money”- that doesn’t make it wrong for her to endorse Dunkin Doughnuts, nor does it make her responsible for the obesity epidemic in America, NOR DOES IT MAKE HER AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING- it makes her just that: HUMAN.

    So- yes you have every right to dislike her, but whilst looking down on all of us from your Ivory Tower, please remember that you, also, are human and humans are not perfect, dear. Your judgmental attitude is quite frankly, repulsive.

  184. Other than what I read on blogs (which tends towards the negative), I don’t know much, if anything, about Rachael Ray, as she hasn’t made it to this side of the Atlantic yet. But would I want to watch her shows if I could? To judge by the comments here, perhaps not, except maybe out of curiosity and so that I could make my own mind up. After that, well, if I don’t like what I see, well then I don’t have to watch, which is really the wisest course of action in these cases…

  185. Kristin 185

    Aggghhh! Don’t get me started on Ina’s fake laugh!

  186. Kristin 186

    How abot a trash can & compost bin instead of a garbage bowl? I can’t stand watching her throw so much good compost away.

  187. Anna 187

    I couldn’t agree more! I don’t get it at all! She’s encouraging people to cook (relatively) healthy meals for their families, to spend more time with their families, and she does a ton of charity work! If you don’t like her recipes, or her show, or her magazine, don’t cook/watch/read. It’s mind boggling why anyone would want to tear her apart.

  188. melissa 188

    My daughter wants to be Rachel Ray when she grows up. We like her even though we don’t always like what she’s cooking. She’s fun and she seems real. I don’t know why people slam her. Maybe they are jelous.

  189. Emily H 189

    Ohmyword. I can’t believe the number of comments to your post, Kathy. So many haters out there. And really, hating Rachel Ray?!?!? She’s just a gal, like any of us gals. It’s all too much, really.

  190. southern girl 190

    I say the same thing about why I don’t watch her show. She’s just too perky and its exhausting to watch! I’m not averse to using one of her recipes I just don’t care to watch one of her shows. Also, most of them can NOT be made in 30 minutes.

    As to the East Coast personality? LOL!!!
    Actually that’s a northern trait and not the entire East Coast; it’s a common trait found above the Mason Dixon line. Thanks for the chuckle.

    East Coast Girl
    (from below Mason Dixon Line)

  191. Kayola 191

    I have said it before….I am amazed at the amount of comments you get….CRAZY! Hate is such a strong word….I can’t believe how strongly people feel….I actually admire her spunk and she does make normal food and she has made a ton of $$$ by doing what she knows how…I wish I had her get up and go…..and your comments…LOL

  192. Leilah 192

    I watch the show. I used to get the magazine. I’ve made several of her recipes from the mag and they were not that good. Over the course of my 1 year subscription, the magazine became less and less about recipes and more and more about useless crap. I liked her more before the endless acronyms and silly catchphrases. but, I’ll still watch her :)

  193. Ahhhh, the mystery of Rachael. Honestly, I’ve tried to give her a chance. But for me, the cutesie-wootsie factor turns me off. Her personality grates on me. The whole sammie, EVOO, yummo thing is too much for me.

    BUT I am the first to give the woman her props. She makes cooking feel accesible and that is huge. She’s built an empire and is a creative cook, so she’s got the goods. I don’t hate on Rach.

  194. Sam 194

    I like both RR AND Martha.

  195. rustic cook 195

    Rachel Ray: nails on chalkboard. Does she deserve respect. Hell yeah. Her 30 minute meals are the real deal. She’d been doing that schtick for well before the TV thing came along. She’s energetic, saavy, has a ton of fun. But she’s like that aunt that you can only see at Christmas because you can only take her talking in small doses – that bloody chippy, chirpy voice just grates on me. She could be telling me I’ve just won the lottery and I’d still cringe. Now take that voice, give it three TV shows, countless commercials, guest spots on other shows, and now the reminder of the voice at every supermarket checkout with her mag – that’s why she drives me nuts.

  196. Natty 196

    I’ll admit it– I can’t stand her. I have three reasons:

    1.) The ingredients she uses are often cheap and not nutritious at all.
    2.) The lack of health does not equal deliciousness. I’ve made a few of her recipes and both my husband and I were grossed out.
    3.) She cooks without care and with a focus on speed. Everything is sloppy and rushed, as if to say “Here, I slapped this together, now cram it in your pie-hole.”

    What’s the point of cooking if it’s doesn’t taste good, doesn’t look good, and doesn’t indulge in the fun of really cooking?

    I don’t hate her, I’m sure she’s a fine person in real life, but her show and recipes leaves me nauseated.

  197. Natty 197

    How To Boil Water was a great show, sniff.

  198. i personally think it’s a personality thing – she’s rubs me the wrong way. couple that w/ her dumbing down of food and bringing absolutely no food culture into her show . she’s also too much – too loud, too fake and her food is just always too much (like applebees portions). i don’t know, she just isn’t my cup of tea. i couldn’t STAND her when she was everywhere, but now that i don’t have to see her everywhere, i don’t hate her as much. ok, hate is a strong word.

  199. Sam 199

    Cheap? I think she uses alot of expensive ingredients. She uses alot of veggies which is a good thing. Believe me I’ve been grossed out by a few of her dishes though.

  200. Natty 200

    Cheap as in not quality stuff. I remember reading a recipe of hers that called for Steak-Ums. Is it really that much harder to use the real deal? Ick.

  201. Sam 201

    Steak Ums? No way. Maybe that was Aunt Sandy. Rach uses real ingredients. Never would use a canned cream soup either. One of her problems is her portion size and her excessive use of cheese. I guess that’s two. LOL

  202. Natty 202

    No, I swears! For reals! It was in her magazine (which I actually kind of a little bit liked) that I found in a seatback on a plane. Girl scout pinkie swear!

  203. I love RR! No bashing from me!

  204. Evelyn 204

    I do not feel that it is right to say that people from the East Coast are necessarily rude–being from NYC, I can say that we definitely are a lot more upfront with our feelings, but I personally don’t find it to be rude. I would much rather have someone tell me how it is, than to beat around the bush and sugarcoat something as if I were still a child. As for being loud–we’re constantly surrounded by hustle and bustle that it’s physically been proven our hearing is not as keen as someone else who may be from a quieter environment; we don’t realize how loud we actually are.

    Regarding RR being popular–aren’t we all feeding into her celebrity status by having a discussion about it? Bad or good publicity is still publicity.

  205. PIPER28gi 205

    Did you take an assistance of a custom writing service for your good enough article? I guess that you have got unique essay papers writing ability. Thanks for your release!

  206. rt 206

    It’s not that Rachel Ray is being bashed for no reason. She unfortunately sold out just like all of the other celebrity chefs and has her line of cookware made in China. Come on people can’t we just try and support made in the USA….


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