For the Ho-se

I had some witty lines, snarky comments and hilarity all wrapped up in this post.  Then I accidentally deleted the whole thing.  I seriously had a heart attack.

I started over from scratch but I no longer have it in me to be funny, happy or excited.  I’m tired and annoyed.  So here it is…

The Potato Ho Down Roundup…in all it’s bare-bones glory….grrrrrrrrrr….

Are you seeing the crunchy edges?  Potato Ho LouLou (Elra’s Cooking) from California sent over this amazing Pomme Anna.  Isn’t it beautiful?

The bacon, OMG the bacon.  Sloopy Ann (The Other Side of Fifty) from Buckeye, Indiana sent over Bacon, Leek and Potato Soup.  I would eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  It sounds like an amazing combination.

I love rustic looking dishes.  Girly Girly Marie (Spinach Tiger) sent over Dijon Garlic Roasted Potatoes, made with Dijon mustard, garlic, thyme, olive oil and panko breadcrumbs. 

The Sporadic Cook, Prince Lynette, has made an amazing, amazing Potato-Crusted Quiche with Smoked Cheddar and Canadian Bacon.  This is some serious potato grub.  I love it.

Spicy Potato Samosas with Raita Dipping Sauce came to us by way of Peewee Ann (Life’s a Feast) all the way from France.  These look so light and airy.  I’m sure I could eat a hundred.  “A Spicy Bollywood-inspired potato Samosa served with a creamy, cool, tangy Raita dipping sauce (and made to celebrate my son’s acceptance to Architecture School).”  Congratulations!

Here is a beautiful entry from Potato Ho Popcorn Jeanne (The Cooking Photographer) from Moscow, Idaho.  A Grilled Potato, Asparagus & Lemony Goat Cheese Pizza.  “Purple potatoes on pizza guarantees you get both color and double starches in your diet.”  I’m in!

Five Star Foodie has graced us with Fleur De Sel Roasted Potatoes with Truffled Aioli.  She made these as part of her daughter’s “all things French” birthday party.  It was quite the food celebration.  Madame Kartoshka says, “These French-inspired roasted baby potatoes are seasoned with the delicate Fleur De Sel and served with truffled aioli.”  Yes, they are.

Potato Ho Frosty Gay (Big Sis Lil Sis) sent over these gorgeous looking Roasted Potato Slices with a Rosemary-Garlic Crust.  I love the color and the crust of course.

Trixie Belle’s, from California, (Pages, Pucks and Pantry) Twice-Baked Potatoes with Greek Yogurt.  This is a Martha Stewart recipe so you just know it’s good!  ”A mashed potato recipe with a tangy kick.”  Yummy.

Here is something I made, Sparky Marie’s (Noble Pig), Lemon-Tatoes.  These are delicious, you must try them!

Potato Ho Bob Brent (Cooking Stuff) made this incredible Roast Beef Hash from what he had in the kitchen.  “Roast beef hash made with some leftover top round roast, potatoes and onion.  Simple and delicious.”  I want it.

The Potato Ho influence has even reached Italy and Chube Gra (Erbe In Cucina) sent over Potato Pie with Parsley“It’s a salad pie, with a potato slice as the base and three different kinds of cheese for the filling.”  Wow, three different cheeses, I love it.

Potato Dumplings with Feta Cheese were sent over by Clara Red (Redheaded Kitchen).  She had this to say, “This national dish of Slovakia is my one true comfort food.”  It sounds amazing…the cheese, oh my.

A second entry from the Big Sis Lil Sis crew, this one is from Big Sis, Wolfie Lee, Sun-dried Tomato-Cream Potato Salad.  I love the idea of flavoring this with sun-dried tomatoes.  It sounds delicious.  “This recipe with a twist combines new potatoes with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, chives and low-fat Greek yogurt.  How bad could that be?” I don’t think it could be bad.

Roasted Potato Leek Soup was sent to us by Bunny Marie (Lisa is Cooking) from Austin, Texas.  “Barefoot Contessa’s incredible Roasted Potato Leek Soup.  I declared this the mac and cheese of soup.”  Wow.


Potato Ho Wally Marie (Let Them Eat Cake…and all things baked) proclaimed, From Throw Down to Ho Down…Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Southwestern Potato Salad is a real winner.

Madame Lola Lynde (One Perfect Bite) from Oregon made Potato Gratin a la Flamande.  “A gratin of potatoes cooked with onions and beer.”  Sounds wonderful to me.


The fabulous Lulu Larue (Snooty Primadona’s Guide To Cooking Like a Diva) from Texas made Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes.  This is an awesome way to use up leftovers for sure.

And here is another one of my entries, Smashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Chives, they are fabulous!

Thanks to everyone for participating, it was another great month for the Potato Ho Down.

One Year Ago Today:  My Own Virtual Celebration

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  1. Oh my goodness. . . SO MANY AWESOME LOOKING POTATOES!!! I love taters more than Carl Childers. Ummm Hmmm.

  2. As much as i do not like potatoes, the pictures and recipes made me hungry! There are a few I think I will try for the many potlucks and summer get-togethers we attend . Thanks!

  3. I think I am now in carb overload. There should be a warning on your header or something for days like these where I sit and drool.

  4. Teri 4

    I drooled.

  5. Jamie 5

    I am always amazed at how creative people can be with such a simple, humble ingredient! What a wonderful gathering of delicious, must-do dishes here!

  6. Mags 6

    Great job on the Potato Ho Down roundup, Cathy. And thanks for including me. It was fun!

  7. donna 7

    What a fantastic Hodown. So many goodies, so many blogs to visit! Nicely, perfectly executed!

  8. Flea 8

    You have me hungry for dinner at seven AM! Stop it! :)

  9. annbb 9

    Not fair! All these luscious potato dishes – one looks better than the next – and I’m not supposed to be eating any of them! Darn diet!

  10. Bunny 10

    Wow!!! They’re all fantastic!! I love that hash!!

  11. Katrina 11

    Goodness I’m in the mood for some starchy carbs first thing this morning! ;) I’ll take a bite of each!

  12. Excellent roundup – so many delicious potato dishes! Honored to be part of it!

  13. imom 13

    Oh. My. God. How is a potato lover like me going to pick which one of these to make first, second, third, etc?

  14. Be still my beating heart. All of these recipes look incredible, but that pizza one is simply beautiful. Those colors are to die for!

  15. Belinda 15

    It was torture to look at all the wonderful potato recipes (since I can no longer eat taters.) However, I did try the strawberry muffins. Wonderful. It’s a keeper.

  16. Mary 16

    Cathy, you’ve done a wonderful job with the round-up. Thanks so much for making this event possible.

  17. dawn 17

    OMG you deleted it…that’s a bummer. All these potatoes sound fabulous and I love all the Potato Ho names!

  18. I am definitely gonna need bigger spanx.

  19. LilSis 19

    Another fantastic roundup, Cathy!! I always see new recipes that I can’t wait to try. And, your Smashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese are right up there at the top of my list.

  20. Paula 20

    Oh heavens, both to the deletion and to these fab recipes! Roundups are always so fun to go through … and potato round ups make me happy! Potatoes make the whole world happy!

  21. Anna 21

    Oh my gosh, I am minutes from my lunchtime, and reading this made my stomach growl!

    By the way, I got the mini cheesecake pan and made those butterfinger ones. They were a big hit!

  22. Pam 22

    My mouth is watering and there is drool on my keyboard. I was born and raised in Idaho so you know I love potatoes.

  23. Wow you’ve got some good ones there! I can’t believe your whole post was deleted–UGH!!

  24. Oh…my….lord…..where to even begin? I am speechless and drooling. Not pretty, but I sure am hungry now. Wouldn’t it be great if with posting all these you got to be a taste tester as well? Heaven!
    Sorry you lost your first post, I was looking forward to your snarky comments.

  25. Julie 25

    I didn’t even recognize my picture at first…it looks so much better on your site. What’s up with that?
    Sorry you had such a hard time with this, but you did great!

  26. Liz C. 26

    OMG! This month is a treasure trove of delicious potato recipes. I feel humbled, for sure. But, there are some real treasures that I plan to try.

    Sorry you lost the witty post, but that happens to me now & then and I’m the same way. I’m too spent to try & remember all the witty words that disappeared.

  27. Oh my! I’ll have one of each!

  28. Marjie 28

    Writing this once was a lot of work; twice is just insane! No wonder you felt less than witty. Great round-up, done in the midst of moving and all!

  29. The potato pizza and samosas really stood out! Honestly, everything looks good.

  30. Hi cathy, all great. One correction, I don’t live in California any longer. I did live there for over 20 years and I sure do miss the beach.

    Everyone did such a fabulous job! Thanks for hosting!

  31. All these look so DELICIOUS I don’t know which one to try first. I think I’ll try the soup first, then the samosas and the pizza. So many to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Anne 32

    I think I hate you for posting these. NOW I MUST HAVE POTATOES!

    Seriously, every single one of those looks amazing. Where to even begin???

  33. Oh my. So many great looking potato dishes! Can’t wait to read more about each one. Thanks, Cathy!

  34. Bob 34

    Man, look at all those tatos! I love it. :D

    That sucks about losing your post. I’ve done that, it pisses me off wicked bad.

  35. magpie 35

    I am drooling. And those purple ones are the bomb.

  36. Oh, oh, potatoes are my downfall. Where do I start? All the entries look delicious.

  37. Lisa 37

    I just hate that when I accidentally delete something. Sometimes it takes me days to get over it.

    Great potato round-up. There are so many good ideas here. Thanks!

  38. dawn 38

    I love reading the new “ho” names!!
    That dipping sauce is calling me.

  39. Barbie with a T 39

    Awesome entries, each and every one of them! I would be hard pressed to say which is my favorite until I try them all. Thanks for hosting the Ho Down today. Sorry you had so much trouble, but you did a wonderful job as usual.

  40. Melissa 40

    Wonderful stuff. Going to grab the recipe for the bacon, potato and leek soup…

  41. Hilary 41

    Wonder spud .. with blue jewels to match .. seems almost 1500s .. when garish was good ..

    what R U doing? .. all the rest of the month’s recipes in one go?

    The look good .. so sorry to hear you lost the draft – that is irritating to say the least – just happened to me, but not nearly so serious ..

    Thanks – Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  42. Oh no! I hate it when that happens!!

  43. Oh Good Lord I just died and went to potato heaven.

  44. Linda 44

    Well I’m set … my father-in-law will be here tomorrow for a summer visit … I can serve a new potato dish every night. Everyone will be so happy! I’m going for the smashed goat cheese potatoes RIGHT NOW!

  45. OK, first I laughed ’cause you said you were grumpy but by the first sign of bacon you were all OHMYGOD and all soft in the heart again. And then I cried, because my god, this is beautiful. (How is one to lose weight around here?)

  46. sharon 46

    Great roundup! I’ve done the funny/witty/SoProudOfMyself post and usually my computer crashes!

  47. lo 47

    (first — much compassion with regard to the lost post… I HATE it when that happens, and I swear it’s when I’m at my most inspired that tragedy always strikes!)

    Positively gorgeous round-up! Now how did I miss it?

    I’ve GOT to pay better attention. :) Oh, well… now I can spend my time MAKING all these great dishes. Nothing wrong with that!

  48. Laurie 48

    Ho-ly yum! Everyone outdid themselves once again.

    Cathy, you continuously amaze me with your gift as a writer, your creativity, and your energy.

  49. There’s no halting the potato train! Good job hosting, Cathy!

  50. Red 50


    This was so much fun. Thank you for including my in the Ho Down. Luckily, I have plenty of potato dishes… :)

  51. elra 51

    I can not believe how many dishes you can make from the humble potatoes. All entries look so delicious. Thanks for hosting Cathy!

  52. So many mouth-watering potato dishes–heaven on a plate! One of these days I am going to enter. ;-)

    Oh, boy, do I feel your pain on losing the post. It’s hard to get motivated to do another one after that. Bravo for you, Cathy, and these recipes and their originators! :-)


  53. I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE! oh my gosh, plz get on twitter and send out a meal a day or recipe a day! i’m starving!!

  54. Sara 54

    Mmmm, I love samosas. Now, I’m hungry–because of my culture, I am very familiar with this delightful appetizer. There are two types, potatoe, sometimes called veggie samosas and ground beef samosas. Both are equally delicious, but certainly taste different! You must try it from a an authentic Inidan or Pakistani restaurant!

  55. Katie 55

    I wish I was eating some potatoes for lunch now because these all look great!

  56. wow, I can’t stop starring at those pictures!

  57. KAYOLA 57

    anyway you make them….spuds are a good thing…

  58. vanessa 58

    Everything look amazing!! Sorry you lost your original post, that is frustrating for sure.. But it’s still wonderful :) I want the pizza!

  59. All I can do is drool!

  60. Another beautiful roundup. I’m not even a potato lover and I want to eat most of these. That first photo! I had to restrain myself from licking the screen.

  61. EB 61

    Sign me up for the pomme anna!!! Soooo sorry about your post. That really blows.

  62. Debbie 62

    I don’t even know which one of these fantastic looking potato dishes to start with….each one looks better and better!!! WOW!

  63. Biz 63

    Wow, so many great pics and potato dishes – yum!

    Still have to make your potato and goat cheese potatoes!

  64. Jordan 64

    Beautiful, beautiful potato parade, as usual. Yum!

  65. Elyse 65

    OH WOW! This is quite the potato round up. AMAZING. I seriously want to eat every single dish I saw. Those pictures are waaaay too enticing for my own good. Darn, I’m going to be having some potatoes tonight!

  66. BigSis 66

    Thanks for hosting this, Cathy! Sorry you had that little problem…we’ve all had that kind of thing happen so I can relate! The ho down looks great!

  67. giz 67

    This is one of the best ho downs yet. What a wonderful array of spuds. I wouldn’t turn down a single one.


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