Their Time to Shine

It was open house at school the other night.  I always love this event because the kids show off their classrooms and the things they have been learning.

I have one very serious boy.  This was him waiting in line for ice cream.  See how excited he is?

I also have one very silly boy.  It’s hard to keep this one down.

My youngest’s class hatched Chinese Button Quail.  These little birds were about six hours old and my little boy was ecstatic.  He would have sat on the eggs and hatched them himself had he been given the chance.  He loves babies.  Any babies.

There was artwork.

Of all the things we do, I love what he decided to write about. 

I also love the way he spelled Chuck E Cheese.

“Birds can live in Hawaii.  They fly in the sky.  They build nests.  They stand on wires.”  Bravo! 

It’s funny he wrote about birds in Hawaii.  When he was three we were in Hawaii and he decided he was terrified of birds.  He screamed the whole trip.  When I say screamed, I mean bloody-murder screaming everytime a bird came close.  In Hawaii the birds are everywhere and are used to being around people.  He would point up in the sky and scream in his baby voice, “they’re coming around, they’re coming around”. 

Everyone around us would look up in the sky where he was pointing, see nothing and look back at me as if I were crazy and unable to comfort my child.  He of course would not allow even an inch of breathing space between us.  It was 90 degrees and humid. We were sandy and covered in sun block.  He was stuck to me like glue.  Good times.

It was horrible and a complete nightmare for ten days.  He had never done this before and we had no idea why he was flipping out over birds. 

Finally, after the trip was over, he told me about a dream.  A giant bird had picked him up, taking him away from me.  He was afraid it would really happen.  Then I felt so bad for him.  But I have never forgotten that insane trip.  Or the crazy blood-curdling screams.  Ugh.

My oldest son’s class worked very hard memorizing poems for a recital they did for the parents.  I couldn’t believe how poised these children were.  They were amazing.

My guy recited, Poemsicle by Shel Silverstein and Today is Very Boring by Jack Prelutsky.  He did so good!  I was so proud of him.  He was animated, funny, articulate and captured the audience.

There were crafts to bring home. 

And self portraits were hanging.  See a resemblance?  I believe they were studying Picasso and used tear art to duplicate Picasso’s abstract style.

Overall, it was fun and the kids definitely got to shine.

One Year Ago Today:  It’s Hard to Watch

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  1. Betty 1

    Cathy you are so blessed, cherish these times with these precious boys, for these times will be gone “Oh so soon.”
    That thought brings tears to my eyes, because of my own.
    Happy Mothers Day,

  2. Both your sons look lovely…You must be very proud of them! Congratulations!

  3. I love, love, LOVE this post! You are so very blessed, and abundantly blessed with your sons and husband, as they are with you!I am a big fan of children’s art and writing and cherish the view of life through their eyes and souls in it . ( the writing and art)It is kind of sad to realize after the fact , why your son reacted to the birds in Hawaii as he did.

    And your youngest son loving babies..a future OBGYN ? Oh boy, you all have so much fun and adventure ahead….a new home, winery, growing young men….a legacy of love, and we get to share it with you vicariously through your blog as long as you choose to allow us a peek into your fun and interesting lives! Thank-you.

  4. Hilary 4

    Hi Cathy .. that’s great .. I love the way they’re already using txt spk .. and hatching babies .. your eldest does look so poised in his pic .. wonderful to have them with you.

    I used to have horrors about a wolf in our back bathroom .. so sympathise with your youngest somewhat .. but I didn’t scream my heart out in Hawaii!!

    Enjoy their lives – have fun to you all

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  5. Lovely post! Now that mine are in Jr. High there is no more Open Houses. I miss it so.

  6. What a delightful post. I loved seeing your kids and also their writing and artwork. So joyful, joyful. It brought back memories of when mine were little.

  7. Your boys are beautiful! Thank you for posting about them today. You and Wild Boar are doing a fantasticg job. Was that 20 bucks for a pulled toothe? Ha ha I did that to.

  8. pam 8

    This gets me all teary eyed because my middle one is graduating from college next weekend! I miss these days.

  9. Cathy–Your boys are terrific! And, they are testament to good parenting for sure. :-) I was thinking your youngest hooligan might have a future in show business, but if his love of babies takes him in the ob/gyn field, then he will be a funny and charming one! Re: the birds, wow, that was rough for all of you–those night terrors can be so real. He might not have even remembered the dream initially … he just knew the birds were evil. Poor little guy. Thanks for sharing so much of them and their work here. I really enjoyed it!


  10. nina 10

    Your children are beautiful!!! My children keep me extremely grateful and humble!!!!

  11. Marlene 11

    Isn’t it amazing just how different they each can be. I have group A kids and Group B kids…and one that can’t decide. When all my colorful kids get together…something really bad usually happens.

  12. Philly 12

    My son made me one of those ceramic bowls when he was that age. I loved it !
    I still have it in my bathroom, it is where I put my Jewelry at night when getting changed.

  13. Sandra 13

    Lovely times, all too soon to become lovely memories.

  14. Katrina 14

    Awesome! They’ve never done that at my boys’ school. Key-ute boys and great talent!

  15. Melynda 15

    Great stuff! I have a box of the stuff that I saved through the years, Mt St Helen’s ash “sand” art, pictures etc. I love those things.

  16. Sophia 16

    I love it when bloggers post pics of their kids once in a while, because I feel like I get to know you a bit more personally! you have such lovely kids…with hilarious and adorable expressions! careful with them, though, I think they’re gonna be quite the lady-killers when they grow up!

  17. Bunny 17

    I loved going to open house when my 2 were little!! Very nice!!

  18. dawn 18

    They are absolutely beautiful. What a life they are going to lead with everything you are doing.

    And those quail are so cute.

  19. Your boys are adorable! How fun to go to their school’s open house and see their great projects! My daughter will be starting kindergarten this fall – I can’t wait!

  20. Flea 20

    I love the tales of your boys and their lives. Thank you for the telling!

  21. Julie 21

    Looks like they both are having a wonderful time in school. My daughter would smuggle all those baby birds home in her backpack, if she was in that class!

  22. Thanks for taking us to open house. I miss those days. My youngest is in jr. high. And thinks he don’t need Mom anymore. tee hee
    Is he in for a rude awakening.
    Thanks for bring back good memories

  23. Lori E 23

    My sons are 22 and 26 now and I still have those little notebooks. So sweet and innocent. Reminders of what they thought of the world at that age. I love the butterflies too.

  24. Your boys are adorable and I loved seeing their work! That is so interesting/freaky about his reaction to the birds–poor little guy!!

  25. Kayola 25

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY STARS! I tell ya…you have got such cute little guys…they are adorable! I love being a teacher and parent night s were the best! Your little guy in that pic waiting in line for ice cream probably knows that what ever they are serving will never taste as good as what his mother would make him…I love all of the art…my favorite for sure! The tear art is awesome and I love the writing papers…another favorite is how they spell…I taught kindergarten for years and I had a tattle jar on my desk…because we got so tired of hearing every little thing about so and so looking at them or touching them that we had them start writing them down and we would take care of it…I have kept many of them BECAUSE THEY ARE HILARIOUS! Sorry this turned into a novel….but I love the kiddo’s! Oh and yes…I had a lot of comments on my signs…I just wish they would have paid me to read themm hahahaha…have a great Sunday!

  26. imom 26

    Great post Cathy! I miss the times my kids were young and writing about adventures that meant so much to them! And the artwork?! So precious!

  27. megan 27

    Beautiful children! Funny how brothers can be so different. Looked like a fun evening.

  28. Bob 28

    Heh, I remember those when I was a kid. You seem to enjoy more than my parents did. ;)

  29. What handsome young lads you have!

  30. elra 30

    Cathy, I always love it when you post about your two boys. They are so adorable. Your oldest always look more serious, while your young one is always seems very full of life. they both extremely good looking! Loving that note too, I also like to keep my son notes, only the funny one too. Your youngest one, remind me a lot of my son! They way he smile, the way he acting when being photographs, and they way he spell words when he was young, ha…ha..ha..
    Loving this post Cathy, very much!

  31. Scate 31

    It is amazing to see personality in a photo of people never met before. Thanks for sharing. It’s so great to hear about older kids when all of my friends are having little babies. Gives me hope that they are still a joy as they grow. someday…

  32. Marcy 32

    Oh your kids are so cute Cathy! Looks like they stay busy in school and have a good time too! Love the dentist story:))
    Hope you had a good weekend

  33. dawn 33

    I loved this post. I hope your son furthers his love for animal babies. We need more people like him in the world to look out for the animals well-being and their unsteady future.

  34. Memoria 34

    I LOVE your oldest son’s haircut and serious demeanor. Your youngest is so cute, too!

    Thank you for sharing this with us. The story about your son’s dream was so heart-breaking. :(

  35. How very cool. Your boys are way too cute!

  36. Donalyn 36

    Looks like a great evening Cathy – been awhile since I got to go to one of those! And I adore the writing – glad you translated Hawaii tho – I was stuck on that one. ;)

  37. What adorable kids you have!!! I bet being so different, they complement each other and keep you busy!

  38. Leslie 38

    $20 from the tooth fairy????????? Please tell me he meant to write $2.
    Goodness a molar is gonna cost the tooth fairy like $200!!! LOL

  39. krysta 39

    first of all… i want you to be my tooth fairy. 20 bucks?!!!! my kids cannot find out about this.

    your oldest? reciting that poem? you can see what kind of man he is going to become. a good one.

  40. Lynda 40

    What handsome boys you have!Enjoy every minute with them as they grow up way too fast!

  41. Melissa 41

    The bird story awww. Poor guy. Thanks for sharing Cathy. I love reading about your kids and how proud you are of them. They’re such handsome devils too. ;)

  42. Marjie 42

    I am so glad I have my 2 little surprises, because I would be despondent over the fact that most of mine are grown.

    Our niece decided when she was 7 and they had just moved to a new house that there were coyotes in their backyard who would eat her if she went outside after dark. It is so strange how they get something in their heads!

  43. Jane 43

    You have beautiful children! Aren’t boys the best? I have three of my own, so I know whereof I speak!

  44. Sigh. Those were such wonderful days! Enjoy every minute, my friend…it flies by;)

  45. Barbie with a T 45

    Your boys are amazing. I feel like I know them, or at least a part of them. Thanks for the pictures. Good that you have a “clown” and a serious one. Variety is the spice of life!

  46. It’s amazing to see how different two boys can be. I’ve two, one boy and one girl, and day and night. But two boys. That’s interesting for me.

  47. Dragon 47

    You have lovely boys.

  48. I love this, your little hooligans are fine boys. Isn’t it wonderful to see there accomplishments? It warms a mamas heart.

  49. sharon 49

    ..such handsome young men! I love that one is a ham and the other has a serious side.

    Do you think the tooth fairy could come visit me? It seems that inflation has been good for the tooth fairy’s recipients…!

  50. Mary 50

    Of all the things we all do, I think being a Mom and watching our kids become great men and women is truly the best.

  51. Lori 51

    My daughter used to call it Chuckie Jesus lol

    So cute!

  52. I love Open House! It’s always so much fun to see what your child has learned! Of course, the teacher part of me shudders when she hears those words, but she’s getting smaller and smaller every day!

  53. Laura 53

    What a happy, fun post full of delightful nuggets of news.

  54. Wendy 54

    Your sons are adorable! And your youngest is so animated. I bet he keeps you laughing.

  55. CUTE!

    BTW, my 5 year old went to “Chucky Cheezits” for his birthday :)

  56. Cheryl 56

    Okay, are both your boys spoken for? I think Sarah would be VERY compatible with both! :)

    Darling, darling darling art—by darling darling boys!

  57. Claudia 57

    Loving this post. Takesme back a few years and the Hawaii story and writing about birds – kids are fascinating.

  58. Egghead 58

    Cathy you are killing me here with those photos of the boys. They are just darling and how can you resist that impish little one and his antics? Too cute.

  59. Paula 59

    Okay, I’ve been taking care of sick children and am getting caught up on your blog. This one actually brought happy tears to my eyes. Oh, cherish these moments, as I know you do, because they grow up so fast. My youngest is in 4th grade and has her talent show tomorrow, so this post – especially with your son reciting poems – has really warmed my heart. What charming fellas you have! LOVED this post!

  60. They are so cute! How proud you must be! The bird story is funny though…sorry to laugh, but my older son is like that with bugs. I guess it doesn’t help that we tease him with them, huh? Just tryin’ to toughen ’em up!

  61. Mrs. L 61

    Shortly after watching Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds” when it came out my parents drove with me up to Oregon via the coast. There were a gazillion birds sitting on telephone wires on the way there. My parents thought it was funny to pretend to be afraid of them. I was in the back seat terrified! Tell you son he was not alone!

  62. Janine 62

    Ur boys r so cute and ur older son reminds me of this lil boy in the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks playing as a younger boy who wishes to be an older guy.

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