Should Personal Biases Be Allowed?

Don’t you hate it when the beauty contest gets ugly?  I mean for me, the Miss USA Pageant is so yesterday but it does exist.  So let’s talk about it.

As many of you know, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was favored to win the current 2009 pageant.  Her final challenge to the crown being to answer one question from the panel of five judges. 

She chose celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, an openly gay male, to ask her the question.


Hilton: ‘Vermont recently became the 4th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit. Why or why not?’

Prejean: (paused for a moment before replying) ‘Well, I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.  And you know what, in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.  No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be – between a man and a woman. Thank you very much.’

She lost the Miss USA title based on this answer apparently because Perez voted her down.

He went on to call her a dumb bee-otch on his blog (in a vlog post) and has been very vocal about how he feels about her answer.  He said he would have jumped up and ripped off her tiara had she won.  He’s very mature. 

Now, my question is, should the Miss USA Pageant allow questions by judges that are so obviously personally biased?  Of course Perez Hilton would have a problem with an answer that did not agree with his lifestyle.

And it doesn’t matter what the topic is…should they be allowed to ask such biased questions and then judge them based on personal feelings and not the eloquence of their response? 

I think his question should have been thrown out and disqualified.

I would feel the same way if the question had come from a judge who vehemently opposed gay marriage and then judged punitively based on the response.

Shame on the Miss USA Pageant for allowing it.

Remember, this is not about gay marriage but about fairness to the contestants.  I really don’t care what her response was.  It’s not the audience who votes; it’s the judges.  I know, I know it’s just about entertainment and ratings to get commercial dollars.  But what lessons are learned by the viewers?

Would you as the viewer, rather have an honest response or a politically correct one just to win?

Does anyone see it any other way?

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  1. Roz 1

    I agree with you. But, was this not the Miss USA contest?

  2. Erin 2

    I think you’re right. And I have to give kudos to the woman for giving what she knew would be an unpopular answer, since it’s what she believed in.

    Supposedly we live in a country where everyone can state their opinions without fear of recrimination. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.

    Hilton asked a question and she gave, IMO, a fairly well-worded, thought-out answer. She did not say her answer was right for everyone, and she tried to answer it as inoffensively as possible. And that’s what her score should have been based on, not whether the judges agreed with her answer or not.

  3. Do we really think there is fairness in the media , especially the media that relies on advertising dollars and garnering favor from certain vocal groups ? I suspect Hilton knew what response he would get and was counting on it…more publicity for him and his platform, too bad she was honest, I mean, WHAT was she thinking…that honesty and the ability to answer intelligently and with tact would actually matter? Maybe she could go on The View, hmmmmmm…..

  4. I agree with you that she should not be disqualified because of her belief.

    But eloquence, grammar?? Same sex marriage vs “opposite” marriage? What does that even mean?

    Her answer was not worded well nor in the least bit eloquent.

  5. Jack 5

    Had the question come from a more balanced judge, I would have admired their guts to ask such a difficult question (assuming not all the judges were firmly on one side of the issue).

    That being said, the response was more of a tepid apology for disagreeing with Hilton’s lifestyle and just the kind of fodder a snarky celeb blogger needs to tear someone apart. It was some pretty bad judging.

  6. I could not believe that question was asked as well. I truly felt the next contestant was going to be asked if they voted for Obama in this past election – why or why not. That question was completely inappropriate for a beauty pageant.

  7. Shawn 7

    Verrry interesting. I didn’t realize that this had happened. I thought she answered it well. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and she said that she was happy that America is a country where different beliefs can occur.

    Perez is a twit anyway.

  8. This is the Miss USA pageant. It’s a big difference. It’s a much slimier contest, IMO. I do think personal opinions should be allowed, but there are consequences for voicing your opinion at times. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but it is true. We do react, and judge, people based on the opinions they express to us.

    It looks like she’s going to end up in a pretty good place, she’s certainly going to make the most of her 15 minutes.

  9. Julia 9

    I second Arundathi’s comment. This was not an eloquent answer. My big issue was with the statement, “My country” Definitely a biased question and a tough one to wiggle out of, do you lie to win or do you state your views and risk losing? She’d need to be far more diplomatic to get out of that one.

    But the beauty contest is about inner and outer beauty. And I think they ask questions to see if they can talk intelligently.

  10. My comment disappeared, I’m not sure why.

    Anyhow, this is the Miss USA contest, much different than Miss America. I think she should have been ready for this question, I think there’s no proof she lost because of her opinion. Her answer was poorly worded and incoherent. It did not reflect someone who can speak well in public.

    Yes, we all have the right to express our opinions, but there are consequences to those opinions. Right now she will be shunned by some groups, and other groups are embracing her that never would have looked twice at her.

  11. Yeah, that whole scenario kinda ticked me off. While I don’t agree with her stance on the subject, I don’t think that questions like that should be allowed. I didn’t watch the broadcast, but were other contestants asked questions along the same lines?
    I don’t think it’s fair to chastize her either. She was not ugly in her response. She simply said how she felt on the subject, and that is her right. The only ugly person here in this situation is Perez Hilton. Grow up.

  12. johnjoy316 12

    I hope she hires a good attorney and sues for the crown back. Seems unfair. Perez has no qualification to be judging anyway. I don’t watch the pagents anymore, seems degrading to women, just my opinion.

  13. bullwinkle72 13

    It’s funny. I used to think pageants were stupid beauty contests. I’m still not that crazy about them, but a woman very close to me has been involved with the Miss American program for many years. She’s a former local titleholder and runs a local pageant. She’s drafted me to help her run mock interviews, and I’ve even been the novice judge at one of the local pageants.

    Doing this for her has shown me that the Miss America program, despite its beauty pageant roots, does have a lot to offer young women. As anyone in the program will tell you, Miss America is a scholarship program, where contestants compete to earn money for school, not furs and diamonds and modeling contracts as it is in the Miss USA pageant, which is what was on the other night.

    That said, the one thing I’ve come to admire about the Miss America program is the guts it takes these young women to stand up in front of a squadron of judges and be prepared to answer ANY question thrown at them – regardless of whether the question is politically biased or not. To do that well is HARD and takes practice. That’s why my friend has mock interviews for her contestants. That’s why I don’t mind helping her out with that because, with my bias against beauty pageants, I’ve learned that cultivating that confidence and that presence is an important characteristic for young women, one that will help them no matter what they choose to do.

    Do I think Perez Hilton’s question was a good one? Yes. The thing is, she answered it so incredibly poorly! It was wordy, ill thought out, and didn’t really convey any sort of true answer. Would I have voted her down on this answer? Absolutely. But not because I disagree with her absolutely, but because I am completely unimpressed with her interview.

    Now, whether Perez Hilton takes that into consideration or not is another matter.

  14. MammaDucky 14

    Forgot to add that I preferred the winner over Ms. California anyway.

  15. Perez Hilton chose this pageant to laud his own personal agenda which should be a no-no. He’s a nasty piece of work and even nastier if you don’t agree with his views.

    Whilst I don’t think Miss California was particularly articulate, I think the question was a loaded one and considering who asked it of her, I think it was slightly unfair.

    What really polarized this for me was Hilton’s video response post-pageant. He doesn’t do his cause any good when he responds like that. It was so crass and tacky!

  16. Flea 16

    I’m with those who said her response was uneducated (my country). I had a tough time getting past it.

    I’m with mom24 on the whole opinion thing. We have opinions. We’re judged on them. Miss USA does need to be diplomatic, unfortunately.

    Mr. Perez needed to be disqualified, however, based on his unprofessional behavior via his personal blog statements. Regardless of anyone’s leanings, that’s a character issue.

  17. Kiley 17

    Though I didn’t watch the program, and have been only following the backlash, I think there’s an issue we’re not considering here:

    Miss USA dosn’t just end with the pageant. The winner goes on to be a kind of figurehead for a year, does charity work, and serves as a role model for young girls (at least theoretically). Though I do think that politics shouldn’t be addressed in this realm, she was asked a question and when she chose to answer it, she showed herself not only to be a poor public speaker but also intolerant. It’s that intolerance that I think made people think she wasn’t exactly the best representation for the United States (and I’m sure the fact that she’s from California, coupled with Prop 8 backlash didn’t help)

  18. Joni 18

    I’ll try not to write a book but instead be short and to the point:

    For a group (the one that Perez Hilton belongs to) who says they hate bias and hate, well, let’s just say his words are not backed up by his actions.

    And, no to answer your question this sort of questions should not be allowed, and they’re just asking for trouble. Their ratings are bad enough, and NO WONDER!….so why don’t they just finish this tradition off by turning off all the Americans who see things the same way Miss California does!

  19. Katrina 19

    Hey, Donald Trump may come after you since that was the Miss USA pageant (which he owns), not Miss America. I know, is there a difference? I totally get your whole point. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I did watch the beginning and when they showed the judges. Perez drives me nuts to even see photos of, he is just SO rude. Talk about the dumbest, most biased question. I’m glad she answered for herself and not for him. Sigh!

  20. I can’t believe I missed the pageant again! Well, unfortunately, all the judges are a little biased in general but it seems particularly unfair in this case.

  21. Donna 21

    I think she shouls be allowed to voice her own opinion, no matter what it may have been. Everyone has theright to own their own feeling. To bash someone for not believeing the way ones own self does is ridiculous and ignorant. Variety is the spice of life. I do not feel ones own opinion on a matter shouldeffect judging. Perheps maybe just the poise and the way she spoke instead.

  22. Yes, I think it’s unfair to ask a loaded question like that. Her opinion was asked, but there was a predetermined “right” answer. Now, had she chosen that moment for some gay bashing, I think it would have been fair to vote her down for that reason. Her answer seems fairly respectful to me, though. She stated that she thinks it’s great that people can choose, but her opinion is that marriage should be between a man and a woman. She didn’t spew hateful words about the gay community. She acknowledged their right to choose and said it was “great” but noted that is not how she would choose. It kills me when people who talk so much about wanting tolerance are so very intolerant themselves.

  23. He set her up. Plain and simple.

    I think the bigger question we all should be asking is this…how in the world did Perez Hilton get to be a judge on the Miss America contest? Doesn’t this speak volumes as to how pathetic and silly this pageant really is?

  24. imom 24

    She should be able to give her beliefs without being penalized.

  25. Sandra 25

    Sounds like “tolerance” is a one way street. If you agree with me, then we’re both “tolerant”; if you don’t agree with me, then you’re a bigot, racist, hate monger, etc.
    And Perez Hilton is WHO??? exactly. Never heard of him and doesn’t sound like I’ve missed anything.
    Truth trumps lies, always.

  26. Joshua Grainsky 26

    As a gay male, I just wanted to say I agree 100% with your comments.

  27. dawn 27

    I think that question should be allowed and she obviously did not answer it in the right ‘fashion’. If you’re a public figure you have to see all sides and speak diplomatically to all sides. I still, after reading this, cannot believe she said it that way. Wow! Haven’t we advanced, yet?

  28. It’s not a beauty pageant anymore… it’s good television. Perez Hilton wasn’t chosen for any other reason than to inject a note of controversy and gain viewers for the Miss USA pageant. That said, I think the pageant officials are now very happy because everyone is talking about it and when the next pageant rolls around, this will all be resurrected and discussed again. Success!
    And the personal bias… every judge brings personal bias, those who like blonds, those who like legs… She said what she believed at least. Good for her!

  29. This question was bit of a set up….you support same sex marriage- you pass….you don’t support -BUZZ you fail. I think if she had phrased it differently….she could have won. For example: “In America, we have the right to many freedoms, why not marrying the same sex? Regardless of how I personally feel about who I should marry. I have no right to stop others who they want to marry and besides it’s about the RIGHTS of those we are marrying not their sex per se” That would have appeased Perez. Despite what a biased judge he was….

  30. Mary 30

    While I disagree with Miss California’s answer I believe that it shouldn’t have factored into whether or not she got the crown. The whole subject is a very personal thing and she is entitled to her own opinion on the matter. She shouldn’t have been penalized because she didn’t agree with one of the judges.

  31. As far as I’m concerned, Perez Hilton should go marry another man. A woman doesn’t deserve him. It was a set-up. I hope he marries someone exactly like himself.

    I think he did a disservice to the gay community. I have a lot of close gay male friends who would never in a million years chose to use Miss USA to publicly humiliate a contestant who was NOT running for a political office. He enjoyed shaming her. Shame on him.

  32. Hey Cathy, I really admire you. You were brave for putting this on your food blog. Also am enjoying being a food blogging buddy with you.

  33. Well, not only did I disagree with her answer, but Perez made it clear that he would have been pleased to accept a neutral answer (based on his you tube commentary after the show). He had hoped she would say that it was in each state’s power to make the decision and that’s how it should stay. She didn’t really answer the question, technically, just said marriage should be between a man and a woman. There’s definitely more ways she could have answered without being so blatantly homophobic.

  34. Marjie 34

    This was clearly an opinion question, and she gave an honest answer. Regardless of her articulation, Perez didn’t like the content of her opinion. So, voting against someone because they disagree with you is fundamentally wrong.

  35. Randi Lynne 35

    I agree with you, Cathy. Regardless of your stance on marriage, this was clearly an unintelligent move to discriminate based on opinion/belief.

    People might be watching and call the contestant closed-minded. This argument is so weak because in their opposition they are doing the same as the contestant: They have a view and are holding that their view is right.

    It’s a shame that people can’t logically and without emotion discuss controversial views!

  36. dawn 36

    It was totally loaded and unfair question. Perez is too immature to see things any other way. Now she was not articulate which was a bummer. But I guess you can lose based on your politics. Whatever.

  37. Sara 37

    I think what the judges were looking for was a more politically correct answer, something along the lines of “leaving it to the states to make those decisions.” However, I agree with you, why are questions asked about personal belief, if the person isn’t truly allowed to give their honest opinion.

    I think the judging should not be based on what the answer is, instead it should be based on “how” it was answered (grammar, is it well thought out, does it make sense).

  38. Trisha 38

    Wow – what a politically charged question! That is like asking of the contestant thinks that the war in Iraq is good or not. Yikes! As a person answering that, you HAVE to feel a lot of pressure! I think that answering honestly and being able to speak intelligently should count more than a judges personal biases.

  39. Barbie with a T 39

    My big question is: “Why is everybody talking so much about this Miss USA thing?” It is past history, case closed. Beauty pageants are just entertainment and have no real meaning other than that.

  40. Debra 40

    Honest response all the way! I think biased questions should be disallowed.

  41. Ellen 41

    “I think that I believe” – isn’t she sure of what she believes? This is why I don’t watch pageants.

  42. Noble Pig 42

    Yep, you’re right…I changed it.

  43. Alisa 43

    Mostly, these are just big popularity contests. I applaud her for sticking her head out and answering honestly, but she had to know she would lose his vote answering that way.
    It’s like hanging out with the populars in school. The moment you disagree, you’re ostracized.
    Beauty pageants are not to give people “deep” entertainment.
    Why do we even care what a man who is so steeped in his own self importance even thinks?
    This is getting more attention than when Bill Clinton finally got caught cheating on his wife.
    Crazy, upside down world.

  44. Pam 44

    As much as I disagree with her answer I also disagree with how Perez Hilton handled the situation.

  45. John 45

    I agree with all those pointing out how inarticulate she was. It was obviously a loaded question, and the only way for her to navigate it would be with extreme diplomacy — which she absolutely didn’t do. Content of the question aside, it highlighted her inability to be articulate and benevolent. And isn’t the winner supposed to be all of the above?

    The part that really gets me isn’t so much the “opposite” marriage part (dur), it’s the “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage” part. Which is wholly untrue. The whole gay marriage issue is about taking away that choice. When you make something illegal by banning it or amending the constitution to exclude it, you take choice out of the equation. Far as I’m concerned, Trudeau got it right: the government has no place in its people’s bedrooms.

  46. I stopped watching “Beauty Pageants” for a lot of reasons. One of the many reasons was the way the contestants are “reacted to” for their answers. If they don’t give a politically correct answer “crucify them” to the media, if they panic in a public setting and blurt out an unintelligent answer in public “crucify them” to the media.

    I don’t think she was being at all homophobic. She stated that she thought it was wonderful that she lived in a country where people had the right to choose. Just because she stated that it wasn’t the choice for her, or her family, doesn’t make her homophobic. Am I homophobic if I state that being a lesbian isn’t the lifestyle for me? No, I am not.

    I hate that in todays society you are only considered “tolerant” if you believe the same as the politically correct choice. I am not intolerant. I have different beliefs. I am not trying to force you to believe the way I do. I want to live and let live. That does not give you the right to try to convert me to your belief system by means of the threat of being seen as intolerant and/or a bigot. “See the world my way or be WRONG” isn’t tolerance either. It is just as intolerant and bigoted, just in a fashion that is currently more popular.

  47. Joan 47

    Miss America and Miss USA, Miss World, etc. are all expected to tour, to represent the country, etc. for a year. The winner will be expected to answer questions posed by thousands of people, questions will not be preordained, but will be spontaneous, and articulate spontaneous non-offensive to anyone answers will be expected. I did not see her giving her answer, but if it as it has been written here, and elsewhere, I would say that she could have answered the question in another way, still been honest in expressing her view, and not been offensive…and ended up winning the contest. Had she just answered the question as posed, she would have been “politically correct”, but after answering just half of the question, she contradicted herself and gave her family’s views.

    I don’t think the answer, as written, was an especially articulate or well-thought out answer. Beauty isn’t everything – for sure! (And what’s this about “in my country”…what she meant to say was “In my state” the people voted against gay marriage. Unless the Supreme Court rules differently and makes it a constitutional issue, in a democracy, how the people in a state vote is important.

    There are all kinds of ways she could have answered the question that would not have been offensive.

  48. Memoria 48

    I think the question was fine; I just think his attitude about and reaction to the answer was not okay. For years, judges have asked controversial questions, so I think this question was totally acceptable. It is sad, however, that he had to react so immaturely.

    BTW, being gay is NOT a lifestyle; it is life. I wouldn’t consider being straight a lifestyle. A lifestyle is similar to a hobby or a choice one makes in life. You don’t choose the gender of the person you’re attracted to; it happens naturally.

  49. Chinya 49

    Well at least she didn’t use the phrase, “such as…”

    They should not have allowed it. But I admire her for staying true to what she believes in and not altering her answer to win a contest.

    Maybe next time Perez will ask questions about the state of the economy or even the current state of third world countries. How about we ask questions that bring issues to the table and cause people to think and not just state their opinions? Oh, but I doubt Perez knows anything about any of that, he is too self absorbed.

  50. Mary 50

    My 2 cents worth – the question was definitely unfair, but it was answered badly. The pageant should pre-screened questions so none gets a ringer.

  51. Chinya 51

    Not all people who voted YES on PROP 8 are intolerant. Your generalization comes across as a bit intolerant of opposing views.

  52. Bev 52

    I wish I could remember the OTHER questions asked to contestants. I didn’t watch the show (good grief, no!), but saw them on new reports and was surprised that so many of them had political overtones, thus Hilton’s question seemed valid.

    To put it in perspective, what if she had said “in my state, we believe that slavery is a valid thing, so I would have to say that yes, I believe in slavery.” Or “where I live, we believe in a master race, so, no offense intended, but it’s important that we eliminate those who are Jewish.”

    While this isn’t exactly the presidency, she will be a role model for (some) young girls around the country and I would rather have someone who is able to speak with compassion and inclusivity than someone who bases her answers on what Jesus tells her. Not everyone listens to Jesus. Not everyone is Christian.

    I think it’s possible to be true to your beliefs without giving a public slap in the face to those who disagree.

  53. Bev 53

    You don’t believe that equal rights for gay people is an issue that should be brought to the table? For all those gay people who are in love and are being told they can never marry, this is definitely not a frivolous issue.

  54. I didn’t see any of it–but the whole thing sounds stupid to me! Her answer is dumb and inarticulate–“the way she was raised”? I hate it when people can’t think on their own. And it sounds like Perez is acting like a baby.

    Bottom line is that her response was makeshift. For or against, she needed a more articulate response to be a winner!

  55. Jodi 55

    Actually, I think the issue is that her answer was pretty poorly thought out. She could have spoken again same-sex marriage and been much more articulate. I understand that Perez still would not have like the answer, but at least she might have sounded more intelligent. In reality, she just sounded dumb.

  56. I have never heard of this Perez Hilton, but he doesn’t sound like a very happy person inside…Happy people just don’t behave that way. I Have a hard time thinking of anything in my life style choices that makes me so defensive or bitter towards others around me. I guess that when people have to go around and force their views on others maybe it’s time to step back and question their own beliefs. hmmm perhaps “his” life style choices are not all that pretty down deep inside after all…just saying. =O)

    Good on her mom and dad for raising a child with convictions and morals, something our country seems to be seeing little of these days. Seems that people are quick to put those who stand for something “good” down…very sad.

  57. Anna 57

    When I originally heard about this story yesterday, I wasn’t too impressed with her answer. It just wasn’t worded well and seemed awkward. However, I saw her on the Today Show this morning and she changed my mind. She spoke very well, and she said that she wouldn’t change her answer just to win the crown. Even though I don’t really agree with her beliefs, I appreciate that she is standing up for what she believes in.

  58. Lily 58

    I don’t care a whit what her personal feelings are, in the context of a pageant, but her complete inability to be coherent answering a question about a topic that has been consistently in the news for a few years now is ridiculous.

    I know it’s nerve wracking up there, but she is going to be representing “her country” in public, and it would be good if she could answer questions directly. Her answer said nothing about what states should do, just as his question said nothing about her personal feelings.

    Now that I’ve given my rational comment, I’d like to add my cynical comment:
    I wonder how much planning the producers did to make sure they had a good controversy in the broadcast. This one is perfect -two very silly but polarizing personalities, involved in a fairly pointless hissy-fit inducing “confrontation”.

    Brilliant idea to pit the extremes of pageant fandom against each other!

  59. No, she wasn’t very eloquent. But honestly, are brain any more than a token? No one really looks to Miss America to be a debater. Let her walk around in her swim suit and be done with it.

  60. knmkendall 60

    I certainly agree with what you wrote, Cathy. Thank you for addressing this!

  61. I am a firm believer that honesty is the best policy!!

  62. CJ 62

    First of all, she chose Hilton. She should have known he would try to nail her on something – that’s what he does. Second, she said “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.” This isn’t a true statement. Third, the entire answer was awful, but in the pageants I’ve watched over the years I haven’t seen too many contestants who were able to think on their feet. Pageants are not relevant to people anymore, and having people like Perez Hilton as judges to attempt to draw people in can backfire. If you are going to have controversial judges asking questions, you are going to have controversial answers and backlash.

    It’s just awful when real life intrudes on the frou-frou world of pageantry. I bet more gay people are discriminated against in real life than pageant contestants are in la la land in any given year. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her.

  63. Chuck 63

    I agree with you the question should not have been asked. I believe he asked the question knowing what the answer would be. It was self serving to further his own agenda. She obviously has integrity which she should be proud of.

  64. Annie 64

    She didn’t really choose Hilton because it was a random draw of a card. It was by chance.

  65. Annie 65

    Everyone preaches TOLERANCE, TOLERANCE!! But I think we’re substituting one hate for another. Nowadays, if you don’t go along with mainstream opinion, you are called names, ridiculed, harassed, etc. Perez Hilton showed just how tolerant he is of other people’s beliefs.

  66. Sue 66

    So people, if a African- American panelist had asked a question about states who are discriminating against African-American citizens, and she had made similar comments that denied/withheld rights for African-Americans…how would you feel about that? Probably not so good. It was only a few decades ago that people, much like yourselves, were using bibical passages to justify the Jim Crow and segregation laws.

    Or if an openly atheistic judge asked a question about prayer in school, and an openly athiestic contestant said she wanted to keep prayer out of schools, how much would you protest that candidate? So, don’t use your personal biases to judge.

    The women being chosen for these positions are there to represent everybody, not their own personal bias. She can have her personal opnion, yes. Good for her. But the question was not what she or her family thought, it was a question on what the individual states and the country should be doing to fairly represent all it’s citzenship.

    American laws should not reflect the narrow view of a few religions, it needs to protect and promote the rights of all it’s citizens. And that was what the question was about.

    There are laws, or rights, that are granted that I don’t like, or don’t agree with, but that does not change the fact that everybody deserves fair treatment under the law. The question was about equal rights, and the young lady clearly doesn’t support equal rights, and that is what Perez and I am judging her on. She would not have been a Miss America, she would have been a Miss Some-Of-America, and who wants that?

  67. Sue 67

    I also forgot to mention. To enter a contest that requires you to parade around onstage in a bikini, being judged solely on sex appeal, and then trying to be a moral bastion 20 minutes later…give it up.

  68. KAYOLA 68

    I agree prescreening should be done…although he is kind of being a jerk about it…I think stating your beliefs is okay…all I can say I would never be a good contestant when it comes to thinking on my feet…I don’t do so great on my seat when I’m blogging either…I really liked this post…you received some interesting comments.

  69. Melissa 69

    I am absolutely with you on this Cathy, couldn’t agree more. Steve and I were really annoyed with this story yesterday. Thank you for writing such a well thought out post on it.

    Of course, I’m biased too. I hate Perez Hilton and have for years. ;)

  70. krysta 70

    ack… what a mess.

    she could have handled the whole thing better… maybe could have been graceful about it but she spoke her mind even though i don’t agree with what she said and i have to give her props on that, it took some balls to do that.

    as for perez… he courts controversy wherever he goes and that’s to be expected… what’s too bad is that if you aren’t for him, you’re against him and he seems to take that very personally almost to the point of a vendetta and if you are going to be sharing any such stage with him you better know that and come armed/prepared.

    as for those type of questions… i think they sould be thrown out but they won’t because of the publicity… look even food bloggers are talking about it.

    any publicity is good publicity… as the old saying goes.

  71. Regardless of how she answered the question….
    the question itself was in poor taste.

  72. Liz C. 72

    Oh. My. God. The world really has gone insane.

    Great post, Cathy! And, it was obviously quite thought provoking. I’ll email you my real thoughts on the matter, but as always, you & I are on the same level of thinking and I still think you rock girlfriend! I just don’t think all the wankers are worthy of my intelligent opinion.


  73. Lil 73

    Honestly, I think it showed a lack of savvy and inability to think on her feet on the part of Miss California. Obviously same-sex marriage is a very volatile topic (right up there with religion and abortion). If she truly wanted to win the title, it would seem to me she’d eschew her personal conviction and give the same middle of the road, non-offensive, “I want world peace and to feed starving children” kind of response that beauty contestants have been giving ever since these shows started.

    That said, I don’t personally care for Perez because of his obnoxiousness. I read gossip sites all the time (my guilty pleasure along with food blogs :-) ) and I had to unsubsribe from his because his personality is just not to my taste.

    Also, on a totally unrelated note, I do enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for writing and posting so regularly. :-)

  74. Laura 74

    She was just wrong in her response she said we as Americans get to chose one or the other. Gay marriage is not legal in all 50 states so there is no chosing whether you would like to be married to someone of the same or opposite sex. Also defending an opinion just with saying its something you were raised believing is not really an excuse when you’re an adult. Plenty of people have racist/sexist/immoral parents but chose not to act that way.

  75. Lil 75

    Honestly, I think it showed a lack of savvy and inability to think on her feet on the part of Miss California. Obviously same-sex marriage is a very volatile topic (right up there with religion and abortion). If she truly wanted to win the title, it would seem to me she’d eschew her personal conviction and give the same middle of the road, non-offensive, “I want world peace and to feed starving children” kind of response that beauty contestants have been giving ever since these shows started.

    That said, I don’t personally care for Perez because of his obnoxiousness. I read gossip sites all the time (my guilty pleasure along with food blogs :-) ) and I had to unsubsribe from his because his personality is just not to my taste.

    Also, on a totally unrelated note, I do enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for writing and posting so regularly. :-)

  76. Laura 76

    Thank you! She gave a wrong answer. Whether the question was biased or not if you answer something with incorrect information, you’re wrong. I think what Perez did in a sense was very brave because the beauty and pageant industry relies on gay professionals to operate but behind closed doors doesn’t always respect their rights to chose marriage or opposite marriage (which I think takes place in Aquaworld with Bizarre-o Superman).

  77. Tanya 77

    I don’t agree with Miss California, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to her opinions. I would rather a contestant be honest about their views than lie and have the truth come out later.

    I read Perez’s blog, mostly for entertainment value, but he’s become obsessed with this. Every other post of his is bashing Miss CA. He should know that not everyone is going to agree with this issue.

  78. Tiffany 78

    Miss California has a right to her opinion, but I wouldn’t want anyone taking the crown of “Miss USA” (an ambassador in a way) being that closed minded. Yes, it’s a personal belief, but that’s just how I feel and it’s how Perez felt.

    But to me honest, that’s not really what did it for me. “Opposite marriage”? Come on. Can’t this Miss Bimbo USA thing die out already?

  79. melissa 79

    Perez has no class. The question should have been thrown out.
    As Jack Nicholson said, You can’t handle the truth! (Perez)
    She should have been able to tell the truth without penalty.

  80. annbb 80

    She was robbed. Period.

  81. I agree, it should not be a question asked! If that’s the way she was raised and her religious belief, she shouldn’t be penalized for it!

    And, if she said she was for gay marriage even though she wasn’t so she would have a better opportunity to win, then that would be bad too.

    They shouldn’t make these young girls answer controversial questions like that.

  82. GP 82

    honesty uber alles…

  83. Lori E 83

    Well agree or disagree it is kind of like asking a group of children who broke the pretty vase and then smacking the one who confesses. Can’t win that one.

  84. Jenna 84

    Totally agree, it IS an issue that is relevant. To say that it is irrelevant is untrue.

    The question was not personal at all. It was Miss California who made it personal. She brought her beliefs into it, and it did not work in her favor.

    There were tons of different ways she could have answered the question without making it as personal as she did.

  85. JK 85

    However, being gay is not a lifestyle choice.

    And to infer that he is bitter because he is gay is very very disturbing.
    That insinuates that all gay people must be bitter people. It doesn’t make any sense.

    You say that he is forcing his views on others. Is that not what conservatives try and do when it comes to gay marriage? Force their beliefs of marriage on gay people?

  86. I’d rather just see the whole show canned. I mean, 2009 folks.

  87. I think that your examples are not really what this is all about with a lot of people. So ~ no law, no rules, marry how many you want, who you want and we are all to agree with you? There is a big difference between African Americans being discriminated against because of the color of their skin and a group of people trying to push their life style choices on a society. Remember this is a life style choice that not all agree with. If some do then fine, but I don’t think it is fair to label others because they simply don’t believe it as a healthy life style for our society to support.
    Bottom line to this whole post and the question, if he didn’t want her answer, he shouldn’t of asked her. Are we all free here to have an opinion in this country any more or not? To me it is beginning to sound like ~ not.

  88. Jess 88

    I think it is very unfair to say that she was robbed or that he asked the question with the intention of hurting her. But I do think he asked the question with his own agenda. In my opinion, it should NOT have been allowed.

    If you saw him on Larry King the other night, you would know that he had screened the question with the pageant officials and it WAS allowed. I doubt he was personally out to humiliate her, specifically. But again, the question should not have been allowed.

    Take that problem up with the pageant officials, NOT Perez Hilton.

    In agreement with an above commenter, Miss California was responsible for making it more personal than it needed to be. I disagree with her views. But I surely respect her for being honest.

    Also, Cathy, I very much enjoy your blog and read it often. I don’t think you should be referring to being gay as a lifestyle. I have many gay friends, and a gay family member. I’ve shown them your blog and some are avid readers.

    Being gay is not a choice, or a lifestyle, or a hobby. Living on a ranch is a lifestyle. Being lavish and luxurious is a lifestyle. Being gay is not a lifestyle.

  89. Tara 89

    Right on, JK.

  90. He sounds pretty bitter to me…as a matter of fact he sounds down right nasty. Seems to me that he is very bitter against any one who doesn’t believe as he does…to the point he’d make the comment that he’d jump up on the stage and ripe off the crown from her head if she won? That sounds pretty bitter and nasty to me. You can choose what you want to believe, I don’t believe any one should try and shove anything down any ones throats. But we are talking about having an opinion, a thought on something, and a right to believe as we want to and then being crucified for voicing our opinion. What I am hearing from a lot of people is we are allowed to have a thought and a convection as long as it agrees with you. That is such a sad way to think and be. That isn’t freedom of speech as I understand it. Do I believe or support gay marriage, nope. Do you, yes. So be it. Now I don’t think you should have to be forced to take my side nor I yours. What is happening is we are being forced to agree with something we just don’t agree upon and then punished because we don’t agree with you. That is wrong on both sides of the fence if you ask me.

    Bottom line for me, believe as you want, but please don’t force me or try and make me feel guilty for having a different opinion….and that is what happened with this young lady.

  91. Tara 91

    “American laws should not reflect the narrow view of a few religions, it needs to protect and promote the rights of all it’s citizens.”

    THAT is truly where the issue lies. Separation of church and state, hmmm? All American citizens deserve the same marriage rights. That being said, she should have gone more neutral with her answer.

  92. Jess 92

    I think you misunderstood JK.

    As far as PH’s actions and reaction, yes, he is being 100% bitter and immature. And he’s taking it too far. You’re right.

    And yes, in this world, you are expected to speak your mind only if it agrees with what someone else thinks. Take voting for example. Many people have friends who do not vote. They then urge them to vote. But they usually only want that person to vote, so they can vote for who *they* personally chose. It is wrong.

    Tolerance does go both ways no matter what side of the fence. If you want people to be tolerant of you, you must be tolerant of others.

    Your opinion is not the issue. You believe being gay is a lifestyle choice. I disagree, but you have every right to believe that. I don’t hate you for it. I don’t even dislike you for it.

    The issue was that you pretty much said that being gay made him bitter and defensive. Truth be told, he would probably be just as bitter as defensive if he were straight.

  93. gina 93

    Everyone knows not all areas of a lifestyle are voluntaristic but a term used to encompass a whole life. No one is saying being gay is a choice. You people need to lighten up and not get so wound up over a certain term. Lookup the definition of the word and chill out.

  94. Jess 94

    Well, I suppose you are right if we are talking about the distinct definition.

    I suppose I shouldn’t have assumed that Cathy meant being gay is not a choice.

    But I certainly wasn’t all up in arms about it, and I don’t think I have any chilling to do, thanks.

  95. Kiley 95

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything generalizing people who voted yes on prop 8, other than to insinuate that there has been backlash and that having a anti-equal-rights-marriage Miss USA from California is a recipe for a PR disaster.

    Besides, my feelings about those who voted yes on Prop 8 aren’t coming anywhere close to infringing on their human rights.

  96. I would NOT want someone as inarticulate as Ms. California representing women anywhere. Unfortunately, there is probably no way that controversial questions can be asked without the answers affecting the judges’ personal biases.

  97. I think she did the right thing by giving an honest answer. Honestly, I’m surprised that they didn’t support her since so many conservatives watch the show.

  98. Well he really does comes off as up tight and very bitter about her not agreeing with him on this issue that he brought up. You very well may be right, maybe he’d be this bitter if he were against it as well, maybe it is just him. He really came off as a bitter gay man beating up a young straight lady who answered his question wrong..according to him. Once again, are only certain people allowed to have opinions in America now? Are we moving into a country who is only going to allow us all one way to think?

  99. Bev 99

    Well said, Jess. I’m glad to hear the question was approved by pageant officials and I do hope everyone remembers that this was NOT the only politically oriented question.

    The sooner people understand that this is not a “choice” the sooner there will be true equality in this country.

  100. Bev 100

    Beauty Pageant officials are forever telling us that it’s not just about appearance, but that scholarships are involved and the participants are highly intelligent. If that is the case and if this woman is going to be the representative of this pageant, someone so inarticulate, no matter what her views, no matter how attractive, would not be my first choice.

  101. pysmatic 101

    She should have prepared better, for one, for the possibility of a gay man to ask her a completely politically relevant question.
    She sounded dumb. Karl Rove embodies pretty much the opposite of how I think/lean/feel/believe, but I don’t think he sounds dumb. On the contrary, that bastard is a right evil genius.

  102. nina 102

    I take my hat off to her. She is definitely not a dumb b…… but rather someone who stands up for what she believes in and in our money-driven world that is a attribute very hard to find!!!!

  103. Sue 103

    Being gay is not a choice. Why would ANYONE CHOOSE to be discriminated against because of who they love? To be threatened with physical violence over their feelings they ? Being gay is not more FUN or EASIER or MORE ACCEPTED or ANYTHING that would make someone choose to be that way. People are born gay, it is who they are, and can’t be “ignored” just like you can’t ignore being african-american. It’s just who you are, so my examples stand.

    To quote Wanda Sykes: “If you don’t agree with same sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex.”

    Straight people are allowed to marry as many people as they want, they are allowed to marry and divorce at their own will. Nothing legally forces them to hold marriage in sanctity. Look at Elizabeth Taylor, or Jennifer Lopez? They took several sets of marriage vows and ignored them, yet they still retain the right to remarry. Does having a divorcee live accross the street from you diminish what your marriage stands for? NO, so how can a same sex married couple to that?

    There is supposed to be a separation of church and state. It is CHURCHES and RELIGIOUS BELIEFS that are against same sex marriage, and are forcing the state to follow.

  104. Sue 104

    her religion won’t let her grant equal rights to all americans, but it wiill let her parade around in a bikini?

  105. Julie 105

    Well put Bev. I’ll throw my comment in behind yours to echo the same.

    How is this question biased exactly? Can a woman ask the contestant about equal pay for equal work, or is that biased because she is a woman? I don’t think we can disallow people to ask questions in which they have a vested interest because they are “biased.”

    It’s amazing to me that supporting unequal rights among human beings is a matter of opinion that is so “tolerated.” To me, it’s comparable to asking a question about the equal rights of black or aboriginal people fifty years ago as a matter of opinion, and being okay with an answer about the inferiority of people of color. Asking if it’s okay for gay people to marry implies an inherent difference in the quality and value of their relationships in comparison to those of straight people based on the fact that gay people are different and that their relationships are somehow inferior. We “tolerate” an incredible amount of discrimination against gay people that I hope we will look back on with shame in twenty years. And, by the way, if tolerance is all we’re aiming for, we’ve got a problem.

    PS – Perez Hilton is–to put it politely–a dolt. He totally debased the discourse around the issue with his response. However, in no way do I think it was inappropriate for him to ask that question.

  106. RobinSue 106

    I have nothing to say because someone may hate me for it.

  107. Julie 107

    Actually Christina, it’s completely comparable to discrimination against people of color. Asking if it’s okay for gay people to marry implies an inherent difference in the quality and value of their relationships in comparison to those of straight people based on the fact that gay people are different and that their relationships are somehow inferior. It’s amazing to me that supporting unequal rights among human beings is a matter of opinion that is so “tolerated.” We “tolerate” an incredible amount of discrimination against gay people that I hope we will look back on with shame in twenty years. And, by the way, if tolerance is all we’re aiming for, we’ve got a problem.

    I’m also interested in how this question is biased exactly? Can a woman ask the contestant about equal pay for equal work, or is that biased because she is a woman? I don’t think we can disallow people to ask questions in which they have a vested interest because they are “biased.”

    PS – Perez Hilton is–to put it politely–a dolt. He totally debased the discourse around the issue with his response. However, in no way do I think it was inappropriate for him to ask that question.

  108. Melynda 108

    Such a modern woman trying to compete in an out of time, not updated event. It appears that you can only win by not being true to yourself. Hummm, what does that mean?

  109. wkf 109

    HAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! levity! Well done.

  110. Stephen 110

    “Are we moving into a country who is only going to allow us all one way to think?”

    As it stands today, there is only one way to think of marriage in 46 of the 50 states. Why are not ALL U.S. citizens afforded equal rights under the law? Maybe I’m naive, but can someone explain to me how same-sex marriage negatively impacts traditional marriage?

  111. Harold 111

    No, questions like this should not be allowed when the contestants honest answer will receive punitive remarks. Of course who cares what PH says anyway but the question was inappropriate and strategically placed to cause damage to someone. Pathetic on the pageants part.

  112. christine 112

    I don’t think any of us are forcing the state to follow..we have a vote in these issues just as you do. There just happens to be more people in this country who believe it is a moral line they can’t cross. There are things in this country that I don’t agree with but I don’t hunt people down and make their lives miserable because they see things differently. Our country represent the majority of how our country thinks.

    The thing is, if the coin were flipped here and he was the one being discriminated against for his views, Id feel the same way about what happened here as well. It is wrong for anyone to lash out at someone for their beliefs. I think that is what is being missed in this whole story here. What he did was wrong. He doesn’t want to be treated that way but he has no problem going after her as he did..I still say “shame on him.”

  113. christine 113

    It means you’d better know who you are and where you are going or the bullies will win the race. Good on her for taking a stand against the bullies. In the end, she is the better person. =O)

  114. Bev 114

    The thing that is so frustrating is that it is straight people, who have NO idea what it is to be gay, who are making decisions about the lives of gay people based on what they THINK is gay reality. It’s like white people making decisions based on what they think it’s like to be black or able-bodied people making decisions based on what they think it’s like to have a disability.

    The gay marriage issue should be decided not on moral grounds but on whether it is right to treat one class of people different from another class of people. Period. It’s not a moral issue, it’s a legal issue. But we continue to bring morals into it.

    Unless you ARE gay, you don’t know what it feels like to have no attraction for someone of the opposite gender and be biologically wired for attraction to the same gender. It is NOT a “lifestyle choice.”

  115. Tiffany 115

    Wow, I’m sorry. I have always loved your blog and I hate to be one of those people that storm off in a huff, but I honestly cannot read this anymore. I’ve heard gay rights activists called bullies in this thread and honestly, it’s despicable and thoroughly makes me uncomfortable that a blog I love so much for the recipes can inspire so much ignorance and hatred.

    It’s one thing to disagree with a minority, but to use your religion as an excuse to deny them a basic civil right… yet are outraged that a man’s personal beliefs could possibly steer his vote in a cheap PAGEANT is just… hypocritical and sad.

    I can’t read your blog anymore. I regret linking to it in the past, I wouldn’t want to be associated with this crowd.

  116. christine 116

    As it stands today ~ and I hope forever in this country, is that the majority is heard. It is what makes this country what it is and has been. This country reflects what the majority of the people believe and think. The majority of the people do not think as you do on this issue. So until they do, are you all going to bash and beat those who don’t think as you down? Do you want to be treated as he treated her? There is a larger percentage of people who support this life style then the people who actually live this life style, thanks to Hollywood. I really think the big issue here with this story is how this gay man behaved towards a straight persons beliefs. Sounds as though most of you agree that this is how we treat others? Or is it just that it is ok to treat someone who doesn’t share “your” beliefs? I think and believe it is wrong to treat anyone like this, regardless of your beliefs. I don’t have to be your best friend but I do have to be respectful and nice.

  117. Muffin Gallwasp 117

    It sucks. Being true to myself might entail marrying another woman. Unfortunately, bigots like the ones on commenting on this site, have a personal bias against people like that, and wouldn’t allow that to happen.

  118. christine 118

    Tiffany..but he was a bully! And if a straight person treated a gay person the way he did…he’d be a bully as well. That behavior was wrong and shouldn’t be defended on either side. I think you and many are missing the whole point here…this can’t be tolerated from either side. If you think how he behaved was right then you have to think it is right on the other side as well. I think it is wrong for anyone to go after anyone in that manor.

  119. christine 119

    Bottom line is…believe in the life style or not…people need to be kind to others. We don’t have to ever agree on these issues…but we do need to respect each other and be kind to one another. This young man was not respectful of her views at all.

  120. Bev 120

    But, Christine, the question was APPROVED by the pageant officials. Other contestants were asked political questions, and Hilton (jerk that he is) is only one judge.

    Should the pageant have permitted all political questions EXCEPT that dealing with gay marriage, which is a very hot topic in the country today?

    No matter how I feel on the subject (and I think I’ve been pretty clear how I feel), I think her not winning the title was due more to her inability to be articulate and inclusive of all the people she for whom she may be a role model.

    I saw Miss USA on TV this morning and she expressed herself quite well and was more a credit to the pageant than the woman who talked about “opposite marriage.”

    I have never seen Perez Hilton’s blog but from what I’ve heard his actions following the contest were despicable, but I think as for the contest itself, there was nothing unfair about it.

  121. Bev 121

    In this we are in agreement.

  122. Noble Pig 122


    It’s too bad this has stressed you out to the point of storming off in a huff.

    My blog has never been just a food blog (read the subtitle) and we have debated many current issues here and will continue to do so.  A lot of useful information has been exchanged in this post alone. 

    I don’t know whose religion you are referring to, but it’s not mine.

    There is an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” I guess you’ve done that and that is perfectly acceptable. 

    If anything, this post has opened up good communication about this issue from many different points of view.  I welcome that and in the future look forward to many good debates such as this one. 

  123. christine 123

    I don’t really think I had a problem with the question…the problem I had was what he said about her after she gave her answer to his question.

    I agree with you that this was only one vote from him and if that is why she didn’t win is not really my issue.

    My main issue with all of this is how he lashed out at her.

  124. Tony 124

    I love you.

  125. christine 125

    I don’t think it is fare for you or any one to call others bigots for simply voicing their opinions. We simple disagree and should leave it at that. Just because people don’t see eye to eye doesn’t make them bigots. I am sure this young lady feels your pain as well…she was true to herself and look what this gay man did to her. It is wrong on both sides of the wall to behave this way. We don’t have to agree or be best friends, but we can at least be respectful to one another. If standing up and voicing an opinion about how badly he behaved towards this young woman makes me a bigot then I guess so be it.

    Thanks for the blog Noble pig

  126. dawn 126

    Yeah, Tiffany is being a little dramatic. She has missed the bigger issue. Obviously she feels you can control what other people say. She must be a control freak herself and cannot handle a well debated issue. If she really understood it she would understand this was about allowing controversial or politically charged questions not if gay marriage was right or wrong. Oh well, her loss.

  127. Tiffany 127

    I wouldn’t call it “stress” that’s making me sick to my stomach right now.

  128. christine 128

    Tiffany..but he was a bully! And if a straight person treated a gay person the way he did…he’d be a bully as well. That behavior was wrong and shouldn’t be defended on either side. I think you and many are missing the whole point here…this can’t be tolerated from either side. If you think how he behaved was right then you have to think it is right on the other side as well. I think it is wrong for anyone to go after anyone in that manor.

  129. Tiffany 129

    Also, out of curiosity, would you have considered it “bias” and out of line if a non-gay man had asked the question and based his vote on it?

    Sorry, I was being super aggro, I know. I get really, really emotional during this argument because it makes me sad so many of my friends are being denied a basic right and the comments on this post fueled that.

    Your friend there is right, it’s not your fault so many of your commenting readers are… well, let me keep that to myself for now.

  130. Noble Pig 130

    Yes, and I stated that in my post.

  131. Stephen 131

    So, if the majority decided slavery was again acceptable, you would be okay with that? You would respect the rule of the majority and not stand up for equal rights?

  132. christine 132

    Tiffany..If this guy hadn’t been so rude to her and mistreated her for her answer, do you think this would even be talked about right now? Believe in gay marriage or not, this is about how he treated her for her answer to his question.

    This guy asked her a question and she answered it. He is calling her rude names, belittling her for her answer and said he’d of gone on the stage and torn that crown off her head if she had won. And he wants respect for his beliefs? This is wrong on so many levels.

  133. Nomi 133

    When you are a spokesperson, model or professional representative of any agency, you are expected to have a certain image… That’s the primary function of these pageants- finding pretty faces to shill products. If you cannot express yourself in an articulate way, if you can’t understand diplomacy and tact, if you aren’t able to carry yourself and act in a decent manner, or keep your mouth shut at appropriate times, you are a potential risk to any company that wants to use your face, risking alienating people from the product. Regardless of her personal opinions, or Perez’s shlocky two cents, she is just too dumb for her own good. THAT is why she deserved to lose.

    Unfortunately, there’s a rare combination of wits and beauty in these contests.
    I think it’s too easy for the women to focus on the latter.

  134. Tiffany 134

    I am so not going to defend Perez’s behavior afterwards, because it was very uncouth and well, honestly, I can’t stand him. I’m an ONTD girl, myself.

    I’m here to say he had every right to vote her down, as did anyone else on that panel. Not only did she answer the question poorly, her basic morals were in question to many people (whether you -believe- that or not, some do).

    And as for the writer of this blog, I suppose to address the point at hand, I do believe that question is appropriate from any judge, gay or straight. It’s something close to many, many people’s hearts in the country she was trying to represent via her sweet bikini bod. People need to know where she stands on that very important issue and it’s fair for her to be judged based on it, for good, for bad or not at all.

    It was the rest of the arguments in the comments that struck a nerve with me. “The majority has spoken, so there.” Ok, I’ll swallow my grief and accept that sadness, when funding from outside states isn’t allowed to be applied to a state level issue.

  135. Bev 135

    I agree the guy was a jerk for his actions after the pageant, but the original question of this blog post was whether the questions should have been asked at all. Cathy said that she felt it should have been thrown out. I was under the impression that the discussion was whether the question was fair and whether or not it should have been taken into consideration in the voting for the crown.

    Given that she was Miss CALIFORNIA, the question was totally appropriate, and sanctioned by pageant officials. Other questions were also of a political nature–this one just happened to be a hot potato.

    As for Hilton’s actions following the pageant, I think he is doing more harm than good to the image of gay people by being such an insensitive, boorish jerk.

  136. christine 136

    Now if we could just reach the others!…lol

  137. Bev 137

    The thing that is sadly funny about this entire discussion is…my god, it’s a stupid BEAUTY PAGEANT run by DONALD TRUMP and look how much attention we’ve given it. I haven’t watched a beauty pageant in decades (including this one)

  138. Tiffany 138

    Ha, I know. This whole thing has managed to upset the gay-friendly in me AND the feminist in me.

  139. Tiffany 139

    Oh and sorry, this was in response to this: christine wrote:
    “Tiffany..If this guy hadn’t been so rude to her and mistreated her for her answer, do you think this would even be talked about right now? Believe in gay marriage or not, this is about how he treated her for her answer to his question.

    This guy asked her a question and she answered it. He is calling her rude names, belittling her for her answer and said he’d of gone on the stage and torn that crown off her head if she had won. And he wants respect for his beliefs? This is wrong on so many levels.”


  140. christine 140

    Bev..I didn’t even remember the question after reading all the comments!….lol

    I say, ask whatever they want…just be open to the answers.

    If the contest allows heated questions then they need to be open to heated answers with out a beating up the contestants.

    My husband actually had a good question..”what in the world is a gay guy doing judging a beauty contest????” Lets all think that one through…lol

  141. Tiffany 141

    Oh Christine, honey. You need a gay friend. Then you’d know why it is VERY appropriate to have them judging a beauty contest.

  142. Bev 142

    Are you kidding? Who BETTER to judge a beauty pageant than a gay guy? I’ll bet she had her share of hairdresses and make up people and clothing designers who were gay. A gay guy is the best person to get feedback from if you want to know how to look your best.

    If only straight men judged beauty pageants, the winners would probably be the ones with the biggest breasts.

    (OK–that’s unfair to straight men, who might be able to look beyond breasts, but I was making a joke)

  143. christine 143

    LOL Bev! Ok you win!…lol

  144. christine 144

    Come to think of it..neither have I!…lol

    Donald really is a brilliant business man to suck us all in here…lol

  145. christine 145

    So you are saying that we should eliminate the majority? Isn’t the majority the ones who ruled out slavery?

    I think the very fact you and I have the right to stand up for what we see as right and wrong is a pretty good system.

    What I see as a very scary system is peoples rights to voice their beliefs taken away from them.

    What I am hearing here, with this young lady, that because her beliefs differed from his, he has the right to mistreat her verbally? Tell me where that is good on either side of the fence? We shouldn’t have to bully a society to take on our beliefs…no matter what you believe.

    Hope that makes sense. =O)

  146. Mai 146

    As someone said before, the question was allowed. At the same time, someone else on the panel could have asked the same question.

    This also wasn’t the only politically charged question asked, if I recall correctly, Miss North Carolina was asked a question about the bailout?

    I think it is a relevant question to ask, considering the current events and such

    What she said about “in my country” is just hilarious. Not everyone in “your country” believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

    What made it much funnier was how she later stated that her sister was a gay rights activist, as if that somehow neutralized what she said.

  147. Kim 147

    Ms. USA is supposed to represent the USA. Not part of the USA. A more professional answer would have been to acknowledge the differences in our country and the controversy that is not going to go away with out more work on both sides of the issue. It was not that long ago when blacks could not drink from the same water foutain or swim in the same pool as whites.
    having said that – Perez Hilton is an idot for his cause – so completely unprofessional and shameful in his response later.

    Like it or not this issue will be solved and gay marriage will be accepted – it may take many years but that is the way it will go. USA was suposedly built on civil rights and a separation from church and state.

  148. Donna 148

    What a great post.

    You are right, judges with a personal agenda asking biased questions should not be allowed to judge in the competition.

    Yes, she fumbled in her response but I guarantee even if she had the most smashing and eloquently spoken response that did not go along with PH, he still would have went berserk. The pageant knew this and that’s why they approved the question. Questions about the economy would never get this type of angry response. I am disgusted this was allowed to play out on television and I hope they never allow this to happen again.

    I also think it’s funny how people (one in particular) take a blog post and make it all about something it’s not even about. What’s wrong with angry people who are too immature to listen and join in a debate without having a personal meltdown. They must be young.

    I enjoy this type of sparring and in the future please continue to have a place for us to go back and forth on such great current issues. Discussions like these help change the world. And by the way, I am for gay marriage just in case anyone was wondering.

  149. christine 149

    “Ms. USA is supposed to represent the USA”
    If the majority of our country feels this way about this issue, then I guess we could all say she is speaking for the majority of the people in our country then.

    I had never heard of this Perez guy until this post, and I’d really have to agree with you here…he sure spewed hatred towards this young ladies answer to his question.

    “Ms. USA is supposed to represent the USA” “Accepted” is one thing but “shoved down the throats of people” isn’t the way to go about it.

    I thought this country was built on the freedoms of choice and the majority vote. Our country reflects the views of the majority and moral values of our country, good or bad, our country reflects the majority.

  150. Bev 150

    Once again, you’re saying that it’s OK for straight people to make the decision about how gay people should live. And that’s like saying it’s like white people should make the decision about how Asians should live. People have to understand that being gay is NOT A CHOICE. It is what you ARE.

    Just out of curiousity, how would you feel if straight were the minority and the gay majority told you that you could not marry the person you love, that you could get married, sure, but you had to marry another woman. Would you feel that was fair? Does putting it in that light help you understand why there is so muich frustration about this subject?

  151. christine 151

    If this indeed were the case Bev, I’d stay single.

    I’d rather please God at that point then follow man. Eternity is a lot longer to live then a few years on this earth.

    And I certainly wouldn’t force my ideas or convictions onto you or anyone else. A prayer, voting and sharing Gods truth is what is required of believers. The rest is up to God.

    As I stated in your blog Bev earlier today, I don’t agree with anyone who bashes gays or anyone for this matter. You can create and pass all the laws you want, but until mans heart has been changed there is always going to be hatred and wrong doings here on this earth.

    Your frustration is that the belief in this lifestyle choice at this point in time is not held by the majority here in America. I am frustrated as well at some of the things the majority has passed in this country as well. It is how it has been set up from the beginning. If I don’t like it, I pray, vote and trust God for the outcome.

  152. Bev 152

    My frustration is that you and so many other continue to think this is a CHOICE, when gay people know it is not. Does Oprah live the “black lifestyle”? Of course not. She IS black. Gay people, whether they live this “lifestyle” you talk about or not, ARE gay. I know a lot of celibate gay people. It doesn’t mean they are straight. It means they are gay people who, for whatever reason, do not engage in sexual relations with anyone. It doesn’t make them any less gay or any more straight.

    I believe that God made us what we are and if that is gay, He did not intend that we cut ourselves off from the love and companionship of a partner, if we so desire.

  153. wkf 153

    Ok Bev…I have read all your posts on this and mostly agree with you. I have a friend that I knew was Gay before she did and I have watched her suffer through several relationships with women
    who said they were gay and were just in it for the experience. These were long term relationships. She has since found and married a woman who was previously married to a man. No prior inclination to lesbianism.
    I have some friends who would love anyone ,male or female, that would love them back. For some people in gay relationships it is a choice. It is these people that throw the wrinkle in these comments. Yes for the majority of homosexuals it is NOT a choice. But for some it is. I’m just sayin’….

    Oh and I believe in a benevolent God, Goddess, or Super Being.

  154. Bev 154

    I agree with you 100%

  155. Kate 155

    Great post, Cathy, and judging from the amount of comments, a very touchy subject here. What was Perez Hilton doing there anyway? I’m glad she was honest in her answer. Perez is often quite the ass.

  156. christine 156

    Bev…that is because it is a choice. You mentioned God, so I am thinking you believe in him? If you do then you know that it is a choice, always has been always will be. In the beginning God created Man and Woman..not man and man..woman and woman. God did not create or birth Homosexuals. I think he has made that clear not only in the Old Testament but the New as well. Until you and I can agree that God created everything and stands firm against this life style, calling it un-natural then you and I will never agree on any of this. And I am ok with that.
    Romans 1:24-28
    26-27 says that “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their woman exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural. 27 and in the same also the men abandoned the natural of the woman and burned in their desire towards one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.

    You and I may stand here and sugar coat sin, bathe in it and try and convince the world to as well, but God does not. As a matter of fact if you read down to the next chapter it talks about how God tells us not to push Him to far…Rom 2:5 But because of your stubbornness and unrepentant heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.

    So you see Bev, as I stated way back, you and I can agree to disagree with out hate or vile remarks to one another. But you and I will never agree on this heated issue until you see & accept what God stands for. Nor will I as a Christian cross Gods moral line.

    He doesn’t force you and I to believe or accept him. He says here it is folks, I am here for you and if you’d like to hang out with me I am here for you..if not it’s your call, your choice. I personally am pretty awe struck at the very fact he says that he spoke and there was light…how close have you been to the sun? I serve a fire breathing God and I for one am not crossing a moral line in my walk. If you believe in God, you pretty much need to believe in the whole God we serve. Not bits and pieces. This is why believers can’t support or cross this line. You know how I feel about hate crimes and I do not ever think anyone is justified in judging,or lashing out at anyone. God has already said He will take care of that in the end. But, we are told not to bathe ourselves in sin and we are to stand firm in our beliefs. He is very clear in the New Testament that as Christians if we are Luke warm in our stand for him He will spit us out of His mouth.

    So Bev, I respectfully disagree with you that God made anyone Gay. You are free to support gay but God doesn’t say anywhere where he supports it as I shared in his word, He is pretty much against your views here as far as I understand it to read. Please share where he does.

  157. Lena in VT 157

    This post is classic. It specifically asks if highly biased questions by a judge should be allowed in pageants. That’s it. However, you all turned into a debate about gay marriage. The post even says this is NOT about gay marriage…it’s about biased questions being allowed! If you think for one minute the pageant did not know Perez would go loco with an answer that did not agree with him, you are naive. This was a calculated TV move. This post had nothing to do with gay marriage, the biased question asked just happens to be about gay marriage. It could have been about anything. Like, a CEO of AIG asking if corporate bonuses should be allowed and the beauty queen saying no they shouldn’t. So the CEO marks her down because that doesn’t serve their cause. PEOPLE, THIS WAS NOT ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE…IT WAS ABOUT BIASED QUESTIONS BEING ASKED…READ THE POST and stay on topic.

    My opinion, biased questions by a judge should not be allowed. At. All.

  158. christine 158

    I for one didn’t understand your rules on this post Lena in VT. I think if you read back through all the comments you will see how it all just evolved here. Sorry for breaking your rules on this post Lena.

  159. david 159

    I know this post was about biased questions that should NOT be allowed but I want to throw in my two cents.

    Homosexuality is a choice OR all of our observations about evolution are FALSE. A key component to evolution is sexual reproduction and weeding out bad genes that prohibit the continuation of a species. Homosexuality, if it was in fact genetic, would have been weeded out and the numbers of people claiming homosexuality would have been decreasing not increasing. So all the people out there saying that Christianity is wrong they need to take a close look at what they believe. Evolutionist would have them eradicated while Christians would have them admit it is a sin and become saved. Chose one or the other because you cannot hold two opposing viewpoints. I don’t think Perez Hilton “thinksâ€￾ much but instead just spouts the deep seeded anger that has been with him most of his life.

  160. Bev 160

    I maintain, Christine, that if you are not gay, you cannot know what it is to be gay. Period. And all the Biblical quotations in the world are not going to change that. If you are gay, you know it, whether you ever act on that knowledge or not. God does not make mistakes.

  161. Bev 161

    David — Do you remember when you chose to be straight?

  162. christine 162

    “And all the Biblical quotations in the world are not going to change that.”

    You have drawn the line right there Bev.

    And that is your choice. And it is mine not to cross it. =O)

    I don’t agree with you but I understand what you are saying.

    I wish you well =o)

  163. Kathleen 163

    David, I agree with your thoughts on Perez. He was unnecessarily taking out his anger.
    However, you are missing a few things in your argument about a genetic basis for homosexuality. If you consider when populations begin to grow exponentially, they eventually reach what is called a “carrying capacity”. Carrying capacity is the maximum amount of individuals that can be sustained with the resources available. In a graph of population and time, this capacity would be denoted where the population levels off over time (line becomes horizontal).

    If we consider the example of humans, our population is constantly growing. To combat the marked increase in individuals, a genetic component (i.e. homosexuality) would become prevalent so that we do not overshoot carrying capacity. If we did, we would stretch our resources too far. Thus, there is a logical reason for homosexuality to have a genetic component.

  164. Kathleen 164

    David, I agree with your thoughts on Perez. He was unnecessarily taking out his anger.
    However, you are missing a few things in your argument about a genetic basis for homosexuality. If you consider when populations begin to grow exponentially, they eventually reach what is called a “carrying capacity”. Carrying capacity is the maximum amount of individuals that can be sustained with the resources available. In a graph, this capacity would be denoted where the line levels off.

    If we consider the example of humans, our population is constantly growing. To combat the marked increase in individuals, a genetic component (i.e. homosexuality) would become prevalent so that we do not overshoot carrying capacity. If we did, we would stretch our resources too far. Thus, there is a logical reason for homosexuality to have a genetic component.

  165. Mai 165

    What makes you think it’s a choice? That’s ignorant of you to think that someone chooses to be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual etc.

    It’s not a choice in the slightest.

    Being homosexual, bisexual, etc doesn’t mean you’re incapable of reproducing, so obviously saying that it would have been “weeded” out is stupid.

    People actually have the freedom now to acknowledge their sexual preference.

  166. Nancie 166

    She was honest, honesty does not pay …
    Lie keep everyone happy u get ahead. Sad…

  167. Jon 167

    The Miss America contest is about beautiful, talented women competing for first place.

    It isn’t and should never be about some idiot judges OPINION about anything else. Period!!

  168. CJ 168

    Pushing a lifestyle choice? I have yet to see a gay person, male or female, who wants heterosexual people to become gay. Since when does someone else’s marriage define yours? My marriage will not change just because a gay couple down the street gets married.

    Marriage was originally a civil contract to allow for inheritance, childrens’ legitimacy and property rights.

    As far as a healthy lifestyle, I’m not so sure heterosexuality is that much more healthy than homosexuality. AIDS is passed from hetero to hetero, STDs are rampant in heterosexuals, 7.5 out of 1000 people are married but 3.6 of those people are divorced, kids are abused, neglected and molested…oh yeah. The heterosexual lifestyle is definitely superior.

  169. christine 169

    AIDS and STDs are a whole other subject. And I think if you went back and researched a little here you’d find that Aids and STD are a result of sinful lifestyles as well. Where did AIDs start and what type of life style brought that to the table here? I’ll give ya a hint, it wasn’t brought here through a heterosexual couple living a Godly lifestyle. And STDs? Once again, do Heterosexuals living a godly life, have to worry about that as well? Think about it. It’s kind of interesting the two disease’s you brought up here really were brought on through a sinful life style.

  170. Bev 170

    I’m so glad to know that, Christine. I’ll be sure to tell my friend, the 70 year old woman who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear that she’s living a sinful lifestyle.

  171. Bev 171

    I love the “procreation” argument. If that were valid, every single woman over child-bearing years should be denied the right to marry, very infertile couple should be denied the right to marry, every couple who chooses not to have children should be denied the right to marry.

    Besides–isn’t overpopulation a big problem right now? What’s the big deal about reproducing (I suppose that having given birth to 5 children, I should speak softly on THAT issue, however!)

  172. Roman 172

    I believe polygamy should be legalized. It is the most natural marriage for any gender or lifestyle. If gay marriage is legalized there is no reason polygamy can’t be legalized too. I am not a member of the Latter Day Saints just in case you are wondering.

  173. christine 173

    Bev you missed the point completely.

  174. christine 174

    bev…I am leaving a final comment to you on your blog. We have taken this blog far away from this bloggers original question and I will end my part here now. I have enjoyed talking back and forth with you. The sad thing about your friend with the AIDs passed down through a blood transfusion is another reason to think about the innocent who are affected as well through all of this. I didn’t say that we are going to contract Aids through our sin. I said, that through sinful deeds/lifestyle is how this all began. So for you to make that comment makes me think you are really only here to argue..not search truth.

    Blessings =O)

  175. I totally agree, and thought this was lame. If there was some staunch conservative who asked the same question, she might have won.

  176. Bev 176

    Just a FYI to all who feel this was an unfair question, I just learned that the other contestants were asked questions about domestic abuse, universal health care and aid to Afghanistan, so this question was not at all out of line.

  177. pysmatic 177

    just because you believe in a book written a couple thousand years ago, pieced together, by MEN (specifically now), chosen to be included as chapters and claimed as the word of God, does NOT mean that you are right and have the right to limit people’s rights.
    And where did god say “ya’ll should vote.” because I’m just not finding it in my copy of the bible.
    And I am Catholic. However, I do not believe all the things in the bible. nor what the pope says. I just don’t. I believe in God, and I believe that the men (and let’s be clear here. I do mean only persons of that gender) who jotted down what they heard/saw/witnessed may have OMG gotten it wrong because of bias, human error, and hearsay. Do you believe EVERYTHING in that holy book you hold up so high? Because I don’t think you would be allowed to write babydoll. I don’t think as a woman, you should believe the bible. Are you filthy when you menstruate? Really? Are you kidding me? I think Jesus does not mention homosexuality at all. I believe that the perception of Christianity is flawed. I believe all organized religions are flawed, but that there is truth to some of them. And no…scientology is not one of them.
    But to legislate against LOVE is just the most hateful thing I can think of.
    And I don’t think GOD intended for women to enter the Miss USA pageant to be ogled, demeaned, and paraded around.
    the bible is full of contradictions. I know Catholic nuns who agree that the Bible is not perfect or … holy hell. Catholics think evolution is compatible with Christianity. Catholics are the original Christians. And they are wrong loads of the time. (oh yeah wearing condoms is going to spread HIV further. how irresponsible.) And I don’t think even you are as pious as a nun.
    St. Paul said the best woman was a nun. The second best was a mother who only has sex for the object of procreation.
    and anglicans and protestants and all the other christian sects that split from catholicism in the 16th century just changed their minds about that. so how can you YOU be fit to judge anyone and vote against them based on a flawed document that you aren’t even reading in its original languages? Do you realize you are reading translation upon translation upon translation? Do you realize how “doctored” your King James bible is?!
    sorry. I’m just so passionate about this. Christians should found their own country called “chrisitania” and have all laws based on the bible and leave the US out of it. We came here to escape the religious persecution. separation of church and state baby. so when you vote based on your bible…you are violating that trust our founding fathers built.

  178. LS 178

    Its a beauty contest. Homophobia is a very ugly thing.

    Seems rather simple to me. Or are we only judging them on what, some required ratio of makeup to plastic surgery?

    The whole thing is pointless frippery that only demeans US culture. Much like Perez Hilton.

  179. LS 179

    Talented?! Hahahaha.

  180. heather 180

    not having read all the responses, i hope i’m not repeating. i don’t think prejean actually answered specifically if every state should allow same-sex marriage. she did state her personal opinion, while saying the ability to choose was great. her answer would have been better if she had perhaps said something about the role of voting (and thus majority opinion) in making such laws. or offering another approach to the issue, rather than being mired in the either or aspect of it.

  181. Jess 181

    Actually, it wasn’t solely PH’s vote that cost her the crown. Other judges voted that answer down as well.

    One of the judges even has a gay daughter. So if you think he lost her the crown because of his vote, you are wrong.

    However, I still don’t think the question should have been allowed.

  182. I think it’s a political issue, and one that most Americans, gay or straight care about, so it was fair game. I also know that it wasn’t just Hilton’s vote that lost her the title, many of the judges didn’t like her answer. It wasn’t articulate and didn’t sound nearly as intelligent as other “one man-one woman” arguments I’ve heard. (And I’ve heard a lot.) That being said, Hilton’s rant was immature and tasteless. He did a lot of damage to his cause with his ugly little tantrum and it’s a shame that such an important issue gets clouded with his silliness.

  183. I am so glad you posted this. What a travesty that all was. I had the chosend Miss USA on my website with the caption – “now that’s trauma.” Tehehehe…thanks!

  184. Dena 184

    There are so many feelings here about gay marriage in general but the bigger issue is if the question should have been asked. It shouldn’t have. Sure the other questions might have been political in nature but none of the questions had judges who have personal agendas in regards to their outcome. Perez being personally biased and immature would have voted her down if she did not agree with him….even Donald Trump admits she got kind of a bad rap with the whole thing. The other questions were not as politically charged as this one and the other judges would not have taken it personally if the contestatnts said we shouldn’t give aid to Afghanistan. So personally biased questions should not be allowed.

  185. Mrs. L 185

    I guess the question for me is…during the “competition” she was asked a difficult question. Did she answer it articulately? Gracefully? Knowledgeably? They are asked tough questions to see how they answer under pressure. Though I don’t agree with her opinion, I think she could have expressed her opinion better. To me the question doesn’t matter, it’s how it’s answered. Did she answer her question better than the other contestants? That’s the key here (and I can’t say cuz I didn’t watch). Just because she is articulate now that the competition is over is of no relevance.

  186. Dannie 186

    I think its not so much about her being politically correct its more about the her answer coming across as un-educated and I think rather offensive. To begin with we don’t have the right to choose, thats what the debate is about… same sex marriage is not legal in most countries let alone most states of the U.S so where is the fairness or choice? When somebodies opinion goes against a peoples basic human rights it is offensive to me. She didn’t deserve to win anything with that kind of thinking.

  187. Molly 187

    I would point out that there is always biases amongst any judges, whether they care to admit them or not. For instance, it appears that all judges prefer thin women, as these are the only kinds of women in the contest in the first place. Any time anyone is judging someone else, they are doing so based on their own inherent biases, whether they care to admit to it or not.

  188. Sylvie 188

    Lets say its 1968, and the contestant says that she oppose black people having equals rights, she would not have won and we would look back and say “how retarded”. Many years in the future people are going to listen to last week’s answer and say the same thing.

    To be fair I think the other contestants should have also been asked politically charged questions. It would not only be fair, but also maybe bring a bit of value to this constest.

    Perez Hilton exists and is successful because that is what consumers want, same for fast food and bad movies. We make choices and have to live with the consequences.

    He is a human being and he must have been very hurt and humiliated by her anwers. Maybe he does not have yet the maturity to react properly

  189. Dawn 189

    Perez Hilton is a heterophobe and is radically gay. He should not have been allowed to ask such a personally biased question. If he didn’t want an honest answer, why did he ask her. He used the pageant to try and further his cause and it backfired on him. And doing what he did after seems as if he went beyond what would be considered legal behavior for a judge in a competition.

  190. Psychgrad 190

    I’m sure I’m just echoing previously stated comments…

    I think that if the pageant producers were averse to judges that aren’t impartial, they wouldn’t have chosen Perez in the first place. He tries to create monsters or heroes out of people – so he’s bound to have and express his opinions. Nowadays – any publicity seems to be good publicity.

    Given the current context of what makes news and gets a rise out of people (see comments above), there may be a method to their madness. I don’t know anything about this year’s pageant (or previous years for that matter) aside from the controversy of Miss California’s answer.

  191. Tira 191

    I hope that the purpose of this question was to A. see how eloquently she answered it, and B. to gauge her ability to avoid answers which marginalize people. An ideal Miss USA should leave politics to politicians and should be involved in charities, be graceful and open-minded to the many people in our very diverse society, where we are (or should be) free to be ourselves. Homosexuality is still a hot topic right now, and it almost always brings up some strong feelings. She should have said “I was raised in a church which does not support gay marriage, however, i feel that the US is a diverse country with many views on this issue and the decisions regarding this should be left up to the citizens as a whole and their great leaders.” – or something similar. Unfortunately, this decision perpetuates the stereotype that a pretty woman is prettier without an opinion. I think the pageant industry is so archaic and terribly sexist. Although i support gay marriage, it is funny how she was penalized for stating her opinion when asked, but the last Miss USA was able to keep her crown after using cocaine.

  192. Tira 192

    That is the best argument against the B.S. procreation bit that i have heard yet. Well put! It’s so true! Unfortunately, this person also missed the point of the discussion, which was whether she should be able to say what she believed, rather than the readers of this blog having a platform for their (poorly defended) hatred.

  193. Danielle 193

    I honestly don’t think I have ever watched a beauty pagent…but I completely agree that personally biased questions are inappropriate and the committee was way out of line here. Wow, look at the comments…gonna spend some time here!

  194. He’s really that affected with Miss California’s answer. Perez is acting so childish!

  195. Jessica 195

    It’s only “news” (and I put news in quotes because that term is used SO loosely these days) because it is ridiculous.

    Of course Perez is wrong, and of course she should not be blasted for her opinion. America is the land of the free…freedom of speech included!

    Even if I don’t agree with her OPINION (which I don’t) it doesn’t mean she can’t have it. Even if I don’t agree with her OPINION she shouldn’t be judged down in a BEAUTY CONTEST. He asked what she THOUGHT, and she gave her thoughts…what more can you ask for? …. I guess if you are PEREZ you were asking for her to give you YOUR OWN OPINION and nothing else.

  196. cathi gordon 196

    Let’s remember-this is a beauty contest and a less than tasteful one at that-not even a scholarship pageant! These women are not future leaders or on the cutting edge of social change-they spend lots of time on makeup not public policy! This is about entertainment and ratings and this got lots of attention! Do you believe this was not calculated? It was a plan to generate controversy and publiciy. That is why they chose Perez Hilton and this question. This question is no less fair than the query about the bailout. These women are not ph.d candidates sitting for their oral exams after all-they were chosen for their looks in a bikini, their smiles and ability to work the runway. They do not look like real women who work and volunteer and go to school etc. Their main priority is their physical appearance! The answer was nonsensical and was not articulate at all. Of course she has the right to her opinion and many people oppose same sex marriage due to their religous or moral convictions and I certainly respect that. If we have a choice as she stated does that mean the “we” is limited to straight people? Did she propose a civil union since she does not believe in same sex marriage? It is 2009 and gay people are not going to go away. We must leave the hatred and bigotry in the past. We need to realize that the constitution applies to all individuals. For example if your moral/religous beliefs do not support sex outside of marriage then you can make this choice in your life- can you really make that decision for others? Would you really propose making sex outside of marriage for consenting adults illegal because it is against your moral/religous beliefs? If this pageant were about the best and brightest we all know heroic women who do extraordinary things in their communities, churchs, temples and mosques. PTA leaders, hotline workers, hospice volunteers, soup kitchen organizers, women who mentor youth, etc etc etc, who volunteer their time, energy and ideas to all kinds of amazing projects each and every day. These were not the contestants in this pageant! As to the comment earlier about legality- this is a private competition, a money making event and it can make it’s own rules. It is not a criminal or civil violation of any kind to let PerezHilton be a judge or ask a question! We have been manipulated by the PR push to make this pageant regain in former popularity and get the ratings and make the profit! Remember the bible supports death for adultery, slavery and a lot of ideas that are illegal and unacceptable in our democracy so let us not us it as a guide for law making.Regardless of your religous beliefs we live in a democracy and tolerance is always a winning attribute.

  197. alana 197

    I’m late to the game, but I want to point out that there is no sufficient evidence that the question was biased. If a straight man had been the one to ask, no one would have automatically assumed he had a “hidden agenda.â€￾ If anything, we are the ones being unfairly biased toward Perez Hilton (not that I agree with how he behaved or what he said).

    Secondly, there is nothing in the constitution that says you’re free from criticism. She has no more right to her opinion then Perez Hilton does. She has the freedom to say she only supports “opposite marriageâ€￾ and I have the freedom to call her an idiot. It may not be very nice of me, but that doesn’t mean I’m in the wrong. Being judged by the beauty pageant JUDGES was part of the contest. To cry foul is just silly.


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