On Their Way

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of my boys standing next these massive logs on our vineyard property.  They were left behind by the logging company and needed a new home.  In other words, they needed to get.

Yesterday they were hauled away.  Maybe they will be used to build a new home or potentially someone’s new winery.

Overall it’s a massive undertaking.  Can you tell?

We wish we could have used the logs ourselves but the timing was off.

The road around the perimeter of the property continues to take shape.  Willie continues to bulldoze his way around, bringing the road together in certain areas.

And the update you have been waiting for, the fence.  I am still amazed how many emails I get about the fence so here’s what’s happening. 

After the property line survey report was completed, the neighbors agreed to allow us to move the fence onto the “real property line” and for good will we agreed (at our cost) to extend this white fence up the hill about 300 feet for aesthetic purposes.  It hasn’t been done yet because the ground is too wet to complete the project. 

It comes apart easily, but the poles are cemented in the ground.  Hopefully we will be able to finish the fence saga soon. 

This is one of the thousands of trees we were required to plant to replenish the forest.  The areas of land we are currently not developing into vineyard must be maintained by us and remain in forestry production.  The trees seem to be doing well but it is a constant battle to keep the blackberries and other overgrown brush away from these tender young firs.

We continue to be surrounded by some stellar individuals who make this whole project possible.  We could not do it without them.  Willie is of course an invaluable member of our team.  Thanks again for dislodging the log stuck under the Wild Boar’s car last week, he was quite grateful.

And Jim, thanks for being on site yesterday and taking the time to send me some of these pictures, that was awesome!

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  1. Very exciting stuff – the progress, not the saga with the neighbors ;)

    Can’t wait to come visit you at the new winery!

  2. Lori 2

    Wow, this is a massive undertaking. But I’m glad to see everything is moving forward, it’s so exciting to watch! :)

  3. Hilary 3

    Hi Cathy .. wonderful pics .. & showing just what an incredible undertaking it is .. good for you. Delicious blackberries before they swamp the poor trees!

    It will be an amazing journey .. enjoy –
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  4. That’s really unfortunate that you weren’t able to use those huge logs in the construction of your vineyard and new home. That would have made for a great conversation piece too.

    I’m really enjoying seeing this come together, piece by piece and I hope you’ll publish a book once everything is complete. I think this entire journey would make a beautiful book!

  5. You’re on youre way girl1! Love the neighbors Llama~

  6. Shawn 6

    Wow…so many different things. Those logs are massive, too bad the timing was off.

    Yumm..wild blackberry bushes. I loved picking those as a kid.

    I was one of those wondering about the fence even though I didn’t email ya about it.

    I just love seeing this evolution. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  7. Every time I see new pictures or updates, I am blown away by the massiveness of this project. I know your vision will carry you through, but WOW.

    Thanks for continuing to share with us!

  8. Thanks for the fence update. I’m really happy that it’s working out. You know I’ve been wondering.
    Thank Jim from us to for the photo’s!
    Progress is being made!
    When are you making the big move?

  9. That was really nice of Jim to send you pics! Thanks Jim for keeping us all updated.
    I can’t wait till you start planting grapes!!

  10. Jeff 10

    I have a huge smile on my face reading this article and seeing pics of huge machinery in action.

    Do you just have to plant the trees or are you required to make sure that they grow too?

  11. Wow–it is an amazingly huge undertaking! But it sounds like you’ve got it totally under control.

    Those logs are HUGE!!

  12. I want that llama!

  13. Liz C. 13

    Kaching! I’ll bet you’re seeing dollar bill signs much the same way someone who has been hit on the head see stars. Still, it is so thrilling to watch the progress of it all. Like I’ve said before, we will be there for your opening, whenever that may be. I’d have to be imprisoned to keep me away.

    We’ve already started talking about coming out there for it & I even have Mr. Snoots reading your blog now. He doesn’t read mine anymore, but he’s crazy about yours. Go figure.

  14. Marjie 14

    I knew when I saw the machinery pictures starting to load up that this would be an exciting post! The hooligans are doubtless greatly displeased that they’re missing all of the excitement. They may refuse to go to school next year!

  15. dawn 15

    Did Willie ever wash his truck?

  16. Trisha 16

    Wow. I love big machinery and watching it work. How exciting that things are moving along!

  17. Noble Pig 17

    We have to make sure they grow.

  18. dawn 18

    I love that you planted 1000 trees. That is truly good to hear.
    I still can’t believe how big those log trees were. Amazing.

  19. Barbie with a T 19

    Good progress is being made!! I can feel the excitement. Is that a llama I see in the photo with the barn? If that is so, that must be pretty peaceful country out there. My two favorite animals are llamas and deer. They are such peaceful animals, they add to the serenity of the landscape.

    No more worries with the fence. That is the good news. An agreement was reached and that should end the dispute.

    I am enjoying following the whole story and I can see wine in the future!

  20. Dean 20

    I cannot even imagine what a project like this costs and enatails as far as work. Unreal. There is nothing more valuable than people around you that you trust. It sounds like you have that.

  21. An amazing journey!
    Thanks for sharing this, I love the baby trees!

  22. Alisa 22

    How exciting! What a great journey you’re on.

  23. I love reading your updates on the progress of the winery. I am in awe of you…you’re living your dream, and that is unbelievably fantastic.

  24. Mary 24

    This is “the stuff dreams are made of.” This must be such an exciting time for you. It’s a bit like watching a baby (an expensive baby) being born.

  25. LilSis 25

    How exciting! It’s a beautiful piece of property!

  26. kathyB. 26

    Impressive, all that heavy equipment , planning and work. Seems like things are progressing rapidly, and then like it is taking forever!Some of those logs are massive!

    Thanks for the update on the fence, I HAD been wondering about that.

  27. annbb 27

    Such fun your letting us be a vicarious part of this process!

  28. Lori E 28

    That looks like some pretty valuable lumber there. That should pay for a new fence and more.
    We are always surprised by what the lumber companies leave behind near our cabin. More firewood for us.
    When is your hoped for completion date?

  29. What an undertaking! I thought just decorating a house was bad!

  30. I LOVE hearing the progress :-D. Thanks for keeping us up to date. We’re living vicariously through you on this adventure. We’re awesome cheerleaders!!

  31. Another day closer to your dream come true. One of these days when it is all said and done I will visit you and see your lovely empire!

  32. KAYOLA 32

    I was just wondering about your fence the other day….thanks for keeping us up to date…like it’s my business…hahaha….the scenery there is gorgeous…too bad you couldn’t use some of those logs…what an adventure for your family…this is exciting!

  33. Pam 33

    It’s so fun watching the progress of your winery. Looking forward to wine tasting when it’s open for business.

  34. Debbie 34

    The property is really coming along. It looks like a beautiful piece of land. I love the updates!

  35. sharon 35

    Glad to hear you have baby trees growing as well! Ahh, the fence saga. Glad it’s coming to a close.

  36. What a humungous undertaking! But me, I’m salivating over those trees. We heat with wood and my husband is a carpenter. That wood would go a long way!

    Good luck!

  37. Donna 37

    All so fun.. I am so glad we can watch all the progress..

  38. selling lumbar is a good way to offset some of your huge expenses!

  39. Paula 39

    Yeah! It looks like progress is in the works. Boy oh boy, logging is really demanding, hard work. With this warm weather that’s been gracing us, I was wondering if you had crews working on your place. It’s been a pleasure watching your winery take shape. :-)

  40. Paula 40

    Oh, also meant to say that I love the Alpaca or Llama in that one photo, and I also love how you have planted trees, too. Great stewardship of the land! Love it!

  41. Elyse 41

    Wow! This is quite the undertaking. Those are some logs, for sure. What an exciting time!

  42. tipper 42

    Great photos of the logging operation. Love the scenery-and so happy everything is progressing for you guys!!

  43. imom 43

    I just love seeing the progress on the winery! When all is said and done you should think about doing a scrapbook for visitors to see how the winery came to be!

  44. Melynda 44

    Beautiful countryside, so much to do! I would imagine you can hardly wait to be there.

  45. Hey, this is just coming along, isn’t it? I love seeing the progress. As a reader, I feel like I’m sharing the excitement w/ you. Your kids must be just beside themselves w/ all of these trucks & tractors. I wish you the best for this venture!!

  46. Count me in among the “fence people”. As I started reading this I started thinking to myself, “I wonder what’s up with the neighbors and the fence.” Thanks for the update on that. :-)

    What a gorgeous piece of property. You must feel so proud and accomplished to be watching it take shape like this.

  47. lo 47

    Thanks for the fence update … guess I was wondering about that too :)

  48. There sure is a lot going on! It’s neat to follow the progress – thanks for the updates!

  49. What a wonderful team you have! But your neighbors sound like jerks!

  50. I’m tired just scrolling….

  51. Bunny 51

    You had to plant thousands of trees… omg!! I can’t even imagine that!

  52. Marlene 52

    I am starting to get as excited as you are!!! What great progress.

  53. Cool images! It’s nice to see that things are moving along.

  54. Yikes, Cathy I had no idea of the scale of your operation. Hot dang! If it’s any consolation, just get the saplings to survive to a height greater than blackberries, scotch broom and deer tongues, and they’ll take off and never look back. I just removed some seventy foot trees planted only 30 years ago.


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