Heating Up

Temperatures are heating up in Oregon.  Yesterday, it was eighty degrees.  Very strange for April in this neck of the woods.  And guaranteed not to last.

The hill in the background (behind the straggly tree), once riddled with tree stumps, will be where the first of the vineyard planting takes place.  We’re getting close.  We just need the weather to cooperate.

The land has finally dried out enough for us to hike around it.  This was the first time we were able to walk down this new access road.

Yes, he thinks his glasses are totally awesome.

Posing in front of lumber. 

These are logs which were left behind by the logging company before we aquired the land.  Willie rescued them from a ravine somewhere.  They are more massive than they look.

Hot and exhausted.

He swears there is a lion in there.  He’s really terrified.  I’m not kidding.

Nothing says “Halloween Party Invitation” like a scary tree picture.  I’m thinking a Blair Witch Project theme?  I need to start planning now.

And today is my brother’s birthday…Happy Birthday Paul!  OMG you are 39….that’s almost as scary as the tree.

One Year Ago Today:  Wahhhhhhh-ter….We Found It!

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  1. Hilary 1

    Hi Cathy .. the land looks wonderful and vines need to be stressed .. so the hillside looks a great place. The logs I suspect will have a wonderful future somewhere in your new property ..

    great kids and the ‘poseur’ & his glasses look fun ..

    It’s super and I do hope all the weather conditions come together so you can get planting ..

    All the best – Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  2. Betty 2

    I hope you treasure & enjoy these days in the making of the vinyard. The area is perfect for your vinyard.Treasure especially those handsome young men you have with you. Time goes so fast & they will be grown. They are precious.

  3. Oh boy….things are beginning to take shape and will go faster than you can imagine, and slower than you had planned!

    I am enjoying your new adventure and look forward to years ( God willing ) of following your progress up til the time I can hobble in to your winery tasting room and rejoice in your accomplishments! Of course your hooligans will be six foot something and needing to shave every day…but maybe they will be pouring the samples of your labor while espousing the virtues of your wine!

  4. All great pictures! Always love seeing the boys. I know they love this property as much as you do, even with a scary tree and lions lurking (you can sense his concern in the photo). BTW, that gnarly tree is one that might have mistletoe hanging high in the top in VA. Getting close to planting is very exciting! :-)


  5. Laura 5

    Who wouldn’t think his glasses were totally awesome?

  6. HoneyB 6

    Happy Birthday to your brother…your son’s glasses ARE cool, and I envy your 80 degrees! We are only 33 here today and its spitting snow!!!

    Oh, and that tree pic is AWESOME!

  7. Those glasses ARE totally awesome!

    It’s so interesting watching your vineyard take shape. Thanks for sharing so much of the journey and evolution of property with us.

  8. I think I might be in love with both your land and your boys. They are just the sweetest things ever!!!!

  9. Wow – what a property – what a project! It is beautiful!

  10. I agree, this warm weather is fantastic. Looks like you are making progress on your property. I love Oregon in the summer.

  11. Barbie with a T 11

    I can only imagine your degree of anticipation! This is truly going to change your life, and shape your boys lives in a direction that is filled with so many possibilities. I am following vicariously and I can even feel some excitement about it myself.

  12. 80 degrees! Down here in Texas it’s in the 30s. In April!
    I’m glad the place is dry enough to walk about. Nothing is worse than having to scrape 3 inches of mud from your boots before getting in the car!
    BTW, how’s it going with the neighbor & the fence?

  13. annbb 13

    I want to see that Halloween party invitation! Looks like progress is being made.

  14. Katrina 14

    Great pictures. Cute boys, land looking good.
    But hey, I’m 39, what are you saying?

  15. What a grin! He looks like he’s up to something.
    Those downed trees are awesome. I can only imagine what they looked like while still standing. But, you know me, I love trees.
    And that spooky tree would look great as a Halloween invitation. You have given me ideas. I guess we both better start planning. Will you be living there permanently by Halloween?

  16. kayola 16

    Those are the cutest little Paul Bunyun’s I ever did see!!!!!! That is a pretty thick forest…I might be a little chicken too…but your idea of the party saounds great! It was 90 here yesterday…not ready for the blasted HEAT!!!!

  17. Sara 17

    That is some beautiful scenery!

  18. Bunny 18

    Planting soon, wow that must give you butterflies in the tummy!!!

  19. I love the scary tree picture! Love it! It was warm here in the NW, huh? Today should be the last day! Then rain tomorrow. Did you get the property line issue straightened out with your neighbor yet?

  20. imom 20

    Hasn’t the weather been amazing?! We haven’t hit 80 and probably won’t, but I’ll take 70 any day!

    The photos of your boys are priceless. I have many a picture of my son wearing the very cool sunglasses.

  21. I am a heat seeker for sure:D

  22. Flea 22

    Happy birthday Paul!

    The glasses ARE cool.

  23. As Always, I love learning details as they unfold about your land our west – I cannot wait to see more, every time I see a new post, those logs are something too! Gosh – is there anyway you can use them- or sell them?

  24. Beautiful area and great pics–and the boys look adorable too! I love your scary tree pic!

    Happy Bday to your Bro!!

  25. Mary 25

    The boys look like lords of the manor. Too cute for words. Glad things are moving along for you.

  26. Kelly 26

    boys are too cute. and yes, his glasses are too cool. great photos. and what will you do with the logs?!

  27. I cant wait till you are up and running and my mom and I can meet in the middle for a day at your vineyard! Oh and on our way home from Washington to Southern California for Christmas we will be able to swing by and pick up the wine for the Christmas table! Sweet! Maybe you will even help me pick out the best bottle since, even though I read the posts about picking wine, it just doesn’t seem to sink in!

  28. Jeff 28

    Great that tree is going to give me nightmares now. hehehehe

    When you hoping to get everything in the ground?

  29. Julie 29

    His glasses ARE totally awesome. That tree scares me a little too.

  30. Marjie 30

    I know you’re going to plan an awesome party around that tree!

  31. dawn 31

    Wow, your property is so beautiful, you are so, so lucky and yes I am envious, I’ll admit it. What a story you have and will continue to make.

    I can’t wait to buy your wine, knowing I was there watching from the inception. You will have a huge following!

    Cheers to Noble Pig Wine! It’s such a great name too. Memorable.

  32. Those are nice pictures, and your boys are so cute. That shot of the tree is gorgeous! Perfect for an invite, for sure.

    Best wishes to your brother!

  33. What a beautiful piece of land. I envy you the warm weather. We need more warmth in NY!

    That’s an awesome tree photo. Now that you’re talking Halloween, I’m getting Halloween-a-day anticipation.

  34. I love your pictures. I wish we had weather like this.

  35. Maybe there is a lion! In an enchanted forrest…

    I should do a story. Can I come over?

  36. elra 36

    Adorable boys! And I hope it was just something else, not a real mountain lion. Poor thing, I can imagine how scared he was.

    No kidding, maybe he was scared of this tree, no? I know it doesn’t look like lion, but …

  37. Laura 37

    LOVE the scary tree pic! So cool. And those trees look pretty darn massive to me–which leaves me wondering just how massive they are anyway.

    How did your son get the idea a lion was in there?

    Oh yeah and it is snowing here. :P

  38. Pam 38

    I am loving this sun we have had for a few days – it’s a bummer it’s supposed to start raining tomorrow.

    The scary tree is awesome!

  39. Rebel 39

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures.
    Here in the Ozarks, there would be somethin’ in those woods!

  40. That last picture of that tree is flipping sweet! That would make an awesome Halloween party invite. I can definitely see a Blair Witch theme with it…very cool!

  41. Biz 41

    Happy Birthday to Paul!!

    I love the color of the clay – it reminds me of my grandmas house in Virginia before they had paved roads – which they didn’t get until I was in high school!

    Jealous of your heat!

  42. Paula 42

    Hasn’t the sun been glorious here! The usual clouds are moving in as I type this, but we’ve certainly enjoyed it while it was here. Love your property photos, and I love the perspective of your boys leaning on those massive logs. Looks like everyone is having a great time!

  43. giz 43

    What great shots Cathy – I can’t believe how fast those kids are sprouting up. How much yeast are you feeding them?
    Your gefilte fish for Passover is ready for you on our blog :)

  44. Mrs. L 44

    God I love the fact that you think Halloween all year round!
    Did I mention I may be in Scotland for Halloween this year? Sigh. I’ll have to live the holiday vicariously through you…

  45. pam 45

    Wow, it’s really coming along.

  46. Adorable boys!

  47. Love the pictures, especially the last one. And totally jealous that it’s 80 degrees there!

  48. sharon 48

    I can’t imagine a more fun playground for two boys!

  49. Dragon 49

    Gorgeous photos and gorgeous boys. You are a lucky lady.

  50. Donna 50

    The glasses are ultra cool.. darling boys you have there.

  51. Elyse 51

    I love that three picture! Your land is awesome. I can’t believe it’s 80 degree, though. That’s crazy!

  52. Awesome tree pic!


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