It’s All Spring to Me

It has been a very busy week, but I wanted to take some time and wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

The kids and I spent yesterday morning making these cupcakes using Jordan Almonds as the little chick and rooster heads.

Some of them just look like eggheads, but hey, this isn’t rocket science.

However, here’s the best part.  On Friday night I had a dinner party.  Some of our guests included the Coleman family who own Coleman Vineyard, a winery and vineyard located very close to our property in Oregon.  I have to say, they make the greatest Pinot Noir.  If you are looking for a great Pinot, look no further.  Get some…you won’t be disappointed.

Do you see the tray the cupcakes are sitting on?


Here’s a better shot.  The Coleman’s young son makes these Lazy Susans out of used wine barrels. The tray was brought to me as a hostess gift. 

All I can say is, WOW, I am so thrilled with it.  I couldn’t wait to use it in some of my work.  Can you believe a twelve year old made this?  At twelve I was twisting my braids around my finger and sucking on the tips of my hair.  Go figure.

Anyway, the tray is exquisite.  It’s massive, heavy, rustic and spins beautifully.  I absolutely love it and consider myself so lucky to own it.  It kills me to think I have to leave it in Oregon until I return.  Thank you again Coleman’s for such a generous and thoughtful gift. 

Not only did the Coleman’s spoil me that night but the Wrigley Family showed up with this magnificent bouquet.  The Wrigley’s own J Wrigley Vineyards, their property sits directly South of mine, on the opposite ridge. 

The Wrigley’s planted their vines last November and are eagerly waiting for their first estate vintage.  I can’t wait to celebrate that moment with them, it’s very exciting and I’m glad we have all become fast and furious friends.  I am truly blessed to have so many great people in my life.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy your day!

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  1. cybill 1

    What gorgeous photographs and what a clever idea to make the little chicks with. Thank-you for such a lovely post!

  2. Cute, cute cupcakes! And wow! I would love your new lazy Susan, but don’t think you’ll be giving it up…looks like your heart is well and truly in the wine country of Oregon! Pack up quickly….your new vineyard is calling you…..

  3. Rosa 3

    Happy Easter to you too!

    These cupcakes are so cute!



  4. A 12 year old made that? He’s talented for sure. Definitely amazing. The cupcakes look just grand perched on top!

  5. HoneyB 5

    Happy Easter to you and your family! Cute little cupcakes and beautiful flowers!!

  6. That is an adorable cupcake idea!

  7. Adorable cupcakes!!!

    Happy Easter to you as well my friend.

  8. Steph 8

    Those cupcakes look soo cute! I wish I was as creative at 12. I don’t think I can decoarate like that now..haha

  9. How much fun is that? You aren’t going to miss California a bit! I am going to get some of that Coleman Pinot Noir!

  10. Hilary 10

    Thankyou .. you too have a good Easter Sunday later on!

    Great little cakes & I loved looking at the two vineyards .. good pics & the flowers are lovely.

    The wine barrel lazy susan is great fun – and a really good idea for a budding carpenter – something so useful too .. I expect we’ll see it lots now – would be good with loads of cheese on .. there must be local cheeses?

    Enjoy Easter and have fun planning ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  11. Happy Easter, Cathy and family!
    Cupcakes are adorable.
    I’m impressed with the lazy susan.
    Such sweet friends to bring hostess gifts.

  12. Wow, some terrific stuff here today! I bet you all had a blast making the cupcakes. :-)

    That 12-year old has a promising future. Such a beautiful Lazy Susan. I can imagine that’s quite a popular item for wine afficionados, cooks, etc.

    Magnificent bouquet, too, as you said. Such a lovely and cheerful post for Easter–thank you!


  13. Those cupcakes are adorable. How lucky you are to have nice friends that own vineyards!

  14. These cupcakes are just adorable and I LOVE that lazy susan! Rustic is my style!

    Have a very Happy Easter!!

  15. Rindy R 15

    Your cupcakes are so cute and that lazy suzanne is amazing! Lucky you – but luckier them to have YOU as a friend! Happy Easter!

  16. Melynda 16

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, enjoy!

    PS that tray is the best.

  17. deeba 17

    Cheep cheep Cathy.Looks like you’re having a fab Easter. Love the cupcakes, the chicks & the Lazy Susan…WOW!!

  18. annbb 18

    Peace to you and all those you love, my friend.

  19. Very cute – happy holidays!

    I’d love a lazy susan like that. Great re-use of materials!

  20. Katrina 20

    What key-ute-ness. I love the roosters!

    Yeah for great neighbors and friends!

    Awesome lazy Susan, too!

  21. Kayola 21

    HAPPY EASTER to you and yours! I ♥ that you have already made such great and giving and talented friends!!!! I am in awe of the 12 year old and his talent….he will surely have a bright future….LOVE THE CUPCAKES! Your talent ALWAYS amazes me!!!!!

  22. dawn 22

    I love that lazy susan, what a clever idea. What a great group of friends you have, I guess moving to Oregon is going to be a wonderful experience for you.

  23. Mary 23

    FoodGawker has a new craft site. You should submit the boy’s project. The eggs are really cute. It’s so nice that you’ve made friends in the area you’ll be settling into.

  24. Sara 24

    Beautiful flowers and cupcakes. Happy Easter!

  25. dawn 25


    I loved visiting the Wrigley and Colman site. How fun that you are all in this together. Tell us more about them!

    What an amazing Lazy Susan…it’s truly a very cool gift.

    And the flowers are just delightful.

    How lucky you are to have great new friends.

    Happy Easter.

  26. Mike 26

    I can’t wait to get a hold of that Pinot Noir. I’ve seen it in Oregon at the market and now i will try it. You have never let me down with a wine recommendation.

    The flowers, the cupcakes, the lazy Susan…amazing.

    Happy easter.

  27. elra 27

    How beautiful and colorful cupcakes Cathy.
    Happy Spring!

  28. Julie 28

    Love the little chickies, and what cool lazy Susan! Happy Easter to you and yours.

  29. kari 29

    Love the pictures, you never cease to amaze me. I want a lazy susan like that! And the flowers were gorgeous. Living in Alaska, we crave the color and freshness that flowers bring long before they bloom here.

  30. Those cupcakes are adorable! I miss the days when my daughter got into making things like that with me. Now, I can barely get her to EAT a cupcake, much less decorate them!

    Happy Easter to you and yours, Cathy. I hope you’re having a great day!

  31. imom 31

    Adorable cupcakes and beautiful lazy susan, what a marvelous gift. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  32. Happy Easter Cathy!

    Those cup cakes are so sweet and those flowers are so beautiful. It sounds like you had a great time!

    You know…Pottery Barn sells Lazy Susans just like the one that boy made for you. I have to tell you…his look way better than the one they are charging a gazillion dollars for. What a thoughtful gift!

  33. Wendy 33

    Great cupcakes. Gorgeous! First time visitor, hi! My husband grew up in the same place you live. (I recognized it from the frog story.) We’re living in Arkansas now.

  34. Ricki 34

    Wow, what adoable cupcakes and I enjoyed checking out your friend’s websites.

    I love reading about different wineries. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

  35. Bob 35

    What a cool lazy susan! Sounds like a dinner party I wish I had been at. :)

  36. Ivonne 36

    And a most Happy Easter to you as well!!! Today, of course, we are consuming the noble lamb …

    Love the cupcakes!

  37. Marcy 37

    Wow , that lazy susan is beautiful! That is one talented 12 yr old!
    Happy Easter to you and yours Cathy! Have a wonderful day!
    ( the cupcakes look yummy!)

  38. Love the Jordan Almonds as bunnies–couldn’t be cuter. Have a great Easter Sunday.

  39. Alisa 39

    Love the cupcakes! What a fun night. That lazy susan is amazing! Happy Easter to you and yours as well.

  40. I love the lazy Susan cheese board.
    Great idea….and the cupcakes are too cute to eat!

  41. That is a true blessing that you are making such good friends. You all will be a great help to eachother when you get your place up and going. This is such a great dream come true!

  42. Such cute cupcakes! Happy Easter to you.

  43. Lisa 43

    Wow, what great friends you have. I can’t wait to try their wines and yours.

    Thanks fr bringing them to our attention.

    Happy Easter!

  44. Marjie 44

    Those are some adorable cupcakes! Happy Easter, Cathy!

  45. Cheryl 45

    If you only could have heard the gleeful (and ear drum piercing) squeal from over my shoulder when my she-twin saw the image of those cupcakes! Now that is one I’ve got to try. (Did you just use red frosting gel for the beaks and combs?)

    And call me Easter e-corny, but I feel blessed to have you in my e-life! :)

    Happy Easter and Passover, Cathy!

  46. Don 46

    I loved looking at the Wrigley’s photo gallery pictures! Very nice.

    And your kids are so lucky to have a Mom who makes such great stuff.

    Welcome to Oregon.

  47. Suzette 47

    How wonderful that you’ve been blessed with such great friends at this point in your relocation already! That must really feel good! Love the lazy susan! Not to mention the cupcakes. I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter.

  48. These I must say have to be the most cutest things ever made!!

  49. Pam 49

    Happy Easter – the cupcakes are so cute. I am jealous of your new lazy Susan…it’s amazing! What lovely neighbors you have.

  50. Liz C. 50

    Oh, the colors! Where are my sunglasses?

  51. Lori 51

    Have a wonderful Easter! :)

  52. Seriously, seriously cute!

  53. Leslie 53

    Happy Eastre to you as well Cathy!

  54. LilSis 54

    Adorable cupcakes! I love the little eggheads!Happy Easter to you and your family!

  55. Donna 55

    These are the most adorable cupcakes I have seen this Easter.. LOVE them. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  56. Brian 56

    Happy Easter to you too. I hope you had a great day despite the ever present Oregon rain.

  57. barbara 57

    Love the cupcakes. Happy Easter.

  58. Elyse 58

    Sounds like you had a fabulous Easter!! Those cupcakes are just precious. And I love Jordan almonds. What a great use–they make perfect Easter decorations. Happy Easter!

  59. The cupcakes are wicked-awesome! And that spring bouquet was gorgeous!

    I just love all the green. It’s one of my favourite colours and those cupcakes just shout, “SPRING” to me!

  60. Those cupcakes are adorable and the Lazy Susan is so cool!!

  61. Misty 61

    I LOVE THEM Cathy! Everything looks so wonderful! Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL too!

  62. Daziano 62

    Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua!!!

  63. megan 63

    Wine, good friends, wine, flowers, wine, cupcakes, You had my kind of Easter! The lazy susan is beautiful! They should sell them at their winery so when I come to visit, I can buy one! ;)

  64. Louise 64

    Happy Easter! What wonderful neighbors you have at your new home.

  65. grace 65

    adorable, cathy. even though it’s in no way spring-like here, just looking at your cakelets makes it seem so. :)

  66. Mrs. L 66

    You can not show us those wonderful cupcakes on that cool tray without letting us know how to buy one of those trays! This kid could pay his way through college with all the business you could give him :)

  67. Those cupcakes look really yummy, last thing I should be thinking about right now, but hey, I’m preggers, so I guess I can cheat! Hope you had a great Easter!

  68. Those are so adorable!!


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