A New Crib

As many of you know, I have been biding my time in California as I plan to relocate to Oregon soon. 

Things like the kids finishing the school year and the less than hot housing market have left us living between two states as our vineyard development continues in Oregon.

I have mentioned we keep an apartment near our land but have recently had to look for larger accommodations to meet the needs of all of us (the whole family) making the move. 

Since we are going to build a house on our property we were not interested in purchasing another home so we looked for a rental.

Now, finding a decent rental in somewhat rural Oregon is not easy.  We needed to be close to our property as there is always something going on there requiring someone’s attention.

Luckily the Wild Boar happened upon a somewhat snazzy country club neighborhood as he scoured the town for somewhere he knew I wouldn’t complain too much about living.

This particular neighborhood is circa late 60’s early 70’s.  It is filled with those sprawling, one story ranch style homes. 

The Wild Boar knows I have wanted to go back to a one story home for a while now so this was a plus.

Anyway, most of the homes in this neighborhood sit on the golf course and many have been remodeled.  Some have not.

The house we have leased is one of those in the not updated category and lives up to its full 70’s potential. 

I was worried.  But let me just say, I love this house.  It was custom built by a doctor and his wife who lived here until they sold it to move to a nursing home. 

Every single thing in this house was custom designed.  I guarantee back in it’s hey day, it was some kind of fabulous. 

Yes, it needs a kitchen update and new drapes blah, blah…but the bones of this house are incredible, down to it’s crazy but expansive floor plan.  Half the time I can’t find anyone because the house is so spread out, I call and call and no one answers. 

Here is one view from the living room looking out onto the golf course.

This is from the other side of the room.

So typical of the Pacific Northwest, there are daffodils and moss everywhere around the yard.

This is what you see from the master bedroom.

One area of the house encompasses a large atrium with 8 foot glass windows all around.  It’s beautiful and brings light into all the living areas.  This is very important for the Pacific Northwest as it is often dark, rainy and dreary.

There are two glass sliding doors on opposite sides that lead into the atrium where there are ferns and other small plants growing.  It’s really great, especially the very large windows.

There are the quintessential seventies outdoor lighting fixtures.

And when is the last time you saw one of these?  It’s huge and really takes you back in time.  It honestly adds a lot of character.  The house is filled with really cool lighting fixtures like these.  Every room has something different.

All the woodwork in the house…and let me just say, I have never seen so much woodwork, is all custom built.  Many of the rooms are covered in cedar.  All the custom cabinets have specialty pull outs and little quirks you never see in homes anymore. 

This is a cabinet built into the dining room.  It has a marble top, which is the same marble used on the fireplace hearth.  It is for china and silverware.

On the left is a peek into the drawers of the cabinet.  They are solidly built and lined in some pretty wild paper wouldn’t you say?  On the top of the cabinet is a pass through door from the kitchen to the dining room.  There is also a swing door that goes into the kitchen from this room as well.

I’m pretty sure the original owners of this home were fairly eccentric or maybe artistic is a better description.  I know it’s hard to see the true colors, but above is the GREEN sink in the kitchen and on the bottom are one of the matching mustard-colored sinks in the master bath.

There is custom woodworking on doors. 

And then there is the blue bathroom.  Blue sink, blue floor, blue-etched custom cabinets, a blue toilet, and a blue shower head to go with the blue bathtub!  There is a large skylight in this bathroom so it glows a softer shade of blue.  The tiny, tiny picture is of the beautiful mirrors in the bathroom, they are way cool.

Oh, there’s more…the light sits above the laundry room sink.  Let’s talk about the laundry room.  First, it’s almost as big as the kitchen.  It has a sink at least four feet deep, it’s own bathroom and mega, mega, mega amounts of cabinets.  I love it.  You can iron (not that I will), hang wet clothes and have a small cocktail party in there.  It’s awesome. 

To the right of the light, is another very strange pass through to the kitchen table from the cooking area.  Honestly it’s so strangely placed.  There is no need for it as the kitchen table would be a foot away.  Like I said, eccentric.

Bottom left:  There are a few of these crazy switch plates.  They are coming down.  I guarantee they were made by the original owner but I just can’t do it.

Bottom right:  This is a picture of a window pane.  All the windows in the house have these wooden-edged windows, they are very cool.

There are large side yards with extensive storage, a workshop and another little enclosed yard.  This particular outdoor workshop has electricity, a phone, a heater, windows and all sorts of custom stuff in there. 

And speaking of storage…never in my life have I seen a house with so much storage capacity.  It’s amazing.  This is one of the hallways in the house.  This picture is deceiving because this hallway is very, very, very long.  If you see the cabinets on the left, down this hallway alone there are probably ten of these.  This does not count the other custom built in drawers, hampers (yes hampers) and other types of storage down this hallway as well. I am continually amazed by all of it.

Then, in the middle of the house, in a very random location, is this hobby room.  This is just one side of it but it is completely surrounded with built in cabinets of all shapes and sizes, pull outs to write and craft on.  There are large windows, a sink and all kinds of specialized tables.  The best part is…it’s all mine! I’m going to turn it into my photography studio.  It also has two doors that lock!  Even better.

Anyway, this house, while it has its many flaws has so much character.  I love that.  

There is so much more to show but I’ll save it for another time.  Hopefully I didn’t bore everyone to tears.

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  1. Bee 1

    I LOOOOVE the lining of these drawers. And I’m very jealous of your blue bathroom.

    This looks great…

  2. I am in love with the storage and the atrium! You should take notes and drawings of the fantastic storage….and incorporate it into your new home! Wonderful new home between homes for you Noble Pig!

  3. What a beautiful new pad! You should sell the switch plates on ebay…

  4. Shawn 4

    That looks totally awesome! I love the views you have and that atrium, wow. I’d even like to see a floor plan of that place and you are right, it oozes character!

  5. I’m digging the new crib! So much detail in many things. That one hanging lamp with the tall white ‘globes’-totally love that. And all that storage? Give my right eye tooth for even a third of it. Plus those views? Awesome. I’d so be putting my scrapbooking stuff in that hobby room, since, well, my photog skills aren’t quite as mad as yours :)

  6. mmmmmm…WOW…I think I am very jealous. What possibilities that home has….and a CRAFT room!

  7. Laura 7

    All those doors!
    Our condo was full of doors when we moved in and places where doors used to be. Claustrophobic that I am….I asked my husband to take them off. Do you really need a door into the kitchen?
    I like your house a lot….what character it has!

  8. Donna 8

    It looks charming, full of love and welcoming.. And a separate craft room, hobby room, how nice. The views are wonderful, I love all the open windows and light.. Bore me??.. NEVER!! I love to look at homes, and this was a treat!

  9. Wow – Thanks for the mini tour! I loved the flash back. The blue bathroom looks identical to the bathroom in my house in 1976. We had the same linoleum and and same drawers and sink. Funny! You can tell that house was beautiful in its time! Makes me wonder what decor (if any) would be timeless and current!

  10. eko 10

    Doors to/for every room are more common in Europe than in the U.S. – which often (now-a-days) is wide open spaces. I LOVE this house, quality craftsmanship, if even a little out-dated. I long to live in the P.N.W. What protects your windows from errant golf balls? ;-)

  11. johnjoy316 11

    I don’t think I could go from sunny CA to grey skies. Is Washington State the same? Is it like that most of the year? I would like to relocate someday.

  12. Looks like awesome digs! Mazel tov! I have never heard of a hobby room, but I am now convinced that I want one. And while I’m already jels that you live in Northern California (any proximity to San Francisco is good proximity to San Francisco) I cannot wait to hear about your expolits in Oregon.

  13. nina 13

    I love all the glass and natural light! Good luck with the move!!

  14. You really did luck out — it surely won’t be a hardship to live in this house while your own is being built. And who knows… maybe you’ll all take up golf!

  15. I’ll bet you’ll be living permanently in Oregon as soon as school lets out. Have you checked out the school district yet? Or will they be in private school when moving there?

  16. I love this house, flaws and all. The atrium is so cool. It looks to have so much light. Just be careful when getting the house on your property together. You might end up “recreating” the rental!

  17. My mind went in a completely different direction when I saw “The Crib” title! LOL Awesome rental. I love all the wood and special touches. There’s something to be said about eccentricity. Being here will take away a lot of the stress of being in Oregon for your temporary stays. Congrats!


  18. I love the mature trees, and the cherry? tree that looks like a bonsai! in the courtyard……
    I sell that 70’s crap, so don’t throw it away! the lighting fixtures and knobs will bring you some $

  19. Cynthia 19

    I love how enthusiastic you are about all the eccentricities and original design choices in this house! That’s how we can tell you didn’t buy it, LOL. Though, actually, if you had, you’d probably make several house payments just from selling salvage when you remodeled.

    I agree with several previous posters: the trees are amazing. You’re so lucky there in the Pacific NW, plants sure do have a good life, and they look happy to prove it.

  20. As I looked through the photos of the house I kept thinking back to episodes of the Brady Bunch…the colours and styles that were so predominant in the 70’s. I always said I wanted to live in a house like that…kind of funky.

    Thanks for the virtual tour of your new digs. The house sounds so spacious and full of character!

  21. Jackie 21

    WOW I would move in and never come out. It looks perfect. Do you have basements in the pacific northwest?

  22. Your new house is looking gorgeous! The views are nice!

  23. I love it! What character….and beautiful grounds.

  24. one question for you…. can you adopt me?

    I could easily stay in one of those many closets and would be happy to grab the many ingredients needed for your recipes….:P

    fab house – hoping always the best for you and your adventure.

  25. Betty 25

    Oh Cathy!!!!
    The house is “BEAUTIFUL”& character flaws are what make a house a home,just like the people who live in them. Oh my, if envy weren’t such a sin, I’d say I envy yours & the Wild Boar’s choice. The views out the window’s are so special. You can probably still feel the love that was there during the Dr & his wife’s time in the house. Well, Lucky you & you have been truly blessed in finding
    this house. Enjoy your time there.I know you will.

  26. I love your new crib! That house is off the hook! You’re right… straight out of the 70s in a major way! Show more- I will continue to be fascinated!

  27. Melynda 27

    Homes that have been cared for, show love that a family shared. Nice, you will be comfortable there.

  28. Wow there is so much to love about that house, including all the storage and the wood detailing. And your own photography room – not too shabby.

  29. Wow–that house looks cool! And so spacious! I was I had a hobby room!!

  30. Sandra 30

    Way COOL house, please save everything you remove…next folks might want it totally original. Love this beautiful house, the colors, fixtures…everything except being on the golf course. Too many chemicals to suit me, be careful.

  31. Joni 31

    Cathy, I love this house! This is a special piece of history and I wouldn’t change a thing….even the light switchplate covers! I can’t imagine a laundry room like that and a HOBBY ROOM! You may not ever want to move out to the vineyard! Thanks for showing us, your photos are great!

  32. What a cool house! And that atrium…oh I would love to have an atrium. My mother & step-father’s first house had one and I loved it. It was so nice to have a little bit of the outdoors right in the middle of the house.

  33. Christy 33

    Ok, love all these pictures! I want to see more. So, give me the whole picture, need to see the outside of the house! Love it so far! Thanks for sharing.

  34. Louise 34

    It seems to be built in a time, before facebook and twitter, when people actualy built privacy into their lives.

  35. Looks like an awesome fun place to explore despite it’s intricacies!

  36. WOW! I don’t think I can say anything else. Just WOW.

  37. Steph 37

    I LOVE all those retro details. It looks like an awesome house, can’t wait to see more!

  38. dawn 38

    Oh boy living up to it’s 1970’s potential, have I been there or rather am I living there now. I don’t know if you remember what our 1970 rental nightmare we have. But yours looks way better than mine. Plus great views too. Do you know that my gaggenau stove, oven, and dishwasher in my rental is from 1972? oh yeah, living the high life here.

  39. melissa 39

    What a cool place to reside until you can build your own place.
    What happened with the fence? Did it work out? Did I miss something somewhere? Please show some new pictures of everything. It is very intresting.

  40. HoneyB 40

    OMG, I would love one story spacious living instead of 2 story CRAMPED that we have.

  41. leftfoot 41

    Oh man! What a great step back into time! The house reminds me of mine in its quirkiness. The upstairs is a converted attic with more built in shelving and drawers than I have ever seen in my entire life. There is absolutely no need for dressers or book shelves. Closet space is lacking, but there’s so much personality in this place I couldn’t say no.

  42. Marjie 42

    If there’s a counter on one side of the passthrough or the other, you will learn to love it. It will keep the hooligans away from the stove. And those colors are all very 70s. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the place, although you may become depressed by the lack of sunshine. When my daughter comes home from law school in Wyoming, she gripes because it’s cloudy nearly half the time!

  43. Marcy 43

    wow, that is absolutely beautiful Cathy! gratz on the wild boars find:)

  44. mitchsmom 44

    Neat! And the scenery is beautiful.

  45. Mary 45

    Cathy, I’m so glad you found something to live in. Rural Oregon can be a proble. Looks very, very nice.

  46. imom 46

    Your pictures really show the groovy character of the house. I really like it! I have never found any of your posts boring!

  47. The house certainly looks like it has character! A green kitchen sink – all the better to hide grime if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while! :)

  48. Barbie with a T 48

    Cathy, you were so lucky to find such a splendid rental. Such potential!! Of course you won’t be there that long, as I am sure you will want to get started on the building of your new home on your property. Good Luck with it all. I am not at all bored with your photos and descriptions…keep updating us on your progress. It is the core of your website now and we all want to see the happy ending at the end of the novel. Between the food and wine posts and the posts regarding the progress you are making with the vineyard….you have the most exciting website on the internet! Oh, and also I am enjoying the Davis Life Magazine very much!! Thanks for that one too.

  49. Noble Pig Fan 49

    I LOVE those light fixtures at the top, especially the green globe! If you want to get rid of them, you can send them to me!

  50. Brian 50

    Welcome to Oregon! We’re full of eccentric people living in the 70’s:) You will love the area. If you need a local to point you toward recreational activities nearby, let me know.

  51. Hilary 51

    Hi Cathy .. what an amazing house .. it looks like the previous owner loved woodwork and designed or made a lot of the cupboards himself .. especially the hobby room .. maybe he repaired clocks and watches .. it is fascinating & so fantastic to be on the golf course .. great for the boys.

    Great news for you and it sounds like you’re really happy & will be til you get your own house built and organised.

    Well done .. and enjoy the summer months .. the daffs and moss – look just like ours here in the UK!!

    Go well – and thanks for showing us round .. and I’d love to see more photos sometime ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  52. What a blast! I love houses with character & personality.
    When are you throwing the first fondue party?

  53. and btw, why build a house when you have this wonderful thing…. put that money into your grapes!…. just saying…:P

  54. LilSis 54

    WOW! Jealous would be a better word…definitely not bored. Beautiful property and amazing woodwork. I love houses with such character.

    Storage is something that I miss terribly in our house here in CA. In TX, we had amazing storage. It makes a world of difference.

    And your very own hobby room? I would think that I’d died and gone to Heaven with a room like that to call my very own!

  55. Sweet house.

    Although the rest of my house has almost nothing in common with this one, I swear our kitchen sinks are the same lovely color. (Probably installed in the same decade!).

    Ours is only staying until we can afford to remodel the kitchen. But until then, my dish washing time will be extra groovy.

  56. and btw, why build a house when you have this wonderful thing…. put that money into your grapes!…. just saying…:P

  57. elra 57

    You are one lucky girl Cathy, this house is amazing, the view and the house, I can even find a word for it. I am loving the house…. I am envious…. and yes, I am in tears now hick…hick…
    Congratulation dear, looking forward for the next pics. Oh by the way, Wild Boar really knows how to make you happy. Well done WB!

    p.s I assume we all going to see the plan of your new house then? or did I miss the post?

  58. Kari 58

    OMG, I love your new digs. I’ve always gravitated toward “funky” houses, not “cookie-cutter” houses. I had one with a green and pink bathroom, complete with pink sink, tub and toilet. BTW, I love those light switch plates, if you take them down, send them my way. I’ll use them in my current funky house. Lucky you (and good job, Wild Boar) for finding this gem.

  59. chinya 59

    This is a beautiful home…it has that at home feeling that makes you want to settle down with a good book and spend quality time with your family. Reminds me of a home I lived in as a child in San Francisco. LOVE it! Wish I could buy it.

  60. Wow Cathy, this looks fantastic…and the best part is that you love it! Awesome!

  61. Bob 61

    Love the atrium! I’ve always wanted one of those.

  62. Alanna 62

    OH MY GOODNESS, how awesome is that house?!!?!??! Can I move in with you, please? Have fun in your new place!!!

  63. jeff 63

    Need a roommate? I love houses built in that time frame and yours is amazing!

  64. What a wonderful house! I live in a house built in ’68, with all of its original charm (ie. the original kitchen, bathrooms, it even had the original carpeting when I moved in). There is something to be said for an older house – solidly built and oh so groovy!

  65. Teresa 65

    I absolutely love that! Makes me wish I could find something similar (and affordable) in my neck of the woods. It wouldn’t need to be on a golf course, or have much of a yard – but the expansive layout would be a plus! Too bad we don’t live there; I’d be on the prowl for it after you move out. LOL!

  66. Cesar 66

    Wow, great house. I play golf on that golf course on occasion. It’s beautiful and a bit of a challenge. Welcome to Oregon!

  67. I love this house. We are relocating also and I don’t think I’ll find something like this.

  68. actually, there are a lot of things i would keep if anyone were to remodel and the view? outstanding! i have only one tree at my house.

  69. Thanks for the tour Cathy! I love seeing in other’s homes and yes it is so interesting for sure. Love the hobby room and I keep thinking I should turn my formal dining room, that we don’t use into a hobby room. It would never go over though! Oh the blue wall paper, we had that exact one in our house growing up. I live in a 1970’s house now and still scatch my head at some of the things. Lots of angles in my house! Well the house is beautiful and I am sure you will enjoy your time there until you can build your dream home.

  70. Mrs. L 70

    You have your own craft room? Which means you could have your own scrapbooking room which means I’m moving in! :)

  71. Sounds like you got a lot of the good things about 70’s era design, along with the unfortunate color scheme. Plus, it sounds really well designed. I so glad you guys have a livable rental!

  72. Pam 72

    I love the wood work and that massive light fixture. Having your own craft room would be really cool! Have fun in your new pad.

  73. KAYOLA 73

    SERIOUSLY….Would you could you just adopt me….PLEASE! I ♥ this home….L U C K K K K Y!!!!!! I would go nuts in my own craft room….and that view…gorgeous…I am happy for you all!

  74. Wow it looks like a great space!

  75. b 75

    I think the kids will love living there. Look at all the yard and you can walk out to the golf course:D

  76. Linda 76

    WOW! I love looking at houses … yours is very cool. Can’t wait to see more!

  77. nancy 77

    which room is mine?

  78. This is well worth the hassle of moving. Wowowow!

  79. Julie 79

    I love that hallway with all those closets! I have so much crap I could store in there. Could I bring it on over?

  80. Looks like you found a classic Northwest home. I hope you enjoy it as you wait for your new home to be built. This is a great place to live.

  81. Katrina 81

    Awesome house! Love the green outside!

  82. Laura 82

    I LOVELOVELOVE the blue bathroom. That rocks!

    For me personally the golf course thing is a nightmare, but I must admit the views are very pretty. So green!

    It’s funny, I’ve spent the last however many years desperate to get back into a 2 story house.

  83. Kate 83

    Boring? Are you serious?!! I loved this. Am so glad that you’ve found a bigger place to stay, so full of appeal and special things. I like, too, that it was owned by a doctor and his wife. Very nice.

  84. Sara 84

    What a great house! Congrats on the move.

  85. dawn 85

    You are the luckiest person I know.

  86. Sandie 86

    I love rambling 1970’s ranch-style homes like this and so many country club golf courses are still littered with them (many of which, have already been remodeled as you mentioned).

    Good luck getting settled and when you leave this rental for the lovely new home you are building—grab that towel rack/toilet paper holder thingy you pictured in the blue bathroom (lower row, center photo)—grab it and send it to me. Seriously. Send it. I love it! What character it has…

  87. Rebel 87

    They rarely make houses with that much character anymore or that much quality.

  88. You know, most of that 70s stuff is pretty tasteful and some of it is even kinda cool. I like the first two light fixtures and the wild paper inside the drawers. I don’t know that I would have chosen them, but they’re pretty cool. The colored sinks and toilet and the switchplate, not so much, but still not bad.

    I’ve seen some really hideous things that were done in the 70s. One of Danny’s grandmas used to have a house with that wallpaper that has the velvety accents. She had a dark red room and a blue room. You wouldn’t believe some of the lamps and other things in those rooms. It was oppressive and tacky to the extreme. Believe me, you got lucky with this place. Now, on the other hand, we have some friends in Ohio who bought a similar place. It was built in the 60s or 70s for a doctor and his wife. Custom cabinets, custom everything. The husband and wife designed most of it and they had very good taste. The cabinets, closets, and all the specialized storage spaces in that place are wonderful. And there was no crazy wallpaper or tacky 70s decor to be found when they bought the house.

    That hobby room is awesome! It has me thinking of a little dream I have for my own studio and office. If only I could fit that dream into one of the existing rooms in this house. Caleb’s room is only used when he comes home to visit or when we have guests and Jo’s room may be empty soon as well. The dream doesn’t fit in either of those places, though. I need somewhere more private and secluded and with more light than a basement room can provide. What I really want is a little cabin away from the house some but with electricity. Running water would be nice but not necessary. Yeah, there’s a dream that’s never going to happen!

  89. megan 89

    Love the new crib! When can I come visit? I’ll bring the wine. ;)

  90. Brooke 90


    I found you via Sophistimom, who assured us we’d LOVE you. Sure enough…I’ve decided we should most definitely be neigbors (after seeing the above pics, I’m thinking I will relocate to your neck of the woods), concocting & creating mad moments in the kitchen. Wouldn’t we be funny?

    So glad to have found your website. So tickled to enjoy your magnificent pics, recipes, and sense of humor! I’ll be back {often} for more!

    Happy Friday!

  91. Maureen 91

    Great new temp digs! You may never want to leave. I am jealous of that yard, the beautiful wood work, and all that storage!

  92. Wow. What an amazing house! And it looks like it was incredibly loved and well cared for over the years. I love the lighting fixtures – especially the green globe!Perhaps you can take some of it’s design features and incorporate them in to your vinyard home. Congrats!!

  93. GP 93

    yup.. you sound like what we did .. we found our home/inn in Mt… and saw the absolute potential… gutted it … remodeled and voila… Go for it.. looks like you have some great stuff to work with

  94. Jelleybean 94

    I had to laugh when I saw your pictures of your blue bathroom. Our house was built in 1974 and the guest bathroom is also blue. And we have the EXACT same towel bar! We also have the matching toilet paper holder and soap dish. Too funny that builders on both coast had the same taste in fixtures back then. We’ve lived here almost 5 years and I haven’t replaced them yet because I think they add to the charm of an older home. I look forward to more pictures of all the old features in your new house.

  95. Debbie 95

    You didn’t bore me at all. I think the house is great and look forward to seeing more pictures. The views are absolutely gorgeous….sometimes old is better…looks like the house has a lot of character…

  96. Ruthanne (in Seattle) 96

    oh Cathy – not boring one little bit! In fact reading it was quite fun and shows me once again why I enjoy reading your blog so much. You are always upbeat and optimistic and I love the way you are looking at this move with such adventure and sense of fun. Of course you are working toward your dream with the winery and that’s fabulous in itself. The house looks like a great place to live. Congrats – I’m glad you found such a great one!

  97. It reminds me of the Brady Bunch, although I guess they had 2 stories.

    I would so love to have a hobby room like that! And your boys are going to love the yards.

  98. tipper 98

    Love the house! Does look like it was a custom build. I grew up with a blue bathroom-some of the same features you shown-so totally 70s.

  99. LOVE it! You’re going to have so much fun :)

  100. Not at all. A little voyeur goes a long way! What a cool place, loaded to the gills with character. Hope you guys are happy there!

  101. This just screams late 60’s, early 70’s Oregon. I grew up there and this all looks very familiar! Quite a find you have…

  102. Dragon 102

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  103. Suzette 103

    What a great house! It really speaks to me. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures in nesting.

  104. grace 104

    what a post, cathy! i loved the tour, and i’m so excited for you. jealous too, but mostly excited. :)

  105. Elyse 105

    What an exciting time!! The house looks great. Your vineyard sound AWESOME, by the way. I can’t wait to hear more about the move.

  106. Paula 106

    Welcome to Oregon! Another step accomplished in making your move complete! I sooooo covet your one story, glorious 70’s house! What an awesome find! I wonder if you’ll find yourself incorporating any of the stuff in this house into your new one? Your new photography studio looks like maybe it used to be a mini-doctors office or lab. Perfect for photography! Have fun with your new home! :-)

  107. Nicole 107

    What great photos and post! I loved the tour. There is something about houses built in the 60’s and 70’s. They were built better. More solid if somewhat different or colorful.

  108. Melissa 108

    I LOVE IT!!! So much to love I wouldn’t even know where to start. The wood, the space, the storage, the green view. I totally dig the switch plate too haha, thought I don’t blame you for taking it off.

    Thanks for sharing. Glad you found a place there that you needed.

  109. Claire 109

    Ok, I haven’t been a consistent reader for very long, so I missed the whole vineyard in Oregon thing. HOLY CRAP! That’s exciting!!! I’ll bet you do a fabulous job with it, & one of these days, we’ll be taking a trip out that way. I love Oregon wines.

    The house looks great. What an adventure for you!

  110. annbb 110

    Welcome home!

  111. Lori 111

    I love the views! Everything looks so green!

  112. Leslie 112

    ohhhhh the craft room!!!!

  113. marci 113

    Wow. that house is absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh, and my husband, a key lime fiend, absolutely loved the key lime cupcakes – I’ll poat about them soon and link to you.

  114. Mary 114

    Great House! I love all the old lights. I love the big rec room, maybe she home schooled and this was a way to keep it all in one room that no one else could see.

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