Taming the Wanderlust

Bloom where you’re planted.  I know, I know, I’ve done that.

However, I have the inescapable urge of living a year or two in a couple places not within my grasp.

These urges become stronger and stronger as life cements me more where I am.

Living in California, within its many satellites of pleasant climates, might seem like perfect harmony, but really I’ve become jaded with all the sun and decent weather.  

I no longer notice how great it is.  This jadedness even reveals, as it has to me, how imperative it is I be somewhere else.  For me, it is the Pacific Northwest, where I am relocating permanently.  I love it there.  It feels like home.

However, I have always dreamed of living in a place with very pronounced seasons.  The icy, snowy winters giving way to a welcomed Spring and sweltering hot summers embracing the cooler days of Fall.  I want to know what thats like.

I also reflect on how it would be to live in one of the great food cities of the world.  Right in the middle of it.  Yes, I think about this. 

Now with that said, I do not want to live in these places permanently, only for maybe a year or two.  But a full year or two.  Visiting is not enough.  I want entrenchment.  I want to know what it means to live there.  The good and the bad.  I want the experience.

Personally, these places would be New England, Connecticut or Maine, for the seasons.

And Paris for the food, both the elegant and street fare noshings at their best.  Oh and the macarons from the patisserie…OMG.

Of course all of this will never happen, but it’s fun to think about.  I also feel a bit of wanderlust is essential to the creative mind.

So I’ll keep wandering, in my dreams.

Where would you live?

(Wasn’t this better than ranting about the economy, because that’s what almost happened?)

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  1. deeba 1

    Oh for a moment I had thought you hadmade macaroons Cathy! Oh yes, with the grass being greener on the other side, I would like to live in Sydney, or Turkey, or Spain. In my dreams;what fun!!

  2. Betty 2

    Hi Cathy,
    I was born & raised in Toledo,Ohio, cold wet,icy winters. Got a divorce in 1971, moved to Orlando Fl.(Just) before Mickey Mouse.I remarried & lived there for 34 years, traveled every which way all over the southern part of the east coast, through, Al, Ms,La,Tx, and through a smidgen of Ok. Nice but not to live in, Fl was hot & sticky enough, but kept going back. Then in 2005, my husband retires from his beloved school bus driver job & he truly loved those kids too. We pack up the U hauls, car & drive for 6 days to Idaho the Inland Northwest. Live up on a mountain for a year & a half til we couldn’t stand being isolated any more & we moved down to civilization. We have snow in the winter & it looks like we will have a spring this year.The summers are wonderful, we have a garden that produces tomato’s, corn, Bell Peppers, peas,green onions, beautiful green grass.Beautiful roses & other flowers.These are things we couldn’t seem to grow in Fl. Do we love it here? You betcha!! But we still have friends & family in the south so we still like to travel. That seems to pacify our wander lust a bit.Your time will come when you can travel & visit all the wonderful places you dream of too. Just think of how your boys wil benefit from the traveling.
    Have a blessed day ;>)

  3. Lisa 3

    Whooooooo boy, if you’re jaded about the drag of constant sunshine and lovely weather you really do need to try the whole “icy, snowy winters” thing… There’s a reason all of us that live in snowy places look forward to spring so much. Aside from watching the first snowflakes fall and the times you’re actually on a ski slope, the snowy, icy, cold, dark thing gets old REALLY fast.

  4. HoneyB 4

    I live in the Adirondack region of NYS and although I get really sick of winter, I wouldn’t trade the beauty. I would love to visit the Pacific Northwest as I have seen photos that just take my breath away….but in the end, home is where the heart is and my family is my heart.

  5. O yes, much better then taking about the economy…:) I live in Holland, where it is too full with people so I would love to life somewhere (for a year or two) that is a little less populated.. Costa Rica for the fabulous nature, Italy for the food and climate, Thailand, because I just love it and the list is really endless and it changes over time and with the seasons. We never have a real winter here, so approaching christmas time I want to move the Canada or Finland; anywhere with real snow.. We do travel extensively too and that makes me appreciate what we have here again!

  6. I would love to spend a few years on a cruise. Cruising the warm countries in the wintertime and the cold countries in the summertime.

    I have lived in Denmark (Scandinavia) for 55 years and got so tired of our winters – no more snow (as when I was a kid!) only rain and icy roads. So now I have stayed 3 months in Portugal (Oct-Jan) and will go so South of France for another 3 months. July and August I will go back to Denmark.
    Not sure I have a dream place – will find out during the next couple of years :-)

  7. See, my problem is I dream of all these fabulous places to go, but I’m such a creature of habit. I’m always wanting to make these grand travel plans, but if you screw with my routine, I get cranky.

    I am a conundrum.

  8. I would live in Big Stone Gap Virginia in a montain house or in Italy near the Austrian Border.

  9. Julia 9

    Come to Boston! you’ll definitely get the seasons and the great food.

    Me? I’m dreaming about Bali…..

  10. KathyB. 10

    The Pacific Northwest is my home and place of choice, but I do dream about life on the far east coast, yes, with seasons and a bit more history than the rest of the U.S. However, I have lived there, and in Hawaii, and just know I would yearn for where I am now….I picture myself living somewhere else and dreaming about living where I actually do! What is a person to do…?

    And yes, way better to think about than the economy!

  11. Donna 11

    I lived in Yonkers NY for 25 years before moving down here at the Jersey Shore.. Yonkers is 20 minutes shy of NYC.. so I miss that, and Arthur Ave Bronx, etc.. Like where I am now, but I would like to try a smaller community, in a more rural spot. I would like to do the Pioneer Woman thing for a spell, only with my FFH , not MM. Or a house on the water in Key West would be ideal. With a balcony.

  12. Harry 12

    I guess I get the best of everything. I live half the year in England, in a beautiful area, where the climate certainly has some extremes. The other half of the year I live amongst the vineyards of France where the food is wonderful.

    The food in Paris is terrific, but in provincial France, it’s fantastic with a great variety of styles.

    I wouldn’t swap my life for anthing!

  13. Somewhere where there is sand, sunshine and the sound of the crashing waves! And yes, I think of it quite often.

  14. For a girl who grew up on the coast just south of San Francisco, then went to college in Rhode Island (rebellious phase there), I finally found my little niche down here in South East Texas. A nice small town. Sure I miss not being able to get my Chinese food, but at least we live in a place we love.

  15. nina 15

    Definitely a Greek Island….I love these “trips” in my mind! It is like winning the imaginary Lotto…..you can spend and spend and re-spend it all the time. Real money you can only spend once!!! Dreams are amazing!!!!

  16. Blessedly, I am living where I have always wanted to live…Maine. I grew up in So Cal and after a while, it becomes ordinary. I never experienced having TRUE “four seasons” and it’s a wonderful thing, even if I do tend to gripe too much during the winter.

    I’ve been lucky to live in 15 of the 50 states and even spent a considerable amount of time living in Europe — mostly in the UK. I tend to want to take smaller bites of the culture…experience is briefly and then go back home. It’s funny though; until I FINALLY landed in Maine nearly 5 years ago now, I never really “knew” it was home. Not until I lived here.

    I would love to spend time though in the South Pacific. Not so much Hawaii, but one of the lesser known islands. Just spent time drenched in the culture, the sand, and the sea.

  17. Cynthia 17

    Living in New York would actually do both for you! NYC is arguably the best food city in the world, and just 20 miles north is gorgeous Westchester County with all the quaint scenes of small town New England life–only at about four times the cost, LOL. We also have the Hudson Valley, which has a locavore movement strong enough to nearly rival that of the Northwest, and we have the farmland to support it.
    Living here gives you the best of all worlds.

  18. I love Virginia but if I were to pick a dream destination to live at – maybe Monaco. My daughter is very serious about moving to New York when she grows up.

  19. Kari 19

    I’m a homebody by nature and can’t stand to be far from my family. But, if I’m dreaming, I would love to live in a busy city like Chicago or New York City.

  20. One of the reasons I love living in NJ is the definite change of seasons. And while I hate, loathe & despise winter, spring is that much more appreciated having had to suffer through the past three months. If I could go anywhere, I would rent a cottage in the Cotswolds in England for a few years and travel Europe from that launching point. Or just stay there and completely enmesh myself in the English countryside.

  21. Melynda 21

    Back home, Marin County CA. I am as close as is possible weather wise, here in Vancouver.

  22. I have to have seasons. So I will stay right here in Connecticut. But there is nothing like a little mid-February beach trip;)

  23. There would be several cities I would live in – I would move from one to another and be a world traveler…my first choice would be London – when you see their street flower vendors, they put together their flower buckets in such arrangement of colors – makes anyone wanting to buy loads of fresh flowers….and the cities culture is amazing….then I guess I would have to live down at one of the islands in the Bahamas or Hawaii to enjoy tropical weather when its dreary winter in London….this will happen when I win the lottery…. but will share and open my home to noble pig readers, naturally, who wish to visit me….and make up some of cathy’s great recipes with a few of mine and yours thrown in…:P

  24. There is no better place than the Pacific Northwest. I wouldn’t consider living any place else. I spent last week in Central Oregon and will share the pictures this week.

  25. Since I live in the Pacific NW, I feel very fortunate. The lungs basically call the shots though, so I’d have to live somewhere with good air. I’d love to go back to Alaska… but ultimately, I’d love to live in Ireland!

  26. I love living here in Virginia, but love traveling everywhere. Mtns anywhere, all over the U.S., Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bali (my hubby just went there scuba diving and will take with him next time) … you name it, just about any place, and I want to go at least once. I have major wanderlust.


  27. Gail 27

    I came here from Wisteria and Roses, your name intrigued me, I LOVE all of your food pictures, and recipes. I must try making that cake with the Baileys,
    mmmm ! I live in north Florida, in the woods and we really like it. Spent 30 years in the Keys, (which I did not like) and came from Illinois where the only time I like to visit is in the fall. I feel very BLESSED just to be alive no matter where we live.

  28. Julie 28

    I’ve always wanted to live in Maine for some reason. In a lighthouse :)

  29. imom 29

    I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and couldn’t wait to move back to the Pacific NW, 1 year would have been better. I love New England and would love to live there for a year. I’ve only been in the summer and as crazy as it sounds I’d like to experience a winter as well. My friend who lives there insists that I don’t!

  30. Dreaming of macarons in Paris.
    Dreaming of macaroons at Passover.

  31. Trisha 31

    I like Texas in the winter but would love to do Ohio in the summer.

  32. Joan 32

    Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I believe there is no better place, but when my husband was called to resume graduate school at Berkeley, we spent several years in Bay Area and enjoyed the food and climate of S. F. Then an interesting job took us to New Orleans for two and a half years, where we immersed in food and culture – and lived through Hurricane Betsy! Now back to Sacramento Valley with neither great food or culture, but it’s now home. My dream home for a year or two would be Greece – for food and culture.

  33. leftfoot 33

    How funny. I’m moving from Florida to WA state shortly. I too get the wanderlust every few years. Even if I haven’t been able to relocate in a new city in the past, I’ve moved to different parts of town every 2-3 years. I get bored with the same things. I’ve lived in Manhattan, done the big city, icy winters, stinky subways in the summers. I’ve lived in Florida, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, NY and Maine. Now it’s time for me to experience what it means to see amazing mountains and low 80 degree summers. (Instead of low 100s)

  34. Marjie 34

    I’ve lived in New England and the Deep South. We were sure that we wanted to move to a warm climate, but after 4 years, we came back north and never left. The change of seasons makes life interesting. I’m never moving; my kids know they’re carrying me out of here “toes up” and it will be incumbent upon them to dispose of all my stuff.

  35. Scate 35

    Living in Minneapolis is really fantastic for seasons. We get really cold (ever felt negative 40?) and can get lots of snow in the winter. Then – the spring comes. The first day above freezing (32) – everyone is out in the streets rejoicing. Everyone LOVES the summer and takes full advantage of the 10k+ lakes and outdoors. Add that to a culturally rich city – without terrible traffic – and “minnesota nice” people – it’s a fun place to live. I used to get wanderlust – now I am happy and loving the city that i will live in for the rest of my life. You should come for a visit and stay awhile!

  36. I have all the seasons currently…I have lived on Long Island my whole life and it’s wonderful. But it’s expensive and crowded. I can go to the upscale Hamptons in one direction or NYC in the other all within an hours drive. I am surrounded by culture. But my first love is the country, the mountains, to be surrounded by nature and secluded. I hate neighbors. Ok, not all of them, but I love my solitude. I want to raise chickens and a huge vegetable garden. A huge piece of property to just walk around on and daydream and pursue my nature photography hobby. But I want to be able to drive to a metropolitan area with upscale eateries and shops within less than an hour. If my supermarket is more than 10 minutes away my family would starve, because I am just not organized enough to only shop once a week. I seem to run out daily for what I need…and it’s too far away, forget it! I would go north or west or both…south is not a consideration for me. I think the pacific northwest is stunning! But I don’t see us ever moving. The roots are too deep here. A lot has to do with the economy…so who knows what the future holds?

  37. Mary 37

    The coast of Normandy.

  38. Alisa 38

    There are so many beautiful places in the world, it’s hard to commit to just one town! I’ve made it fairly obvious where I feel I’d be most happy! I have come to the realization that The Kids, for now, would be most happy staying put. I shall live vicariously through you and your adventures!

  39. Bev 39

    I would live in Australia in a heartbeat. I fell in love with Western Australia when I visited in 2003.

  40. Katrina 40

    Great post.
    I can think of too many places, but they are more just places I want to visit, rather than live there. I would love to go some place tropical, I’ve been to Hawaii, years ago, and my husband has never been, so that would be awesome. Have not seen so many parts of the world and would LOVE to visit many places! We live in po-dunk Kansas (which I never thought would happen), but having been to NYC twice last year for the first time, I LOVED NYC. I can see me living right in the middle of it all and loving it. My husband, on the other hand–hated it and couldn’t care less if he ever went back. Ahh, you’re right, it’s good to dream! ;)

  41. That first picture seriously looks exactly like where I live.

    I spent the first 24 years of my life in Southern California and the last 13 in Massachusetts. I love it back here. I love experiencing 4 distinct seasons and what comes with each one.

    If I lived in Paris I’d weigh 500 pounds and not even care.

  42. Jordan 42

    I feel this way too. I’m from Texas, and I know that I will always end up back in Texas, but there are so many places I want to live. San Diego, San Francisco, New Mexico, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Scotland… Sigh. I guess it’s good that I’m young and single, maybe I’ll get a chance.

  43. dawn 43

    Oh goodness I think everyone in food bloggerland knows my heart is back in cali (laguna beach area). Hubby promises me that someday we are going back…until then I hate new england, it’s far too cold. Yeah it’s pretty in the beginning, but having 4 months of snow and ice cold is too much for an fartknocker like me.
    Although I do like your idea of Paris….let’s go!

  44. We are the dreamers of the dreams . . .

    Yes, yes! I dream incessantly. I read voraciously about my dreams. I watch travel videos and films from places I dream about. I have traveled LESS than my heart desires, but thankfully have had a few opportunities to nestle in. My summer exchange to Norway in HS formed my idea of travel. (3 months is okay, more would be better . . . ) We must dream dreams, we must follow dreams, and we must adjust to real life — whew! Busy and wonderful way to live. enJOY!

    (Much healthier than trying to make sense of the NONsense of the economy. Did you think he meant thiskind of change?!?!?!?!)

  45. dawn 45

    I know exactly what you mean. Change is always good with some immersion. A creative mind needs to dream and experience. For me, I would go to Tuscany.

  46. Jody 46

    Another plug for Minnesota here! I’m not a city girl though, my heart is in the deep forests of the north! I agree -40 is a very cold feeling but at 32 degrees most are dancing in the streets! I can’t imagine any place on earth I’d rather live! We have fabulous summers with Lake Superior as our air conditioner, glorious falls with all the colors, rich and vibrant. Winter brings picture perfect postcard scenes, snowmobiling, cross-country sking, dog sledding, ice fishing and then spring comes to bring life back to everything! LOVE IT! Hey and the food isn’t bad either, loads of quaint little backwood finds!

  47. We all want what we don’t have! I was in Nashville this weekend visiting a friend, and the whole time I kept thinking about how I would love to live in the country with lots of space and fresh air. She kept saying that she would love to live where I do (in NYC) because it would be so exciting.

  48. I’m kinda thinking California . . . I grew up not too far from you and my wanderlust took me to the east coast where I have now officially lived as long as I lived in California. I wouldn’t really go back to CA because I love it here, but I DO miss the warm weather. My problem is I love to travel and everyhwere I go, I want to live there for a while! My latest is Marrakesh . . . would be fabulous!

  49. Bunny 49

    I really enjoy living in Pennsylvania, I would miss the changing of the seasons so much if I lived somewhere else. It’s not just the season’s that change , this house has a different feel to it when spring comes, it welcomes it. If I could live somewhere else for a yr I would choose, Italy forst. And then i would like to live in the deep south, not Florida but Georgia or South Carolina as I love southern food would want to soak up all the knowledge I could as I lived there. Nice post Cathy.

  50. Bob 50

    I would love to live in Scandinavia myself. Mostly for the politics, but I also love me some winter. But I also really enjoy the pronounced seasons we get here in Boston, I can see why you would want to experience that.

    One of my sisters moved to Ca., and misses winter something fierce.

  51. Susan 51

    I live in NE…at least for the next few months. I’m moving to the mountains is CO. I dont know how the heck I’m going to deal with living in a town that doesnt have a Chinese restaurant….aak!
    And I dont really like snow! I’ve always wanted to live in Maine for a while too, but I’m such a wimp, one winter and I’d probably be done for!

  52. Tanya 52

    I want to live in California. I grew up in about five different cities in CA and loved it. My body just cannot handle cold weather and I chose Chicago of all places to move to for college. New England would be lovely to visit for the Fall, but I want those warm temps all year round!

  53. The photography here is stunning! I’ve always personally wondered what it’s like to live where it’s almost always nice! Wanna trade me? We most definitely have distinct seasons in Michigan….

  54. Barbie with a T 54

    I now live just where I have always wanted to live, and I hope to live here the rest of my life. I have been to many places and I know there are many other fine places in the world, but my childhood dream, as well as my adulthood dream has been to live on the Texas coast. I am living that dream now, as I have been for the past 1 1/2 years. Now I do have a second choice, which is Seattle, Washington. I just love the big Market there, and they have such a wonderful selection of seafood, fruits and vegetables, specialty items from all over the world. I would also have to put up with a very rainy season there. But I will visit there when I get a chance, and I am sure that I will always be happy to come back home to paradise.

  55. Louise 55

    As a California native, I firmly believe that snow is something that you should travel to for sport, then travel home from for comfort and relaxation. ;-)

  56. elra 56

    Wouldn’t be great if we can all full fill our dream? I too want to live in all those beautiful cities or places. I wish!!!!!

  57. We have all four seasons here in MN, which is nice, but I have always wanted to live somewhere that would be about 70 during the day and 50 at night, year round. Don’t know if it exists or not. I was thinking out where you live would be close. If I chose to live somewhere warm all the time, it would be Hawaii.

  58. Since I live somewhere where we really have 4 seasons, I’d have to say a warm climate would be my ideal. Hubby wants to cycle all year, and here he can’t. Actually today was his first ride of the season (off since november), and at 8°F I wouldn’t even think to ride, but he does.

  59. krysta 59

    i really want to live in these places…

    inverness ca.
    yountville ca.
    princeton by the sea ca
    carmel ca
    sf ca

    fiji, bali, maldives, hawaii would be nice too…

    and italy…

  60. kayola 60

    I have always wanted to live in Connecticut, Vermont,Maine or Seattle…I did love Paris when we were there visiting…but my favorite countries in Europe would be Austria or Switzerland. I lean towards the more wetter areas…but I am stuck in a HOT DRY DESERT!

  61. There is a lot to like about where I live. I am easily accessible to NYC and all it has to offer. I can drive an hour and be in the country. I live in a real town, with a real downtown, where I can stroll down “main street” and see people everywhere. I have seasons. When I drive to the country to see my horses on the weekends, I can take in fall splendor. I can drive to New England and its sites and shorelines easily. I can take my niece to see the New York City Ballet do The Nutcracker at Christmas time.

    Still, I do dream of living somewhere more rural permanently. I would also like to live somewhere where the winters aren’t as long and cold as they are in NY. I might miss seasons if I didn’t have them, but I wouldn’t miss bitter cold days!

    A friend of mine met his now-ex wife, a midwestern girl when she had come to this area to be a nanny. When she first beheld the NY skyline she said to herself, “When I start takign this for granted, it’s time to go home.” She and my friend married in her home town and they never looked back. They still enjoyed going to NYC to visit, especially as she was an art aficionado and loved the museums, but the desire to always be in the heart of it all was long gone.

  62. I’m really quite happy where I am, but there are a few places I would like to live for a year or two at a time. We have talked about moving back to Ohio or to the Bay area for a while so dh can work with some other folks we know on his biblical studies and teaching. Danny and I have talked about how it would be neat to live on a kibbutz. There are some that take goyim like us:o) Danny would like to learn Hebrew and I just think it would be great to immerse myself in the culture and learn whatever I can. I have also always thought I would like to spend a year or more doing something like the Peace Corps. A hippie commune or artist colony is not out of the question either–at least for me. I think Danny might not be quite so up for that suggestion, LOL.

  63. Jenni in KS 63

    I had to come back and read the other comments. It was such fun reading where everyone else would like to go! You can definitely tell who is a city mouse and who is a country mouse. I saw one gal mentioned Oklahoma, but that is the closest anyone came to saying they’d like to live in Kansas. Maybe that’s why I like it here:o) The number of people and the traffic are the things I dread when considering the possibility of moving to California.

  64. The countryside of Italy with some real country people, a winery perhaps with plenty of olives and olive oil too.
    Of course the all day meals outside, washed down with tons of delicious red wine….yep I’m definitely feelin it.

  65. Kate 65

    I sort of like living in Maryland. It would be better to have a view of the water and if I had that, I’d stay forever. The weather is good but a little too warm in the summer for me.

  66. Jane 66

    Too cool! I can’t believe someone else feels this way too! I have been pining to live in England for a year or two since 2000 when I visited there. Ten days was just torture, and I want to go back so much! However, I understand about the entrenchment. I have four kids who are mostly on their own, and a husband who is anchored here because of a job, so my year abroad will have to wait a little longer. I’ll e-mail you in New England and Paris if you return the favor to me in the UK!

  67. Laura 67

    Clearly you are living under the delusion that New England experiences spring. I did live there for 2 years and I assure you it does not. :) For a true 4 season experience I think where I am (southern Ohio) is pretty perfect. Oh and I love New England so I am ragging on it with love. :) But it goes from 40 to 80 degrees in about a nanosecond.

  68. A cottage in Maine and an apartment in Paris sounds good to me. Great pics.

  69. Reply
  70. I would love to move to a more southern state…somewhere warmer!

  71. Susan 71

    I grew up in San Diego and moved to Seattle about ten years ago. Everyone told me I would hate living in grey skies and endless rain…they were all wrong, I LOVE it here.

    Eventually, when the kiddos leave we will travel around in an RV going where the wind takes us.

  72. Ben Cote 72

    I understand. I grew up in Seattle and now live in California. I miss the rain, but i do love the sun.

    As comedian Daniel Tosh puts it, “seasons? yeah i like seasons thats why i live in a place that skips the shitty ones”

    California does allow for an active lifestyle with its weather, but i do miss the color and the rain and looking foward to the sunny days.

    great website…just found it

  73. Laurie 73

    I also dream of living in other places for a year or two! You hit me right in the solar plexus with this one.

    If you lived in the North East, on Cape Cod, you would be experiencing the despair of a 30 degree day with freezing winds off the water, that disrupted your seventh day of a new mandate to walk the beach every day. Or that might just be my life.

    Seriously, I love the seasons – all of them. The seasonal (and daily) change combined with the expectation (and thrill or disappointment) is simply as dreamy as a stormy, but passionate love affair.

    If I could try a new place for a bit, I’d go for Italy or Maine. You couldn’t figure that out if you tried…

  74. Elyse 74

    I live in CA right now because my boyfriend is doing his Ph.D. out here, but my family (and my loyalties) remain with the east coast. I miss it! However, if we’re fantasizing about places to live, I might choose to live in London again. I loved it the first time around, and I miss it dearly!

  75. OK here’s the deal- we swap houses. You will live in VA and I in sunny CA. You’ll be wanting back in 6 weeks and I’ll never leave sunny CA. VA is nice, we have the seasons but the winters are very cold and the summers are very hot and humid. Not much inbetween. But it is pretty!

  76. Cassie 76

    I have horrible wanderlust! HORRIBLE! Grew up in California and now here waaaay up north with all the seasons, etc. My daydream escape is living smack in the middle of a busy city in a high rise condo.. right in the middle of it all.

    My other one is living on a Pacific island.. I’ve read way too much Maarten Troost!

  77. Nancy 77

    My husband and I are having serious conversations about this very topic. We have lived in Calif (and LOVED it), Nebraska (too cold), Tennessee (not our cup of tea), Illinois (?), Texas (very warm), and now we are back to where I was born – Kansas. And none of the places are where we want to stay. We have even thought of just getting an RV and traveling around the country. After reading the comments, I have a good idea of where I might want to start looking. Seasons are great, but kind of over-rated. Once the snow comes, it’s just cold! I love the spring, but then the sweltering heat of summer is just around the corner. Fall is beautiful, but is gone much too soon and you’re back to freezing your butt off again.

  78. I love this post. Yes, New Englad. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

    I would live anywhere and everywhere. Life is in the living, after all.

  79. Memoria 79

    I would live in Italy. I would teach Spanish and Portuguese in an Italian university and would live with the love of my life. She would have to be Italian or be from anywhere not near or in the United States.

  80. Mrs. L 80

    I lived several years in the Pacific Northwest (though many many years ago). No need for me to do anything but visit at this point (in the spring…when there is sun and the weather is nice). I’d love to live in Paris or London or any big city for a while. Heck, I’d love to actually live in San Francisco for a year instead of traipsing up there monthly to visit and such. (much better discussion than the economy)

  81. Melissa 81

    I lived in New Hampshire when I was a kid and I never forgot it. I used to fantasize about going back there all the time. Until I realized how hard the winters would be to live and work in, rather than just play in. :)

    But I would live in Monterey for a while, for sure. Steve and I love it there. And Italy, not sure which city. Possibly Australia. Japan. Vancouver or Toronto. Thailand. New Zealand. Yeah. All those. :P

    I have much wanderlust.

  82. Paula 82

    I totally hear you. There are so many places that offer so many wonderful things. I love raising my kids in the Pacific Northwest. The people, the landscape, the vibe … it’s all wonderful. The weather, well, not so much. I miss my seasons that I had growing up in Indiana; it has 4 distinct seasons. Now, as it rained for the zillionth time, I’m ready for eternal sunshine! :-)

  83. darlene 83

    I’ve lived many places-grew up in LV, LA for a year with a boyfriend, university in SF and Davis, almost 3 years in DK-but Portland is where I feel most at home. It’s progressive and tolerant, and is a great place to raise a family. However, I do miss the warmer weather, and this winter has been brutally for me.

  84. tipper 84

    I’d love to visit many different places-but I like where I live and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! I do love that we have 4 distinct seasons-I would so miss not having them all!

  85. Jaime 85

    I’m from Massachusetts, and have been trying to move back there for 10 years. I feel like I have been in exile or something.
    Are you really relocating to the Pacific Northwest? That’s a beautiful place, too. Just remember to stay clear of the paper factories.
    Great post, by the way.

  86. Carol 86

    I live in New England and definitely think it would be worth it for you to make the trip. Boston is easily accessible with transit and the Patriot stadium is near if you or your husband like football. The Boston Pops for Christmas and the hatshell for July 4th. The picture you show is most likely Vermont which is beautiful anytime of year but esp early fall(Sept/Oct). The states are small and you could visit for ex Maine,Mass and New Hampshire in one day depending on what you would like to see. Any questions just ask. I would like to visit Washington State but then i hear it’s rains a lot so i’m not sure. Carol

  87. Sandra 87

    Please forgive me for being lame but I live where I want to live forever – Thistle Cove Farm.
    But. if I had to live a year somewhere else, I choose the Carpathian Mtns, Maramures Region in Romania or Corsica, France.

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