I’m Seriously Considering…

…buying a pony.

Kidding. Just kidding.

But really, I’m considering buying a juicer.  EVEN THOUGH everything in my “being” says not to do it.

I am not really a juice drinker.  I prefer to drink water.  I want a juicer mostly for juicing citrus for cooking purposes.  I don’t see myself juicing veggies or wheatgrass or sprouts for health drinks.

However, I’ve always heard more negative feedback about juicers rather than positive.  The most common complaint referring to the cleaning regimen often associated with this particular appliance.

Is it the pulp, skin and seeds getting stuck in the machine or is it just too sticky and difficult to get in between the parts?

Should I just get a citrus juicer or one with more options?

Manual or electrical?

Plastic or stainless?

Small feeder tube or large feeder tube?

Large reservoir or small reservoir?

Variable pulp control or strict pulp control?

Centrifugal, Masticating or Triturating?

High RPM (which I think would give more juice but create extreme foam and possibly oxidation) or low RPM?

Single-gear or twin-gear?

Did anyone just buy one because they liked the way it looked?  Which one?

How does it do with Key Limes?  That’s super important.

Do I spend $100 or $600?

Do I really need one?  Will I hate it after two weeks?

When is the last time you used your juicer?  Was it the dumbest thing you ever purchased?

Do you see why I’m so confused?  Help.

If you don’t have a juicer, why?

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  1. Diane 1

    It’s the washing and cleaning the things that’s the real nuisance. Get one you can throw in the dishwasher and you’ll use it all the time.

  2. If someone gave me a juicer I would take it, and use it often enough to make it worth the storage it would require. Most of the people I know who bought juicers were very excited about their juicer for a year at the max,then…it went the way of most peoples’ expensive exercise equipment….collecting dust, to back closets, to garage sale…but there are the rare and dedicated people who do appreciate their juicers..I am still waiting for someone to give me theirs. That is how I have a citrus juicer and food processor. And I use them enough to warrant storage for them.

  3. deeba 3

    I have seriously hardly used the juicer I own. It’s not fancy at all, but a juicer is a juicer, & if you use it you gotta wash. I think carrot juice & tomato juice is yum, & my kids don’t agree. So they get an orange, a banana & whatever 3rd fruit everyday & they now just chomp it. The initial resistance has died…& for me, water is good!!

  4. nina 4

    I have a juicer and it is indeed the cleaning that is the nuisance. The healthier juices not only makes you feel good, but the pulp is excellent food for your veggie garden…. I find juicing quite expensive though, you need a lot of fruit and veggies to supply enough juice for the whole family..

  5. HoneyB 5

    I have a juicer. I don’t use it for cooking though. I have only used it to make juice to drink. I use a hand juicer for cooking needs. I’m not big on spending a lot of money for something you don’t use a lot. Part of Grumpy’s and my argument about a new truck lately. ha ha. It will sit in the yard 90% of the time.

  6. Laura 6

    I wish I could chime in here, but I know nothing of value.
    Can you say “Minute-Maid?”

  7. Philly 7

    I just buy my juices. Don’t need or want another appliance on my counter

  8. I don’t have a juicer because I think it might be one of those appliances that I only use maybe once or twice and then forget about it.

  9. I have the citrus juicer attachment for my kitchenaid and really like it. I too study and wonder before buying another gadget. I have a pantry full of gadgets. Food dryer, pasta machine, just got rid of the ice shaver, 2 crockpots, cooktop smoker. When does it end? Maybe you can borrow someones first then decide??

  10. No juicer for me. I would rather use the extra counter space for a really fantastic espresso machine. Alas, this extra counter space doesn’t actually exist, but if it did, juicer wouldn’t be at the top of my list. If I’m after the health benefits of fruit, I just eat the whole fruit. For the same calories, it’s much more filling that just having the juice. I have also heard people complain that it is a real witch to clean.

  11. Hilary 11

    I’ve had 2 juicers .. both got given away .. difficult to clean – a waste of pulp (good idea for the garden) .. I used some of mine to make vegetable patties with – then just frankly got bored with the effort.

    Being single & no kids probably didn’t help the advantages of a juicer!

    We can buy great juices now – all sorts and fresh … so it’s a chore I don’t need ..

    Good luck – & it’ll be interesting to see what you bought, how it works & after a while .. how you’re doing with it!!?
    Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy

  12. ntsc 12

    My wife gave a fancy juicer one year, I’ve never used it. She already had a cheap citrus juicer.

    We put up tomato/vegetable juice most falls, but that is a cooking then food mill process. We can do a couple of gallons in a batch, 8 gallons in a season is not unheard of. Our local farm market sells tomorrows compost today for pennys on the dollar. $6 a half bushel is the normal price.

  13. melissa 13

    We have a juicer a Breville. It’s easy to clean up and we use the pulp in some of our cooking. Depending on what the pulp is I’ve been known to stand over the sink and eat it.
    I will say that I never thought I’d like a juicer but I do. The kids have fun making different fruit drinks. I wish we still lived in Florida where we had a grapefruit, lemon and mango tree. Now we have to buy all of that stuff and that is the only turn off.

  14. No experience here with juicers, though I’ve pondered getting one myself. I admit the clean up factor was a concern for me, too.

    Dumbest thing I ever purchased … hmmm, I’ll have to think about that, but we received a Kabob-It as a wedding gift. Think electric kabob cooker/turner. We used it about once a year to make rumaki, but finally I gave it to the thrift shop. One of those things ads convince you to buy–for people who have everything …


  15. We had a juicer when we first got married – never used it – gave it away. When we lived in Rome we had a manual juicer and my husband made me fresh blood orange juice every day. Now when we travel we go to the closest market and buy a similar one – usually less than 5 euros and maintain the daily tradition of freshly squeezed orange juice.

  16. I bought one three months ago and it’s still sitting unopened in the basement.

  17. I have one of the little manual ones from pampered chef (link to pamperedchef.com) that I paid $12.50 for – I use it all the time for cooking and it goes right into the dishwasher. But I’m only doing 3 or 4 fruits at a time – I can see if you were doing way more than that, you might want something a little more powerful.

  18. Angela 18

    I don’t have a juicer and don’t want one. I think it would go the way of my bread machine and vita-mixer. Good intentions but never used! Got rid of both!

  19. Barbie with a T 19

    No juicer here! I did go out and buy one of those expensive Vita Mix blenders several years ago and I never use it. I am just not a kitchen appliance person. I do know that juice from a juicer is so much better tasting than the canned or frozen concentrate! It is probably a trade off….better and healthier juice, but a little more time consuming during the process. Especially the cleaning of the juicer. You will probably get hundreds of comments from other people who have juicers and that will be your best advice.

  20. Angela 20

    I don’t have a juicer and don’t want one. I think it would go the way of my bread machine and vita-mixer. Good intentions but never used! Got rid of both!

    I guess the vita-mixer was the dumbest purchase because it was so expensive and I didn’t use it like I was sure I would!

  21. I had a juicer years and years ago–I’m sure they’re much more high tech and fancy now. I do remember that it was a pain to clean the pulp, etc. out of the strainer-y part.

    When I’m getting something new, I try to read as many on-line reviews as I can find (on Amazon, etc.).

    Good luck!!

    Oh, and you would *think* the soft-serve ice cream maker was one of the dumbest things I ever bought–but we use it ALL the time! I have figured out how to make homemeade Pinkberry!

  22. I don’t have one, and the people I know who do have them, don’t use them. Whole Foods has it all.

  23. If I bought a juicer, the Old Goat would juice everything in sight and make me drink it and tell me how good it was for me.
    Plus, I don’t want to clean one.

  24. Flea 24

    I have a small manual juicer just for citrus and I love it. Easy to clean and store. Nothing to plug in. If you’re not into juicing as a competitive sport (I swear that’s what it is in this country), then you probably don’t need much more.

    I’m a water girl, too!

  25. I got rid of mine after one single use – The kiwi seeds ended up in the trash area – which is where the juicer almost ended up – I made fresh fruit smoothies everyday with my extra strong blender that also serves to make my creamed soups, pesto, etc…..I would put that $100 or $600 towards your winery goals…. just saying…

  26. I’m not much of a juice drinker either. But, I bought a Jack LaLane Power Juicer. All the parts go in the dishwasher, it’s just a matter of assembly and disassembly.
    I don’t use it often, but when I want fresh juice, I can have fresh juice.

  27. Maria 27

    Besides the awesome health benefits of juicing, they are also really great for cooking. And contrary to most of these comments… they don’t have to be hard to clean! Line the body of the juicer with a small plastic bag, and then put the lid on and juice away. When you’re done, just open lid, take out the bag, which will have all the pulp and stuff in it, and throw it away! Then give it a quick rinse and wash off the lid.

    Easy!!! And pretty much mess free :)

    I love my juicer. You can start off with a smaller, cheap one just to see if you will like/use it. I know you will!

  28. Laurie 28

    I don’t have alot of storage space so I’ve never been tempted to buy an electric juicer. On the other hand, I adore my antique glass citrus juicer. If I need to make juice from something that’s not citrus, I used my mini food processor.

  29. Egghead 29

    I don’t own one because I know I would stop using it after cleaning it a couple of times. It would be more of a hassle for me I think. My mom has one and she used it maybe a handful of times before the cleaning made it hide on the back shelf.

  30. I read this to my husband while we were waiting for our daughter’s honors breakfast to start and this was his opinion: don’t get one. You won’t use it.

    We don’t have one and I wouldn’t get one simply for space. What I do have, however, is a juicing attachment that goes on my Kitchen Aid mixer. You can only do citrus fruits with it, but I love it. It works really well in making fresh sqeezed orange juice and my daughter and her friend used it once to make home made lemonade (it was the best I’ve ever had). Just something you might want to consider.

  31. I’ve thought about buying one but know it would probably end up in the cupboard and never be used. I don’t buy anything that isn’t a multi-tasker. Who wants to clean one of those things?

  32. megan 32

    Dont have a juicer, don’t want a juicer, don’t need a juicer. And thank God because who new how hard it would be to buy a juicer!!!

  33. Marjie 33

    No juicer. No desire for one. If I need to juice citrus, I roll them vigorously on the counter to soften them up a bit, and squeeze like crazy. Works every time, no extra appliance taking up counter space, no extra cleaning.

  34. Trisha 34

    Wow! So many options just for a juicer! I can’t help you out, unfortunately, since I don’t own a juicer nor do I plan on getting one. Good luck with the hunt!

  35. leftfoot 35

    I have a juicer and I don’t use it. I use my old timey hand juicer and the electric one gathers dust. Cleaning was impossible and there was always more mess and straining I’d have to do after using it. It just didn’t seem worth it to me.

  36. dawn 36

    A pony might be less work:)

    I had a juicer and it was so messy I stopped using it. The dumbest thing I ever bought was (besides the juicer) a snow cone maker.

  37. Greg 37

    Get whatever Ina has… which appears to be a Braun Citromatic Juicer.

    link to tinyurl.com


  38. I don’t have a juicer yet and have the same questions so I’m looking forward to reading all the comments on this post.

  39. I got the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer and did it for a demonstration with my students. I bought like $50 worth of fruit and veggies and we just went crazy making juice…The kids loved it. It was fun coming up with different combos and tasting them. The parts were not difficult to operate or clean. It is a rather large appliance (about as big as a kitchen aid mixer thereabouts). So lugging it in and out of your cabinet may be a pain, but if you have the space..it’s very quick and easy to operate. They even give recipes for the pulp remaining and how to use them in something like muffins after you juice apples and carrots. When I bought mine years ago it was $149 at Bedbath and Beyond…not sure how much they are now…but with those 20% off coupons they always send….that can help alot! Thanks for this post Cathy, it reminded me that I should bring this out next week and use it with the kids. I will post some of the things we do with it!

  40. I don’t know about juices, but you should totally buy a pony. Ponies are awesome. My two ponies Ridde and Baby bring lots of joy to my life and my big “pony” (15 hands, so she’s a small horse rather than a pony) Jenna too!

  41. Scate 41

    I have a juicer attachment for my kitchenaid that I HATE. it’s messy and not that effective. I prefer to use the handheld squeezer for citrus. I have a metal one from OXO that is great. I use it for oranges too – i just need to cut them in quarters to fit.

  42. I use the Black and Decker $30.00 model.. It does really well, I only use it maybe 1-2 times a week. I love it. As far as all the technicalities, can’t help you, I didnt save the box. ut for $30 its a good investment, and serves its purpose well, and with thisone you can control pulp amount.

  43. Pam 43

    I’ve been on two juicer kicks in my life – both pregnancies. It’s a great way to get all of your daily supply of fruits and veggies but it is a TOTAL pain to clean.

  44. Julia 44

    I don’t have the space for a juicer. And even if I did, I can’t imagine I’d use it… I don’t see the benefit of juicing most things — as it filters out all the great fiber and nutritional benefit. A juicer is good for citrus, but how often do you really need a full cup of juice? Perhaps just get the attachment for the kitchen aid? I’m just not a big believer in extra equipment…

  45. elra 45

    Good idea Cathy! I have one big juicer, it the best out there. Waring Professional Juice Extractor
    Model # PJE401
    This one can make any juice from any fruit. But you need a lot of fruit, to make a glass of apple juice you will need about 10 to 15 apples. We love it. Just check it out Cathy, see if you like it.

  46. I got a Jack LaLanne juicer as a gift. I was excited for the first three times I used it but afterwards it became a pain to clean. I’d much rather go with a small hand juicer from Anthropologie. Less countertop space and way cuter.

  47. I have a small citrus juicer (about $25) and it’s perfectly adequate for what I need. It’s pretty easy to clean and does well with key limes.

  48. KAYOLA 48

    Go with Kimberly and get the cute one from Anthropologie…I have a juicer…I was very excited about it at first and used it quite often….but seriously a pain to clean…can’t you just go to the frozen section of your grocery market and buy juice…much easier and NO counterspace taken up…and you’ll have time to ride your new pony…

  49. Olga 49

    I used to work as a juicer (?) in a restaurant and made the following experiences:
    Cleaning a citrus juicer is a pain, unless you do it RIGHT AFTER USE. Then it actually isn’t bad.
    Cleaning a general juicer is easier, but we mainly used that for carrot and beetroot juice.
    I’d assume that you could do key limes using a citrus juicer. Question is, is it worth it? You have to clean off the surrounding area when using an electric juicer, whereas you can contain the mess if you do it by hand. And key lime juice is sticky as hell… A manual juicer is fine for this.
    I’ve only used centrifugal juicers and found them great. Now, we once had a nutcase come into the restaurant telling me that the RPM was really important, because too high a speed would destroy the enzymes. I have no idea if this is true, I don’t see how the chemistry would work there. I actually doubt it.
    If you & your family aren’t big juice drinkers, then I’d say it isn’t worth it. Get a pony instead.

  50. I have a Kenwood juicer and it doesn’t do its job effectively! I had to keep stopping it, stir and then continue blending…Not a must I would say.

    Head over to my blog as I have something waiting for you!

  51. My vote is for the pony!

  52. krysta 52

    after squeezing key limes, i was seriously considering buying a juicer but i’m not sure when i’d use it.

  53. I’m going to come back to this post once I’m not dealing with the flu from hell, because we’re about to purchase a juicer as well and I’d love to hear what everyone else says.

    Great topic Cathy.

  54. Kyddryn 54

    I don’t like electronic gizmos…they’re plotting to overthrow the kitchen. Also, they’re expensive, they break, they’re difficult to clean, they take up too much space, and I never use them enough to justify the cost.

    I have a citrus reamer thing that screws onto a jar. I juice the citrus by hand. Works beautifully with
    lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, and key limes. Easy to clean – soapy water and a rinse or dishwasher safe. Cost me a couple of dollars.

    If you MUST buy one, I’d suggest finding one that does what you need with the least amount of fuss and the fewest buttons/parts.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  55. Hmmm…at least the pony could keep your lawn mowed. We have a small electric juicer but don’t use it anymore. Used to have lots of fruit trees and it helped us keep up with the fruit for juice, cooking, and some strange citrus concoction my mother used to cook up with the rinds for fleas. Now I just use my very old glass juicer. Works better than anything I’ve used — even one of those wooden reamers. But I’ve had my eye on that Jack Lalaine model that juices just about all aspects of the fruit or veggie put through it. Almost no waste, and lots of nutrients. An “A” list friend got one and loves it. How yah been btw? ;)

  56. kathleen 56

    I think you should go with your gut on this one — get one of the Kitchenaid juicer attachments, or just one of those big strong ceramic manual juicers, especially since you’re not even kidding yourself into believing in fresh squeezed oj Wednesdays.

    And, get the pony!

  57. HaterTot 57

    I want a juicer – badly! I’ve been looking at them for over 2 years, but the one I keep landing on – the Breville Juice Fountain Elite – is $300, and it just seems a little pricey.

    This will sound crazy, but I have several friends who swear by the Jack LaLane one. I tease them about it all the time, but it’s only $100 and they seem to all have very good luck with it.

  58. I have one and haven’t used it in over a year. I have an older model, there are lots of parts, the pulp is hard to clean out of it. HOWEVER, I have a magic bullet and apparently they have a juicer attachement, and I would like to get that. I think if it were easier to use I would use it more often.

  59. Alisa 59

    I have no idea. I would gladly drink your juice though. Good luck!

  60. Rebel 60

    I was goin’ to buy a juicer at one time but like you I didn’t know why or what. I looked up options and the sort online and was even more confused.
    Hubby said they were a lot of trouble (his family had one).
    Hope you figure it out, good luck.

  61. dawn 61

    whenever I want to buy an appliance I go thru my consumer reports and figure out which one they say is the best and go from there.
    but a pony might be fun too….

  62. Go for the pony . . . much easier . . . and I’ve got a REALLY NICE one I can sell you.

  63. Julie 63

    I have an old fashioned glass manual one, a flip arm one and a juice attachment for my K.Aid. Don’t think I’ve ever used the flip arm, used KA once for drinking oj, I use the little manual one abt 4 times a week for adding lemon or lime juice to foods. It’s PERFECT, just rinse off and dry.
    good luck!

  64. susan 64

    Costco used to carry the Jack Lalanne juicer for right around $100. It is completely worth that price, in my opinion, because it is sturdy, fairly easy to clean…just rinse away the pulp–save the pulp for your garden, too…some even use the pulp in muffins and sweet breads, etc. It does a wonderful job for the price if you decide to go that route. If Costco still carries it, you can even get it…try it out…and, if you find out that it’s not for you…Costco has such a good return policy that you would be able to return it. It does a great job with apples, carrots, greens, etc…so, if you did decide to try juicing, you’d have it for that, too.

  65. susan 65

    p.s. If you rinse the pulp away right after juicing, it pretty much comes right off…you can use a scrubber on the blade areas to get into the crannies and nooks, but a little forceful water also cleans it right off if it hasn’t dried and set on there. Hope this helps :D

  66. Julie 66

    I just thought of something else, I did just purchase at W. Sonoma a tomato seeder peeler chopper thing. I do use alot of tomato for salsa etc and drink the juice. I havent received it yet but am excited abt it!

  67. susan 67

    one more thing :)

    If it’s going to be mainly used for citrus, maybe just a regular little table-top juicer would be best. With an electric juicer, you would have to peel the citrus first, i think, in order to keep out the bitterness.

  68. Amber 68

    I have a Champion juicer. Love it! Expensive but I think worth it. I probably paid $250 about 5 years ago. It is heavy so it stays on my counter which reminds me to use it. The parts go in my top shelf of the dishwasher. I juice fairly regularly but I go to work at 5 and 6am on those days. I plan to post about my favorites but I am seriously flying out the door with one eye to get to work so a photo hasn’t happened yet.

  69. okay heres my 2 sense on the juicer Had one(electric) hated it kids loved it for about a month CLeaning it is a b****
    As a part time pampered chef consultant I have found love with our 12.50 juicer,it strains and measures all citrus fruits however I also like our citrus press and my reamer Those of course are only good for your citrus fruits but not for anythihng else I was in Costco the other day and they brought back Jack Lalanne Juicer I cannot stand cleaning them It all depends on what you are wanting it for. Is it for a mixture of fresh fruits and veggie juice for drinking (go to the farmers market for less stress) or is it for cooking ( use a manual inexpensive no space required)
    Whew maybe that was a dollars worths not 2 cents :)

  70. Susan 70

    Do you Freecycle? Ask if anyone has one they no longer want/need. (it sounds like there are a lot of dusty ones out there!) Who knows you might end up with one for free. If you like it and use it, then you can go out and buy a bigger, better one.

  71. I have a prolific lemon tree (and used to have an orange tree but it died.)I use the small electric juicer when harvesting lemons and my old fashioned glass one when cooling in small amounts. I’m not into vegetable juice or grasses, so the big juicer would be wasted on me. Actually, a fine sieve and squeezing by hand work OK too!

  72. I have about a dozen vintage juicers. I used one ONCE. They’re pretty though. Oh, I’m no help.

  73. GP 73

    get the horse !!! I’m new to em and i enjoy and use ’em way more than our juicer… and heck we run an inn!! :)

  74. Julie 74

    I don’t know the answers to your questions…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use it after 1 or 2 times. I have a friend whose husband sells such things online if you’re interested in looking. link to livingright.com
    I think you should get the pony too.

  75. Leslie 75

    Dont do it sister..It will end up in the gadget graveyard!

  76. I do not have a juicer…you can buy juice that’s already been juiced at the store!

  77. Bunny 77

    TOO many choices!!!!! I’d have a headache trying to make a decision!!

  78. Lisa 78

    After staying at a resort with a juice-your-own-juice station, I HAD to get one. The Jack LaLane was at Costco. Have you ever watched his info-mercial? He makes me want to “join in the juicing lifestyle”. Well, 6 months later it is still in the box, but I do intend to use in SOMEDAY.

  79. Bob 79

    If you’re just juicing for cooking, get a handheld citrus juicer. No need to a machine, there are plenty of good ones that will work just fine for what you want. I recommend anything from OXO:

    link to amazon.com

  80. april 80

    I have the same conversation with myself all the time. I also tell myself that I want a magic bullet but will only get the one that had the juicer attachment. It’s been about 5 years and I still have neither, and I’m still doing okay so it probably won’t happen. But yum, fresh juice! I too am not a regular juice drinker, although I found about 9 lemons in my fridge because I was buying them and not using them, so lately I’ve been making lemonade. Yum!

  81. Melynda 81

    I have bought electric, manual glass, manual aluminum and I like the old fashion gramma style glass one piece. Daughter got the electric one (a requested gift), I think it catches dust now.

  82. If you don’t want to do vegetables forget it. They are a pain in the butt. I actually had somebody give me a Champion and I gave it back. TOO MUCH WORK!
    The Green something juicer that’s like 500 bucks is supposed to be the best but if you just want to sqeeze some citrus? Shoot fire woman use a bit of ingenuity! Cut it in half stick a fork in it and squeeze with your hot little hands! IF you simple must spend money in this time of economic peril,…..uh hem….how about a press? You cut the fuit place it on the stand pull the handle and wha la, juice. Williams and Sonoma carry them.

  83. Ditto what Karen Deborah said. I have a nifty retro hand-press that delights me no end. My fancy acme juicer (a “gift” handed down in the family) was a pain! I returned it (sweetly). I bought this citrus cutie for those few times a year when I have free oranges and delight in a little fresh-squeezed juice (like this morning — yummmmmmy). Cleanup’s a breeze. I vote simple.

  84. sharon 84

    You really can make anything funny. :) looks like you got a lot of good advice above so I won’t elaborate too much. My parents have a juicer, maybe from the 70s that I covet. It’s a mustard yellow plug in thing that rotates and you put the orange/lemon half on the rotator-thingy. I want it. Scour garage sales now.

  85. Susan 85

    I don’t have a juicer so I don’t know what the potential faulties that may occur. BUT the electric juicer that Ina Garten uses on the Barefoot Contessa, looks so easy to use and it’s small too.

  86. Jude 86

    Why don’t I own a juicer? Zero counter space. I don’t even own a kitchenaid, food processor or fryolator, so there’s a long list of stuff before I get to juicers. :)

  87. I have a Magic Bullet that I use a lot, but have only used the juicer part twice. It takes some rinsing of the mesh screen, but it worked pretty well. I have a reamer for citrus. I do like Ina’s model and thought it would look shiny and cool on the counter, but then looked at the counter space and thought better of it. I’d go with the pony too. Think of what fun he/she would be at the vineyard!

  88. pam 88

    I am also flip-flopping about a juicer. Thanks for posting this, I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments. I think…no…not at this time.

  89. Liz C. 89

    I have a very simple Krups juicer that is great… especially for making Salty Dogs. The cleanup isn’t difficult & it gets the job done.

  90. Kela 90

    I have 3 kinds of juicers. One is the electric kind that you basically feed the whole fruit into. This one sucks for citrus because the peel gets stuck in it so you have to remove the peel which cuts out any time savings. We almost never use it. The second one is an electric citrus juicer sort of like this one (https://link to giftlandofficemax.com). It works great if you need a lot of juice. The last one is a little plastic tube with a lid that you push into the end of a citrus fruit (this is a metal version link to thegreenhead.com) and it filters out seeds as you squeeze the juice out. This is good if you only need a little bit of juice from 1 or 2 fruits.

  91. Joan 91

    I’ve had a Black and Decker juicer for years…under $20, as I recall. I use it whenever I need a quantity of juice, e.g. more than the juice of one lemon, lime or orange. We have orange and lemon trees, so I do use it.

  92. Flea 92

    I like the idea of getting a pony instead. May I suggest, though, since you now own property for a winery, some goats or sheep to do your mowing/fertilizing instead? They won’t juice, but they’d be great entertainment for your boys.

  93. Louise 93

    We had one for a few years. The juices were truly inspiring …. but … buying enough fruit for a glass of juice may make a pony seem inexpensive, and calorie wise it is just better to go for the whole fruit.

  94. Laura 94

    OK when you decide what to get, if you do, be sure to post it. I too have considered this for the same reason. With all of the SE Asian and Mexican cooking I feel like I spend many, many minutes laboriously squeezing limes.

  95. You should definitely go for a juicer with more options. Don’t worry about pulp or seeds, there are solutions for these in more complex juicers.

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