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I flew into Portland on Friday night.  It was a great flight, not even a bump.  Perfect for a Nervous Nelly, white-knuckle flyer like me.

The plane pulled into the gate and everyone in typical after-flight-hyperactivity jumped up to retrieve their baggage from the overhead compartment.  For once, I decided to stay seated and instructed the kids to do the same.

The man in front of me did launch out of his seat and popped open the overhead bin right above me.  I thought nothing of it until his twenty-five pound bag landed on top of my head. 

If you all remember from Physics class, Newton’s Second Law of Motion…Mass x Acceleration = Force…well it also equals OUCH.


Can I just say it hurt like a mother. 

I had no idea it was coming so it also scared the sha-bee-bus out of me.  Thank goodness the kids were not sitting in my seat.  

As an aside, the bag dropper might have been able to react fast enough to stop the accelerating object but he was served four cocktails on a flight only 1-1/2 hours in length.  This seemed a little excessive to me in such a short time span.  I mean the drink service on such a short flight is so brief but he was downing them one right after the other.  Whatever.

I know I should have an MRI to rule out a possible subdural hematoma but at this point just my neck and right shoulder are sore from the impact.  It was quite a blow.

PLEASE don’t send me scary stories about subdural hematomas….I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

To round out my evening I arrived at our apartment 60 miles from the airport.  Settled in with an ice-pack and some fuzzy socks.  Put the kids to bed and plugged in my laptop only to get THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.  OMG, you know the one, the DOS screen alerting you to the possible death march your computer might be entering.

This has happened before…but this time I’m sorry to say, my faithful laptop of five years has moved on to greener junkyards. 

The Wild Boar, the great computer doctor in my life, had nothing left in his black bag to heal the wounds I have inflicted over the years.  Yes, some hard drive information can be recovered, but the history is gone.  He said he will try to recover data when we are home in California.

Fortunately I did not keep photos there but it’s my history of contact information I mourn the most.  All the email addresses amassed over five years…GONE!  Friends, family and business colleagues….POOF!  These may not be recoverable.  If you know me, please shoot me an email which will add you back to my contact list…otherwise I no longer have your address.  Bummer.  I should have run a back-up.  And since you know I hate the phone, I won’t be calling you to get it.  Double drat.

However, here’s the AMAZING part of the story.  The Wild Boar has known for a long time I needed a new computer.  I have fought getting a new one over the years because I loved mine so much (and I hate change).  I refused every time he has tried to purchase a new one and he has willingly nursed my jalopy along during its many times of wicked trouble. 

But the Wild Boar loves computers. HE LOVES THEM. And like any good doctor, understands their lifespan.  He knew mine was close to imminent death, even though I was in total denial.   And in his infinite wisdom, good judgment and good husband-ness, he purchased a new laptop a while back, without my knowledge.

You see, he knows me

He knows if my laptop went on eternal death watch, I would FREAK.  He was right.  While I sucked my thumb in the corner and held myself in the fetal position nursing my wounds, the Wild Boar emerged from the bedroom with a giant box. 

MY new computer.  With all the bells and whistles already loaded and ready to go. 

He even knows me well enough to appease my sometimes love of instant gratification.

I couldn’t believe it.  COULD. NOT. BELIEVE. IT.

I have always felt kindness is the strongest indicator of an enduring relationship and one of the biggest reasons why we seek love. 

Finding security and kindness in one person who recognizes our idiosyncrasies, accepts them, offers compassion and helps smooth our feathers in times of trouble could possibly be one of the greatest gifts as humans we are able to receive.

For this, I am eternally grateful. 

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  1. Betty 1

    Oh Cathy girl!! I thought I’d married the last super hero,but you have 1 for yourself too.I won’t tell you “ALL” the wonderful things my hero has done for me,including computers,cooking, & when I’ve been too ill to do anything, he has cleaned house for me.These are only a few of the reasons why he’s so wonderful.Besides he really knows me too. Blessings to you & I hope the sore neck from the careless flyer gets better soon.

  2. deeba 2

    OUCH…that hurt Cathy! The bag hurt, the kids almost hurt hurt & the blue screen hurt. How nice to have Wild Boar. I have a super hero here too,who just brought in the laundry while I was ou playing soccer Mom. I’m glad so many of us are happy with quite a few good men around! take care & enjoy your new machine!

  3. HoneyB 3

    I can no longer say that I have the worst luck ;)

    How nice of the Wild Boar to be prepared for you!

  4. You have been having a rough couple of weeks ! :(

    I do hope things get better and hubby is the best.

  5. Your poor head, but your lucky heart! What a man!

  6. Barbie with a T 6

    I would be very disappointed if you had lost everything on Noble Pig!! I know what you mean, though, our computers are very good friends and if we lose one, it is like a death in the family. Thank goodness you are still there and able to continue your good work on your website. That was a good reminder for me to get my pictures saved elsewhere in case this one goes out.

  7. Oh dear, sorry about the bonk on the head. I’ve seen that happen. I feel your pain about your computer. Happened to me last month. I lost almost all my files. Backup, backup, backup.

  8. Owww, that’s so horrible about the flight, the bag, your head! Hope the pain is not everlasting!
    What an awesome Wild Boar! I recently was using my husban’d OLD laptop-it had to be held open with a string wrapped around it to prop it up and it would grrr so loud just to run and sometimes it would just shut down right in the middle of using it. My husband took me out a few weeks before Christmas and bought me a new one, too. It is so awesome. I hate the part of getting a new computer up and running, too, and he LOVES it. Seriously, he even exclaimed, “this is so fun” as he was getting it ready for me! We did have the sense to keep backing it up as we knew it could have its final breath at any moment. What were the number one things I told him to make sure were backed up? My emails/addresses/and bookmarked blogs! And photos.
    Enjoy your new computer!

  9. katie 9

    That is such a wonderful story!! What a great husband, you are a lucky girl. I too would freak massively if my laptop died and to just be handed a new functioning one would be a dream.

  10. What a lovely love story. Sorry about your head though.

  11. Beware of idiots on planes and their falling “carry on” bags!
    We saw a person get hit in the back of the neck by an inconsiderate passenger rushing off the plane, and she had to be taken off the plane on a stretcher!
    No joking! I always cover my head now!

  12. Kate 12

    This is the most endearing story I’ve heard in awhile now. I know it only involves a computer, but I cannot live the way I want to live without my computer. And the fact that he understands you, could see this coming, well it’s blowing my mind. I want to say that I want someone to love me that much!
    But he loves me as much as he’s able. Great story! And sorry your head got smooshed.

  13. kayola 13

    So sorry about getting hit in the head…and I understand losing everything on a computer…that happened to us at Christmas….NOT FUN!!! What a great and thoughtful hubby that thinks ahead for your future needs…that is awesome!

  14. My computer is on it’s very very very last legs (I dont know how many legs this thing has, as I’ve been saying it for a year now…*knock on wood*) and I know it inside and out. Despite all it’s flaws…crashes, blue screen of death and error messages, I love it. Completely, wholey and without hesitation. Kinda like my hubby loves me. *lol*

    There is but one difference between your story and mine…well I didn’t get slammed on the head by a drunk ignoramus in a flying metal tube…my dear hubby knows better than to buy me anything as intimate as my computer. *lol* Panties and nighties and bras…oh my! No problem there. But I don’t want him buying me a computer.

    Hope your owies feel better soon. Karma is a you-know-what and the numptie who did it will get his too!

  15. I am so sorry about the bag incident. I see that kind of stuff all the time unfortunately. If DH is with me, he usually plays the great protector role, but we’ve had some close calls. (And, don’t get me started on the people who manage to stuff 50-lb bags in those bins. I still see it happening.) Your statement on kindness and love is so true. My husband is very kind. (He just brought in the paper to me and is now putting wood on the patio for me.) I am tickled pink that the Wild Boar was ready to save the day for you. I am sure your friends will come through and supply missing email addresses right away. Heal while you play with your new toy! Hugs, Shirley

  16. Now that is a nice husband! Hopefully your head, neck, and shoulder recover. Bake cookies for that man of yours, he deserves them.

  17. megan 17

    I loved your story! Sorry about the bump on the head but I think it sounds like a pretty darn nice day. And what a sweety of a husband. Better make a pretty spectacular Valentines dinner for him. LOL ;-)

  18. Kyddryn 18

    I had a hematoma once. This is NOT a scary story about one.

    I put my knee through a dashboard during an auto accident. Ouch.

    It was painful and annoying, and then it wasn’t. The doc told me they can be removed if they’re causing a problem, but are often absorbed back into the body. Mine didn’t go away (it’s now fibrous tissue), but it’s not a bother and twenty years later it’s just a slight difference in the topography of my knee. I can have it removed if I want…but insurance says it’s cosmetic, the doc says it’s not hurting anything (but my ego, which wants to have nice legs but is stuck with mine), so it can stay and remind me of why I wear a seatbelt.

    I hope yours heals quickly…and if you’re into homeopathy, a bit of arnica wouldn’t hurt.

    Sorry about your poor electronic friend…I love my laptop (his name is Bob, Bob is my friend), but it provided an opportunity for you to experience how much you’re loved – so that’s pretty awesome.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  19. Laura 19

    Oh dear… I am glad you were not KILLED from the dropping baggage! and so sad to hear of the dead lap top but totally and I do mean totally Impressed with the dear wild boar… Do you think he might give private lessons to my darling husband???
    Heres my email… [email protected]
    and have a wonderful time with the new computer!

  20. What a sweet story! I hope your head and neck is feeling better.

    But seriously, my geeky heart is currently beating faster as I wonder what kind of laptop the WB got you!

    And I love a happy ending!

  21. Pam 21

    I hope your neck feels better soon. Loosing my computer would kill me – I am so glad the Wild Boar is such a thoughtful guy.

  22. Bob 22

    That is so cool of him. You got a good one, lady. :)

  23. Aw – been there – hurts like hell – hope the soreness goes away soon! Your husband is a dream.

  24. Ouch on the head trama… Ouch on the computer death. On the other hand, at least you have a fantastic man who anticipated your need and was there like a knight in shiny armor to rescue you from the dispair of computer death!

  25. 1. What a so-and-so with the bag! I noted that you made no comment regarding his profuse apologies. This makes me very angry both on your behalf and for passengers everywhere.

    2. I lost my internet connection at work last week for a total of 4 hours and I was almost in tears by the time IT arrived. I understand.

    3. The Wild Boar is a man of charisma and sound judgement. What a jewel!!! Very thoughtful. See? Bad Man (#1) balanced out by Good Man (#3) and justice is restored in the world once again.

  26. I used to run Windows XP, but I always had problems. About two years ago I switched over to Ubuntu linux.

    link to

    Linux is another operating system like Windows or Mac. It is extremely stable and secure. That means no crashing, no blue screens and no viruses. Ubuntu can even do all the bells and whistles Vista can do (and probably more).

    With Ubuntu linux, everything just works. No need to find drivers, install wi-fi software to get your wi-fi running… everything will just work.

    Also, Ubuntu is FREE. You own it, whereas with Windows, they just give you a license and you dont own anything. If you want to give Ubuntu a try, request a FREE installation cd here…

    link to

    (you can also download an ISO from their site, burn it and run it)

    Its called a LiveCD, so when you put it in the computer it will load up the operating system for you to try “Live”. If you like it, install it! If you dont, just remove the CD.

    Most all of the computers today that act as the backbone of the internet are all linux computers. Some of them running for YEARS at a time with no crashes or need for rebooting.

    More great info here…

    link to

  27. Your husband sounds a lot like mine. That is exactly something he would do. In fact, it is something he’s done in the past…

    And ouch on the head! I hope you’re feeling better!

  28. elra 28

    Ouch! I always nervous when I see someone try hard to pull their carrier from the compartment. Hope your head is okay!
    Your wild boar reminds me of my own husband.

  29. sharon 29

    What a sweetheart! (Wild Boar, not bag dropper, obviously) I hope your head feels better. Enjoy that new computer!

  30. Liz C. 30

    I’m totally with you! Human kindness prevails when all else is lost or over & done. It’s always comforting to know that we can ultimately *come home* to the one who knows us best. It’s part of what makes a marriage last…

    I hope the idiot who dropped his bag on you has bad gas for a week. I despise rude people…

  31. Becky 31

    Sorry about the falling 25 lb. lugagge. I hope it gets better soon!
    I love this post. Well the last part anyway. It’s nice to know we sometimes pick the perfect person on the first try!

  32. Julie 32

    He’s so awesome…If my newly aquired but still old laptop dies, I’ll be in a fetal position too.
    And don’t worry, I only hear GOOD things about subdural hematomas.

  33. Oh Cathy,
    Hope that you will be okay, and that bthe MRI shows nothing.

    Jerk drunk-dropping the bag on you – Grrrr !

    And Wild Boar was amazingly sweet – and prescient – to have your new computer waiting and ready :)

  34. wild boar is definitely a keeper!! Now about those subdural hematomas…

  35. melissa 35

    I am always scared of the overhead. I saw a lady get a bag dropped on her head a long time ago and now I’m ALWAYS paranoid. I hope the drunk said sorry. The least he could do.
    Sorry about your laptop. I got chills reading it. I need to back up my computer…
    Your husbands a wonderful man!

  36. Trisha 36

    Ouch! The luggage landing on your head/arm/hand/whatever is something I have come to expect. Once I even got hit by a bag someone was carrying when I was in the MIDDLE seat! Come on people!

    Your husband is such a wonderful guy!

  37. Leslie 37

    The head trauma..the computer death.. what a crappy day. Thank goodness you have a wonderful husband to pick you back up off the floor! Bu all you contacts gone??? Aggggg!

  38. Fishermans Daughter 38

    How’s the head/neck? Might I suggest git thee to thine chiropractor asap? If you don’t have one, now is the time. Mine has been instrumental in righting some pretty serious hits I’ve taken over the years. Oh and if the Boar has a single brother…just sayin… :)

  39. Shawn 39

    Wow..what a day you had! I’m totally amazed that Wild Boar had another computer all ready for you. That is just awesome. I’m going to make my hubby read this post just so he knows what he’s up against in this cyber world we love.

  40. dawn 40

    Awww Cathy I love your hubby! Now that was very sweet of him. Sorry about your head kiddo…want me to send you some Valium? lol

  41. nil zed 41

    Wild Boar is awesome, Professor Zed would not have spent one penny more than needed, and certainly not until the need was there, in case some sort of discount situation arose betwixt the buying & the needing.

    And it’s HIS laptop I’m wearing out!

  42. Lori 42

    How thoughtful of him! That is so great that he knows you so well…and is so well prepared!

  43. Love does show itself in many ways. Yes, thank God that one of your kids did not get the bag on their heads. Husbands can be so adorable. Even my 6’300lb bundle of fuzzy love. I liked your story and sent it to

  44. Linda 44

    What a thoughtful, thinkin’ ahead, sweetheart you’ve got there! Hope your headache is gone.

  45. KathyB. 45

    This really is a touching post about true love ! He knows you, he knows your weaknesses, and he loves you and helps you when he is most needed ! The TRUEST description of love, and love in action !Now we all love the Wild Boar !

  46. Zobabe 46

    Hey, Awesome! What a wonderful thing to have a Boar to look out for you. :) What kind of laptop did he get for you?

  47. Hope you’re feeling better. The blue screen is scary, but it’s great that you got a new computer!

  48. Laura 48

    That is one of the sweetest stories ever. And as a recent new computer owner and previous owner of a problem one, I so sympathize.

  49. Wow–How great he had a computer waiting in the wings!!

    I’m sorry about your head though–ouch!!

  50. WOW how wonderful! What a guy what a really great guy, so does this wonderful act of kindness warrant a chilled separate salad plate? Well really now what do you think?
    Sorry about your head, that was a bummer. They should set limits on drinks on planes but it must be a big source of revenue.

  51. Paula 51

    Your hubby … *blissful sigh* … he’s a keeper! Hope you will be able to recover all of your data. How wonderful that you have such a great guy to help you figure it all out! Hope you had a great visit here in Oregon, and that you have a safe trip back home.

  52. Laurie 52

    Oh Cathy! I’m so sorry about your injury. Now there is something new to worry about when I fly (just as white knuckled as you).

    The Wild Boar is a genius – and a very sweet husband! I can’t imagine your pain at losing all that info. I actually think that would be more painful than a bump on the head for me.

    I actually just bought some external drives to back up my info, but it didn’t occur to me to back up my contact list. I hope I can figure out how to do that.

  53. Wow, the Wild Boar is really awesome. What a relief to have the new one ready for you.

    I’m sorry about your loss of information. Perhaps you can back up your contacts to blackberry so you have 2 ways to access them in the future. Hopefully they won’t both crash at the same time. Good Luck with the new machine. I know it will take a little time, but you will make friends with it & love it. I recently backed up all my information on to CD because I am convinced that this computer will not last the year. Sadly, I know HP does not have one waiting in the wings. I won’t let him near the credit cards.

  54. DD 54

    Aww, those pics make me homesick for Oregon. I contemplate moving to Portland or Bend on a daily basis. Cute kids!

  55. What a man!!!

  56. imom 56

    I’m guessing you are even more sore today. It’s always worse after a day or two! I hope it’s all feeling better soon! What better way to try to forget your wounds than a very thoughtful gift! Very sweet of WB to do that for you.

  57. Egghead 57

    What a guy!

  58. What a sweet, sweet man.

    Five years? That’s it? That’s criminal. Did you call the cops?

  59. tipper 59

    Sorry about the bag on the head thing. Your husband is sweet-and I can see my husband doing exactly the same thing-so I’d say we are both lucky women!

  60. Awww, how sweet is he? That was a wonderful story. We are very lucky to have people like that in our lives! Sorry about losing your contact info though. Want my address? You know, it can replace one of those who was in there but don’t know they aren’t anymore and who may never know to contact you and give it to you again? No? Ok, just a thought.

  61. annbb 61

    Welcome to my world…same thing (computer dieing deader than dead) happened to me. Thankfully I had a backup of most of my addresses at, BUT I lost close to 1500 photos. POOH!!

  62. heather 62

    what a great story – your husband is a smart man. the small things like that really make the difference in the long run. now if only he could have backed up your stuff on the new laptop too…..

  63. Alanna 63

    WHAT a good man you have!!! That is so incredibly sweet and considerate. :)

  64. So sorry about your head… and your computer! But, congrats on the new one :)

  65. Sandie 65

    Nicely said, Cathy. Your last full paragraph should be inserted into every dating, marriage and relationship counseling book and/or publication out there.


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