The Life and Times…

With all the nice weather Oregon has experienced over the past two weeks, things are beginning to take shape around the vineyard property.

The winter rain often stands in the way of completing projects.  With heavy machinery going over the land it takes muddy conditions and turns them into extreme muddy conditions, interfering greatly with the integrity of the roads.  The sun is always a welcome companion.

The pump house for the well and a small tool shed have finally been completed.  Just some painting to finish them off.  Any ideas on color?

We turned on the electrical generator currently powering the well pump in order to monitor the water pressure.  As you can see the hooligans were a bit disturbed by the sound.  Sorry boys, PGE is not ready to install their transformers yet so it’s going to be noisy!

Willie, our property foreman, has been busy moving logs.  There. Are. So. Many.

But here’s the best part, however it might be hard to see in this photo - Willie has begun building an access road that will encompass the whole vineyard area.  Several weeks ago this was covered in dead trees and shrubs and now it’s a road.  This will allow us to drive around the vineyard in ATV’s.  An eight foot fence will be built on the right to keep out the large grape-eating wildlife.

I told Willie he might consider washing his new truck.  However, he has never washed it since he purchased it last November, so why start now right?.  The dirt on the tailpipe is…oh…about three-inches thick.

Here’s how it looked the day he bought it.

Pretty clean…eh?

What do you think…should he wash it or leave it crusted in mud?  Hilarious.

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  1. Diane 1

    It’s a toss up between how much less fuel is needed to run a clean mud-less car and how much water and energy you need to wash it.
    If it’s not you who’ll be washing it … then yes it should be cleaned!

  2. snowmoonelk 2

    How about blue for the well, you know a lovely, mediterranean blue – really zings out amongst green things. Blue for water etc. Then, how about red for the tool shed? Goes with blue and rhymes with shed!

  3. Why wash his truck now ? There are a few more months of rainy weather…summer is a grand time to wash the truck. A thorough washing then could last another few months!

    Looks like a LOT has been accomplished, and your sons have grown since your last pictures of them!

  4. Oh, Dude, wash the truck. That just breaks my heart. I had to wait over 3 weeks to wash my car because it didn’t get above freezing all of January until the last day!!!

    I was going to vote for yellow and blue for the colors for well house/shed.

    Is your head/neck feeling any better?

  5. Betty 5

    Naaah, leave like it is. It’s a work truck & no respectable work truck takes a bath. Ever.Trucks have genders also & that truck is definitely a “BOY.” I have a truck of my own & I love it. Not a work truck, but it could be if we could afford to move out to the country.
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  6. Betty 6

    Oooh, I didn’t look at that truck very well, An F350! That is really a heavy duty baby. No washing here, unless he’s going to be in a parade? plus I also like the colors Blue & Red for the Pump house & Shed.

  7. Green is always my colour of choice to have it blend in with the scenery. Until the land dries up and warm weather hits washing the truck would be futile..but it sure will be a hard job when the time comes:D

  8. WOW…great progress. He should definitely wash the truck. The acid in the dirt and any “potential” lead will eat away at the paint and he will end up with a huge mess.

    It is nice to see the update

  9. Laura 9

    Don’t trucks and mud go together?
    This is growing more and more exciting.

  10. Leave it! It’s going to get dirty again anyway.

  11. More progress, despite the mud–yippee! Not sure on colors … I’d pick something that would go with colors you have in mind for your logo, etc. or maybe do the dark green as was already suggested. Re: the truck, I’d wash it to some degree, but not be meticulous because fighting that battle will get old (until mud season is over). LOL


  12. That’s very exciting how things are moving along! It’s funny about the truck, because I feel like most of the guys I know with trucks are so proud of them that they get down on their hands and knees and scrub off the tiniest speck of dirt asap!

  13. melissa 13

    I don’t have a clue what color you should paint. Are other buildings going up around them?
    Yes he should wash his truck. Of course as soon as he does he’ll probably dent it sliding into a tree.

  14. Wow…everything is coming together! How excited are you? As for color…I agree with the person who suggested you stick with the colors you have in mind for your logo. What colors are you planning on doing for your house and the vineyard?

  15. That truck is a hoot. I think it would feel naked if he washed it.

  16. Barbie with a T 16

    Willie probably figures his truck will not stay clean for very long, so let the mud build up and give it a good cleaning when the dry weather come around. About the colors of the out buildings…how about something to blend with the muddy splashes you will be contending with? Gray, tan, brown, whatever.

  17. Poor truck, it wants a bath and to be clean. But I think men like that look- sometimes. But it is like making the bed, why bother when it will just get messed up again soon.

  18. Love that truck picture! No washing necessary :)

  19. mud is really good for the skin, maybe it will help keep the truck looking young?

  20. I wouldn’t wash it til the end of may or the beginning of june. What’s the point.

    I like gray for the pumphouse!

  21. Kyddryn 21

    If you want the sheds to stand out, white. Otherwise, I go with a deep green or brown so they blend with the trees. Or…does your vineyard have colors? A crest or logo? You could paint the sheds to match.

    Meanwhile, leave the truck dirty, I say – then it can be a rolling bulletin board! Also, the mud protects the paint, right? That’s my excuse, anyway.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  22. Looks like you are making progress. I think of you when the days are dry and sunny because I know what a difference the weather makes. Good photos, too.

  23. Steph 23

    This project honestly looks like so much fun! If I owned a truck like that and did that sort of work, it would never get washed! And in my experience, most men prefer their trucks that way.

  24. Laurie 24

    Nice progress! Love the service road.

    I wouldn’t worry about the dirty truck. It adds character and is a great conversation piece – as this entry shows!

    As for the pump house and tool shed, I love white, but I also agree that it would be nice to use the colors of your logo if you’ve decided what they are.

  25. Margo 25

    Long time no comment!

    The truck looks great as it is – it does bring character…

    I think color will depend on the theme of the tasting room; muted if it’s an old world or Euro themed, primary colors if it’s Americana. That’s what it popping in my head – I actually see barn red for those out buildings!

    What types wines will you be making?

  26. Heidi 26

    Clean truck = Wuss.

    Real men have dirty trucks. (That would be the perfect t-shirt)

  27. Thanks for sharing the progress with us, it is wonderful to be a part of this!

    As for the colors, I would lean towards the Arts & Crafts color palette for your sheds in the woods. Let it be a part of nature. Sort of. ( has color palettes, if you are interested)

    The truck? I say wait until the weather is warm & nice & let the Hooligans have fun with it, a hose & a bucket. It may not get clean, but they could at least get rid of a layer or two and give the Hooligans an activity in the summer.

  28. kayola 28

    Leave it…till it stops raining…dirty looks like he’s enjoying life…kinda like “a clean house has a boring woman living there” or something to that nature…I can’t remember…anyway it brings character…and I like red or blue for colors on your buildings…glad it’s moving forward for you and how is your head feeling after the luggage gettin’ ya?

  29. Liz C. 29

    I think you should paint the pump houses purple. But that’s just me. Orange is a nice color too.

    Kids are the only ones I know that have trucks that dirty. Boys love to have their fun in the mud. That said, isn’t it bad for the paint job to stay dirty all the time? I’m just saying… I can’t stand a dirty car!

    Things are really beginning to take shape on the property. This is so exciting! So, where do you get the vines you’re going to be growing?

  30. Trisha 30

    Well -a quick spritz now and again would be a vast improvement. Doesn’t extra weight cause a decrease in the MPG? Just a thought!

  31. I think he should wash it. I am not good about washing my vehicles either. Mine, however, do not get as dirty as Willie’s.

    The place looks hopping. Very exciting.

  32. Julie 32

    When you said “grape eating wildlife”, I couldn’t help thinking of Grape-Ape from Saturday morning fame. If you see him would you please get a pic??

  33. Joni-MI 33

    I LIKE MUD! I think it would look the same in a couple of hours even if he did wash it! I love the truck!

  34. dawn 34

    mud and big trucks go together, so no wash needed. lol

  35. Bob 35

    If he washed it it would just get dirty again. Hm, that makes more sense with trucks than with children. ;)

  36. katie 36

    I am always surprised how calm you are about all of this. I! would! be! freaking! out!

  37. Cheryl 37

    I so cannot wait to see the literal fruits (or fruit products, as it were…) of all your labor. As far as the “Hooligan” fruits of your labor, they ooze personality from every pore. :)

  38. Robert Jones 38

    it is a mans truck right? why wash it when it will just get dirty again

  39. Paula 39

    Wash the truck??? No way! He should, however, allow your children to finger draw designs all over it! :-)

  40. kathy 40

    Delurking to say your builder should not wash his truck until the temp is over 40. He might ruin his paint job otherwise. That’s my excuse, anyway! Enjoy reading your site, and cooking with you,too.

  41. Biz 41

    OMG – too funny! I guess if he hasn’t washed it by now, who cares? But that is a lot of mud! Maybe a good rain shower will help!

  42. Cathy I have missed so much because of this Friggin weather we have had and then falling on my backside
    The process is started and I am so excited for you all keep the pictures coming

  43. Don’t wash it!

    That mud is a story, a histroy. I remember years ago reading an interview with Portia DeRossi and how she never wanted to cut her hair because the ends of her hair have been to Paris.

    I felt the same way after taking a riding tour of Ireland a few years ago. I left a patina of mud on my boots because it was Irish mud and I didn’t want to lose it.

    The mud on that truck is the history of your vineyard. Leave it!

  44. Pam 44

    He probably doesn’t bother to wash it because it will just get caked with mud again.

  45. Laura 45

    Sadly I am not sure that looks much different from a salt and muddy slush stained car in the midwest winter, i.e., my car. I definitely vote for cleaning. :)

  46. Joan 46

    I’d definitely go with “barn red” for the outbuildings…with a little white for trim. (a bit dustier red than house on the corner at W. 8th! – maybe not that glossy!)

  47. Kim 47

    Wash it, Nevah. I have been married to my husband for almost 15 years and in that time we have owned at least six different cars. have I ever seen him wash a car? Never. I have never seen him wash a car or mow a lawn but he can change a mean light bulb.

  48. Marjie 48

    After a few years, it will be the dirt holding the truck together or vice versa. I’m a wimp. I wash my cars in winter. However, we have road salt, and that’s some nasty stuff. I washed my winter beater yesterday, and now it’s blue again, instead of streaky white!

  49. You don’t even have to go mudding! It’s all right there for you!

    I moved! Come visit me at

  50. Mrs. L 50

    There are those that love dirty trucks. The dirtier the better. I for one, don’t care one way or another…as long as I’m not the one washing it when the time comes…

  51. Cathy,
    Wash it, and paint the shed sunshine yellow :)

  52. imom 52

    Very exciting to see the progress! My motto about vehicle washing is wait until the weather gets better! It will just get crusty again.

  53. Debbie 53

    Don’t wash the car…it looks like it has really been working hard this way!!! It has earned its dirt!!!

  54. Before one can have grass, there must be dirt; and when that gets wet, MUD!

    Do the boys still like playing in the mud?

  55. Shawn 55

    Looks wonderful! Use the colors of your label for the pump house and/or tool shed. I’m so excited for you!

  56. dawn 56

    Willie, you can take me for a ride anytime in your dirty truck!

  57. elra 57… don’t wash it. It looks pretty cool, and that wheel, wow…bling……bling

    Your kids, bot of them so cute!

  58. Rebel 58

    It’s fun to see your pictures. It’s so cool you’re puttin’ in a winery. We have several around here. Looked like a nice day too.

  59. Yay on th eprogress made! I can definitely see the road. I say leave the truck dirty–let’s see how bad it can get!

  60. Bunny 60

    Cathy I love to see the pictures of the vineyard, it’s coming along so nicely. I bet it just makes your heart flutter when you see the progress.

  61. Kerrie 61

    I thought of you yesterday. As we came back from the beach, we drove through McMinville and Dundee wine country, and there was a beautiful double rainbow. I moved away from the Portland area, and came back, and can’t believe how the area has grown.

  62. Wendy 62

    DO NOT Wash it…no, no, no, no. It’s too cool dirty.

  63. That shed has to be a really pretty red. It’ll make you happy, I swear. So is the power of red.

    ah, don’t bother washing that truck.

  64. tipper 64

    I say-whats the point to wash it when you work in the mud? Glad everything is going good in Oregon!

  65. I am very bad and I rarely get my SUV washed…my hubs always comments about it…so far be it from me to tell Willie he needs to wash his truck. Mine’s about that dirty inside from muddy little feet all over the back of the seats!

  66. Dee 66

    The mud adds character :)
    I’m truly jealous of all that amazing land. I just visited my husband’s uncle in Australia and they have 16 acres. I live in an apartment in the city. Boo hoo.

  67. Very exciting.

    And tell Willie to LEAVE THE MUD. A truck is a truck, not a fancy sports car. Keep it real Willie!!!


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