It’s hard to sit here and write about anything other than what I’ve been listening to on the news.

My frustration with this economy and with what is going on in Washington right now has reached blood boiling levels.

The political fights are maddening. 

Isn’t it time to dig in and get on with the show, getting Americans back to work, buying homes and feeling comfortable to spend their hard earned money?


And if I hear about one more person purposely not paying their taxes… I’m pretty sure my head will explode.

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  1. Diane 1

    I’ve been so angry the last few days because of the constant cheering by people with massive mortgages having their rates reduced due to the Bank of England lowering base rates! It’s sick making! The bloke they had on the news was on an interest only mortgage costing £950 a month and now he’s only paying £250 a month. Well that’s insane! How can a bank run like that? At the same time they had some pensioners on upset cos they are eating into their capital because they are not getting a good rate of interest on it. The news was not very sympathetic to the savers and supporting the people who’ve overstretched themselves.
    Even houses aren’t getting repossessed now. Second mortgages can be covered by some insane government funded scheme where mortgages of up to £200,000 can be covered for ever! What incentive to pay your own way?
    For those of us who haven’t gone mad and splashed out on holidays, cars, luxury living – and have saved are being punished to pay off the debts of the feckless. The prudent are being punished and it’s so utterly wrong.
    It made me spin to hear the British Government is bailing out private schools – expensive private schools for the rich and privaleged are now being paid for by the tax payers.
    It’s insane. Seriously mad.
    I’m interested in making a stand and withdrawing my savings to safer building societies who aren’t playing mad lending games. But a national protest – maybe a worldwide one to get the message across to government and banks “No Interest = No Accounts” that we are angry and we are going to act.

  2. Athena 2

    I totally agree. Politicians now-a-days suck. Too much greed in washington as always. I loved hearing about Nancy Pilosi fumbling for an answer about why the proposed 800 billion has 300million for STD prevention and why/how this could boost our economy right now. She couldn’t give an answer other than to say, well I feel prevention is the most important thing. Um, there are only a few serious STDs and health care is not skyrocketing because of STD medical care.. jeez.

  3. I have had to cut way down on the news watching lately. I feel we are being taxed beyond what we can endure and pretty hopeless about the situation in WA D.C.Bail outs for irresponsible rich people and corporations…hmmm, this is the CHANGE the American people voted for ? Sounds like even more of same-o same-o multiplied by millions and billions!

  4. I doubt if all this is going to change anything eiter. The viable rate on the secondary market needs to be lowered so that loans can be sold, if not then the banks won’t make any money and will continue not to lend on a vigorous level. Of my ten projects, only 2 of them are for new loans…the rest are foreclosures. It is sad that I can see this and DC can not.

  5. Brenda S. 'Okie in Colorado' 5

    I’m a native Oklahoman living in Colorado. (lived in Sacramento for 20 years before coming here)
    I just watched a great program tonight called Oklahoma Horizons. I’m sending the site for you to watch. T. Boone Pickens had some great ideas about our economy. Someone needs to listen to this brilliant man.
    link to
    There are 4 or 5 videos to click on.
    I really hope our new Administration listens and at least gives this a try.

  6. Laura 6

    I hope everyone feels this way so that changes will REALLY happen.

  7. Suzanne 7

    Hold your head cause there’s another one.

  8. Becky 8

    Ditto, Cathy.
    I keep hearing, “It’s gonna get worse, before it gets better”. I certainly hope not!

  9. Well we could go on to a less controversial topic, like the mom who had the octuplets in Southern California. :)

  10. Joni-MI 10

    All I can say is dial
    and let them know exactly what you think. My personal opinion is this: this pork-laden bill will do very very little to help the problem that they’re saying it will.

    It will only cause them to print more money and on the heels of that is hyper-inflation.

  11. marcy 11

    Right on there cathy!

  12. There’s no quick way out of this mess, that’s for sure.

    Its raining here, Cathy, but not heavy. Things have dried out pretty well during the past two dry weeks.

  13. Eva 13

    Oh God, I can’t take it anymore. It’s so maddening, everyone is sticking to their party lines rather than compromise and actually accomplish something for people! And the taxes stories are also ridiculous. The first guy actually had a real excuse and it was blown out of proportion, but these other people? I mean really. It’s just careless. And to answer Athena…there is a lot of spending attached to the bill that is inappropriate and has nothing to do stimulating the economy, but I would say the STD prevention is one of the most noble, and will affect healthcare. 1 in 4 girls in the country have an STD, and something like 4 in 10 adults in my city (DC) have HIV. Of course those drugs would affect healthcare spending.

  14. I totally and completely agree with you Cathy. The fighting among politicians is ridiculous! They should be working together to pull this country out of the mess we find ourselves in.

    I think there are a lot of people that feel exactly like you do. People are getting really tired of this situation.

  15. Shelly 15

    Politics and politicians make me want to vomit.

  16. Stacy 16

    I have ceased listening to the news; I barely scan the newspaper anymore. I believe the media perpetuates the situation. The coporate leaders requesting bailouts, who in turn receive HUGE bonuses, should be shot! The movers and shakers in our government should be tarred and feathered, by the masses, with lots of media attending said event. They all seem to be of the “do what I say, not what I do” mentality.

    Egotistical jerks…

  17. I can’t watch it all. It is so frustrating and depressing, to tell you the truth! I couldn’t agree more…let’s get this country on the road to recovery and lay down all other agendas.

  18. kayola 18


  19. Bob 19

    I couldn’t agree more, but I’m not holding my breath that anything is going to happen any time soon. For a lot of the people in Washington what they are doing now *is* the show.

  20. wkf 20

    “2/6/2009 5:43 AM Stacy wrote:
    I have ceased listening to the news; I barely scan the newspaper anymore. I believe the media perpetuates the situation. The coporate leaders requesting bailouts, who in turn receive HUGE bonuses, should be shot! The movers and shakers in our government should be tarred and feathered, by the masses, with lots of media attending said event. They all seem to be of the “do what I say, not what I do” mentality.

    Egotistical jerks…”

    Actually, a number of media personalities should be tarred and feathered along with the politicians.

  21. I touched on this very subject today with a little humor. Go read my post. (and have a glass of wine.)

  22. Wow – you have hit a hot button and topic here Cathy! – Personally I have been trying to change and improve myself on all areas of my life, including financial. Watching the news can only be further depressing – so off it goes when it comes on.

    I wish those in power would pay ALL their taxes – and take a look at the world as it really is…

  23. Sickened is a very appropriate word. I really don’t think bailouts work (they haven’t worked for my college-aged son when I’ve helped him with an overdrawn account!). And, what is thrown into any bill to make it “passable” these days is amazing, and sickening (that word again). Like others said, I do believe the media perpetuates the situation. So, I am not watching or reading much news. I could say more, but I will depress myself so that is enough.

    Must go bake something … comfort foods are “up”!


  24. Katrina 24

    Amen, Sista!

  25. imom 25

    I completely agree, it’s so frustrating listening to all the fighting and blaming. And the not paying taxes thing?! Don’t even get me started.

  26. Leila 26

    I’m disappointed. I come here for recipes, not the rantings of those who clearly are anti-Obama and have been waiting for their opportunity to pounce. I get enough debate on t.v.; I don’t need it here.

  27. For the record, I am very much pro Obama and have stated that before here. It doesn’t mean that all of the rhetoric and depressing news does not bother me greatly. I absolutely am wanting the best for Obama and our country.


  28. dawn 28

    Get over it.

    People here are against Republicans and Democrats at the moment, if you don’t see that you are blind. And if you are not annoyed with both parties, you seriously need to open your eyes.

  29. Kyddryn 29

    Apropos of nothing (which is the point) – there’s an owl outside my window, roosting in a Cyprus tree. He soaks in the sun all day, occasionally deigning to open his eyes and stare back at me as I stare at him.

    Sometimes smaller birds dive-bomb him, and he largely ignores them. I think there’s some kind of lesson in that.

    He makes a nice distraction from the idiocy, insanity, and chaos threatening to storm the gates. If I had gates. Which I don’t. But I aspire to, one day. So I can leave them open and welcome people in.

    Sorry – I’m heading into a rough patch (how kind of them to warn me they’re coming so I have something to look forward to) and would very much like to hide under the covers with a pan of brownies, a trashy romance novel, and NO reminders of the world outside my own craziness.

    Meanwhile, I paid my taxes and am using the refund to buy a mattress and pay a friend’s electric bill, if that helps you feel better.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  30. dawn 30

    …and this is not just a recipe site. Amongst other things, it’s about life and if that currently means the government, then so be it.

  31. Amen.

  32. Leila 32

    Then if you are all so sick and tired of the news, which we all are, why don’t you at least make this a place where it doesn’t have to be regurgitated? We’re all sick of hearing the bad news, and I for one come here in an attempt to get a break from it. Now it’s infiltrating what used to be a pleasant escape.

  33. Lacey 33

    I am an Obama supporter and I swear I am freaking out with both parties right now. I am sickened by the fighting and inability to come together towards the middle so both sides can feel good about the job they are trying to do. However, I’m not confident spending all this money is going to have good effects. I am highly annoyed at these government officials who have not payed their taxes, I’m not sure who they think they are. So sickened is a great title and goes deep into how so many feel. People are suffering and the fighting over frisbee parks and aquatic centers needs to stop.

  34. Marjie 34

    Since Americans have been spending 6% more than they earn per year for the past 6 years, and since banks have been handing out mortgages to anyone with a pulse, regardless of ability to pay, I don’t see how this country can recover until a contraction has occurred. If Obama really wants to revive this country, then he needs to immediately start work on infrastructures to use domestically produced power only – wind, natural gas and coal – and mandate that all cars must be powered by natural gas in a very short time – say 10 years. Then private investors will start building gas pipelines for the market that will have to exist. OPEC problems? All gone. Terrorism? Greatly reduced with that oil income greatly reduced. Americans back to work? Check. Cleaner air? Check. Improved economy? Check. Next, mandate huge increases in wind, solar and nuclear power. Private investors will be on that, too, and my above checklist will be answered again.

    One more thing that bugs me: Schools today tell everyone they should go to college. My favorite mechanics, Mike (5 miles east of me) and Bob (7 miles north) both have thriving businesses and pay great wages to kids with lots of aptitude and not a lot of education. There are plenty of things which need doing, for which you don’t need a college education, and those jobs are going begging, because kids who should have been encouraged to follow their natural talents, take shop classes in high school and go get jobs which would make them happy and at which they would excel, are instead told that they need to go to any college at all, and not go to work. This is a disservice to the Mikes and Bobs everywhere who have more talent in their little fingers than most of could ever dream of having. “Joe the Plumber” wasn’t incapable, just hadn’t gotten full union status yet, as I recall the story, and that hurt both his income and the homeowner who needed their sinks fixed, because there were fewer plumbers available. Remove the worship of higher education, and return to appreciating skilled tradesmen, and more people will be working, too.

    I do not see how we can ever return to employing all of these retail people. We must stop thinking we all need everything in the stores. And we must stop thinking the government will take care of our every need. The government needs to just lay out the infrastructure mandates I listed above, stay out of everything else, and watch people go back to work.

  35. AAAAAAAA-men, Cathy.

  36. Chou 36

    I’m writing my representatives today, and in addition to encouraging them to use some common sense, I’m going to tell them I want to see line-item veto discussed again. And then I’m calling my father up and telling him how much I appreciate his efforts to help his city function in a financially sound manner.

  37. dawn 37


    I’ll say it again…check out the subtitle of this blog…a LITTLE about food and wine A LOT about nothing. This is one of those “nothing” topics…GET IT? While we who come here, love food we also have other interests. Since you must be new here you haven’t seen that we have discussed politics amongst other things many times over. This is why we like it here. While a chocolate chip cookie helps ease frustration, writing about it helps more. No one is twisting your arm to come here and last time I checked, you were not the author of this blog nor can you dictate what is written here. If you want to read about Spring, fairies and butterflies while you make a soufflé, start a blog yourself. This is about real life and sometimes that means answering hard questions. I am an Obama supporter and right now I am sickened both parties cannot come together, that is the subject at hand.

  38. tj 38

    …Just find consolation in the fact that all those greedy SOB’s will have their day when they meet their Maker. :o)

    …As for news that really pee’s me off? This just happened in St. Louis which is about 60 miles East of me:

    —Newton Michael Keene, 46, is charged with three counts of reckless homicide, three counts of aggraveated driving under the influence causing death, three counts of aggravated driving with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit causing death, one count of a aggravated DUI causing injury, one count of aggravated DUI with a blood alcohol content over legal limit causing injury, one count of aggravated reckless driving and two counts of aggravated driving under the influence.

    The coroner’s office said Keene was driving northbound in the southbsound lanes of Illinois Route 255, near the I-270 interchange, when he struck another vehicle Thursday morning.

    Keene was taken to an area hospital for treatment. He was expected to survive. Three of the four people in the other vehicle died in the crash.

    The coroner’s office said the driver, TaWanda L. Jackson, 32, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, died at the scene. Her boyfriend, Jon Moss, 28, of Delwood, Missouri also died at the scene. Jackson’s son, Arnold J. Jackson, III, died at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, Illinois.

    Wednesday night, TaWanda Jackson, her two kids, Arnold (Jay) and TaKia, and her fiance Jon Moss left Tennesse and set off for St. Louis.

    “I talked to her 20 times yesterday,” said Jackson’s sister Pam Bryant. “The last time I talked to her she said, ‘TT, we’re about two hours away.'”

    Jackson’s daughter, Takia, was taken to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center with serious injuries. She was listed in “fair condition” just before 10 p.m. Thursday evening.

    According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, Keene was under a “ten-year denial,” which is issued when someone as three alcohol-related offenses.

    Keene has a 1994 conviction for excessive blood alcohol levels, a 1995 DWI conviction, a 1997 conviction for driving with a suspended or revoked license, a 1997 DWI conviction, and a 2001 conviction for driving with a revoked license.

    The sad irony is that Jackson and her family were coming to town for her grandmother’s funeral.

    “It just seems like a dream, like someone is going to come and say wake up,” Bryant said. “But it’s not.”

    Now, Jackson’s family and friends are grieving the loss of three more loved ones.

    And they’re still trying to find a way to break the news to 11-year-old Takia.

    “She doesn’t even know yet,” Bryant said. “She keeps asking for her mother and her brother. It’s just devastating.”

    Family members say TaKia doesn’t remember anything about the accident, but her condition is improving.—

    …Hope your day gets better Cathy! Blessings to you… :o)

  39. tj 39

    …I like this comment, there’s a good message in here… Thanks ‘Kyddryn’.

    …And I hope that the rough patch you speak of is very short lived and just like you always wish “Shade and Sweetwater” to everyone, may you find that waiting for you after the storm…


  40. It is a circus over here in DC. What a real shame it is coming to this. Try to watch something fun this weekend like Mamma Mia! and sing your heart out- it is good therapy.

  41. ELRA 41

    Take a deep breath my dear. Enjoy the week end, K?

  42. melissa 42

    Great post. I’m not against Obama, I just wish he’d get off the TV and into the oval office and get some work done. I don’t blame everyone else for America’s problems. I was always told that if you can’t make your house payment in one weeks check than that house is too expensive. I live by that. Where is it that we can’t take the blame for our own mess and have to blame everyone else?
    Politicians suck. They don’t live in the real world.

  43. melissa 43

    I’m glad that you write about everything and let us know what you are thinking! It shows that your husbands a lucky man. A great dinner and great conversation at the end of a long day.

  44. heather 44

    there are a lot of details in that “stimulus” package that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy. typical washington style. and i’m not even sure the economy should be “stimulated,” with borrowed money no less(if i try to stimulate my personal economy with only borrowed money it doesn’t fly). what happened to consequences and responsibility for choices? running a business means you’re responsible for it in good times and bad, not the government. it doesn’t make sense to rescue companies that obviously don’t know how to run a business just they can keep on running it poorly. and most of all i hate my own inability to influence anything that happens in washington. i don’t know who they’re representing, but it’s not me.

  45. Alisa 45

    I’m with you. Monday night, I attended a “budget crisis and your school” meeting where I was basically told two things, we have no idea what we’re going to do because we don’t know exactly how much is going to be cut, and…we may have to pass more costs on to the parents. For this, my children are in public school? They also mentioned that CA has dropped to #49 in per student funding. WTH??

  46. It’s maddening, it’s maddening, and I just want to throw shoes at all of them! How can these people “forget” to pay their taxes? You’d think being in government would actually make them more willing to pay their own taxes. Argh.

  47. annbb 47

    Well said.

  48. Pam 48

    I am right there with you Cathy.

  49. Rebel 49

    AGREED. But it’s not gonna end. Remember what they did back in France. Revolted and chopped off a lot of heads.

  50. Biz 50

    That’s probably one reason I don’t watch the news on a regular basis – too depressing!

    I do hope you have a good weekend though!!

  51. So much for Hope and Change . . . back to Fear and Fighting. I’m off to my garden, with some serious thoughts to making those luscious PB&J cupcakes (if I can trust my peanut butter). : D

  52. I’m so stressed out right now I can’t stand to think about it! I just hope things improve soon!

  53. Paula 53

    Well, I guess I’m hoping that this will be our finest hour. While it’s stressful for sure, my own family has felt the pain of it, yet it’s had some decent side effects … focusing on what’s really important and spending time together. Then again … I am the eternal optimist! :-)

  54. Egghead 54

    Amen. I just feel my blood pressure rise every single time I watch the news or read the paper.

  55. you know, i had more of a background check becoming a drug rep than the idiots did.

    can i get away with not paying my taxes? hell, no! why are they so special?

  56. Amen! As a small business owner, I’ve been feeling like my head is going to explode for so long, it almost seems normal!

  57. Brenda S. 'Okie in Colorado' 57

    Regarding Melissa’s comment/Problem with the house payments matching one weeks check, a lot of people’s checks equaled one week or less, then people started losing jobs. We are just now getting back to that amount, but scared to death we will lose another job. Just doesn’t matter anymore what kind of career field or education you might have. We are 58 and 59 and have paid in social security for years, sorry, no funds…and California, no tax refunds? I vote T. Boone Pickens for President! Too bad he’s 80.

  58. that girl down south 58

    Here here!
    Let the jobs and spending begin.
    I’m waiting for that tax return to buy some updates for the house. It’s funny that I make so little (teacher) but always pay more taxes than necessary just to cover my bases. Yet these big wig types with the responsibility of being a good role model can’t figure it out.

    *btw I love your site because of your writing. You could write about wine or about fences or politics. I don’t care.

  59. that girl down south 59

    I’m a teacher and I totally agree!
    College is for a higher education necessary to the career you choose. (like a trade school)
    People come in all shapes and sizes and not everyone is college material. Some of the smartest people I know failed in college but excelled in life.

  60. Laurie 60

    Oh my. You’ve touched a nerve here. I didn’t even know it was possible to purposely not pay your taxes! But I’ve actually been too busy working seven days a week these past few weeks to pay attention to the economic news. I know that is shameful, but right now both my husband and my income has dropped (more work, less money – and we’re grateful to still have jobs), and our bills have gone up. So it’s all coming down to one thing: Save-The-House. Which means working harder and longer.

    A bonus is that I’ve rediscovered the joys of thrift stores. It’s like a treasure hunt when you find something great like the brand new “super-cool” sneakers for my son whose feet are growing faster than his hair.

    And the best part is the money I spend shopping for things we need actually goes 100% to the local food pantry to help people who are worse off than we are.

    That said, my blood has been boiling plenty in the past few months just like yours, so maybe it’s better for my health and sanity to be so busy working that I forget to watch the news.

    Great post, Cathy! You really got people thinking…and communicating.

  61. Kyddryn 61

    tj, cheers – I’m used to rough patches…but I don’t have to like ’em. I always muddle through, though.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  62. Chuck 62

    I’m from Canada and I find the American politics frustrating. Mind you it isn’t any better here.

    I think I’ll just eat myself to death. It’s better than listening to these guys lol.

  63. Yes! On with the show!

    Even from up here we are hearing the constant state of worsening and yet, the games play on.

  64. Viticulture Vern 64

    Preach On Sister!

  65. tipper 65

    To say I’m frustrated by the stimulus package is putting it mildly. I flat out mad as hell. I don’t see how borrowing more money that the US does not have will fix the economic slump we are in. And the arguing back and forth about it all compares to my kids fighting over who gets to sit in the front seat!

  66. katie 66

    What makes me sick (and sad!) is the company responsible for the current salmonella dangers was sending along food they KNEW was contaminated!

  67. Tracy 67

    I completely agree with you. If we can’t shoot them, then lets stick them in prison where crooks belong.

  68. Tracy 68

    Dawn –
    You comment as if this is your blog. Last I checked, it isn’t.

  69. Tracy 69

    You know who else sucks? CEO’s of many corporations who take ridiculous salaries and bonuses WHILE they layoff workers. Also, the liars in the mortgage and banking industries who made all kinds of commissions and kick-backs on loans that are now going bad.

  70. Tracy 70

    You don’t really give up that quickly do you? He has been in office less than 3 weeks! Let’s see how things are going at the 100 day mark, at least.

  71. Tracy 71

    That happens all the time, they just got caught. Does it also make you sick that fast food companies are serving mostly products that aren’t fit for human consumption? How about the companies pushing carbonated sugar water? No health benefits there. We quit supporting those businesses over a decade ago.

  72. april 72

    This should cheer you up. Because bacon always cheers one up. :) Toodles!

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