Unsolicited Help…Never Again

I was walking down the aisle of my favorite grocery store, Trader Joes, when I came across a small pink boot abandoned in the aisle.  It looked like it belonged to a toddler about two years old.

As a mother, I immediately picked up the boot and looked up and down my aisle for the child without a shoe.  There was no one there.

I stopped my browsing and went to the next aisle over looking for the shoeless kid.  No luck.

Next aisle.  No one.

Finally, next aisle, I see a woman stopped with a little girl sitting in the cart missing a boot.

I happily approach her holding up the boot while she’s yapping away on her Blackberry.

She looks up, sees me smiling with the boot, abruptly stops her manic conversation, snatches the boot from my hand and very nastily exclaims that she was COMPLETELY capable of getting the boot herself and it wasn’t necessary for me to butt in and bring it to her.

Honestly, I was flabbergasted.  I still don’t get it.  I just stood there, as that was the last thing on earth I expected her to say.

I finally turned and spun around on my heels and went back to my shopping, three or four aisles over.

I should have given her a little thump with my Crackberry.  The witch.

Of all moments, why didn’t I have something witty to say?  Dang it.

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  1. I would have cracked her on the head with something much harder (and less expensive than your crackberry), like, say a 10 pound bag of potatoes or beef brisket. Nothing p*sses me off more than rudeness. It was probably better for you to be classy and walk away. I would have let the air out of her tires, had I known what she drove…….

  2. HoneyB 2

    Wow! I have a feeling she’s not happy about anything, what a witch. I probably would have come back with “I’m happy to see I’ve made your day!” turned around and walked away. I’m pretty much at an age where if someone is going to be rude to me I’m not going to keep quiet about it. Grumpy’s advice would probably be you should have B* slapped her ;) He loves to see a good fight. lol

  3. Diane 3

    You just have to worry about the state of mind of some people who snap when you’ve done them a favour.
    It is disheartening. But someone will have seen the scene play out and know that you are a kind and good person. It might make all the difference to their life to see someone being nice and not wanting reward.
    Keep picking up the shoes!

  4. Even more distressing is that the little girl obviously is seeing this kind of behavior. So one wonders what goes on at home, and then one fears for the general population because another little ***** is being raised!Maybe if the little girl sees enough people respond with class ( like you ) she won’t go the way of mama.Good for you Noble Pig, you behaved as your name states, NOBLE !

  5. I thought the exact same thing Kathy-what is this poor child observing at home with this type of behavior. Scary.

  6. Lisa 6

    Wow. I probably would have had the same reaction as you — stunned and shocked. That poor little girl. I just hope her mommy was having a rough day and this was a one off in her behavior. Maybe you could have said something like, “I guess you’re having a rough day. Poor dear.”

    At least you blogged about it.

    I so miss TJ’s. We don’t have them here in TX.

  7. Deeba 7

    What an absolute witch…ha ha! Ithink you just might have HIT the nail on the head…crackberry!! Don’t worry Cathy…am sure she was a one off case, & one off the rocker case too! I love extending genuine unsolicited help! Keep smiling!

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    I suppose you could have told her where to stick the boot…but then that would not have been very nice. You did fine without saying anything.

  9. Philly 9

    What a bitch !!
    If you had your boys with you, they could of put things in her cart while she was blabbing on the phone. I love to do that to people!!

  10. Leslie 10

    WOW..what an example she is setting for her child. I am not sure what I would have done in that situation. I am sure if her child wasn’t there I would have called her every name under the sun.
    Or on the second…I would have been super nice to her in a condescending way to make her feel stupid.

  11. I can imagine your were flabbergasted! I usually think of the perfect response to something like that several hours too late.

    Inexcusable. Nasty old biddy.

  12. Catt. 12

    Cathy, don’t let this whack-job ruin you and the kindness in your heart! You keep picking up those small boots. Especially with parents like these, the kiddos MUST know that there are kind, sane people in the world! Thanks for making my day. Every day.

  13. marcy 13

    omg! how rude!
    I would have thanked you. You could just as easily have snatched it back from her and put it back right where you found it! Then she would have been perfectly capable of getting it herself!!
    I found a mans wallet behind my car at walmart the other day and I picked it up , intending to take it inside to see if I could find the guy. When I reached the entrance I see this panicked looking guy feeling around his pockets , looking around and about to dart back out to the parking lot when I caught up with him and asked him if that was his. He actually thanked me then ran back inside the store. /shrug.

  14. 1) I first give thanks to you being above board and not responding with an unkind remark – and though it’s the easy thing to do, she (the mother) is so far away from reality its sad.

    Instead, you doing the right thing when no one was looking will be counted as a good thing you did.- Why lower yourself to ‘her’ level when you are doing HER a favor….
    2) Though I really did get a ‘kick’ out of Barbie’s comment of where to place that little pink bootie – though I doubt it would have hurt her any – doh!
    3)It amazes me on a daily basis how absurd people have become – I refuse to think there are not enough ‘Kathy’s’ in the world…keep up the good work… I would have done the same.

  15. Rachel 15

    Wow. that’s unreal. I can’t believe someone would respond that way.
    She either has something terrible going on in her life, or she’s just a miserable wench.

    Either way, you are fabulous for doing what you did. Most people would probably have left the shoe in the aisle and kept walking.

  16. Laura 16

    I have learned in my teacher life that when people lash out like that it’s because they feel inadequate.
    Somehow she felt like a bad mommy because her child lost her boot.
    For some reason she can’t keep up and the boot became the symbol.
    I feel sorry for her…but also embarrassed for her.
    You, of course- ROCK.

  17. Hilary 17

    Cathy .. what an appalling exponent of how not behave; however .. whenever you see her again .. & your bound to .. smile sweetly at her … something terrible may have been going on in her life = possibility! Set your example to her child. Good luck for your next meeting.

  18. Howdy 18

    My policy is that if someone is standing there acting like an idiot… it’s best to just let them be. You really don’t need 2 idiots standing there… it won’t get any better with 2.

    You were right to just leave – there wasn’t anything you could have said that would have made any difference anyway… she’s all about herself and she wouldn’t have heard you.

  19. jancd 19

    There are many creeps in this world and you found one–and at Trader Joe’s of all places. And most of these creeps don’t even realize that there is a better way to respond to people. This hateful manner is all they know. Poor things.

  20. Kate 20

    I feel sorry for her daughter.
    I wanted to think that maybe she was having a bad day. Or that maybe she was on the phone with her husband’s oncologist and maybe life was getting overwhelming. But when that happens to good people, they will not snatch something from your hand and admonish you for your kindness.
    No, this really was a bad person. I hope she gets help for her daughter’s sake. Too sad.

  21. Claire 21

    Incomprehensible. That is the pinnacle of rude behavior. I am stunned. She should be flogged with that boot until she begs for mercy, and then be sent to the school of polite and reasonable behavior, and not allowed out until she has sent you a hand written note of apology of at least 300 words. You did the right thing. She didn’t. Ouch.

  22. Laura 22

    I woudl have said your welcome and walked away… Like others I feel for her child … and I can’t help but wonder what is so bad in her life that a simple thank you was too much to give you.
    You did the right thing and Hopefully this woman will get the help she needs.
    Keep picking up those missing boots!

  23. How bizarre! I agree with whoever said that perhaps there was something truly horrible going on in her life at that moment. Of course that’s no excuse for bad behavior, but most of us would understand if we knew, say, she just lost her job and didn’t know how she was going to support herself and her daughter or her husband was dying of cancer. I’ve been shocked and angered by someone’s actions more than once and remained bitter about it for months only to find that there was something like that hiding under the surface and I was just that pressure valve for them for a moment. No skin off my nose really, in comparison to what they were going through. It still pisses me off beyond belief to be treated like that. (I have a very hot temper.) But I try to keep this thought in mind. Even if it isn’t the case or I never know, it helps me to feel better about the situation.

  24. Recently a man rolled his cart into me DELIBERATELY, and I was so taken aback, I actually apologized for being in his way! Later, I thought of a dozen things to say. Why are we so surprised to learn that some people are just rude by nature?

  25. Forget the mother — you did a nice thing for the little girl, who will probably remember it.

  26. You did the right thing, obviously. I might have stood there and forced her to respond to, “Ok. I’ll go hide it and let you have the fun of finding it.” Of course, then there would have been an innocent little girl without a boot. I can think of many nasty back-at-yous, but they all reduce me to the level of the woman with the cell phone. Obviously, from her response, she’s had her parenting skills challenged in the past. Still, wouldn’t it have been satisfying to grab it back and fling it as far down the aisle as you could? haha

  27. I agree with other’s… anything you could have said would have made the situation uglier. You know in your heart you’re a nice person who did a sweet thing. Sometimes, that has to be enough.

  28. Becky 28

    That was a sweet thing you did! Do not let the stupidity of the mother stop you from being kind to a stranger. I am sure the child was thankful.
    This world needs more people like you and me who go out of the way to help someone. Whether they appreciate it or not. Have you seen that commercial where someone helps another and is witnessed by another then that person goes on to help someone, and so on down the line? I LOVE that commercial!
    I’m just saying, don’t let the jerks of this world control how you feel in your heart.

  29. I think I would have had to restrain myself from flinging the boot … at her HEAD! How hard is it to say Thank You??? You did the right thing and don’t let her a$$inine behavior stop you in the future because for all the twits, there are more people who really do appreciate the help:)

  30. I would have been livid at her rudeness and lack of appreciation, Cathy.
    Too bad that little kid has her for a Mother….

    I have an award for you over on my blog – please come get it :)

    Loving Annie

  31. What a miserable woman. She must be very unhappy. I’m glad that there are still kind people like you in the world, and sad that there are nasty people like her as well.

  32. Kyddryn 32

    Hmm…how about a tale from the other side of the situation, just so you know we aren’t all emotional Neanderthals?

    Not long ago I lost my van key while shopping. I keep my keys clipped to my belt loop, and the van key somehow made it all the way around the split ring and down to the floor without my noticing.

    I didn’t realize it was gone until I had already paid, loaded my groceries into the back (I have keyless entry) and returned the cart.

    I enquired at customer service, and they had my key! Luckily, a kindhearted person (much like you, Noble One) had found the dad-blasted thing and turned it in. Had they brought it to me (as you brought that ill-mannered woman the boot) I would likely have cheered them on and offered to help pay for their groceries – or at least a cup of coffee!

    As an aside, I am a Witch – a real one – and wouldn’t claim that woman as one of mine…we’re much better behaved.

    I’m sorry she reacted with poor grace to your thoughtfulness – hopefully it was merely because she was having the worst day ever and not because she is always so nasty to compassionate strangers.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (whose husband says you would have been justified in taking the boot back where you found it and leaving it for her to retrieve – as she was (in her own words) more than capable of doing for herself.)

  33. Egghead 33

    That woman needed to be drop kicked into the last isle of Trader Joes. I feel for that little girl. The person she looks up to most is an arse.

    On another note, Cathy you have been cooking entirely too much lately. I just got through catching up on all your posts since being sick and now I have to go cook and gain more weight. They look great as usual.

  34. Cath,
    It wasn’t about you. The woman is a miserable person. You did a nice thing and will continue to do so.
    I would’ve cracked her too, or WHIPPED THE BOOT AT HER HEAD!

  35. Her behavior was shocking, but as much as we’d like to lash back in those situations, it’s never wise to stoop to such levels. At least the child saw you behaving very nicely … she probably doesn’t often see behavior to be emulated. But, when this sort of thing happens, it sticks with me for days and I keep imagining what I could have said or done differently. However, it’s not about us and we really have no control over the situation. Hopefully, this woman will wake up and soon. Bottom line–you did the right thing, Cathy.

  36. Julie 36

    Geesh! I have to think she was pretty much the only person in the world who would have reacted that way….what a moron!

  37. Tekoah 37

    I think this about it.. I think because of the way the lady handled herself you shouldn’t take it as something you should stop. I think people will take things differently and just because she was having a bad day doesn’t excuse her to take it out on you but what it does show us is that there is a lot of miserable people in the world and that we must deal with them unfortunately. And how she handled you could have been out of anger (u didn’t deserve) or something going on with her life at home. This is not at all a reflection of the kindness you showed..and just because she didn’t see it as needed it was because I do not believe you as a person would have done any different.Sometimes kindness makes a person think..but sometimes they take it for granted. Don’t let her take away who you are or would be.


  39. Allison 39

    While a lot of people say they would have done X or Y action to the woman, in reality, they probably wouldn’t have, especially front of a small child. Not stooping down to the woman’s level is a sign of good character.

    You did the right thing and I commend you for it.

    Consider the whole event as a blessing in disguise. It did give you a very interesting scene to discuss on your blog!

  40. dawn 40

    Eww Cath, sorry that happened to you. That woman sucked–plain & simple.
    And I know what you mean when you are clueless as to what to say wishing you had a snappy comeback…I hate those moments too.

  41. Greg 41

    Antonia and I both agree – you should have taken the boot and thrown in over the aisle, satisfying her desire to pick it up herself. Then bonked her with the blackberry.


  42. melly~ 42

    don’t let the few bitchy keep you from being a nice person. mean people suck. just believe in the laws of karma. she’ll get hers.

  43. Amber 43

    I am enough of a bitch that I would have grabbed it back, threw it across the store and then said “oh I am sorry, there you go.” Of course then I would have ran before she hit me because that is probably next in her line of manners.

  44. Amber 44

    Sorry, I am sometimes a believer in the 2 idiot rule. It just feels better to get it out.
    I am not a fan of protecting the bullies, that is why they remain bullies, because no one stands up to them.

  45. OMG! Some people! Makes you tempted to steal the other boot and take off running!

  46. ELRA 46

    Cathy my dear, maybe she has really bad day, but I am surprise she was so rude in front of her little one. I think next time, it’s a good idea to hand the anything that you find in the grocery store to the store, then ask them to announce it. So, you don’t have to deal with rude people like her. And yes, I am not surprise that you couldn’t say anything, because you were to shock by her reaction. It happen to a lot of people! Don’t let this bother you, okay!

  47. She probably felt guilty because she was so busy on the phone that she didn’t even notice the shoe was missing.

    Once at my library a little boy attacked his little brother, grinding the younger child’s head into the floor. The youngest was screaming. I pulled the older boy off and asked him where his mother was. After looking around a few minutes, I found her. She looked at me coldly and said, “I can take care of my children. You should not have intervened.” I told her that it was my job to assure the safety of everyone in the library and if she didn’t want me to intervene she should have stayed with her children. She never came back. Good riddance, I say. I pitied those children though.

  48. I am absolutely gobsmacked that someone could say something so totally and completely moronic that just smacks of the word BITCH all over it! Seriously I just don’t even know what to say!

  49. Suzette 49

    When people are rude to me, I react much like you did…totally dumbfounded. And then, I form the perfect comebacks for weeks afterward. :)

    Like a lot of people here, my first thought was “poor child!” My mother was rude and had no sense of propriety. She would behave totally outrageously in public, and I vividly recall wishing many times that I could just disappear or die. It didn’t matter which.

  50. She was probably talking to her illicit lover and freaked that someone had heard her. What a nasty reaction.

  51. Marlene 51

    I am flabbergasted as well and that is just from your post…


    What a complete idiot she was!

    People never cease to amaze me! That lady needs to be smacked in the face.

    You still did a good thing and that is all that matters!


  52. Liz C. 52

    Hmmm… I can’t help but wonder if you ran across my Troll from last week. It sounds like the same kind of nastiness.

    We just have to keep smiling around people like that. Just to let them know they didn’t drag us into their ugly world…

    Of course, I always think of something perfect to say. Afterwards.

  53. Bob 53

    What a douche bag. I never have anything good to say when that kind of stuff happens. It also happens a lot while I’m working (in retail, shudder) so even if I do think of something I need to not say it. You know, to keep my job. Heh.

  54. Joan 54

    Poor woman! Poor child! Your reaction was the most appropriate one, I think.

  55. Joni-MI 55

    I don’t think this thoughtless and unkind person will change you: I think the next time you see an opportunity to help someone, you will do it, because that is who you are.

    Her reaction won’t change you….that’s the best revenge.

  56. That poor little girl. When your main role model acts like that, it will be so much harder for her to develop her compassion, grace, and social skills as she grows up. That just makes me so sad.

    And Cathy, I would have done exactly the same thing as you did. Despite her behavior, I know that if you were in the same situation tomorrow you would still pick up the boot, and that’s why I respect you so much.

  57. I think I would say, “I believe the words you’re searching for are: Thank you”…and if it was out of the earshot of the daughter, I would walk away and mumble “bitch” under my breathe (loud enough for her to hear). But I’m passive aggressive, so don’t follow me.

  58. Kimberly 58

    The “B” in me would have snatched that boot back and thrown back over the 3 to 4 aisles and said fine go get it yourself.

  59. kim 59

    WOW that is just rude as ever. It’s something we all have to face everyday in this world and economy with people that are always on edge about everything!

    Well, in my opinion you did the right thing, she was just a B

  60. You know…this is the problem with society. There seems to be a tremendous number of people who feel it is completely acceptable to be rude to their fellow human beings. I feel sorry for her child. Look at the example she has to follow. Hopefully she will rise above her mother’s inconsiderate behavior and be a better person.

  61. Mary 61

    Cathy, I know no more about jerks than anyone else, it’s just that – because of my age – I’ve seen more of them. Remember Old WS – “No good deed shall go unpunished.” I don’t respond quickly to this type of slight, but on reflection I would have said “Sorry, I’ll put it back for you.” Then I’d put it back. Lame I know but it would make me feel better. Hugs. In the light of eternity this kind of stupidity is a small thing. God should have made more of us and less of them, but he didn’t. I’ll call it to his attention….again.

  62. Marjie 62

    I hate being tongue tied, then thinking of something perfect to say later. Sometimes I do well, but usually I’m just flabbergasted when someone’s rude without provocation. That poor child, living with a mother like that, more interested in what’s on her cell phone than her food and her kid.

    And people wonder why I only use about 10 cell minutes per month. It’s so I can pay attention to the world around me.

  63. I sometimes wonder if people like that were given the chance to see themselves on film, if they would change their attitude. To actually see how ugly they are in front of their kids…would it change how they react in the future?
    I would have been so pleased if you had brought my daughter’s shoe back, phone call or not. A polite person would have thanked you profusely, but just feel good you did a good thing for the child.

  64. Bitch.

  65. bethieofva 65

    I would have snatched the boot from her hand and taken right back where I had found it. I have no tolerance for rudeness!

  66. Tekoah 66

    Subject:Negative people – i hope u dont mind the story but i thought it might make u laugh

    This is something to think about when negative people are doing their
    best to rain on your parade. So remember this story the next time someone who knows nothing, and cares less, tries to make your life miserable.

    A woman was at her hairdresser’s getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded:Rome? Why would anyone want to go there? It’s crowded and dirty. You’re crazy to go to Rome . So, how are you getting there?”We’re taking Continental,” was the reply. “We got a great rate!”Continental?” exclaimed the hairdresser. ” That’s a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they’re always late. So,where are you staying in Rome?”We’ll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome ‘s Tiber River called Teste.”Don’t go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks its gonna be something special and exclusive, but it’s really a dump, the worst hotel in the city! The rooms are small, the service is surly,and they’re overpriced.So, whatcha’ doing when you get there?”We’re going to go to see the Vatican and we hope to see the Pope.””That’s rich,” laughed the hairdresser. “You and a million other people trying to see him. He’ll look the size of an ant.”Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of yours. You’re going to need it.”A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked her about her trip to Rome .It was wonderful,” explained the woman, “not only were we on time in one of Continental’s brand new planes, but it was overbooked, and they bumped us up to first class. The food and wine were wonderful, and I had a handsome 28-year-old steward who waited on me hand and foot.And the hotel was great! They’d just finished a $5 million remodeling job, and now it’s a jewel, the finest hotel in the city. They, too, were overbooked, so they apologized and gave us their owner’s suite at no extra charge!”Well,” muttered the hairdresser, “that’s all well and good, but I know you didn’t get to see the Pope.”Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder, and explained that the Pope likes to meet some of the visitors, and if I’d be so kind as to step into his private room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me.Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down and he spoke a few words to me.””Oh, really! What’d he say ?”He said: “Where’d you get the shitty Hairdo?”

    Its all in how the person looks at it huh :)

  67. kayola 67


  68. Such poor form. I was recently in the reverse situation where my little girl had lost a pink boot (these things are slippery, it seems!) and someone was kind enough to point it out so I could go and find it. Your action was a helpful one and I’m sorry it was wasted on someone who was so unappreciated. Do continue to be your nice, helpful self, though – most of us will love you for it! :-)

  69. Harry 69

    This is the time to carry a Magic String aerosol. Harmless, non-toxic but shocking and VERY satisfying.

  70. Kiki 70

    Personally, I probably would have been smug and said “Now you don’t need to. Your welcome” so that the little girl sees that is ok to be nice whether it is appreciated or not. Then I would have turned away & said “bitch” under my breath.

  71. Susan 71

    What is WRONG with people these days????
    So many things one WOULD have wanted to do or say, but KiKi’s right about showing the little girl how one should act.
    On the other hand, I probably would have smiled and said “Okie dokie then, I’ll put it back where I found it”.

  72. Yea – next time just throw the shoe at her and then turn around and walk away slowly as if you intended to hit the crazy woman in the head.

  73. Gloria 73

    I would have smacked that nasty lady on her butt with the boot. Not really, but it’s a fun thought… I feel sorry for the little girl having a mom like that.
    I just found your blog today and I LOVE it! Not only is the food good, but the stories are great and the people who leave comments are really funny — as in, who lit that lady’s tampon on fire and the shitty hairdo :)

  74. tipper 74

    How rude!! I’d have been so thankful and happy if it had been my little girls shoe!

  75. Linda 75

    I would have been stunned too. Please don’t let one ungrateful, insensitive, poor roll-model for her child, cause you to stop being the kind, helpful person that you are. Next time it will be a very thankful and appreciative mom (like me!) who will love you for your kind heart!

  76. *GASP!!!*

  77. Melissa 77

    I think I would have damn near cried. What she did is just so, so wrong and mean. Freakin A.

  78. Laura 78

    You are such a freak magnet! Seriously, what a beyotch!

  79. imom 79

    If I was ballsy I would have snatched the boot back and put it back where I found it, so she would have to take her capable ass over there and get it herself. Unfortunately I’m not ballsy, what would have happened is what you did, then I’d worry the rest of the day that I did something wrong!

    It was very nice thing you did and she should have been grateful!

  80. I would have knocked a pyramid of cans over.

  81. NYC Foodie 81

    OMG…ooh.. I hate people like that! My experience is that you have 2 choices..A. just walk away like you did..best choice B. A quick and easy, “You know what? F#%k You.” and walk away this feels so good but it’s usually not the best choice

  82. OMG–I really can’t even imagine! What is the matter w/ people??? I’m sorry that happened–I can promise you that I would have been really grateful if you found my kid’s boot!

  83. Tanya 83

    Wow, how unbelievable! I don’t understand how people can be so rude sometimes.

  84. Laurie 84

    Oh Cathy, in my whole life I have never come up with a witty thing to say when someone is shockingly rude. I’m so sorry this woman upset you so. Please don’t let her change you from being the kind, generous person you are. We need more people like you in the world.

    As the mother of four children, I have frequently have strangers help me just like you tried to help that woman and I remember each and every one of them to this day. Angels they were, just when I needed them most. How sad that some people don’t recognize the angels in our midst.

  85. Too bad you didn’t just cook something up with that pink boot. Would have made a pretty picture. And this food? Gawd. Why haven’t I been here before? Those chick peas down a bit look dastardly.

  86. Bunny 86

    She could do it herself?? Kinda makes you think she has “issues” with self incompetents. She’s obviously not someone that would go out of her way to help someone else the way you did. You couldn’t think of anything to say cause you were just to flabbergasted that she took your act of kindness and turned it around on you.

  87. Trisha 87

    I can NOT believe that people actually think this kind of behavior is acceptable! What a mean, ungrateful person she was. Hopefully, it was only a momentary lapse and she is not truly such an inconsiderate and hostile person. Just imagine what her life would be like if she was like that all the time. Poor woman.

  88. sharon 88

    Oh, don’t stop your kindness! I’m sure that for every sourpuss, there’s 10 other moms who would SO appreciate your help!

  89. Janet 89

    I would’ve looked her in the eye, smiled broadly and said, “You are SO welcome! Have a nice day!” She’d have known what that REALLY meant, heh!

  90. People amaze me.

    Years ago I was walking our dogs and noticed a toddler — still doing the stagger-walk thing — who had wandered out into the middle of the street. I convinced the tot to follow me a little ways down the intersecting street, and there was her mother, oblivious that her daughter had even staggered off. I said, “Excuse me, is this your daughter?” That mother let me have it, but good. I mean, she blessed me out six different ways. Like you, I was flabbergasted. I was spunkier then and said, “Would you like me to take her back to where I found her? In the middle of the road?” Then I went on my way.

    I swear….some people have lost the ability to be thankful for being the recipient of kind acts.

  91. Jeanette 91

    You can’t make progress with people like this.

    Best policy… say…

    “You are welcome it was no problem at all, have a nice day.”

  92. Even if the stupid woman did not appreciate your help, the little girl might enjoy the idea of a warm foot. That woman shopper didn’t recognize a blessing when she received it. Maybe her Blackberry will get a dead battery….who knows. :)

  93. Hey Harry, I like your sense of humor!

  94. misty 94

    so- here is my guess:
    she was on the phone, her daughter was begging for attention. she kept throwing or dropping the boot and the mom kept picking it up. At one point, the mom got so mad she told her the boot was gone, left the isle and went back to her conversation…

    HOWEVER- A) What an ungrateful ______ to drag you into her issues with her attitude.
    B) how dare she think that, if my guess on the scenario is correct, she is so superior she can leave her things in the middle of the isle to prove her point, inconveniencing the staff and other shoppers.

  95. Nancy 95

    OMG! What a total skank! I loved reading all the comments…all good to do in hindsight…(taking the boot back and dropping it in the aisle you picked it up or putting her boot where the sun don’t shine!) I can never think of the cool thing to say in a time like that either – you’re just too shocked that someone can be SO RUDE to say anything back to them! Well I hope someday she (cough-cough) does something nice and somebody treats her the way she treated you! Probably not likely to happen, but it could!! LOL!

  96. Flea 96

    Oh. My. Word. Humanity never ceases to amaze me. And not in a good way.

  97. Shelly 97

    There is no way in hell I could have bitten my tongue. I would have simply bitten that evil bitch’s head off. I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty and ungrateful. Payback’s are a bitch and she will get her someday from some other nasty person.

  98. Katrina 98

    Goodness! Some people! Don’t let it stop you from being helpful to others, there’s also the grateful ones out there. You just never know though, huh.

  99. Tallie 99

    What an absolute hag! She desperately needs to slapped back into reality.

  100. RobinSue 100

    Don’t you hate it when you can’t come up with something snappy in a pinch! That happens to me all the time. It isn’t until I get in the car that I think of something good. Too bad you didn’t take the book back and fling it hoping it would land in the crock pot in the back of the store where they do the tasting demos. Then run like heck! They would think it was her kid! I am so immature.

  101. Danielle 101

    ARGH! Don’t you just want to push her to the ground and kick her a few times? Ungrateful ho. I also seem to lose my quick wittedness when I am stunned by such inappropriate actions or responses…unfortunately I probably would have called her a bad name…*blush* and it probably would be in front of one of both of my children who would proceed to scold me, then giggle and repeat it, and then tell daddy on me.

  102. Pam 102

    If she is that rude to a total stranger, who just helped her out, imagine how rude she is to her friends and family. I feel bad for her kids. Yuck.

    Trader Joe’s is my favorite too!

  103. Katie 103

    I love Trader Joe’s too but I swear I have more encounters at that store like this. Like the wonderful 5 year old who kept banging his little kid cart into me and when I looked at the mom she said he is trying to tell you to move. I don’t care if the kid can’t talk repeatedly hitting me isn’t the way to go and when I did move he just stood there for a good 5 minutes. Those are the days I hate people.

  104. Cheryl 104

    UN.ACK.SEPT.A.BULL. (with the emphasis on that last syllable.)

    You are the bigger person. Thankfully, if nowhere else, that little child saw an example of kindness in you. You did the right thing…if for no one else, for that little girl.

  105. First off, YES – go Trader Joe’s!

    As to the witch, you did good! There are just some people in this world with serious issues. Be thankful that whatever issues you may have, they are not manifested by lashing out at someone simply looking to lend a helping hand.

    And oh yeah, Karma is a bitch…

    Keep on keeping on Cath!

  106. Trish 106

    Omigosh, I cant believe how rude people can be, I too would have been left speechless,

  107. Kristina 107

    sad that this witch has child (children?) who see and learn from her.

    these poor people who are so angry for whatever reason.

    poor, sad people who cannot live life.

    Icky People. I hope her children turn out okay.

  108. Coast Rat 108

    I guess that just goes to show that, unfortunately, in this world, rude people are just an aisle or two away.

  109. Gwen 109

    Too bad she snatched the boot before you had a chance to chuck it at her. As a mom, I’m happy for any help I can get!

  110. Wow!! I’m speechless. At least if she tells her tale of the horrible person who returned the boot, I can’t imagine a single person on the planet that wouldn’t tell her what a jerk she was!


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