To My Hunna…

The Wild Boar and I call each other Hunna. 

It all started during my first pregnancy one night around midnight.   I remember calling downstairs, begging the Wild Boar to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (and of course to deliver it to my bed).  Ladies, you all know during the first pregnancy is when requests like this get answered in a moment’s notice.  I took full advantage.  Terrible but true.

Anyways, I was calling him, “Honey, honey, honey bunny (most likely he was on the phone with a patient and here I was wailing for food from my bed) honey, hunna, hunna bunna, hunna, hunna, hunna”. 

He made my sandwich. delivered it to my bedside and started calling me hunna. I called him hunna back.  I know, it’s uneventful, but the name stuck and nine years later, we are still using it.

We loudly and proudly call each other Hunna across store aisles, in airports, parking lots and restaurants.   People stare at us like we’ve used some crazy term of endearment.  Is it really that odd? 

We rarely call each other by name.  In fact, I’m sure if he called me by name I wouldn’t even answer him, thinking he wasn’t talking to me.

Well, today is my Hunna’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNA!  And even though we can’t be together, the kids and I are thinking of you and sending you a very big, birthday hug.

I love you and am terribly lucky to have found you.  You are the keeper of my heart and dreams; thank you for always handling them with care.

What’s amazing about this day is not only is it my Hunna’s birthday but it is also the birthday of two of my very, very close friends, Tarri and Kristy.  These two women have and continue to enrich my life each year I know them.  I can always count on them in a pinch and both have brought so much to my life.  Happy Birthday ladies!  You. Are. The. Best.

Overall, January 14th is a pretty spectacular day.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your ‘Hunna’. My Hubby and I have never used terms of endearment for each other. At the most I would call him ‘Hubs’, and he actually rarely uses my name. He just looks at me and addresses me. So it is still thrilling after 35 years to have him say my name.There is the occasional nick name, that’s another story, this is your story…your beloved Hunna has a birthday! Happy birthday Wild Boar!

  2. Rachel Jalota 2

    Huge Happy Birthday Wishes to the Wild Boar! My Mooch’s birthday is tomorrow. Build that tasting room and we will come toast to their birthdays!

    Mooch & Roo :)

  3. Betty 3

    I think it’s a cute nickname! You go girl!
    It keeps a bit of spice right where it ought to be.

  4. nina 4

    Happy Birthday Hunna….sorry wildboar…!
    It is amazing and these days a rare occurrence to see people really in love…

  5. Happy Birthday Wild Boar!

    This was really beautiful Cathy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tidbit with us, from your lives.

  6. Laura 6

    Hunna & Hunna would be a great Hawaiian corporation name.
    Happy B-day to your hunna.

  7. What a cute story…And yes…Happy Boarthday to Wild Boar!!!

    Hard Working Man calls me Tiggles…don’t ask, it’s a long story I will have to get into sometime…

    Can you imagine the looks I get when he calls at at me in public.


  8. Jude 8

    Cute story.. Made me smile :) ( < see?)

  9. We have several nicknames for each other. (I even embroidered one of a pair of DH’s boxers once as a Valentine’s Day gift. LOL) Happy BD to your hunna and your girlfriends! I am sure you will have a fabulous make-up feast for him later. :-)


  10. melissa 10

    Happy Birthday to your hunna and to your friends! What a great day. I’m sure WB wishes he were home with you and the boys but I’m sure you’ll party when your all together.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday Hunna! And Tarri and Kristie, too;)

  12. Becky 12

    Happy Birthday, Hunna (aka Mr. Noble Pig)!
    And Tarri and Kristie, too!

  13. marcy 13

    oh , that is sweet. I do call Chris by his name, but usually its either Sweetie or Honey. I think Hunna is cute, and not that unusual – u just don’t hear it alot:))

  14. Sheila 14

    How sweet! Pet names are not just for teenagers or newly weds, they last.

    Happy Birthday to your Hunna and Friends!

  15. Flea 15

    I love your term of endearment! Happy birthday to your man!

  16. Laura 16

    Happy Birthday to hunna and friends! hope you have many many many more wonderful birthadays!

  17. deeba 17

    What a special endearment…Happy Birthday to your beloved Hunna, & to your sweet friends too. What a wonderful day this must be for you!

  18. Mary 18

    A Happy Birthday to all!

  19. aww that’s so sweet! Happy birthday to ur hunna!

  20. Awww! That is very sweet. Happy birthday to your Hunna. Sorry to hear that you won’t be together today. You can make up for it later! ;)

  21. Barbie with a T 21

    I like the way you celebrate your “Hunna’s” birthday. You bake him a cake and you eat it! Good Girl! lol Pet names are strange at times…our pet names for each other is “Darl”. We both have a habit of shortening a lot of our terms of endearment.

  22. That was a very sweet story!

    Happy Birthday Wild Boar!

  23. imom 23

    That’s a great story. My parents never called each other by name, it was always “Dear”, “yes dear”, “no dear”, “dear, the phone’s for you.” I was at least 7 years old before I understood they had real names.

    Happy Birthday to Wild Boar!

  24. Steph 24

    Happy Birthday Wild Boar! I love hearing stories about how nicknames came about…my husband and his sister come up with some of the craziest ones, and they never make any sense, it’s hilarious!

  25. Happy Birthday to the Wild Boar! I think your nicknames are really cute!!

  26. annbb 26

    Happy birthday to the three of you, and many many more.

    Your mutual hunna’s – that’s what MPM and her husband do as well, both calling the other Squazz.
    Lovely tradition there.

  27. Katrina 27

    Happy Birthday to your H! Don’t know you Cathy, but sounds like HE is the lucky one! ;)

  28. Bunny 28

    Happy Birthday Wild Boar!!! My hubby and I never call each other by our first names either, never. It would sound so strange after all this time to call him by his first name! I call him honey, he calls me baby.

  29. Liz C. 29

    Give the WB a virtual hug for me. Does he have any idea how lucky he is to have you? LOL!

    I’m sure people only stare at y’all because you sound like you have a strange accent when saying Hunna. That, or they are green with envy….

  30. Bob 30

    Heh, people look at me funny when I call my girlfriend “sugar”. Maybe it’s because we aren’t in the South…

  31. Happy Birthday to the Wild Boar :D

  32. Kyddryn 32

    Happy birthday to all – I hope you have the best possible day, full of the people, fun, and food you love best.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  33. ELRA 33

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILDBOAR, and happy birthday to Tarry and Kristy too.

    We are the same Cathy. My husband and I never call each other name. He call me “lulu” and I call him “babe”.

  34. Pam 34

    I think it’s sweet. Happy birthday to your Hunna.

    I remember I got a back rub EVERY night of my first pregnancy. The second pregnancy, not so much.

  35. dawn 35

    Happy Birthday to your hunna. Capricorns are the best aren’t they? I married one too.
    Hubby’s nickname is bubba.

  36. Alisa 36

    Happy Bday everyone! Especially to your Hunna.
    I love that.

  37. Thee wonderful birthdays :)

    Hunna – is much better than a swear word (lol)

  38. My honey’s birthday was yesterday :)

    Happy birthday to Wildboar!

  39. Sometimes I can’t remember Groom’s given name at all. He’s been Groom for almost five years. I can totally relate!
    Happy birthday to WB!

  40. phillygirl64 40

    Cue the Archies – “Sugar…ah hunna hunna…”

    hippo birdies to the Wild Boar

  41. Sadly, not even my first pregnancy effected Rowdy in this way. He has some odd immunity.

  42. Great story. I’m always fascinated by the pet names people come up with. And I’ve had my share of weird looks when blurting out petnames in public.

  43.’s cute you have your own names for each other.

    Happy b-day Wild Boar!

    It was torture waiting for that cupcake photo to load I’ll have you know.

  44. Rebel 44

    Happy birthday to your Hunna. I love hearin’ pet names that married couples have for each other. Mine for him is CD or his last name. I call him by our last name alot and sometimes just babe.

  45. Happy Birthday to the Boar!

  46. Mrs. L 46

    Happy Birthday to the Wild Boar (I leave the ‘hunna’ to you!)

  47. Maureen 47

    Happy Birthday to your hubbie! Love the pet names!

  48. Kristy 48

    Thank you my dear friend! I so enjoy your smiles, stories, hugs, and spending time with you! Have a super day!

  49. Dawn 49

    Happy Birthday to the Wild Boar, Kristy and Tarri…wow, what a day to have so many special people in your life born on the same day.

    The cupcake shot is amazing, it should be on the cover of something.

  50. Egghead 50

    So sweet. Happy birthday to Wild Boar.

  51. Biz 51

    Happy Birthday Hunna!

    It’s my sister-in-laws birthday today too! I normally forget, it being so close after the holidays – but I am proud to say that I remembered today!

    My hubby and I are the same. My given name is Elizabeth, I go by Beth, my nickname in college was Biz (a combo of Beth and Liz) buy my hubby calls me Bazey Mae most of the time!

    His real name is Jeff – being first generation American, his Italian father wanted an American name for his children. He always wished he had an Italian name, hence I call him Tony!

  52. Paula 52

    I just love it when couples say such sweet things about each other! Hope you Hunna has a great day! By the way, my hubby rarely calls me by my first name, and vice versa!

  53. Amber 53

    You are very blessed to have a good husband. I wasn’t so wise.
    Happy birthday to your love.

  54. tipper 54

    Very sweet terms of endearment! Hope his birthday was Happy!

  55. Linda 55

    I love it! Happy birthday to your Hunna and 2 friends … you’re a lucky gal.

  56. Louise 56


  57. Kate 57

    I’ve heard worse endearments. So so so much worse. This is sweet.

  58. Happy Birthday to your other half!

  59. Long life your your Hunna, and all the best! Happy Birthday!

  60. And it’s my “hunna’s” bday today too. Odd to stumble upon this one today!

  61. medstudentwife 61

    Happy birthday Wild Boar !!! L’Chaim and many more years :)

  62. Happy Birthday! I love that you have such cute nicknames for each other. I call Ben one of a dozen nicknames, but his real nickname is Puddle and mine is Wiggles. So glad to see others do it too!

  63. Dragon 63

    Awwww, you are a good wife. :) Happy Birthday Hunna!

  64. Jamee 64

    Ah, what a cute nickname! I call my husband buno and it revolved from honey bun to hun to hun bun to buno. so cute!

  65. Julie 65

    You always write the sweetest things about your family…I think it’s awesome :)

  66. My hubby calls me wife. When the girls were little they thought he was saying “life” We discovered this when they took a message to him, “Papa, your life wants you.” It was cute and it stuck. If my husband called me Karen I would think I was in trouble. Probably am after my thrift store hunting expedition today.
    Happy Birthday Wild Boar.
    I did wonder at the start of the post if you were thinking of adding to the family, you know a large amount of sons for the vineyard.

  67. Cassie 67

    Happy Birthday, Wild Boar!!!

    My husband calls me Sweetie and I call him Hun. ;-)

  68. Oh, so sweet!! Happy Belated b-day! :)

  69. tamilyn 69

    Happy Birthday WB and Cathy’s friends. Hope the day was filled with wishes coming true.

    Yep, nick names here too. Only call him by his name when he is in trouble…like today at the grocery store when he made potatoes look like, well, never mind.

  70. Well happy birthday to your Hunna! We all have funny names for our guys, don’t we? Hope you all had a great day!

  71. Happy B-day Mr. Noble Pig AKA Boar(man)!

  72. Happy Birthday to the best-fed man in America.

  73. Melissa 73

    I think so many of us husbands and wives have those moments, those names, tose endearments. And yours isn’t odd at all!

    Happy Birthday to WB one day late, and also to your lovely friends. Your words for all of them are just so sweet and eloquent.

  74. Ahttp://www…nice endearment. :0

  75. Flea 75

    Awww! That’s the sweetest story ever! And even when you’re fighting? I call my Hunny by his first name when we fight. :)


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