The Finalists!


I am stunned and overwhelmed by the response I have received for the Super Bowl recipe contest.  Overall, 1,026 recipes were sent from all over the world and the winner will soon be receiving a $250 gift certificate to Sam’s Club.  Who couldn’t use that?

Needless to say, my Inbox has been a tad full.  If you have sent me note a recently, it might be a while before I can get to it.  Sorry.

Choosing three finalists was harder than I ever imagined.  The problem - everything sounded good.  All the dips, soups, chilis, sandwiches, ribs, meatballs and desserts were excellent examples of what makes Super Bowl food….Super Bowl food.

I read through each recipe critically, looking for that “spark”.  If you read recipes as I do, like they are the great American novel, then you know what I mean by that “spark”. 

I stuck to dishes using easy to find ingredients, ease of preparation with clear instructions and ones that just sounded good.  The problem?  I couldn’t decide on just three.  I couldn’t.  So I chose five.   

I will prepare them and make a decision based on taste and overall recipe success.  However, I know it’s going to be so, so difficult.  What was I thinking?!

Drumroll please….and not in any particular order…

Burp! Buffalo Chicken Dip sent over from Lori at Burp! Where Food Happens in Milwaukee, WI
Pull-Apart Bacon Bread from Cheryl in Minnesota
Jalapeno Popper Dip sent over from Robin Sue at
Big Red Kitchen in Virginia
Gwen’s Original Corn Chowder sent over from Gwen at
Good To Be Me in Idaho
Antipasto Squares from Lisa over at
The Cutting Edge of Ordinary in Rhode Island

Thank you all for your entries, I can’t wait to try each and every one!  I’m sure they are all winners!

I also feel compelled to name some honorable mentions catching my attention.  I will not be making these for the contest but I know I will be trying them in the near future…

Cincinnati-Style Chile  from Hungry Gal at My Kind of Food in Toronto, Canada
Chipotle-Cinnamon Apple-Compote Quesadillas from David in Greenville, South Carolina
Thai Chicken Pizza Cups from Tracy in Kansas
Sloppy “Giuseppe” Sandwich from Linda at
Ciao Chow Linda in New Jersey
Not My Mama’s Pasta Salad from Dawn at
Happily Barefoot in Michigan
Football Ham Loaves from Tricia at
Scotch Chix

Thanks again!  Winner will be posted this Friday, January 30, 2009 along with pictures and recipes!

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  1. deeba 1

    That’s a rocking good list you’ve picked Cathy…& I can’t wait to see you try these yummy bites. Am sure you’ll have fun making them!

  2. Oh…I can’t wait to see all these wonderful recipes!!!

    It is wonderful that you are doing this!


  3. Corn chowder? Bacon bread? Oh be still my arteries. I don’t care if they win or not, I just want some!!!

    I think I gained a few pounds just reading the lists. How can I have oatmeal for breakfast after this?

  4. How awesome would it be to have a party with all of those dishes!

  5. Me a finalist???? I’m totally blushing!

  6. Wow, what a variety! You are going to have such fun making these … but the deciding will be hard. Can’t wait to hear the results!


  7. Marcy 7

    congrats to the finalists and all those sound really good!

  8. Congrats to the winners! I can’t believe you have 600 bottles of wine. Wow!

  9. Wow, can’t believe to have made it this far! There are some good looking recipes in there. I need to get busy and make some myself for the Super Bowl.

  10. Thanks for the honourable mention – what a feat considering all those chili recipes out there! Do let me know how it turns out. 4 more sleeps until Sunday!

  11. Wow… you’ve got your work cut out for you! I can’t wait to see the results.

  12. They all sound delicious Cathy!!!

  13. I want it all.

  14. Barbie with a T 14

    Congratulations to all those winners. I am so looking forward to trying their recipes along with you. Especially the Antipasto squares and the “Giuseppe” sandwich, simply because they sound Italian and Italian is my favorite type of food. They did all sound tantalizing, and congratulations to you also for doing a great job of handling the contest. I know your selections were “expertly” chosen, you being the “expert”. What a great Superbowl Sunday this will be! BURP! Excuse me.

  15. OMG–those all sound so good! I will definitely be trying some–if not all–of them!

    Congrats to the finalists!!

  16. Trey 16

    Please, publish the recipes for those 10 entries. They sound great.

  17. Congrats to all the winners! Those recipes sound too good!

  18. Pam 18

    They all sound so good – I can’t imagine having to pick a winner. Looking forward to seeing the recipes.

  19. HoneyB 19

    they all sound great! good luck to the lucky winner!

  20. kayola 20

    CONGRATS! Those all sound pretty good!

  21. Cheryl 21

    The names of the dishes alone are drool-inducing…can hardly wait to see pictures! (Can’t decide whether I envy you having to sample and choose or not…. ;) )

  22. I must try that jalapeno popper dip very soon. My DH says I make too many cream cheese dips – whatever! You can never have too many cream cheese dips!

    Thanks for sharing these recipes and helping us to discover other great cooks like you.

  23. ELRA 23

    Congratulation to all finalists.

  24. Congrats to all the finalists! All look incredible!

  25. dawn 25

    Wow, I can’t wait to see the finalist recipes…how fun!

  26. grace 26

    i feel the need to know the recipe for david’s chipotle-cinnamon apple-compote quesadillas. care to share? :)

  27. tamilyn 27

    Congrats to all the finalists! That sounds like an amazing spread. I bet you will have some volunteer taste testers wanting to help you out! Look forward to seeing the ‘contestants’

  28. Bob 28

    Congratz finalists! I’m already voting for bacon bread. ;)

  29. wow, that many emails would probably give me heart failure. Congrats on finding those recipes :-)

  30. Rebel 30

    Oh man, You’ve got a really difficult (ha ha) testin’ time ahead of you! Need any help?
    I can’t wait for you to share some of the recipes.

  31. Lo! 31

    Yay! And I didn’t even need to shout “pick me! pick me!” :) That said, all the submissions sound super delicious… Along with those chipotle-apple quesadillas (I’ll second grace’s thoughts) I’m also totally curious about that popper dip. Gotta love it.

  32. Liz C. 32

    Congrats to the winners & honorable mentions. I was pretty certain my Santa Fe Green Chile Cheesecake recipe was too complicated, but it’s what I’m taking to the Super Bowl Party we’re going to. It’s the one thing everyone always requests, but I seldom have the time to do it. Back when I was catering locally it was my most popular item.

    Looking forward to seeing the results & final winner.

  33. Peef 33

    You had me at bacon bread. And that popper dip sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to see who wins! Congrats to the finalists!

  34. Food Olympics!!! Wow a sport I can actually get interested in. : D

  35. tipper 35

    It all sounds so good! Can’t wait to see the results.

  36. Melissa 36

    1,062?? Damn.

    I like your finalists, but I can’t help but hone in on “Sloppy “Giuseppe” Sandwich” and “Not My Mama’s Pasta Salad.” Want to see those too.

    So, um, get to cooking, Cathy. Heh.

  37. Melissa 37

    Er, make that 1,026.

  38. You’ve got some mighty good recipes here. Can’t wait to see which ones you choose.

  39. Helene 39

    Congrats! I can’t wait to see the pictures and recipes.

  40. Laurie 40

    Holy Smokes, that is ALOT of entries – and alot of recipes to read. Hope you have fun cooking the finalists. Can’t wait to see what you chose!

  41. Jordan 41

    Mm, I can’t wait to try some of these!

  42. Bunny 42

    Greaty choices Cathy, I can’t even imagine having to choose the finalists!

  43. Gwen 43

    I can’t believe I’m a finalist! I am truly honored because I know you had tons to choose from. Thanks so much!

    They all sound absolutely delicious!

  44. Jeff 44

    1026 recipes? That’s amazing! I hope you didn’t have to make them all. *burp* ;-)

  45. Julie 45

    Mmm…bacon bread. Can’t wait to see that one!

  46. Lindsay 46

    I vote for the Jalapeno Popper Dip. I am addicted to it. Something about the Panko bread. Delicious!!

  47. I need to be the “Food Tasting Guy” for this one. They all sound either damn good or really cool & different. Can I come over for the big tasting????

  48. jancd 48

    I’ve made this jalepeno popper dip several times and it is a hit every time. Make it. You will love it.

  49. Brian 49

    I’m glad I’m not the one who has to decide. Best of luck!

  50. Erika 50

    After looking at these recipes, I am so ready for the game! Now if someone would bring all these to my house!

  51. Dawn 51

    Wow! How cool to get an honorable mention! I stuck the “Not My Mama’s Pasta Salad” recipe up on my blog for those who wanted to see it! Thanks so much for the mention!


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