Since This Is My Place To Complain…I Will

The Wild Boar and I were having a little contest yesterday trying to decide who had a worse day.  He won.

Since my day was really a series of frustrations…things like sitting in the bank with the operations manager as she posted 200 check stop payments on my account.  The bank’s check printing company lost my checks…somewhere between their office and my mailbox.  That was fun.

Then there was my trip to the pharmacy where I went to pick up a prescription for myself.   However, the pharmacy had mistakenly labeled another prescription for someone else with my name and phone number.  I knew right away it wasn’t mine as I was not there to pick up a prescription for a highly contagious STD! 

I told the woman it wasn’t mine and pushed it back towards her.  She said, it has your name and phone number, it’s yours.  I pushed it back, it’s not.  She pushed it back, it is.  Can you even believe this was happening? 

In order for her to take it back and fill the correct prescription I had to say okay, I don’t want it then (even though it wasn’t even mine in the first place).  This was all so she could indicate I declined the medicine and not that the pharmacy filled the wrong prescription.  Sheesh, that is a whole other blog post right there…don’t get me started on a mistake like that.  How dangerous is that?  Check your prescription’s people, who knows what’s in the bottle.

Then I went to the grocery store for lemon extract…they were out.  Who runs out of lemon extract?  I didn’t think it was very popular.

So really, just frustrations.  Nothing major.

The Wild Boar on the other hand had his whole day planned.  He was in Oregon at the apartment we keep there, waiting for the delivery of an electrical generator.  Since it’s a large and heavy piece of equipment, he had to be there to receive it.

It was supposed to come in the morning and the delivery companies website indicated the generator was out for delivery.  This was not UPS or FedEx by the way, but a shipping company out of Portland.

When it didn’t show up the Wild Boar called them to ask for a delivery time update.  They indicated it would be there at 1:30 PM.  He waited and canceled/rearranged two of his meetings. At 3:30 PM it was still not there. 

He called again to inquire, and was nonchalantly told the driver who was supposed to make the delivery had been re-routed to start doing his pick-ups instead of continuing with his deliveries.  What?  This was so the driver could finish his workday on time.  Or in other words, we have already been paid to make these deliveries, so we’re going to concentrate on making the new pick-ups as this will translate into more revenue.  Who knows. 

The Wild Boar was mad.  He asked to speak with the person who made this decision.  Of course the phone mysteriously disconnected but the Wild Boar is not a push over.  He called back and pretty much gave an ear full to the person in charge about business and customer service…how to respect your customers….blah, blah, blah.

And it’s true.  The whole work day was ruined and it is not as if the delivery company would have ever called to let him know the generator was not coming.  His whole day was spent waiting for nothing, having all his meetings canceled.  In the end the company said they would try to deliver it but the driver had to be back in Portland by 6 PM because this was when they closed.  For the weekend.  God forbid someone worked a little longer I guess.

I told the Wild Boar not to hold his breath.  But at 6:01 PM there was a knock on the door.  The generator and two very pleasant delivery guys were there.  At least they made it, right?  I guess standing up for yourself does work.

Overall, the lack of consideration of the delivery company is maddening.  I think lack of consideration of other’s time is one of my biggest pet peeves and is something I am always mindful about.

Oh well, the whole week was not a bust, a lot of good things happened too…

We made plans to have dinner with the family who has planted their vineyard on the ridge to the South of us.

I have also been getting to know the owners of another winery very close to us.  It turns out we have a lot in common and I look forward to spending some time with them over the next couple of weeks as I check out their vineyard/winery and they check out my mud.

Also, I was asked to join the McMinnville AVA (American Viticultural Area) association where our property is located.  This is a nonprofit corporation being established to showcase the wines of the area while finding commonalities between them.  This is very exciting for me even though we don’t have grapes in the ground as of yet.  I look forward to working with all the vineyard and winery proprietors in the AVA as we try to bring attention to this very special area of the Willamette Valley.

I am also working on our application for Water Rights.  This is a highly political process but a necessary one in order to be able to irrigate our vineyard once it’s planted.  It’s nice to finally be going forward with it.  It all boils down to lots of mathematical calculations as we have to plan for water usage in terms of worst case scenarios for irrigation scheduling.  Good times, good times. 

So while I am quite overwhelmed with everything I have going on, it is still beyond enjoyable.  I’m just glad I have a place (here) to put it all down.  Thanks for listening.

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  1. DIane 1

    I’ve been to the Wilamette Valley and it is gorgeous. I took my husband there before we got married on one of his few trips to the U.S.A. We stopped at a quaint little barn structure that was holding a wine tasting and left with a smile on our faces and a nice bottle of wine. My husband decided that American Wines aren’t so bad after all. ^_^

  2. Oy!!!!!! There is just no good customer service left, is there? How totally frustrating!!!

  3. You are free to complain whenever you want! I will always be here to listen to you.

    Love ya,


  4. KathyB 4

    You both did have a bad day! But your bad day does sound productive, and I could ( but won’t ) relate the many similar days I have had. I am so glad those days don’t come every day and that there is usually a glass of wine at the end of them to keep the day from being a total loss. One day there will be wine from you, Noble Pig, to help those of us end our very, very bad days! Oh, and even better,celebrate the great ones!

  5. How great people are already checking out your place!

    I always check my prescriptions. They’ve been wrong before.

  6. Julia 6

    Thanks for the reminder about checking prescriptions… uph that could have been bad!

    I’m mad for your husband! That’s just awful.

    Friends with a winery owner… me thinks that’s a very good thing :)

  7. If I had a dollar for every time I sat at home waiting for a delivery person – I would be a very rich woman! That is VERY infuriating! I can tell you are a “Glass is half full” kind of person and I love that – Especially when it is half full of wine! :-) Have a great weekend!

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    I can fully sympathasize with you regarding building and planning and the services connected with it. If it can go wrong, it will. We just finished building a home on the bay, and nothing seemed to go smoothly. Of course, our building process was only about a year. Yours will be much longer and will require much more patience. The regulations and requirements of the homeowners association, city, county, and state are just overwhelming. Getting through all that red tape and inefficiencies of the deliveries, installations, down to the finishing projects, requires the utmost amount of patience. Rising costs are pretty nerve wracking also. Estimates come in at one cost, and ends up being another level higher. But I tell you, my experience is that it was all worth it, because I have what I want and the period following all this is indescribable. Good Luck, and I hope you make it to that finish with all of your hair! I am looking forward to that finish also with your project, almost as if it were mine!

  9. Vent away.
    Sheesh to all your frustrations yesterday. It REALLY bugs me when others don’t take in to consideration that their actions affect someone else! Even the simpliest of things like paying attention when you’re walking around a store or mall instead of turning around and whammning in to someone! Yes, you know what I mean.
    AND, what in the world happened to “the customer is always right!”???

  10. Howdy 10

    Always happy to listen…

  11. blogging = cheap therapy! :) sorry to hear of all those frustrations…they add up and cause stress, don’t they?!

    as for the wb and waiting for a delivery…that might be one of my all-time least favorite things to do: be trapped waiting for a delivery. and worse? when you are given a window like: between 8am and 4pm. WHAT IS THAT? do i not have a job and/or life? heee. hope the weekend is better. enjoy.

  12. vada 12

    What a bummer of a day for the two of you…..I hope when you visited your friends with the winery, you headed straight for a bottle!!!!! I would have..

  13. dawn 13

    200 stop payment on the checks? how much did that cost? shouldn’t the check people pay for that? I wouldn’t stand for it…now I’m frustrated.
    One good thing does come out of these days: the end, when you get to crawl into bed and say ‘finally…it’s over”.

  14. Steph 14

    That’s so typical of delivery companies…I hate it when they do that! Atleast he got it. Hope both of you have a better day today :)

  15. Becky 15

    Sound like you had enough stress in one day to last a month. Atleast I hope so!

  16. Julie 16

    Sorry for all the frustrations…usually if I get that many packed into one day I have a meltdown.

  17. marcy 17

    Yuppers Cathy I’ve had days like that – waiting aroudn for something or someone to show up and then they don’t have the consdieration to at least let you know…
    I promise you, if you and I ever meet, I will be on time! or early – thats a habit of mine:)
    Glad everything is going so well with the process of your vineyard!

  18. tamilyn 18

    I was hoping you would say to the clerk “Well, I don’t have an STD and the person that got my Advair will be able to breath but will still have their STD!” I would have demanded to talk to the pharmacist-or was that who you spoke to? Oh man.

    I’m with vada-hope the friends/new neighbors had plenty of wine out!

  19. that’s just it … the lack of consideration of other people’s time. so frustrating! i’m pulling my hair out for you if that helps in any kind of way.

    i’m also overwhelmed by the amount of deliciousness going on below. That pull-apart bacon bread looks unbelievable!

  20. imom 20

    Oh man waiting for deliveries is so frustrating, especially when they don’t come or are delivered to the wrong address and have to be re-tracked, picked up and re-delivered to the proper place. Can you tell I’ve had some issues?!

    I’m always glad to listen! :)

  21. Joni-MI 21

    WOW! Haphazard work at a pharmacy is indeed a huge problem! Your husband did have a rougher day! I feel sorry for him with the stress of having other meetings scheduled. I am amazed at all you get done with all you have on your plate. It’s amazing that you can cook and bake like you do and raise your family and all the additional work with the vineyard!

  22. Sorry to hear about your bad day. Sometimes when they start off that way it just keeps going.

    My sister and I had lunch and shopped in McMinnville yesterday. It’s a great little town.

  23. Trisha 23

    What a day both of you had! I am glad that your husband complained to the people in charge – they need to know that they can’t treat people like that!

    I hope the rest of your weekend is much, much better!

  24. kayola 24

    WOW! I’m frustrated just reading about it…days like that are so draining…I seriously don’t know how you accomplish ALL you do…today has to be better=^}

  25. megan 25

    It amazes me how some people run a buisness. We are self employed and with practices like that, we would go belly up. Unbelevable! And the pharmacy? OMG!

  26. Liz C 26

    Wow! You’ve both got pretty full plates. I’ve gone to the same pharmacy for over 30 years & still check my medications every time. I’d go berserk if someone there treated me like that woman did you.

    Sounds to me like that Portland company has no desire to compete with the big boys, but they did finally deliver. I’d have bet against that.

    Your complaints are still as fun as your regular posts, so complain away!

    It’s so great to be able to watch you all go through the process of starting a vineyard, even through the problems (who knew there could be so many?). When you open your doors the hubby & I will come out there to cheer you on & buy some wine. ;-)

  27. Well is sounds like you both had pretty bad days!! I’m glad the equipment got there though and the some good things happened this week too!

    I totally know what you mean about being stressed out–I wrote a venting post today too.

    Hang in there!!!

  28. Both of your bad days beat mine by a ton!

    That’s the best part of having a blog, isn’t it? Just a place where you can rant and vent and say whatever you want.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  29. I love the Willamette Valley. It’s so pretty. So sorry for yours and the Wild Boar’s bad day. Especially the pharmacy issue. Thank goodness neither you or WB are pushovers!

  30. Look at it this way – so much to thankful for: 1)I DON’T have a contagious STD, 2) I have prescription drug coverage, 3) I actually have money in a checking account, 4) I have a future vineyard which needs a generator, and 5)I’m able to go the Oregon which is God’s gift to the earth! There, now don’t you feel better? : – ))

  31. Well, I was pretty miserable yesterday after discovering that the hyacinth I painstakingly nurtured from dry bulb to brilliantly-forced bloom (3 actually) provoked a dreadful headache for me and must now reside outside. Add to that a real drubbing at Phase 10 (in a game that would never end). Finish off with my hubby falling asleep during a rousing episode of Rick Steves’ Travels thus ruining our romantic evening. (How dare he be tired after a non-stop day of problem-solving/inventing/magical intervention because somebody decided to be lazy and deliver a half-baked assembly?)

    So . . . YEAH YOU WIN and your hubby beats me by a mile!!!!

    I feel for you and celebrate the bits of joy wafting through the ashes of so much “ICK” in your day. (I know the RX frustration firsthand from my son’s medical needs long ago — ARGH!!!)

  32. sharon 32

    UGH! I hope your chest feels a little lighter!

  33. shonda 33

    The longer you are in Oregon, the more you will come to know that there are no processes more political than the local, small town stuff. My mother in law was the county assessor here for 20 years, trust me.
    Dude, I think I might consider changing pharmacies. That’s some crazy shit.

  34. There’s a classic 1970s Australian movie where the sheep station cook is an alcoholic, but unacknowledged, so he goes through cases of lemon essence for the alcohol content. Maybe that happened in your store?

  35. Helene 35

    I could not believe what happened at the pharmacy. I hope your day is better today :)

  36. Mrs. L 36

    Years ago I was given a wrong prescription. This was before the Internet so I had no way of realizing this wasn’t a “generic” drug for what I was supposed to have been taking. I never found out if the error was the doctor or the pharmacy, all I know is my doctor was calling on Sundays to see if I was okay and I was never charged for doctor visits after that. I ALWAYS double check prescriptions these days (along with what is proper dosage for said drug etc).

  37. Tara 37

    Okay maybe I am a little strange but…


    Okay, now let me explain myself. I am going in to the medical field and something like what you experienced it 100% unacceptable. I would have made a fuss right then and there and called my doctor to prove it was not ordered. I am sort of balanced on a knife’s edge when it comes to things like this. One one side I dont want to think a professional (someone who lots of people rely on for well-being) could make that mistake. Potentially deadly. On the other side it makes me a veryvery meticulous patient/consumer. THAT is why I would have been irate.

    Now, the delivery thing… I would have been more chill than I would about the meds. Probably would have done what your husband had.

    Well, Im glad the day wasnt totally bad, just annoying. Blogging about it helps, right? ;)


  38. I’ve had a pharmacy mistake like that happen once. When I returned the meds, because my husband said that it definitely was not his usual prescription the owner/head pharmacist was there and immediately fixed the problem. He did not offer much in the way of an explanation. I think he thought at the point that the less said, the better. Good thing you were on top of it. I always think about people accidentally getting the wrong me who don’t even notice and I always think about that scene in It’s A Wonderful Life when George keeps the pharmacist from making a serious mistake.

    Deliveries are nightmares … you can almost count on that today. Glad the Wild Board did get what you guys needed finally.

    Woohoo on the good news! You will be well established in the right circles and have terrific friends to boot by the time you relocate and have your winery in operation. :-)


  39. Hmmmmm… Dedicated to extraordinary customer service. What a novel idea!

    Glad to hear you are getting “settled in” of sorts, in Oregon.

    I think my daughter (extraordinarily capable and dedicated) would like to talk with you about working for you.

  40. Paula 40

    Oh, I’m so glad that you are being warmly welcomed by your “other” Oregon neighbors. Hope that both you and your hubby have a better day today!

  41. MODman 41

    I know that it is difficult right now but think of the dream that you are chasing for the rest of us. It is beautiful what you are doing and we are very happy that you get to live out a dream. It will all be worth it one summer day as you are sipping a great glass of red staring out over your beautiful vineyard.

  42. Kate 42

    Oh, damn. Been there with the checks. And the delivery people. With chemo, no less. So we were a day late with the chemo for my husband.
    Sorry you had a crappy day. Mine was today. Today was almost total suckage. But Yukon Jack and a little fresh grapefruit juice cured me. It’s like medicine, but tastes so much better.

  43. Amber 43

    I’ll take your week, no disrespect intended, I am broken to the core. Be blessed.

  44. Laura 44

    Disrespecting my time is my number one pet peeve. Although what happened to you in the pharmacy–something I would never have listed as a pet peeve because who would have guessed it would turn into such a pain, would come close.

  45. Louise 45

    Speaking of customer service … one time we were having a very large company come install one of those Cable & phone packages. I took half a day off work for the phone guy, and waited, and waited. Called the company and kept getting later and later estimated times. Long story short, at 7:00 we called the company AGAIN and were told that the installer called our house at 6:15 but we weren’t there, so he left. HA! He just wanted to go home for the day. The next conversations with the very big company were endlessly frustrating as they kept trying to reschedule and we kept telling them to keep their darned service because we no longer want to give them any of our money. It is likely that the Wild Boar could have made this more clear than I by the sounds of it. Next time I’m ticked off in a situation like this, I’ll just send the info to him to make the call!

  46. Wow that was like a whole boat load of crap. Whoever argued with you at the pharmacy should be written up. Have the Wild Boar call them. The delivery folks did not know who they were messin with NEVER hang up on a doctor especially a specialist, and someone who is building a vineyard and married to a woman whose middle name is ambitious! Are they flippin crazy? You have been having a run on unfortunate events however if you would like to be thankful for your own lot of troubles go read “In the Gutter.” They have been puking for weeks, her husband is deployed and the home they just rented is being reposessed by the bank. The puking is really bad, just thought I would offer you a word of cheer…
    Stop payments on 200 checks as in a fee for each one? Are you kidding?

  47. Bunny 47

    Wow you two did have lousy days didn’t you. The script thing would have scared me silly!! You’ll have a better day tomorrow Cathy!

  48. Laurie 48

    Oh Cathy, I’ve had a whole week of days just like yours so I can totally sympathize. And reading about your woes actually made me feel less alone. Some days feel like walking through 3 feet of sludge.

    Poor Wild Boar! His frustration was of a different sort – waiting!

    So glad to hear about the good stuff that’s going on too. Your venture is SO exciting.

    You really should consider trying to write a book about it all – if you haven’t already. You are a smashingly excellent writer with a fabulous “voice” and a grand adventure.

  49. Customer service is slowly but very surely disapearing… sadly enough. Good for your husband to stand up for himself, he had every right to be angry. The pharmacy thing is so common it’s scary, at least you did realise it in time!

    Good luck with the vineyards, that’s a big thing. Grand adventures coming your way, that’s for sure!

  50. Linda 50

    Good customer service needs to make a comeback. I know in retail and restaurants if you don’t get the service you can always leave and take your money with you and tell all your friends and there is lost business. But your delivery guy, I guess you’re at their mercy. But good for The Wild Boar … you should have him call your pharmacy!

  51. ELRA 51

    Gosh, I couldn’t imagine if that happen to me….I’ll go insane for a day.
    It creep me out to read about your experience with the pharmacy. I always check the name, but never open it. I’ll have to make sure to do that next time.
    Hey, that is exiting to get to know your other neighbors too. Good luck with vineyard.

  52. Your poor husband! I would have been so steamed. Stuff like that makes me crazy.

  53. Laura 53

    At least the day is only 24 hours.
    Aren’t you elated that the pharmacy lady didn’t have a microphone?
    “The customer, Noble Pig, is declining her syphillis medication….need a void.”
    Now that, my friend, would really have been a bad day.

  54. tipper 54

    Anytime folks lack consideration for others-it can be totally frustrating. The medicine thing is scary-I probably wouldn’t have even checked to see if it was right! I will now though :)

  55. Mariah 55

    Cripes… That’s a little scary about the medication. It is nice to have a space to write all your frustrations down and know that people will listen, and better yet, respond.

  56. Jamee 56

    I know it wasn’t exactly funny to you, but I was laughing out loud when I read the part about the prescription. That is hilarious!

  57. What a mild complainer you are… There was no foot stomping or anything!

    I can NOT believe the ordeal with your prescription!! Holy cow that’s scary!

  58. Dragon 58

    Some days all you can do is have a glass of wine and go to bed early.

  59. well take a big deep breath- you can vent to us anytime. LOL’s with the STD pharmacy pick-up. LOL…

  60. vada 60

    AMEN !!

  61. vanessa 61

    when it rains, it pours….

  62. Irritating! Glad the day got better.

  63. So glad your day rounded out better than it started.

    I’m gobsmacked that, especially with the economy being in the state it is, and with customer service (well one would assume anyhow) being paramount in keeping ones business afloat, that the delivery company would have gotten their priorities straight! This is the kind of the thing that really irritates me!

  64. I despise waiting for delivery guys that don’t show up SOOOOO frustrating!

    Definitely little annoying things but BIG EXCITING things as well.

    You go Cath!

  65. Yes, wondering how you have time for all of this.

    The prescription thing, more than a little scarey.

  66. Egghead 66

    I can’t tell you how many times I have take a half day off of work to wait for a service call or delivery and waited the entire day and had to re-schedule. It is so frustrating and just makes my blood boil. But really the prescription thing scares me.


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