I secretly captured you yesterday…pensively studying your cupcake, knowing how hard you were wishing away the hours for today to arrive.

Your seventh birthday.  The event you have been wishing for the past three hundred and sixty-four days.

Of all the fancy cakes and confections I could have created for you…you requested only yellow cake.  No frosting.  No filling.  No fancy frills.  A tough task for this mother who loves to over-do and out-do what she’s already done.

It is your simple needs that sometime task me the most…keeping me wondering and wanting to give you the perfect birthday, one you will always cherish and remember.

Since you are my baby, it is difficult to see you grow and gain your independence, but I have no choice; time cannot be controlled.  Not even by your Mom. 

However, time’s continual evaporation does have me worried.  How much longer you will fit on my lap; your head snuggled on my shoulder?  Not long I fear.

I wish I could bottle your exuberance for life, keeping it forever on a shelf, opening it for a dose every now and then.

You have brightened my world and are the light in my days.  May your sweetness never change.

Happy Birthday little man.  You.  Are.  The.  Best.

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  1. Deeba 1

    How nostalgic & close to my heart those pictures & words are Cathy. Happy birthday to your handsome young fella. It’s strange how the feelings continue year after year…lovely first capture. All the very best in life to him…always!! Hugs!!

  2. Cathy, have stumbled upon you as I decided that someone who likes the word rejigged as me, must be worth having a peek at! (I’ve got a few other corkers up my sleeve…)
    Happy Birthday to your little ‘un – all the best peoples’ birthdays are in January…I’m turning the grand age of 27 soon, and I’ll probably be looking at a cake in much the same fashion. Bonne anniversaire!!

  3. laura 3

    happy birthday to your little man!
    MY little man turns seven on the 11th this month.
    it is unbelievable.

  4. Isn’t it funny the simple things they love? Both of my granddaughters only want butter on their spaghetti noodles. No sauce. No cheese. Blah! Just about kills me. Happy birthday to your sweet little man. He is adorable. Loved this post.

  5. Dee 5

    Beautiful post, and a little too close to home. Mine’s five, and I hate the thought of him growing up so fast. I do know that five or twenty five, he’ll always be my baby.

    Happy new year, Cathy.

  6. Lindsay 6

    This is so sweet. A mother’s love is the best in the world. Thank you for the heartwarming tears. Your boy is a lucky one indeed :)

  7. HoneyB 7

    Oh how true it all is. Our little men become big men, but they are always our little man in our hearts. No matter how old they get – and they know it. There is nothing stronger than a mother/child connection! Nothing.

  8. Lori 8

    Beautiful pictures and message…Happy birthday to him!

  9. Barbie with a T 9

    Happy Birthday little man. It is evident in the picture that his sweetness exuberates.

  10. Happy Birthday to your son Cathy!!

  11. Marlene 11

    He is wonderfully adorable!!! Happy birthday to your little man!

    That is so cute about the cupcakes…and that photo of him is really compelling.

    I hope he has a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!

    My youngest will be 7 in August and I just can’t stand it! All the other kids call her the perfect chid because I made all the mistakes with them. LOL.


  12. marcy 12

    oh he is a cutie for sure Cathy! You and the wild boar did good, with BOTH kids;))
    Happy Birthday:)))

  13. katie 13

    Congratulations to your handsome little man. My baby is about to be a year old and my oldest is about to turn seven too! Sometimes I wish I could keep them sweet babies forever but on the other hand they are so fun and interesting as they mature.

  14. Kate 14

    I’m sitting here remembering birthdays when my boys were young, wondering what they’d be like when they became men. My sweet boys.
    I am not disappointed. I am in awe.
    And it all happened so fast. Keep documenting their young lives. And thanks again, Cathy, for sharing. Happy Birthday to your youngest.

  15. Happy Birthday!!! We would love to keep them sheltered and happy, but life does move on. I used to plan the most interesting birthday parties and decorate the best cakes…then my dasughter also told me she didn’t like icing…so we moved on to icecream cakes.

  16. Melissa 16

    I hope he has a wonderful birthday! My “baby” is turning 15 today! I still remember how wonderful it was to have him not long after Christmas. I’m always sad when the holidays are over and his arrival (he was my first) was like Christmas all over again! Unfortunately, he no longer snuggles and no longer thinks I’m cool! But he is letting me take him out for coffee for his birthday, so I’ll take what I can get!
    Happy New Year!

  17. Howdy 17

    Sweet picture and sentiments!
    I recently wished my son a Happy Birthday and he pretty much told me to be quiet. Well it was probably because I pointed out that at 35 he was half way to 70. LOL yeah I’m pretty sure that was it… my bad! :)

  18. So beautiful.. Love your journaling to you son…

    My daughter’s birthday is Monday.. How about all these poor little Christmas babies??? They get the sort end of the stick…

  19. Rachel 19

    What a beautiful picture! Your words bring me to tears. How can our guys be 7? The memory of those drool filled playdates are still so fresh! Happiest of birthdays little guy!

  20. How adorable is that?!? The first pic of your little man guarding reflectively over his cupcake is a must to be enlarged and put up on a wall – Happy birthday little man, happy birthday (fellow b-day girl here – mine was on 1/1) I only wish I could say I was 7 once again!

  21. sniff. sniff.

  22. I love that photo at top. Happy birthday to your baby boy! I read this post with tears in my eyes. What a sweet memory it will make someday. For now, just enjoy that he still does fit on your lap for however long that lasts.

    P.S. Yellow cake with no icing would have been hard for me, too. Kids can really surprise you sometimes.

  23. Happy Happy birthday!

    What a beautiful birth anniversary tribute to an adorable little boy.

    And yes…yes it goes far too swiftly for this mama’s liking!

  24. Cathy, what a sweet photo of your boy! Your reflection on his 7th birthday brought tears to my eyes. The years do fly by and it isn’t long before they can no longer sit on your lap without crushing the stuffing out of you. How wise you are to savor these days–and to be so receptive to the “plain cake” lessons your children have for you. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Cute!!!!!!!1 Happy birthday to the little man!

  26. Awww, that was such a sweet post! I hope your little guy had a great birthday!

  27. Karly 27

    Hope he has a very happy birthday!

  28. What a fabulous photo of him and his simple cupcake! I kind of have to agree with him … sometimes just the basic cake is best. It’s wonderful that you honored his wishes and didn’t try to talk him into something showier. You’re always a good mom that way!

    BTW, my little man turned 21 yesterday. He called me at 12:30 am from the bar at the restaurant next to his apt (only brief walking involved) so I could wish him happy birthday at the earliest moment. LOL He checked back in yesterday afternoon to let me know he didn’t overdo it and walked home safely (sweet relief for mom!). I can still look at photos of him when he was very young and instantly be taken back in time … the truth is I still miss the little boy even though I appreciate the man he is becoming.

  29. What a lovely picture, and touching post. My inner-mama (as yet still somewhat dormant, how it will be staying for at least another couple of years) felt the poignancy of watching your little man grow up.

    Also: LOVE the bowlers hat.

  30. Happy Birthday to the little man.
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to see these years by marrying into the bonus plan. I now have a 20 year-old and didn’t get to see the “sweet years” (The Boy is actually still sweet, but at 20, he just isn’t as cute as this!)

  31. What a sweet post! Seven is magic…just like a mother’s love.

  32. Becky 32

    Sweet post, Cathy!
    Happy Birthday, Little Man!
    I miss when mine were little. My youngest is at the age when he doesn’t want to be touched. I miss him!

  33. Happy Happy Birthday! What great photos and I know that heartache of watching them grow up. I wish mine would just stop already.

  34. Bunny 34

    He’s so cute and innocent, cherish all this time Cathy. My son is 28 now and believe me, as much as you love them when thery’re grown, you miss them when they were little. I told him when I said “Becareful when you go out for New Years” you’ll always be my baby.

  35. Mary 35

    Hugs from me to you! Cathy, as he grows there will be moments when you look at him and see him as he is now. And more importantly, there’ll come a day when you realize he has become your friend and that is a blessing beyond compare.

  36. Kayola 36

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN! YOU ARE ADORABLE! I ♥ the photo of him dreaming about how good that sweet little morsel is….your yellow cake must be absolutely de-lish unlike mine needing to be covered by all the good stuff just so my fam will eat it…hahaha….the years go so fast, enjoy them when they are small…I never thought I would have one turn 33 three days ago…

  37. There’s just something harder than hard when you watch your baby grow up. The good news is: they always find a way to fit their head on your shoulder.

    Happy Birthday Little Man! What a year it will be for you!

  38. Kristin 38

    That is just an incredible photo of your child and the cake — I’d have that on my wall.

    Happy bday to your guy!

  39. Trisha 39

    Okay – just wondering what seven year old wanders around with a bowler hat on?

    What a wonderful picture!

  40. Kristy 40

    I can just hear it now (at a very high volume)… IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! This little one always brightens my day with his love for life! Have a wonderful birthday little Hooligan!

  41. Seven is my absolute favorite age for boys! They still have a bit of the baby in there but they don’t know it and think they are big boys… and if their two front teeth are missing… I am putty in their hands!

  42. Katrina 42

    Awesome! Great birthday moment captured on film, or at least computer!
    Cute! Sweet tribute.

  43. A wonderful post, Cathy. My boy turns 37 next month and I still see him as my precious little guy who is full of life and wonder. I still like to smell his head. He thinks I’m looney.

  44. giz 44

    When I look at these pictures I think it was only yesterday they turned 7 and today they’re already 30. It’s all a BLINK.

  45. ELRA 45

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very sweet and cute one, may you have many many more years to come.

    My son just turning 19th, and I can understand what your feeling right now. I feel the same way, in fact reading this post make me cry, I wish I can write all of this feeling too.
    We only have one son, and he is our best thing that happen in our life. He is, like your son, grow too fast.

  46. Such a heartwarming post and a gorgeous birthday pic of your little man. Now I am all misty-eyed. My little men are 12 & 14 now. No more are they sitting on my lap and cuddling just to be close to Mommy. *sighs* It all goes by so fast!

    Happy Birthday Little Man!
    May you have a wonderful day and an excellent year!

  47. Happy Birthday to your little man!! Wow…SEVEN! That’s awesome. What a great age.

    And, do you know how much talent it takes to make a naked cupcake look good? It’s not so simple, and you did it! ;)

  48. What a beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes.

    Love the picture.

  49. Rebel 49

    This tears me up. How sweet and he is adorable. I love the cupcake picture. I can remember when my baby was 7, now he’s 24 and in the Army. They grow too fast. This was a lovely post to your son. Leave it to a man to just want a simple cupcake, even at 7 years old.

  50. What a beautiful picture of him looking at his cupcake! I hope his birthday was wonderful.

    Sometimes when I’m holding our son, who’s only 2 1/2, I think the same things you wrote about. Time is going by so quickly, and I know the day when he doesn’t want a hug-n-kiss from his Mama will come all too soon. That thought is almost too much…!

  51. dawn 51

    You’re a good Mommy…just wanted to make sure you knew that.

  52. imom 52

    Happy Birthday to your adorable little man! Just for the record Dancing Daughter still climbs into my lap to snuggle, she doesn’t fit very well, but that doesn’t stop her. She’s almost 14!

  53. I’m running for the tissues! BEAUTIFUL!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

    I can still manage a cuddle with my 20-year-old boy . . . but I suggest a loveseat rather than attempting to use the lap. Mamma’s are amazing in the cuddle department and kids need it no matter what the age! WHAT A GREAT MOM YOU ARE!!!

    Happy New Year!

    Karen Deborah came and we feasted on your pork stew! We were in heaven. YUM!!!!

  54. Tallie 54

    This is incredibly sweet. It almost makes me feel differently about having kids.

  55. Joan 55

    Cherish every 7 year old moment. They are gone so fast. My youngest, a son, is 50, lives in a different state, and I don’t see him nearly often enough. But I remember when he was 7…and how special a time that was.

  56. Maureen 56

    Oh boy, he is darling!

    Happy Birthday from Arizona!!

  57. Awwww, girl.


    Happy birthday to your baby!

  58. laura 58

    Happy birthday little man… cathy… my 20 yr old6 ft tall 285 pound son will still come sit on my lap for a minute or so on special occasions…or till I scream uncle but I really do enjoy it and am glad he feels like he can do that.
    the 17 tr old 5 ft 2 150 pounder sill crawles on my lap too and she sits there for qite long spells… I mean head on my shoulder acrosss my lap huggy sitting…so dont give up hope…

  59. Linda 59

    What a sweet post. 7 is a great year to be a little man! Sending Happy Birthday wishes his way.

  60. Liz C. 60

    Oh, Cathy! I know how you’re feeling. They do grow up too fast & I’d give the world to have mine little again…

    Happy Birthday Big Guy!

  61. Suzette 61

    How I cherish the memories of those days when my little one was…well…little. Birthdays were the best. Your guy will remember each and every one with fondness, I’m sure. Here’s wishing him many, many, many more!

  62. KathyB. 62

    That picture “Study of Cupcake”, should be enlarged and framed and hung in a prominent place…..what a truly priceless moment in time, and what a touching post. My eyes are teary, my two sons are grown men with families of their own. I did treasure their growing up years, as I can tell you do yours….but still wish time had been a little slower and had a bit more cuddling! Happy birthday to you all, because after all, when a son is born , the day is special for ALL of you the rest of your lives.

  63. Enjoy every minute, Cathy, it truly is fleeting.

    And here’s to a perfect birthday, Mr. 7 years old today!

  64. Dana 64

    This brought tears to my eyes. I have two boys as well and my baby will be 2 in a month. I don’t ever want him to get bigger or older – I just cherish him everyday as he moves out of baby land and into kid land. Happy birthday to your baby!

  65. Marjie 65

    I cry on every birthday. I have cherished every minute. I wish that I could have kept these days longer. Now my eldest wishes he wouldn’t turn 25 in 7 days. I’ll cry tomorrow when he goes back to Charlotte, too. Cherish your beautiful boys, Cathy.

  66. Julie 66

    Aw…that definitely brought a tear. They grow too fast.

  67. krysta 67

    happy birthday! he looks like such an old soul.

  68. Aww, I want to cry! You want them to be more independent and help themselves, but you want them to stay babies forever too…it’s a killer. He is so cute! I love both pics, but the cupcake one has such a nice effect!

  69. CJ :) 69

    Happy Birthday!

    My boys are 18 and 21, but you know what? They may not fit on my lap anymore (and I’m not sure I want them there at their size) but they still give pretty good hugs.

  70. Bob 70

    Very sweet. :) Happy Birthday, little dude.

  71. pam 71

    You need to send that picture in to a greeting card or something! It’s amazing!

  72. Happy Birthday to your little guy!! Hope it was a great one.

    Wow–what an amazing pic!!!

  73. barbara 73

    Beautiful post, beautiful photo, beautiful boy. There are advantages to them being 27 though. This morning my son, helped me make a breakfast clafouti, prepare a marinade for the chicken dinner and then cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes.

  74. Kyddryn 74

    Happy birthday, young man!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  75. Amber 75

    I have been waiting for his birthday ever since Christmas when he said he how excited he was that his birthday was in only 9 days. What a great photo and what beautiful words from a mothers heart. Happy birthday young one.

  76. *ache* and *swoon*

    Happy birthday, big guy :)

  77. Alisa 77

    Aww! Happy Birthday! Hope it was the best ever. I have found that even when they no longer fit so nicely, they will still make room for themselves on my lap, hopefully, yours will too!

  78. Awwww … Happy Birthday little man. I so remember when my son turned 7 … so many awesome things are just around the corner for him to learn about himself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo.

  79. Seven is a wonderful year!! Happy birthday to your gorgeous little man.

  80. grace 80

    cathy, cut it out–i’m not supposed to get choked up during my blog reading time. :)
    i love that picture, and your commentary is sweet and wonderful. :)

  81. Darius 81

    Awww – happy birthday to the little man!


  82. Biz 82

    So sweet!! He is absolutely adorable. Where does the time go?

  83. Oh, so sweet!!!! Happy birthday to your little man!!

  84. melissa 84

    I don’t know if I commented yet so if I didn’t, HE IS SO ADORABLE I JUST WANT TO GIVE HIM A HUG.

  85. Laura 85

    Get ready for the women when he turns 12.
    He’s adorable.

  86. Melissa 86

    Oh Cathy, that brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful words for such a joyful and handsome kid.

  87. Marlyne Kreitman 87

    I just wanted to thank you for a most entertaining hour. I don’t visit you often, but spend time catching up since “last time”. I enjoy your cooking tips and recipes, but your stories are amazing. You have met some truly unforgettable characters, and have had some priceless adventures. Keep blogging…I need the break from my real life!

  88. Awww! That’s so sweet! Isn’t it funny how simple men are?

  89. Paula 89

    What a fine, young charmer he is! Gotta love these little fellas; they grow up sooo fast! Happy Birthday!

  90. LOVED this post! Precious! Simply precious!

  91. Pam 91

    What a wonderful post to your sweet son. Your words made me tear up. They grow up WAY too fast! Happy birthday little one.

  92. Jude 92

    What a sweet post… And I mean that in more ways than one, of course.

  93. Laurie 93

    Your little guy is so adorable! I love the shirt tails in the last photo. I have a similar photo of my baby who is now 13. Yikes! He still cuddled with me until about a year ago, but now that he is taller than me, he doesn’t put his head on my shoulder anymore.

    But he does still hug – really hug. And he loves to put his arm over my shoulders and just stand there, all proud of his height. Sons are so great!

  94. I think 7 is one of the most fun ages to be! Hope he enjoyed the day. The picture is wonderful :)

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