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I just finished reading an article in a health magazine indicating the possible health benefits of blogging.

Good News!

The article indicated the following blogging-health rewards…

Improved Immunity: Expressive writing has the ability of encouraging white blood cell growth, which in turn fights off infection. 

A Hardy Heart:  Writing about emotionally inspired topics has the possibility of lowering blood pressure and heart rate, giving you improved heart health.

Sounder Slumber:  Blogging about your true feelings encourages relaxation, helping you sleep more restfully.

So if you’ve been sick a lot this year, maybe you are not posting enough.  Maybe you need to post more often about how you REALLY feel about things.

Don’t be afraid to bring up unpopular issues.  Differing opinions are always interesting to read.

Not sleeping?  Tell more of the nitty-gritty…I’d love to hear about it.

For me personally, I had only one bad cold in 2008.  Did blogging save me from all the flu bugs?  Was it all the emotional political-economy posting keeping me healthy?  Who knows, but the possible health benefits will let you justify your blog writing/reading addictions.

So in honor of expressive writing and what brought you, the readers, out in groves, either through laughter, complaining or wanting to share your opinion….I bring to you the Top 10 non-food posts of 2008.  Since my Top 10 posts are all food, I went through and found the Top 10 non-related to food posts most popular by site statistics. 

These posts, for whatever reason, encouraged immunity for me (I think) and the good health.

Again, Dave Letterman style…

#10.  Three Things The Wild Boar Has Never Forgiven Me For… I guess you all wanted to read about my sins.

#9.  A Cop, A Judge, A District Attorney, Lies and Me…My personal quest with the judicial system, including my vindication.  I can’t even tell you how many emails I still get about this one; people sharing their own personal stories.  Sounds like it continually happens to a lot of folks.  Bummer.

#8.  What Would Seinfeld Do?  A very weird story about some former friends leaving me feeling this would only happen on a Seinfeld episode.  Unfortunately, it was my real life.

#7Lady…Just Shut Up Already  A tale about a woman who really got my goat in a restaurant.  I flipped out.

#6.  I Know This Woman Who’s Husband  A story about a crazy-controlling husband.

#5.  Take ‘Em Off Or Leave ‘Em On  The passionate feelings about having to take off your shoes upon entering someone else’s house.  Everyone had their opinion.

There was a tie for #5…weird, but here it is…

#5.  The Great Debate…At My Kitchen Table  Where we tried to figure out if salad should be on its own plate.  You all had so many opinions about it!

#4.  Please Tell Me What This Means  Where we tried to figure why a Little League Mom wanted her son’s trophy thrown away.  It still makes me angry.

#3.  Obama Supporters…Convince Me  During pre-election time, this was an emotionally charged outpouring of opinions.

#2.  Convince Me One Way Or Another  Where I debated getting an artificial Christmas tree or not and EVERYONE had something to say.

#1.  What Bothers You Most About Certain Blogs  Everyone really let their feelings out here and it went around the web many times over.  I think the most unpopular aspect being music on a blog. 

So go forth and blog emotionally, blog for your health…it just might be good for you!

And if you don’t have a blog…maybe it’s time you start one…for your well-being of course.

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  1. Jamie 1

    See I knew there was a reason I blog sooooo much. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think that is where I went wrong. I caught a bug this past couple of weeks and it must be because I didn’t post every day. That’s it! Thanks Cathy…I love your blog.

  3. Lori 3

    Thanks for your blog Kathy. Every day that I read it, it brings a big smile to my face…and often lots of laughter too!

  4. Well I am going to bed after a lot of refreshing laughter at the Wild Boar’s expense. I just read your 3 things he hasn’t forgiven you for and it was hysterical! So thank-you for contributing to my health and well being.

  5. I love that you posted all of these! I’m soooo enjoying getting to know you via your blog and this is just like gravy on the mashed potatoes for me. I know I know…others would have said icing on the cake, but for some reason I am really craving piping hot mashed potatoes and gravy! *lol*

    I’m off to read…more!

  6. Becky 6

    The Noble Dr. has spoken. tee hee
    Personally, the blog has helped tremendously with the depression I suffer from.
    So there is some truth to the article.
    Atleast where I’m concerned.

  7. You know people will be using the article as an excuse to continue blogging. “Honey the house is on FIRE!” “I know, I just have to finish this last sentence! You know what the doctor said about me blogging!” Like I need an excuse:D

  8. After my bad day yesterday, I decided to “vent” online. I will tell you I slept so much better last night. I’m sure I’ll regret what I said, but it’s out there and I can’t take it back now. :)

  9. Valerie Marie 9

    Love your blog! I wish you and your family a wonderful new year! Valerie Marie from Frankfurt/Germany

  10. Great post! I agree….writing your thoughts and feels down always has a healthy affect.


  11. I liked your top ten list! I remember all those posts too! But I’m still surprised at how polorizing the artificial vs real tree debate is!

  12. Barbie with a T 12

    For one thing, if you stay home blogging all the time, you will be avoiding the crowds and you lessen your chances for all those viral infections going around!

  13. Blogging sure has made my life better. I love working on my posts and reading what others have to say.

  14. Mary 14

    Finally, proof to support the merits of blogging. My husband thinks views blogging as a pastime that makes the compulsive obsessive. I’ll accept his apology with grace and dignity when I’ve finished my post for the day!

  15. jancd 15

    Well, I had read all the posts except the one about the three things your husband had still not forgiven you for, and I must say, they were hilarious. How could you know that these things were going to happen? We’ve all been there and it’s still funny. I’ll bet you husband secretly laughs about those stories, too.

  16. I just love your blogs and I remember most of these. I think blogging has really kept me sane this year, and come to think of it, I’ve been really healthy.

    I think the real bonus is reading other people’s blogs and having a real laugh or smile or intellectual thought every day.

    Thanks for a great 2008!

  17. Cath,
    There is truth to that article, however can blogging cure my MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES that kill me once a month.
    I come back from the dead afterwards!
    I wish!
    Happy and HEALTHY new year!

  18. I think that article is true. I discovered blogging this past year and love it!!!! Happy New Year to you!!!

  19. Kayola 19

    It was your # 10 when I started reading you…and my neighbor had read it and knew I needed a good laugh and told me to go this blog….oh my stars! Soooo funny! I have enjoyed you so much since…I have gotten better about leaving comments when I visit a blog now because it has really bugged me when I know they are visiting mine and don’t even say boo…that soooo bugs! I love your blog and I am so glad you faound that article and shared it with us….I do know that is was bloggings that kept me sane this past few months with losing my job and our family being split down the middle….it was my lifesaver and I am so very grateful for my new found friends.

  20. Well booyah I say! I’m going to blog away to my heart’s content knowing it’s good for my health!

    Your top 10 list was awesome! My favorite was the one about the things Wild Boar will never forgive you for. That one made me laugh so hard, I can’t even tell you.

  21. I love your top 10! I remember most of them, but had to look up a few that I had forgotten about.

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year

  22. Liz Owen 22

    omigod! I never laughed so hard in my life. I have god knows what streaming down my face. The baby barf. Can’t wait to read the rest of the entries. You are a very funny lady.

  23. *singing* “Thanks for the memories…”

    Loved your post recap. Some of these were posted before I became a regular reader of the fabulousness that is your blog, so it was great reading some that were never seen before. Loved every minute.

  24. ELRA 24

    You are so right, Cathy! Blogging is the coolest thing that happen to me too. Though, most often I still having a hard time express what I feel about something!

    Your # 1 post is also my favorite one.

  25. Flea 25

    I remember most of those posts and they were definitely top tens. Way to stay healthy! :)

  26. laura 26

    we have all been sick here I am convinced NOW thank you mrs noble pig that it is 100% due to my slacking in the blogging department and will fix that problem post haste!
    thank YOU so much for curing us :D

  27. Biz 27

    Great post! I’ve missed a few! Can’t wait to catch up.

    Your posts always make me smile!

  28. Come to think of it–I haven’t been sick since I started blogging!

    I love all of those posts!!

  29. Good Friday morning to you, Cathy !

    I loved your David Letterman style “Top Ten”

    Blogging has been VERY good for my health :)

    Loving Annie

  30. Marlene 30

    I will be catching up on any that I missed.

    I had to laugh at the health benefits…now I have something to spit back when HWM asks the evil question…”Is that ALL your going to do today?”

    Thanks for the ammo…I am bettering my health because Cathy posted about it…he’ll trust that because he loves the food ideas I get from your blog…

    Can we have an “Ask Cathy” session? That would be fun! Top ten questions answered…

    I do not like to go a day without stopping by and chilling with you for a while…the coffee is the best and the desserts are the best.

    Love You,


  31. Tanya 31

    Oh, this is great news! Now I can tell my doctor I’ve been taking care of myself by blogging. Forget watching what I eat! :)

  32. Louise 32

    Numbers 6 through 10 show what a bunch of rubber-neckers we can all be, even in the blogoshpere. Entries 1 through 5 show that you developed a following of highly opinionated folk. Way to go!

    And while these didn’t make the top 10 list, I do love the pics of your boys up on the Oregon property and following along with the vineyard and fence saga.

  33. Alisa 33

    Now if only blogging could make me skinny. That would be cool. Did you ever mention if you went real or fake? On the tree of course…

  34. Rebel 34

    Very interesting. I liked the last one about annoying blogs. I’m new to this and picked up some good pointers. Thanks. I’m new at readin’ your blog and I like it. i don’t leave a comment so you’ll leave a comment on mine. I just like readin’ your blog.
    I also liked the #5 one about takin’ off your shoes.
    I believe bloggin’ is healthy for ya. It’s just another form of visitin’ with people and listenin’ to others points of view. Reminds me that we’re all alike in basic ways. Have a great day.

  35. Bob 35

    Hm, maybe that’s why I got that cold… it did clear up when I posted every day for a week. Interesting… :)

  36. Amber 36

    Okay, I am only on my lunchtime so I don’t have time for these but trust me, I’ll be back. Good scuttle butt, I’ll be back.

  37. This is FANTASTIC news.

    Happy New Year!

  38. Marjie 38

    You always give us something to think about, Cathy! Happy New Year!

  39. Tallie 39

    I can’t believe the crazy stuff that happens to you! Are you just a freak magnet or am I just not paying attention? Anyhow I love the way you relate your stories. Thank you so much for blogging!!

  40. giz 40

    Happy New Year Cathy,
    I was in hysterics over the 3 kid incidents – I can so relate and I just don’t get why Pampers weren’t a snug fit back in the day. It does make for messy cleanup.

  41. Kathy, you have a very impressive and enjoyable blog. Happy New Year, your words are definitely on the right track – enjoying life and all.


  42. imom 42

    I’m feeling healthier already! I’ve read 3 of the top ten and I plan to read them all! I just love your blog!

  43. I think reading blogs must be healthy too. Laughter is the best medicine and I got a big dose reading some of these old posts. Thanks!!

  44. It’s good to know that blogging is good for me.

  45. Sandra 45

    OMYGOSH…I am laughing so hard I’m crying and that’s just from reading number 1! People can call me at 3:00 a.m. and it’s okay but I’ll still, probably, laugh if it’s the *least* bit funny. I get it…truly I do.

  46. tipper 46

    Blogging = health a very neat concept and makes one more good reason to blog!

  47. melissa 47

    I think I’ve read all of these but I’m going to back and check. Especailly the speeding ticket one. I LOVE IT!
    I have a bad cold and I never get colds! I think I will Blog more.

  48. Laura 48

    I cheated and started with your number one….I am going to read all of these.
    They will be NEW to me since I only became a member of the “Noble Pig Pen” few months ago.
    Great idea for a post.

  49. I read the three sins and was snorting so hard a pea flew up my nose.

  50. Don’t know how you do it, but your blog is one of the best out there…and in such a short time! Says a lot for your writing and subject picking skills. Well, then there’s also those adorable hooligans of yours.
    Just keeps us coming back for more! Thanks!

  51. Liz C. 51

    I’m not sure I even had a top five, but I loved yours! I knew blogging was good for you! It beats the heck out of paying a therapist, that’s for sure. Besides, your blog is one of the best therapies I’ve come across.


  52. I couldn’t agree more – I think it was when I let up writing that I caught the dreaded lurgy! But now I’m back in the driving seat, with a brand spanking new year to fill with writing.

    For anyone else out there who is blogging through their own time of economic uncertainty, I’m finding that keeping up writing output (though I’ve yet to achieve readership!) is really helping me through the inevitable ups and downs of the unemployment I’ve been through since getting back from my travels last year.

    It’s a very successful form of creative therapy! Nothing like feeling productive.

    Happy 09 Cathy and keep up the writing now I’ve just discovered you! xx

  53. Tamilyn 53

    Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the #10. As I was reading the part when you were in the jewelery store and ran out, it reminded me of the scene in Friends when Phoebe and Chandler when shopping for Monica’s engagement ring. Phoebe had been trying on all sorts of jewelery while Chandler was talking to the jeweler and found out it sold and they went to take off and the cage came down around Phoebe. No cage for you, but armed guards maybe? Ahh, the joys of marriage. I do have to say that mine remembers nothing and I remember everything (like the garbage can I got for my 30th birthday) so I play that card on him every once in a while. I will have to show this to the hubby and let him see that blogging is good for me!

  54. You entertain me so…ah, it’s taken me two days to get through your top ten posts-without too much interruption, but I was hooked after the first (#10). I almost peed my pants on that one! I love the last one too…I have blog pet peeves and the damn music player is one of them. Most of the time I leave the blog as soon as the music starts unless there is really something I want to see, then I will take the time to find the music and pause it. I also hate reading blogs with really bad spelling…like there instead of their, or grate instead of great, know what I mean? I know I shouldn’t judge anyone on their spelling but I start to get angry and I just can’t enjoy reading any longer. I’d better watch my spelling!!

    Happy New Year Cathy!

  55. Hey girl… it is great to have some science back-up my obsession. Now instead of saying, “yeah, I spend too much time blogging…” I can say something like, “I am building immunities to bugs, and such.”

    But seriously… your top 10 posts – read ’em all. You are a fun and talented writer… incredible cook, and I imagine it would be a kick to actually speak face to face :)

    Happy New Year :)

  56. You just gave me an idea on what to blog.


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