Baby Steps

The snow has finally melted at our property in Oregon and the weather is currently very conducive to getting some much needed work done.

The area where the well was drilled last April is in a very shady location and remains quite muddy. 

Several loads of rock were delivered to the area and spread to help with the mud factor, making it easier to work.

Willie is framing and building the pump house for the well and a small out-building for equipment.

Here is the well head inside of the framed future pump house.  The pump was finally installed a couple of days ago.  This will also house the pressure tanks you see to the right.

This will function as a domestic well and backup the primary vineyard irrigation once we obtain water rights.  We installed a large enough pump to be able to pump water uphill to the homesite and vineyard area.  The pump itself sits about 120 feet under the ground.

We will have to power the pump with an electrical generator until the electric company is ready to run lines up the hill to this point.  We’re not quite ready for that to take place as we’re still considering our options and making sure we install the right amount of power lines to support our home, vineyard and winery plans.  We want to do it right the first time.

Again, Willie’s handiwork on the pump house.  The hay provides extra insulation to help prevent freezing of the fresh concrete. 

My boys were so excited when they saw this photo, they thought Willie had started building our home.  Sadly, that is soooooo not happening yet…..but it will.  One day soon.  I hope.

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  1. Betty 1

    Looking good Cathy, Keep up the good work.The fence neighbor is still a jerk. He’ll probably never change. People like that rarely do & he’s also probably & completely void of any conscience.You will come out on top for this 1.
    Blessings to you & yours

  2. I really love watching the evolution of the vineyard and your home…this is wonderful.

    I pray for nothing but beautiful weather for you!

    you can send all the snow this way!


  3. Progress …. love it! So exciting, every little step. The hooligans will be so in love with your property, vineyard, and home because they’ve seen it all from the beginning. Not many kids get that experience. Hoping for continued weather that is conducive for Willie to do his wonders!


  4. As Dori would say, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” :)

  5. Barbie with a T 5

    Having spent all of last year building our home, I can tell you the building process is a very long one, but is a lot of fun watching it go up and seeing the progress along the way. I know you are excited. I took pictures all along the way and it is amazing to look back at them now. Good luck. I am excited for you.

  6. It is really great that you are documenting this here. It will be great to look back years from now, especially for your boys.

  7. Progress!

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos. It is fun watching things take shape.

    We have more dry weather in the forecast so that should help. When do you expect your home to be completed?

  9. Progress!

  10. wow it’s a lot of work and more work. How many years does it take to have a productive vineyard? I still say you should get busy making more sons. Your going to need them.

  11. Becky 11

    Slow and steady is better than nothing.
    I have been wondering about fence issue.

  12. Trisha 12

    I suppose you COULD live in the pump house . . . it would be sort of cramped but . . .

    I am glad that progress is being made at the vineyard. How exciting. It certainly takes a LOT of planning, doesn’t it?

  13. I can’t wait for the update! It’s exciting to see all the progress.

  14. Funny how kids think huh? – But actually – steps are being made even if small, that will lead to the house being built….a really good glass of wine was not ‘built’ in a day…so trudge on! Hurray to your new pump house beginnings… :-P

  15. Liz C. 15

    Aren’t you excited? The first actual *structure*. I’m with the boys… I’m getting excited too.

    Can’t wait for the update on the saga of the fence!

  16. ELRA 16

    That is exciting Cathy, I honestly can’t wait to see you post about the grapes. My husband already ask wether we can visit.
    Good luck with the survey, hope this long batle will end soon.

  17. dawn 17

    Progress! Yay! Just reading your first few lines makes me believe that spring will be here. The brutal cold has been so hard on me lately.
    Someday we will be reading your first post on your first grapes–imagine that.

  18. Glad that the work is progressing well !

  19. Dan 19

    Great progress, it all just takes time and tons of cash of course.

  20. Dawn 20

    Cathy-This is so exciting. I feel so privelaged to watch the fruition of your hard work and dreams. I will be here happily waiting for each update. Is there anything Willie can’t do?

  21. I’ve kind of been wondering about the fence saga, so I’ll look forward to updates!

  22. Bob 22

    This must be wicked exciting for you! I must admit I’m jealous though, I want a vineyard. :)

  23. Alisa 23

    How exciting! How absolutely wonderful that your boys are so excited about this move. Can’t wait to follow you through the whole process and buy my first bottle of Noble Pig wine. Or, come visit the winery!!

  24. Flea 24

    What an itty bitty home! Did you ask the boys where their rooms would be? :)

  25. Flea 25

    Cathy, have you seen this site? It cracks me up! Scroll through and browse when you get a few minutes.
    link to

  26. Wow…everything is coming together, huh? This is such a cool process to watch…thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  27. tipper 27

    Still very exciting-even if it is a baby step-its for sure an important step!

  28. Suzette 28

    It boggles the mind to think of all the details you must attend to in preparing for your new life. It’s fascinating to watch how you approach this monumental set of tasks. I’m impressed!

  29. Mrs. L 29

    Looking forward to the fence saga update, you have me so intrigued by it all.

  30. Marjie 30

    Any structure at all makes it all the more real, doesn’t it?

  31. Rebel 31

    How exciting for you and your family. I can’t wait to read more.

  32. katie 32

    Congrats! Looking forward to a fence saga update.

  33. Laurie 33

    I think your dream is so exciting! Thank you for sharing the photos and progress. I can’t wait for updates.

  34. Hmmmm . . . where’d my witty comment end up? (drat — I get tired of being blog-jected)

    Let’s try it again:

    When I breezed through the pics I got all excited, like the boys did, thinking your house frame was going up. Whooppee!! Then I read the text and said thought, “whoop . . . the pumphouse.” Nonetheless I rejoice with you. I LOVE watching a girlfriend’s dream come true, applauding each step of the way. You go girl! : D

    Happy pumphouse raising to you!

  35. nina 35

    I hope you realize that you are living so many other bloggers dream…..Te progress to you might be slow, but for us….it is amazing!!!!

  36. Laura 36

    I did not realize you were planning to build a home there as well. How exciting!

  37. Oh boy ! You’re on your way, this is so exciting! Right on Cathy, as far as taking the time to do things right the first time!Well worth it.

    You are so blessed, a husband who supports your dreams and 2 handsome, healthy sons, some of the best land in the world and the energy and smarts to follow your dreams!It only gets better.

  38. KathyB. 38

    sheesh! you’d think I would remember to leave a reply properly (last one ) by now.

    Anyway,hope things go more quickly for you now!

  39. Dee 39

    Exciting! Meanwhile, it’s taking us a year to get our walls painted.

  40. kayola 40

    It still looks very chilly…but how exciting to be moving forward….we could use some of that wet stuff here in the valley of the sun….

  41. I think all the misplaced snow that the PNW has been getting has finally come back home to roost. Here in Northern New England we’re getting slammed once again. *lol*

    I love watching your vineyard and new home take shape, and I’m REALLY looking forward to an update on the fence saga.

  42. Donalyn 42

    It may not be the house yet but it is still pretty darned exciting!

  43. Philly 43

    I see alot of mudd. I’m sure your boys love that !!


  44. erm, uh, ya, for some (stupid) reason I thought you were in England. Now you have a totally different accent. Weird how that works. (Wish your pictures were loading for me.)

  45. MODman 45

    As a contractor and foodie – I feel for you. It always seems that there has to be one neighbor that is the fly in the ointment. We will pray that his daylight drains plug and flood his property. On the bright side, the property looks like a piece of heaven!

  46. This is more than baby steps, this is pretty great progress! I can’t wait to brag “I watched it all being built on the internet – isn’t it delicious wine?”

  47. Progress! How exciting:-)

  48. Jeff 48

    Woo Hoo!!! So happy for you that your dream is starting to come to be.

  49. imom 49

    I haven’t been visiting long enough to have been following the story, but seeing a structure take form is really exciting! Smart to wait on the electricity issue, better to have more than enough than to have to add later. I will going back to read about the fence saga!
    Congratulations on wonderful, exciting progress! What date should I pencil on my calendar for visiting your winery?!

  50. It sure looks like a lot of work–but it will be well worth it!!

  51. Lots of technical mumbo jumbo about pumps and electrical stuff that is WAY OVER MY HEAD. What I got out of this post was – THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!! Super exciting Cath. I can’t wait to come visit you at your winery!!!


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