The Aftermath

Santa, what were you thinking? 

I’ll spare you all the wide angle view, it only gets worse.

Somehow we survived the morning with the help of Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls.  A couple of unsuspecting neighbors also got me in my jammies delivering these hot from the oven.  I believe in togetherness indulging…there’s less calories that way.

This is something I’ve been working on for quite some time.  I think I finally nailed it, Crown Roast of Pork with Fennel-Apple Stuffing and a Cider-Bourbon Reduction.  All I can say is, wow.  It was worth the effort.

I know you all wanted a head shot.

Here is my Red Velvet Cheesecake before I frosted it.  What do you notice?  NO CRACKS!  I hate cracks in cheesecake.  It wouldn’t have mattered so much with this one since it was going to be frosted, but still, I dislike the cracks.  Some say cracks make cheesecake more rustic looking…me…not so much.  I used Recipe Girl’s method of a water bath during cooking and it really worked.  No cracks.  I am forever in debt.

I really need to clean my house as it has been taken over by toys.

As I tucked my six-year old into bed and kissed him goodnight he said, “I can’t believe my Birthday is in nine days.  I can’t wait!”

Save.  Me.

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  1. So I’m not the only one who blogs in the middle of the night. My insomnia makes for some great blogging. I was very excited to see your Christmas post, so I’m glad you got it up so quickly.

    All of your food looks divine. I want to reach into the computer and grab a bite of that crown roast. Yummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummy!!!! Me want. The cinnamon rolls too.

    I understand about the crazy gift pile. The tree at Mom’s house had quite the overload with so many kids in the family.

  2. Deeba 2

    Quie an aftermath Cathy…woohoo! Looks like the boys have had a grand time! Love the look of the roast with the sage…ti’s come out beautifully. The cheesecake takes tehs cake though. Never heard of a red velvet cheesecake, & this is gorgeous! My daughter said the same thing on Christmas night…just 8 days to go. She’s a 2nd Jan born & turning into a monstrous teen this birthday! Cheers girl!!

  3. Laura 3

    Sounds like a great and tasty day!!!

  4. I am mesmerized by that cheesecake. Recipe please;)

  5. Becky 5

    The love of family, good food and a cheesecake with no cracks.
    Sounds like a fantastic Christmas to me!!

  6. You all must have been really good this past year! Santa was really good to you guys.

    Those “sin”namon buns…well, you know how I feel about them.

    I look forward to another year of being inspired by you and your wonderful cooking.



  7. Aren’t kids great? Gotta love that unbridled enthusiasm! I’d love to see more pix of that colorful and flawless cheesecake…and a recipe, too! Looks divine!

  8. Look at all the wonderful toys..I love the fact that there are games and puzzles and logos!!! You can never have to many Lego’s according to my son!

    Your dinner looks wonderful….I hope you had a fantastic and joyous holiday.


  9. Howdy 9

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! It’s funny to see the difference about 20 years makes…. we had far less torn paper than we ever had and we didn’t open gifts until about 9 PM yesterday as we were waiting for the Turkey to finish… LOL yes we had quite the late Christmas Dinner! But it was all good – it was a fun and relaxing day – long but fun! We cooked Gluten Free this year for my daughter… I have to say we had a very tasty stuffing to go along with the brined turkey! Yum! We love cheese cake so yours looks very interesting… red velvet? MMMmmm! Again Happy Holidays Cathy!

  10. Shirley 10

    We all have so much to be thankful for. LOL on your son. My son turns 21 on Jan. 2nd so he, too, is counting down the days! Can’t wait for all the recipes. (I am sure I can convert the roast and the cheesecake to gluten free goodness.) Enjoy!

  11. I’ve wanted to make those cinnamon rolls for a while…they look soooo good.

    Sounds like you had a great holiday! I’m with you, I need to clean up the mess today!

  12. Choosy Beggar Tina 12

    It looks like Santa was very generous this year, and you must have had a wonderful Christmas!!! By the way, that crown roast of pork looks to die for. You TOTALLY nailed it! And the red velvet cheesecake? I can’t think of very many things that I wouldn’t trade you to try a piece of that…seriously……can I come to California and stay with you for a while? Just a few days, really, and I promise to clean up any messes that I make, and I promise to ‘do voices’ when I read books to the kids, and I won’t drink ALL your wine, just the stuff that you happen to leave out…..

  13. Barbie with a T 13

    WOW! Your holligans are probably the happiest kids on the block on Christmas Day. We have a grown son with a birthday the day after Christmas (which was always very difficult to find time to celebrate) and another son with a birthday on Dec. 18. Even though they are grown, it is still difficult to remember to make their days special in one way or the other. That roast was the most beautiful creation I have ever seen in my whole life! I can just see the juiciness in your photo. ~slurp~ that sound is me drooling. I hope you have a dog to enjoy those rib bones too! We had two fried turkeys, Cajun style, and it was very delicious. Did you know it only takes 36 minutes to fry a turkey (12 lbs.)? And talk about smell good. u-u-ummm good.

  14. marcy 14

    Wow looks like ya’ll had a great time too. Santa went overboard here too, along with both grandmas. Nicole doen’st know which way to turn or what to play with, lol.
    That roast looks yummy. My MIL made homemade chili – half deer half pork. It was delish to say the least. Guess good food goes with the holidays.

  15. That gorgeous cheesecake is ALMOST enough to get me to try it again! I am not fond of cheesecake at all. *lol*

    You’ve got 9 days until your little one’s birthday…I’ll raise you 9 days for my 0! The Little Imp is 3…TODAY! I have so much cleaning to do before another mess ensues.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

  16. Your pork roast is beautiful. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a red cheesecake before. Yum.

    It looks like a hurricane went through my house and my garbage cans are snowed in. The trucks probably won’t make it today anyway.

  17. This is exactly what my house looked like, exactly.

    I’m so sad I’m not at your house to eat all that good shit.

  18. Katrina 18

    A very familiar/similar look at our house, minus the yummy looking crown!
    Happy Cleaning Up. Sigh!

  19. Kate 19

    I remember my house being strewn with the detrements of the holidays just like yours is now!
    These days, not so much. Enjoy your time together while they’re small. And your meal looks fantastic. I don’t like cracks either.

  20. Wow, just wow – and not only save yourself, save me from looking and drooling over your photographs of delicious concoctions created in your kitchen! lol – merry christmas and super Happy New Year – Keep it coming!

  21. If you can see me now I am bowing down to that BEAUTIFUL Crown Roast! What a work of perfection that is! Enjoy your Holiday! We have 2 Christmas birthdays so I hear ya! Thanks for the Raggedy Robins link, you are so sweet!

  22. Mary 22

    Your crown roast has a sirens lure about it. I’ll bet it was over the top delicious.

  23. Pam 23

    Wow. Your boys must be in heaven with all the new toys. The pork roast looks AMAZING! Glad you had nice holiday.

  24. Amber 24

    Adopt me. That’s a lot of good loot. I love legos because they don’t need batteries, you just create which is so much better.
    Oh wait, when I marry Santa I get all the toys I want. I am starting with a pool and a Range Rover. Any requests?
    I love your sons comment. There is such sweet innocence in thinking that Christmas just sort of shows up and then to still be so excited about your birthday. How jun for him.
    The crown roast is gorgeous, perfect and succulent looking. I am very impressed with your presentation, it is something that is not even close to a strength for me. Taste, I can handle that. Pretty, not so much.
    And what did you get? Besides the mess I mean.

  25. I don’t know what is more impressive..the pile of toys or that AMAZING crown roast of pork!!! Happy Holidays Cathy!

  26. Bob 26

    Man, I miss toys on Christmas. Course, I don’t have kids, that probably helps. :) That pork looks unbelievable, I want some so bad.

  27. Happy Holidays to you! Hope it was a blast. The food looks great. I hope you enjoyed that cheesecake as much as I did. I thought it was simply decadent, and I’m really happy that I gave most of it away!!! Yay for no cracks!

  28. Liz C. 28

    That cheesecake looks divine! I have always done my cheesecakes in a hot water bath and I used to sell them locally when the kids were little.

    I loved your aftermath picture too. But, that crown roat is the real jewel. Yum!

  29. Linda 29

    You most certainly have boys in your house by the looks of the loot. I have similar photos from years past. Now we’re very pink and girly when it’s all been unwrapped. Good times.

    I have never attempted a crown roast of pork, but I might give it a go now. That looks heavenly. As does the cheesecake … oh my. I too made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning … the best!

    Hope your Christmas was great!

  30. Marjie 30

    I need to clean my house, too. Next week.

  31. ELRA 31

    I like that crown roast pork, sounds really delicious. And the red velvet cheese cake look so good. You have pretty impressive menu, Cathy.

    Oh ya, that lots christmas gift for the kids, we also bought lots of Legos for our nephews. I am sure my sister will have to pay extra luggages for al of those Legos.

  32. HoneyB 32

    Looks like a great day….and I can’t help but LOL @ the birthday comment! My youngest was born 22 years ago today…the day after Christmas!

  33. tipper 33

    Glad your Christmas was happy!! Loved the picture you used for your card this year!

  34. Very vood blogging!

  35. Melissa 35

    I hope everything was wonderful for you yesterday. Looks like it was quite a bounty, food and otherwise.

    Steve asked me to do the pork next year. Looks worth it for sure.

  36. imom 36

    Wow, just wow! I love your blog, beautiful pictures and beautiful food.

  37. Now that was a beautiful meal. Looks like gifts enough for everybody.

  38. Bunny 38

    Those Cinnamon Rolls are calling my name, I need to make a cheesecake in a water bath! That looks wonderful!! The roast is cooked to perfection, your dinner belongs in a magazine!

  39. Mike C 39

    How perfect that the Noble Pig makes the most beautiful Crown Poast of Pork…of course you do…you are awesome. I hope someday you share the recipe with your Noble subjects.

  40. pam 40

    You are going to post the red velvet cheesecake recipe, aren’t you?

  41. You deserve some kind of an award or blue ribbon or something for that crow roast. Just insanely beautiful please post recipe. I sure would like to see a full picture of your tree while it’s still up and did you buy real or artificial? I would have been totally out of character for “Santa” not to have done it up big. That’s just the NP way of doing things. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and God bless us every one!!

  42. Julie 42

    Oh man, can I come to your house for leftover pork? I’ve never hd it like that before.
    We also did the PW cinnamon rolls! Seemed like the perfect occasion.

  43. Santa went crazy here too! Our house looks like a complete disaster area.

    Wow–you dinner looks beautiful–you outdid yourself on that pork and cheesecake!!

  44. LOL! “My birthday is in 9 days!”

    Oh God, I would die.

    I’d like a piece of cheesecake please. And I almost cried when I saw the cinnamon rolls. I tried to make cinn.rolls from scratch, but my mom said she preferred the ones from the can. You don’t know how heartbroken I was. I also found all the dinner rolls I busted ass to make for Thanksgiving shoved in the back of the freezer, untouched.

  45. Biz 45

    That’s a lot of loot!

    I’ve always wanted to try a standing rib roast, but have been too chicken to try it. Yours looks amazing!

    Thanks again for your well wishes – maybe we’ll celebrate Christmas on Sunday??

    All I know is thank goodness our kids are teenagers and understand!

    Best wishes to you and you family!

  46. KathyB. 46

    Wow! The crown roast of pork is calling me…..are there any leftovers ?

  47. Alisa 47

    That Lego pile looks somewhat familiar. Your food, as always, looks to die for. Glad you all had a great Christmas. I’ll be thinking of you over these next 9 days…

  48. The crown roast is beautiful, but it’s the cinnamon rolls that really speak to me. Any left?

  49. Bravo for both the gorgeous roast and the crack-free cheesecake. Both look so gorgeous!

  50. dawn 50

    Cath where is the shot of cutting the red velvet masterpiece? I would love to see the inside of that?
    I have that cake on my list of to-bake; I remember seeing that and was so shocked by it. How did it taste? Awesome right?

  51. phillygirl64 51

    you know that’s why there was no crack – because you were going to frost it

  52. grace 52

    if my neighbors had delivered cinnamon rolls to me, i’d be in hog heaven. have i mentioned in the past that i wish i was your neighbor? now i do more than ever. :)

  53. magpie 53

    I am drooling over that pork roast. Drooling.

    I’ve been known to deliver baked goods on Christmas morning in my pajamas. It feels good.

  54. Egghead 54

    I love that you share the love with your neighbors. The roast looks wonderful and yes I agree about the cracks in a cheesecake. I will have to try that.

  55. My livingroom looked similar…and my 3 year olds birthday was the next day! Now I get to plan the kiddie party, yippee. Nah, just kidding, I love planning parties and the games and crafts…too bad the kids done appreciate it as much as I do!

  56. Greg B 56

    That crown rack of ribs looks awesome, I cant wait to give something like that a shot! Happy New Year, and thanks for all the comments on our blog too :)

  57. Jamie 57

    Those cinnamon rolls look good! Looks like Christmas was a MAJOR success at your house! Happy New Year!

  58. Beautiful crown roast and cheesecake!! Looks like your holidays have been a lot of fun! Best wishes for a wonderful New Year! -LeslieMichele


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