I’ve Joined the Rest Of The World

I have put off getting a new cellular phone for a long time now.  The one I was using was definitely archaic but I really didn’t use it all that much.

Since I don’t like talking on the phone (at all), I really could have cared less about all the features new phones have.  I just wasn’t interested. 

I also had to make sure my new plan would have service in the area where we will be living (since it’s rural).  It had to be tested and well, the excuses were just endless for not entering into another new cell phone contract.

The iphone didn’t excite me, since I am not into Apple anything, and all the others, well…meh.

That is until I got my new Blackberry Storm

I now fully understand the term CRACKBERRY.


Between taking pictures, setting the GPS, playing Word Mole and BrickBreaker, sending/receiving email, voice recognition calling and browsing the web…I AM COMPLETELY ENTERTAINED.  Completely.

It’s truly like crack (not that I know what crack is like but I’ve heard things).  I had no idea.  Why didn’t anyone tell me?

My whole life is now being meticulously managed by the Blackberry.  Funny, but I could still care less that it’s a phone…I just like having mini-computer capabilities where ever I am.  Who knew I even wanted that?  I didn’t.  But now that I do, it better not EVER be taken away.

It’s for addiction reasons like these I will never join social networking sites like Facebook or My Space..too much of a rabbit hole.  I’m sure I would never get out.

So, is there a downside…well, with all the unlimited calling, messaging, texting, internet browsing, GPS-ing, Blue-toothing and emailing features…my cellular phone bill is now triple what it used to be. 

But I can’t live without my fix…so yeah, what to do? 

Pay I guess.

Anyone else on crack?

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  1. Tammy 1

    I used to be….when I worked I had my Blackberry, then my Treo…I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without them. But they did help manage my crazy life…but now I no longer have the need for it. But gotta admit I miss them!

  2. Nope I haven’t gone there. I am afraid I would never get out. Very tempting though.

  3. HoneyB 3

    Say it isn’t so! I’ve been saying the same thing about phones because I really hate to use them!

  4. Debbie 4

    Ah, I wanted a Blackberry last time I had to purchase a cell phone but then saw how much more a month it was. The frugal part of me nixed that idea.

  5. Laura 5

    Going all fancy are ya?

  6. It’s crack-lite around here. We have resisted the urge to hit the heavy stuff until just recently but it looks like we may be jumping into full-fledged crack addiction come February when our upgrade points come into play.

    Oh and I’m already on Facebook…so yeah, a crackberry is going to become mandatory. Besides, my MOM of all people has had one for a while. And my sister…and baby brother. My dad is the only one who deviated as he has an iPhone.

    But I’m willing to be totally down with a device which is cleverly named after a fruit!

  7. Barbie with a T 7

    Funny you should mention this when I was just searching online and the newspaper ads to learn more about the Blackberry. I am tempted to get one myself, but I am afraid it will be too difficult for me to learn how to use it. I have a cell phone, but it is very costly and the Blackberry seems to cost even more. I do not use the cell phone all that much anymore either, now that we are settled in our home and have a land line. Anyway, I was happy to hear that you like yours and that encnourages me more to look into it and perhaps change my phone service provider I have been with this one for about 6 years. Thanks for making this your topic for today…It was very timely for me!

  8. Nope, I have an old cell phone and today I’m going to have it disconnected because I’m sick of paying the bill.

  9. I love my toy only I drank from the Apple Kool-Aid and went for the iPhone. I Tweet on Twitter, write my blog, play Sudoku & Scrabble … I even have a lightsaber (yes, I am a Star Wars Geek). I have accessed my Google Reader so I can catch up on my bloggy friends while standing in line at the post office. Sweet:)

  10. Dylan 10

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    Validas is becoming known as the preeminent advocate for the wireless consumer. Check out Validas in the media:

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    Happy holidays, and good luck to everyone reading on trimming down wireless expenses in this tough economy.


  11. Katie 11

    We got that for my MIL this Christmas also. I still don’t know if it competes with my hubbys iphone but I would take Verizon over AT&T any day!

  12. Becky 12

    My Captain has been after me for weeks to get a new phone. I have been fighting all the way. I don’t need all that stuff. But since you posted this, I’m thinking maybe I do. Darn it!

  13. I am on Apple Crack. Sorry. Nothing else compares. ;)

  14. Kate 14

    I came THIS CLOSE to getting one!! But after talking with one of the reps at Verizon, and figuring that the plan was so much more than what I was paying, I decided to go for the phone that was free for me, which is pretty nifty in and of itself. It’s the LG Envy and I love that I can text so much easier.

  15. Howdy 15

    I got the Blackberry Curve last year when my husband (who was upgrading for work) turned and said… “so do you want one too?” Ummm well yeah!! Since our move to the Stone House we don’t have a land line… so this is our only phone access. I like having the Blackberry IM feature to touch base with my kids who all live other places and we all have the same service provider so our calls to each other aren’t counted. I have posted to my blog – but only a time or two as it’s much easier on my laptop. I like having internet access anywhere I am. All of these features are important to my husbands work… I just get to tag along and enjoy the features! Since we aren’t the kind to upgrade until ours are broken it will be a few years before we change… hopefully they aren’t designed to fall apart.

  16. It’s so easy to get hooked on an amazing new gadget, and then we can’t live without it. It’s also amazing how expensive new technology is.

  17. marcy 17

    hehe not on REAL crack or anything, but my hubby and I are on facebook – it too is very addicting.
    Also the womputer game we play – Everquest II, is called Evercrack.
    Glad you are enjoying your new crackberry:)

  18. Rachel 18

    That sucker is gorgeous! WOWZA!
    I have the curve and love it but oh my hell, I sooo want the storm!!

  19. Sounds like the kind of fun that would keep me up past my bedtime and prevent me from ever getting any work done! I own a basic cell phone and will stick with that for now.

  20. lolz! i got an iphone and was going to post a similar picture–except using my page as the back drop!!! i’m hooked myself and can’t imagine how i lived so long with my old phone (read: tin can with string).

  21. I wish I was on Crackberry. My husband and I got new phones last December and we went with the newest Verizon phone that was competing with the iPhone. We both hate it. The internet interface stinks and it’s hard to hear when you talking to someone on it. We’ve already started to look at new phones to get when the contract for these expires.

  22. I went for years without a cellphone or pager. It was freaking phenomenal! I could actually go somewhere and not be disturbed by my sister asking one more annoying question (which has been going on since I left California for college). For the past year and a half, I’ve had my cellphone, a bare bones model. It was extremely useful this past September when I evacuated because of Ike, but because I live in the sticks, I have hit or miss service. I have the next 6 months to decide if I want to keep it. The phone is on probation.

  23. I have an iPhone which I love! Your new Crackberry is beautiful!

  24. Pam 24

    You lucky, lucky girl. I’ve heard they are wonderful! Have fun with your new toy.

  25. Welcome to my world – I am totally addicted to it. I would like to upgrade my blackberry to the storm and would love to hear your thoughts in a few weeks after you have had a chance to get used to it.

  26. I guess I’m your oppoiste. I’m on MySpace and Facebook, but I just got my first cell phone in the spring of this year and don’t have interest in a Blackberry.

    Sir Pickypants on the other hand…

    I think my man invented the term crackberry. Taking away his Blackberry would be like cutting off one of his limbs. He says it’s always for work, but I don’t believe him.

  27. dawn 27

    yeah do not, I repeat, do not join Facebook, it’s crazy addicting!

  28. Louise 28

    As one addict to another, learn to embrace it and to put it away. Far away. I use an old Blackberry for work and it has provided both a freedom and a “ball and chain” that I never could have imagined. On the other hand, when needing to contact a friend, I always try first with the family member with an iphone or blackberry, knowing they will check messages frequently. I’d call it a blessed curse and leave it at that. ;-)

  29. Alisa 29

    Jealous here. I finally convinced Hubby to get me a blackberry curve, because the Palm I was using was too big and then they come out with this? I’m like you, I don’t really use my phone as a phone, more like a mini computer. Lucky girl. I have to say though, with the curve, it’s not crackberry to me, the Storm, would be however.

  30. ELRA 30

    Congratulation dear! Technology can be so fun isn’t it?
    It’s so cooool, and I’m happy for you.

  31. krysta 31

    not on crack because i know that i’ll be homeless in about two seconds with one of those… i’d sell my kids, turn tricks, and even give up my beloved potatoes. it’s best just to stay away!

  32. megan 32

    I got a new phone for Christmas but I’m just getting into the texting mode.(I’m a little behind the times.) I’m excited to have a qwerty keyboard! I’m afraid to get on the web because of the expence. As for Facebooking, it’s a hole I cant get out of. But it’s a fun hole! :)

  33. Laurie 33

    I’m too scared to get one of those things. Blogging has already become an addiction. Not sure I have time for another one. Plus, I won’t even upgrade the cell phone that I have because then I would have to figure out how to use a new one.

    But that sure is a pretty little toy!

  34. Katrina 34

    Still using my old phone and denying that I need anything better. My husband even went and upgraded his and I could have for free on the same plan, but don’t like change. Now you’re tempting me, but I’ll resist, for now. May be a short now, but we’ll see! ;)

  35. Donalyn 35

    I just got a new cell myself and though I was sorely tempted by the Storm, it is just silly to have web access on my phone when I work from home. I got another phone with a touch screen though, so I still have bit of an addiction with that. Enjoy Cathy!
    ps – you should totally join Facebook – great tool for a blogger!

  36. Julie 36

    That’s so cool! I wish I had one. Maybe when they are obsolete and the next big thing comes along…then I can get one. Does this mean you won’t be cooking anymore? Hope not!

  37. Bren 37

    i have friend that used to sleep with hers and i just did not get it! that was like 4 years ago. i finally got one earlier this year and now i see!! OMG it’s bad i tell you. what i had to do was turn off all email notifications so that i wouldn’t be tempted to approve comments at 3:15 am!! LOL! welcome to the world of non-food addictions.

    Hope you had a great Christmas.

  38. Mrs. L 38

    Another Apple Crack person here. Own no Mac stuff but the iPhone and WHOA is it the coolest thing. Seriously, I have this site as an icon on my phone…easy to get to to read Noble Pig while in line at the grocery store :)

  39. I am with you on the crack-train! I feel like a darned meth addict playing on the blackberry sometimes checking for the latest info. I am enjoying the ride, honestly. ;)

  40. tipper 40

    No-but I’d like to be!! Wish I had one too!

  41. I’m jonesing for a new phone, but can’t decide which one I want. I was thinking of the iPhone, but that’s not really my gig. Maybe the Curve, because it’s nice and affordable right now…but also, just so…so…COMMON!! I don’t know, but my lil ol’ flip phone from 04 has seen better days.

  42. phillygirl64 42

    I got my CrackBerry for a penny in a deal from Amazon…my bill didn’t go up too much, and my employer provides a discount

    I have a Curve, but no sooner did I get it than they started ads for the newer ones…Grrrrrr

  43. imom 43

    I’m not on crack… yet. I need a new phone, but am dreading the whole process.

  44. Shirley 44

    I hope your kids don’t lose you to the CrackBerry, Cathy. ;-) (Seriously, I’ve worked with some real addicts.)

    I am old school myself … have the cell phone, but it doesn’t even have a camera due to my job restrictions. I can’t say for sure I won’t go ultra high tech one day, but it seems unlikely.

    I do like the way your blog looks on your CrackBerry though. :-)

  45. pam 45

    I have been wanting a Blackberry for ages. My phone contract doesn’t expire until March!

  46. I have a cell phone but it doesn’t do most of those things. I think it’s in a drawer somewhere. From the sound of it this is just right for you.

  47. Marjie 47

    I sometimes run up as much as 9 minutes on my cell phone bill. I’m not even kidding!

  48. Ruthanne (in Seattle) 48

    I sooooo get the Blackberry thing. It’s a good thing I don’t have one, but I do have a facebook page and that’s bad enough.

  49. Karly 49

    Haven’t been around here lately! Sorry about that!

    I don’t have a Crackberry, but I have the LG Dare and I play Tetris and Sudoku on it allllll day long. I love that thing. :)

  50. No, my cell is 3 years old and getting older by the minute. But the plan is so cheap I can’t justify the extra expense. Like you, I’ve avoided MySpace and FaceBook, don’t Twitter or text. I’ve only got so much time and so far none of the above have rated any of it. I’d rather be writing, cooking or telling stories.

  51. I’m not on the crack yet, but I’m shopping around.

    It is time to upgrade to mobile email, but I am trying to decide between blackberry and one of the other devices.

    Congrats Cathy! Enjoy your new toy!

  52. I’m sticking with my plain, no frills, no camera, no games candybar phone.

    With a pink cover. :)

  53. Kristin 53

    I just got a blackberry. My husband wanted one and I knew if he had one, I’d be wanting one – so we just got two!

    One of the first places I found was http://www.crackberry.com and I downloaded some free ringtones. My husband is always calling with some sad take about something – so I made his ringtone special… “Man of Constant Sorrow” from the movie O’ Brother Where Art Thou. It makes me laugh every time I hear it, so I’m in a good mood when I answer.

    I find that I will spend more time outside of the house now because I know I won’t be totally away from the computer. I can spend all day shopping, working, vacationing, whatever I want and still be able to answer an email in a reasonable period of time. It’s totally worth the extra expense.

  54. Biz 54

    Ha! I was just about to say “watch out for your bill!” My step-son has a similar phone. In order for him to use the phone UNLIMITED is about $210 a month! But at least I know what the bill will be!

    (that’s unlimited internet, about 4000 text messages IN 30 DAYS and about 3500 minutes talking on the phone – crazy!)

    Looks like fun though!

  55. sharon 55

    Blog stalking via Blackberry? Now that would render me totally unproductive. I have an older Blackberry that’s pretty slow on the internet. Enjoy the crack!

  56. sassy 56

    No crack habit here, we don`t even have a regular cell phone. I get so many calls during a day here at home that when i am out and about, i want to be alone. So, we have resisted.

  57. KathyB. 57

    It is funny that the phone, so much more than a phone, is becoming such an integral part of life we cannot imagine never having had one!

  58. I’m addicted to my iPhone. Is there a support group for this?

  59. Kayola 59

    How fun is that? I need a new phone so bad…my hubby and kids at least tell me this…mine is pretty much crap…yours sounds like a lot of fun…I love that it does all that…crack is probably the right word…with GPS you could come to Arizona and show me how to cook like you. Enjoy it…it sounds awesome!

  60. Marlene 60

    Obama is going through nasty withdrawals since they took his away from him…they are very addicting. Google texting terms, just so you can be cool and hip.

    Love you so…


  61. NO! I am trying to decide on a phone to upgrade to, but we cannot afford the data plan right now, so getting cracky is only a distant dream. I’m looking at a cute little Sony Ericson Walkman phone though!

  62. Liz C. 62

    My daughter has been on crack(berry) for several years now. It’s still all Greek to me…

  63. tamilyn 63

    My brother upgraded to a Blackberry in October and loves it. He can’t do personal email or personal business on his work computer, so at lunch he is able to catch up with his emails and such. We do a family plan with unlimited texting as that is how we stay connected. I fear I would never get off my phone if I had all those fancy options. Looks pretty and shiny-I’ll just covet it here in Minnesota (where it is freaking cold and uber windy today)

  64. Shawna 64

    I completely agree with you! I HATE the phone and avoid it like the plague, but got a Blackberry and have been hooked ever since. Although, I rarely talk on it…but I love having internet and email wherever I go. Crackberry indeed.

  65. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pretty! I want one!
    you are right Facebook is very addictive it just sucks you in. But I still love it! :)

  66. Sandra 66

    Crackberry…how FUNNY! We live in a rural area and have NO cell phone reception. If we didn’t have XM radio and Dish television, we’d never see television or hear a radio. We’ve traded ‘mod cons’ for peace, quiet and the romance of a night sky seen clearly. And, most importantly of all, silence…the ultimate white noise.

  67. Sandie 67

    Apple crack here, in the form of an iPhone. Love it, though not terribly addicted, and am trying to control heart palpitations each time I receive monthly bill. That said, I’d never go back! Blogging on the road baby, blogging on the road!

  68. Jamie 68

    I almost got a Blackberry when I renewed my contract but I decided against it. I do really like my new phone though…Blogging on the road is soooo much fun!

  69. I just got a Storm a few days ago. I was dying to get one and when our plan was up, we made the move. Trouble is, I can’t figure out how to use half the things on it! Making a phone call requires a computer science degree! Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it soon. It sure is pretty, though. ;)

  70. Alanna 70

    Hello, my name is Alanna, and I am a Crackberry addict. And I’m proud to say that I got my husband addicted as well. :) I love that thing!!! I have the Blackberry Pearl, and he has the Curve.


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