If You Were a Considerate Person…

…you would not get on a crowded airplane with tuna-onion salad and sulfury-egg salad sandwiches. 

Who does that?  Who brings stinky food on a airplane where we are all breathing the same air?  Ham and cheese would have been a better thought.

The lack of consideration should have been apparent when you got on the plane with your four carry-ons (not sure how this was even allowed).  You stuffed the overhead bins, while those coming after you had nowhere to stow their bags, resulting in having to check them in. 

You also over-stuffed the small area in front of your seat causing your feet to overflow into my own small, available space.  I won’t mention that every 10 minutes you were bending down to retrieve something from those bags and resting your elbow on my knee.  My personal space felt violated but of course you didn’t notice.

Even though at the time you didn’t notice my disdain, I hope you are reading this now. 

However, I don’t think you would even recognize your own bad behavior.

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  1. Deeba 1

    Reading your rants a song came to my mind Cathy …”No I don’t believe in IF anymore, IF’s an illusion…”..
    I don’t think the person will ever get to know, & I guess it takes all sorts to make this world! I’m sorry about the stinky sandwich, 4 bags & painful flight! *SIGH*…DWBH!!! xoxoxo

  2. Harry 2

    You have obviously never shared a small space with a durian (far-east fruit) which tastes divine but smells like cat-poo. People who take it on planes are also the type to invade your space.

  3. HoneyB 3

    Yeah. I look forward to my vacation, but I really don’t look forward to the travel. So many people out there don’t think of anyone but themselves.

  4. Ha HA HA! I’m so sorry I hate that! You tell it so funny though.
    Think about the poor man who sat by me on Tuesday when I told the flight person for extra barf bags!!! I can still see the look on his face. It was priceless! (I didn’t get sick)

  5. Hey Cathy,
    That WAS your potato soup in a jar with my son’s teacher gifts. I saw your post the day before school ended, ran and got the stuff to make it and did jars of the soup for gits. I got bowls to give them also and filled those with candy. And made some cranberry (Oceanspray) bread. Does the soup taste good? I didn’t make some and try it, but I hope it doesn’t taste like “fake” mashed potatoes. Even if it does, the teachers will never tell me, so it was a fun, quick project.
    Thanks for the idea! They were just going to get the little loaf of bread. (4 different teachers.)
    Have a good one. Oh, and I haven’t read your whole post yet, just the first few lines (gotta go get the treadmill done before kiddos awake), but YES, I think it’s SO rude when people bring food on a plane that I don’t like the smell of–and my number one food that I don’t like is onions!!! Okay, gotta run–literally! ;)

  6. Julie 6

    Ugh..I hope it wasn’t a long flight. On my flight home last week the man next to me chose to use my right hip as his arm rest.
    I made your Italian cookies, they were great!

  7. Laura 7

    I’m a teacher and I would love the gesture of someone making a soup mix for me.
    I am sure the teachers of your children love it too.

  8. People are such idiots. Ewwww.

  9. Laura 9

    I would have to close my eyes and seek an out of body experience. I would have a very hard time dealing with that.
    You hate flying anyway right? So, this must have just seal the deal with your hatred of airplanes. Sorry you had to deal with (SMELL) that.

  10. Barbie with a T 10

    That is one of the reasons I refuse to fly anymore. I will never fly again unless absolutely necessary. Was it a full flight? If there was an empty seat, I think I would have asked to change my seat. Or else fly first class where there is more room and hopefully more considerate people. I bet you were the first one off that flight! How did you manage that? lol

  11. Oh my goodness! I have to tell you about this so we can commiserate and I can unburden myself a little. On our way to San Diego, I kept catching a whiff of a very strong odor. It was one of those smells you want to reassure yourself by sniffing again to identify, yet you dare not because it could very well be that someone near you has very bad gas, but it could also just be something they’re heating for lunch up in the front of the cabin. It was nauseating. Each time dh (sitting next to me) and I would roll our eyes and groan inwardly. I felt I might need to use the goody bag in my seat pocket. When we were finally off the plane, one of the kids mentioned the guy who was loudly snoring next to them. (I was relieved because that guy had been in front of me. Each time I dozed off was the only time he started snoring, and I was afraid I was the one who had started snoring and was waking myself up with it.) That opened up the discussion for the nauseating smell. One of the other kids had thought someone was farting. Dh, who apparently had a better view from his aisle seat said the smell only came about when someone opened a bag they were carrying. He thought it looked like beef jerky. I wanted to throw up all over again. And I wanted to hit dh for not telling me sooner. I mean, my gosh! I had even joked with him earlier by making a Bones reference and asking if he thought that smell was roast pork. (Passenger on an overseas flight got shoved in an oven and cooked in that episode.) I’m feeling a little queasy just telling this story, but I had to spread the joy and share it with you.

  12. I remember one flight where a lady got on with like 6 pieces of luggage. The flight attendant stopped her and said they’d have everything checked because while they’ll look away at 2-3 pieces, 6 was over the top. Everyone around me was doing a silent (or not so silent) cheer for the gutsy flight attendent! It was a joy to see!
    Don’t get me started on smells. My lungs have become so sensetive that it’s almost impossible to take them anywhere! That said, I agree that the plane is the place to tone the smelly food down (although I love egg salad)!

  13. You know, I’ve always thought that flight attendants should include a brief list of behavioral rules in their pre-flight intro: “Make sure your seat belts are securely fastened before take-off, and do not under any circumstances allow your elbows, knees, or saddlebags to extend beyond the arm rest during the flight.”

    Wouldn’t we all benefit from it?

  14. After years of traveling without kids, I’ve seen really bad travelers that could care that there are others around. Until a family comes on board. I feel better when I travel with my kids because I’ve become hyper aware of invading space. Granted when we travel it’s usually 3 seats together and 1 separate (guess who gets that seat?). But for the 4 of us, I bring 1 backpack and 1 car seat. The rest for a week fits into 2 checked bags. Yes I bring snacks on the plane, but they are usually non offending Goldfish or Teddy Grahams. I also have made certain that my 6 year old has 3 coloring books with crayons and the 2 year old has a couple of quite toys to play with. I love my kids making those adult travelers look bad.

  15. Laura 15

    I did not know they let my mother out of the nursing home to fly…. wonder what she was doing way out there… because IF she were out and about that so would be HER!

  16. I think I flew next to that person last month.

  17. Trisha 17

    Uh-oh! Sounds like a bad flight to me! An elbow on our knee and the person didn’t notice? How rude!

  18. Egghead 18

    Oh my daughter just flew home a few days ago from Chicago. The man next to her was yammering away to his seat mate and hit her arm as she was taking a drink of her cranberry juice. The juice went flying all over her and her seat. He just looked at her and said “Did I do that?”. She said yes and he just went on talking to his seat mate without even saying I’m sorry. She had a sticky mess to try to clean up and he was oblivious even to her answer. Some people are amazing.

  19. ELRA 19

    LOL (I am sorry I should laugh)!
    Are you in a bad mood dear?
    I never had that experience, yet. But, I can imagine how unpleasant it must be in the situation like that. I see a lot of ignorant people in a different situation and different place.
    Have a cheerful holiday, Cathy!

  20. oh, darling!!! i’m so sorry that my food offended your sensitive nostrils. i hope you will forgive me. next time i’ll come aboard with CHINESE food.

    (seriously, someone once sat next to me with some very odorous chinese food…and i am a champion at getting sick on planes without offensive smells. i paid the person back by becoming violently ill into the cute little barf bag about an hour into the flight. hahhahah)

  21. Alisa 21

    I hate rude people. Like the ones who come in after you’ve gotten all settled into your seat and steal your armrest so they can have 2. Why are people so rude?

  22. Flea 22

    I hope it was a short flight. Rude and evil people get away with so much because they either have no sense of shame, or just don’t care about other people. Grr.

  23. I HATE people like that.

    We were on a flight from LA to Boston once and this huge group of people brought Indian food on. It smelled so bad that the ENTIRE coach cabin (and this was a plane with 7 seats al the way across) reeked of it. It was horrendous. And it was obvious they either didn’t notice, or more likely, didn’t care.

  24. I don’t fly that often, so I didn’t even know you were allowed to bring food on anymore. But, since it takes for freakin’ ever to get onto planes now, eating it in the lobby would make the most sense.
    I do hate rude people. I’ve helped my aunt at her restaurant off and on for about ten years. Since I started having kids, it is basically when she needs extra help and gives me enough time to get a sitter. Anyways, by far and large, most her customers are people I would adopt into my own family if I could. But, every now and again, we get a total asshole who doesn’t care that his or her behavior is effecting the entire store.
    Sorry you had to deal with this.

  25. Laura 25

    Ugh… so sorry you had to endure that!

  26. Probably the ONLY reason I shed a tear over the demise of the airline meal — all cellophane-wrapped and tasteless (hence odorless, as well). I’m actually quite shocked that such boorish behavior exists. (Can you tell I don’t get out much? . . . BY CHOICE!!)

    I hope you survived and are breathing fresh air and entertaining pinot-noir dreams on your sweet spot of eden. I dream of walking the vineyards with you and sipping the fruit of your labors. One day . . . I hope. : D BUT . . . I promise not to bring my daughter’s scruptious deviled egg recipe — no mustard, substitute ginger (she looked for yellow powder and forgot to check label). Her oopsie produced our favorite nibble. Give it a try if you like ginger — YUM!

  27. Amber 27

    See, this is why I want to be filthy stinking rich. So I can fly on my own private jet, not plane, jet! And never have to shop at WalMart or Ross again where everything is on the floor and the customers are absolute rude morons. Think of the ease and simplicity flying this way. Of course a pretty cute pilot would be great too.

  28. Flying actually used to be glamorous in the old days. Now it’s as bad as riding the bus. Maybe worse.

  29. Cathy,
    Unfortunately, people who are inconsiderate rarely recognize their own behavior, let alone choose to change. They’d rather justify it or go on the offensive…

    There are so many examples of selfishness like that…
    Your fence neighbor might be one.

  30. Oh gross! Remember the good ol’ day of air travel? I miss those! The thought of the egg smell in such close quarters is barf-worthy!

  31. Suzette 31

    Oh, lordy! I do feel your pain. In my former life, I flew quite a bit, and I became quite sensitive to the flying manners of others. Don’t even get me started! I’ve never sat next to a stinky sandwich, but I did sit next to a lady who filed her incredibly long fake fingernails the entire trip. You could see the bits of acrylic literally hanging in the air in front of our faces the whole time. I just knew I was going to contract some fatal lung disease.

    And, yeah…four carry-ons is a hanging offense.

  32. Melynda 32

    Have you noticed that there seems to be “one” everywhere now! Is it just me, or are we getting over crowded?

    Maybe it is time to add manners 101 to all school requirements, starting with elementary school and working up.

  33. KathyB. 33

    My Hubby just got back from a trip where the guy next to him on the plane coughed and sniffled the whole way, but he didn’t stink. How about sitting at the Mariner’s game surrounded by men eating mass quantities of garlic fries and drinking beer….garlic fries taste great…but the smell is nauseating, especially the quantities consumed there.

  34. Louise 34

    Sure hope the flight ended with well deserved news that your neighbor understood the error in his ways with the fence and had the whole thing rectified at his own expense while you were away. (This is this time for miracles, right?!)

  35. Chou 35

    Have you heard about the research going into developing kimchi in a tube for the Korean astronaut at the space station so he can have a little bit of home without driving his western counterparts sensory receptors into overdrive? It’s a nice reminder that what is stinky to some means home to others. Next up? Egg salad in a tube? (My question for them: aren’t you worried about food safety in between transit time to the airport, through security etc.?)

  36. Chou 36

    I got that wrong . . . so SHE could have a little taste of home. :)

  37. Raina 37

    Cathy you are a much nicer person than I, I can tell you that situation with me would have lasted 2.5 seconds and one of us would be in different seats…That is so so rude, some people think they stand still and the world revolves around them, so very sad. God Bless 1st class!!

  38. So where did you go? I usually get squished by fat people. stinky sandwiches is really a passive aggressive person. Your right they ain’t thinkin.
    Or they stuck in stinkin thinkin.
    Are you going to show us what your christmas tree looks like? We had tons of Halloween picchas how bout christmas? Did you decorate is it beautiful? I wanna see some photos dear.

  39. Marjie 39

    No one who takes 4 carry on bags for one person thinks they’re inconsiderate. They think you’re unreasonable. And that, Cathy, is why I’ll never fly again.

  40. Bob 40

    Ugh, I feel for you girl. I don’t travel much myself and that is most of the reason why right there.

  41. Lisa 41

    One time, on a plane from Vancouver to Tokyo, someone was eating something that looked and smelled like fish jerky in the row in front of me. It was absolutely nauseating in such close quarters. I feel for you!

  42. Lori 42

    I totally feel for you…it seems that every time I travel, people get more and more inconsiderate!

  43. tipper 43

    People are amazing-either clueless-or totally uncaring of others comfort zone!

  44. For sure it wasn’t me. I haven’t flown in years. Some people are so into themselves they just never notice the problems they cause others.

  45. Liz C. 45

    I always get the worst seat mates & Mr. Snoots always sits by the window. Uh-Huh. In all my years of flying, I have seen the worst of the worst… even smelling stinky tuna salad. Blech! I’ve learned to be just as obnoxious & uncaring as they. Last time I was next to a jerk that kept invading my space, I *accidentally* spilled my Bloody Mary on him. He looked at me like WTF? I just ignored him & ordered another one. It was sooo worth it! I know. I. Am. Evil.

  46. My dad elbows the kids that run up and down the aisles and sends them ping-ponging between the seats.

  47. Leslie 47

    BTW” I am glad the kiddos liked the Ice cream cone christmas trees!

  48. I hope they brought a toothbrush with them. Yikes.

  49. Thanks for the mention Cathy! Can entries please be 500 pixels wide? Any height is fine.

    Thanks a million! Christie x

  50. Melissa 50

    Very inconsiderate indeed!

    I’ve been nice enough to stop bringing my beloved egg salad to work. Not just for my coworkers’ sake, but for mine, since if they didn’t know that’s what I ate for lunch, it basically smelled like farts all day around my desk. And then who knows what they thought was going on in my little space? Heh.

  51. giz 51

    Eeehttp://www…now that’s just nasty. I admit, I’m surprised you didn’t say something or at least smack the stink sandwich out of his hand.

  52. Yeah, that’s pretty darn bad. People are so ignorant…:)

  53. Whew! I haven’t been on a plane in a year and I’m pretty sure at this point I would’ve recognized you and breathed my tuna on you while gushing about your fabulous recipes, cool crown on your tree and how I think you rawk for celebrating both holidays. :-) Sorry I’m late, but I’ve been reading your posts I somehow fell terribly behind on. Happy both Holidays to you and your family!!


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