Going Coastal

We spent some time at the Oregon Coast earlier this week, Lincoln City to be exact.  This is the closest coastal town to where we will be living.

It was a beautiful day….

So I started photographing birds.

Nothing too exciting…except I swear the one on the right is planning something devious.

I don’t ever remember crows at the beach.

You know these two are smart-alecs.

Wing-span does matter.

Ummm, nice pedicure…

Happy Friday. 

I’m tired and sick, there was a coughing-hacker behind me on the plane…I knew this would happen.

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  1. Lori 1

    Nice shoreline pics…I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day on the coast with us. Hope the cold passes quickly!!!!

  3. You are at my all time favorite place to be besides here at my place . The OREGON COAST ! I LOVE Lincoln City. Hope you’re feeling better soon. And by the way, I don’t remember seeing crows on the beach either…wonder what they know?

  4. Kate 4

    Oh, these are great, Cathy!! I love your shorebird photos. But the one of the family is my fav. Hope you feel better soon. There’s always someone coughing on the plane, isn’t there? And that recycled air does nothing to help with the spread of germs. Ick.

  5. Julie 5

    Those pics are so pretty! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  6. I miss the Pacific coast beaches so much. The beaches near here are on the Gulf of Mexico and if they weren’t still recovering from Ike, they don’t have the same kind of waves. It’s like sitting on a lake beach. Sigh.

  7. Shirley 7

    Those are great shots! I’ve never seen crows at the beach either. Smart alecks, indeed. LOL I love all the birds at the beach.

    So many folks come home sick after plane trips. I swear by the apple cider vinegar remedies. I had some terrible sinus stuff going on earlier this week and started slurping an ACV/honey concoction followed by a glass of water. (1/4 cup ACV, 3/4 cup honey … then take 2 tbsp of the mix at a time)

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    Bad thing about boarding an airplane. You are stuck and have to breathe other people’s air for as long as you are on there. The only thing worse, is sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office for one problem and contracting another illness from the other patient’s who are waiting. One of my pet peeves. I usually do a saline nasal wash and salt water gargle, washing of my hands, as soon as possible after removing myself from this kind of atmosphere. And that does not work all the time, as you well know. Good luck. Hopefully it won’t linger too long. Those pictures were very pretty. Very different from our Galveston beach, especially now since Ike. Looks like our birds all went to the West Coast!

  9. HoneyB 9

    Beautiful pictures of the coast and a great one of you and the hooligans! Better watch out for that bird ;)

  10. Katrina 10

    Awesome pictures! Great commentary. Love the pedicure one!
    Sorry you’re sick. I had it already a few weeks ago and my husband (who never gets sick) has it now). How annoying!

  11. tipper 11

    Love the pics! feel better soon.

  12. I wanna go to the shore!

    Hope ya feel better soon!

  13. Fun shots. Feel better. Yuck.

  14. Becky 14

    Beautiful pictures, Cathy. I can’t tell you which is my favorite, I love them all!
    What kind of camera do you use?

  15. Rachel 15

    Oh no! Poor Cathy. Feel better soon.
    The pictures are beautiful, especially the last one.

  16. Becky 16

    I forgot to say…

  17. I’m so sorry you’re sick… I hope the illness moves on soon and leaves you in peace. Your little one looks nippy in that last picture. Hope he’s not getting sick.
    Congratulations on your tree decision. I’ll probably join you in a few years!

  18. Suzette 18

    How I love the Oregon coast. Thanks for the glimpses into why. Sorry you’re sick. Something is making the rounds here, too…I’m just waiting for the inevitable. :)

  19. Beautiful pictures! Feel better soon! Dang hackers…

  20. Great photos!

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t feel well. There’s always one person on flights who coughs the entire time…annoying!

  21. Marjie 21

    Zicam and cold=eeze. I swear they work. I also take vitamin c and zinc and I seem to avoid most colds. Hope you feel better soon.

    Nice seashore pictures, although it must have been cold!

  22. That first shot takes your breath away (especially, if you’re short of breath from hacking – feel better soon). I love beaches and have been lucky enough to have family who can afford beach houses that they allow me to share:)

  23. SnugBug 23

    Get well soon!!!!

  24. Trisha 24

    Such lovely photos with you feeling so sick! Take my advice – hit the bed and hide there for a day. It makes the world of difference! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  25. jancd 25

    Beautiful pictures! We are planning a trip up there in May. Can’t wait. Jan

  26. shonda 26

    Fingers crossed you aren’t sick for the holidays.

  27. Cheryl 27

    Stunningly beautiful photos and some VERY insouciant birds! (I like the looks of the company you’ll be keeping.)

    Hoping you recuperate soon…air travel should come with a coupon for Thera-flu (or wine) afterward.

    Feel better!

  28. melly 28

    what is that broad expanse of blue in the photos? not the ocean, but above? i seem to remember something of that sort here in indiana but it’s been so long.
    -sigh- i miss blue skies.
    great pictures. hope you feel better soon.

  29. Cathy,
    What exquisite pictures !!! A turly gorgeous place…

    Sorry to hear about the cold… Take 2,000 – 3,000 mg. of time release Vitamin C a day… A warm brandy or cognanc, and a good sleep…

    Hope you are feeling better soon !

    Loving Annie

  30. Teri 30

    The first picture reminds me of a soap opera beginning my mom used to watch when I was little… Days of our lives or something??? It’s so perfect!

    As usual… perfect pictures, not even being sick stops you! Okay, I’ve GOT to get my camera out and see if I can do this! I’ve tried but they just don’t seem to get the same intensity!

    Feel better!

  31. krysta 31

    you had blue skies instead of valley fog?! so it ain’t so…

    feel better.

  32. Beautiful pictures. Hope you feel better soon!

  33. Greg 33

    So beautiful, and so blue! But it must have been freezing. Did you touch the water?

  34. I always get sick on the airplane. I don’t think a pilot can take off without a hacking cougher on board.

    Wow, Oregon is beautiful. That water looks frigid!

  35. Great pics!

    Feel well & have a GREAT weekend!

  36. ELRA 36

    Breathtaking photographs, Cathy! My husband always love the ocean, so this beach will be our destination when we visit Oregon. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh dear, where is the Wild Boar? Was he the one who take the photo of you and the kids? I love to see the three of you in the photo, you look very pretty, and the kids.. oh they so cute!

  37. Alisa 37

    Those last three birds are pretty cute.
    Feel better soon.

  38. misty 38

    i love the oregon coast… Washington coast too, actually. the northwest coast line is truthfully, my haven…

  39. You take beautiful pics! I love the birds shots–and of coure tha boys look great too.

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  40. Liz C. 40

    You and the Hooligans are just too photogenic for words! The pictures just say so much…

  41. Laura 41

    my kids are 20 and 17 they believe or else santa would not come… (of course they know the truth) but sheesh its fun to get things from santa…keep the DREAM alive in your boys forever!!!
    BEAUTIFUL photos Love the waves and the birds and the comentary helps LOL
    Hope you feel better soon!

  42. Biz 42

    Beautiful pictures! Cute boys too!

  43. Beautiful images, Cathy! Hope you feel better. I’m ailing a little myself this week… nothing serious, just a little lower back muscle spasm.

  44. Mary 44

    Cathy, these are some of the best shots of the Oregon coast that I’ve seen. Hope you feel better soon.

  45. Mrs. L 45

    We will be heading from Portland to Tillamook down through Coos Bay on our road trip next year so we’ll go right by Lincoln City…I’ll look for your birds :)

  46. Airplanes are such dirty places. I hope you feel better soon!

  47. dlyn 47

    Hope you feel better soon – love the birdies!

  48. vanessa 48

    Pretty pictures. While I love the birds, I’m very into that first picture – the blue is amazing. Hope you feel better!

  49. heather 49

    what great pictures, i love the waves.

  50. Egghead 50

    Kathy those photos are beautiful. What great captures of the birds. Feel better.

  51. melissa 51

    Spectacular pictures. Especially the one of you and the boys!

  52. Loved the pictures. The seagull looked like the little one we have on our layout. Your lucky you have a Doctor to take care of you.

  53. Pam 53

    I love living in Oregon for many reasons but the coast is top of the list. We usually go to Cannon Beach but we love Lincoln City too. What a beautiful day!

  54. Why are you moving to Oregon? What town will you be living in? I love living here it is so great to have such a beautiful beach only about an hour and half away.

  55. Bunny 55

    Your pictures are beautiful, I love the one of the ocean! Hope you feel better soon, the crud is going around here big time.

  56. Marie 56

    I lived in Oregon for 2 years once and I just love the coast! We stayed in Lincoln City several times and go back there on vacation. “D”Sands is where we stayed right on the ocean, and then drove up to Cannon Beach. Breathtaking!!!

  57. Nice bird photos! Hope you had a good mini-vacation!

  58. What a beautiful (and beautifully-photographed) getaway!

  59. grace 59

    ha–your youngest is straining quite a bit in that pic. it tickles me. :)
    meanwhile, sorry you had to endure a noisy neighbor on the plane–that’s the worst. get well soon!

  60. Laura 60

    What a great day at the beach.
    That last one would have been a great holiday shot if everyone had been there.
    Wonderful pics.

  61. Louise 61

    Great pictures! Somehow, the California coast gets all of the glory, while Oregon does offer such dramatic scenes also. Lucky you to enjoy ’em both!

  62. Emily 62

    What kind of camera do you have?!?! Photos are beautiful! Grew up going to the Oregon Coast and now live in WA. Miss having that treasure so close by. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Really do wonder what type of camera you use. Always admire your foodie photos also. Thanks :0) Emily

  63. Bren 63

    Cathy, beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  64. M Ayers 64

    Love the pics. We are moving to Oregon in 2 weeks and your pictures are making me more excited than anxious.

    God I can’t wait to see water!!


  65. Familia 65

    such a beautiful day! i love the beach in the winter. and a lovely photo of the three of you!

  66. Thank you for sharing those refreshing pictures. I am sadly in need of a Pacific Ocean fix (moving so far from the coast was the ONLY negative about our Sierra move). I have ocean sound conditioning in my room and I just bought two new books about oceanside living, add in a cup of hot tea and a soundtrack of soothing music — Voila instant vacation. But wait . . . no salty tang to breathe in and exhale with such cleansing joy. Bummer! I wonder if I spritze a bit of salted water into a fan . . . nah, sounds dangerous. I think its best to enjoy your pics and plan a trip to the beach REAL SOON!!!! : D

  67. eliza 67

    what a nice day!
    we’re at the beach, Seaside, on Thanksgiving break, it’s alright, not as sunny as you had there.

  68. Melissa 68

    The coast up there… your pictures are so beautiful I could cry.

    I just really miss it up north (Monterey, not Oregon, but still… very blue).

  69. I am really enjoying this content here


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