Electricity or Fire?

Does anyone use an electric stove by choice? 

You know, the stove with the coils as burners.  The coils that without a doubt get all wonky, causing your pans to tilt to the side and the food to shift to one side of the pan.

If you do, why do you like it?

I mean, I know you can get used to anything but WHY would you prefer it over a gas range?

We have this apartment in Oregon (I call it the command center) we use while vineyard development is taking place and it’s nice but like most apartments…IT HAS AN ELECTRIC STOVE.

I hate it.  It’s not like I cook there often but when I am there for an extended period I cook a lot of meals on that ridiculous piece of equipment.  Yes, I cuss that range out.

I even cooked Thanksgiving dinner there.  I felt like I was appearing on the Food Network show, Dinner Impossible.  It was a challenge to say the least.

For boiling water, an electric stove is truly the greatest.  It’s so fast.  I’ll give it that.  But everything else….pshaw!

It’s impossible to immediately change the temperature.  If you start out too hot, everything burns because you can’t turn the temperature down fast enough.  When you start out too cold, it takes forever to get anything going.  I feel like every burner needs its own heat management staff.

I have no warm fuzzies for the electric stove.  I think it blows.

So does anyone really embrace using one?  Has anyone ever replaced their gas range with an electric stove? Gasp.

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  1. Betty 1

    For all the reasons you describe your dislike of an electric stove,,I dislike the gas stoves. Yes I’ve tried to use gas stoves & they just don’t work for me.I’ve been burned, have nearly destroyed meals & the house with them. Must be some secret to using them.Gas stoves nearly ended any cooking career I may have had. Sorry but I really don’t like gas stoves.

  2. HoneyB 2

    Nope, no electric stove for me. I can’t stand them! I have cooked on gas stoves and baked in gas ovens most of my adult life. Mom had an electric stove while we were growing up and I hated it. You could not regulate it. She uses gas now too!

  3. Shane 3

    Here in Afrique du Sud piped gas disappeared in the 50’s (I stand corrected) because we had the cheapest electricity supply pretty much anywhere and so gas appliances became the reserve of camping trips.
    In the last few years increasing pressure has come on utilities because of a growing middle class and demands from industry. Incentives were offered by the major utility – Eskom – to switch to gas. I have never looked back. We still have a hybrid stove with a gas range and electric oven. But gas is so quick and controllable.

  4. nina 4

    I use gas and love it, but I did have an old gas oven explode in front of me…..3 day old baby in the arms! I survived to tell the tale, but after that my mom in law swore never to have it.If she had any say in my kitchen, she would not allow me either!

  5. I wish we could have a gas stove. Can’t get it here, unless we want propane, which means a big propane tank under the kitchen window, which means a whole lot of expense and trouble plus an eyesore on the side of the house….but I know I would NOT go from a gas stove to electric.

  6. Philly 6

    No gas lines on my street. I have been using electric for years, do not know any better.

  7. Tacky 7

    I grew up with electric and still have electric. One of my conditions to marry my husband,he had to take out the gas stove and install an electric.
    When the heat is too hot, just take off the burner for a few minutes

  8. When I moved into my house 21 years ago the first thing I did was get rid of the electric stove. I hated that thing. I would never, ever, ever go electric. Gas is the only way to cook for me.

  9. Kate 9

    Don’t even get me started on stoves. At present, we are living in this historic home as caretakers. We are using the range that was originally in the kitchen when they redesigned it in 1968 when it was state of the art. 3 burners work, but you have to use special cookware for it which I can’t find. I’m getting by, though, with some corelle bakeware and some calphalon pieces. Someday it will be ok, but for now it’s a trade-off because just being able to live here is a miracle in itself.

  10. Laura 10

    We bought a new stove a few months ago and my husband really wanted us to go electric.
    I was adamantlly against it.
    Since I am the “cook”…using the term loosely- I won.
    Gotta love a flame.

  11. ER's mom 11

    I loathe electric stoves…was so happy to leave apartment land and get gas!

  12. Leslie 12

    I totally agree! I am a GAS girl!!!

  13. Barbie with a T 13

    Well, yes, I have replaced my range to electric smooth top, after having a gas range. We also had a gas water heater in the house, and we changed that to electric also. He could not sleep well at night, knowing that the gas hot water heater was in the attic. My husband retired from Dupont as plant manager, and due to the strict safety management rules, he has become really afraid of using gas for anything, or having any gas lines around the house. We even have an electric fireplace. Yeah, I know it is so bogus, but we could not stand living without a fireplace. I am used to cooking on the electric stove, and as far as cleanup, it is a snap, with the smooth top. We have a Jenn Air grill on the electric stove, but I do prefer cooking meat outside on charcoal, or else using the propane bottle on the burner outside and cooking blackened fish on occasions. We had a smoked turkey this Thanksgiving, in fact, and it was delicious. We have access to a lot of oak wood and pecan wood, and it is absolutely great for smoking meat. I know where you are coming from, though, and I do agree that cooking on gas burner is a lot easier to control and if it were not for my husband’s desire to change, I would probably still have the gas range…but I have learned to love the smooth top electric better than the gas burner type range. But you are RIGHT and every professional chef in the world would agree with you. P.S. I live in an area where gas is not availble, so we would have to have one of those huge propane tanks in the yard…that is not a pretty sight, and after the hurricane, those big old tanks were floating all over the place! Now they are lying around in trash piles, rusting away, and to me that is a very big danger.

  14. Shirley 14

    No gas here, but if I had a choice, I’d probably do electric anyway. It’s the whole safety concern and in the summer time when it’s scorching here, I don’t want any added heat anywhere, including that pilot “light.” (Who knows … maybe there are no more pilot lights. Maybe gas stoves have changed.) I don’t even want to cook at all in the summer … gas or electric. That’s why I love winter … cooking is not only wonderful food, but bonus heat! ;-)

  15. Katie 15

    I hate my electric range but apparently they cant run a gas line to my kitchen. Next time I will ask this before I buy the house.

  16. I have electric – I have no choice – I HAD gas – I HATE ELECTRIC

  17. In a perfect world, I would have a dual range–electric oven, gas top. Although, after going through a couple of carbon monoxide leaks at our old house because of our gas top range, it is kind of reassuring to have our smooth-top range now. I’d still trade it if I could though.

  18. I’ve used electric and gas and I’m a gas stove girl all the way. Electric burners heat unevenly and like you said, they tilt your pans and are a general pain in the rump. I’ll never use anything but gas.

  19. Molly 19

    All of my apartments had those horrible electric stoves with the coil burners. I like to have a steak and I could never get the electric stove hot enough to get a good sear on my steaks. They always sturned out grey and disgusting. Now that we have a gas stove, I can make steaks during the winter that taste almost as good as the ones cooked on the outdoor grill during the summer.

  20. In some places I’ve rented, there were electric stoves – HATE THEM!!! Now we have gas. My parents have an AGA stove. This thing is amazing for warming up the kitchen and all surrounding rooms because it’s going all the time. Cooking in it is something completely different. If it’s a slow cooking dish, like pot roast, it’s perfect. For any kind of timed, regulated dish, it’s the worst. There are no dials so you can’t change the temperature of the ovens. Different levels in the chambers are different temperatures. Trying to make cookies with it is enough to pull your hair out!

  21. Grace 21

    We renovated our kitchen last year and got a gas stove (with gas oven). I love it so much. I will never have an electric oven again if I can help it.

  22. Grace 22

    I meant I will never have an electric stove (or oven!) if I can help it. I really love the gas stove!

  23. melissa 23

    When we moved to Maine the house we bought had a gas stove. I had never used a gas stove. Now I would never go back to an electric stove. Our gas stove broke down last Christmas day. It’s a 1993 Tappan. When the repair man came I begged him to fix it because all we would have be able to afford at the time was a cheap electric. He fixed it and it works like a charm. It even has a griddle attachment.

  24. Howdy 24

    I think it’s all a matter of what you are use to… and yeah cooking with electric is probably a learned skill reinforced with practice… and luck. LOL
    Our last house had a glass top stove that I used for the 16 years we were there… we are frugal enough that if it ain’t broke you use it until it dies… and it never did die although it did break when I stood on it – Never Stand on a Glass Top Stove!! LOL
    Our new (old) house had an older electric with coils (coated in a permanent layer of dried grease) that we replaced with a glass top stove with convection oven. There was no gas in the house – we heat with oil and didn’t want to have a propane tank sitting outside the kitchen. I’m use to using electric and enjoy my new stove and oven. If I ever get to set up a canning kitchen I’ll put gas burners in there…
    Oh… one thing… we did have gas at the townhouse we rented and I kept leaving an empty burner on low. Left it on for HOURS and HOURS once. With electric I knew when to turn off the burner and my pan would continue to cook on ‘low’ as the burner cooled. With the gas I had to turn the gas down to low for it to continue cooking on low…. then I’d forget to turn it off when I removed the pan. Scared me good – although I’m sure if I had to learn to cook with gas I would have gotten use to it without burning the place down.

  25. There was no gas available at our last house, so I cooked electic and hated it for 10 years. This house is all gas and I love it! It’s a lot easier to control the heat on the burners!

  26. Well, we’re stuck with an electric stove here because if we wanted gas we’d also have to get a propane tank, since I’m in the country and we’re lucky to get water, phone 7 electricity. With your new place you should check to see if there is gas service or you might be buying a large (200+ gallons!) propane tank.

  27. i grew up with “the coils” and never really knew anything different. i wasn’t a cook and when i moved into my house i couldn’t get the gas burner to turn on. i called in the gas company and they died laughing–the pilot was out on the stove.

    i am used to the “flames” now, but still manage to catch things on fire (sweater sleeves, papertowels, et al) with alarming ease. i’m working on improving that. ahah

  28. Unfortunately, we rent our apartments, and so far (even though we mostly end up in very old buildings), we have not had the luxury of living in a space with a gas stove.

    I would love to have one, and I do not like using an electric stove at all!

  29. Becky 29

    I have used both. And I prefer the gas. But gas is not available where I live. Oh sure, I could get one of those pigs (gas tanks) and put in the back yard and convert everything. But I don’t have the extra cash for that right now. When I win the lottery, I’ll have a gas stove. Correction, I’ll have TWO gas stoves!!!
    I haven’t been able to make a decent rolled out, cut out, biscuit since I’ve had to use electric. It dries them out and makes them tough.

  30. No–I’m not a fan. We have one at our vacation house and I find it hard to regulate.

  31. Suzette 31

    I’ve never lived in a house with gas in the kitchen, so choosing gas over electric has never been an option. I do have gas in other parts of this house, and – theoretically at least – I guess I could have a gas line run to the kitchen. But, I’m also guessing it would be prohibitively expensive. I did replace the classic electric range last year with a glass top one. It’s slower…but much neater. And when it’s not being used for cooking (which is most of the time) it gives me another work surface. LOL. But, yeah…I’d love a big ol’ gas stove. I could make really good chinese food. My wok just won’t get hot enough on this stove. SIGH….

  32. Katrina 32

    I grew up with the old coil stove. Never used anything different. I now have one of those glass flat top stoves. I like it! I would like gas for cooking purposes, but don’t like them with little kids around who can reach the knobs and play with them (and I don’t like the safety thingys because they are too hard to get on and off and making cooking annoying.)
    Anyway, I’ve never picked out and purchased a stove, so not sure what I’d go for. If we need one when my youngest is old enough to leave it alone, I’ll consider gas.

  33. Kyddryn 33

    I have an electric stove and am quite handy with it, but I’ve had plenty of time to learn its ways and embrace the Zen of the Coil. I know gas is more efficient and easier to control, but I won’t live in a house with gas. I have an irrational fear of gas explosions, fueled by an incident when I was younger – a gas burner wouldn’t light, wouldn’t light, wouldn’t light, lit with a BOOM! and scorched my hand and nearly my face in the process. It took years before I would even walk into a kitchen with a gas stove/oven, and the smell of natural gas makes me nervous to this day.

    Sorry, Hank Hill, but I grill on charcoal.

    I’ll cook over a wood fired stove any day, though.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  34. Cassie 34

    I prefer gas but out here in the sticks, I have and old electric coil stove. I think it’s 30 years old!

    After using gas my whole life it was a tough adjustment. It’s been 8 yeas and I can cook or bake anything without any problems.

  35. I have used gas, electric coils and now the electric smooth top. My little bitty apartment had a small gas stove, but my big old house has electric. Somehow that didn’t work out right. Bit by bit, I have gotten used to the smooth top, which is a step up from the coils, but when I first moved in, I would melt things by leaving them too close to a burner I had just turned off (things like the plastic bag that came out of the freezer, the tag on my hot pad) I have a cutting board with a large scorch mark on the bottom because I moved it over to where I was working and didn’t realize that the burner underneath was hot.
    I learned to pay attention!

  36. Trisha 36

    I have an electric stove but it is the kind with the flat glass top (which is a breeze to clean up). I grew up with a gas stove. Personally, I find that once you get used to a stove it is fine – either gas or electric. Of course, I am not a gourmet cook like you!

  37. What’s a stove?

  38. CJ :) 38

    I grew up with a gas cooktop and electric ovens and to me that’s the ideal setup. I currently have a smooth top range which I really like, though, so I suppose I’m adaptable. I was raised in some places where having gas would have been a luxury, though, so I’m not spoiled to one or the other – I can cook an entire dinner on a wood stove if I need to.

  39. CJ :) 39

    Read the above and realized it was a tad confusing – not surprising considering I’ve been at work since 5:30a :) I was raised through high school with the cooktop and ovens. Prior to that it was hit or miss. :)

  40. ELRA 40

    I have to have GAS stove, I just can’t imagine having electric one. I cook everyday, that would make me go insane, if I have to use electric stove. Oh, the other thing is, when I am in a hurry and need to char my eggplant or bell pepper, I do this on top of the stove. So, I don’t know wether electric stove can do it.

  41. We took out our propane gas stove because the electric stove was cheaper to use. But I miss the gas stove. I have never learned how to manage the heat of an electric one in the 20 years I’ve had it.

    Wood is awesome for cooking, although most woodstove ovens are a bit tricky to use to get the heat right and the heat evenly distributed. We have one but had to disconnect it to get fire insurance. We’ll reconnect it one day. But during electricity outages I cook on top of our woodburning heat stove, or use the propane turkey fryer which we have never used for turkeys–only for canning (it’s awesome, no heat in the house) or for backup during outages.

  42. Marjie 42

    When we moved into this house, I replaced the existing gas cooktops with induction cooktops. I just loved them. In 1999, my dearly beloved decided to change the kitchen, disposed of the cooktops and wall ovens, and bought me 2 electric stoves. I much prefer an electric oven, but I really want my induction cooking back. It was the greatest thing ever. I spent 5 years with gas stoves (including ovens). The stoves are OK, although I have always feared the open flames, but there is no practical way to use the broiler in a gas oven, and I hated that. Sears now has a range with induction stove top, but I’m going to have to lose my mind to convince myself that any stove is worth $3000 (yes, three thousand dollars)!!!! If Sears wants to send me one for consumer evaluation, I’ll gladly help them out, however!

  43. My mother loves hers, and has had it for 20 years. She’s a great cook, and it works for her.

    Me – I prefer gas. My thermador with the sealed burners is wonderful.

  44. ntsc 44

    My wife has made the non-negotiable statement that if we move after retirement, the new house must have gas.

    I don’t want to think what an electric stove would have to say about a 40 quart stock-pot (I’ve two).

  45. Liz C. 45

    Oh. Yeah. Give me an open flame any day. It’s the same way with the apartment we stay in, in Austin. Electric stove. I tried cooking there last year & it made me crazy. Which is why we ate at The Driskill Hotel this year.

    Actually, I’m the same way with cooking outside. Hubby once got me a gas grill and I hated it.

    I guess I’m just an open flame kind of gal.

  46. Jeanette 46

    Did a major house reno a year ago, which of course included the kitchen.

    I had a 20 year old Thermador coil electric cooktop which was still working great, but decided to go with gas.

    I absolutely hated it, and it got to the point, that I would almost blow a gasket just walking past it.

    Took that sucker out within 2 months and replaced it with an induction cooktop, which is electric, sort of. It is cooking with a magnetic field.

    I absolutely love it. You have as much control with the heat as with gas, if not more. And it is the most efficient means of cooking. If your pot is smaller than the burner area, well, only the portion that touches the burner area will be used.

    It does not heat up the kitchen, I don’t have to worry about flames, etc.

    They are pricey though, I got the VIKING 6 burner professional, but to me, it is well worth it. Each burner works independently of one another too.

  47. Alisa 47

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever cooked on an electric stove. I’m sure it would take me a long while to make the adjustment!

  48. Lo 48

    We had electric ranges in all the apartments we rented before buying our house. I’m SO INCREDIBLE grateful to have gas nowadays… but I must admit that I don’t think about it often anymore.

    Thanks for reminding me of yet another thing for which I can be grateful!

  49. Brenda 49

    No more tilting pans on the old electric stove for me. I have been cooking on my Viking gas stove for 8 years and I plan on taking it to my grave! Best investment ever.

  50. Sandra 50

    The seven top burners of my 1914 Acorn are gas but the three ovens…sigh…are electric. It was changed over by someone before I purchase the stove. I MUCH prefer gas stoves.

  51. Laura 51

    i prefer electric… it is quirky at times but gas just scares the shit out of me… have seen to many homes burned down … burnt to many meals and gas stinks… total electric for me :)

  52. Olga 52

    I’ve moved from electric to gas to electric to gas and on and on. And then I did some online research, and these are my thoughts:

    1. The only thing that matters is your personal preference. Some folks like this, some folks like that.

    2) The electric coil things are a PIA (pain-in-ass). They waste a ton of energy and I think they’re used nowhere in the world except North America.

    3) Other electric stoves — smooth tops, or covered coils — can be great.

    4) My last gas stove was awful since you couldn’t turn the gas down to a simmering temperature.

    5) But it had a good gas oven. My gas stove before that had a good top, but the oven was either midly warm or burned everything.

    6) also depends on your pots and pans. If they have all even bottoms: no probelm with electric. If you have cast iron: no problem with gas. If you like anti-stick ones: gas sucks, because it won’t get them evenly hot. If you have a smooth-top stove, then cast iron pans suck.

    Now, what I want from life is a 6-burner gas top where I can combine two of the burners into one large one. I want that paired with TWO electric ovens that are temperature-independent of each other, close well, can be locked so that my son doesn’t open them, oh, and I want the controls at the back, not at the front. AND I hate pilot stoves, I want one where there’s this electric clicky thing that’ll light it. Pilot gas is a waste and I’m always worried that it’ll blow up the house.

    Donations for my dream-stove are welcome…

  53. Bob 53

    I can’t stand electric stoves. When I turn the heat off I want it off NOW. Dammit. My mom prefers electric though. Mostly because she thinks the house will blow up is she has a gas one. Heh.

  54. Linda 54

    Until I married, I had only known electric stoves. Imagine my education and utter amazement when I had my first gas stove in our first rental house. OMG! I thought I had just discovered a major culinary secret. Then we bought a house of our own, and it had an electric range. We couldn’t afford to replace it. So I lived with it for 13 years! It did an ok job, but I felt like I wasn’t really living up to my full kitchen potential for all those years. Last year we remodeled the kitchen. I finally got the gas stove I had dreamed about all those years. And I have a gas oven too. Talk about brilliance in baking! I seriously would never, by choice, go back to electric.

  55. Ruth 55

    i much prefer electric, although it is really what im used to. i find with gas there’s not a low enough setting for gently simmering some things, or keeping things warm, stuff always spits. but i suppose with thicker pans like cast iron that wouldnt be such a problem.
    as for cooling down immediatly, if i want the heat off NOW i just take the pan off the heat. i’ve never found it too much of a pain to get the heat up, but i suppose it depends on the individual stove.
    i also find tilting is more of an issue with gas, the metal things sometimes come loose and the pan isnt supported proberly.

    as for the metal coil things, they’re also available in the UK, but our cooker is pretty old, i dont know if you can still buy one new.

  56. Donna 56

    I always had a gas stove, from childhood until 3 years ago when I got divorced and moved into a townhouse. I hate the electric stove and oven here, and unfortunately because we are in a townhouse now, we are stuck with it. Maybe because I grew up with gas, I am not afraid of it. And I think it is far superior for cooking and heating.

  57. M Ayers 57

    OMG!!! You have no idea!

    I was born and raised in NYC and we only have gas ranges. It is the best – you can know exactly how much fire you need under your food.

    When I moved to Arizona – I was forced to use these dreaded electric stoves…It took me a whole year not to burn rice with those ridiculous coils. If you spill anything, the darn things smoke, and many days have I been afflicted with tilted pot syndrome.

    I’ll take the gas stoves any day!

  58. Unfortunately for me, my primitive little kitchen only has electric. I have one of those flat/glass top stoves with extra-large oven. It’s OK, but I don’t really consider it cooking – just heating up food! I’ve cooked in several commercial kitchens – always with gas. My dream is to get a dual fuel range – gas burners with electric convection ovens. Now THAT would be hot! : – ))

  59. Jamee 59

    You pretty much summed up all the reasons why I hate our stove…very well put, thank you.

  60. Kori 60

    I grew up with electric, and it’s all my mom will use, but I will only use gas now. And yes, I need to have a propane tank, and no, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Totally worth it.

    On a related note, we are shopping for a new range, because the Jenn-Air that came with the house is a piece of junk. Seriously. All name, no quality.

  61. My wife would never have a gas range as she is afraid of getting blown up. You can not persuade her otherwise.
    My great aunt in England had an electric stove and an old wood stove. She used the wood stove because she said the electric stove burned things. It is all in what you get used to.

  62. I’ve never had the pleasure of cooking on a gas range. I’ve always had to deal with electric coil stoves until I moved into my current home (flat top stove, but still electric). You learn to adapt, and temperature is VERY hard to control. I’d love to swap it for a gas range….

  63. Egghead 63

    I use electric because out where we are we would have to have a huge propane tank. Have thought about it but so far has not been a priority. However, I have used gas in the past and I adored it.

  64. I traded my electric for a gas in 1982 and have not looked back. Snowed in Louisiana, electric went out. New Baby, no way to heat bottles, except the wood burning heater, which had a protective case and did not get hot. Went out and bought my gas stove. I can always cook. YAY!!!! GAS!!!!

  65. I like gas over electric. It seems to cook more evenly. Says the person who hasn’t cooked in ages.

  66. Ashe 66

    I grew up with a coil electric stove. It was pretty much as you described. However, I now have an electric stove that has a glass top. This stove is heaven on earth! It has all the benefits of gas, none of the drawbacks of electric, and it still boils water at lightening speed.

  67. medstudentwife 67

    Most of Canada uses electric & we figure it out… dah… and a lot of great home cooked meals that are restaurant quality

  68. I’ve only cook on gaz at the restaurant (my parents owned), but at home it’s always been electric. Last year we’ve changed stove, so instead of the electric coils we now have a glass top, and unlike Ashe, I find it takes for ever to boil water!

  69. Replaced electric with gas – will never willingly go back to electric. Ever.

  70. amy 70

    We have electric, I have never lived in a home with gas, and it scares me. It looks cool on TV and all, I understand the pros of using it..but I am afraid of blowing up my house. I had a great aunt who blew her house(at least the whole kitchen)up when I was little. No thanks.

  71. Agree. Electric blows. But I notice a big difference in manageability between my gas stove (old now, and cheap when it was new) and my MIL’s gas stove: its controls are so much more sensitive to little adjustments, and there’s better coverage of the flame. (It’s also an old stove but it must have been a ‘better model’ when it was new.

  72. Rosa 72

    I miss my gas stove!! Ever since I moved to Germany I’ve been using an electric and I get the same problems you mentioned above. The food doesn’t taste the same either. The electric stove came with the apartment we’re renting, but if we ever move I hope we get a gas stove, but I have to convince my husband first. ;-)

  73. giz 73

    This was a burning issue for me – no pun intended. In condos, it’s not permitted to have either gas appliances or bbq’s. I’m stuck with electric – I’ve adapted.

  74. I grew up with a gas stove, and now I’m in apartment, electric stove hell. I can’t wait to get into a house with a gas stove. You can control the temperature so much better, and I like the fact that when you shut the burner off, it’s OFF. And if you accidentally turn it on high instead of off, it’s obvious right away, not 20 minutes later when you venture into the kitchen again and find red hot coils! Not that I’ve done that.

  75. Erin 75

    I haven’t had a gas stove since I moved out of my mom’s house years ago. Sigh. It is one of my dreams. Someday when we’re out of rentals and have to buy our own appliances, a gas stove will be at the top of the list.

  76. I would KILL for a gas stove! Sadly, gas isn’t available in my neighborhood and the Mr. doesn’t want to move. My mother lives 4 blocks away and SHE has gas, but oh no, not me! I have begged, bribed and cajoled the gas company to extend the lines to my street, but no luck. I have a nice smooth ceramic cooktop, but it still sux. Sigh…..

  77. dawn 77

    I have an easy bake oven. No, seriously I do, you’ve seen the pics on my blog. I have the tiniest oven imaginable. My oven is so small I had to order those small trays just to bake with it.
    LOL. I like cooking with fire, just like the caveman did.

  78. Amber 78

    Growing up, my grandma had a gas stove and my mom had an electric stove. I never appreciated a gas stove until I moved out on my own and had a gas stove. Once my husband and I bought our first house, with one of those flat top electric stoves,I realized how much i really really loved a gas stove! I mean the flat top is ok and im used to it now after 3 years, but I sure do love me a gas stove!

  79. Julie 79

    I’ve never ever owned a gas stove but I think I’d like to. I have one of those flat top monstrosities and I wish it would die. At some time when it’s financially convenient for me. Okay, that’s never. I guess I’ll just keep it.

  80. Teresa 80

    I had electric solid core – hated it; had electric flat surface – hate it; had gas put in my new house and wish I had either the solid core OR the flat surface electric. The gas is much harder to keep clean than the two electrics. (I only thought the flat surface was hard to keep clean. I was deluding myself.) The only thing I wouldn’t change my gas for is the electric coil. I grew up with those and they have not improved over the years.

  81. tipper 81

    Now you’ve made me wish I had gas.

  82. I have an electric stove, which I hated in the beginning. Now, I’ve gotten used to cooking on it. The coolest part I’ve found is that I can slow cook on it without worrying about setting the house on fire if I have to pick up the kids from the bus stop. I know so many people who have gas stoves and wind up buying electric frying pans for that very reason.

  83. Pam 83

    I have an electric stove…it’s all I’ve ever used. I would DIE for a gas range but it’s just not in the cards right now.

  84. Melissa 84

    Given the choice, I would take gas over electric any day. I was leaping for joy when we moved into our new apartment last year with a gas one. I love that thing.

  85. Gas stove all the way! Nothing beats it and I will never go back! When I moved into my house it came equipt with a 1940 GE Gas Stove. I never used it although the realtor told me it worked. It is however in my garage. I couldn’t throw it away, it’s on someone’s wish list, I just know it! I need to put an add on ebay or craigs list or something.

  86. tamilyn 86

    We live in the country so yes, we have one of those big, silver tubes in our yard, but so does everyone else, so we don’t even ‘see’ it out there. We had a crappy 1979 electric stove when we moved in our house-hated it. When we switched from fuel oil to propane for heat, we switched over our stove and our water heater. BIG savings on our electric bill and no black soot from the furnace every time we turned it on.
    But digressing, gas all the way. However, I do like electric for baking-it just turns out better. When we went and put our new front load washer and dryer on lay-away, they had a closeout JennAir model duel-fuel stove on the floor. If it is still there when we get our bonuses, that baby will be in my kitchen before you can say ‘I can grill a steak inside when it is 18 below outside’!


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