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Good, wasn’t it?

I know, I know, you all thought I was much classier than to belch after my Thanksgiving meal but it takes quite a bit of sophistication to burp in six languages.  Ha!

If I have mis-conjugated the verb in your language…I am so sorry….when it comes to my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th language skills, I fall into the category of, “jack of all trades, master of none”.  But I tried!

So please help me out here with the “correct” translations of belch!  Or tell me what belch is in your native tongue.  I’d love to know.

Happy leftover eating…if you have any!

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  1. Deeba 1

    Ha ha Cathy…love your belchathon! Can’t for the love of me think of some more for you as of now, but will keep thinking! xoxox

  2. As a Canadian we “burp” Cathy:D

  3. HoneyB 3

    ha ha ha! pretty soon it will be ho ho ho! ;-)

  4. Barbie with a T 4

    You know “belch” in all those languages? Your intelligence is to be applauded! What language is “burp”? Would you call that Southern Texas? lol

  5. I wish I had some leftovers! My mom called when we got home and was like, “You didn’t take anything!” I almost cried. I was like, “I didn’t want to be a food mooch!”

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Rebelchaburpitate! in Robin Sue language that is!

  7. Becky 7

    Your excused! tee hee
    Can’t help you with the language translations.
    But it all sounds the same, no matter what language!!

  8. dawn 8

    here at home we call it “buuurrroooooppppppp…..aaapppp”
    yeah, kinda like that.
    ha ha! Love your humour Cath.

  9. I just burped looking at this. Seriously;)

  10. I love that came here and learned about burping in other languages! I feel so cultured now!

  11. Teri 11

    That’s my kids way of saying great meal yesterday. In some countries, burping is a compliment! That’s what my kids say.

    You’re pictures and sum it all up! You definitely keep it real! Love it!

  12. Oh there are leftovers–we’re counting the minutes until we break them out!!

  13. Swear to you…I ate so much last night it was sick. I didn’t think I was going to eat breakfast this morning!

  14. Sarah 14

    I swear, I am still full today after all that eating :) Happy T-Giving!

  15. excusez-moi
    entschuldigen Sie mich
    извините менÑ￾

    I don’t know other burps, but I can say excuse me!

    I hope you had a great day. I just realized that my husband threw away the wish bone. I could use that this year!

  16. Well since my hubby had to work yesterday as well as today, we’re doing our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. So I spend today thawing the gobbler. Better than shopping! :)

  17. Cheryl 17

    Far more information than you want, but in some mishap in my bodily creation, I am unable to burp. Even when pregnant. Nope. Even when college roommate had me chug beer and swallow air, nope. (and was that ever uncomfortable…)

    Gas DOES escape my body, but I’m not going to get into that process a la Rosetta Stone! ;)

    Wishing you a wonderful disgesting weekend!

  18. Pam 18

    You crack me up Cathy. I just had a big plate of leftovers for breakfast! Burp.

  19. Marjie 19

    You made me giggle, but only in one language!

  20. If well-cleaned bones are a sure sign of a tasy bird, yours must have been delicious!

  21. shonda 21

    Did you split the wishbone?

  22. Alisa 22

    We’re still burping away here. Toasting up some tasty leftovers for lunch. Mmmm…

  23. noisy.

  24. Hilarious! But Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!


  25. Tash 25

    that was awesome! Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. XUP 26

    I thought it was about time I visited (via Casual Perfectionist). Rülpsen is how you’d say it in my native language

  27. magpie 27

    Damn, that reminds me. I wonder if my husband rescued the wish bone. We’ve been in our house since 2004, and this would be the fifth wishbone. I hope he saved it.

  28. laura 28

    no leftovers here…inlaws NEVER share when we celebrate at their place.
    still it was a wonderfully blessed and thankful day with them…biggest drama was over daughter and niece encouraging the chickens to hang out on grandmom’s porch.
    i have to say i love your family portrait (minus the Wild Boar) in the last post. gorgeous fam! you are so blessed.

  29. Best after Thanksgiving post. You are very Continental! Very classy!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  30. Jude 30

    Happy thanksgiving! It’s been a day but I’m still in a semi-food coma.

  31. tipper 31

    You are such a hoot!! You’re always making me smile.

  32. Erin 32

    This is too funny!

  33. vanessa 33

    This is amazing! I wasn’t able to stuff myself to the extreme due to my cold, so no I wasn’t super belchy. But my pregnant sister-in-law was sounding off like CRAZY.

  34. Eve 34

    Hey! I’ve been reading your blog for ages now, but haven’t commented earlier – but now I want to contribute to your worldy burping :D Here in finland a burp is a “röyhtäisy”, or the sound effect is like : röyh. It’s kinda like saying “row” with a strong british accent and then adding “h”? :D

  35. heather 35

    i don’t recognize all those languages there, but i can add swedish: rapa

  36. Egghead 36

    Ha ha! mental mama seriously burped reading this. Fun post and the comments are hilarious as well.


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