I’ve Got The Shakes

As I roamed around the house yesterday, I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

My coffee didn’t taste the same.

Things looked different.

Food tasted weird.

Then I figured it out.

Over the past two years, I had become a “Television News election junkie” and suddenly my main line was turned off cold turkey.

The election news had become the background white-noise of my day.  I was never parked in front of the tube, but it was there, in the shadows of my existence.

But yesterday, gone was the mud-slinging, the finger-pointing, the “just-discovered” information and all the reporters had their happy faces on. 

Oh sure they were scuttle-butting about who would be appointed to “this” and who would take over “that”, but…um… excuse me while I yawn and snooze.  BORING.

It just wasn’t the same.

Back to cooking.

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  1. Diane 1

    You’re lucky our US election coverage is now on the verge of turning into “Why hasn’t Obama bought about world peace yet”

    It’s very strange, but I spose they have paid for all these correspondents to be in the US so have to make the most of it until they come back.

    It’s a strange idea to us in the UK that you get elected and 77 days later you’re allowed to do stuff.

  2. Yay ! Back to cooking, crafting, drinking fine wine…..maybe there is more to life than politics, news about politics, views about politics, arguing about politics, …dire predictions about politics…um, what will we do with all this free time ?

  3. Deeba 3

    Oh yes Cathy, 3 cheers for back to cooking again. Diane’s comments reflect my thoughts too. It’s so strange that Obama has to wait for over 2 months…the world is changing so fast. 77 days…eeegads! Giess it’ll give ’em correspondents enough time to recoup & plan the next level of hype when he turns for Pres-elect to Pres! Guess everyone needs a recharge of cells!! LOL

  4. HoneyB 4

    Yeah! Back to cooking! :) What’s up next?

  5. ntsc 5

    The new President used to take over on March 20, in one of FDR’s terms it was moved to January 20. At the time the Constitution was written fast transportation invloved a horse and it is not an easy document to change.

    There has been talk of changing the date to Jan 2 (so the hangovers have gotten better), which is roughly when Congress changes (I think they are Jan. 1, but don’t meet that day.)

    For decades I worked the nominating conventions, which is job from hell, the election and then the inaguration. Giving it up at all was diffcult, but the last one I worked was 96.

  6. Laura 6

    Here…I’ll give you a taste…
    “Noble Pig SAYS she likes to use fresh ingredients in her baking BUT research has shown that Noble Pig ACTUALLY uses prepackaged mixes for all of her baking needs. She’s not building a winery. Oh no…she’s building a storehouse for her Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker, and Stouffers needs.Do you think those lemon muffins were made from scratch? The only thing SHE scratch was her nail while opening the box of Duncan Hines muffin mix. Do we really want a cooking blogger who is going to use artificial ingredients and pass off prepackaged meals and mixes as her own?

    Noble Pig….no one likes a fake pig.”
    How was that?

  7. Katie 7

    I actually didnt even turn on the news until dinnertime yesterday…

  8. Thank God!!!! I know what you mean. Whatca cooking up for us next?

  9. Becky 9

    Yeah, I’m glad it’s over, too!!

  10. Isn’t it wonderful to be back to normal? Whatever normal is….

  11. melissa 11

    OMG Laura has me snorting this morning! Thats funny!
    I’m so glad the election is over. Truly you have no idea…….

  12. Barbie with a T 12

    YEA!! I am with you! Ladies unite. Get back into the kitchen and start cooking. Nothing can bother me when I am in the kitchen. My solace.

  13. I for one am very glad it’s all over with!

  14. I know! I don’t know what I’m going to do w/out election coverage on CNN 24/7!

  15. Suzette 15

    I’m not over it yet. I’m still watching nothing but MSNBC. It’s as if I can’t stop looking after things. A one-a-day update isn’t enough…yet. Soon, I hope. Soon.

  16. THAT’s what’s missing! Is it also the I-feel-like-there’s-a-black-cloud-hanging over-my-head feeling?
    I’ll go cook too– what do you have for us today?

  17. I agree with you. There has been a terrible let down for me, almost a depression over the results.

    It will take a while to bounce back. Cooking sounds like a good substitute. Although I just lost 26 pounds, so I need to be careful how much of the cooking I eat.

    I always love your recipes.

  18. I’m so glad it’s all over. It was getting a little too overwhelming there toward the end. I just kept thinking “There are other things going on in the world right now…I know there are.” :P

  19. Kathy, where is this coming from?

  20. Sorry, I spelled your name wrong…with a ‘C’, I should be able to remember that, since my sister spells her Cathy with a ‘C’ also.

  21. I’m slowly recovering… tapering off by listening to election analysis. That and we still have two races unresolved in my state. But it will be nice when things are completely normal!

  22. Marjie 22

    It’s weird here, too. I can’t even read the paper any more, because now it’s just going to be economic doom & gloom. That’s OK, because now I can pay attention to the “Grand Celebratory Season”!

  23. Flash Stitcher 23

    Had to turn off the radio on election night. 2 years is 1.5 years too much.
    In 2 years it will start again.

  24. ELRA 24

    Yep, let’s back to cooking & wine!

  25. krysta 25

    let’s go to rehab together!

  26. tipper 26

    Nice to know I’m not the only news junkie.

  27. Trisha 27

    I am the opposite of you. I feel freed now that I no longer have to endure endless political commercials and debates and hours of political coverage on various news channels. Of course I have to wait just a few more days to avoid all of the “so what happens now” media coverage!

    I am sure you will find something else to become “addicted” too!

  28. Cheryl 28

    Oh Cathy, I am SOOO with you! MSNBC is still reflexively going in the background, but nothing at all that has the appeal of all the election coverage.

    As a matter of fact, last night, in the absence of my husband’s and my typical two-years previous viewing, we finally managed to catch up on this season of “Entourage.” FIVE (count ’em FIVE) episodes.

    It’s a political post-partum if you ask me…

  29. Marlene 29

    Just merge on over to the news about the First Puppy, the getting ready for the White House…oooohhhhh, who is going to be THEIR chef? What about the balls…what will her dress look like?

    And Christmas at the White House, this is Laura’s last time…Show and tell people.

    There will be much to watch, trust me!


  30. I swear I had an election hangover yesterday morning.. So darn foggy! I woke at 4am, and just slogged the entire day…..

  31. Laura 31

    Oh my GOSH!!!
    I was totally kidding.
    My husband tells me that I need to be careful.
    I am so sorry.
    I’m would NEVER write anything like that seriously.EVER.
    I am very embarrassed.
    I visit you everyday because I think you are awesome.

  32. Laura 32

    So…you DID get that I was kidding?
    That would make me feel much better.

  33. Amber 33

    I turned cable off a few months ago and I only listen to Bob and Tom and NPR on the radio so I have not heard a single political ad. It has been heaven. You have no idea. It sort of felt like political virginity. I did not hate anyone. I didn’t have arguments in my head going on. I wish I could have seen the acceptance speech, and perhaps the debates. I have been walking on air. I for once, have hope.
    I can’t wait to see how creative you are going to be for us Cathy, I mean we only have 21 days until Thanksgiving.

  34. Teri 34

    What’s SNL going to make fun of now?

  35. Lol! Yep we now start realizing there are other things happening in the world!

  36. Dee 36

    Yay, to more cooking!

    I love to fly, but a girlfriend who’s terrified swears by her Valium. Not much help, I know.

  37. Natty 37

    I’m transferring all my energy over to the h.o.l.i.d.a.y.s. I am so stupid excited for Thanksgiving and holiday parties and gift giving!!! So much better than crappy Palin impressions!

  38. Louise 38

    Amen to that.

  39. Louise 39

    Waaaaaaaaaay back in 2000, we were so ticked off by our (then) young children staring numbly at the the TV, that we cut the cable. Really. For 2 years. It was wonderful!

    The best and roughest days related to 9/11. I heard the report on a sports radio show on the way to work, and being familiar with the War Of the Worlds spoof, laughed it off. Long story short, I am still glad I didn’t see all of those repeated images, you know to which I refer, and the long term effect of the whole 2 year experience was quite positive.

  40. Yay!!!! Cooking…and wine!!!
    Love your blog today!!! :)

  41. Alisa 41

    Do they have a 12 step group for that?
    I’m up for more cooking. Especially if you’d like to come to my house and do it here.
    That would be very nice.

  42. magpie 42

    Oh yeah. And all those websites I was checking fervently. What to do, what to do?

  43. Chou 43

    I feel like I had a break-up or something. Phew.

  44. Laura, I got that it was a spoof! It’s hard to do in writing tho. Plus there ARE nasty people on the internet who would write like this intentionally. Trolls that they are….at least your piece was creative. : -)

  45. Yesterday I read critiques about the red/black dress Michelle wore on Tues night. This morning I voted on what type of puppy the family should get. OMG,I am beyond pathetic! Holiday recipes sound like the perfect cure.

  46. Pam 46

    I’ve been hooked too… it seems so quiet today.

  47. Tanya 47

    I totally got it! I thought it was hilarious!

  48. Tanya 48

    I know what you mean. It’s like the day after Christmas. We spend months preparing and getting into the spirit and then it’s over. I’m glad it’s over though for many reasons (of which I won’t state because I don’t want to get into my political views-let’s just say I’m very happy!).

  49. Mike 49

    I’m with you…I enjoyed keeping up with the political maneuverings…now its back to the depressing reality of policies/legislation. No thanks

  50. That’s why I watch CMT. The broken hearts, guitars and boots never change!

  51. Liz C. 51

    I’m just glad it’s over. Now that Christmas and colder weather aren’t far off, I’m ready to get back into cooking.

    Now, maybe the trolls will stop their hateful comments. I’m way more sick of that than anything.

  52. But I don’t miss them. I really don’t miss them.

  53. LOL – gotta love going back to cookin, right?


  54. I for one am delighted to be done with it.
    Now let’s just hope that the next 4 years aren’t the disaster I think they will be economically…

  55. Tash 55

    Yeah you can say that again. That was just about the Climaxyist Presidential Election in history.
    2000 was just a stressful situation
    but this was twisty and turny for 2 whole years.
    Talk about Political Tsunami. I voted for Mccain but you gotta admit it woulda been not the least bit exciting if he won.
    I thought you were going to have a shake recipe or something!!

  56. Katrina 56

    SO glad it’s over! I’ll take cookin’ any day!

  57. First time here..You have a nice blog..love your wa of writing..

  58. Mrs. L 58

    What, you’re not jumping on the Palin for 2012 bandwagon? (ducking :)

  59. giz 59

    Everyone – we are now in session – please stand up and repeat after me….my name is (fill in the blank) and I am a CNN junkie. There – cured! Too bad Canadian politics aren’t nearly as nail biting or even remotely interesting.

  60. I’m LOL because my husband was physically sick the day after the election. Total adrenalin drain.


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