Would You Ask This of A Friend?

I have this friend who has a signature dessert recipe. 

She makes individual apple tarts with a special pastry topping and they are very unique.

It’s a recipe passed down from her mother.  The tart-pies are nothing less than to die for and the recipe is very labor intensive.  If you are lucky enough to get a taste of these tart-pies you can feel the love people, you really can.  It’s heaven in a pie-pan. K?

Anyway, the other day I was hanging out with my tart-making friend and she recieved a phone call from one of her good friends.  But let me clarify, this friend who called, while she is a good friend of the tart-maker, she is not her best friend.  If we had to rank friends in A, B & C categories, this friend would hover around a B+.  In other words, she’s a good friend, a very well-liked friend, but if you desperately needed something, you would call someone else first.  Get it? Okay good.  Let’s move on.

So the phone call went like this:

Tart-Maker:  Hello.

B+ Friend:  Hi tart-maker!  What are you doing today?

Tart-Maker:  Oh, nothing exciting, I have tons of laundry, grocery shopping, taking care of my three children’s needs, errands..blah, blah, blah.

B+ Friend:  Oh wow, well, ummm, you know how it’s my birthday tomorrow and you know HOW MUCH I ADORE those tasty little pie-tarts you make. 

Tart-Maker:  Yes.

B+ Friend:  Well, I think it would be really cool if you could make me thirty-two of those fancy little tarts to take to my massage therapy class tomorrow so I could pass them out to all my classmates.  

Tart-Maker:  Oh, wow, for tomorrow?

B+ Friend:  Yeah, I need them tomorrow…for my birthday.

Tart-Maker:  I thought your classes only had about nine people in them?

B+ Friend:  Yeah they do, but I think it would be fun to pass them out to people in the other classes too.  (A.K.A people she barely knows)

Tart-Maker:  Oh.  Well, okay, I guess, I mean I can do the laundry tomorrow…(feed my husband and children another day…).

B+ Friend:  Okay good, and of course I will pay for the ingredients just make sure you deliver them to my house tomorrow morning before 7:30 AM.

Tart-Maker:  Ummm, alright.

B+ Friend:  Thanks sweetie, chow babe!

All I can say is Oh Ma Gawd.  Let me tell you I pooped myself into a thousand little turds after this conversation.

Personally I could never impose on someone like this.  Never! 

Would you seriously have the nerve to ask someone to do something like this at a moments notice?  The pie-tarts are not even for special people in her life, they are for random folks she barely knows!  The B+ friend even went on to say that the girls at school are so, so skinny and would probably barely even eat them! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Can you even imagine having such a good friend who would honor this request?  Tart-maker, you are a good friend.

I’m sorry. This made me crazy insane.  Need. To. Blow. In. A. Paper. Bag. Crazy.

Now it’s nice to do things for people but if B+ friend would have asked the tart-maker three weeks ago for this favor and said this is what she wanted as a birthday gift, well then maybe it would have been alright.  Maybe.

But this was a bomb she dropped at the last possible second and tart-maker had another gift for her.  Sheesh.

Okay, I needed to get that off my chest.  Whew.  I feel better now.

Thanks for listening.


So my pal Loran, she’s in my A+ circle by the way, stopped by yesterday with this.  She knew I was in desperate need of a Pumpkin Face Dish Scrubber.  How was I going to scrub my many Halloween dishes without it?

There are bowls of dark chocolate M & M’s everywhere at my house.  You can’t stop with just a few.  Trust me.

Oh look, another candy dish.  This one is great for chocolate covered almonds or pecan pralines.  I think I got this from Pottery Barn but I can’t really remember.  My spiderweb tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for this one.

More candy, more candy dishes but most importantly more M & M’s.  Yum.

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  1. snowmoonelk 1

    Hmm, I have “friends” like that. What the lovely, kind and generous-hearted tart-maker should have said is “NO!!!!!” Be assertive, tart-maker. They will respect you for it.

  2. Wow, tart maker is a good friend isn’t she ? I bet she’s the kind of friend you can count on in a pinch……I don’t have a nice thing to say about the person who called and requested ( demanded ? ) birthday tarts….I think tart maker is probably as blessed to have you as a friend as you are to have her ! Is she giving out her tart recipe for you to publish ?

  3. HoneyB 3

    I agree, Tart maker friend should have set her boundaries and told B+ friend no. It is hard for generous hearted people to say no-but not saying it is what makes us stress way too much. I have finally started saying no and you wouldn’t believe how much it empowers you!

  4. Laura 4

    Oh my.
    I can’t even begin to spout off about how great it is to be 46. Why? Because when I hiked over that great mountain called “40” I started to define my boundaries in black ink. There really is no way that I would do that- if the situation were modified though, say my sister wanted me to make my special carrot muffins for one of her adorable kids’ classes, yes- I would do it….because they are RELATIVES.

    Perhaps B+ friend is a very nice person- but this behavior is pushy and manipulative.
    I don’t find it cute to take advantage of someone like that.
    I’m hormonal today so it is the PERFECT day to pose this situation to me.

  5. cass 5

    I had a friend like that. Note the word HAD. It’s clear to me why she is a B+ friend and not an A friend because and A friend would know better.

  6. Teri 6

    WOW! I can not believe how incredibly insensitive of this ” B+ friend”. The only thing I can think that would in any way slightly excuse this phone call is that “B+ friend” has ab-so-lute-ly no idea of the labor intensity of baking these tarts. I’ve done a lot of scratch baking and cake decorating over the years and now I’m a quilter, if someone called the night before a special event and asked this of me a firm NO would have to be the answer no matter what the occasion.

    I would encourage Tart-Maker friend in the use of the word NO for her own sanity and for her family. Oh I know the laundry can wait and the husband can have some time with his wife tomorrow but what about feeding the little tykes and who needs a bath and what time did she get to bed and how is she going to deal with little people tomorrow when she has to pack tarts and load everyone in the car before 7 in the morning just to deliver tarts to B+ friend?

    Like Laura this is the perfect time, I’d love for B+ friend to give me a call.


  7. Evelyn 7

    They call people like that “asleep”. They live their whole lives like that. They live not being aware of how what they say and do seems to affect others, not to mention how their actions even affect themselves. That’s how unhappiness and selfishness creeps in on them in their little world.
    The only thing others need to be careful of when meeting people like that, is to not change your true self and react to their ignorance.

  8. Deeba 8

    Hey Cathy…I’m on a sugar high looking at all that dark choc candy & BOO bowls! They are precious. About the favour..whoa! I would never ask even my A+ friend for such a huge effort. I think your pal is too sweet but I think it’s time she drew the line. It’s tough to say NO, but why bend backwards for people so casual, or for someone who doesn’t realise the amount of effort that goes in. The B+ may be a nice person, but maybe she’s used to having her way & is pushy. It’s time consuming enough to bake brownies, 32 individual tart-pies to pass around…hmmmmmmmmmm.

  9. Philly 9

    I would of just asked her for the recipe and made them myself.

  10. Becky 10

    Yes, that is a very RUDE IMPOSITION! I would not ask someone to make that many or on that short of notice.
    Love that table cloth! I need one of those!

  11. marcy 11

    wow, that sure is NOT a nice thing to do…actually its downright rude to think that tart-making friend would drop everything just to make her 32 tarts, and labor hard so her classmates could enjoy them? I agree with you that MAYBE it would have been ok asking way ahead of time, but geesh, the night before? not cool… not cool at all

  12. Wow. B+ friend sounds like an F- friend in my book. But do you think Tart Lady will make us a bunch of tarts, you made them sound so good! By tomorrow 5 am please! I can’t stand nervy people, I wonder how they get that way?

  13. Laura,
    Being younger than you (only 31) I look up to you. I use you as a role model. I started defining in thick, black, Sharpie ink my boundaries when I was pregnant with my oldest 6 years ago. I felt liberated. Now that we’re in a new town, I keep to the boundaries. I have family & a few close friends (3, maybe 4) who I do things for, but that’s it.

  14. WOW. That goes beyond nervy, insensitive and selfish. That’s just RUDE. But….but I am like your tart making friend. I went back to school a few years ago and while I was doing a full time post grad I also worked two (2!) part time jobs. This means that I had ZERO time for anyone, particularly myself. However, my friend’s husband really liked these hors style mushroom pastry things that I made for him one time, and he would ask me for them constantly. CONSTANTLY. I made him a double batch, then a triple batch, and couldn’t understand how he went through them so fast – it’s because he would pop them in the oven every time his buddies came over.

    Note: they’re easy but time consuming apps that would take me a whole evening to make. I gave his wife the recipe to get him off my back, but she didn’t want to make them because they took too long. After about 3 weeks of him badgering me DAILY and my telling him that I seriously didn’t have time, I would cave….and make him more…..until one time that I didn’t. I flat out said that I couldn’t afford it and didn’t have time, and that I was very, very sorry. He wouldn’t speak to me for weeks and still acts like I’m a leper. Sigh. There’s no accounting for some people.

  15. Katie 15

    I have a B friend who asks me to make cheesecakes all the time. For her parties, when she’s sad, etc… It can be annoying but I always let her know she has to buy the ingredients and I’ll get to it when I get to it. I also feel like I could (and have) say no.

  16. OMG Cathy! I would never even ask my best friend to do this, let alone on such short notice! That woman is certifiable and your tart making friend is an angel.

    I’m loving all your Halloween decorations! I’ll be sad when the month is over and you aren’t posting them anymore!

  17. Dark Chocolate M&Ms are so yummy!

  18. melissa 18

    Poor Tart-Maker, that friend sure has some balls! She’s not a friend but a user! I would not have been able to say no. I once made whoppy pies for 200 in 5 hours because I couldn’t say no, and I have a sister in law that has made cakes for everyone for miles around without compensation because she can’t say no either. Were you able to keep a poker face or did you say that gal’s got some nerve!

  19. melissa 19

    PS. I love the dish scrubber.

  20. Barbie with a T 20

    I am in awe regarding your tart making friend. She is such a generous person to do something like that, but at the same time she is being taken advantage of and should retaliate in some fashion. Maybe ask for a cash donation to one of her charities in exchange for her tarts! Some people just cannot say no. I used to be that way, but no more. I hope you survived your panic attack! Your Halloween decorations continue to impress me beyond words. I love that spider tablecloth. It reminds me of one where you could sit at the table and talk to the dead! It has that kind of an aura.

  21. OMFG. I think B+ friend just failed her test and dropped to a C-. WTF?! I would *never* and I really mean *never* ask someone to do something like that! Much less at a moment’s notice. Appalled. Seriously. But, I have to say that I am seriously coveting your pumpkin face dish scrubber! lol And your Halloween decorations are so super cool I can’t even stand it!

  22. That’s unbelievable nerve. I MIGHT have asked for the recipe. But to put someone else out like that ? never.

    Halloween IS coming with all that yummy candy, isn’t it ? i’m not looking at it, I’m not.

  23. Speechless.

  24. 1. She had the nerve to ask for the tarts at all.
    2. She asked at the LAST minute.
    3. They were for “classmates”??

    Three strikes you’re out! She’s demoted to at least a “D”!!

  25. Steph 25

    I can’t believe she would do that! That’s some nerve she’s got…tart maker should have told her she was too busy.

  26. MsMVNJ 26

    Brass ones – time to say, y’know, for your birthday, I’m giving you a 3×5 card with the recipe – bake them yourself!!!

    Looove dark chocolate MMs…:-)

  27. Not only would I never ask that, but as the tart maker, I would never have allowed someone to take advantage of me like that.
    Pass the paper bag.

  28. Yeah…not so much. That irks me to death. On two fronts….one, when people call me 4-6 hours before an event to order a custom cake (this ain’t ralph’s folks) OR when I have a friend who’ll basically say the same thing – “Be a love and whip up some of those Key Lime Cupcakes…” Let me get on that for ya.

    On a side note – LOVE THE B-O-O Bowls – that has been one of my faves

  29. Tart maker should just go buy a bunch of twinkies and give them to her and explain she didn’t have time and to have a great day! Or ho hos… Rude friend seems like the ho ho kind… Ho…

  30. If I was tart-maker, I would demote the B+ friend to…oh, about a D friend!! HOW RUDE!!

  31. Teri 31

    Dear Abby…. I have this friend that, etc.
    Signed Tart Maker.


    Cute Halloween of the Day Photos again! I wanted the pot scraper, and my 18 year old son was shopping with me and said I was being silly! No I wasn’t!

  32. Tracy 32

    Tart maker’s answer should have been “Oh I am terribly sorry, I just won’t be able to do that on such short notice”…that way she would’ve gotten in the NO and the “I can’t believe you are calling me TODAY with this request” in a nice polite way.

    You can bet that the B+ friend won’t be reciprocating either. They always “forget” what you have done for them later. I finally woke up about a friend like that when a mutual friend said to me “she hasn’t been a good friend to you”

  33. Tracy 33

    I think it is high time you asked him to do something for YOU. He owes you for all the times you made him those apps. Maybe he can build you a new fence or something else around the house. And his lazy wife should help too.

  34. First of all, B+ friend was really a D- friend to call the day before and make sure a request like that.

    Secondly, who does that? Why is she not making something herself?

    Lastly, Tart-maker needs to learn to say NO and no worry about being a people pleaser so much. She’ll burn out doing that. I use to do that,but I don’t anymore.

    Poor thing – I feel bad that she felt she couldn’t say no. I need a paper bag to breathe into. This stressed me out! :)

  35. Lex the Mom 35

    Wow – see I’m kind of like the tart-maker. I tend on the people pleasing side & I can relate to that.

    On the other hand – I would NEVER ask this of someone, unless it was planned well in advance & I’d be sure they knew they “shouldn’t feel obligated” just because I’m their friend, etc. Or I’d ask if I could get the recipe.

    Those tarts sound awesome! I got me some good guffaws after reading how you got yourself “into a thousand little turds!”

  36. Candy 36

    I think she needs to set a price, charge the B+ friend a set amount for the whole lot, and include a business card with each tart. Let’s start a business!

  37. Marjie 37

    I guess the tart maker never thought to invite Ms. B+ to come on over and take over the laundry and housekeeping, and get it all done properly while the tarts were being made? That’s what I would have done, if I didn’t instead say, “What are you, nuts???”

  38. Trisha 38

    That is some pretty gutsy stuff there! And then to say how many she wanted! Eeks! Sounds like Tart lady need to learn to say “No!”

  39. Nell 39

    I cannot, CANNOT, believe B+ would have the nerve to ask such a favor. But I also cannot, C-A-N-N-O-T!!!!! – believe Tart Maker agreed to do it. I would have told her to EFFF-OFFF. Sorry. That’s just me.

  40. tipper 40

    Pretty rude and inconsiderate!

  41. Marlene 41

    I would have just stood there with my mouth open…sometimes people are just clueless.

    I will be right over to help you with your m & m problem you have going on. I am jumping on a plane right now!!!


  42. Rayrena 42

    I would seriously reconsider a friendship with someone who had so little regard for my time and energy. As a B+ friend, I would have asked weeks ago, bought the ingredients, offered to act as sous pastry chef, picked them up instead of asking to have them delivered and I would have cleaned her kitchen (and maybe a bathroom). That’s how you stay a B+ friend.

    Hopefully your pastry friend has some good karma coming her way! Love that BOO bowl set :)

  43. Fran 43

    You had me at M & M’s…..

    Cute table cloth!

    Rude B+ friend.


  44. Your friend is way too nice. I would have said N-O, NO!

  45. Melissa 45

    I have to say I would NEVER NEVER (except to my husband), tell anyone “this” is what I want for my birthday. How presumptuous! I am flattered and excited when someone gives me a bday gift, I don’t EXPECT anything. Okay, MAYBE I’d say it to my mom, but probably not. Crazy.

  46. I would NEVER ask that even with my A+ friend. Ms. Tart-Maker is WAY too nice .. and she’s going to pay for SUPPLIES????? What about her TIME … and GAS … and the time she’s giving up from her family???

    She should be paying Ms. Tart-Maker hundreds of dollars if you ask me … and maybe Ms. Tart Maker should just revoke the B+ friend badge and give her a big FAT “F” for a semester.

  47. Cassie 47

    Tart maker = doormat? Tart maker needs to get in touch with her bitchy side. I have no troubles saying “No, but thanks for asking!” LOL

  48. Lo! 48

    That sweet little tart maker was taken! And I’m very sad for her. On the UP side, she’s a sweetheart, and that can be difficult to come by these days!

  49. phillygirl64 49

    personally, I don’t think this is not a B+ friend

  50. That’s crazy! I thought you wanted to know if we’d ask for the recipe. (Yes, I would, but I’d also make sure she knew I wouldn’t be offended if she said no, what with it being a recipe handed down from her mom and all.) This is the sort of thing that would drop B+ friend down a few notches in my book. She wouldn’t know she’d been taken off speed dial because I’d continue to be just as nice when she called, but *I* wouldn’t be calling *her* so often. Sound harsh? Maybe, but in my experience people don’t just do things like this once or twice. To reach that level of rudeness, imposing on people and total lack of consideration has to be a habit. Yeah, I probably would have said yes to her too, but that’s because I’m a pushover. Most of us pushovers have our breaking point though and this would definitely push me closer to it.

  51. Sassy 51

    I agree that B+ friend was very inconsiderate, and rude. I used to get wrangled into things i did not want to do, but then i got older.

    I feel bad for tart maker, and one day she too will learn to say no, but, this is definately one day she should have. I wonder if B+ friend will show tart maker her appreciation other than paying for the ingredients. If not….tart maker needs to re-evaluate that friendship.

  52. ELRA 52

    Mrs. Tart maker should just “NO” especially for that many people! I would drop her as a “C-” friend for being selfish and inconsiderate! True good friend should be the opposite, how about swap the errands? ask “B-” to do the Mrs. Tart maker laundry while she’s baking the tart? unbelievable!

  53. Harmony 53

    I would never ask any of my friends, regardless of category, for anything like that. I hate to think, that I could in any way make someone feel put out…However similar situations have happened to me, and I could definitely say that somewhere along the line Tart Maker will have enough of it one day….so B+ Friend better watch out. I am completely appalled that there are people like this out here in the world…how exactly does someone like B+ Friend come to be that way?

  54. Janet 54

    While I am as appalled at B+ friend’s outrageous request as you are, I feel no pity for tart maker. She needs to learn how to say no (in this case, HELL no!). You can’t be a doormat if you don’t lie down.

  55. OH.MY.GOSH. I would never. I wouldn’t have asked her even several weeks in advance. That to me is a hugh imposition. Wow.

    The only person I would request something like that from is my mom.

    She knits the cutest baby sweaters and whenever a friend or co-worker has a baby I call mom and ask her to make one of her sweaters. By-the-way, she loves doing it. But a friend…I don’t think so.

    Again, WOW.

  56. Liz C. 56

    The world is full of insensitive people, so I’m not surprised. Personally, I understand, since I could and would never impose on a friend like that. A vendor perhaps, but not a friend.

    Judging by all of your wonderful Halloween decorations, I’m guessing you must have killer storage space, lol.

  57. Wow. That is beyond pushy, it’s just ridiculous. Tart-maker is a great person, but you need to talk to that girl about boundaries!

    Your spiderweb tablecloth has me drooling. I waaaaaaaaaant one!

  58. Chris 58

    OK- B+ friend seriously is not a B+ friend. More like a C- minus friend. If a friend at all. Wow. Just wow at her obnoxious behavior. I agree with jennielynn above- some boundaries clearly need to be set as pushy C- “friend” clearly does not know how to recognize them on her own.

  59. Susan 59

    A Message for Tartmaker:
    I have this thing tomorrow. I’ve heard you have great tarts. I need 30. I’ll pick them up. And I’ll reimburse you for the ingredients.

    (worth a try?)

  60. I can’t even imagine asking the tart maker to make ME one for my own bday (if she and I were b+ friends), let alone enough to pass out… Wow. With you again on this one. Tell tart maker she’s a better friend than most deserve.

  61. misty 61

    can she be demoted to the F list for this? She should be? I love my friends but, as I’ve grown older, I have absolutely NO tolerance for the narcicistic/selfish friends. NONE!

    maybe I’m a horrible person but I would have told her that I was sorry, but I can’t. I hope she had a nice birthday and surely, on such short notice, the local market would have cookies or cupcakes she could share.
    Poor Tart maker. She is a better person than I.

  62. Rachel 62

    Nope. Never.
    That is tacky and lacking couth.

    *sigh* The cuteness of your decor and pictures just overwhelms me!!

  63. jamie 63

    i can’t believe your tart maker friend said yes!!! i would have been like hellll no! that was really rude! reading that made me mad for tart maker friend. B+ friend should be ranked as F- friend!

  64. Egghead 64

    It is pretty presumptuous of her B+ friend. Some people really don’t have a clue. I myself could never have asked someone to buy or bake me anything for my birthday let alone ask for something like this. But I probably would have told her that I would not have enough time on such short notice.

  65. Alisa 65

    I would not ask this of someone I wasn’t BFF with, much less the day before I “needed” them. If I were tart maker, I would have told her no way.
    I love your decorations. Again.

  66. Cheryl 66

    Agree with all those above (and your blow into a paper bag reflexive reaction) that take issue with the B+ assignation. No more. Horridly awful. However, I DO love the assignation “Tart Maker”…that’s a saucy sounding moniker. ;)

  67. pam 67

    I agree with everyone. What a rude friend. As someone who is old, I have learned to say “no”. That’s it, just a polite, “no, I’m sorry, I can’t”.

  68. Lisa 68

    I’m with Pam. Just a sweet smile and a “Sorry but I can’t” should solve the problem nicely.

    Now you have me thinking about those dark chocolate M & M’s and I love your spiderweb tablecloth.

  69. krysta 69

    oh man, if it were my friend i would want to give her the one fingered salute. nervy! i think she should be demoted to f-list status!

  70. sharon 70

    Yikes!! I’d tell B+ to go hike it to a her local Vons and buy their pre-packaged crap. Oh wait, I’m often a pushover and probably would do the same as tart goddess.

    B+, it may be your birthday but aren’t we too old to play Birthday Princess?

  71. My teeth are grinding. I would have been like “slap that b****!” Knowing me, I would have snarled, “Sure. And why don’t you take care of my kids, do my laundry and book me a European vacation for my birthday?” Twit. Selfish, evil twit. Makes me want to slap her.

    She should poision those tarts.

  72. Bunny 72

    Princess is right or maybe more like tart fairy handing out tarts to anyone and everyone…AND she wanted them delivered!!!

  73. Jamee 73

    I am definitely not as people-pleasing as the tart-maker, I would have told B+ friend to go find another tart maker!

  74. Tart-maker should have asked B+ for some payment to cater her little “party”. I wonder how well that would have gone over! Sounds like tart-maker is sweet and wouldn’t want anyone to be unhappy.

  75. Mom101 75

    Loran suggested I stop by and now I’m kind of bummed I did because I now have to run out and buy dark chocolate m n ms. Hmph.

  76. Recently my aunt asked me to make my cousin’s b’day cake on the day before. Small detail: it was 10pm! I would love to do my little cousin’s cake but really at 10pm of the day before! I had to say no. Some people have some nerve! And she would pay for the ingredients, as if that was a favour! What about pay for her work? And she even had to go and drive them to her house by 7.30!!!!! Pass me the bag!

  77. Tell me that wasn’t you that got hoodwinked into making those? That is totally absurd. and then she wants them DROPPED off at 7:30?!? That’s rather obnoxious.

  78. Wow, really rude, especially the deliver to my house before 730am – OMG!!

  79. Bloody hell, I would NEVER impose like that! Tart Maker is a much more polite woman than I will ever be O_O

  80. TSannie 80

    That would be the quickest move from a B+ to an F friend anyone ever saw. How incredibly ballsey of her!

  81. I think Tart Maker should have gone to the Hostess bakery and bought 35 of those little things they try to pass off as apple pies, seeing as how the other person is trying to pass herself off as a friend.

    As my grandmother would say…”Honey, that was just tacky.”

    When I toured my dream home yesterday and tried to take up root in my dream kitchen, I seriously thought of you, Noble Pig! Oh, yes ma’am, I did! I have Noble Pig Cooking Prowess Envy!

    Carry on!

  82. Wow! I used to be just like tart-maker. Then I woke up one morning and said, “No.” (very politely, of course.) Guess what? Some of those “friends” disappeared in a huff and I survived WITH A WHOLE LOT MORE TIME ON MY HANDS AND LESS STRESS. I wasn’t a victim, merely a volunteer. So I UN-volunteered and IT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR ME AND MY FAMILY!

    Clearly you won’t need council regarding this and your friends won’t see it if you offer it. So, keep the bag ready and ignore it (your friend does). : )

  83. Shirley 83

    Pretty outrageous. Even though the tart maker agreed to make them for her, she’ll probably learn from the experience and say NO next time.

    You cracked me up with the turds comment, too! LOL

  84. Raina 84

    Yeah, that is just rude and totally tacky…I would never ever impose on anyone like that but than again I would not let anyone impose on my like that either. I have been a huge giver all my life and it was not until this past year that I learned that by sometimes saying no to others you are saying yes to yourself and that is okay to do and very necessary sometimes. Shame on her for putting her friend on the spot like that.

  85. That’s no friend that’s a leech. She’ll hook on and drain all she can out of every “friendship” and be so hurt if she gets refused.
    If we had bowls like that filled with candy we would be so fat. But the bowls are cute.

  86. Kim 86

    Ummm B+ friend just slid down to a -F in my book. If I were Tart Maker there would be no tarts, no call, no dlivery and no birthday card! I guess that makes me rough but I think that call was incredibly insane!

  87. WAIT – a thousand little turds? Hilarious.

    Be sure to post pics when you get the delivery!

  88. Amy B 88

    Very funny post! I would die if that happened to me. I didn’t know wee could make requests of our friends like that. Geez!!! I don’t even remind them of my birthday, much less make a “to do” list for them. I hope she’s been down-graded to a C/D friend.

    xoxox Amy

    P.S. Cute Halloween plates.

  89. Erin 89

    That is insane. I can’t believe she said yes. Kudos to her, she should get the Most Amazing Friend award. Seriously.

  90. NO.


  91. Ruthanne (in Seattle) 91

    I can only add one thing – it helped my sister start saying “no”. For some people it’s easier to start with “that just doesn’t work for me”. Sometimes (perhaps for this B+ friend) this can become “Sorry, but that just doesn’t work for me”. I hope this is helpful for tart maker in the future!

  92. Melissa 92

    Tartmaker is a good friend, but I think she crossed the line into being one of those people who can’t say no. Cause I don’t know anyone who would say yes to a self-centered ridiculous request such as that one.

  93. Erin 93

    I cannot believe someone would have the nerve to ask such a request on such a short notice. She should’ve said NO! So, when are you gonna publish this recipe for us?

  94. Leslie 94

    Rude Rude Rude!!
    I am the type of person that will go out of my way to NOT to inconvenience someone. And I just an appalled by people like that!

  95. Jude 95

    Sounds so terrible. People who take advantage of people’s kindness like that do not deserve delicious pastries.

  96. Kyddryn 96

    I would be (and have been) the one receiving that call, up all night baking.

    I would not, under any circumstances, be the one to make that call.

    I may need a dish-scrubber like that to live.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  97. That “friend”… I don’t get it. Not even my very nearest and dearest would I ever ask a favor like that. Never. The nerve of some never ceases to amaze.

    Did you say your friend had to DELIVER them? Could the gal at least have picked them up herself?

    uh… Primadonna?

  98. Kraysian 98

    I wouldn’t ever dream of asking that type of favor from my BEST friend let alone from anyone else. That just seems so insanely rude. (and I’m only 23 myself)

    Maybe it’s just me, but I would have had to politely said no to that request. The whole idea seems just off, and I would not subject myself to that, being the tart maker. For a best friend, yes… with plenty of notice, but in this situation. Just no.

  99. WOW. That is crazy ballsy. I would NEVER and nobody would dare ask that of me. That’s just plain nuts.

  100. Dee 100

    I’m impressed with your tart-maker friend – she’s so selfless. How rare is that?

  101. Laura 101

    She should be glad she did nto call me because No woudl not be all she heard from me! I woudl have unloaded on her and taken back the gift I had already gotten her and that would be the end of that using relationship…. someone pass the chocolate already i want to hunt down this B friend and stuff a tart up her nose!

  102. vanessa 102

    wow… the nerve of b+ friend!! poor tart-maker. she should have said no i suppose, but not everyone can say no easily…. especially when so bewildered!

  103. christine 103

    tartmaker needs some balls, enough to say f*&% off, i’m not your personal baker, i know i would have freaked out, but i am not a diplomat and i really don’t care if people don’t like me anymore, hell, at least i know they would never ask me to make tarts for them again.

  104. kellypea 104

    I’m totally with you on the concept of the F- friend. Nice call.

  105. kellypea 105

    The reason I love being LAST in your string of comments is that I get to read them all and enjoy the hell out of it! Still trying to get that image of you blowing into a bag over this out of my head. A woman after my own heart. OMG. I’m sad to say that a person who would have the balls to ask a question like this wouldn’t be a friend. My friends pretty much know that whether they want an opinion or not, they’ll get one of mine free of charge — and I’m talking about my A+ circle who have been stuck with me about 20 years. I think my snide remark to this friend would be, “Sure. Grab a pencil and I’ll read you the shopping list. You go pick up the ingredients and I’ll meet you at my house after I take care of my responsibilities. I’ll show you how to make them, ‘kay, sweetness?” I can guarantee that she’d change her mind about the whole thing. But I’m a sarcastic ass, so what do I know? But can you totally see the expression on her face after that? Bwhahahahaha!

  106. Tami 106

    I’m on to B+ friend – she secretly wanted all of the little pies for herself and “created” the idea of giving to others at her yoga class – yeah right! You know that tonight she’s going to be sitting at home in front of the TV hoovering all those delicious little pies herself. Happy Birthday to ME!!! That is just so very sad in sooo many ways :(

  107. Psychgrad 107

    I think if I friend ever asked something like that of me, I would think they were joking. I’d laugh for a bit…tell them to get a life and hang up (still believing that it’s a joke).

    Your friend is really letting herself get walked over.

  108. dlyn 108

    Not that any of my friends would do such a thing, but if they did, I would probably laugh myself silly – sheeeeesh!

  109. Unfortunately, there are people like that out there who will consider us friend to them when they need something. Shame on her. I would never ask someone to waste personal time to bake and not make up anything after. I will pay for ingredient is pretty lame way to not even show appreciation.

    I would bake 1 huge giant lousy cream pie and throw at that friend:)

  110. Foodycat 110

    I would put good money on B friend passing off the pies as her own creations too. What a nerve. I hope tartmaker has many, many A+ friends to go around to this person’s house and teach her some manners.

  111. Laura 111

    This is freakin’ crazy. I thought, from your post title, the friend asked for the recipe. Which I thought was an ok thing to do and was kind of wondering… and then I realized how I had misunderstood and was absolutely stunned.

    I would have had one less B+ friend.

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