Who’s In Charge?

This is so confusing to me sometimes, I don’t even know where to begin.

First of all, who’s in charge of our economy?  Yes, we have a global economy, but who is directly in charge of it’s successes and failures?

In an election year, when things aren’t going well, the President becomes the scapegoat for ALL things amuck.  No one seems to be mentioning Congress (that much).

So who’s really responsible for the mess we are in?  Is it the executive branch, congress, the federal reserve, subprime mortgage lenders, Wall Street CEO’s, greed?

Was it the subprime crisis that began this downward spiral? 

Personally, I’m disgusted with it, as everyone is.  I’m sickened seeing everyone worrying about their futures, their jobs, their homes. 

AND why is it the stock market can rebound in one day (when it does rebound) but the housing market recovery is like a slow path from hell? 

Is the new president really going to get in there and change things, I mean once he’s in, he’s in.  What’s the rush. 


I refer to these as my Halloween scepters.  For some reason they remind me of what a jester from the Middle Ages would carry around during his entertainment antics.  Each one is about a foot and a half long made from cloth and felt.  I love the witches curly orange hair and her one tooth.

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  1. HoneyB 1

    It made me totally ill to see my retirement decrease by thousands and I still get ill when I think about it. Maybe I’ll have to live on the streets when I’m retirement age. Or even worse, before I retire. Its scary and those of us with kids have their future to worry about also.

  2. Laura 2

    i have said and asked the very same thing… UGGGGGGGGG
    love the halloween decorations they make me laugh!

  3. Laura 3

    I have a hard time trusting ANY politician…it seems like you have to do too many unscrupulous things to win an election.

  4. Yeah, I’m not sure what makes anyone think ANY man or woman can take over as president and FIX everything. They’ve all had good times and good things they’ve done and they’ve all had their share of the not-so-good, let’s not bring up names, but yes, frustrating!
    Thanks for the Halloween cheer ups.

  5. All I will say is this…I feel sorry for whoever wins this election and becomes the next president because they are inheriting an enormous mess that will not be easily solved.

    I think your scepters are my favorite Halloween decoration yet. The cat on is too cute, the hair on the witch is so great and I love that it looks like the pumpkin has eyelashes.

  6. Exactly. All those stock holders that are greedily selling at the beginning of the day and then buying them back much cheaper just before closing? I don’t see the President doing it, but this must be all of his fault.

  7. Barbie with a T 7

    I would comment on the economy situation, but I am too angry to do so! I could rant for hours. It would do no good. I feel like “Joe the plumber”, only I am “Barbie the homeowner”. By the way, someone so noble deserves such elegant Halloween scepters. Very cute. I see your candy pails are still full, is there anybody sneaking candy from them yet??

  8. Becky 8

    Doesn’t everything usually go haywire during an election year? Is it me, or is it worse this year?
    Love the kinky orange hair, too. That’s the first thing that caught my eye. And I like how she’s peeking through it.

  9. It is NOT going to be easy for the new Prez to get this situation under control–but I’d like to think they’ll start working on the problems right away!!

  10. Philly 10

    Who the hell wants to be president anyway?

  11. Cathy, love the Halloween pic today. As for the economy, I don’t think it’s fair (or correct) to blame any one specific person, as much as I enjoy blaming stuff on W. It’s a combination of factors, and from what I’ve read, it was just as much Clinton who got the ball rolling on this current crisis as it’s been W who’s helped push it along. Bottom line? Who knows? But I agree, it is upsetting seeing everyone worry like this, especially with the holidays coming up.

  12. wkf 12

    Boy are you brave to open that can of worms….. LALALALALALAAAA

    Nice scepters…lalalalalalal

    Ok the answer is all of the above ,…..

    and I wanted to say alot more but I
    just won’t…. I am tired of being angry. I yell at the TV and write nasty letters to my Congress people’s aides. Because my Congress people don’t read them. But I write them anyway.

    Anyway I like your Halloween A Day….

  13. The stock market doesn’t rebound in one day. That’s headline misnomers from the newspapers. Basic trends are down, because business demand is weak. The overall picture is what you have to look at there, not day to day fluctuations. The Dow is simply taking out all the fluff since Reagan falsely inflated people’s confidence when there wasn’t fundamentals behind it.

    You can be Queen Cathy anytime with those cool scepters !

  14. Do you have a whole room just to store your Halloween stuff in?

  15. Marjie 15

    This housing mess was started in the late 1970s by Jimmy Carter’s “neighborhood housing act”. He passed the law requiring banks to loan to people where they did business regardless of their ability to pay. Clinton expanded it. Greenspan’s low interest rates encouraged people to buy, and since there’s little manufacturing left in this country, due to people wanting lots of cheap stuff, which must come from overseas, the only industry left was housing. Enter the creation of mortgage brokers. Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae were willing to buy up any and all mortgages, and “liar loans” were created, I think first in California. I know the culture of taking all equity out of your house as soon as it rose in value so everyone could live like Rockefellers came from California. As soon as any housing prices went down, BOOM! Everyone’s broke as a joke. It can only be fixed by a complete realignment of attitudes of people in this country, realizing that you can’t just have a $2000 TV because you want it, when instead you should pay your rent or mortgage!

  16. I think the answer is all of the above and then some. Average individual citizens are not completely blameless either, including me. We’re in as much mess as we decide to put ourselves in. Yes, I believe some of these homeowners were misled, but they wanted to believe the lies they were told. They allowed greed to cloud their judgement as well. The greed occurred all the way up the food chain and now all levels are reaping the consequences. I cannot hold the government or lending institutions or anyone else responsible for my credit card debt (minor compared to horror stories I hear, but still too much until it’s at $0) or my reckless spending habits. We have become used to instant gratification in this country. If we see something we want, we think we should have it now, whether we can truly afford it or not.

  17. Fran 17

    I’m with you. I hate worrying about people’s jobs and the economy. I hate worrying about my children’s future with the economy the way it is.

    I love your Halloween decorations. I especially love the witch with curly hair. It could be me on my really witchy days….


  18. Louise 18

    This is the first Halloween post where the text is more frightening than the pictures! I for one am just looking forward to that sense of optimism following this election that will give us all a reason to pull ourselves up by our collective bootstraps and dig in and do our part to get ourselves out of this mess that we willingly got ourselves into. We are ready for that change in attitude.

  19. Alisa 19

    I like your sceptors.

  20. melissa 20

    One time recently, while in Canada, I had to get gas, as I pulled in to the station I took a quick look at the price, it said 1.57 and I almost crapped! Upon looking again I realized it was for a liter. So they are paying 6.28 a gallon. I started to laugh and said is this Bushes fault also. The president can make decisions but congress has to pass them. Is that right?

    I love all of your Halloween decorations! I bet your a fun mom to! Do you stand around corners and jump out and scare your husband and kids?

  21. Lisa 21

    Yep, I think greed may well sum up the problem. And then there is recklessness and arrogance, but don’t get me started. I don’t think a president can change everything or fix everything but I do think there is something to be said for setting a tone in the country and inspiring us to rise above the blame and fear and make a difference.

    Your scepters are cute, cute, cute!

  22. krysta 22

    i think the majority of the problem is greed… greed from ordinary folks, greed from washington, greed from the ceo’s. there was no oversight. brings to mind the old adage ‘while the cats away, the mice will play’

    no one person was responsible for this mess. it was a lot of factors that contributed to this mess we are in. everyone wanted to make a quick buck. there was pressure from stockholders, homeowners, and business men to prosper while the getting was good. don’t tell me that people did not know this meltdown was going to happen. they did. my mom who was a real estate agent told us all about the sub prime mess years before it even happened, but everyone wanted to make a dollar when they could with no thought to the aftermath. including my mom, who now is struggling to pay the bills.

    while no one wants regulation, no one wants socialism either… so why can’t we compromise a little? i have to compromise everyday between my wants and my kids and husbands wants. why can’t it be the same for banking and government? seriously it’s time to stop pointing fingers and fix it. i think we’ve had it very easy compared to our grandparents (one in the dust bowl one from the depression). we don’t remember what those times were like and now it’s come to us as a shock. no matter who the president is they will have to fix it. they have some time but it is quickly fleeting before some major damage is done.

    off soap box now.

    cathy, i’d love to see where you store all this stuff at or a actuall shot of your living room/kitchen/ den to see, how on a whol,e you have your house decorated.

  23. Teri 23

    Do you think that people in congress are as worried as we are? I mean, they go home just like we do… are they doing all they can for us? Or does the greed monster just take over…

    Why do I picture you in a big chair with you Halloween Scepter and your Miss Piggy Mask?! “Cathy the Queen of Halloween!”

  24. Hard question to answer. All of the above is the best answer. So I will continue to work and enjoy life and blog and drink wine and eat and laugh….!

  25. Lo 25

    I hate to concur (it seems so simple minded). But, I’m on the same page. And I’m not sure I have much more to add (except maybe… gosh, I feel sorry for whoever really IS in charge :))

    I do think it’s important we join RobinSue in working, enjoying life, drinking, eating… and LAUGHING. I prescribe LOTS of laughter.

  26. Biz 26

    The one in the middle is my favorite too!

    It’s easier to think happy thoughts about Halloween than thinking about our economy!

  27. Amber 27

    My biggest question is when is Congress and the Senate going to get some balls and retroactively go after any CEO who has walked away from a failing/failed company with a flippin penny to their name from that company. Isn’t it the CEO’s JOB to run the company. If he/she fails why are they rewarded? If I fail at my job I get fired with nothing.
    And yes the one tooth and the hair are my favorites also.

  28. annbb 28

    Whomever has the answers to your questions, please please share it with the rest of us!

  29. Cassie 29

    I think we should be in charge.

  30. Tammy 30

    First I want to say I live in California. I managed a title and escrow company for 24 years and lost my job 6 months ago (our company closed the office). And I saw first hand too many people that got loans that couldn;t even get a loan to buy a car. It was easy money to get. They also had the mind set that they would live there 6 months or a year and sell then make a huge profit…but when the market turned they bailed.
    I also saw occasions where the real estate agent also acted as the loan agent and falsified social security numbers (said they do it all the time)for their clients to buy a house.
    It was commonplace for everyone to refinance their home to pay for home improvement, cars, trips, college educations, pay off cedit card debt….heck, we were told by advertisers what better way to get “free” money. And everyone here that had a pulse..had their real estate license…and that got rich very quick.
    Was this responsible for the current state we are in?? I don’t think completely…but I know here, when the market started to turn…it effected everyone..small business owners, construction workers, contractors…and now people like me….I would have never expected to lose my job..I figured I put my years in and was set for life with a company that had been in this town for over 60 years. I never thought that I would get the phone call that in 3 days we were closing our doors. And then having to face it not only myself but telling my staff (we were down from 16 employees to 4) some of which had small children or were the only wage earner in their household.
    Now If find myself wondering what to do. I am too young for retirement, but how can I train for a new career after all there years. It is a very confusing time….yikes

  31. What a tangled mess we weave.

  32. Okay, I’m skipping the political topic — it’s just too FRUSTRATING to discuss a congress (endowed to make laws by the Constitution) pointing fingers (money-stained fingers)at everyone else! DO YOUR JOB OR RESIGN YOU DOPES!!! [Rant over — pardon my explosion.]

    I shall now say I vote for this Halloween pic as my fave thus far. That is a cute witch (can’t believe I’m even writing this) — love the hair, but the black kitty steals my heart. We have a big black kitty (Toulouse) and I only wish our old grumpy feline would sport a grin like that, even if only on Halloween. ; )

  33. Mike 33

    I am also livid. The more I learn about the history and individual voting records, bills, etc that have contributed to all of this mess, the more I want to just buy an island and call it my own country away from all this crap. But anyways, going the poor house aside…I like the Halloween candy presentation. :-P

  34. dawn 34

    I see what you’re saying. I mean, in all honesty, does it really matter who goes in there? No one will ever really fix things; they are all talk trying to accomplish a childhood goal of getting into the white house and that’s it. Whoever talks the best talk wins. And yeah, what’s the rush exactly.

  35. Pam 35

    It’s very frustrating and scary! I love your Halloween scepters – too cute.

  36. Greed is the reason. It has replaced care for others as a driving force in this society. But if you keep taking eventually things start to fall apart.
    I love your three scepters.

  37. Bunny 37

    My mom and dad raised 8 kids, worked they’re whole lifes, bought stock to retire on. My dad passed away 2 yrs ago, my mom is scared sick because she’s loosing money from her stocks like crazy. It makes me sick to see her worry like that. It’s greed.

  38. Erin 38

    I don’t know. I’m very glad I’m not in charge, I gotta say.

    Your Halloween Scepters are very cute. You should dub yourself the Queen of Halloween and chase your kids around with them demanding that they wait on you. LOL

  39. Marysol 39

    Noble, I think our next president will need divine intervention in order to fix the disastrous mess this country is in.

    But, for the time being, I’m going to put all that aside, and enjoy your adorable Halloween characters [G].

  40. I’ve wondered some of the same things… as you well know. No easy answers, and I’m resigned to working until I’m quite old now that I’ve lost so much of my retirement.

    I’d rather compliment you on your awesome Halloween scepters! I love the cat, but they’re all great!

  41. grace 41

    i don’t like to even think about politics, but i will say that the middle sceptor resembles me after i put my hair in sponge rollers that one time. never again. :)

  42. Marcy 42

    You bring up alot of good questions here Cathy, but honestly , trying to think of any answers only makes my sinus headache worse… We have opinions that are pretty much the same!

  43. tipper 43

    I think all the ones you mentioned are to blame!!!

  44. Wow Cathy. Very passionate and interesting thoughts on our global economy. Here here.

    Noble Pig for Treasury secretary!


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