What’s the Best…

Last night the Wild Boar and I were each making our case for what we feel are the best shows on television. 

For me, it’s 24.  I love the drama, the suspense and the action; all of it leaves me on the edge of my seat.  I find it exciting.  I’ve had so many heart attacks during this show.  I love it.

The Wild Boar’s favorite show is Lost.  He’s all about the science fiction. 

I also really enjoy Lost but get frustrated over the way the writers have chosen to drag out the storyline, purposefully not answering vital questions about certain aspects of the show.  I often feel unsatisfied when an episode ends.  However, I always come back for more.

But then there’s The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and just a ton of other programming I know other’s are just as passionate about.

However, I hardly ever watch the tube anymore, but when 24 is on, I’m there.  With popcorn.


We have lots of treat vessels to hold Halloween loot.  There are so many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  If you are not prepared you WILL run out of candy.  These very large metal pails were Martha Stewart creations from years past.  Sold as a threesome they hold lots of Halloween goodies ready to be passed out to eager goblins and ghosts.

I love handing out candy from the cat pail with the rick-rack whiskers.

Then there’s the beaded basket and the cat bowl.

Let’s not forget the giant happy pumpkin container.

The spider bucket and ghost pail have also made their way into our home over the year’s.

If you stop by on Halloween, I’ll give you a whole handful of treats. 

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  1. HoneyB 1

    We love 24 in this house also! Grumpy also watches Rescue Me. I’m not much of a tv person unless its a cooking show or Top Chef.

  2. My husband and I stop everything to watch NCIS and Burn Notice. We are also liking the new show LIFE….I got tired of LOST, I have a problem with dead people not being dead and time shifting and…well, to me it’s become a mixed up mess !But my husband tries not to miss it.

    I think you must be the house every kid wants to Trick or Treat at. I bet you go all out on that too !

  3. What do I need to do to get a bucket full of candy? Where do you live, I need to go trick or treating by your house!!!!

  4. Laura 4

    Your that house we used to go to twice.

  5. I am a Dexter girl. I fell in love with the show last year and now I can’t wait for Sunday nights so I can see the next episode. Cute buckets!

  6. Kate 6

    I love Lost even though it pisses me off. Maybe I enjoy the anger, I dunno. Love all your Halloween stuff!

  7. Philly 7

    24 is also a family favorite here. Can’t wait till January.

  8. I’ve never gotten into 24, but know I would love it. And I want to hop a plane and T&T at your house!!!

  9. ntsc 9

    I’ve never paticularily cared for TV – other than PBS – which is odd considering I was in the business 34 years.

    One of the nice things, and with what the market is doing there aren’t a lot, is not having to watch TV 8 hours a day on the job.

    Well I’ve a lunch with ATT today. I expect nothing from today, but perhaps something will develop in the future. I have been told that they are thinking about expanding in to the portion of Consumer Electronics that is my forte.

  10. Becky 10

    The Captain was so disappointed when the 24 series ended! I like it too, and CSI.
    I love all your little treat keepers. By the way, exactly what street do you live on? I’m coming by your place for treats!!! tee hee

  11. Barbie with a T 11

    You are the most enthusiastic celebrant of Halloween that I have ever seen! You could charge admission to view your decorations! They are that impressive. For the past few years, we have lived in an area where there are absolutely no trick or treaters, so I am out of the loop completely! I am enjoying your collection.

  12. Marcy 12

    mmmmmmmm Halloween candy…I’m soo proud of myself that I haven’t bought any yet…but I need to do so soon…and if I come by your house I request SNIKCERS please:)

  13. When we lived at the beach, we would average 1,000 trick-or-treaters. Yes, that is 1,000. They drive into Westport from NYC and park at the beach lots. It was a hoot, but can be a big job! No cute containers for us. We just stood in the driveway and handed out handfuls from a large Rubbermaid bin!

  14. Diane 14

    Best show on tv right now…Mad Men on AMC, followed by DEXTER on Showtime. Both are brilliant shows.

  15. Man alive that’s a lot of candy! And I thought we got a lot of trick or treaters. And for the record, if I had all that stash sitting aroud my house this early, it wouldn’t make it to next week let alone Halloween.

  16. Lore 16

    Love that cat bucket!

  17. Pam 17

    24 wins in this house. Wow so much candy. How do you keep from eating it before Halloween.

  18. melissa 18

    I don’t watch very much TV. I like comedy. If I watch drama my mind works faster than the show and I end up scaring myself. On another note I should be a TV writer because the stuff I think up is way better than theirs….

  19. Leah Q 19

    I love the cat pail, then again, I am super partial to anything kitty…speaking of, I am about to go and feed someone’s cats this morning…. but for TV shows, I do have a few faves as well…Adore Top Chef, and though its set up and dialogue is almost predictable, love seeing how people can cook up amazing dishes in a jiffy. Other shows would have to be Madman – love it!, Dexter, though I have been missing it on Showtime even though I have Showtime, and Craig Fergerson’s late night show – though I can usually only catch the Friday’s show…alright, then lately there’s oprah… I admit.

  20. Greg 20

    Mad Men, hands down :)

  21. I love all the little buckets! Especially the spider one!

    The kids in your neighborhood have got to be loving your house!

  22. Candy 22

    Oh I love this question. There are a few shows I cannot miss, and some are new this year.

    We adore House in our…house. Even the kids watch it. Love it.

    Fringe is new, and by JJ Abrams, who produced Lost. I like this show a lot. Very X-Files, but interesting and not as difficult to udnerstand as Lost is sometimes.

    I can’t get enough of Project Runway. It never disappoints me. Watching these people, however annoying they may be, create CLOTHING out of SCRAP is just unbelievable to me. I’m always overwhelmed by their talent.

    I like Life. It’s on NBC but I don’t know if anyone is watching it. And I have to get my Grey’s Anatomy fix.

    The TiVO is full of Family Guy and Survivorman episodes, so that tells you what my kids like.

    My favorite show last year was Amsterdam, but I think that’ been canceled which is so disappointing.

  23. My daughter and I want to come trick or treating at your house!

    I think my favorite show right now is Heroes. I was totally into the first season it was on, but I could not get into the second season. This summer we bought the second season on DVD and watched it so we could be all caught up for season 3, which has been the best so far.

  24. Cheryl 24

    LOVE 24. (How I boo-hooed when Edgar died!) LOVE Mad Men. LOVE Rescue Me. There are many more in the “hate” column…including many shows beloved by many, so I’ll stick with the ones I like! ;)

    Now I have to go get some candy downstairs. ;) (Will you be handing out wine to parents in the future? I’d travel for that action…)

  25. May I have a piece of candy?!?! Looks fantastic!!

  26. Marjie 26

    We both enjoy 24. I call it a willing suspension of disbelief. We also both enjoy lost. But I have to say that Cold Case is really good. You can actually follow the plot in it, and it makes sense. How many shows can say that?

  27. I watch House and some HGTV. Other than that, I’ve been glued to CNN lately.

    I’m feeling the candy love!

  28. Rayrena 28

    Oh dear, I love Project Runway. Love seeing creativity in people since I lack… I also love Psych, very well written campy humor. And Dancing with the Stars. I can only watch Lost on tivo, so I can watch a few episodes at a time, otherwise, too much frustration from the unanswered questions!

  29. Trisha 29

    Okay – just one question. With so much candy around, how in the world do you resist snacking on it each time you go past? You must have great will power!

  30. Vanessa 30

    I love the black cat stuff! Looks like my cat Leggy… she is such a great Halloween cat, being black with yellow eyes.

    Also, love how your home is so festive in general for Halloween… the photos have all been fun! Especially the creatures in the wine racks.

    As for TV, I’m a fan of The Office… it’s so funny. I never did catch an episode of 24 or Lost though so I’m no help there!

  31. Marlene 31

    I just had to tell you…I AM GOING TO MY FIRST WINE FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND. It is the AT&T Twonpoint Wine Fest in downtown Norfolk! I will be thinking of you.

    Yeah, you can have a giveway with one of those cute candy filled containers and go ahead and let me win. I love them. They are adorable.


  32. Flea 32

    I love the cat basket!!!

    When I watched TV (we cancelled cable when the kids went to school last year), I was all about CSI, and Hunny was all about Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters. Now they all watch Heroes on the internet every week.

  33. Chinya 33

    ER…I especially love the old/original cast…Noah Wiley, George Clooney :). I am honestly a little depressed that this is the last season! :(

  34. Our house choices are just like yours and I like you am very frustrated with Lost and did not tune in as much last season because of the slacking off by the writers. I will confess that we are love the biggest loser as well – I am always fascinated to see how the contestants do and by the transformations of their bodies.

  35. Misty 35

    Holy cow I need to bring the kids to your house for Trick or treating! I love your pictures Cathy!

    For me, the best show in TV is CSI.

  36. I like to give treats by the fistful as well. My big thing is glow bracelets. Every year, I give candy and a glow in the dark bracelet. Last year, I forgot the bracelets and at least 20 kids asked about them. This year, I’m stocked!

  37. Teri 37

    CSI and House for me… 24 for my husband. When it’s on next week, if any of us interrupts him… he would.. uh, well, never mind, but it wouldn’t be pretty! He’s been celebrating the Season’s Premier since they’ve advertised it’s coming!

    OK, how the heck do you keep those boys (or yourself) out of that candy before Halloween!?! That would never work at at our house!

  38. I don’t have cable, so I’m stuck with a whole three channels. However, I will download certain shows.

    Seems like I would get along fine at your house. I like 24 and I loooove Lost.

    I also appreciate all the cartoons (Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill) as well as Dexter and Top Chef. Phew!

  39. misty 39

    I’ve never watched 24 and the reason is that I do not need another tv addiction. I don’t like tv… and yet, I’m addicted to LOST, the Office and Pushing Daisies…

    I’m a watching hypocrite.

  40. I am loving these photos of the day! I think we will be trick or treating at your house this year!

  41. sharon 41

    I love Lost, but it’s gotten kind of outlandish. I also love Heroes but it too has gotten a little weird. Oh well.

    Love your pails! I’m sure yours is the house all the kids want to stop by!

  42. 30 Rock is hysterical.

  43. Every year I’ve lived in Houston (9 so far) we have barely had any trick or treaters. Maybe with our move to the sticks we’ll have more ghosts & goblins around.
    As far as TV goes: House, Pushing Daisies, Battlestar Galatica, Doctor Who, True Blood, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Good Eats. Put those on and I’m happy.

  44. I have never watched 24 or Lost (though my son is addicted to Lost–I got him the dvds). I like the Office and Entourage (though I’m growing bored w/ it) and Project Runway/Top Chef. I could never get into Grey’s–I hate that corny music they’re always playing–like “this is a funny scene–see we’re playing funny music!” Yuck.

    My all-time fave show is Six Feet Under-nothing will ever compare to that show!!

    Wow–you have a lot of candy!! I’m a big candy giver-outer too. The kids get a huge handful from me–or maybe 2!!

  45. Tanya 45

    I’ve never seen Lost or 24. With Lost, I don’t think I’d have the patience.

    I’m deeply passionate about “The Office.” The great thing is that they actually move the plot along at a good pace. We didn’t have to wait 8 seasons for Jim and Pam to get together.

  46. Some of my new favorites are Eli Stone and Life. Add to them House and the 11th Hour – I’ve got something for the English!

    The only thing I don’t like about our house is we get NO trick or treaters. We live on a really quiet cul-de-sac and I don’t know if anyone knows we live back there:) We always get lots of candy (and the good stuff – none of this fake chocolate) and wind up having to eat it all ourselves, as my thighs will attest:)

  47. Amber 47

    Evidently you don’t hang out with many dentists.
    I absolutely love 24. I have sat with my jaw on the floor out of shock so many times. I do not answer the phone and do not attempt a conversation with me if it is on. And when they killed off Edgar I realized I had tears running down my cheeks. I was so pissed off that I almost called the show to let them know that I would never watch their show again if that was what they felt they could do to Edgar and the viewers. And yes of course there I sat the next week. I do not even sit all the way in the chair, I sit on the front edge. I love this show. I figure by the time they end it I will need therapy.

  48. Laura 48

    We are dedicated tv watchers, which means the tv only comes on (except sports and the Daily Show) to watch a show on our DVR. So while we have tons of shows, we only watch one show per night. My current favorite?…. gosh I don’t have a hand’s down fave right now, but I am with your husband on Lost. I also ADORE Chuck and my husband loves Pushing Daisies, which I enjoy. We love Battlestar Galactica, but it is not on now.

    Frankly I am just still mourning Veronica Mars… :(

  49. Pam 49

    I never got into 24 but I do love The Office, Grey’s Anatomy and Survivor.

    Your candy buckets are really cute – I can’t fill them until the day of Halloween or I’ll eat it all.

  50. 1. CSI

    2. Friday Night Lights

  51. I love Grey’s Anatomy! I just wish somebody would be happy. I miss burke. and I do love lost but I wish they’d tell us something already. Where do you store all of your Halloween stuff?

  52. Tipper 52

    Now thats some candy!!

  53. I love all your treat containers. I think your ready for Halloween. We, on the other hand, have nothing yet.

  54. krysta 54

    it’s all about mad men… and that bucket of candy!

  55. Liz C. 55

    So, if I get all costumed for Halloween, do you think I could pass for a really big kid when I Trick or Treat at your house? Love all the containers but the cat bucket would truly look great with my Cat Collection, lol. It’s rather eclectic.

    I’ve grown tired of the CSI shows and others I’ve been watching for a while. However, this year I’m completely obsessed with Dexter and with WEEDS (Showtime), True Blood & Californication (HBO). The only network shows I watch are Survivor Gabon and ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.

  56. Amanda 56

    House! Also So You Think You Can Dance when it was on this summer, and Primeval – which is BBC America, so probably not very popular Stateside yet. I use to watch Lost but I agree with a lot of you that they dragged it out too much and I got bored.

    As for the candy, wow! I am very impressed. I am also surprised you have it this early. My mom would buy it early on sale, but she would have to buy an extra bag for herself because she knew she couldn’t resist the call of the chocolate. My favorite house use to be the one that gave out the full size hersey bars. Yum!

  57. Leslie 57

    Now that blogging has taken over my life..I dont watch TV very often. I do watch The Office..and the FOod Network is always on in the background!

  58. Bunny 58

    My husband and I like CSI Las Vegas and I like The Office. He can’t stand it!!

  59. STINK womanquit with the chocolate bars! I’ve lost a little weight and your killin me with the candy. You better be doing more than 6 miles on that treadmill this month. Cute decorations. I gave up TV for lent; no not lent, nothing so NOBLE…BLOGGING!
    But let me think TV shows,…umm umm, nah nothing. U tube is fun.

  60. chuck 60

    Nope Hero’s is my show and I’m so glad it’s back on.

    Cathy I love the pails they are very cute! I think I would need at least 10 of them as we get around 350 kids each year to our house and with Halloween on Friday this year I expect even more :p

  61. grace 61

    here’s a poser–which do i like better, tv or candy? the truth is, i don’t know. :)

  62. TSannie 62

    those sweets look delicious!

  63. We took the TV out over 2 years ago. Now I have time to do a lot of other things–like write a blog and read other blogs. My house is quieter and more restful.

    We live so far out that we seldom get kids on Halloween. So we give our 1-dollar bills to those intrepid enough to risk our driveway. Usually we have less than 10, so giving our dollar bills prevents me from buying candy we’d end up eating ourselves.

  64. mikky 64

    knock, knock??? trick or treat!!! can i have some goodies? lol… awesome treats you got there… great post… :)

  65. Melissa 65

    I never watch TV unless it’s Discovery, Science Channel or Family Guy, which never fails to crack me up. If I let myself get into any shows, I go overboard on the addiction, so I just don’t watch anything at all. ;)

  66. I’m with Liz C. I’m all about the HBO/SHO shows. Dexter, Entourage, Weeds, Californication, etc…

  67. Well, now that I’m on maternity leave and doing a lot of nursing…that means a lot of tv. My husband loves Entourage, and now they’re re-running Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy- I like em both, makes the day nursing go by quicker!


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