They Don’t Bother Me

Shirt tags.  You know; the brand and care instruction tags.  They don’t bother me.  At all. 

I could have ten of them in my shirt and I wouldn’t even know they were there.  They don’t itch, scratch or cause me any discomfort whatsoever.

This is not true for the rest of my family.

If the Wild Boar or the hooligans put on a shirt with a traditional-hanging-tag, they freak out until it’s removed.

The Wild Boar will use a scalpel to meticulously remove each thread of a tag until all traces of it are gone.

It’s so interesting how sensitive they are because I can’t even feel the tags!  Nothing.  Nada.

So tell me, is this “tag issue” widespread?  Is anyone else tag-numb like me?

I definitely feel like the outsider here.

Halloween-A-Day Photo…

This a lighted-wooden witch display I purchased at Michael’s many years ago.  It is roughly 2-1/2 feet tall and 2 feet wide.  I like to turn it on in the evening while keeping the other lights low.  Last night we read Halloween books by its light.  I love it and not one bulb has ever burned out.

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  1. Diane 1

    I’m not bothered by them either. What are they made of? It could be a really rare allergy – or am I pandering to them too much?
    I know we get some clothes with labels cut out donated at the charity shop, but I always thought it was because people were bothered about the label having the size on.

  2. They don’t bother me either, cause I REMOVE them all! Seriosly that are tags these days that could have the BIble printed out, they’re huge! Cool witch!

  3. Ruth 3

    if they’re on the side seam of the shirt they’re fine, but ones in the neckline usually bug the hell out of me!
    occasionally you get one made out of soft enough material for me to not notice, but most are made of either rough material, what is practically plastic, or material with stitching in metallic thread or something.

    thing is, i can sometimes wear a shirt without a tag and not notice…but once i do notice its always on my mind when i wear that shirt so i feel it more!

  4. HoneyB 4

    On a RARE occasion a tag will bother me but not too often. I remember having to remove the tags for my kids and have even had to do so for Grumpy. Have you seen the tagless shirts out there? Now those are quite the find. :)

  5. Laura 5

    If you look around my closet, in won’t take you long to find several shirt/sweaters/blouses with little rips behind the neck. I have unsuccessfully tried to tear out those pesky tags only to pretty much ruin the top.
    My husband and I cannot STAND them.

  6. Philly 6

    Must be a male thing. My son has always complained and ripped them off


  7. I love the display! I’ve only had a few bother me. Otherwise, I don’t care. My husband goes crazy over them though.

  8. Kiki 8

    How cute! Thanks for reminding me about the Halloween decorations. I was waiting until October 1st. And I have one kid that tags ARE like kryptonite to Superman.

  9. ntsc 9

    Never bothered me, now Costco is printing them on the tee-shirts. That I noticed as I’m usually up way before my wife and use the feel of the tag to be shirt and shorts are right side out in the dark. Now I have to take them into the bathroom and turn on a light, which is a pain.

  10. Kari 10

    Love the Halloween decoration!

    Tags in shirts drive us crazy, too. I try to shop for tagless shirts whenever possible. I think all clothing should be made tagless.

  11. Becky 11

    The tags only bother me if they are out of place. The Captain cuts them all out, they drive him nuts.
    Love the witch/pumpkin/cat thing!!!

  12. Marcy 12

    hehe Cathy, I have the occasional itchy tag and have removed them, but usually they don’t bother me.:)
    Like the little witch – she is cute

  13. melissa 13

    My girls hate the tags. I have to cut them out. Especially bathing suit ones. I love the cat!

  14. Kraysian 14

    Ever since I was small I had an aversion to tags in my shirts. My mother used to tell me that I would grow out of the phase, but I realize now that is not the case.

    Some tags are fine, but others just have to be removed immediately. I always assumed I was in the minority, however.. Interesting thought.

    PS Love the decoration! I love love LOVE Halloween

  15. Leslie 15

    nope..they dont bother my husband or I..but both my kids hate em!!

  16. The ones on my neck don’t bother me. However, the horrible ones along the sies of shirts that have recently been cropping up annoy me to no end. Can’t stand them and have been known to take whatever sharp object is available to cut them out as soon as I discover them….at work this has ranged from letter openers to the sharp edge of my tape dispenser.

  17. Kiki 17

    The ones that bother me are the really stiff ones in strange places.

    I’m not sure that came out right, but you know what I mean.

  18. Rachel 18

    I am digging that witch display with a passionate love I can’t even begin to describe! ;-)

    the tags don’t bother me in shirts, but they do in pants. Weird, huh. :-)

  19. Ok first of all, I thought that first line said “Shit Tags” which made me laugh. And then I realized it was shirt, and I laughed some more.

    As for the tags, they don’t bother me at all either, and I don’t think you’re in the minority because I haven’t heard of too many people freaking out over them. But nowadays they are making more and more t-shirts without tags, with just the label printed inside the back/top of the shirt.

  20. Bunny 20

    I only have a problem with those tags if they’re stiff. When my kids were babies my mom would cut the tags out of all they’re baby clothes because she said it would bother them, then she’d cut the feet out of they’re sleepers because thy needed to have they’re feet out. I think it bothered my mom more tan the babies! LOL!

  21. Some tags bother me, but most do not. Dh and the kids seem to be more sensitive to them.

  22. I can live with them. On occasion I have gotten a super itchy one…. but mostly they’re no big deal.

  23. Steph 23

    There are random pieces of clothing that have tags that bother me, but for the most part, I never even notice them!

  24. The tags don’t usually bother me–but they do bother the kids! They’re loving all these new tag-free shirts!

    I like your witch and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Halloween display. I usually put my stuff out on Oct 1–but I got so busy yesterday, I couldn’t…

  25. Kirstin 25

    Totally tag numb as are the two males in the family. My daughter however has the whole “princess and the pea” thing down. Any tag, seam, elastic or heaven forbid-lace, will bother her. Thank goodness many children’s clothing now has printed on tags. Also, soft undershirts help with other shirts or dresses that dare to touch her body.

  26. Candy 26

    Depends on the tag, but usually I am not bothered by them. Every once in a while, though, I get a shirt with a tag sewn in with some sort of soldering wire or something and I want to scream.

    My son, when he was younger, couldn’t stand “bumpy socks”, meaning that if the socks had a seam across the toes (a major defect in my opinion anyway) he would cry. He would take his shoes off, adjust the sock, put the shoes back on, repeat steps a – c ad infinitum. So I understand your frustration.

  27. Trisha 27

    Sometimes the tags bother me and sometimes they don’t. I guess it depends on just what material they are made of. Some of them are made out of really stiff paper-like stuff and THAT itches!

  28. Teri 28

    They make some tags much nicer now than they used to (i.e. nice cloth ones). So I have been known to remove the itchy yucky scratchy papery ones that have been know to leave scratches. I wish I had the scalpel for those! So picky! My kids would have liked that too!

    Oooh your decorations are so cute… keep your pictures coming! Mine are still buried in the moving boxes… they’re being unearthed this weekend though!!! I can’t wait, but it was a good excuse to buy NEW ones! Yay! HAVE FUN READING STORIES!!!

  29. Marjie 29

    Tags bother me, too, but don’t seem to bother any of my 10 family members. And since the Wild Boar is scalpel trained, I guess he can use it as he sees fit. As for the hooligans, well, we do have to put up with their foibles, don’t we?

  30. phillygirl64 30

    The tags don’t bother me, but some have a tendency to pop out

    Love today’s Halloween pictures MUCH better than yesterday’s!

  31. ok my daughter and my husband are weird about if stuff doesn’t “feel” right. its choking me, it bothers me it itches!!!! good gracious it makes getting her ready a pain because each item of clothes doesn’t feel just right for some crazy touch feely reason!!

  32. The tags don’t bother me unless they are unusually stiff. My daughter is another story. She has sensory issues and cannot tolerate them at all! I have always had to cut out the tags in her clothes. She won’t even wear a turtleneck or any kind of sweater against her bare skin.

  33. Tammy 33

    Tags to me are one of those things that if I don’t think about it, it won’t bug me. But occasionally I get one on the side of a shirt…that can make me crazy.
    Love the witch….too cute!!

  34. Nope, they don’t bother me in the least, but only if they are the ones at the neck. the tags that stick out so they rub on my side of my waist drive me crazy

  35. Most tags drive me absolutely crazy (and that would be a short trip, most days). :)

  36. Rayrena 36

    They drive my husband crazy too. I use a pair of Tweezerman scissors to cut them out but a scalpel sounds even better! They usually only bother me if they’re on the sides and I sleep in them. I toss and turn a lot…

  37. Mike 37

    When I was young, they would really irritate me, but now, I am blissfully tag unaware like yourself.

  38. I’m tag-numb as well, but Mr. Clairol goes crazy. All of his shirts have the tags cut out.

    The witch is adorable!

  39. Anna 39

    I don’t usually have an issue with tags. Maybe it doesn’t bother most women because we are used to having hair on the back of our necks?

    You have inspired me to dig out my Halloween decorations! My favorite is a plastic light-up ghost holding a pumpkin that I got around age 2. My mom would stick it in my window and I loved the glow it gave my room at night. This thing is totally tacky, by the way, being that it came from K-Mart in the ’70s. But it has such sentimental value for me that I adore it. Also, I don’t remember having ever changed the bulb, which scares me since the thing is over 30 years old!

  40. Shirt tags used to bother my daughter when she was little, but she seems to have outgrown it. I can’t remember the last time I had to cut a tag out for her.

    Love the Halloween decorations! Have you ever read The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury? This was one of my husband’s favorite stories when he was a kid (12 or so). I don’t know if it’s appropriate for your boys, but if you like Halloween you might like this for yourself. :)

  41. I HATE tags. All I can focus on is that wine behind the witch. Now that’s a treat;)

  42. Whitney 42

    The worst is when the print tag on Gap Undies starts to get worn and then that gets scratchy…would have much preferred the tag.

    What type of V. Sattui wine is in the back of the pic?

  43. Alisa 43

    That is very cool! We were just at the bookstore yesterday and I was really bummed that the kids are too old for all those Halloween books I used to read them. We’ve moved on to some scarier books…Ghoul School! Creepy.

  44. Familia 44

    that’s hilarious! i’m totally tag-numb too, and all of my guys have skin on the back of their necks like the princess and the pea. go figure!

  45. Marlene 45

    I love the lighted decoration!!!

    I am sometimes a tag sufferer…I have a mixed house of people who care and people who don’t.

  46. I think it depends on the tag. Sometimes they’re soft and sometimes they’re hard. Some of the synthetic tags will “melt” in the dryer and harden and then they get annoying.

  47. Chou 47

    I’m a big fan of the printed on the inside of the shirt tag. But that’s just because I hate it when they stick up above my collar. Which they do almost all the time. Nerd alert!

  48. jean 48

    I didn’t even notice clothes had tags till my son started to freak out about them. I had to go thru all his clothes and remove them. He would actually wear his shirts inside out, just to avoid the dreaded tag. That goodness he has grown out of that stage.

  49. Lo 49

    Totally immune to the tag-issues-disease… so you’re in good company, as it looks :)

    Forgive me if I’m picturing your entire home filled with Halloween decor. Nice :)

  50. I never feel tags either but hubby removes everyone he can without destroying the shirt

  51. Tipper 51

    Same thing at my house-doesn’t bother me-but drives hubby and the kids crazy.

    Love the decoration!

  52. Pam 52

    I don’t mind the tags most of the time but there have been a few that bothered me. I love your Halloween witch – Michael’s always has great decorations.

  53. Warren 53

    Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I can’t stand an inside the shirt tag. I think most of them are printed on old shingles or pieces of tin foil just so they will irritate us.

    Tried the Shrimp with Fennel and Feta last night and it was SUPERB!

  54. Mrs. L 54

    You do realize by the end of the month I’m going to be very jealous of all your Halloween goodies! AWESOME witch display!

  55. ALF 55

    Tags don’t usually bother me. Although when I was younger I have memories of my Uncle Georgie cutting the tags out of my shirts for me.

  56. Wow! I LOVE all of this cool Halloween stuff you have posted. Awesome! It is one of my favs!!

  57. dawn 57

    tags only bother me when there are like 3 on there. why 3? why not fit all the info on one tag? what’s up with the 3 tags on one t-shirt deal? does this sound like a jerry seinfeld episode?
    love that you are rocking your Halloween decorations….I was wondering when we’d see it.
    what did you decide on the coffee maker? did all those responses guide you towards a purchase? do share.

  58. I’m tag-numb too and FREAK if anyone in my household removes their tags. How am I supposed to remember what is washed in cold or warm? I can’t!

  59. Shelly 59

    I don’t usually notice them but my son FWEAKS OUT over them. My daughter has this weird thing with socks. She hates the seam across her toes.

  60. Leah Q 60

    Personally I am not tag-challenged that I know of… empathy goes out to those who are tag-challenged though….

    though I like my undies to be tagless… go figure…

  61. It depends on the type of tag it is, for me. Some tags are scratchy and itchy, and some you can’t feel at all. I’m on the fence with this one! :)

  62. Jamee 62

    I don’t see the big deal with tags…they don’t bother me..On the rare occasion that one does, I can’t cut off because then I’ll wash it wrong! I’m the worst about shrinking clothes! (or maybe just gaining weight! whatev!)

  63. Shirley 63

    It depends on the tag. Some are just itchy and must go. My husband is the same way. My son seems oblivious to tags.

    Re: socks, I often turn them inside out so the seams are not against my feet. I actually learned to do that when I did the Komen 3-day walk to avoid blisters. It works!

    The Halloween display is a nice treat–thanks!

  64. Can’t wear tags, cut them all out. the scalpel idea is good! I saw your recipe in the Davis Life magazine way to go!
    Thank you for all the kind comments since I got back. I missed your zany self, really.

  65. I can’t stand the tags either. Love your Halloween witch.

  66. jessy 66

    Cool decorations! Im not really bothered by tags on clothing. My mom is though, it drives her crazy!

  67. Laura 67

    They don’t bug me either but I do love the new tagless way of doing things since that way I know they are never sticking out!

  68. Kate 68

    Sometimes they bug me, especially when they’re on the side seam against bare skin.
    This witch is adorable! Have fun with your little ones. They grow so fast. And yes, you hear that all the time. But they do.

  69. Dee 69

    Labels drive my son crazy; my husband and I are naturally thick-skinned. Love the witch!

  70. Jeanette 70

    They absolutely drive me insane. And I think that the culprit is plastic thread or something, because it is the corners on the labels that are like little needles. And if you forget to remove them, the irritation just builds and builds and builds and you cant think of anything else except how irritating that label is on your neck and how you cant wait to cut that sucker off.

    And I will literally get a red patch on my neck where the label is, it is not just my imagination.

  71. Egghead 71

    Rarely does a tag bug me. I love that witch…very cool.

  72. ELRA 72

    Some tags do bother me! My 2 nephew (6 and 4 yrs old) absolutely can’t wear anything with tag, it drives them literally nut. My sister has to cut every single tag every time she buy them clothes.

  73. No! I don’t feel shirt tags. I don’t feel price tags (and could wear one all day). I don’t feel when my clothes are on inside out and have a husband who wouldn’t notice, so you can see the deadly (embarrassing) combination…
    LOVE the Halloween theme!!!

  74. KathyB. 74

    The ending of your post, where you and your sons snuggle while reading stories in the dark lit by your Halloween lights, what memories. For you and them, and brought back memories for me. Good ones ! Thanks .

  75. sassy 75

    I have sensitive skin, so many things bother me, as for tags, it depends, some do and some do not. The ones that do, are gone. Some tags are unusually stiff, and need to be removed immediately.

  76. There are the good tags that are soft and unobtrusive. There are the “tagless” shirts that the print is right on the inside of the shirt itself. And then, there are the BAD TAGS…the ones that itch & annoy and drive me NUTS!

  77. Doris 77

    Tags don’t bother me at all, but they bug my husbang until they are removed. Maybe it is just a “man thing” LOL

  78. I can picture the Wild Boar with the scalpel. Unbelievable…Youngest used to have issues w/ tags, but no more. Way mellow over life in general. Must be nice, huh? Doncha just love Michael’s?


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