The Hazards of Play

I played kickball last night with a bunch of high-spirited-six-year-old boys. 

I managed to stub my toe (I was wearing flip flops), I slid (accidentally) into second base, had two balls bounce off my head, tripped on a sprinkler head, I was spanked at third base by one of the kids (I’m still not sure why), and was tackled at home plate to prevent me from scoring a point.

During my next ups I kicked a home run.  I figured it was way too dangerous to be on base again.

My six-year-old now thinks I’m the greatest athlete to walk this earth. 

Little does he know I needed a hot bath, two Tylenol and a heating pad to get over the pain.

I don’t think he noticed my limp.

Halloween-A-Day Photo

Well of course I have a Halloween village!  I know you were all wondering if I did.  These particular pieces, made by TAG, are part of my cutesy-ceramic Halloween village.  All are adorned with smiling pumpkins, happy trick-or-treaters and silly witches.  These also light up.  Can you see the illuminating glow coming from the inside?

These usually find a home on a mantle or a table, but it changes from year to year.  Each one of these pieces are about a foot tall.  I love the little hanging bats, spiders and candy corns that adorn each piece.  I hope you like them.  You know I do.

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  1. Betty 1

    Of course they are adorable. Guaranteed to scare away any evil spirits hanging around for All Saints Day !!

  2. I love it…I can picture you playing kick ball with the boys! ( Don’t understand the spanking part either ) but wow. And OW !! I did not know kick ball was still played, it was my favorite recess game when I was little. What a cool Mom, and you blogged afterwards…way to go Cathy !

  3. Oh well of course you do! Poor toe! :(

  4. Laura 4

    Oh the hazards of being “The Fun Mom.”

  5. Shirley 5

    Mom, the hero! You would probably would have fared a lot better with sneakers vs tennis shoes, of course. ;-) Heal today.

    Love the Halloween village pieces. I have some similar houses with ghosts and pumpkins, but mine are only about 4 inches tall.

  6. Laura 6

    they are adorable!

  7. Philly 7

    Oh my , if I played kickball, I would prob be in bed all day .

    Love your Halloween a day photos!!


  8. HoneyB 8

    Loving the halloween decorations! You actually inspired me to decorate last evening :)

    Look at my post tomorrow morning to see the pics. :D

  9. Becky 9

    Sorry about the whole sore toe thing. I hope it gets better soon. There’s more kickball to play, right?
    I love the Halloween houses. I can’t wait till this weekend. My son and I are chomping at the bit to get started.

  10. Leah Q 10

    Wow – you go girl! Cant think the last time I even tried to play kick ball…which was a fave… let alone in flip flops – Brava, Brava!

  11. Katie 11

    I love all the halloween decorations, where do you store all this stuff the rest of the year? We have no storage so my halloween loot all has to fit in a rubbermaid.

  12. I think I will forgo my eye cream for Halloween this year. That’ll scare everybody.

  13. I see all the decorations at the stores these days. Most are very goulish. I live in a condo so I don’t even have a single trick or treater..I suppose I could have a party though complete with cauldron:D

  14. ouch! but i’m loving october myself–my favorite month. surely you must have some yummy ‘comfort food’ autumn recipes for us, right?! right?

  15. Your kickball story reminds me of that Brady Bunch episode where Carol lays baseball w/ the boys and can’t move afterwards!

    Your Halloween village is so cute!!

  16. Lol! It ain’t easy being Supermom, is it? The things we do for our kids!

    I’m loving all of your adorable decorations, but….where the heck do you store them the rest of the year!

  17. you were booty slapped by a six year old. That would be a first for me.

    That village is adorable! I am ashamed to say I haven’t dragged my stuff out yet! I have a cold, and I’m milking it as long as I can.

  18. Flea 18

    You should enter Scribbit’s write away contest for the month. The prize is very Halloween-y. And the topic is Ghosts. Ooooo!

  19. Karly 19

    You are so brave to play kickball with little boys. Especially with flip flops!

    And I love the Halloween village! My son always asks me to buy the Christmas villages.

  20. Marcy 20

    Wow, yeah you always have to pay for the fun. But think of the memories you have created with the hooligans:)
    I think tylenol pm is a wonderful invention, right next to the heating pad:)

  21. Jeff 21

    Had a coach tell me that the sign of a good athlete is one who never shows pain to the opposition and always manages to smile at them. So way to stick through the pain and come back swinging even harder.

    p.s. I miss kickball and dodgeball. I am sure if I played now it would not be as much fun as it was when I was younger.

  22. melissa 22

    Love the Halloween Village!
    Kick Ball Rules! Though I try not to play because of the bladder thing….

  23. Louise 23

    Oh, but the gains you made by now being the Cool Mom far outweigh the pain after the game!

  24. tipper 24

    Nothing like a ball game with the kids to make you realize how old you are! Love the village.

  25. Teri 25

    1. You are now the coolest Mom to all the boys!

    2. Don’t EVER wear flip flops while playing with the boys… they play ruff when they think you are cool!

    3. I got slapped on the butt once by a little one and his mom said, he only does that to girls that have nice butts??? Uh, May want to watch out for that one???? He probably got caught up in the moment!

    This is probably the best moments in life! Have fun! You ARE the cool mom! Just make sure to have a lot of Epsom Salts on hand!

  26. that’s awesome. (the homerun, not the spanking). I once thought i had broken my foot after a yoga session. I discovered I was just very sore.

  27. Bunny 27

    Isn’t getting older fun…not! LOL! You’re decorations are so cute!

  28. I remember when the kids and I use to play a sort of whiffle ball in the backyard, to get out the ball was thrown at you if your hit before base your out, yeah alot of injuries happen but alot of fun and memories too. If I were to attempt that today i would be in the hospital on a morphine drip.
    Love Love Love the Halloween Pretties :o)

  29. ELRA 29

    Ouch Cathy,
    those days are gone for me. My kid grow too fast. I miss that moment!
    Your halloween ornaments…. they are co cute, mine are pack away, I just left with all of those beautiful memory…
    enjoy Cathy as much as you can, because they’ll grow very fast!!!!!!!

  30. Rayrena 30

    Cathy, you’re too much. Those Halloween villages are pretty cute though :)

    And don’t worry, your boys don’t need to know about your aches and pains. They’ll realize it when they’re parents and feeling the pain…

  31. Alisa 31

    I knew you were cool. I love your village.

  32. Pam 32

    What a great mom you are to get out there and play kickball. Having your son be proud of you is worth all the bruises! Cute halloween village – I have one too. My kids love it.

  33. Ahhh…to be young again. I fondly remember the days of playing sports for 6 straight hours only to sleep like a baby, fully recover, and go out for another 6 hours the very next day. alas those days are ancient history…

  34. Your halloween village is cute! I have a Christmas one that I love. I used to put it in our front window, but now it goes on top of the entertainment center. It looks so nice up there.

  35. ah, i love that you played with all the kids!

  36. Awww! I love your Halloween village!

  37. Mrs. L 37

    You have Halloween villages, of course you are the coolest mom ever!

  38. Sorry about your injuries, but it sounds like you had fun!
    And the village is adorable!

  39. melly~ 39

    fun. i miss the days of being the cool mom. :) and i love your little village houses. all the dangly things would have done me in too. and your witchy-poo! i’m -so- jealous! i thought i had more decorations but sadly, i could only fill a week of posts. this must be remedied!

  40. Lisa 40

    Despite all the pains, you kept up and kicked some kickball butt! And your Halloween village is soooo cute! I am jealous. :) Now I have to go buy myself a present!

  41. I wish I’d had you for a mom – the halloween houses and playing sports are both great !

  42. Ashley 42

    First, I’d like to say I’m new to your site, but I’m already addicted. You have some of the most amazing recipes (I’ve tried 6 of them in less than a week). I’m making it 7 tonight with your blood red punch. Spider ice cubes? Amazing! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and will that punch, it’s going to be the best yet!

  43. Maureen 43

    Oh, to be young and agile again. I tried hoola hooping the other day. My low back and abs hurt for 3 days! I mean really, I could have done that for hours 25 years ago… I didn’t realize how out of shape I was at 38.

  44. Sandie 44

    I haven’t played a good game of kickball in years. Somehow I think it’d be worth all the aches and pains.

    Loving your Halloween decorations btw, very festive indeed!

  45. I’ve heard of soccer moms but your the first kickball mom I have run into.
    Love your Halloween village.

  46. Tammy 46

    OMG….can you say BEN-GAY?
    If I had been playing I would still be hooked up to oxygen!
    Whatta Mom….woohoo

  47. Rita 47

    I love Halloween too!

  48. You weren’t kidding when you said you have it bad for Halloween. I haven’t cared much about it since I got to big to trick or treat. I went out with my pillowcase at 16, for the last time. The chocolate was calling my name.
    You are very brave to play kickball, I got my nose broken in that game.

  49. Kickball . . . never thought of it as a “contact sport.” You’ve redefined the sport for me (but it isn’t any more appealing — kicking, running . . . eh, I’d rather dance and twirl).

  50. Paula 50

    Love the Halloween Village! How nifty that it lights up, too. We also go all out for Halloween. I just love decorating the house for stuff like this!

  51. Egghead 51

    Every bruise and bump is worth the worship of your little guy. Love those houses.

  52. Kate 52

    I’m proud of you, too.


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