I Couldn’t Resist

It was only a $1.00. 

How could I not get it?

This might be the extent of my Halloween costume. 

I really wanted to be Miss Piggy, holding Kermit the Frog and wearing a shimmering pink evening gown with an even pinker feather-boa.  I perused the sale racks of fine dress stores all year trying to score the perfect dress, but no such luck.  Maybe next Halloween.

On a funnier note, I think wearing an animal mask makes my canine teeth appear very pointy, like a wild animal.  And don’t you think the crooked nostrils look like boogars?  Nice.

Who ever said being a pig would be flattering?


Yes, another Halloween house.  I love this piece.  It’s large, about 2-1/2 feet tall, and very heavy.  The witch on top spins around and cackles a very creepy laugh.  All the lights turn on around the base as well as in the tower.  It’s a very whimsical decoration.  It’s hard to see but there is a moat that goes around the bottom.  In the back there is a skeleton floating in the moat on an inner-tube.  I love that.

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  1. HoneyB 1

    I think you make a pretty attractive piggy! :)

    I love your decos. I live so far from anywhere and you really have me wanting to go out and buy halloween decos. I can’t get anywhere til next weekend!! AUGH. Stinks.

  2. I like the piggy look. A quick needle & thread will fix that little booger problem.

    You may have better luck at a hospital thrift store or consignment shop for your pink dress.

    Good Luck.

  3. What pretty teeth you have . Really ! You make the piggy mask look like a true fashion accessory, where can i buy one ? The dollar store ?

    You are really have fun this month, and the month is so young…can’t wait to see what you follow this up with.

  4. I think the crooked nostrils just add to the charm!

  5. Evelyn 5

    That is so sweetly sweet. A pearl necklace choker would be perfect in the evenings.

  6. Becky 6

    Don’t think your teeth look pointy. That does look like boogers. Love the floppy ears. It looks cute on you.
    I am dying here! I am so ready to get out Halloween. I haven’t had time. But today is dedicated to mowing and decorating. Yipee!!!

  7. katie 7

    And I’m still laughing…

    That would have been a great costume-really any evening gown would work! Do it, that mask is too cute to go to waste.

  8. I love it! I never thought of being Miss Piggy! That’s such a cute idea!

  9. mitchsmom 9

    I love all your Halloween pics :)

  10. Bunny 10

    Maybe a place that resells prom dresses would have a pink dress like what you want, you’d look beautiful in shimmering pink as Miss Piggy!

  11. That mask freaks me out a little. It reminds me of this commercial, which is both hilarious and disturbing.
    link to youtube.com

  12. Oh that made me laugh! All you need is a tiara, lol.

  13. That mask is priceless. Very Noble….

  14. Leah Q 14

    Love the mask! – Hey thank YOU btw, your comment on the special spice mixture used in the Chicken Soup on my chef maven blog led me to write a quick article and recipe for it…so thanks to you, I didnt’ have to think of a new article to post on my website.
    The spice is called Hawaij…

    link to chefmaven.wordpress.com

    you are so sweet! Leah

  15. Rachel 15

    Love the halloween pics :-)

    We bought every single one of those animal masks that Target had and the kids have had so much fun with them!!!

  16. Rayrena 16

    No. No. No. Mustn’t buy anything else from Target. This week…

    Don’tcha think whoever gets to design those decorations must have fun adding the unexpected surprises?

  17. Teri 17

    “Never eat more than you can lift” – a famous quote from Miss Piggy! She’s one of my heros) besides Lucille Ball. She always says just what she means!

    You can make a dollar mask look like a million!!! Smashing! A few rhinestones and Miss Piggy herself would be envious! Great pictures!

  18. I always thought Miss Piggy had beautiful hair. Just like you!

  19. That mask is great but the idea of going as Miss Piggy holding a Kermit is even better. I just wish I had thought of it!

  20. krysta 20

    what about a costume shop, or a wedding shop, or the thrift store? i bet there are plenty of pink ms. piggy costume type dresses! and i think you look great.

  21. magpie 21

    Methinks maybe you need a Halloween theme about your winery…

  22. Oh Kermie, Kermie, Kermie!


    My mom had a demented fascination with Miss Piggy — you have rehabilitated Miss P in my eyes . . . a bit. ; )

  23. Egghead 23

    I love that mask. Hilarious…and the lipstick. Miss Piggy would always wear her lipstick. Cool house.

  24. ELRA 24

    I think you look cute miss piggy, especially when you’re smiling like that.
    I like the ghosts, they the cutest!

  25. Where did you get the haunted house?
    My daughter (and I, I’ll admit it!) would love it!

  26. melly~ 26

    does the nose squeak or make oinky sounds? then it would be perfect! :)
    nice digs too.

  27. The crooked nostrils totally look like boogers.

  28. Oink, oink. You are so adorable!

  29. Daisy 29

    You’ll definitely have to perfect your “oink” sounds! And, don’t give up on that dress… there’s still time and I think it sounds fabulous!

    My fella won’t let me put it on the blog, but he broke his jaw playing hockey – in las vegas. It’s been a nightmare. And, I’ve been traveling lately. But I’m back! Thanks for noticing!!!

  30. ALF 30

    Love the mask.

  31. Your déco is so cute. Love that mask.

  32. Cheryl 32

    Okay, your teeth are way too purty to be porcine, but if you insist, I say add a boa to the ensemble. ;)

    If only we had space for holiday decorations. Think we may have to resign ourselves to a jointed paperboard skeleton on the door!

  33. Amber 33

    Of course I would have welcomed you…and probably put you to work. You would have fit right in. My sister who lives in Napa where we had the party and her husband both used to work for Caymus so you would have had alot to talk about. I am temporarily on dial up so I can’t see the whole photo, but I will try again. And I think every woman adores Miss Piggy’s confidence.

  34. Tammy 34

    Your mask and halloween house is to DIE for!!

    BTW, TAG – you are it! It’s a fun meme. Hop over to my blog to check it out.

  35. Cassie 35

    You have the whitest teeth. I think I drink too much coffee.

  36. Love Halloween, you have some great pieces.

    Congratulations on starting to clear your land. Very exciting.

  37. Love it! Your a cutie lol oh and I really love the figurine :O)

  38. dawn 38

    Aren’t you a cute little piggy?
    And you know seeing this pic reminds I have to whiten my teeth as your teeth are nice and white. LOL! I know I’m totally weird.

  39. Marjie 39

    That mask is a hoot! Keep searching for the Miss Piggy dress – that would be awesome! Then you’d have to throw the biggest Halloween party ever!

  40. Erin 40

    Love the piggy mask. Your snout is a little lop sided though. That haunted house is so neat. I love it.

  41. I absolutely love the Halloween House, Cathy !

    And oh my, the pig mask. Good costume all by itself :)
    Your teeth look pretty, by the way !

  42. Mrs. L 42

    You need to tell us where you bought these cool Halloween items! And I love the slanted nostrils…

  43. Kate 43

    No, not Miss Piggy. You are The Noble Pig. Get a king’s cape to show off your nobility and good breeding.

    And I love what you’re doing with all your Halloween stuff, giving us a peek a day. Thanks, too, for your kind comment about my dad. Take care now, Cathy!

  44. The mask is so you ( noble you know). I love the house with the witch flying around. You have such great toys.

  45. Marcy 45

    I didn’t think the uneven nostrils looked like boogers till u mentioned it, lol.

  46. shonda 46

    You make Miss Piggy look like a 3, maybe 4 at best.
    You are awesome!

  47. LOL–That mask is great!!

    Your haunted house is so cool–you really do have an amaing collection of Halloween stuff!!

  48. Leslie 48

    LOL LOL LOL..I didnt notice the BOOGERS until you pointed them out!

  49. Shirley 49

    I bet you could come up with the rest of your Miss Piggy outfit without finding the perfect dress. You’re very creative. Checked out vintage shops, prom dresses, etc.? The boa part would probably be easy … lingerie shops, Spencer’s. You still have time. ;-)

  50. I’m a total halloween freak! Love it!

  51. Tammy 51

    I totally missed the boogers until you said something, then I had to go back and look!! Haahaa

  52. sassy 52

    Very cute, you got a deal on that mask, it looks great!

    I love love love your halloween decorations!

  53. My little one is going off about how funny this is (She loves Halloween). Congratulations on the vineyard, very exciting.

  54. Love that mask! The uneven nostrils make it even more endearing!

  55. grace 55

    i like it. i think it brings out the white in your teeth. (the crooked nostrils are a little distracting though…) :)

  56. I SAW THAT PIG FACE AT TARGET! I totally tried it on. :)

  57. Liz C. 57

    You give new meaning to the word piggy, lol. I always opt for the wicked witch so I can traumatize the neighborhood children. Yes, it’s getting to be a tradition.

  58. SHUT UP! Pears AND chocolate. YAY!

    And I thought little cheesecake balls covered in orange tinted white chocolate would be sooo cool.


    You win.

  59. giz 59

    Tres chique dahling. I think you should also be holding a bottle of wine to complete the outfit – kind of like a pair of shoes


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