Land-clearing for the vineyard begins in four days. 

I can’t tell you how excited I am. 

It has only taken about ten years since we decided to pursue winegrowing to get to this point. 

The excavator was delivered to the property yesterday. 

The Cat D8 Bulldozer will be there…maybe tomorrow?

Pinch me. 

It’s really happening.  Yeah.


This is a very large witch’s hat.  It’s about three feet tall and two feet wide.  It is made of metal construction and is purple with a glittery orange stripe.  The color allows it to cast a nice warm glow over a room.  It’s great for a Halloween party when the lights are really dim.  This is one of my favorite pieces.

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  1. I am so excited for you all ! The dream and adventure continue on….when will you actually be bottling your precious liquid ? I hope I won’t be too old to drive on down to Oregon and tour the fulfillment of your dream and sample your hard work and love in a bottle !

  2. Deeba 2

    Oooh good for you Cathy! What fun & great great news. It’s so nice when dreams begin to get realised. Love the witches hat too…best of luck for your ‘advinture’!!

  3. ntsc 3

    A D8? You do go the full route.

    Are you actually going to move up there?

    I do hope you do a mail order business

  4. Philly 4

    Was wondering how long you been pursuing this and the timeline you are looking at?

    Love the witches hat, you have great decorations.


  5. I’m so glad your dreams are coming true! Are you going to wear that fabulous hat to clear the land? :)

  6. Marcy 6

    Love the witches hat! I can see where that would make a fantastic dim glow at a party. YAY for the upcoming pre-vineyard work – I can feel your enthusiasm thru your words! have a great weekend!

  7. Hey Noble Pig, I’m extremely happy for you!!! Dreams come true, we shouldn’t forget that!!!!

  8. What’s funny is how excited I am that you’re about to clear land– I’m living through you and your dreams.
    Happy Days and may it all go beautifully (you will post photos of men in big machines, right?)

  9. Laura 9

    The name of your label please?
    Nobel Pig Estates?
    Pig Brothers?
    Chateau d’ Pig?

    Or types…
    Pigo Grigo?
    Pigo Noir?
    Pigernet Sauvignon?

    See how helpful I am ?

    Seriously,I am VERY impressed with your project.

  10. Becky 10

    Halloween and first stage of wine farming! Cathy, how can you contain yourself?
    I’m so excited for you, I can’t hardly stand it! Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!
    Oh, yeah, love the witch hat! I want one.

  11. Flea 11

    Hoorah for the clearing of the land!!! I can’t imagine how excited you are! How many years till there are bottles bearing the Noble Pig label? Or do I want to know?

  12. Trisha 12

    Congrats on the progress on the land! It is super that your dream is finally becoming a reality!

    Love the Halloween pictures too!

  13. Bunny 13

    i bet you have butterflies in your stomach !! I’m so happy for you Cathy! We all can’t wait to see this happen for you!!

  14. Kari 14

    Congrats on the -making it to the land clearing phase. It must be so exciting!

    I love the witch hat, very cool!

  15. How awesome on the land! I’ll bet you’re totally excited about this!

  16. Yet another step forward for you! Congratulations on the land clearing. Will there be photos?

  17. Glorious! And I am digging the pictures of your Halloween decor. Keep ’em coming. May I humble request the same for Christmas? I love seeing how other people decorate.

  18. Leah Q 18

    Just love the hat! How kewl is that!!!?

    And consider yourself :::pinched:::

    congrats on getting the machine there…. can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

  19. Louise 19

    How very exciting for you to see this dream become a reality! Thanks for sharing the journey forward with you.

  20. I’m so excited for you!! What an amazing adventure you will all be having!

    The witche’s hat is cool–I’m sure it looks great glowing in a darkened room.

  21. Alisa 21

    I’m so excited for you!

  22. When can we expect to drink our first bottle of Noble Pig? I am excited right along with you!

  23. How exciting! I keep picturing you riding around on a horse in your 80’s inspired designer duds a la Falcon Crest! Lol! (Uh oh. I’m dating myself!)

  24. Hooray! You do realize that when you get this up and running, you will have a line of cars coming up to your new spread as the blogosphere comes to visit? Along the lines of Field of Dreams — if you build it, they will come!

    On another note, you are getting me into the Halloween spirit. I need my brother to visit so he can go into the spider infested crawl space (hee hee) and get my decorations down.

  25. I love the witch hat. What fun colors!
    Congrats on getting started with the land clearing!

  26. That is AWESOME – congrats on making your dreams come true!!

  27. Rayrena 27

    Wow, how exciting! I got a shiver reading it. Can’t wait to hear what the next step is you guys :)

  28. sharon 28

    How exciting! I love how you’re living your dream :)

  29. Cassie 29

    OMG! I am sooooo excited for you!

  30. I’m so excited for you! Your dream is coming true – how wonderful!

    And that is one damn fine Halloween hat – wish I had one.

  31. Good luck! Make sure that you do all the land voo-doo you can, to keep the earth happy so you have a fruitful vineyard!

  32. I have goosebumps thinking about how much time and planning for your dream — in awe sitting here thinking about it. Wow. Amazing things ahead…Do you have your label designed yet? Seriously excited for you…

  33. ELRA 33

    Best best best of luck! Somehow I get excited too. How many halloween ornament do you have? They are all look so fun, your hooligans collect them?

  34. I am so excited for you!!!

    I cant wait to read more as your progres with the wine-making!

  35. Marjie 35

    A D8 is some serious earthmoving equipment. But you ought to see a D9 for heartwarming work. Are you taking the boys to see the excitement? You should. It’s not every day you see your yard dug up. Yeah, it’s a really big yard, too!

  36. Tammy 36

    Congratulations on a new milestone with the future winery!! Woohoo! I know how exciting it is to see a passion finally begin to make progress towards the goal.

    Also I love your Halloween stuff! OMG, I haven’t even got any of my stuff out yet. I guess I need to do that!

  37. Tipper 37

    Whoopee for you-let the clearing begin!! Love the halloween pic!

  38. Lisa 38

    In this day and age when so many want the instant gratification, I applaud you and share your excitement for this long-time dream coming to fruition! Cheers!

  39. It is really great to watch a dream bewcome a reality.

  40. magpie 40

    Ooh, heavy machinery. Cool.

    And I love that hat.

  41. Cheryl 41

    Wine and witch hats…wonderful! If you’re starting the email list for the desirers of future bottles…I’m in.
    Congratulations, Cathy!

  42. sassy 42

    How exciting for you and your family!

    Will you be there when the first bucket of dirt is moved? The First tree taken down? Will you smash a special bottle of wine against the bulldozer before the machines move? How fun would that be!

    Good Luck and Congradulations!

  43. It has to be overwhelming with all that’s going on now with the vineyard! I can imagine the excitement! Congratulations!

    I LOVE that lamp! It’s awesome. I’d leave it on every evening with no other lights.

  44. Absolutely loooove that hat! We don’t really celebrate Halloween that much in Oz, but if we did – I’d love to have that hat at my place.

  45. Tammy 45

    What a beautiful piece of property! I bet you can’t wait to see things moving.
    Good for you!! woohoo

  46. Amber 46

    How fun to get a comment as soon as I get back, I was in Napa for 5 days at my sisters surrounded by vineyards. They can be so beautiful in the fall there because they turn colors, where I live they just die. You are going to love it, I am glad I am not the one doing the work though. What type of wine grapes are you growing, I think I missed that in past posts? Love how the star on the witch’s hat matches the wall.

  47. eliza 47

    good luck! hope the rain will not make the job harder to do.

  48. Oooooooh! YIPPEE! I’m so excited for you! But wait . . . when you move away my dream of us having lunch together gets a WHOLE LOT harder. Can we do lunch before you clear the land, plant the vines, pack up the kids and get our of *D*???? I sure hope so. I was just talking to Karen Deborah yesterday and we want a lunch date with you. Let’s get praying. In the mean time . . . CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! : )

  49. barbara 49

    WooHoo, Fantasatic. Have fun.

  50. Kim 50

    How exciting and the project so looks worth the wait! Who’s driving the tractor, you or your boys?

  51. Egghead 51

    One step closer! How exciting.

  52. Let us know of the progress on the vineyard. That is so exciting for you I’m sure. I went to a 50th birthday party and one of the gifts given was a huge basket of Hallowe’en paraphenalia…I naturally thought of you:D

  53. Kate 53

    I love hearing how excited you are. So excellent to hear!!

  54. Shirley 54

    How very cool that your groundbreaking is almost here! It must be so exciting and yet seem a bit surreal after waiting that long. Looking forward to hearing more.

    I am enjoying the Halloween decorations like everyone else!

  55. Laura 55

    So exciting! I have an idea of how you feel–our house wasn’t 10 years in the making of course but nonetheless it is crazy staring at the land imagining what will be.

    Your Halloween pics are cracking me up, btw.

  56. Super exciting!!! Can’t wait to see before and after pics.

    Are you considering making wine from purchased fruit or will it be all estate wines??

    Good luck excavating!

  57. Congratulations! Must feel wonderful finally seeing your dreams coming true. :)

  58. Nell 58

    SO excited for you!!

  59. Melissa 59

    Congratulations Cathy!

    Kudos to you for pursuing your dream, no matter how long it took. I’m in admiration.

  60. heather 60

    yay! and since i’m behind in my reading, you’ve only got like 1 day left now!

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