What’s Wrong With…

Cargo pants?

I was at the store yesterday and came home with several pairs of new pants for the Wild Boar.

Land clearing in Oregon is beginning soon and he needs work pants.  Gone are the days of slacks and pleats.  He needs durability and toughness!

I hand him the pants with a big smile and say,

Me: Look what I got you!

Wild Boar: Oh.

Me: What does that mean?

Wild Boar: I won’t wear these.

Me: Why?

Wild Boar: I don’t like them.

Me: Why don’t you like them?  They are perfect for you.

Wild Boar: I don’t wear cargo pants.  I prefer regular jeans or work clothes.

Me: Why?

Wild Boar: Because cargo pants look stupid. 

Me: What?  I wear them all the time.

Wild Boar: (Dead Silence)

Me: What flippin’ ever.

So seriously, what’s wrong with cargo pants?  For men they are designed to be tough and baggy, allowing free movement.

Is it the accordion folds in the pockets he hates?  These are exactly what I THINK he needs to traipse around on that land.

Oh well, I still don’t get it.

Seriously, what’s wrong with them?  These were not military battledress cargos, they were actually nice!

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  1. I think he’s just trying to get back at you because of the all salad in one plate issue, lol! There’s nothing wrong with cargo pants!

  2. Everything! I think they’re a fashion crime… sorry!

  3. HoneyB 3

    Do you think if you told him you think he would look really hot in them he would wear them then??

  4. Deeba 4

    Woohoo…same story, different continent. I loooooooooove cargoes though I can’t carry them…so can’t wear ’em. I’ve learnt my lesson long ago & have stopped buying stuff for my DH. The last time I bought him a shirt he looked at me as if I was MAD, we had a rollicking fight…& I decided NEVER AGAIN!! Never again would I waste my superb choice on a man!! LOL!!

  5. Philly 5

    I have to agree with the wild boar on this one, I’m not a cargo pants type of person.


  6. Well…I know my hubby would not wear cargo pants, and I know I would buy him cargo pants because they seem to fit the bill as far as what he needs and what would be practical.But then , as one of your previous commentators stated, practically, ONE PLATE for all your food should be adequate, so really, ‘practical’ is relevant, don’t you think ? KathyB.

  7. Lori 7

    haha! i like clumbsycookie’s idea, that it’s just retribution over the salad plate issue. But oooooh, that dead silence. That’s a killer. I always hate that. Next time I’ll say what flippin ever, like you. :)

  8. Nothing wrong with them in my book. My whole family has at least 2 pairs each, lol.

  9. It’s a boy thing. My husband wears grey stretchy shorts with holes instead of the nice cargo khakis his mom got him.

  10. Shirley 10

    Neither my husband, nor son, will wear cargo pants. They prefer basic pants. My husband has been wearing the classic Levi design forever. I have to admit he’d look stupid in cargo pants. My son wears looser pants and jeans, but gave up the cargo pants back in middle school. Somehow cargo pants look better on women I think. And, I don’t think cargo shorts are too bad for guys who like them. So I can understand the Wild Boar.

  11. Well, I’m married to a construction worker, so cargo pants are sort of dressed up for us. He wears jeans for working and most of the time for playing.

    When we were in Scouts and Young Marines, we camped a lot. One of the other guys was a retired Marine and his entire family, right down to the baby, wore cammies, all different wild prints and some solids too. They swore these were the most comfortable and practical pants ever. The kids were dying to have some, so I bought all of us cammies. The kids loved them. I loved them and I still wear them for working or camping. They truly are the most comfortable thing other than sweats and they have all those great pockets and are built to last if you get the real military issue. Dh will not wear his. He won’t even wear them hunting! He thinks they’re uncomfortable and a little dorky, especially if you don’t wear the military boots which he also doesn’t like. My desert storm boots (bought from a military surplus store) are my new hiking boots. I love them as much as my cammies.

    Yesterday I saw a woman who must have a military job in solid tan blouse and trousers (think the cammie style pants and jacket, but solid) and I coveted her pants. They looked more civilian, but with all that military ruggedness and practicality, like cargo pants only better. The pants usually look better on men, but Angelina Jolie proved it can be a good look on women in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Okay, maybe not on any woman. Angelina Jolie could make a burlap sack look good.

  12. Marlene 12

    I am right there with ya girl! Just when we thingk we know them…they pull something like this. I love cargo pants and think they are great work pants. Love the “what friggin ever!”

  13. Barbie with a T 13

    Cargo pants take some getting used to. I have to agree with the Wild Boar,they do not flatter the body whatsoever. They also identify with the younger set. My husband is still with the older younger generation, (the Fonzy on Happy Days style). Blue jeans, white T shirt for work, relaxation, casual outings, etc. I was happy to see that change, because before that he was wearing those one piece coveralls and leisure suits! YUK!! My husband will wear the cargo shorts if they are not too long and not too baggy, and he finds the pockets very handy. Anyway, most men make their own fashion style and stick with it for years. They are not into “change” or “updating”. I am pretty bad about that also, just to keep from having to buy new clothes as the fashions change. I would never wear clothing from Wal Mart when I looked so stylish in my designer duds…but now that we have retired, Wal Mart is good enough for us and the prices are what is guiding us these days. They have lots of cargo pants too! Anyway, don’t take it personally, the Wild Boar is not unlike the millions of men across America. They like to dictate what they wear and have their own, though strange sometimes, convictions regarding clothing.

  14. rachel 14

    Hmmm. My husband doesn’t like them either. Weird men ;-)

    I like cargo pants, of course it depends on the style and fit… but I think some of them are adorable and super flattering :-)

  15. Leanne 15

    Sorry I am going out on a limb here but why am I the only one to wonder….
    why doesn’t he buy his own pants???
    Also who is he afraid will laugh at him-
    the bears??? My husband lives in track pants so cargo pants would be a step up but if I brought them home he would wear them, maybe in his coffin but HE would wear them LOL.

  16. Marcy 16

    LOL Cathy, so off you traipse to return them:) My hubby will wear cargo shorts, has a few pairs of them actually, but only one pair of cargo pants that he wears in the fall/winter.

  17. dlyn 17

    I like them on other people ok but I have enough cargo already, without adding pants to the mix. Larry won’t wear them either – jeans or khakis only.

  18. While they don’t wear cargo pants, both my husband and my father love cargo shorts. They love all the pockets they have for holding their wallet and keys and they also love how baggy and comfortable they are.

  19. never tell a man that you wear the same pants you purchased him.

  20. Don’t have an answer either. I do not know any man who wears cargo pants. Maybe they think they are too girly. I don’t know. Men!

  21. I don’t think I could wear them–but only because I look best in slim pants–although I’m sure they look great on you!! I buy them for my boys and they look good in them. Guess you better just get WB some jeans!!

  22. magpie 22

    cargo shorts are my go-to all summer long. i cram so much into those pockets…

  23. He needs to get with the in crowd. tee hee
    I love cargo pants. I think everyone in my family wears them. Maybe if he would wear them one time, he’d change his mind.

  24. And they have awesome pockets. I traveled around London without having to carry a pocketbook because I could put everything, including my little camera, into my pockets. I love them!

  25. Bunny 25

    All he’s going to be wearing them for is to clear land right?? So why not wear the cargo pants that you bought for that purpose instead of ruining blue jeans?? I don’t get men…

  26. Heidi 26

    My husband doesn’t really like cargo pants either. He thinks they are for teenagers, gangstas and such. Anyway, everyone knows you “work the land” in overalls. I think they would fall under the category “jeans.” I dare you to go out buy him some. “Since you didn’t like the cargo pants, lovey, I bought you these instead. They are so ‘Grapes of Wrath’.

  27. Marjie 27

    At my daughter’s high school graduation in June, they have cops standing all around the field. I don’t really know why; I think the definition of crime here is “someone hung a poster on a telephone pole and didn’t take it down!” Anyway, all the cops were wearing cargo pants and they definitely didn’t help their donut-enhanced appearances. My father, who was a machinish, and my beloved, who was a contractor, said you need clothing that fits, and no puff which might get stuck in a machine.

    Beyond that, Dickies pants are really rugged. He might like those (and your pal in brown will bring them!)

  28. The Old Goat won’t wear cargo pants either. Something about how pants weren’t meant to have pockets down on the leg….blah….blah.
    That was a very smooth line by the way; “but I wear them”!
    I bet you look great in them too!

  29. Carly 29

    Sorry, cargo pants get a thumbs down. Your recipes are great though!

  30. The Cowboy used to refuse to wear them also. Long story short, he wears them now because his “man crush” boyfriend wore a pair one night, and I pointed out to him that “Eric” had on cargo pants, so he should get some too. I kid you not the next time we went clothes shopping, he bought himself 6 pairs of cargo pants and shorts.

    Does the Wild Boar have a man crush boyfriend who could influence his fashion choices?

  31. Betty 31

    Besides the fact that cargo pants are a “fashion crime” they are not practical for working,in brush,woods,or type of fields with a chain saw and whatever else he’s going to use for land clearing. I must be from an “Old, Old School” of asking your man what “he wants” to wear not deciding for him. It usually doesn’t work out too well when you don’t ask.
    Sorry to burst your bubble on this,but I don’t agree with you & this just is just what I have found after 51 years of marriage.

  32. Cheryl 32

    My husband adores cargo shorts (with the big accordion pockets) but I’ve long learned not to buy him pants — and shirts only with the most discriminating of eyes…namely his! Even items for the home (a particular kitchen curtain incident comes to mind) I don’t dare purchase sans consultation.

    Picky, picky, picky!

  33. Chuck 33

    I would agree with Betty. They aren’t practical for outside work. If it is hot, you don’t want pockets full of stuff. If you are kneeling down, they pockets tend to find there way between your thigh and calf (uncomfortable). Also, you are using your legs constantly to move stuff and you don’t want the screwdriver in your pocket to twist and dig in your leg. You don’t want the button/clip/snap digging into your leg or catching brush either. Straight leg canvas pants are the best if you are dealing with thorny brush. Otherwise, jeans are king.

    Also, if we carried everything on our body, why would we need the big truck or ATV? Don’t take away the need for his toys.

  34. My hubby wouldn’t be caught dead in them either. Go figure.

  35. Trisha 35

    I learned long ago to just let my hubby buy his own clothes. Anything I like, he won’t wear just on principle – I think! Personally, I don’t do the cargo pants thing but, I do like them on men when they are working – they HAVE to be really convenient!

  36. tipper 36

    I guess wearing carogo pants is just not how the Wild Boar rolls.

  37. Frank 37

    Speaking from the male perspective… the reason I don’t like cargo pants are: 1) the leg pockets get hung up when you brush against things in the shop out outdoors; 2) if you put stuff in the pockets, it feels weird against your leg muscles when you squat or bend over; 3) the pockets aren’t practical– you can’t put tools, especially sharp tools, in them without worrying where they’re going to poke you or if you’re going to brush your hands against them when you’re bent over.

    That said, my SO got me a pair of Carhartt Farmer Browns for Christmas last year and I *love* them. I bought two more pairs myself and I never do that.

  38. Candy 38

    Mine won’t wear them either, so I feel your pain. I can’t figure it out either.

  39. I am not sure why…Mr. G. is very particular about his clothes…in fact last night told me “well, you know how anal I am about wrinkles…” And I’m thinking…you’re lucky someone is doing your darn laundry!!! :)
    Perhaps you can get a pair and disguise them as work pants somehow???

  40. Teri 40

    Well, I didn’t have time to read all the comments this morning, I’m sure they’re all funny though… but how about Dickies… you know that brand??? They are very very sturdy, you know “weed Whacker” sturdy! And they would be great for working and they are very p-l-a-i-n and straight cut without any pockets sticking out. I know this because no one in my family really likes anything sticking out from their sides. They sell them at Tilly’s, Macy’s, etc. They used to be only sold as uniform wear but now they became a fashion thing. Just a thought. And they don’t wrinkle either. Good Luck!

  41. krysta 41

    my hubs won’t wear them either and is dreading the day they make him wear them at work as part of his uniform.

  42. Pam 42

    They are such great pants. My husband has been wearing them for years and they seem to be his favorite (I think he likes all the pockets).

  43. My hubby doesn’t like them and neither do I. I have never seen any that are not wrinkled so much it looks as though they were washed, wrung out hard and let dry like that. Of course, I don’t like any of the “shorts” that I have seen around. You know, the ones that go way below the knees. Who puts stuff in all those pockets anyway.

    This reminds me of the trend to wear scrubs. I was a nurse and we were told to wear our scrubs in the hospital only, not out after work to shop. It’s unsanitary to wear them back to the hospital after going all over town. Now even little kids wear them. What a silly fashion statement. “I may look like a doctor/nurse, but I only play one.” Duh.

    I don’t follow trends. My hubby wears jeans except for church or dress and then he wears Dockers or something like that.

  44. I kind of get where he is coming from.

    I am REALLY picky about the pants I wear. I have the oddest-shaped, trollesque, liliputian figure and most styles of pants look terrible on me. I could never wear cargo pants because the bulk of them makes my lower body look totally obscured and dumpy.

    Heck, as kid I wouldn’t wear pants at all because I just didn’t like the sensation of fabric flapping between my legs. To this day I don’t like it. If I feel a flap, I don’t buy the pants.

    Yet it’s my husband I refer to as “pickyPANTS”. Go figure!

  45. Amber 45

    I am a firm believer that if you want a man to dress a certain way for looks, then there needs to be benefits in it for him. Such as my favorite look on a man is a cashmere crew neck sweater, slacks and italian leather shoes, so I need to make him feel extremely sexy every time he wears this, especially when he tries it on for the first time at the store. Sort of a “can we lock the door to the dressing room honey”? Now regarding working in the field, that is just too dirty to care. If he hates them, let him. His mom dressed him for years and he probably wants to be a grown up now and pick his own clothes.

    Also thank you for getting to me about linking, that was very kind to just let me know that you didn’t know.

  46. Sorry, to laugh, but the dead silence cracked me up.

    What’s wrong with cargo pants?

  47. misty 47

    i personally loved the “dead silence” response. Hilarious…

    This could be our house, and our conversation. If it’s something I buy or like for my husband- sure as heck he’ll NOT like it.

  48. Do you really want to know? I see these sexy, slim hipped models that look fab in them. I buy them for my not-as-slim hubby, who then packs the pockets with wallets, keys, whatever– NOT sexy and then he leaves the stinkin’ pocket flaps up and in the wash, those velcro fastening things shred everything else in the washer. That’s what’s wrong with the danged things and I wish I could remember this every time I buy a new pair for him!

  49. ntsc 49

    Wouldn’t wear them myself.

    Strickly jeans for work clothing, although circa 60-70 Army fatiques are OK as well.

  50. I no longer even entertain a fashion debate with my beloved. He wears 501s (same size since the day I met him) and polo shirts (I influenced that styling decision back in 1980). End of discussion. He’s done everything imaginable in this fashion format, save attending a fancy retirement dinner for a relief organization — he wore suit and tie to this one and stood out like a sore thumn in the ocean of polo shirts! I repeat … I just don’t do fashion debates with this man and I wouldn’t DREAM of bringing home a pair of cargo pants. ; )

  51. Misty 51

    I posted this on the wrong post earlier…anyhow, it sounds like my husband…it must be a man thing because I love cargo pants!

  52. Sandie 52

    Tell him that seeing a man in cargo pants makes you wildly hot. He’ll put them on.

  53. ALF 53

    My husband also won’t wear cargo pants. He will, however, wear cargo shorts. Figure that one out! He is so picky about what he will and will not wear. He will wear short sleeve polos (so long as they have 2 buttons, NOT 3!) but he will not wear long sleeve polos regardless of the number of buttons. It drives me insane.

  54. Terrie 54

    I’m at the same loss you are; my husband wears them all the time, and they look really cute on him. Of course, he’s 6′ and quite slender, with *ahem* skinny legs, so the baggier pants look pretty good on him. I’m not sure of your husband’s build, so maybe that’s why he avoids them? My sons also wear them because they are so casual and comfortable. I do, too, honestly. They’re great for my job.

  55. melissa 55

    My husband won’t wear them either. When we first met he had to wear Dickies to work and I used to laugh at him. (I called him Dickie Boy) Now I can’t even get him out of jeans to go to church.

  56. dawn 56

    Next time don’t tell him what they are. Just say pants and take off the tags. I have this same issue with my stubborn hubby when it comes time to buy him new shoes for work. He loves his Merrell shoes and he takes a size 13 friggin-wide. He says he takes a 12 normal-wide. So, when we are in s shoe store he wants the too-small for him shoes, then we get those home, they don’t fit and he never wears them. Now, I never ever go shoe shopping with him. I buy his shoes, tell him they are a 12 normal-wide (but they are the 13 friggin-wide), throw the box away that they came in, and cut out the tags inside the shoes that say the size. He never knows the difference. If he finds out about your blog I am so screwed! LOL

  57. Alanna 57

    My hubs wears cargo shorts all the time…I assume he’d be fine with cargo pants as well? In fact, I think he owns a pair. I don’t see a problem with them…

  58. there’s been some arguing on the home front lately over little things. Is there a deeper issue here?

    My book came today Thank You it’s lovely.

  59. My wife doesn’t understand my taste in clothes either.

  60. Leslie 60

    You always have be laughing outloud when you post about your household conversations….Dead Silence…thats priceless!!!
    Also..I am glad you are still enjoying my videos!!

  61. Lol! I swear our husbands must be twins separated at birth. This conversation sounds all too familiar to me. ;)

  62. Kate 62

    I don’t even know him, only what I’ve read and the few photos I have seen. And I must agree with him on this. I simply can’t see him in cargo pants. (sorry!)

  63. Sassy 63

    My husband wears them, but he wears almost everything i get him. He never shops for clothing, NEVER. But for working outside, he prefers good ole fashioned jeans.

    He is`nt much of a fashion stud, which is why he thought nothing of wearing cammo cargo shorts and a red, white and blue plaid shirt. uhhhgggggg

  64. There are a lot of different kinds of cargo pants. I like them on men. My husband will wear the shorts but doesn’t like the pants. No sense of adventure or style is my guess.

    I keep telling him that I know what looks good on him…he doesn’t always agree.

    He never likes the shoes I like, so I have stopped buying him shoes when he is not with me.


  65. Suzette 65

    I don’t understand men and clothes any better than I understand anything else about men…which is probably one reason I had (HAD) three husbands. I’ll never forget going into a very nice men’s store with #2 and having him literally spin on his heels – having barely cleared the doorway – and state, “They don’t have anything here.” I let him run around in whatever he felt like from that point on. I saved TONS of money! :)

  66. ELRA 66

    Poor you Cathy, I bet you had fun choosing them, only if you know that your husband would reject them. My husband doesn’t have any problem with cargo pan, but I can not say that he likes it. He only wears them at home!

  67. Tracy 67

    My husband would not wear cargo pants either. He would choose jeans.

  68. Rayrena 68

    Seriously, dontcha think guys would be smart enough by now to just lie, try them on, and say that they ride up or something?

  69. I must say I am a cargo guy, so I’m not sure what to tell you. That said, I’m much more of a cargo shorts guy than a cargo pants guy.

    Whatever, tell the Wild Boar to get get his own clothes ;)

  70. Amber 70

    Sorry, I was still getting photos up. I am so slow at this, but it is fun and I am getting better.

  71. grace 71

    eh, so they’re not the most flattering of britches, but they’re so handy and comfortable. good effort, anyway. :)

  72. Men! Who knows how that brain works?

    I bought my husband a yellow polo shirt. He won’t wear it. Why? Because when he was in grade school there was some kind of school yard chant that made fun of guys who wore yellow. Have I mentioned my husband is going to be 57 years old in a couple of days????

  73. Dee 73

    *Rolls eyes* My man’s the same with oh, just about everything. He won’t wear sandals of any kind – we live in the tropics for crying out loud! He doesn’t do any kind of casual shorts. Nor khakis. I could go on all day.

  74. cargo’s are ALL my guy wears
    he does not own even one pair of jeans…

    he’s tall and thin so thry look pretty good on him. maybe it’s a body-type thing.

  75. well, i know i don’t like wearing cargo pants, as they are probably the most unflattering piece of clothing i could put on my body.

    though if they work for someone else’s body type, i don’t see why that person wouldn’t be all over them!

  76. Liz C. 76

    My hubby won’t wear them because he says they are supoosed to be worn baggy with your boxers showing and he refuses to do that. Thank God. Not a good look on a man in his 50’s, lol.

  77. Egghead 77

    Funny. I think men in general don’t like them. My husband even has a pair of cargo shorts that really look cool. Nope won’t wear them. The beast.

  78. MichaelG 78

    Who cares why he doesn’t like them? Don’t be a mommy and try to force clothes on him he doesn’t like. He’s a big boy now. Let the poor guy wear what he wants. He doesn’t bring clothes you hate home for you to wear does he? Um, he doesn’t, does he?

  79. Flea 79

    My 14 year old wears them all the freakin’ time. Maybe they’re too “young” for him?

  80. Jeanette 80

    Only pair of cargo pants my husband wears are a pair specifically designed for fishing, where nobody else would see him except his fishing buddy who is wearing the same thing.

  81. Lara 81

    Ha! My husband hates them, too! I don’t understand either.

  82. Lani 82

    Personally, I have no problem with them, but according to the new book, “How Not To Look Old” no one should wear them, they are dated.

    Which is why I live in the country and don’t care what people think of my clothing.

  83. I know I am going to regret this, but…
    You’re a woman, and he’s a man. For a man cargo pants are…well…LAME!!!!!!!


    –Marc (that’s me smiling Cathy)

  84. Erin 84

    my husband hates cargo pants too. That does not stop me from purchasing them for the rest of the family.

    Some things we just aren’t meant to understand, and that includes the working of our dear husbands’ brains. :)

  85. Debbie 85

    Reminds of when they were popular while I was in high school in the late 70’s. Um, really only painters should wear them. But I suppose if your doing heavy duty cleaning at home all those pockets would work.

  86. Lindy 86

    I don’t get it either… They’re super useful and in my opinion, hot as well. :-)

  87. Maureen 87

    So freaking adorable! I love the pictures of your little cuties. Not to mention, the great stories you add.


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