The Great Debate…At My Kitchen Table

I know this is trivial, but I swear the Wild Boar and I have this same conversation EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with our meal.

With dinner we always have a salad.

I have 12-inch diameter dinner plates, the big white ones from Crate & Barrel that are part of their diner collection.

I purposely bought these plates so I didn’t have to shove food together.  There is plenty of space on the plate for meat, salad and a vegetable.  Did I mention these plates are big?

However, every night, like clockwork, the Wild Boar says, “Why do we have to have our salad on the same plate as our other dinner items?  I can’t stand it if even one piece of my lettuce touches a warm part of my meal.” 

Seriously we’re talking one or two “little” pieces of lettuce .  AGAIN, THE PLATES ARE HUGE!  I did say that right?

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  He feels we should eat our meal in courses.  (Insert maniacal laughter here).

Such as salad first, then the main course.  Gee, wouldn’t that be some kind of terrific if I could serve dinner in courses and eat my salad (that he wants served on chilled plate, did I mention that) while I manage the meal still cooking on the stove. 

He says all restaurants serve salad on separate plates in courses.  MY POINT EXACTLY!  Restaurants do this, not home kitchens (well some might) with hooligans dancing around your kitchen island.

Anyway, I hate it when my salad is on another plate.  I grew up with the whole, “It all goes to the same stomach” argument and I guess it has always stuck with me.

I know you are saying, just put his salad in a bowl and be done with it.  I know I could but there must be some kind of sub-conscious block going on.

If we are having a particularly saucy meal it does resonate in my mind to separate the salad from the meal but otherwise I just zone out and plate up the meal.

My point is, the Wild Boar thinks I am the only person in this galaxy who puts salad on the plate with hot food.

I don’t feel I’m the only one.  Am I?  Am I the only one?

I’m okay with the truth.

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  1. Diane 1

    Loads of people including me will put hot food with a salad. At least you don’t heat the plate!

    I’d stir fly his entire salad for him and serve it hot. Although he might like it. Lettuce is quite different when stir fried!

  2. Oh my goodness ! Is my Hubby related to the Wild Boar or is this a guy thing ? I too believe our plates plenty big for all the food served for dinner. It never fails though, he requests a bowl or plate for his salad. If we have company and I do not provide the extra bowls or plates he will inevitably say ” you’d think after all these years of marriage she would remember the salad bowls.” I guess I should have learned by now…just get the dang bowls out after all. KathyB.

  3. HoneyB 3

    LOL. Maybe the Wild Boar and Grumpy are somewhat related! This sounds a bit like my house….however, Grumpy doesn’t have ROOM on his HUGE plate for the salad, so he grabs his own bowl. I guess with kids grown up and gone, we have become accustomed to getting our dishes out of the cupboard ourselves. We don’t even sit at the table often to eat! (GASP!)

  4. Deeba 4

    I’m with you a 100% here Cathy! If the meal hasn’t got runny stuff, then a single (& lovely 12″ BIG Crate & Barrell plate) is & just right!! Thankfully my hub agrees with me here…less washing up do later too; even though I have daily help who comes in to do it. Tell the Wild Boar there are plenty of us who share your galaxy!!LOL

  5. Philly 5

    Same plate here !! Love it getting mix up in some sauce that may be on the plate. yummmmmm


  6. Lori 6

    This is so funny, because my husband and I also differ on this issue. He practically puts everything on its own dish. I would rather have everyone on the same plate. He always puts the salad bowls in the freezer, and he usually puts the dinner plates in the oven to warm (no hooligans in our house any more, not such a big deal), but we don’t eat in separate courses.

    He gives the same “don’t want the foods to touch” argument. I don’t really get it. In fact, I like the overlap of some things, anyway. It’s a funny difference between people, especially since it seems to be felt so strongly!

  7. I can’t believe he wants a chilled plate!!! Our plates aren’t that big, so I’ll usually separate it if we have like chicken and mashed potatos. Otherwise, it’s all on the same plate.

  8. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me whether my salad is on the same plate or not. It’s a nonissue. But I know my one son cannot have any of his food touch the other. It bothers him. So I guess to each his own.

  9. Sue 9

    My DH doesn’t want it in a separate dish, so on the plate it goes..

  10. Just give the man a bowl so he can have his salad on the side and eat it when we want. Your happiness may be a bowl away!

  11. Sila-Lumenn 11

    None of my family likes it when any food touches any other food. I won’t go so far as to chill the plates or bowls, but I do put things like salad, spinach, cottage cheese, etc. into their own dishes. In fact, I have special little glass bowls just for this purpose. I’m lucky enough to have a dishwasher, so what’s the harm in washing a couple more bowls or plates?

  12. Barbara 12

    He’s missing out on some great flavour exchanges…like when the coleslaw gets a little Thanksgiving turkey gravy mixed in with it…come to think of it, a loaded plate at Thanksgiving or Christmas tastes so great because everything kinda gets mingled…can hardly wait!

  13. I, too, put my salad on the same plate as my food. I’m like you…it’s all going to the same place in the end so why separate it out before hand?

    My husband, however, cannot stand to have ANY food touching on his plate at all. I’m not even kidding about this. The meat cannot touch the vegetables which cannot touch the bread which cannot touch the salad. He would be so happy if I found plates with sections so none of his food would touch. He also eats his salad before he eats anything else. It kills me.

    I have just taken to putting his salad in a bowl for him because it’s much easier to deal with and I don’t hear him complain about it. I’m really just eliminating the middle man. :)

  14. i vote for salad in a little bowl AFTER the meal. but that’s just me.

    send your hubs to my house for dinner and i’ll serve him in ‘courses’ unintentionally–i can never get the food done all at the same time. we usually eat corn or pasta first, then the main course, followed by salad and biscuits for dessert. this is why we go out to eat a lot.

  15. Laura 15

    please keep my salad divided away from the rest of my food :) nothing fancy or anything just no touching until it hits the stomach please :)

  16. Leanne Rioux 16

    Sorry, I have to agree with the wild boar.
    I have to have my salad separate and preferably in a bowl. I could not stand a piece of warm lettuce either. However,
    if he wants courses he should take the family to a nice restaurant!!!

  17. melissa 17

    I do what you do. I tell him if he wants it that way to do it himself. I have 4 kids to feed other than him I don’t have time to chill plates. Most of the time now he not only chills a plate but cooks the meal. I’m I lucky or what?

  18. Susie 18

    Wow, must be a male thing. My husband gets a salad bowl out every time. Even if we’re only having meat and salad. The only exception is when we’re having chicken in the salad. Then it’s ok to be on the same plate!

  19. The Old Goat prefers a seperate salad. But I don’t think he’d ever expect me to serve in “courses”. I agreee with you on that, Cathy. It would be pretty hard to manage!

  20. WKF 20

    No! I absolutely think a salad is capable of being one the SAME PLATE!!!!! My Husband, not only doesn’t think salad should be on the same plate, but that nothing should touch.
    WHHHAAAATTTT????? I totally blame his mother for this. Wow! That felt good. Thanks for allowing the rant.

  21. While I prefer my salad in a separate little bowl, I can live with it on my plate and sometimes serve it that way. We are not very good about eating salad though. Usually when we do have salad it is a big salad as the main course and includes some kind of meat on it.

    We also eat in front of the TV most nights and everyone may not eat at the same time. That started when the kids were young and needed to eat dinner early, but I would never know when dh was going to be home from work. Quitting time is whenever they are done with what they need to accomplish for the day and if it’s a concrete pour, that can vary greatly. Now everyone’s schedules are all over the place. I just make the food and tell them where it is and they can put it on their own darned plates. Whether they put their salad in a separate bowl or chill or warm plates (yeah right) is their own concern. They will sometimes ask whether they should use a plate or bowl, spoon or fork, but I tell them it’s entirely up to them. I would like it if we could have nice dinners at the table all the time, but it ain’t happenin’. I will be glad to get one nice sit down dinner a week and everyone bringing their plates up to the sink the rest of the week. That last part is probably never going to happen consistently either.

  22. Steph 22

    I bought very large plates for the same reason! I don’t care if the food items touch eachother, but my husband is quite picky…but he is fine with having it all on a large plate!

  23. Katie 23

    ROFL! Mr Chaos? EAT A SALAD? I might just expire from the hilarity…

  24. Tell the Wild Boar this statement is coming from an ex-waitress, a woman who worked her way through junior high, high school and college in various restaurants:
    The reason restaurants bring the salad out first and on a separate is because they know that most customers are more likely to eat the salad fully if it comes first and alone and that you will get the effect being fuller if there is a small space in time between the main meal. That way customers are more satisfied with smaller main serving portions.

    Plus, he is doing the dishes. This sounds like some of the bullshit my man comes up with.

  25. Ava 25

    This is too funny. I had never considered that this might be a universal, eternal occurence, but my hubby likes a salad plate too. Or any food like beets that might have a little red juice that might touch his rice, or whatever. I on the other hand, like to eat many of my meals in a wide soup bowl so I can mix foods together. Have you ever had rice and gravy mixed with a finely chopped salad? Delicious.

    What are we, all nuts? We have one son who doesn’t like foods to touch. In fact, when he was small and saw a documentary that featured a scope going down into the stomach, he was horrified, asking “What is that?” I explained and he said “That’s not the way MY stomach is!” He refused to watch the rest of the program. I suppose he thought it was sectioned off for separate foods.

    Maybe I am a slob, but mixing foods on my plate is something I enjoy. And warm or cold plates? Please. As long as the plate is a clean one, I am fine.

  26. I’m sorry. I’m with WB on this one. I hate when my salad (especially the dressing) runs to another portion of my food. I have to have a seperate plate. I am real weird about runny stuff. It has to be in it’s own little bowl because if it touches something that is supposed to be dry, I freak out. It’s bad.

    But hey – if he has lived with it all on the same plate for this long, I think he can keep going!

  27. I have always had salad seperate.
    How funny, that I have never heard of putting the salad on the same plate as the main course.
    To each his own!

  28. Corinne 28

    I’m with you – less plates to wash!

  29. Courses?? Ummm, I can’t buy into that one!
    I also don’t chill salad plates, that is just too, too.
    We do eat our salad out of our wooden salad bowls, but then we also make the salad directly into those bowls, unless I’m doing a chopped salad or a huge salad for a lot of people. (or the Caesar salad that gets made in it’s special big bowl) For those salads, well, sometimes it is the dinner plate & sometimes it is the salad bowl, depends on what else we are having, but a lot of times we use the bowls out of habit.

  30. My husband is the exact same way as your husband… No matter the meal, his salad has to go into it’s own special bowl, separate from other food items.. Period… The kids and I don’t give a rip.
    But, we all eat our salad before the rest of the dinner…
    It’s better for your digestion… so I have heard…

  31. Just don’t give him any salad. He can get it if he wants it, and put it where he wants;) Tee hee.

  32. We had lasagna and salad last night for dinner. I didn’t set out bowls, and just put my salad right there next to my lasagna. It was fine. Didn’t touch. The Cowboy, however, got up and went and got his own bowl for the salad. Which was fine with me, since he was doing the dishes anyway. And he likes to DROWN his salad in ranch dressing, so he didn’t want that getting all over his lasagna. It got all over his face instead.

  33. Marjie 33

    I never heard of putting salad on the main course plate!

    But then, I can’t stand mixing my food. I was pretty sure when I was a kid that my stomach had different compartments for different foods.

    Did you see my pictures of my passthrough on taco night a while back? No courses, but the salad components are laid out at one end of the passthrough with a stack of bowls (dressings on the table). No fussbudget can tell me he doesn’t like tomatoes or whatever – take what you want. Real food is at the other end, on separate plates. The Wild Boar can create his own courses, if that’s what he wants. My dearly beloved always takes his salad to the table first, then comes back to the passthrough to get his main course. Of course, I have to serve him, so he doesn’t overstuff himself, as he did one night on homemade pizza. And since the dishwashers do most of the work, and eeryone is trained from age 4 on to put their own dishes in the dishwasher, more dishes isn’t really an issue. Yes, things may be strange in my house, but everyone does their own things!

  34. I’m with ya on this one! It is all going to the same “place” so why not put it on the same plate. One less dish to wash!

  35. Tracy 35

    How about if you he just takes you to restaurants EVERY night for dinner. That way he’ll get his ‘courses’ and his salad on a separate chilled plate. Men can be such big babies.

  36. I serve it all on the same plate! I shudder to think how many dirty dishes I would have otherwise!

  37. JulenaJo 37

    Must be a man thing. My husband doesn’t like his food touching either. If your husband wants to eat with you at the table, he must expect that all the food will be served at the same time, “family style.” If he wants a meal served in courses he will have to hire a cook and server. Simple as that.
    I like all the food together, that way the wonderful juices can interact. My husband is appalled by that and eats his meals one item at a time–salad always first and always from a separate bowl. I do not plate up salads but put it in a large bowl at the table or on the buffet. I set a stack of salad bowls out. If anyone wants to use one, fine. I personally seldom do.

  38. Your husband is MY husband’s long lost brother. My husband *freaks-out* if I place salad on the same plate as the rest of his food. And he ALSO enjoys having salad first and then the rest of the meal. I typically make my plate (with salad on it) and then put his in a little extra bowl and give it to him at the same time as the rest of his dinner. He gives me the evil eye. The big plate thing… yes, that’s also strange. Sometimes we’re just having a small main dish and a salad. So the main dish plate has this little smidgen of a meal on it and the salad is separate. Stupid!

  39. It depends on what we are having with the salad. If there is too much other stuff or if we have guests for dinner, I put the salad on a separate plate.

  40. Louise 40

    We are a salad in a bowl family. For me the touching thing is secondary (a bit of ranch or vinagrette on the main dish isn’t all bad, but any unintentional sauce on the salad is yucko) to the “chasing veggies” situation. With a bowl, I have a fighting chance of getting those lovely hunks of fresh vegetables on my fork before they fall on the floor.

  41. I am a salad in a bowl girl. I hate doing the extra dishes but I do prefer to keep the hot and cold seperate countries.

  42. Barbie with a T 42

    Okay, here goes. You are definitely not alone in your dilemma. I have a husband who insists on his salad in a separate bowl, his vegetable if there is any liquid to it in a separate bowl also, for instance beans or greens with pot liquor, etc. Okay, I have come to the conclusion that men are particularly bad about this because: From infancy, their first bowl has dividers in it, then their adolescent years they eat a lot of TV dinners in divided trays, school cafeterias serve in divided trays, take out styrofoam containers are divided, and if they are in the military, they are fed in metal divided trays also. They are definitely trained that way, or you might even say “brainwashed”. You might do well to go to the Army surplus and pick up a big metal divided tray and start serving him military style!! Well, all kidding aside, I do serve my husband in three or four different vessels each evening, and I have gotten used to it.
    I figure at his age, I am not going to change his habit now! Of course, I do not have any holligans running around the kitchen either. Good luck with this problem, I think it is here to stay.

  43. Good Friday morning Cathy. How are you ?

    I always separate my salad/have it in its own shallow bowl. As to the chilled plate – nice idea :)

    Maybe hthe wild boar can agree to a half-hour foot rub for you every night in exchange for the separate and – chilled – salad plate…

    As for serving your dinner in courses, tell him to take you to a michelin 3 star restaurant and get the 9 course tasting menu for dinner, and voila, he’ll have his dinner in courses.

    Men. Next thing you know he’ll be wanting you to vacuum in high heels !

  44. Alisa 44

    You are not the only one. Tell him if he wants to eat his meal in “courses” he can, right off his plate, where all the food is living happily together. Wait…courses? Isn’t that just food segregation? :)

  45. Erica 45

    If he wants to do the dishes and the serving of the courses, Fine. He is also welcome to procure his own salad plate, but he must wash that plate and return it to the cupboard himself, AND promise not to influence the Hooligans with his pickiness!

  46. Greg 46

    I have to admit that I am with the Boar in theory. I love courses. When I cook, I always want to do courses – 3, 4, 5 even! But alas, it is not at all practical. The practicalities are, in no particular order: work for the cook, the cook eating with the guests/family, too many dirty plates, spending all night cleaning up.

    Good luck!

  47. momlisa 47

    I had to respond here. Tell the Wild Boar that I go one better – and actually STIR my salad right into my hot meal. It is my favorite!!!!! :)

  48. Rayrena 48

    Hee hee! Target has the cutest kid’s plates that are divided, like the old cafeteria plates from grade school. You should serve him dinner in one of these some day and have the camera ready to take a picture for us!

  49. Well, first of all, you don’t have tastebuds in your stomach for a reason. Duh. ;) (My mom HATED my response to her ‘it all gets mixed up anyway’ statement.)

    And, our salads are too big to put on the plate with the meal, usually. Sometimes we will do that, but usually the salad goes in a bowl. OR, we have been known to fill our dinner plates with salad, enjoy that while the rest of the meal is cooking or waiting for us, and then we’ll fill those same plates with the main course. If we don’t like how the salad dressing will taste with our meals, we rinse our plates. Oh, yes we do.

    But, if there’s room, both of us are okay with the salad on the same plate, but usually that’s just not the case. We like our salads on the large side. :)

  50. ELRA 50

    LOL Cathy,
    This time I am with your husband. I hate having salad in the same plate with my main dish. I like them separate. The ridiculous thing is, that I even change the plate if anyone at my dinner table ask for second helping. I like them to look very neat and spotless. That’s also explain why I have so many plates. It’s drive my husband crazy, he is just like you. He likes everything in the same plate! Ha…ha…ha..

  51. Harmony 51

    You are not alone! I am right there with you. Although salad on a nice chilled plate is intriguing…it’s a little uncalled for in a “home” meal.

  52. Harmony 52

    LMAO…this is great!!

  53. sharon 53

    I personally have no issues with the mish mosh of food all one plate. However, my father is exactly like the Wild Boar and cannot stand it. He hates buffets for the same reason and cannot have two different foods touching each other. My mom eventually just let him serve himself!

  54. Nell 54

    Yeah, sorry Cathy but I’m with the Wild Boar on this one. I can’t stand putting something cold on a plate with hot items.

    But I do think his request for courses demands some live in help, no? (Except I know how much you love to cook…so that won’t work will it?)

  55. jancd 55

    We are a everything on the same plate family here.

    You could start serving everything in serving bowls and platters and let everyone serve themselves. And give him a salad plate. See how long that would last.

  56. My husband and daughter wouldn’t touh a salad with a 10 foot pole, so the decisions is all mine. That’s if I actually cook, of course.

  57. phillygirl64 57

    It’s just me and I do do the salad separately, but I wouldn’t wig out about getting it on the same plate

  58. Candy 58

    Holy cow, Cathy, I think my husband is a bigamist. Because we have had this same conversation A DOZEN TIMES and I finally just last week slapped a salad down next to his meal and told him to deal with it. This ain’t no restaurant.

  59. Rayrena 59

    I’m with the Wild Boar; I usually like my salad on a separate salad plate. Usually because of the temperature, it just seems to warrant having something cool at a different time from something warm. If however ‘re only having a salad and a protein that are likely to be consumed at the same time, I’ll serve it on a large plate together.

    Plus, by serving the salad first, then going back in the kitchen to finish the main course, I can get away with serving less food as mentioned before. We really don’t need to eat as much as we would if we ate faster.

    As far as food touching, that one might bug me. Growing up in a Korean household, everything was served together and eaten out of one bowl so there was no getting around things touching. I think it’s made me more likely to mix stuff together.

    Hmm, chilled salad plates? I think only for a salad with iceburg. I don’t think I would want a mesclun mix to be too cold. Plus, tomatoes seem to taste better at room temperature…

  60. We always have salad in a bowl or a separate plate. I used to do it all on one plate (less dishes) but since he does clean up when I’m cooking, I give in and let him have his way. I’ve learned to like it actually because my salad dressing doesn’t get on my steak/chicken/fish.

  61. Teri 61

    Actually, what we do in my house now is sort of like a buffet style in the kitchen. Because of everyones crazy schedule they don’t always come to the table at the same time so I put the salad in a big bowl and put out plates for everyone. Sometimes my husband will grab a small plate for himself if he feels like it.

  62. Flea 62

    I put my salad on the plate with my food. But when we have salad I put the big bowl o’greens on the table for help yourself serving. That way people can put it on their plate all by itself. :)

  63. leana 63

    Well, I serve salad on a separate plate if the meal is hot. If we are having a sandwich then same plate.

    If he really wants it on a separate plate show him where they are and he can get it himself. My husband does if he want something on another plate, hey I work full time, spend 2 1/2 hours a driving to and from work, cook a meal every night and keep the house 90% clean!!

  64. P 64

    I’m with him; salads and other parts of a meal really oughtn’t mix. Not just because of temperature, though that’s one reason. But besides that, salad, as I think about/make it, is usually a self-contained flavor experience. You have your greens, your toppings (chopped veggies, nuts, seeds, fruit), and your dressing. They’re designed to go together, to add up to something. For the most part, having other flavors get in the mix will mess up the effect. Whereas your main course — say, meat, rice, and veggies — is usually picked with a mind to having the flavors complement each other, so it makes sense for them to go together.

    I also can’t see all the objections that people are raising about the extra dishes. I mean, I hate dishes as much as anyone. But even if there are four of you, that’s four extra plates or bowls, which are pretty much the easiest things in the world to wash. At most, it will add a minute to the dishwashing, which is really nothing.

    Honestly, I think courses are a great idea. As other people have mentioned, you’re prone to eat less, and I think it makes for a more interesting eating experience. The real problem for me (I’ve served some elaborate, fancy meals in courses before) is that it’s so hard to make everything come out warm at the right time! And, for everyday, going back to the kitchen to finish a dish mid-meal is way too disruptive.

  65. Blair 65

    I am of the school of thought where dishes must (no, that needs caps) MUST be minimized in general living. Course meals and salad plates are fine when appropriate, and general family dinner time often isn’t… I think an exception might be a fancy family dinner to teach formal manners.

  66. honestly, i don’t like my salad on my main food plate. i don’t like the other flavors disturbing my utopia.

  67. ALF 67

    I am with the Wild Boar on this one. I don’t like my salad to be on the same plate as my dinner. Growing up we always had salad with dinner but we have bowls in which to put the salad. Give him a bowl!

  68. Amber 68

    Here is my humble thought…don’t plate the meal. Serve it family style, all at the same time, and have everyone carry it to the table with you. That way you get to sit down and actually enjoy your family and the entire meal like every other person at the table. Place chilled plates in a stack and let him choose which order to eat in. If he picks salad first the entree will be warm instead of hot. If he picks the entree first the salad plate will no longer be chilled.

    As far as food touching, when I was a child I absolutely could not eat if anything touched, so I understand. I grew out of it but heck we all have our issues. I am grossed out when I see someone stir their entire meal together though. Slop for dinner anyone?

    At least he prefers style. Give him what he wants but give yourself a nice dinner also. Courses? Only if he hires a butler.

  69. Ruth 69

    i do put hot food on the sameplate as my salad but i nevr warm my plates before hand so the plate isnt too warm.

    i dont have salad with every meal tho. salad and potatoes works fine, but if im having hot veg i dont have salad.

  70. Marlene 70

    I am one of those weirdo’s that doesn’t like their food to touch, so I vote for Wild Boar’s argument. There is no right way or wrong, like toilet paper up or down…in the big scheme of things, I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but the thought of salad and let’s say mashed potatoes and gravy remotely tasting the same would bother me. I do understand your point though. I love your site.

  71. Kela 71

    I have to agree with Wild Boar on this one, salads should have their own plate (if he wants it chilled he should pop it in the fridge/freezer himself. About the courses, just put every thing on the table and he can eat in whatever order he wants. My dad and I are the one thing at a time kind but mt hubby piles every thing up at once so we put everything in serving dishes and everyone makes their own plate.

  72. Katrina 72

    What I don’t get is why doesn’t he serve himself? I have a hubby that doesn’t eat salad so I don’t have that problem but on the same token we don’t have a dishwasher. If he DID eat salad it would be the same plate simply because of the dishes.

    I always assumed the “food can’t touch” rule was something only children had trouble with.

  73. I admit I’ve always served salad on a separate plate, but I’m Italian and if a salad is served at a family dinner, it’s always after the main course.

    If I’m at a buffet, I will likely put the salad on the same plate as the other food. As long as foods that aren’t incompatible with the salad or will wilt the salad aren’t together, I don’t see a huge problem.

    At Sunday pasta dinners at Grandma’s we would often just dump the salad into the same plates we ate our spaghetti out of though. That was often after we cleaned up all of the sauce with the bread though.

    Why can’t Wild Board put a salad on a separate plate for himself?

  74. You’re not the only one, rest assured.

    I’m not completely OCD about it, but I do prefer a separate bowl for my salad. One of the few times I care about separating food types.

    Maybe I was traumatized by the McDonald’s ad campaign in the 80’s “Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool” :)

  75. misty 75

    my goodness… there are a lot of passionate bloggers when it comes to this issue…
    let the political campaigns prevail!

    We eat salad…
    on the same plate.
    a 10″ plate actually. (can you hear the gasps of the other party?)

  76. dlyn 76

    Not very “green” of him to want to dirty more dishes! LOL

    We have Fiestaware – huge plates and we don’t use separate salad plates.

  77. Hmm. Maybe I am a weirdo. I have to have my salad on a separate plate or in a separate bowl, but I mix all the food on my plate (meat, veggie, sidedish) into a giant mound and eat it all smooshed together.

  78. Lori 78

    I too do not like my salad on the same plate as the main meal. To this day, even at BBQ’s I will eat salad first and then go back and put the hot stuff on my plate. I don’t mind most foods touching other foods… but I just have a thing about salads. :-)

  79. I LOVE the taste of hot grilled chicken mixing with the cold lettuce leaves in a salad. There’s just something about mixing the hot with the cold. You are not alone:)

  80. Becky 80

    I would say something like this – You want more plates on the table? You do the dishes.. I think he will probably change his mind

  81. Kristen 81

    I love to hear the little things other married couples “converse” about! It sounds like if Wild Boar knows so much about how to plate food, you have a job you can pass on to him… plating the food AND doing the dishes afterwards :)

    We eat everything on one plate… salad and all.
    I did grow up in a house where we had separate courses though. Hmmmmm – I think now that my mom must have been crazy!

  82. Harry 82

    I’m with him! It must be a man thing.

  83. I like mine separate ‘cos I don’t like my dressing going onto my meal – the flavors are not always complimentary!

  84. lol sides splitting more lol
    this is so funny. Yes I serve salad on the same plate. I love that he wants his dinner in courses. If I were a man I would too. Tell him to hire a server, and you should be able to swing it!

  85. sassy 85

    Well, we for one eat our salads on the same plate, unless of course it is something messy that takes up the whole plate, just like you.

    My Daughter does`nt like any of her food touching…….she`s a freak.

    But the real question is, does the Wild Boar leave a BIG tip after dinner? Cuz man, that`s the only way he`d get a seperate salad plate around here.

  86. I serve on the same plate, but I bring dishes to the table and everyone seves themselves. My father always insisted on having his salad in a bowl. My mother always said he knew where the bowls were.

  87. Karly 87

    We keep it all on the same plate! No way am I adding more dishes to the pile!

  88. rachel 88

    We eat salad in a bowl and eat meals off salad plates :-) LOL

  89. Becky 89

    I never put my salad on my dinner plate, but I wouldn’t object to it. Hubby definitely prefers that his food doesn’t touch – we often use those plastic plates with separators. :)

  90. Erin 90

    I have the same exact plates. Two problems with the. They won’t fit in my dishwasher and I overeat at every dinner meal (trying to fill the plate).

  91. How does he survive Thanksgiving? Half the fun is the million different things smooshing together on the plate!

    mmmmm. . .cranberry sauce on the garlic mashed potatoes. . .

  92. Tanya 92

    Be thankful you aren’t married to someone like my husband then, who sometimes needs separate dishes for each item. Not all the time though, it just depends on the side.

    I’m opposed to salad on the same plate as the rest of my dinner. It’s how my mom did it for one, so I grew up with that. I’m also afraid that if I put salad on a plate with hot food, I’m going to make my salad warm. However, I always serve salad with dinner. Forget courses!

    Funny thing is though, we defied all convention the other night when I put an arugula salad on the plate with our meat and potatoes, because that’s what the recipe showed. We are some crazy kids!

  93. CarolG 93

    If he wants food served in courses perhaps he also wants to hire a cook/waiter for your evening meal. If it’s that important to him he could store a supply of salad bowls in the freezer and haul one out when needed – but following up with all the details on this should be his own special chore.

  94. dawn 94

    lol….funny. Well, my hubby and I don’t care with the heck is touching what, but what drives me kinda crazy is that my hubby will eat each food item on his plate seperately. He won’t take a bite of this then that, no, he eats all his potatoes first, then the meat, then the veggie (not always in that order, thank goodness!). How weird is that??? I would love to know how many other wives or hubbies do that?
    So, if I make my famous Steak Diane with sweet potatoe fries, he will eat the fries first then eat the steak. I mean how can you not just dig into the Steak Diane sauce and steak?

  95. Cami 95

    You are not alone my friend. I also subscribe to the “It’s all going to the same place” idea. My fiance;however, is on the side of the Wild Boar. So I have just learned to compromise. All in one for me, and on the side for him. This is one battle that I will not fight. Sigh. even though I know that MY WAY is the RIGHT WAY.

  96. We eat on genuine paper plates with salad in little paper bowls. You use real plates. Wow! He should be happy.

  97. Alanna 97

    I’d have to say I agree more with the Wild Boar…although a chilled plate is not necessary! I am one of those people who don’t like their food items to touch each other. With salad, the main concern is the dressing dripping into my other food. EW!!!! I don’t bother with courses though…I just plop the salad into a bowl and serve it at the same time as the dinner plate. :)

  98. zelda 98

    Okay, I’ll add my two cents. This is how me and my SO eat our dinner:

    One big salad bowl, One big plate of food, One big glass of wine (or beer), One big glass of water, two napkins, two forks and two happy bellies.

  99. Kathi 99

    No, you are not the only one. We always eat our salad on the same plate unles of course we’re having soup, (that’d be a mess, huh?). Why dirty more dishes than you have to?

  100. Pam 100

    I usually serve my salad and dinner on the same plate unless it’s a main course with a sauce.

  101. alexa 101

    most ppl here seem to be talking about this like it’s a picky-husband-syndrome but I, as a not really picky girl, agree with wild boar
    THere doesn’t have to be runny stuff on the plate the neighbouring hot air makes the lettuce all wilty

  102. Paula 102

    Oh lord, you are married to my husband. He always prefers his salad in a separate bowl. I grew up eating Italian style which means that we ate salad AFTER dinner, and the salad was always dressed with olive oil and vinegar. I made a concession for hubbyman so that he could eat his salad first and his salad is served plain so he can drown it in the dressing of his choice, but gee whiz I’m not cleaning yet another bowl. I have a *thing* about bowls coated with used salad dressing. *shiver* His other *thing* is he doesn’t like bones. Oh he loves the whole meat and potatoes thing, but can’t stand cutting it off the bone. Sigh. He’s a good eater, and eats in quantity, but man the salad thing is crazy!

  103. tipper 103

    I don’t mind it all going on one plate-but it is kinda nice to seperate it too.

  104. Christine 104

    We always serve salad on the same plate as everything else, unless, perhaps I was serving it with a hot pasta dish, in which case I would probably serve the salad on a small plate and the pasta in a bowl. But I think I’ve been cooking and living with my boyfriend for three years and if it’s happened more than once, I would be impressed.

    My suggestion is to just serve the salad on the table, in the bowl you mixed it in, and he can just grab at it when he’s done eating everything else. That’s how we avoided issues with my sister who was a no food touching type of girl herself.

  105. Penny 105

    This was too funny and familiar. I now let him plate up himself and if he wants a different dish for his salad or whatever, he can get it. I too am a one plate person-stemming from the days of washing by hand- don’t want to have too many dishes.

    Good Luck!
    The Mustang Winemaker

  106. Susan 106

    My husband has the same phobia! Except he wants his salad at the end of the meal. So what I do is I make the salad in a large salad bowl. I serve myself and the salad goes on my plate and touches my other food…actually I like the taste better when they sort of get mixed together….and dear hubby waits to serve himself after his plate is clean and he has eaten all his other food. Problem solved in my house!

  107. Raina 107

    I cannot tell a lie, I also stress over my salad being put on my plate, even at home. It is all about food touching each other…On some planet somewhere that is just not okay!!! hahaha yes there are bigger things in life to worry about but darn it, it makes me crazy right along with the Wildboar

  108. Bunny 108

    well, I’ve always had the salad in a bowl. I really never thought of putting it on the plate. Huh, maybe I’ll try that next time.

  109. pam 109

    I only put the salad on the plate with the food when the dinner I’ve made is kind of skimpy. That way it looks like there’s more.

  110. Leslie 110

    I didnt read that you chill your forks for the salad to go along w/ the chilled plates!!LOL
    I have to say I am on your husband side on this one! Not on the course part..but I hate my food touching! And God forbid if a sauce runs from one item to another! If I have a really saucy item..I will actually roll up a paper towel and place it under the plate on the opposite side of the saucy the suace stays contained! Yes I am a freak!

  111. giz 111

    I think we should all agree with the wild boar and encourage him from this day forward to be the cook and serve the wonderful dinner he makes exactly the way he wants it.

  112. Laura 112

    Oh dear I am completely and utterly with the Wild Boar on this one. :) My mother in law does the salad on plates thing and it drives me batty. And I always eat my salad first. Period.

    Do you still love me? :)

  113. I used to have different “courses” by myself, changing plates every time. I don’t do that nowadays (not in 20 years) but I still find I can’t put everything on my plate at the same time. Somehow everything I put on my plate have to go together. So sometimes I change plates too.

    My take on the salad thing: if the dressing goes with the main course, then I wouldn’t mind putting the salad on the same plate. If they don’t complement each other, I’d rather have my salad on another plate. I know it creates a lot of dishes to wash sometimes (which I absolutely hate, hence I’ve minimized the changing of the plates).

    Another perspective here: you could just get a bunch of small plates. LOL Would that make everything easier to wash? ;)

  114. grace 114

    my family isn’t really composed of salad eaters. our side dishes were usually hot, but even if they weren’t, it all went on the same plate. why dirty up extra dishes, especially when you’re the one washing them? :)

  115. Marcy 115

    No Cathy you are not the only one! I too grew up with the same stomach, same plate philosphy. And except for salad, which I serve in seperate bowls sometimes, I liike mixing side dishes…hubby thinks its gross but deosn’t complain when I accidectally mix his together, say like macaroni with mixed veggies. He just reminds me to not do it again.
    Never had food served in courses either. Thats too funny.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  116. The only time I serve salad on a separate plate is when I have company or on special occasions….otherwise it all gets piled on:D

  117. Stephanie 117

    I’m sorry, I have to side with Wild Boar…my food can’t touch, and we ALWAYS have separate bowls/plates for salads. But, in all honesty, although my parents didn’t have the same food touching issues that I have :), they always served salad on a separate plate as well…as did my in-laws.

  118. Sorry Cathy, I agree with The Wild Boar. Salad is better served separate where the textures can remain and be appreciated.

    Do you really put salad on a plate with sauces? I would never have guessed!

    I think he should have a separate side salad bowl. But would definitely draw the line at serving it as a first course. Bad hubby for even suggesting it!!! ;)

  119. Can’t say I feel strongly about this one as I’ve been known to go both ways here but I can appreciate keeping it separate.


  120. I do most of the cooking and dishes at our house. Unless the salad is the main course, I like it on a separate plate.


  121. Suzette 121

    Sorry…I’m with Wild Boar on this one. For me, it’s a salad dressing. I hate it when my Thousand Island invades my creamed corn. But, I can’t support him in the “courses” thing. I have to slap my waiter’s hand when he tries to take my salad away. I’m heathen enough to want to save it for enjoying with the rest of my meal.

  122. Alright, my husband was raised by a classy American mother who believed in courses with accompanying plates. And, then he married into my haphazard family. We have agreed he should accept his present day circumstances considering the high quality of food that he receives for dinner. He agrees.

  123. Egghead 123

    I have to admit I like my salad in a separate plate or bowl. That said about half the time I put it on my plate with the rest of the food. I don’t know why…I guess I’m too lazy to get another dish. I don’t dish up the food for my family except those under four…too many of them.

  124. ann 124

    Sorry – I don’t fix salad much, but when I do I chill the glass bowls…so it’s SPECIAL.

  125. I think courses are a fine idea! And *HE* can be the one to serve them! ;)

  126. Lore 126

    This must be a man thing! My hubby also has some weird (to me) dinner serving requests that will not be fulfilled for the simple reason that it would take an enormous amount of my tiny free time something that I plan on using only by relaxing. However, I do encourage him on doing what he asks for, I tell him I won’t stay in his way but see that’s where it all ends because he’s just to lazy ;)
    And no, you’re not the only one serving salad on the same plate :D

  127. CJ :) 127

    i know – if he wants a bowl he can go get one. he’s a big boy. let him dish up his own plate.

  128. Jeanette 128

    I like my salad on a separate plate. It does not have to be a chilled plate. In regards to serving it restaurant style, it depends on what is happening at the time. If the main meal has to finish simmering or something for a few minutes, we will eat our salad in the meantime. Otherwise, we have our salads, on separate dishes, and might eat all of it before the main meal or might eat some of each during the meal.

  129. Why not let everybody dish up there own food and for Pete’s sake leave some salad plates in the freezer for him. Keep the peace, we have to choose which hills to die on and that ain’t one of em.

  130. magpie 130

    We do that too…put the salad on the same plate.

    My grandmother always used to touch the plates at holiday meals – to see if they’d been properly warmed (which they never ever were, because other things were in the oven).

  131. Debra 131

    OK. So after reading quite a few comments, here is a different take! This is not an issue about who is right or “normal”, this is just an issue about acts of simple human kindness and thoughtfulness. Just about everyone has a dishwasher so you can’t use that lame argument and getting a salad bowl/plate out of the cupboard takes about 2 seconds. In long-term, happy marriges, it seems it’s all about doing little things (and this, my friends, is a little thing!) that tell the other spouse, I care about you, your happiness and comfort are important to me!! All of us have “issues” and us lucky ones have spouses who love us through them. By the way, my hubby prefers a salad bowl, (and he gets one), and he has gotten over worrying about me poisoning the family if I leave something out of the fridge for more than a nanosecond!!! LOL By the way, three kiddos later, we’ve been married 27 happy years!!!

  132. Jeff 132

    Growing up my brother was the same way. My mom hated it with a passion till she broke down and bought him cafeteria style plates (the ones with a bunch of compartments).

    Me I have no problems with food touching and some times prefer it because flavor meld together better.

  133. ntsc 133

    I don’t like salad on the same plate with the entree, but this has to do with the salad dressing and sauces, if any, mingling. I’m not Huck Finn,

    On the other hand I do the dishes.

  134. Kate 134

    Wow, Cathy! 134 comments? This is excellent!!
    My husband puts his salad on his plate right next to the hot things and oh, I don’t know why, but I cannot do this. I have my salad in a bowl. And I eat it first. I’d like him to serve it to me in a chilled bowl as a first course, light the candles on the table and then we start the meal. But at least he cooks. One can’t have everything, I guess!!

  135. Mrs. L 135

    I’m your husband and you’re my husband…so to speak. He can mix it all, I can’t. As a child I used to eat in courses meaning I ate all the veggies first, then the meat, then the potatoes. My mom used to say “it all gets mixed up when it’s in your stomach anyway” to which I replied “then why don’t you just mix it all up in a blender and serve it that way?” yeah, I could be a snotty little kid.

  136. Ryane 136

    hahahahaha! I’m sorry…I don’t mean to laugh but when I was a kid, my dad always made a huge big deal over this same issue, to such an extent, that mom actually went out and bought him “special little dishes” just so none of his food would touch. And I swear to god, everynight, for at least 10 years of my life, I heard that man say to my mom, “Where’s my little dish??” It was so funny. Maybe you could do something similar? Get him a special plate or little dish…just for the salad. ;-)(Just know that now, we tease him about it unmercifully (and even he is a little bit sheepish) so…my mom had the last laugh after all. Heehee!)

  137. Far Side of Fifty 137

    I am with your husband, my stomach has compartments, I like my food separate. I hate Jello or lettuce salad on my REAL plate. I use a lot of little dishes thats why they make them ..right? :)

  138. Nancy 138

    Sadly, I have to agree with the Wild Boar, but only on one point, and that being a different plate/bowl for my salad, but not because of my it touching the warm food, but I don’t like my salad dressing mixing with my other food


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