Morning Buzz

I really enjoy my morning coffee.  Really enjoy it.  I can’t function without it.

I buy the best beans I and grind them myself.

Since I drink my coffee black, it really has to be good, otherwise, yuck.

Anyway, I have a regular coffeemaker, nothing fancy but always wonder if purchasing the very upscale model I dream about from Williams-Sonoma would be worth the money. 

I think I go through this every Fall.  The weather starts to cool and I imagine sitting inside with the perfect cup of coffee.

So before I make a very large purchase of a machine I might not need…I was wondering how those of you who drink coffee make what you consider the perfect cup?

Is it the water temperature?

The beans you use?

Is it just the cup? 

Do you have any special tips or tricks you think makes your coffee THE BEST?  Or do you just not care because you drink tea?

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  1. I can do without a lot of things but coffee is a necessity of life. And as much as I need coffee, I cannot drink bad coffee.( our daughter calls me a coffee snob) I buy French or Italian roast and grind the beans myself. I have had fancy coffee makers, but really, it is the beans, using cold water to make the coffee and drinking it fresh and hot that make the difference.

    The best coffee I make seems to come from my little French press. KathyB. ( powered by caffeine )

  2. Harry 2

    I love gadgets and have at least four different types of coffee machine. However, the best coffee comes from puring boiling water over the best ground arabica beans, letting it steep for five minutes and then straining it. I now this for a fact but still cannot resist the latest machine. It’s a man thing!

  3. yves 3

    Hi Cathy, not just your favorite beans, but yes water temp. is a big secret – after years of trying everything under the sun, the Technivorm from Terroir beats them all hands down. I can’t believe the difference! Of course the roasting of the bean is a huge factor and George Howell is IMHO THE master in this entire field. Have fun! Y.

  4. MsMVNJ 4

    Coffee is my lifeblood (in the morning at least). I always thought it was a combination of filtered water and good beans. I like drip coffee, but I also love a good pot of French Press, too. Always thought my coffee was good… I will have to say though, I bought a new Cuisinart coffee maker – I blogged about it,too – and it’s taken coffee to a whole new level. It’s definitely a combo of the three elements – water, beans and a great coffeemaker.

  5. Leslie 5

    If you recall my Coffee video might remember my love AND NEED for my coffee. No frills here.I do put cinnamon in my grounds before I brew!YUM
    I say splurge on the new machine. If anything else, it will look kick ass on your counter!!!

  6. I don’t drink either. :) I’m very strange.

  7. Lori 7

    I’m with you – morning coffee is one of the most pleasurable parts of the day. I use the best beans, grind them myself, and make french press. Honestly, part of the ritual that makes me happy nearly every day is my coffee cup. I’ve had it since 1980 and have used it every single morning. It makes me happy to see it and hold it, still. Sometimes it’s the little things, I suppose.

  8. french press, steeped long, pushed slow and left to sit overnight because I like my black coffee on ice…..

  9. I don’t drink much coffee (maybe I should) but I make a pot for my husband every morning. I get GREEN coffee beans from a family run farm on Hawaii and then I home roast about a week’s worth of beans. Every morning I grind what will be needed (about 3 heaping coffee scoops=6 tablespoons?) and set the coffeemaker up. It’s a thermos drip, so there is no element to burn the coffee after it’s made. Then he picks his cup, usually a large coffee cup that our oldest son painted when he was 3. After the first half cup of THAT coffee, my husband becomes human again.
    Do you think that’s a bit too much effort?

  10. Daisie 10

    We too grind our own beans. My husband was bought a very expensive KRUPS coffee machine for a present. It is big and shiny and looks beautiful in the kitchen but when it was in for some repairs we bought one of these; link to to keep us going and to be honest I like it much better!

    But the temperature (I like mine really hot) and the cup (mine has sunflowers on it) are other very important things!


  11. Deeba 11

    I’m a through & through coffee person…& LOVE my cuppa. Living here in North India where the beans are limited to about nothing, I like my Nescafe in my Garfield mug, first thing in the morning. The mug stares at me & says…FACE IT!!

  12. Holli 12

    I am not human before I have my coffee in the morning and for me it all begins with the beans. They have to be the best. I use a mid-price machine but I think it tastes best when I break out the French press. Oh, and the cup! I have only a couple of cups that I will use and because of that my husband refuses to get me coffee anymore because he can’t remember which ones they are!

  13. The best coffee I ever had was in Kona, Hawaii, where they ground the beans they had just harvested right in front of me.

    I also can’t function without my morning cup(s), but with two small kids and a full time job, my Tassimo is my friend. I sacrifice quality for quantity in this case.

  14. I prefer plain ol’ Folger’s from my Mr. Coffee coffepot. According to my inlaws, I like it weak. MIL buys all kinds of fancy coffees and I really don’t care for them. I’ve had Starbucks a few times and I prefer my coffee. When we go anywhere, I suffer because either I have to have nasty gas station or restaurant coffee (some is bearable) or what someone else thinks is good coffee which is a)fancy (organic, special beans, flavored, you name it) coffee and b)puts hair on your chest. I just want my Folger’s, 2 1/2 scoops per pot with a dash of cinnamon over the grounds. If I want to get fancy, I add a dash of vanilla, too.

    The cup is very important to me. It must be the right shape, heft, curve at the rim, thickness, and handle size. And I want it to look a certain way. My 16yo cracked my favorite coffee mug months ago and I haven’t found a suitable replacement. There is no hope of finding one just like it because I bought it at Goodwill.

    For the most divine cup of coffee possible, I need freshly skimmed, cream from the top of a jug of unpasteurized, fresh from the farm milk. It’s as close as you can get to heaven in a coffee cup.

  15. Katie 15

    Espresso, frothed milk, and not requiring me to wake up enough to make it. I have a Tassimo, google it: it’s pretty cool but I dream of one of those huge restaurant style automatic machines that cost like $2500. Yum, expensive!

  16. I love coffee as well so this is going to be fun…

    I’ve always heard you should put cold water into your coffee maker before you brew it. I have no idea why this is, but I’ve always done it and it always comes out well.

    My favorite coffee beans are Pete’s Coffee Major Dickison blend. It makes the perfect cup of coffee. Not too weak, not too strong, just right. Of course, a lot of that has to do with how you grind the beans, but it’s a great coffee. I also like Tanzanian Peaberry. It has a fruity after taste that is very smooth and nice.

    I have a Cuisinart coffee maker that works very well. I’ve had a couple of those expensive ones that grind the beans for you then drop them in the basket and brew it, and they just stunk. When the second one died on us, we got the Cuisinart and we’ve never looked back.

  17. melissa 17

    I love green mountain coffee. I like Columbian Supremo. I like it strong. Most people who drink my coffee get the shakes after. Yum. I would love a fancy coffee maker. I use ice cold water and store my beans in an air tight container in the freezer. I have at least 20 different coffee cups and mugs and in the morning I stand and look at them carefully because what ever one I pick, sets the mood for the day. Lately I have been drinking from a big red mug from Dansk. It has an orange handle and I love it.
    I know I’m weird you or anyone reading this doesn’t have to tell me. My family does all the time.

  18. Kiki 18

    Go ahead. Buy the coffee pot, I’m giving you permission. (but really, buy it from Bed, Bath & Beyond & use the 20% off coupon)
    We got a fancy coffee maker as a wedding present. We clean it after breakfast (on a good day) when you are awake enough to deal with it (never do it before coffee. It takes 3x as long) we put the beans in the grinder, and fill the reservoir & set the timer. The next morning like magic at 6:30 we hear the whirr of the grinder and by the time we make it downstairs, we have fresh hot, freshly ground coffee waiting for us. We like to take the carafe upstairs to the porch & sit enjoy.

  19. Becky 19

    Morning Cathy,
    I don’t drink either. I prefer my caffeine cold.

  20. Flea 20

    Two very simple things. First is filtered water (which I’m sure you already do). Second is my French press. No need for something fancy and expensive which uses electricity when you can have a press. And an electric tea kettle to heat the water. Alright – there’s the electricity part.

    The press – once you have one, you’ll never go back. Promise. I let my coffee steep for three or four minutes before pressing and pouring. And a rounded (oh, okay – heaping) spoonful of grounds for each 8 oz. cup of water is a must.

    For about 30 bucks, it’s worth trying. It’s great for mornings, and fun for dinners with another couple (you can only make four to six cups at a time – mine makes 6 cups).

  21. dlyn 21

    I grind beans – for everyday, we use 8 O’Clock, which may be a regional brand. Not sure if they are available everywhere. The first pot is in the Braun because it has a timer and is ready before our feet hit the floor. The rest of the day though, I use a Bodum French Press – hands down the best coffee ever. I need some more now in fact…

  22. Candy 22

    I like my coffee too. However, I detest Starbucks and anything like it. The only good cup of coffee is one I make at home in my boring old Krups. And I hate to shock everyone, but I really prefer Maxwell House to most everything else. I’m such a simple sort. Who knew??

  23. I like my krups because it has coffee ready for me when I get up. I haven’t tried my french press yet, but I’m expecting wonderful things.

    A lot of times, I think it’s the beans. Right now we’re using organic Ethiopian roasted moderate to strong, and it’s treating us right. I don’t know that I’d be able to do Starbucks, as I often think their beans are over roasted…

    Since I preset my coffee at about 11PM, the water is lukewarm when the pot starts ut at 5:30. So I think it’s the beans! But you should buy whatever pot makes you happy!

  24. Kim 24

    My ears perked up with this post! I drink my coffee black as well. Good beans freshly ground makes a difference, so does using cold water and yes a good machine can make or break a great cup of coffee. Roasting your own beans is on my to do list. Cathy, I wake up and say hi to the dog, then make my coffee before I even attempt to do anything or say anything to anyone else.

  25. A tea-drinker born of hard-core coffee drinkers, the coffee maker is immaterial–it is the beans that matter.

  26. I like coffee, but I don’t have to drink it every day, so because of that, I’m not too particular. In the fall though, I love to get Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. Mmmmm.

    Speaking of coffee, did you hear about the woman who had a bat trapped in her coffee maker (the filter part) and she didn’t know about it and made a pot of what was basically dead bat infused coffee and drank it? Here’s the link:

    link to

    I don’t know if that will post or not, but ew.
    EW ew ew ew ew.

  27. NO NO NO NO NO TO ALL!!!!!

    I’m so passionate about this “issue”. Americans just don’t seem to understand the way coffee needs to be drunk – strong with some crema. We love weak, watered down coffee – on that you can only get from those cumbersome, large coffee makers.

    Save space and money and follow my lead but ONLY if you like strong, delicious coffee. You will never, ever go back to the large pot.

    Have you ever wondered why European coffee tastes so good? Check out an old post of ours where my huzb waxes poetic about it. link to

    Now, what you’ll notice about this post is that we pimp out our way of making european-style coffee at home. And it’s all due to the beautiful, simple, wonderful stovetop perculator – the most famous being the original Bialetti link to

    You can buy these in 2 cup or up to 4 or 6 cup perculator. The key is it makes STRONG coffee so you don’t drink the same amount. We make a full one in the morning (takes 5 minutes on the stove) and either drink it espresso-style or add milk and heat it up in the microwave for a delicious morning treat.

    The other key to this is good, strong coffee. If we could afford Lavazza espresso style, we would. but at $9 a brick – F it! we love the strong Cafe Bustelo or Cafe Pilon brands.

    Seriously, give this a try if you love, love, love european-style strong coffee. if you’re a dunkin donuts fan, you’ll hate this. but i stand by it and will never buy another clunky, large drip-machine ever.

  28. Philly 28

    I like to use my farberware fresh perk machine. I love my coffee with fat free french vanilla cream


  29. laura 29

    My husband swears by his hand burr grinder and Aeropress combo. He did literally months of research about espresso machines, and almost all the reviews he found said if you’re going to spend money, spend it on the grinder; it really makes a difference. He says his completely by-hand method is fine if you only drink one or two cups a day, but it is pretty time consuming. It’s dang good coffee though – we never go out for coffee anymore because we are always disappointed!

  30. Ava 30

    I drink decaf. I buy the least expensive store brand, already ground. I use fat free half and half. Some mornings I make it, others I am too lazy to do it. Some days I drink coffee left over from the day before.

    That’s it. I suppose you could say I am not passionate about my coffee.

  31. Marjie 31

    I drink tea, and the key to that is the mug I got for Christmas a few years back. It is some kind of weird porcelain that holds the heat a long time.

    My dearly beloved drinks coffee. Black. Folgers only. He brews small amounts at a time, so it’s never more than 30 minutes old, and uses a mug which is slightly tapered such that the top is smaller than the bottom (it came from one of our daughters; it’s a university mug). This helps trap the heat, and he never fills it more than halfway, so it’s always hot.

    So, I guess hot and fresh are the key!

  32. Marjie 32

    Oh, and he just uses a $10 drip coffee maker from sears. They last about a year. I have an extra in the pantry at all times.

  33. Trisha 33

    Okay – I don’t care but not because I like tea. I can’t really stand ANY hot beverage. In fact, pretty much all I drink is water with the occasionaly juice thrown in once in a blue moon! I can’t even stand the SMELL of coffee!


  34. I can see I’m seriously in the minority here – haha. I’ve never really been a coffee person … unless it’s got liquor in it ;)

    My morning ritual would be hot tea – IF – I wasn’t lazy – haha. I have been keeping my eye on those machines that do coffee AND tea by the cup and think that would be awesome for us.

    Right NOW … the ritual during the week in the mornings … :: ducks head :: we both grab a cold diet coke from the fridge.

  35. Lisa 35

    What makes my coffee wonderful is the following: my Senseo machine, perfect cup everytime!; my mug, good ole trusty starbucks mug that holds lots; and the quietness of my house after the family leaves for their day……ahhhhhhh! I think I will have another cup!!

  36. I like my coffee super strong and super hot (just like my men LOL!).

    I use Starbucks beans–so far that’s the only kind that’s been strong enough for me. I do grind my beans–sometimes, if I’m not in a hurry–and I use a percolator. But lately I’ve been using a Tassimo machine b/c the clean-up is easy and you can make it cup by cup. It’s not as good, but not bad, and it helps when I’m in a hurry to get that caffeine into me!!

    I say–buy the fancy coffee machine!

  37. Rayrena 37

    Gosh, I LOVE my coffee in the morning too but am usually barely functioning enough to fool around with a french press. I love it that way but it require some thought. Plus I hate having to clean all the parts. I know, Lazy.

    As long as it’s strong I’m happy but I use cream and sugar so I don’t know how good it actually is alone…

    The only thing I do special is after getting the coffee maker going, I fill my coffee mug with water and nuke it. Then pour out the hot water and fill with coffee. That way my coffee doesn’t drop in temp.

  38. Teri 38

    Fresh ground, Extra bold French Roast (whatever your your preference in brand is), and a French Press. I only drink 2 cups in the morning, then I’m ready to go because it’s very strong, but smooth! We have a hot water tap that was put on our sink especially for this so you can regulate the temp. Super easy, no fuss.

  39. Betty 39

    Ok,,,my husband drinks coffee, I drink tea. “BUT!” he grinds his own coffee for a nice smooth rich cup. I like Tea & most mornings it’s just regular old tea. A treat for me is Irish Breakfast Tea. Oh be still my heart. A nice cup of green tea in the evening is ever so comforting. Mostly on cool/cold evenings.
    Have a blessed day yall’

  40. I put a dash of cinnamon in my coffee really adds just a light hint of extra flavor to my already flavored Newhall Roasting yummy coffee. I was not a coffee drinker until last year – WOW was I missing out… Gotta run the timer on the coffee maker just went off!!

  41. I am not a purist. I love my K cup coffee!

  42. Herbal at that. And hot cocoa.

    And I thought you were writing a lovely metaphore about crawling inside the cup of coffee…Then re-read it. Oh. Not.

  43. Bunny 43

    Wow all you coffee drinkers out there are really enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning. I drink decaf tea but only when the weather starts to get cold, like now. My hubby is a regular Joe who doesn’t care how is joe is made as long as it’s black and in his cup in the morning.

  44. I get my morning shot of caffeine by way of Diet Coke. However, the coffee drinkers in my family like it really strong, very black, and hot enough to scald. I figure the type of coffee bean doesn’t matter because they have no more taste buds on their tongues:)

  45. phillygirl64 45

    I HAVE to have my morning java; I get serious headaches if I don’t…

    I don’t mind Starbucks like some people do, but I am kinda choosy as to what I order…They brew their coffee much more strongly than most people are used to…as a result, when I brewed coffee at Mom’s, they call it ‘rocket fuel’

    I have a small French press at my desk because for many years, I could not take the swill that passed for coffee…now they have contracted it out to Dunkin Donuts, which is OK

    It’s all important – the beans, the water, the machine…I have always had good luck w/Krups, but I am coveting a Technivorm

  46. Cheryl 46

    Must have it in the morning–
    The perfect cup would be one which could be consumed from first sip to final suck without having to re-heat repeatedly. Drinking it from a well-shaped, correct (to my taste) lip-width mug makes a difference to me as well.

    My husband is a drink-it-black fella, too, so as an adulterater of the brew, usually his selections meet my minimal taste standards.

  47. Count me for TEA, but NEVER NEVER in a mug! Only a teacup and saucer (preferably bone china) will do and it must be filled from a teapot steeped with REAL LEAVES (no attic dust in a bag for me). Ta ta for now, I’m off for tea.

    The perfume of freshly-ground coffee has enticed me on occasion, but OOPS the taste just loses me. So, I’ll just sit in your kitchen and inhale with delight whilst sipping my delicate tea. ; )

  48. Kate 48

    My husband makes the coffee every day. The cowboy way, which is what I call it. He boils water and pours it into a glass Melitta coffee pot using the Melitta natural brown filters. He only uses Starbucks, which is fine with me. It’s really really good because he makes it for me.

  49. Coffee is soooo 1990s anymore. Who still drinks coffee when they get out of bed??

    I drink a glass of absinthe (68% alc) mixed in with a little seltzer water and a couple sugar cubes. It wakes me up and I feel whimsical the rest of the day!

  50. Sandie 50

    3 coffee makers at the Inn Cuisine household. First is obscenely expensive—rarely gets used. Second is a $100 Cuisinart—use it constantly. Third is a French press—use it when I really want a jolt.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t buy the mega-buck machine again, especially when I prefer my Cuisinart for morning coffee. Cold, fresh water; the coffee beans you love best (for me, less acidic is good); and a clean machine will take you far, regardless of the price tag.

    (Oh, but those professional, individual serving machines…not the home-use ones but the ones business like B&B’s use…those are fabulous, and I might consider one if my Cuisinart shoots craps—knock on wood that doesn’t happen. Sorry, can’t think of the brand name off the top of my head—must need more coffee!)

  51. Alisa 51

    Every single year that we’ve been together, my Christmas gift to my husband has been a new coffee pot. He goes through them like you wouldn’t believe. A few years back, I purchased him a Cuisinart. It is still going strong and I just about hate the darn thing. Now what do I get him?? Anyway, for him, it’s all about the beans. When we were in our lean years, cheap coffee was the king, now he enjoys beans from a local company. I think the key is to clean the machine often. Personally, I’ll drown myself in ice tea.

  52. Flying Goat Coffee is really really great. They are in Sonoma County and they will roast and ship their coffee to you weekly/monthly. We also get weekly deliveries from Peets. Good coffee is great.

    Although I typically use the standard Cuisinart, I love, love my French Press. Nothing beats good coffee thru a French Press. I love my Cuisinart too.

  53. Funny how the universe works…Gary & I were JUST talking about this today! Upon our moving in together – we both had coffee makers. We both had them out on the counter until this a.m. – We use Illy whole bean – I think it is one of the best coffees, not too oily or acidic – wonderful smell and flavor. But the coffeemaker…well, mine was a more expensive (not quite WS expensive, but enough to make me consider the expenditure) and his is like a Gevalia or something like that (nothing fancy) and his DEFINITELY makes the better cup of joe. Seriously. He attributes it to the fact that most of the makers that say have glass carafes and the likes stay hot in turn “cooking” the coffee in turn sometimes making that not so nice taste. His carafe is stainless I think and there is NOT a hotplate underneath, therefore the hot coffee filters through into a carafe that will keep it warm and it does stay warm for hours…I can attest to that…the last cup ALWAYS tastes like the first.
    I will find out the brand of maker and pass it along.
    I do love a french press as well though as Amanda states above…

  54. ELRA 54

    I have to have my coffee as soon as I get up in the morning. I grind my own coffee with my “Kitchen Aid Pro Line” that my husband bought 2 yrs ago @ William Sonoma. I tell you this is the best coffee grinder out there. My coffee maker though, it just the regular coffee maker from Starbucks. I don’t by the bean from them, but from Peet’s. And if you really like coffee, you must try this bean from Yemen, it’s organic and taste heavenly. Try and see if you like it. It call “Arabian Mocca Sanani” I have been drinking this for years and never really try any other. Sometimes, when they run out it, I would buy “Sulawesi” another great coffee. Good luck with your finding.

  55. BJoy 55

    I join my husband for the occassional weekend cup, when we can sit on the back deck, listening to the world come alive to the splashing light of the rising sun in the crisp morning breeze…

    but truly, he is the conessuier and proclaims the best cup was had at the oceanside Java on the Rock in Kona, HI when we married (could’ve been the warm Hawaiin sun, the sound of crashing waves, the love in the air…..but mostly it was the coffee!)

    It’s a dark roast put through a three-stone process, that you wouldn’t dare taint with cream, sugar or cinnamon!

    You can order online at….but it’s about $40/lb. That’s why he only gets it for our anniversary each year (and then reserves it only for weekends when he can sit and enjoy, rather than chug and run!)

    Also, he used to use a hand grinder every morning, until one day I surprised him by setting his alarm extra early for his birthday a few years ago and replaced his grinder and lame brewer with the Mellita Mill & Brew (I wasn’t going to take the time to figure out how it worked- took me long enough to be happy with the way the red bow draped over it!)But it won’t break the bank, as it’s under $100 (and still going strong).

    Anyway, he still tells me every couple of months how it’s the best present he’s ever gotten.

    I highly recommend the splurge at least once on the beans, even if it’s for someone else- they’ll love you for it!

  56. Janet 56

    Lots have mentioned filtered water, which is important. I use an electric kettle and a small Melita type drip thing. I make it directly into a stainless thermal mug and it stays hot while I read the NYTimes online. I buy Guatamala Antiguan from a local roaster and grind it myself. I’m not fond of coffee made in machines. Also, I drink it black and very strong.

  57. BJoy 57

    maybe it’s time to start drinking coffee during the week!

  58. misty 58

    well, the CUP is key… and the temp. (hot but not scalding) but I’m a creamer gal, so that matters too….

  59. Daziano 59

    Well,… Nothing can beat a good cappuccino in the morning, with true or stovetop espresso (full of flavor and aroma…), warm frothed milk and cocoa on top!

    You know, I have a couple of posts about espresso and making coffee the Italian way, so buona lettura ;) :

    link to
    link to

  60. Lara 60

    I’m a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker – but I have heard great things about french presses (and I see at least one of your commenters agrees!). However, I am happy to be the devil on your shoulder and encourage you to splurge. We splurged on a fancy blender from W-S this summer and have never looked back.

  61. dawn 61

    Now we’re talking my language here. I’m a coffee junkie. I use Illy coffee and make it using a Moka pot. I think the person above me has pics of it, or I’m sure you know what that is.
    If I didn’t have a moka pot I simply pour hot water over my Illy expresso grinds. Best way. For that use those glass carafes that you see in Whole Foods.

  62. ALF 62

    I am afraid to start drinking coffee because I know I will immediately become addicted. So I try my best to avoid it at all costs. Although when I do drink it I can tell that I love it. I think eventually I will become addicted.

  63. Mike 63

    I’ve flirted with the idea of roasting my own beans, but given how out of it I am in the morning, why add more to the routine? I think the beans are a big deal, but likewise on the roast and the grind. As for big expensive coffee makers, I’ve got mixed feelings. I like mine…when it works…but this is the second model that after about ~9 months has had issues (it stops brewing sooner and sooner…so if you don’t babysit it and keep turning it back on, you get very little coffee out. Boo for making me work in the morning!).

  64. Marcy 64

    Well Cathy, I don’t do coffee OR tea…I do hot chocolate on a cold crisp day. And it has to have hazelnut cream in it to be complete!

  65. My tip is the cheap, super fattening, super awesome Creme Brulee Coffee Mate.

  66. If it’s coffee and it’s warm that’s all I ask. I have tried special blends and fancy blends but they all taste pretty much the same to me.
    Now tea on the other hand is a different story.

  67. Shirley 67

    Yep, I don’t care because I am a tea drinker. LOL However, I wish you all well in your coffee nirvana! Oh, and I do like Kahlua and Bailey’s so I guess I have a little bit of a taste for coffee.

  68. Tammy 68

    For me what makes a good cup of coffee is the atmosphere. In other words…I could make the thickest, strongest, bitterest coffee in the world when we are camping or on the boat and nothing tastes better. Or on a cold winter morning when you can sit down and enjoy the cup with the newspaper…it just tastes good!

  69. The water. Definitely the water. It makes a huge difference. Second is how fresh the coffee is–I always ask how long ago the coffee was made when I buy coffee at a restaurant because I can’t stand it if it’s more than 10 minutes old. Maybe less than that.

    The coffee itself is third in my book. I like a lot of different kinds, but top of my list is Kenya dark roast. Followed by Hazelnut flavored. My husband can’t even stand the smell so we have separate coffee pots so that there is no contamination of his coffee with my brews. Works for me. I use a one-cup brewer so that my coffee is always fresh and hot.

    The tea drinker who only uses bone china cups and a teapot and loose tea–you have it exactly right. That is the only way to drink tea. With milk and sugar, of course. One lump or two?

  70. Laura 70

    We just bought a new Cuisinart coffee maker too…and I must say. The coffee is tasty.

  71. Kyddryn 71

    I have much love for my French Press. Much, much love. Mmmm…coffee…

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  72. magpie 72

    Decent beans, ground fresh every morning, made in a basic Krups coffee maker with a thermal carafe. It works for me. And yes, I drink it black too. Except on those rare occasions when I have a cup of coffee out of the house that I didn’t make.

  73. if you really seriously want to talk coffee, email me
    i’ve spent a lot of time on this one…

  74. Laura 74

    I speak from total ignorance, as I only drink espresso mixed with LOTS of chocolate, cream/milk and sugar :) but for some reason I thought the crazy purists preferred a French press… or is that espresso and not coffee? OK, never mind I am out of my league…

  75. Erinn 75

    It’s all about the “lucky scoop.” I swear, it started out a joke but now I can’t make a pot without it. I measure out my coffee 1 large tablespoon of coffee for every 2 cups, and then a random dollop of more coffee at the end. It’s weird, but it works.
    Then, if it’s evening, a little Bailey’s Irish cream is great, but in the morning 1/2 and 1/2 is the way to go!

  76. of course. I love good coffee. My all time favorite is Steves Smooth French from the Santa Cruz Roasting Company and yes you can buy it on the interent. Clean pure water, a must. Boiling hot a must, freshly ground, a must. Black is fine if it’s absolutely perfect, but I also like hot foaming milk, and NEVER any fake creamers or sugar and gawd forbid a sugar substitute like Equal. Egads. I also like tea. The coffee in Colombia is very good just brought some home.

  77. Lorena 77

    Oh yes, espresso (with espresso machine or stove top percolator) every time. Hot water added to the short black shot if you want to sit down to enjoy with breakfast and the news paper. Straight shot to get going first thing!

    Lavazza is usually my choice of poison.

  78. Mike 78

    Hey – I thought of a way to address your bad breath concern from the last post:

    inSpotLA is a site to anonymously tell sex partners that you have an STD post-fornication. There is space for a personal message, so you can just add: Just kidding, but you should seriously get your breath checked out…

    that’d be mean, but it’s annonymous, and hey – if it gets them to get their kickin’ breath fixed, it’s totally worth it to you.

    link to

    Although it’s not intended for this, it’s also really good at scaring promiscuous exes…


  79. grace 79

    i will drink the most vile of all coffee sludge as long as it’s caffeinated. :)

  80. Dee 80

    Good beans – stored in the freezer and ground in small amounts. French press over machine. Scalding hot. A mug/cup that makes you smile.

  81. tipper 81

    I’m not picky about it-I just love coffee!!!

  82. Having moved up to SF Bay Area recently we discovered Peerless Coffee recently ( The other rage up here is Blue Bottle Coffee. Both are small batch producers which I believe is the key to a good cup.


  83. The beans… and the raost. The cup helps, so does the temp, but even in the warmest cup – poorly roasted beans can’t be saved.

  84. Mrs. L 84

    I am NOT a morning person. No way could I function to make my own coffee. And when I do, alas, it’s just not right. So yes, I am evil. If I want coffee I head to the nearest coffee joint (more than likely Starbucks cuz they really are on every corner). I get my non-fat, decaf latte. It tastes the same pretty much whatever Starbucks I go into. Yes, I admit it, I am evil and I drink from the Evil Empire. Sigh, excuse me while I go hide my head in the sand…..

  85. Cecil 85

    I am a little bit lost of words right now. Can’t decide which is the most creative….THEY ALL ARE!! I love the spider ice cube.

  86. sommer 86

    Well my best cup of coffee has to do with the beans, and the quality blame it on my husband. He is a coffee roaster and has turned me into the worst coffee snob ever. We even have our own coffee kit in the car just in case we are on the road where we cannot get some of our coffee. Defiantly french press! You can get some of his beans here:)

  87. Marianne 87

    When I drink coffee, it has to be HOT… Unless it’s summertime and I can put it over ice with cream and sugar…. Trader Joe’s Italian roast in a French Press….mmmmm…life is good.

  88. Cathy 88

    Well that does it, I NEED a better coffee maker, LOL


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